Friday, November 29, 2013

7 Ways To Alleviate Post Holiday Blues

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Courtesy Mark Sisson

Feeling Post Holiday Blues?

Holidays can be a wonderful time of togetherness, love and acceptance. We rush around shopping, preparing and cooking. We bake and cook furiously, putting all our love and energy into our creations. Guests arrive in a rush of excitement. We share with open hearts and enjoy the fact that everyone loved what we created. We begin the clean up of dishes and move furniture back to its original place. Guests and family members leave. Afterwards, many people feel post holiday depression or a drop in their energy. Looking at holidays from a different perspective can help. Here are 7 ways to bust out of your post holiday blues.

1. Expectations

Maintaining a high state of energy all the time is not possible. We can't be floating at the top of the mountain all of the time. Even Masters have to trudge down the slope to be able to climb the next higher mountain. In everything there is an ebb and flow. The pendulum must swing both ways.

To think we could exist in a state of high without coming down at all is likened to an addict that wants to feel "high" all the time. Our body needs to slow down and rebuild after the excitement and high of a holiday. It isn't bad, or wrong, it just is. 

2. Enjoy The Beauty of Contrast

When we can be present with each moment, we enjoy it for what it is. Enjoy the preparations. Enjoy the guests and then enjoy the peace and quiet and rest. It is all just an experience. Each one is different from the next. 

If our relationships were perfect all the time, we would begin to take the perfection for granted. If guests were with us all the time, they would cease to be guests. We would not appreciate the newness of their presence and then their departure. The contrast is lovely. 

With conflict, anger and emotional release we see it for what it is. If we are sad all the time, we don't experience the other end of the spectrum, JOY. If we are happy all the time, we forget what it feels like to be sad. The contrast allows us to see the beauty in each moment. Revel in it, rather than long for the other end of the spectrum to return. The more you resist what is, the more you suffer. It is perfectly normal to feel sad when your loved ones leave. Allow yourself to feel it. Then let it go. 

3. Be Grateful For The Experience

Each experience teaches us something and has a gift and a lesson. Be grateful for each one. Then be open to receive more. The more grateful we are for each and everything in our lives, the more we open to receive more wonderment, more peace, more satisfaction and more success in all that we do. Even having a successful meditation, or a successful walk with our dog. Each event is an experience. Remember to be grateful for the experience it will open you to receive more.

4. Allow Your Emotions To Move

We are human which means we have a physical, emotional and a spiritual component to everything we do. Feeling is natural. Even crying is good for us, as it allows emotions to move rather than stagnate. Stress hormones are released when we cry, which reduces stress levels. This is healthy. 

Venting anger is also needed in a healthy way. Exercise, meditation, chanting, singing are all ways you can channel this energy in a healthy way. Primal screaming is another. If you haven't tried it, watch a 2-year old have a temper tantrum.  The stomp their feet, pound their arms and yell. Afterward you would think the event never happened. They have forgotten and fall asleep. Energy has moved out of their body and they feel better.

5. Being Present With What IS

Enjoying each moment as it presents itself is being present. When we only focus on the past and what we didn't do, or accomplish, our mistakes and the people who wrong us, we miss the perfection of the moment. We don't see the gift in the PRESENT. The same holds true for focusing endlessly on the future. If we focus most of our time, energy and attention on the future, we miss what is right in front of us. We are distracted by thoughts of what might never happen. 

6. Avoid Distraction

Distraction takes us away from the present moment where everything wonderful happens. We can distract ourselves with phone calls, fixing others, visitors, sex or work. The bottom line is that you have to enjoy being alone with you. If you don't, you don't love yourself. No matter what the distraction is you are still there, but not present in the moment. 

Distracting yourself is not a fix. Focus on you. Notice how you feel. If you get depressed after family and friends leave, sit with it. Revel in it. Cry if you have to. Then allow yourself to move on. 

7. Get Up And Move!

Put on some dance music and get up and dance. Move some energy through you. Physical activity is one of the quickest ways to move energy through your body. 

Kool and The Gang, Celebration

Queen, We Will Rock You

Here Comes The Sun, The Beatles, Flash Mob in Madrid

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Yes I am a healer and all healthy and crap! I came by the pie gene honestly. My father also loved pie. My mother would bake like crazy over the holidays. She would give boxes of homemade shortbread cookies and pies away. Even now, at 91, my mother manipulates with pie.

