Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Gratitude For You Today

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

From my family to yours, I wish you a blessed, joyous Thanksgiving. It is a day to celebrate all the ways we have been gifted. Whether it is food, funds, family or fun, it is a day to give thanks for all that we have received. I am grateful for the healing and profound growth that my clients have experienced. I am also grateful for the open hearted sharing and trust in me.

From my family to yours......  Today I celebrate you. I congratulate you for opening your hearts and raising your vibration. I am in deep gratitude for you. I love to write. Writing makes my soul sing! Having you reading my posts gives me a purpose. I am inspired daily by life,

your questions and experiences. Thank you to those of you who have been brave enough to share, or ask. For those of you still waiting in the wings for the perfect time, it is perfect now. Right now is even more perfect! Whenever you are ready, I will be here and the timing will be absolutely perfect!

I am so grateful for my family who has traveled so that we can experience wonderful times together. 2014 has been a wonderful year. I am grateful for the safe travels to and from
Colorado 4 times this year. I am so grateful for all of you. I am also grateful for my mother and all she has shared with me. I am grateful that after 92 years that my mother is still vibrant and healthy. I am grateful I will get to see her in December! What joy!

I am grateful for the over 41,000 hits this blog has had. Thank you for sharing my posts with your friends and family. 

I am grateful for Digital Romance, Dr. Donald Ketterhagan, Devi Ward, Linzi Levinson, PK Spearman, Hollis Chapman, Eric Jones and the morning crew and all the wonderful radio show hosts that have had me as their guest this year. Thank you!

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for opening your minds and hearts. Thank you for your courage to grow and heal. 

Much Love to you All!
Enjoy the many Blessings that continue to flow,


Sex Pot - Going Green For Orgasms

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sex with pot? You might be wondering if I have lost my mind? Is this post supposed to be SEX POT?  No. This is a subject that many people are discussing. I have been wanting to open up about my own personal experience with pot way back in Toronto in the 80's. 

I grew up in the hippy days of Love Ins, and the pot smoking 70's. Marijuana was different back then. There weren't 100 different strains. As a matter of fact, there was only one and it was green!

To get high in order to avoid feelings or avoid life is not what this article is about. Marijuana used in a sacred or medicinal way is what I am writing about. Celebrating life, rather than escaping from life is living fully. 

Medicinal Marijuana

Marijuana can reduce pain, depression, cure cancer, stop children from having 100s of seizures a day, stop the effects of many chronic diseases and help a woman who is non-orgasmic, get to multiple orgasms. The body of evidence is piling up almost as tall as the marijuana plants themselves. 

Back in the 70's and 80's pot was filled with seeds that popped, not that I would know, of course! Joints were rolled and very few people used a pipe. Marijuana was not used for medicinal purposes, but recreational use, because no one studied the positive side effects. There are many reasons why people like Martha Stewart or even John Stewart smoke it. Today people prefer one of the two strains Sativa or Indica. Sometimes it is a mix of both.

When we lived in Boulder, Colorado the American mecca for pot, we be-friended a man who had formerly been an alcoholic. He had a very rough childhood, molested by his mother. His brother committed suicide at 21. He smoked weed because he could not function in life without it. He had terrible PTSD from childhood. 

He had reformed, given up alcohol completely and switched to pot. He became a connoisseur of marijuana. It was one of the things he talked about endlessly. He educated me on the different strains. He said that Sativa was a head-high and that Indica was a body-high. Sativa will open your mind, expand your horizons and quite possibly make you chatty. 

Indica hits your body and can make you a couch potato. In other words, if you want to enhance your sexual encounter you probably don't want to smoke 100% Indica, as you might be locked unable to move, smile or even open your eyes. 

Today pot is smoked by 65% of the population, although the government reports very different statistics saying nothing has changed since the 80s. I know very few teens who have not smoked marijuana today. From Oprah Winfrey to Lady Gaga, President Obama to President Clinton. There is even a list of the 50 most influential marijuana smokers on the Internet. Although, Clinton lied about his sexual escapades he also lied about not inhaling. We all know the purpose of smoking pot is to get high. You don't smoke it if you have no intention of getting a buzz.

I have written about my personal feelings about pot. I like my life straight. I am really happy with life as it is. I know that my kids and most of their friends smoke it. 

