Thursday, April 28, 2016

How To Use This Mercury Retrograde To Follow Your Heart's Desire

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The planet Mercury, that rules intellect, communication, technology and travel turned retrograde April 28th. Knowing what this retrograde means to you and how best to use this powerfully transformative five-week period could save you heartache and possibly prevent disaster.

Astrology is a science that helps us create our lives on purpose. I am not an astrologer but have studied and learned enough to be able to share my experience and wisdom with you.

Mercury, began it's shadow point on April 14th turning retrograde today. The retrograde period ends on May 22nd and includes two more weeks beyond that in its shadow point. Because this retrograde is happening when three other planets are turning retrograde as well has the potential to amplify and cause an even greater impact transformation and upheaval in our lives. 

This retrograde began in the carnal and sensual sign of Taurus today. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (Aphrodite) which governs all aspects of pleasure, beauty, and love. Venus, like Aphrodite, didn't refuse any aspect of pleasure, enjoying it all. It is time to review your heart's desire with this Mercury Retrograde.

It is time to follow your heart's guidance. Love is all that matters. If you thought you said goodbye to someone in the past, it will be no surprise to hear from those from the past during this time.

Movin' and Shakin'

Retrogrades are all about taking a second look at decisions that we have made. Sometimes we make choices that don't support us. Now is an excellent time to review the way you have communicated and the self-sabotage that didn't support your highest and best good. You may find a shake up in your relationship and a return to something from long ago.

Communication Needs To Be Clear

Misunderstandings can occur when communication isn't crystal clear. Being vague can get you into difficulties. Learn to communicate effectively and honestly. Withholding information is a form of lying. It is time to come clean and communicate with clarity.

You may believe that the planets have little to no affect on your life. Just watch the tide coming and going with the rise of the moon, babies being born, and more deaths occurring at certain times of the year and you will begin to see the advantages of noting the retrograde periods.  

Pluto Retrograde

If you are a Scorpio, like me, it is time for your yearly review. Pluto began it's retrograde period April 18th. Pluto is in retrograde until September 26th. 

The planet Pluto is all about transformation, obsession, death (not necessarily of the physical body) and taxes. The Pluto Retrograde is not only about personal transformation but generational shifting as well. Death could be about old ways of communicating or being in your relationship. Now is a perfect time to focus on letting go of co-dependency, control and fears surrounding love and relationships. 

Interesting that our tax returns were due during this period. Prince made his transition during the Pluto retrograde. It is not unusual for more deaths to occur during a retrograde period. Scorpio and Capricorns will feel the extent of the Pluto retrograde more intensely. Restless tension and stress are components of this retrograde.
Walk gently on the earth

Pluto is all about the earth and our impact on it. It is time to look at how you impact this earth, what your role is and how you will leave it a better place or destroy it.

Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter are all in retrograde during the Mercury Retrograde throwing more transformation into the mix.

Get Out Of Your Way!

Until we can express our true feelings, openly we stand in our way of a soul connection and love. Holding back when you know how you feel causes confusion with your loved ones. Expressing your desires with clarity is needed to follow your heart's desire. You can transform your love life with a Mercury Retrograde. 

ASK and It Is Given

How often do you think something and suppress the urge to say it? 
How many times have you blocked yourself from having what you want? 
When is this going to change?

Note: I know of several couples (not me) that have withheld their true feelings from their partners and are now wishing for reconciliation. This retrograde period is an excellent time to make right what went wrong in the past. 

There are powerful uses for a Mercury retrograde period. I use them to my advantage rather than live in fear. Yes, I have begun dating someone during a retrograde who looked oh so promising, only to find out after the retrograde ended everything changed! 

Read the following list carefully and use this period to transform your life.