Yes, she does. She offers people pie in exchange for manual labor, or favors. Pie has become a type of monetary exchange in our family. The amazing thing about pie is that it contains flour, sugar, fruit, eggs, but the most important ingredient is..... wait for it..... LOVE!

Join me tonight at 6:00 PM PACIFIC time and 9:00 EASTERN for a LOVE filled event of magnanimous proportions filled with PI. Pun intended! Warning there will be LOVE involved!

(605) 475-4000 PIN 939401#

Much love and Pie to you!


GRATITUDE - It's Not Just For Thanksgiving Anymore!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Gratitude Unlocks Your Infinite Potential


It does not matter what you are grateful for, expressing gratitude will end your suffering, bring you into alignment with all that is and fill your soul with love. What could be better?


When we are in a state of gratitude we are able to manifest because we are aligned  with The Divine energy, all that is. We are greater than ourselves when we are expressing gratitude. We open ourselves up to vulnerability. Our hearts open when we are grateful. When our hearts are open synchronistic events unfold. We witness the beauty that surrounds us. (Read to the end I have two you tube links to videos that will fill your soul and help you feel it).


Whether you feel you have something or nothing to be grateful, begin expressing gratitude for the smallest of things and watch what unfolds. The more grateful we are for what we have the more we open to our unlimited potential. Recognize what blessings you have in your life. Even if you are sick and feel you have nothing, you are alive. Whether we are homeless or living with friends, we have a roof over our heads. We have food on our table. We have friends, loved ones. Be grateful for another day of life.  

Whether you are in pain and suffering, be grateful for the experience and see how your suffering diminishes. Here is my prayer for you today:


Thank you for the amazing Blessings in my life today. 

Thank you for my eyes that see and my ears that hear. 

Thank you for my hands that serve and give to others even when I have so little myself. 

Thank you for my children, my mother and father and my friends.

 Thank you for the sun that shines that warms me. 

Thank you for the gift of my life. 

That I am alive to live and experience another day. 

Thank you for my health and my heart that beats. 

Thank you for the lessons that I have learned, however small they have been. 

Thank you for those who have come into my life to teach me something. 

Thank you for those who are less fortunate than me, that I may see others have even less than I do. 

Thank you for the success in my life, the joy that is expressed in others. 

Thank you for music and the wind. 

Thank you for the rain. 

Thank you for the growth that I have experienced so far. 

Thank you for me. Thank you for the love that I Am. Thank you for this day.


Thank you for you. May you be blessed with infinite Blessings of abundance  and love today and always. Thank you for visiting my blog and spending some time in my energy. I appreciate you. 

 Much Love and Blessings to you,


My Gratitude message on You Tube

Energy of Gratitude

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Are You Faking It?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Faking it in the bedroom is not solving anything.

Faking orgasms is inauthentic. In the most intimate of moments you are lying to your partner. How do you think he will feel when he finds out? CRUSHED!~ 


Faking it is a huge lie. If you fake it during sex, you probably lie about other things within your relationship as well. Where else do you lie to your partner? Faking it is avoidance of the issues, at hand. You are not doing yourself or your relationship any favors by hiding this truth. The fact that you are faking it means you are afraid to talk about a very deep and intimate issue.

Transparency is the way to go in open and honest relationships. Complete honesty with nothing to hide builds trust, and creates intimacy. Learning to talk about what you need and desire in the bedroom takes compassion and moving beyond your fears of intimacy. 

Why Do Women FAKE IT?

According to a recent study 80% of women fake orgasm over 50% of the time. 28% of men fake orgasms. This is not a mean-spirited act, but rather to boost their partners self esteem.  We fake it because we don't want to bruise our partner's ego. We fake it because if we don't, you won't get any sleep. We fake it because we don't want to hurt our partner's feelings. I have to be honest. I used to. I was concerned about my husband's ego. I felt bad and often guilty because I didn't feel complete. It left me feeling insecure and uncomfortable. I knew there was a better way. I had tried to talk about it,  but my husband became very hurt and also angry. He felt threatened. It felt awkward and uncomfortable. Understand that you are not alone. That millions of women have the same issues and that there is help. Knowing the best way to approach this very sensitive subject helps.