Personally, I prefer to have a clear head. I am not anxious, depressed or unhappy. Many people smoke for those reasons. People also smoke to relieve PTSD.  I am open minded enough to see that marijuana can be beneficial if used wisely. For me, though, I have never been a stoner. I might have a glass of wine once or twice a year. I smoke pot even less. I have been offered to smoke hundreds of times and say no. When I do, it is a very rare occassion. Then it is only one puff and my kids have to pick me off the floor. The other downside that I have seen with pot smoking is that it opens holes up in the aura. When there are holes, the physical body and soul are without the normal protection. You can get attachments and entities on you from pot smoking. 

I do however, recommend it to couples who are having challenges getting to orgasm. Pot has it's place. I like a clear head to write, meditate and live.

What Pot Does To Your Body

Smoking weed can make you incredibly aware of your sexuality. You may feel tingling in your vagina, breasts and a heightened awareness of everything. It can relax you. It could also make you incredibly sleepy and dopey, depending on the strain. 

Pot releases oxytocin in the body in great doses. Oxytocin is released upon sexual arousal, during breast feeding and labor. Oxytocin is the feel good hormone also known as the cuddle hormone.

The key is that pot is different with everyone. Your response could be different depending on your mood, partner and where you are physically.

In The Kitty

In my research for this article, I found a recommendation to put a few leaves inside the vagina. Apparently, the THC is absorbed into the body and can enhance orgasms and arousal. If you partake in oral sex, your partner will have a secondary experience that could knock their socks off. I have never tried this. I would caution you to be careful as people who are not regular pot smokers could get too much. 

Multiple Orgasms

My first experience having a multiple orgasm was while smoking pot. My senses were enhanced. I relaxed and my inhibitions fell by the wayside. This was well over 20 years ago, so my remembrance of all the details are hazy. That should make most people laugh. I do remember the sex though and the guy. It was the most amazing sexual experience I had had. 

I had another experience while on a sales training for Lanier dictation equipment, also while in Canada. Our whole sales force was taken to a lodge where we had a hay ride, and I had quite the roll in the hay!

For women who are uptight and non-orgasmic, marijuana could be THE TOOL used to lighten your mood and relax. However, the downside of smoking the green stuff is that if you are afraid, it will heighten your paranoia. If you feel quirky, it will heighten your quirkiness. Whatever mood you happen to be in, will be raised up to the power of 10, especially if you don't smoke it regularly.

Pot is a way to help a woman loosen up and get beyond her road blocks about orgasm and sex. It certainly worked for me.

Best Sativas for energy: Flow and Skunk 1 (very stinky)

Relaxing Sex: Blueberry

The rest are not for the faint of heart. The names, I did not come up with. So forgive me......   A few flying "F" words. 

The following is an excerpt from an article on ALTNET's home page:

What’s in a name, you ask?- Some strains, by name alone, suggest a fun roll in the hay, like: “Fucking Incredible,” “Burmese Fucking Incredible” and“Matanuska Thunder Fuck.”
Just like Viagra- What strains are specifically heralded for their Viagra-like effects?   For seduction and mental wooing, Kirkman recommends “Voodoo” as the key to unlocking unbridled passion. To unleash the sexual beast within, Kirkman recommends “Godbud,” and “ Afghani Bullrider.”

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The Scientists at The Institute of Heart-Math have done some amazing work to shed light on the power of the human heart. 

The Institute of Heart-Math is an international non-profit organization that works to help people live consciously from their hearts, rather than their minds at home, school and play. They have some amazing tools and workshops to help us do just that. This study has proven that the magnetic field created by our hearts is far more powerful than that of the brain.

The Torus Pattern that our hearts send out is like a beacon into the universe.

Every thought we think, every feeling we feel is sent out from us into the Universe. The earth is surrounded with consciousness. This field is filled with everyone's thoughts, feelings and emotions. Each time there is a riot, an argument between two people those emotions are emitted and sent out into the soup of thoughts and emotions that surround us. Conversely when loving thoughts are sent out by a group, as in prayer the consciousness of the planet is positively affected.

It has been thought for decades that the human brain was the most
powerful organ in the human body. This study proves otherwise. The human heart creates an electromagnetic field. When a fetus begins to develop, it is the heart that is first developed, not the
brain. The heart is an electromagnetic broadcasting device that sends signals to the cells of the body as to how the baby will develop.

According to neurocardiologists 60 - 65 percent of the cells in the heart are neuron cells, not muscle cells. The studies that they have done show that the heart works similar to the brain, and is in some ways superior to the brain. 20 days after conception, the heart begins to function. The brain does not begin to function until 90 days after conception.

The heart gives us universal characteristics and the brain provides personal characteristics. Since the heart gives us universal characteristics and is the key to bonding with others, listening to our hearts, rather than our minds will create more peace, love, compassion and understanding in our world. 