Do's and Don'ts During Mercury Retrograde


  1. clean out closets
  2. clear out unwanted and unneeded items and clutter
  3. re-do taxes
  4. review your life and heart's desire
  5. re-think
  6. re-organize
  7. look within and transform your life, world and view of your role on this planet
  8. return items you don't want
  9. plan
  10. Travel back to a place you have been to before.
  11. Move back to a place you have lived.
Don't do any of the following during a Mercury Retrograde:

  1. DO NOT start a new relationship during a Mercury retrograde it won't last even if it feels like you have met Mr. or Ms. RIGHT! Before the retrograde is over you will be scratching your head wondering how something so perfect could end so quickly. Believe me; I have given this guidance to many that didn't listen. They regretted it!
  2. Do not buy a computer.
  3. Do not get your computer repaired.
  4. Do not buy a new car. Why? You won't like it once the retrograde period ends.
  5. Do not buy a new cell phone. You will have difficulties with it.
  6. Do not buy luxury items like a house, refrigerator, washer, dryer or anything expensive during a retrograde.
  7. Do not start a new business venture.
  8. Do not get married, engaged or begin dating someone new. Jennifer Anniston is one who got married during a Mercury Retrograde. She promptly had a nervous breakdown immediately following her wedding. Why? She thought she made a terrible mistake. Regret figures prominently following Mercury Retrograde decisions.
  9. List a house for sale.
  10. Sign a contract of any kind. 
  11. Buy a new house.
  12. Move to a new place or town.

Practice Self-Love

Loving the self is the key to all healing. I have been called The Self Love Guru because the focus on my work is self-love. Everything comes from a lack of self-love - even depression and addiction. When we love ourselves unconditionally, our health, relationships, and life shifts in powerful ways. Instead of focusing on problems we begin to see the gifts and lessons along the way. We see signs that guide us rather than feeling that we are unsupported. Instead of fear we begin to strengthen our faith. Rather than living in fear, we are empowered and joyful. I highly recommend everyone take my Love Yourself Fearlessly six week course, my signature program. In one session, people are changed. In three, they begin to see changes in their lives.

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a sex and passion coach helping women express their highest potential in work, love and play. If your life, love or world isn't what you want it to be, contact Jennifer now! For information about her premium programs like Orgasm For Life Boot Camp for the mind-body and spirit, e-mail her here for a free Discovery Session.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

My latest trip to Colorado and Sedona kicked my butt. I listened to my body and have allowed myself several days to recuperate. Today was the first day I felt like dancing and dance I did! Here is what dancing does for you mind, body and soul.

Ok, yes, the title means something else and yes, that's happening

When we are happy our soul expands. When we dance we can move from an inert state to a state of flow and joy in minutes - even seconds if we allow the music to take us. Below The Jacksons in their early days of innocence will make you feel happy and get you moving! You know you want to! There are other bonuses that dancing brings they are listed below.

Today I listened to Rick James, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye. Tomorrow I might listen to U2, AC/DC or Foreigner, I don't know. Whatever I listen to will move me out of the place I am in and raise my energy into a higher state. I choose music that makes me feel GOOD!

It doesn't matter if you love R&B, jazz or rock, music touches the depths of our soul. It can make us cry, smile, laugh and certainly feel. Why not get out of your comfy chair that isn't your friend and move your feet. 

I dance outside because I feel the earth move under my feet. I feel the sky tumbling down! 

This week Prince left the planet after an illustrious career, contributing musically in an enormous way. Like David Bowie Prince played many instruments masterfully, exhibited his sexuality and innovative style without concern for the masses. Prince was exceptionally talented and considered a creative genius. 

I say a prayer of gratitude for him and his contribution to thousands of songs written by him, many performed by other artists, like Chaka Khan, The Bangles, Beyonce and many others. He was talented, intelligent and much more aware of what was going on here on this planet than many. I can hear the band playing in preparation for Prince's arrival, boy that man could dance, play and sing!

What does dancing do for you?

  1. Allows you to move your body as it was designed to move.
  2. Gets your heart racing.
  3. Expands your lung capacity.
  4. Tones your arms, legs, butt, stomach.
  5. Raises your vibration.
  6. Makes you feel happy.
  7. Prepares you for sex.
  8. Makes you a better lover.
  9. Makes your muscles stronger.
  10. Keeps you healthy when done daily.
  11. Makes you feel alive.
  12. Keeps you feeling sexy.
  13. Raises your hormone levels.
  14. Might even turn you on!