The typical woman needs 45 minutes of foreplay to achieve an orgasm. The average man on the other hand can last between 2 and twenty minutes up to an hour for some men.  (Gentlemen, please recognize that I am talking averages here.) It can feel uncomfortable and put both parties under pressure when an orgasm doesn't happen. As a result,  many fake it and that's that, it's over. It makes you wonder why we were created with such different needs. The amount of time and attention most women need seems so out of proportion to what men need. When some men get excited to the point of orgasm just by seeing their partner naked. As the comedian Whitney Cummings says, all she has to do is take her boyfriend's socks off! It seems the kind thing to do - fake it.

What Issues Are Created By Faking It?

Frustration from lack of fulfillment leads to anger and resentment. This is not anyone's fault.  When you aren't satisfied and make a habit of faking it, you will eventually feel left out and even angry. When do you stop and turn to face the elephant in the room; after 5 years, 10, or when you get a divorce? Women eventually become disenchanted with sex when the outcome consistently leaves them feeling flat and unsatisfied. When women fake it, the men usually have no idea. They snuggle peacefully thinking they have done their job well and go to sleep. Women, more often than men, are the ones left hanging, frustrated unable to sleep after sex. People this is supposed to be fun, pleasurable and bring you closer, not the other way around!


A block to intimacy is created by a lack of honesty. It is better to recognize that there is a disparity rather than to continue to fake orgasms. Talking about the subject without blame is important.  Be compassionate with yourself and your partner. Telling your partner that you have not been having orgasms can be a shocker, if you have been doing so for a very long time. Breaking the ice is important. Don't blame your partner. Admitting that there is an issue and you are willing to work through it is what is best for you both.


Frigidity and Sexual Dysfunction

One in three women have been molested at some point in their lives. One in four women will be sexually assaulted or raped at some point in their lifetime. These statistics tell a sad story. Sexual dysfunction comes from sexual trauma. Getting help is important. Healing from trauma must occur for many women to be able to have a healthy sex life.  Decades after sexual trauma there is cellular memory in the sensitive vaginal walls that can make sex painful and orgasms elusive for many women.


Rule of Thumb

This article below from the LA Times discusses the physiology of the female anatomy. The premise is that the distance of the clitoris to the vagina is what makes the difference of function or dysfunction that can cause difficulty with orgasms for many women. You are not alone if you have challenges completing the sex act without some help.,0,2763149.story#axzz2lmmYR7Ek 


What Is The Kind Thing To Do?

Be honest. Intimacy does not happen when you lie.  Explain to your partner that there is an issue.  Get help from a sex coach or a sex therapist. There are plenty of Tatrikas that also help with sexual healing and dysfunction. 


Nine MAGIC Steps To Getting There? 


  1. RELAX! You have to relax to achieve an orgasm.

  2. Get to know your own body. Find out what feels good for you, so that you can tell your partner what you like. If you don't know, how will he?

  3. BREATHE. Your body requires oxygen to achieve an orgasm.

  4. BE PRESENT. Stay out of your head. You can't relax and achieve an orgasm when you are thinking about everything that you didn't get done today.

  5. Follow the 10 minute rule. 10 minutes of kissing, 10 minutes of light touching, 10 minutes of massage. (You get the picture. Follow my 5 step method in my video below. )

  6.  Don't be afraid to make sounds. Sounds can help get you further than when you are silent.

  7. LET GO of your fear and need to control everything. Take your time and don't try and rush. The more relaxed you are the better. An orgasm is about letting go, not hanging on for dear life. 

  8. OPEN YOUR EYES. Make eye contact throughout love making. When you close your eyes you are in avoidance. Avoidance means you will lose connection with your partner. To achieve an orgasm more easily remain connected rather than disconnected to your partner. 

  9. CONNECT your heart to your second chakra (sexual parts). This helps to keep you connected. 

Check out my you tube video on the female orgasm: 

I invite you to leave your comments below.



Jennifer is a life, love and relationship coach. Her focus is on healing trauma from childhood. Her own healing from childhood trauma has led her to this calling. Healing shame, guilt and depression in her own life has led her to help others to do the same. Her first book, Odyssey Victim to Victory is the story of her transformation from negative, unworthy and feeling broken, to loving herself FEARLESSLY! She empowers women to love themselves so that their relationships become healed and filled with purpose and direction. Jennifer works in groups, and privately with women. Contact her NOW to schedule your FREE discovery session:





Saturday, November 23, 2013

What were you THINKING?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Every thought seed sown or allowed to fall into the mind, and to take root there, produces its own, blossoming sooner or later into act, and bearing its own fruitage of opportunity and circumstance. Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit. James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

Thoughts become THINGS.....