What we feel is transmitted out of our hearts into the universe. It brings back to us energy that matches how we feel. When we are angry we attract angry people. When we are compassionate and loving, we attract compassionate and loving people. 

Our Auric Field

What the scientists found is that our emotions are encoded into our magnetic fields. By shifting our emotions and how we feel we change what is coded into our field. Have you ever met someone and instantly taken a dislike to them? Or have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection with them? You like the way they are coded. It feels good to you. Which is why we want to be expressing happiness, joy and gratitude, because these emotions change the coding of our magnetic field.

Trust Our Hearts - Not Our Minds

What all of the spiritual teachers teach is living in our hearts, rather than our minds. We do this because our mind is ego based. Our hearts are connected with the universe. Hearts are what connect you and I together. We are all interconnected, brothers and sisters. We are all part of the whole. When we connect with our hearts we recognize the divinity in our brothers and sisters and see the love between us, rather than the hate. It is this connection we need to focus on and expand. Connecting with our hearts and trusting our hearts to know what is best for us takes trust. 

Building trust can be as easy as trusting your body. Trusting your gut instinct. I recommend that you ask questions. Questions will bring you guidance. Rather than making a statement - will only make you right. 

We can tell we are in our heads and minds when we use phrases like, "I have to FIGURE OUT........" Figuring out things is not what you want to do. Trusting your heart, following your heart and trusting the guidance you receive is the way to go. Often we choose an ego-based decision and end a relationship because we are either afraid of opening up, or we are angry. Either way, our ego is running the show. When your heart is trusted, you will follow your desire. Your heart knows what it wants. All you have to do is learn to trust.

Broken Hearts Are Real

There are many things that break our hearts. Having a loved one die before their time, is one of the most heart-breaking events that we can experience. I recently spoke to my dear friend, Diana Davis'
mother. Diana left her body September 22nd, 2012. She was one of the most lovely women I knew. She was a fellow healer, and the reason I began doing energy healing. She held the workshops at her home in North Georgia.

Bonnie talked to me about two weeks ago and recounted the last hours of Diana's life. She and I cried together while she told me that they could not regulate Diana's heart beat and blood pressure. Diana could not speak, because she was on life support, but was able to send a message through her eyes to both her mother and her son Forrest before she passed. She told Forrest she loved him through her eyes. Diana shared intense emotion through her eyes with her mother as well. Bonnie told Diana she would make sure Forrest would be well taken care of. Forrest was 16 at the time. Bonnie was heartbroken afterwards, understandably. Her life has not been the same. 

About a year later she was rushed to the hospital because one of the two ties that hold the heart in place in the chest cavity, had been literally broken. Her heart was truly broken from the experience of grief of her daughter's death.

When my beloved, John died, my acupuncturist made a house call. He told me had I not had acupuncture to clear the blockage, I would have most likely had a heart attack. My heart was broken also. Time does not heal all wounds. Our inner work is what does the healing. 

Bad Marriages - Cause Heart Disease and Heart Attacks in Women

A recent study by Michigan State University has found that older women that stay in bad marriages have a higher risk and incidence of heart disease and heart attacks than those who are in happy
marriages. This study found that women who remain long after they recognize they are unhappy are at a higher risk. Men however, were less affected. The study looked at couples in their 50's and up.

Men's health was less affected by their bad marriages than women's. Why? Because women take care of their husbands, watching their diets when they are sick. Men do not take care of their wives in the same way. In fact, in many marriages once a woman gets sick, some husbands leave. Which is another reason that women who file for divorce are less likely to remarry. They are not inclined to find another man to take care of.

Dr. David Cziner of West Med in White Plains, NY, also cited a phenomenon called takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as broken-heart syndrome, is much more common in women than it is in men.

Remember Your Emotions Are Like A Magnet

The bottom line is what we feel, we send out. What we send out comes back to us. Think of what you want. Then think of what message you are beaming out through your heart megaphone into the Universe. If you want to be loved. Then LOVE yourself. If you
want to be accepted, then accept yourself. If you want peace, then find peace within. It all comes down to us. How we think, feel and treat ourselves. If you work tirelessly, giving to everyone but yourself, you are not loving yourself. You are doing to try to manipulate people to show love to you. If you need constant pats on the back telling you what a wonderful job you have done - you  need to take a look in the mirror. If you need constant validation from others, it is because you don't love and accept you.

Love begins and ends with ourselves. 