90% of our thoughts are automatic. We have no idea that we are even thinking them. Our unconscious mind is like a boat without a rudder. It has no sense of humor and believes everything it hears. 

If our unconscious mind is operating without our conscious knowledge, how many thoughts do we think in a day? Most people think over 60,000 thoughts a day. Over 65% of them are negative and unsupportive.  What have you been thinking? Do you have any idea what unconscious thoughts create your day, or even your world? If the world around you is effortless, easy and successful, your unconscious mind is thinking positive thoughts. If you find challenges at every turn, lack, difficulty paying your bills and challenges in all your relationships, your unconscious mind is running amok with negativity and thoughts about yourself that are not supporting you.

What we say creates our reality

When we use phrases like; "I can't do this. I will never get this right. How can this get any worse?" The Universe and our unconscious mind will make it so. Whatever we say, we will attract it. Whatever we think, we will attract that also. Focusing on positive thoughts and positive outcomes is preferable so that we attract positive outcomes. We are always right. Instead govern your thoughts. Think positive thoughts so that you bear good fruit, instead of bad. 

Gratitude is The Fuel

Being grateful for what we have provides the fuel to bring us more positive events and good in our lives. Even if it doesn't seem like much, be grateful for what you do have. If you are not being grateful for what you have, you will be hard pressed to attract or manifest good into your life. When we are not grateful for what we have, we will have challenges and more lack.

How do we access the unconscious mind to reprogram it?

As a hypnotherapist, there are many ways to access the unconscious mind. I can hypnotize you and give you positive and healthy suggestions while under hypnosis. Or I can teach you the tools to use that get past the GATEKEEPER of the unconscious so that you can reprogram it.

Positive Affirmations

When you use positive affirmations without being in meditation or under hypnosis, your active or conscious mind is working. Positive affirmations will not get into your unconscious where they need to be to work. You can put your mind in neutral, which is very similar to being under hypnosis. 

Put Your Mind In Neutral

There are ways that you can put your mind into neutral, where the GATEKEEPER will allow thoughts or positive affirmations to enter the unconscious. We disengage our consciousness when we perform certain tasks repetitively. During repetitive tasks our mind is in neutral. This is the place of "no thought." (If your mind chatter is running incessantly I have provided ways to quiet the mind below.) Our natural state of awareness uses our conscious mind, with the unconscious mind playing background music. This background music includes programs created from childhood and past trauma. These could include, "You are not worthy." "You are not good enough." "You will never amount to anything." "Men are no good." "Women will only hurt me." 

Your Mind Is In Neutral: 

  1. While standing in front of the mirror doing makeup or (for men) shaving.
  2. While showering, as you have done this thousands of times.
  3. Driving your car. We often arrive at our destination without conscious memory of how we got there.
  4. Peeling vegetables. 

Quieting The Mind:

  1. Sitting upright with your head and neck erect (as in photo above).
  2. Without moving your head upward, look up to the ceiling with your eyes only.
  3. Your eye muscles will be stretched a little. This can also help with puffiness around the eyes and will help with eyesight issues.
  4. Continue to look up without moving your head upwards.
  5. After 5 minutes or so, close your eyes and meditate. You will find that your mind chatter has quieted considerably.
Jennifer is a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotherapists. She has been a practicing hypnotherapist since 1989. She uses hypnotherapy to clear unconscious sabotage and remove programs that no longer serve you. Her coaching programs are unique in this way. As an intuitive coach she effortlessly sees the root of your issues and is able to help you move forward out of negative patterns quickly. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Great Sex? Read on......

As a self love coach, part of loving yourself is being authentic. Being fully who you are. I assist women come into loving acceptance of ALL that she is, her sexuality, her body and her relationship with herself. Part of loving yourself is being transparent, honest and speaking your truth. The buck stops here. The time for politeness is over. It is time for TRUTH, with a capital "T." 


75% of women never experience an orgasm through sex.

20% of women seldom have an orgasm

5% of all women NEVER have an orgasm

The above statistics have been compiled over 80 years of study

1 in 3 women have been molested 

1 in 4 women have experienced sexual assault by a male

Everyone wants the same thing. Whether male or female, we all want to love and be loved. Yet the statistics of divorce tell another tale. Women are unhappy. There is an underlying reason why. We are not happy with our sex lives. Years of people pleasing leaves women feeling depleted and lost. The key is in getting in touch with their authentic self and being true to themselves. 

If these statistics were true of men, something would have already been done about it.  Case in point, men had difficulty having erections after age 50 and Viagra was invented. Women may be considered the fairer sex, but we are also the ones who have put up and shut up for far too long. Things are about to change. I am about to revolutionize relationships and sex for men and women. It has been tried before. Others have failed. Why will I succeed? Because I have God on my side. God loves win-win situations. Women have thought that men were the enemy for eons. Men have considered women demons, witches and enchantresses. 

Women are the ones with the power. We are the ones that can give birth. We are the only ones that give life to our offspring. That in itself is magical and powerful. So why is it that we have suffered in silence for so long? Because underneath, it isn't lady like to talk about sex. It isn't ladylike to say we are not happy with our relationships because our sex lives suck!

We have attempted to be the people pleasers. In the process of trying to please others, we end up left out in the cold. We are unfulfilled and frustrated. Tell me please! If a man was to go to bed night after night unfulfilled and frustrated, would he continue to stay married to this person? I will let you answer that question. Relationships will be much happier and healthier with open and loving communication about what we want in and outside the bedroom. 

Sexual abuse in childhood is one of the leading causes of sexual dysfunction. Remember where this molestation came from, most likely a male. Women have issues with trust in the bedroom. The more we trust you, the better sexual relations will be. We experience fight, flight or freeze in sexual abuse. When we freeze the pain and trauma is frozen within the cells of the body, particularly in the female sexual parts, the vagina. This can cause pain during intercourse, and sexual dysfunction.

10 Ways to improve your sex life

  1. Get to know yourself fully. Understand what you like, what you don't like and learn the art of self pleasuring. How can your partner understand what you want, if you don't even know.
  2. Be authentic. The more transparent you are the better. It is exhausting being something you aren't. Don't try to be who or what you think your partner wants. Be fully YOU! 
  3. Faking who you are leads to faking elsewhere, which is not productive either.
  4. Be a good listener. Hear what your partner is saying to you.
  5. Communicate compassionately without blame, name calling or sarcasm. The better your communication is outside the bedroom the better it will be inside the bedroom.
  6. Learn to guide your partner with compassion and acceptance. 
  7. Give complements about what works for you (in bed) first before asking for something to be different. 
  8. Women need romance to get into the mood. We like flowers, dinner out, to be treated like a Queen. Don't expect sex if you have told us we need to lose weight, made a crappy dinner or can't clean well. (READ THIS TWICE!)
  9. Women need an average of 45 minutes of foreplay to have an orgasm. If you want more of this you have to comply.
  10. Know that what works for a man, does not necessarily work for a woman. Faster does not necessarily mean better! Ask and listen. Don't let your ego be crushed to hear that you could do better. We all are works in progress. We are all learning what works best. Know that with appreciation, understanding and patience working together your love-making will get better and better.
Added: November 23, 2013. I have received a comment or two about the slant of this article. I will be posting an article in the next day or two that will reflect statistics with data about men. 

Jennifer is a life, love and relationship coach. She is currently working on a manual to improve sexual relationships and help men and women be happier. This book will be out in February 2014.

She works with women to empower them to love themselves completely. Her work has been tested and proven to work. Jennifer is a healed healer having overcome trauma in her own childhood. To work with Jennifer or contact her for questions and further information her e-mail is:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Is Secondary Gain Keeping You Stuck?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Secondary Gain is a term known in psychology and the personal development field as the benefit that people get from NOT overcoming their problems. It is not known at a conscious level. The loss of holding onto a condition is far greater than the perceived gain. There is an emotional pay-off by staying where you are.

Secondary Gain keeps you stuck where you are.

Typically the word "gain" is a positive term. In this case it is negative. Secondary gain could be causing all kinds of problems in one's life. From weight gain, depression, to financial issues or relationship woes these issues never get cleared up or go away until the secondary gain issue is resolved. 


The bottom line is survival. The ego mind forms relations with what is familiar. This 'familiar' is then considered safe to the mind. Even when the situation is considered familiar does not mean it is healthy or functional.