Wanting lasting happiness, love and joy in your life? Tired of feeling anxious, sad, depressed, unfulfilled and attracting the wrong types of people? Jennifer is a healed healer. She has been where you are. Through her own life lessons and a deep and profound toolbox of healing modalities, Jennifer is your biggest cheerleader. She will know you better than you know and understand yourself. Wanting a better, happier life? Email her for a private session.  Your first one is your Discovery Session.  Buy her book HERE!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Ways To Make Thanksgiving One of True Gratitude

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

A homeless friend we helped in Colorado

There are many who are homeless this Thanksgiving. Thousands of people are lonely, hungry and looking for a place to stay warm. Thanksgiving is normally one of my favorite holidays. My mother, brothers and their families all live north
of Toronto. I won't be seeing them. My children will be in other states. I know that I am never alone. Although I won't have family with me, there is community around me. I am grateful for my community. This Thanksgiving, I will cook my turkey, pumpkin pie and take it to the homeless shelter closest to my home. I will carve up my turkey and sit down and eat with some hungry lonely men, women and children. It is an opportunity to give back to my community. I am grateful for an opportunity to do so. If you are alone, hungry or need a place to be with other people, here are some different options. Find one that feels the best for you.

1. Buy Groceries For A Family In Need
Each year communities help those in need. You can help also by giving to charities, providing bags of food at your local grocery stores.

2. Serve Dinner At a Homeless Shelter
Or even serving in your church. Many churches nearby serve a hot meal to those who need one, once a week. It is a chance for people to come inside and sit down in safety and eat in community. They will even give you the leftovers to take home.

3. Give to A Charity
Family-To-Family is a charity that assists families with clothing, food, books and other supplies that they need. You can contact them through this link to find out how you can give. From books, to meals to clothing, if you have plenty and would like to share, there are many who could use your help.

4.  Take a Meal To A Single Person Who is Alone

Cooking for a large family is almost easier than cooking for yourself. I know of several people who are eating a can of soup for Thanksgiving dinner because they don't have money for the food, or they don't have the energy to cook for themselves. If you know of someone who is alone, bring them a dinner, along with a piece of pie.

5. Invite A Someone To Dinner
What is one more? Invite a neighbor you know is alone over for turkey dinner. The holidays are a tough time to be totally alone. Even if they don't stay long, a holiday meal with people is so much more enjoyable than eating all alone.

6. Deliver A Meal To Your Local Fire Department or Other Service Organization. Many people have to work on holidays. It is a day like any other.

7. Visit A Local Retirement Home
Many elderly people are alone. Holidays can be a very difficult time. Bring a plate of cookies or something festive. Home baked goods are always a hit. 

8. Recently Separated or Divorced Men and Women
Invite a divorced friend over. Often one parent has the children and the other is left all alone. For the first few holidays, this can be a very difficult time for a recently separated or divorced person. You will bring some joy into an otherwise very difficult and challenging day.

9. Panhandlers Get Hungry Too
Today our communities have many people who are struggling to make ends meet. Yesterday I saw an elderly man arrested in front of Pet Smart for panhandling. Drop off a meal at the corner where you see people with their hands out.

10.  Give Someone A Blanket

Every town has homeless. They live in tents, on doorsteps of storefronts and even in retention pond sites. They need coats, blankets and food. 

Giving from our heart's unselfishly is kind. Even if you have never been hungry a day in your life, you could imagine it, if you tried. When we give without judgment, we are sharing our bounty and making someone's day a little better. We all know people who have lost homes, cars, jobs, family and friends because of their present circumstances. The holidays can be an extremely difficult time for the homeless and the hungry. Not only will you help out someone who needs it, your heart will feel all the better for it. It is a WIN-WIN for everyone concerned.

Sharing what we have, even if it is small helps us to recognize we still have much to be grateful for. Gratitude helps us look up, instead of down. Gratitude takes us out of self pity and into our hearts where we can see more clearly. Giving allows us to return the wonderful blessings we have been given to those who don't have all that we have. When we are truly grateful for what we have, not just paying lip service because it is Thanksgiving for one day, we are all the better for it. Someone, somewhere has helped us. We have returned the favor. Giving back is what our life is all about.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, Spiritual Pathfinder an empowerment and catalyst coach for women. She assists men and women to live from their hearts and love themselves fearlessly. In loving ourselves fearlessly we begin to recognize the Divinity in each other. That they very things we hate in others are the things we hate in ourselves. Self love and acceptance is loving all of ourselves. The more we love our faults and flaws, the less critical we are of others. Relationships heal magically. Her website is: You can find her on Facebook HERE.

Erectile Issues and G-Spot For Men

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Taking a pill is not the answer to the issues of a flaccid penis. There are several reasons that a penis won't get hard. Viagra, Cialis and other drugs will cause further problems down the road. There is a healthy way to cure this issue. Follow these instructions and you will not have erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? ED

Erectile Dysfunction means that your penis won't get hard when you want to have sex. It can happen at any age. 

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are several factors that cause erectile dysfunction.


Stress is one of the biggest causes of sexual dysfunction in men. Most people work too hard. We have stress with our monthly expenses, career stress and stress within our relationships. All of these things contribute to issues with inability to get an erection. Getting enough rest is important. If you are burning the candle at both ends, your body does not have time to rejuvenate. 

Building The Body Back UP

You know that feeling after you have come? You body is limp. Your penis is soft. All you want to do is sleep. An orgasm and ejaculation takes a lot out of a man. It takes a man on average 3 days to recuperate after an orgasm. During this time, men may not think about sex. As they re-build semen and strength, pressure builds within the body as an urge to ejaculate. As men get older, this refractory period becomes longer. During this time, it is not wise to force sex to happen as your body is not ready. The reason many men have issues with ED is that they don't wait for their body to recuperate. This would be like working out when you are sick.

Having additional sex right after an orgasm further depletes the body and causes you to be in a deficit or life force or CHI.


Processed foods, fast foods and sugary foods, especially high fructose contribute to erectile dysfunction. Eating fresh fruits, meat and vegetables is required for the body to be healthy The primitive or cave-man diet, reducing carbohydrates will help rejuvenate your body. The primitive diet is the best for becoming sexually invigorated. (Read Orgasm For Life for foods to kick up your stamina)

Your heart needs to function well. Anything that is bad for your heart is also bad for your penis. Fried foods, french fries, hamburgers, any kind of fast or processed food will cause you heart disease and erectile dysfunction.


If you have a fat belly, you have fat around your organs. Fat around the heart means that you also have clogged arteries. If arteries are clogged, your penis can't get hard as easily. Fitness, exercise, walking at least three times a week is required for a healthy and fit body. You don't have to have a gym membership to maintain a
healthy body. Walking in the mall can be sufficient in the winter when snow is on sidewalks and trails. Although, those of us who love the outdoors will get out there no matter the weather.

Priorities are personal. If you like sex, your physical health needs to be a top priority. Drinking soda, eating pie or other sugary foods on a regular basis will curb the ability to have sex down the road. What you do today, effects your sex life tomorrow.

Other Factors That Affect Erection

  1. high blood pressure
  2. smoking
  3. high cholesterol
  4. steroids
  5. prescription medications
  6. low testosterone
  7. abuse or put-downs within the relationship
Prostate or Tantra Massage

Men have a G-Spot, similar to that of a woman. The men's G-Spot is the prostate. Massage of the prostate can give a man an erection.
Giving Your Man Pleasure
I explain this in great detail in my book, Orgasm For Life. Massaging the prostate will not only get a man hard, it will increase the pleasure and intensity of his orgasm. 

Instructions For Prostate Massage

Locating The Man's G-Spot

Lay either on a couch or bed, put a pillow his buttocks under for better access, or raise his feet to the wall. Draping his knees over the end of the couch can work too. Using a lubricated index finger, gently massage the anus. There are plenty of nerve endings here which can enhance pleasure for both men and women. Keeping an open mind, this can intensify pleasure for the man and certainly get him erect. With your lubricated index finger (gloved or not) gently insert feeling for a chestnut sized lump. It can feel a little like the end of your nose, if you bump into something, you are there. This is a very sensitive area, remember to be gentle. 

Prostate Massage (G-Spot For Men)

Remember to be gentle, using a come hither motion rather than a poking finger. Massage the sides of the prostate. There are many nerve endings right in the front that could be highly sensitive. Ask him if it feels comfortable? Is it pleasurable? Gently stroke this area until he either is hard enough for penetrative sex, or give him the beautiful pleasure of allowing him to just receive. This means your guy has the opportunity to just lay there and experience and enjoy
an orgasm without having to do anything in return. 

A man can have an intense orgasm without even having his genitals stimulated this way. Add a hand motion on the penis and he will be in heaven!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters became enlightened and self actualized in 2012. She is able to assist you come to a loving acceptance of yourself. When you are committed to your self growth and self discovery, she helps you overcome the following:

  • low self esteem
  • depression
  • apathy
  • loneliness
  • suicidal tendencies
  • chaos
  • lack of focus
  • living in the past or future
  • unhappiness
  • sadness
  • nervousness
  • fears
  • health issues
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Epstein Barr Syndrome
  • arthritis
  • sexual dysfunction
Working with Jennifer you will see your self esteem rise to great heights. Apathy dissolves along with depression and sadness. You become totally present in the moment. Jennifer has healed all of these issues above as well as breast cancer in herself. She has the tools to help you do it too. She is certified as a Hypnotherapy Trainer, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, A Master Energy Healer. All of these are used in her catalystic coaching.