These patterns can remain for an entire lifetime even when they are dangerous, unhealthy or dysfunctional. Once these associations are formed and are no longer protecting the person, they remain in tact.  

What I have found with the people I have worked with that even after visualizing, affirming, treatments and manifesting that the wealth does not show up. Their situation can even become worse. Sometimes this has to do with an unconscious belief about what complications may arise from being wealthy.


Fear of responsibility can arise from beliefs about what will occur when the manifestation does show up. This fear can keep you stuck.  It is almost always unconscious.

Loss of love from family members and partners should you change, is another unconscious reason for a manifestation not materializing.

When we begin to break through old patterns we feel intensely uncomfortable. This threshold of discomfort then keeps us stuck from breaking free of a negative situation. Even leaving a relationship that is abusive can feel strange and uncomfortable, keeping people stuck in dangerous or debilitating patterns. This is often why women leave a relationship and then return a short while later, when no behavior has changed.


How do we determine if we have it?

If you have done everything right; all the positive affirmations and visualizations and your good still has not shown up? You probably have an issue with secondary gain. You may even have more than one.

Why is it that we have so much trouble breaking through the glass ceiling of success? Many get close but only 1% of the population ever achieve extreme wealth. WHY? Because 90% of what our unconscious mind believes to be true isn't.  


How can you break through this ceiling?

Journaling, meditating and going within can help you uncover what the issue is. Do all the things you would normally do to heal a conscious issue. Being a super sleuth for your own issues can help. You may want to have this issue cleared either through hypnotherapy or energetically.


Join me this Wednesday at 5:00 PM Pacific and 8:00 PM EDT


(641) 715-3580 PIN # 730-749#  

Jennifer is a Master Energy healer and hypnotherapist. Her ability to see through to the root cause of issues is uncanny. If you continue to have difficulties with manifesting schedule a treatment session with her to uncover and clear your Secondary Gain issue.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Better Love, Better Sex



Better Love and Sex Radio Show with Devi Ward, was recorded, November 14 LIVE. This show is loaded with great information to assist you.

 The playback link to the show is below.

Creating intimacy is something anyone can do. It doesn't come from more sex. It comes from loving and accepting yourself completely and being authentic. It also comes from feeling safe within your relationship. 

Many of us turn ourselves inside out to be what our partners want not only in bed, but outside of the bedroom in our relationships at work and elsewhere. When we are trying to be what we think our partners want, we come up feeling empty, and lost. We lose ourselves. When we lose ourselves, our relationships often end because we feel unhappy and unfulfilled. We often blame our partners for our unhappiness and then look for a "better relationship." This is not the answer.

How does being authentic lead to better sex, and greater intimacy? The more fully you step into your True Self, the less phony fake and inauthentic you are. Loving acceptance of your self is the key. That is where I come in. You like me, have been in relationships where it did not feel safe to be truly yourselves. Especially if you feel unworthy, or unloved. You try harder and harder to please your partner only ending up more unhappy and even resentful of all that you have given.

The answer lies within, not without you. The more YOU you are, the happier you will be. It took me over 30 years of deep self introspection and working on myself to get here. I know it can be difficult. It is very difficult to get there alone. I help you step into the fullness of who you are. I empower you to completely integrate all parts of yourself, instead of trying to annex, exhile or cut out the parts of you that you are not happy with. Loving yourself does not mean you are perfect. It means that you accept all parts of you unconditionally. We are all a work in progress. Here are some ways to be fully authentic. 

How To Be Authentic

  1. Let go of trying to be something that you aren't.
  2. Let go of trying to be perfect.
  3. Stop what you are doing and breathe in. Allow yourself to fully expand your lungs. Slowly exhale. Repeat this three times or more until you feel calm and fully present.
  4. Know that everything that has happened up until now is not a mistake, it is a lesson and a gift. Be grateful for what you have learned. 
  5. Your past does not equal the present, once you recognize that something has to change. The something is accepting YOU! You don't have to be different it is more of a focus.
  6. Look at yourself with a soft focus. Think of yourself as a newborn baby. Babies are perfect, we love them unconditionally. We don't beat them up for not being perfect.
  7. Get to know who you are, intimately. Who are you? Write a list of descriptors that describe you (without job titles or job descriptors, without the "mother" title, or "father" title.
  8. Focus on what you love about you. 
  9. Stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself. Remind yourself daily, "I LOVE ME." Use this mantra several times a day.
  10. Meditate. This will help ground you and become more focused.
  11. Get your energy cleared. This is a service I offer. You will feel more clarity, grounded and focused.
  12. Don't blame others for anything.
  13. Take responsibility. You are responsible for your own happiness. Happiness comes from within - not from outside of you.
  14. Do what brings you joy every day.
  15. Forgive yourself. 
  16. Get some professional help along the way. It is so much easier to get forward motion when you work with someone who has been where you are. Hire a healed coach.
Isn't it time to be happy now? Why not contact a healed healer. Someone who has been where you are, that understands what it feels like to be molested, or have difficulty with intimacy, and being fully available emotionally. I have developed a program that teaches you all the tools to do this work while you work with me, so that afterwards you are able to carry on and continue on your own. As an intuitive life coach and hypnotherapist I uncover the deep rooted issues that have caused you the issues in relationships so that they can be weeded out. These limiting beliefs have you programmed for relationships that don't work. Patterns continue to repeat over and over until these programs are cleared. 
When you are completely accepting of yourself, success and love expand. You feel so good that you attract success, love and all manner of greatness to you. Just by being you.
E-mail Jennifer NOW!

Working with me privately will help you become fully present, so that you feel whole, complete and sexy in your body. You will be so much happier with yourself and your body. It does not take the PERFECT relationship, or the PERFECT job, or the PERFECT weight to MAKE YOU HAPPY. Happiness comes from within.

There Is No Such Thing As An ACCIDENT!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

 Everything Happens For A Reason


Yesterday, for the first time in many years I was involved in a car accident. This is the first time since my awakening that I have experienced one. My reaction was one of calmness; witnessing, without reaction, without fear, knowing I was safe, protected and moreover, there was an underlying reason.


I live in the desert where we celebrate when we see clouds and have parties when it rains. The weather here is very consistent. The one thing we can count on in the desert is a sunny cloudless sky. Yesterday was no exception.


Mojave desert, California


Why then, was there an accident on dry pavement with no other cars on the road? It was set up and orchestrated by The Universe. It was actually a win-win event. The Universe loves when both parties win by learning something. Sometime ago, I had asked for a way to get my car repaired without cost to me. Over 8 months ago, an errant shopping cart scraped the side of my pristine Honda in a Walmart parking lot (yes I shop there on occasion.) The scrape bothered me. Because I put attention on it, I scraped it up further one afternoon backing out of our yard. I was distracted by my cell phone ringing (something I preach about often). I did not notice I had gotten too close to the gate as I crunched the same spot above my rear wheel well. 

Whenever we put energy on something with our thoughts we expand it. We create more of the same. This is a perfect example of putting negative thought into something that was already not good and making matters worse. So now you know my secret, I am not as perfect as one might think! (That was my attempt at humor). We are all works in progress, learning from each experience we have. The key is to learn.

Since that time, I did not run into another fence or gate. I have been much more careful getting out of tight spaces. I drive the speed limit now. I leave myself enough time to arrive in plenty of time. I have learned through my past experience, mostly.

Yesterday as I drove northbound on Sierra Highway, a two lane secondary road that snakes through the desert endlessly. The Sierra highway has a long history, dating back to the early 1900s built as a trail. It runs from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe. Read more about the history of Sierra highway here. After dropping Ariel at school, I was again distracted by my cell phone. My friend William was texting me. Although I did not respond to his text, I read it before tossing it into my purse in the seat next to me. My head was down for only a second or two, no more. In that amount of time, my car was pushed almost off the road with an impact that sounded like a sonic boom. Living in the desert, we hear those often. 

There were no other cars on the road ahead or in the oncoming lane. The car seemed to come from out of nowhere. When asked, the woman who hit me, interestingly did not see me either. She had been stopped at a stop sign, on her cell phone (see the mirroring here?). She pulled out crossing the oncoming lane to make contact with my car. There was no one else in sight. 


When the driver of the other car stopped. She left her car protruding into the lane of traffic. I had to suggest that she pull ahead and off onto the shoulder for safety. Her actions and reactions were totally unconscious, like she was sleeping with her eyes opened. She was on her cell phone even after the accident. The cell phone only left her ear to dial another number. Even when the highway patrol officer showed up, she continued to stay on her cell phone. The whole time we were stopped exchanging information she was on her cell phone. She was distracted, fragmented and ungrounded. She could not breathe. I had to help her calm down as her blood pressure was rising. She appeared to be about 26 - 28 years old. She had 4 names on her documentation and was currently divorced. 