How does she do it?

Great question. Jennifer is a catalyst and a spiritual pathfinder. She helps you align with your true high self. She helps you come into loving acceptance of you. When you love and accept yourself, your world changes drastically. Instead of attracting relationships that don't work, you fine people and situations that support you. Life becomes a joy to experience. Loneliness dissolves. Your mind quiets and you feel serene, peaceful and your creativity soars. 

If you have struggled with life, love and relationships all your life, isn't it time you took the first step? Contact Jennifer now through her private e-mail. She has room for two committed clients now. Her book is filling up, so don't wait. Once her new radio show Straight Up Sex Talk begins, there will be less time on her calendar. She gives each of her clients her undivided attention and is fully present with you.

Buy Jennifer's Books Here:  Orgasm For Life

Monday, November 24, 2014

I believe in MIRACLES!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I experience small and large miracles everyday. Wierd? Not for me. You can have miracles every day in your life too. It is because I am special? No, I am just as special as you. Perhaps my perspective is slightly different. I expect miracles. When we Intend for miracles to happen, they do. We just have to open our eyes to see and our hearts to feel. In this article I will teach you how to bring miracles into your life. 

I wonder why people don't see the miracles that happen
This photo to the right was taken by a complete stranger with a regular camera, on Malibu beach last winter. He could not speak English. Yet we communicated well. I asked him to please take my photo. This is what happened. A miracle? I believe it is. The light you see streaming down is a Blessing. Light, love, and joy is what I experience each and every day. 

I have had my share of what some might call dark, or negative experiences. I was depressed for over 20 years. I was molested as a child, not by one person but by several. I have had difficult marriages, one with serious abuse. Another where my husband was a closet homosexual, but married a woman to cover it up. I could focus on the negative, but instead I consider all these experiences gifts. They taught me about myself. They made me who I am today. They gifted me with the ability to be a catalyst for others healing. Just by being on the phone with them for an hour a week. 

Miracle in Mojave on the way to Tehachapi 12.23.2013
Our perspective is everything. Some people never get over the pain and suffering they experienced. Because I learned how to grow from my pain, how to heal it and overcome it, I teach others how to do the same.

One of my beautiful clients who worked with me from early January just wrapped up 30 weeks. I consider this a miracle. This woman was really stuck when we began. Barely able to move through life, she was apathetic. Well that's not so bad, you might say.... However, her apathy was so profound after three deaths in her close family that she could barely function. Her goal when we began was to experience life with joy. Now she does. I consider that a miracle. 

Joanne Butler
Everyday Miracles For You

I like to give credit where credit is due. My dear friend Joanne Butler was like an earthbound angel. Loving, kind, compassionate, bubbly, she was/is an amazing gift in my life. She passed away in 2012, I have written about the three deaths that happened within weeks of each other. Joanne had diabetes and had a misdiagnosis of gout on her big toe, when it was far more serious. 
Joanne was a hairdresser with bad eyes. She was also an aesthetician. She gave the most beautiful facials when she could barely see. When she cut my hair, she would be laughing about how little she could see and cut away. She was like a fairy or an elf. Her energy was so high and bubbly. 

Joanne Butler taught me this prayer. I use it whenever I would like a miracle to occur. Belief is everything. You can pray the prayer all day every day, but if you don't believe for a second that miracles don't or can't happen, they won't. What you believe comes true, whether it is positive or negative. Our beliefs are what create misery or joy in our lives. I choose joy, everyday, how about you?

The Miracle Prayer

Preparation: Stand with your hands turned up and open in front of you. I like to pray in my bedroom, but you can do this in any room that feels sacred to you. If you don't have a room that feels sacred, clean one room from top to bottom. Clear any clutter and say a prayer of blessing, ask for the highest of high to come in and fill your room with Golden Creator Light. Wait and envision the room filled with beautiful golden light. 

With your hands turned up and open:

God, I know that miracles happen every day. 
I expect a miracle today. 
I am open and ready to receive mine now! 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

What many people don't understand is that we have to open our eyes to see. We have to stop judging. We need to soften our hearts. We also need to be grateful. Be grateful for the smallest of miracles, like the little bird that sits on the fence as you approach singing his heart out to you. Or the butterfly that you see when it is too cold for butterflies. Maybe your miracle is someone smiling at you when that wouldn't normally happen. What I do know is that when you begin to watch with expectation and intention for miracles to unfold, they do. 