No one was hurt. Not even my dogs, Karma and our new little puppy, Yoda (who was safe on the floor). My air bags did not deploy. My car was still driveable, as was the other woman's car. The driver of the "other" car was driving with a suspended licence. She had borrowed her boyfriend's car to go pick up her 3 small children. She was unemployed. When we exchanged information, the woman was hyperventilating. She was in abject fear. She had already been arrested for driving without a license and her car was impounded. I did not blame or condemn her. I only asked why she was driving with a suspended license? 

Why did this happen? 


Good question Grasshopper! This accident happened for many reasons. The Universe sends us messages through lessons. If we learn the lesson, we move on, graduate and don't have to repeat the lesson. If we choose to be stupid, stubborn or have our head's up our butts, we will have to repeat the grade, take another final exam and then once we pass by learning and stopping the behavior we get to graduate! Learning is the key ingredient. 

The parallels between this young woman and myself except for skin color were quite remarkable. However, nothing is beyond the power of The Universe/ Source. Here they are:

  1. We were both were female.

  2. We both had 3 children.

  3. We both had been married 4 times.

  4. We were both distracted by our cell phones.

  5. We were both doing something illegal. 

  6. This was not the first time that both had been warned by either police or The Universe about being on our cell phones while driving.

  7. Neither of us were hurt.

  8. Both of our cars were driveable after the accident. 

 Lessons Are Here To Teach Us Something

Driving while using a cell phone in the state of California is illegal. There is a reason it is illegal. It is dangerous. We both have children that learn from our behavior. My daughter is about to be driving herself. How can I tell my daughter not to talk on her cell phone or text while driving if I am not teaching by example? This parallel could be expressed in other ways, if we lie, we can't expect our children not to lie. If we cheat on our partners, we can't expect our partners not to cheat on us. If we don't love and accept ourselves, we can't others to love and accept ourselves. Energy always moves in a circle. Whatever we send out comes back to us, without exception.

The Universe likes win-win situations. I learned something valuable yesterday. I was able to see the gift in the accident. I was getting my car fixed by one of the best insurance companies in the country. USAA is the Holy Grail of insurance companies. My car was still drivable. I was not hurt. I learned my lesson without a financial cost, which is my request of The Universe. 


I will not use my cell phone while driving again. I recognize how distracted we get by reading a text, or even talking on the phone. I do not want to put anyone else in danger with my behavior. The woman was using her boyfriend's car. Not only will his insurance go up, but she has to answer to him for the accident. Her lesson was a more difficult and more long-lasting one. Her children could have been in the car, thankfully they were not. Did she learn not to talk on her cell phone while driving? I don't know and it is none of my business. If she didn't there will be another more difficult lesson for her down the road. The Universe will teach her. It is not up to me. 

The Lessons Get Harder

When we don't learn our lessons, we will repeat them again and again. Only, the lessons become more difficult. They often hurt us more or have more profound results. In my case, not learning from an abusive relationship and not healing my issues completely led to another more abusive relationship, where the losses were greater. We have to heal our core issues. If we feel like a victim, we will be victimized. If we feel unworthy, we will attract someone who treats us as if we are unworthy. They may cheat on us, or leave us because they feel we are not good enough for them.


These are all lessons I have learned through my own healing. Looking outside of ourselves for acceptance and validation that never arrives is because we don't feel worthy ourselves. How much longer will you continue to struggle in pain and suffering? Isn't it time to hire a healed coach. One that has been there and mastered her own issues of Self. I used to be in conflict. I felt ashamed, depressed, ungrounded and unfulfilled. I constantly looked for love and acceptance outside of me. I no longer need another to fulfill me. I am fulfilled by myself through my relationship with myself and connection to Source (God). I help women to achieve complete self acceptance so that success and love no longer alludes them. Having complete self acceptance means you will attract others who love and accept themselves. You will stop settling for less than you deserve just to have a relationship. Contact Jennifer now for a Discovery session to find which pathway is best for your healing. Jennifer has several offerings for every budget. If not NOW, WHEN?  Contact Jennifer NOW!