Miracles That I Have Experienced

  1. The video above is of my cat Lydia. Lydia would lay across my desk every day. She helped me with my energy clearings on other people. She did Reiki. She was a magic cat. Angles come in many different forms. Unbelievable? Watch the video. 
  2. After a serious drought in California, I went out into the desert and prayed for rain. Within 24 hours we had rain. Not just a sprinkle, but RAIN! The naysayers will say that is just coincidence. Those that explain miracles away, will never see them.
  3. My 14 year-old four-legged friend Karma, was seriously ill a year ago. I prayed for her full recovery. Now you would never know that she was about to leave this planet. I have had a gift of another full year of her love, friendship, protection and joy of having her with me on 5 more trips to Colorado. That is a miracle.
  4. I have experience bread being thrown off the shelf in Walmart four different times (by my deceased ex-husband). I have witnesses. My Deceased Ex-Husband Communicates With Me
  5. I had breast cancer. Without chemo, radiation or surgery it is gone.
  6. I was depressed for 20 years. My depression is gone.
  7. I had Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr disease that doctors say will never go away. It is now healed.
  8. I had a tumor on my thigh, which healed between my appointment with my surgeon and the day of my scheduled surgery. The surgeon sweat over my looking for it, with the operating room scheduled, there was nothing to remove!
  9. The night that my love, John Armbruster died in my arms, my son drove me home from the hospital on a totally still night. No wind anywhere. As we drove up the driveway a 25 mile an hour wind picked up. It howled around the house and all the trees. My son David who didn't believe in weird or strange happenings said, "John is here, Mom!"
  10. On October 23, 2011 at 2:30 AM, I fell totally asleep at the wheel on our move from Georgia to Boulder, Colorado. My Honda drove up on the concrete wall between the on-coming lanes. I have no idea how long two wheels were off the ground before my car was magically set back down safely in the middle of the passing lane in Memphis. My daughter and I were both awakened with a start. She yelled, "Holy F___k MOM! What the _____!!! The car, my four cats, dog and the two of us were completely safe. Now that folks is a MAJOR MIRACLE! We all could have been killed. 
  11. In 2008, driving home from Florida to Georgia (7 hour drive) with a boyfriend from a Native American flute concert, he waited till 9:30 PM to leave, knowing I was tired then asked me to drive. He promptly fell soundly asleep, leaving me to
    keep myself awake. I fell asleep at the wheel and ended up crossing four lanes of traffic diagonally and was almost into the median when a hand touched my hand and took the wheel. I felt the hand on mine. I was saved from death - yet again. 
  12. I have countless experiences where my angels have awakened me from a sound sleep while driving across country. They keep
    me protected on my trips. Obviously I have work to do! I always pray to Archangel Michael for protection before we begin to drive anywhere. 
  13. May 24, 2014, I was told to go down the road I walked the day before out in the desert. I could not even remember how I had gotten there. I was given clear direction to the road (in my
    head). As I walked down this new road, I saw a red wine box
    . Four little kittens marched out of the box when they heard my voice. If I had not found them, they would surely have died. This was a very deserted part of the Mojave desert. I already had a house full of rescued animals including Yoda, that also found me in the desert when he was 4 weeks (another miracle).
  14. I have had countless birds stop and talk to me. One hummingbird stayed in a bush in the desert for 10 minutes squawking at me. He was insisting that I get a feeder, for goodness sakes! Needless to say I did. He would have stayed longer, but I had to finish my walk and get home for a client appointment. 
  15. The day I prayed and asked what I should write about for my last book (I had already gotten guidance to write about sex, but
    I asked for a definitive sign) this appeared in the sky: Hence the book, Orgasm For Life. It would have been much easier and far less personal to write a book about self love. 

I could go on and on about all the miracles I have experienced in my life, there are so many more. I have a recorded podcast about miracles you can listen to if you wish. Here is the link: Miracles and Magic Podcast - Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Last week one of my coaching clients read the book E Squared, by Pam Grout. She did one of the experiments in the book and the pain in her body totally disappeared. That is a miracle. A prayer and pain disappearing! Holy COW! Belief is everything. 

Your thoughts create. Each of us is powerful beyond measure. I wish you all a miraculous week. I look forward to hearing your comments and about all your miracles. If you have questions you can e-mail me privately here. Please comment below. Much love to you all! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gratitude Expands Your Capacity To Give and Receive Love

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Gratitude is giving thanks for what we have and receive. The most interesting phenomenon of gratitude is that we receive when we give gratitude. The more grateful we are, the more we get because our hearts open and expand. The bigger the tips we leave, the more we are Blessed in return, through our clients, raises, and increase in earnings. We have Thanksgiving only once a year, yet our gratitude needs to be expressed to thrive every single day we are alive.

We give gratitude to be humble and thankful for what we have and receive. The more grateful for our vibrant health that we are, the more vibrantly healthy we become. Be thankful for your youthful appearance and the more you youth. Be grateful for your success and the more successful you become. It is a very simple return on investment. I know very few ways to increase what we have simply by saying an open-hearted prayer of gratitude.

Thank you For Another Day of Life!
Beginning our day as soon as our eyes are opened with a "Thank you for another day of life!" A prayer than a Native American taught me so many years ago. We forget that each day we are alive, is a gift. In fact, it is the biggest gift that we have been given. So why not say a BIG THANK YOU every day for it?

Heart Opening

Many of us have been hurt. We have been wronged, we have been wounded. We have lost loved ones and our hearts are broken because of our losses. For all of these reasons our hearts may be closed or shut down. A closed heart can lead to a slew of health problems like heart attacks, high blood pressure and even breathing problems like COPD. Take a deep breath and say, "Thank you for me. Thank you for all that I am, and all that I receive." This small prayer will open your heart if you say it every day like you mean it. For those who know you attract emotionally unavailable people, gratitude will help you tremendously, as it will help to heal your heart and heal your emotional unavailability. 

Gratitude Journal

Writing daily in a gratitude journal can help you remember what you need to be grateful for. Writing is always a powerful medium for sending messages out into the Universe. I highly recommend it. I attended a workshop in Atlanta, Georgia years ago with Joyce Reynolds, who is now in her 80's. She taught a workshop about scripting for your life. She recommended writing all the things you wanted in the present as if you already have them. For example:

Thank you for the prosperity and abundance in my life that allows my bills to be paid on time each month.

Thank you for the 6 new clients this week. 
Thank you for my beautiful loving partner. 

What Are You Grateful For?

Each of us has a different set of circumstances. Some are homeless, friendless, childless and jobless. Some of us have more than enough to give others. Being thankful for the simplest of things is important. Here are some suggestions if you simply can't find a thing to be grateful for this holiday season.

Suggestions For Your Gratitude List

  1. Thank you for my life.
  2. Thank you for my vibrant health. (Even if you are sick your health will improve with consistency)
  3. Thank you for my wonderful clients that pay me what I deserve.
  4. Thank you for my bills being paid on time each month.
  5. Thank you for the prosperity in my life.
  6. Thank you for my eyes that see.
  7. Thank you for my loving family.
  8. Thank you for my beautiful home.
  9. Thank you for the roof over my head.
  10. Thank you for the food on my table.
  11. Thank you for my loving pets.
  12. Thank you for my wonderful friends.
  13. Thank you for my computer.
  14. Thank you for my beautiful car.
  15. Thank you for my legs that work.
  16. Thank you for the beauty that surrounds me.
  17. Thank you for the safety and protection I have.
  18. Thank you for the love in my life.
  19. Thank you for my loving partner.
  20. Thank you for my wonderful, loving children.
  21. Thank you for my gifts, talents and abilities.
  22. Thank you for my clients, readers and followers.
I am extremely grateful to all of you who follow and read my posts daily. You come from the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, India, Israel, Asia, China, Japan, Spain, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Russia. If I have missed a country, I apologize. Below is my list of things that I am grateful for.
  1. God, my guides, angels and spiritual guidance.
  2. My life fully expressed.
  3. My mother who is now 92, still very healthy and vibrant. She taught me through example not to eat processed foods, soda or packaged anything. She always cooked home cooked meals every day with at least three sometimes four vegetables fresh from our garden. 
  4. My children. They have been my biggest teachers.
  5. My gurus and spiritual teachers.
  6. My gifts, talents and abilities.
  7. My vibrant health.
  8. This beautiful abundant world and Universe.
  9. My clients. I love you!
  10. My successful business. 
  11. My clients that are finding me now.
  12. The beauty of nature.
  13. All of my pets, dogs and cats.
  14. My connection to all that is. 
  15. My experience, wisdom and education.
  16. My sense of humor.
  17. The joy and inner peace that I experience each and every day.
  18. Each and every breath that I breathe.
  19. My dependable car and the great gas mileage it gets.