Practice Self-Love

Loving the self is the key to all healing. I have been called The Self Love Guru because the focus on my work is self-love. Everything comes from a lack of self-love - even depression and addiction. When we love ourselves unconditionally, our health, relationships, and life shifts in powerful ways. Instead of focusing on problems we begin to see the gifts and lessons along the way. We see signs that guide us rather than feeling that we are unsupported. Instead of fear we begin to strengthen our faith. Rather than living in fear, we are empowered and joyful. I highly recommend everyone take my Love Yourself Fearlessly six week course, my signature program. In one session, people are changed. In three, they begin to see changes in their lives.

To contact Jennifer Elizabeth Masters e-mail here for your FREE Discovery conversation of twenty to forty minutes. Or visit her website and sign up for her newsletter here.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a sex and passion coach helping women express their highest potential in work, love and play. If your life, love or world isn't what you want it to be, contact Jennifer now! For information about her premium programs like Orgasm For Life Boot Camp for the mind-body and spirit, e-mail her here for a free Discovery Session.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

You Can't Trust A Politician With A Hard-On To Do The Right Thing

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Remember Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton? Most of us do. Bill Clinton created a paradigm that many adults and plenty of teens today are living. Clinton said and I quote, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Monica Lewinsky's dress told the truth. Many believe what Clinton created: oral sex, does not constitute sex. WRONG! The fact that Clinton's semen spilled over the front of Monica's dress proved a sexual affair. 

I've got news for you! If an encounter involves a mouth and a penis or vagina, it is SEX!

Plenty of teens think they are not having sex, by giving a boy a blow job at the back of a school bus or under the bleachers. In fact, even anal sex is believed by many teens to not be considered sex. 

What Constitutes Sex?

  1. Oral sex
  2. A Hand job
  3. Anal sex
  4. Masturbation of another person
  5. Causing another to have an orgasm by any means

Sex isn't bad or wrong in fact, sex is perfectly natural. Pretending that you haven't had sex when you have is denial. You can't be partly pregnant any more than you can sort of dable with a penis or a vagina. If it involves a sexual body part, it's sex. It's really very simple.

The Truth Will Set you Free!

Monica Lewinsky was 22 when she fell in love with Bill Clinton, her boss. The price of her affair was shame. Her TED Talk is enlightening. Monica Lewinsky became infamous due to the Internet. It was the click that reverberated around the world. She was humilated world-wide. 

In the process of being cyber-bullied and ashamed, Monica Lewinsky almost lost her life. Shame and humiliation are issues that I help women heal from. The more numb that we become, the more we are attracted to public humiliation. It is a symptom of the culture we have created. Our beliefs need to be changed. Public shaming needs to stop. Shame cannot survive empathy. Empathy from one person can make a difference. Instead of bullying, post positive comments instead.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

How Your Thoughts Create Disease

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I was recently discussing the fact that I used to have Epstein Barr autoimmune disease and Fibromyalgia with a friend. She remarked to me that more people need to know and understand that when we believe we will have something forever, we do. Both of these diseases are thought to be permanent conditions. 

How then could I possibly heal something thought by the medical field to be incurable? 


When we believe something is true, we create it. It does not matter if we believe the positive or the negative. We create with our beliefs. I recognized that my negative thoughts were killing me. I knew and believed that if I changed my negativity my health would improve. I am proof positive that if you believe you can cure something - you can. 

Self-love coupled with positive beliefs affirming vibrant health daily, I no longer have health issues. 

Our acid thoughts create an environment rife for disease. JEM

I was raised in a critical environment. My parents were doubting Thomases. They were cynical, negative and extremely hard on all of us as children. I was programmed for negativity. I worked diligently on changing my beliefs, thoughts and words to be supportive, uplifting and positive. It took me years of daily work. It didn't happen overnight. The end result for me is a healthy youthful body, mind and spirit, free of illness, pain and disease.


I knew that if I was happy and positive that my vibration would change. Thinking positive thoughts on a daily basis changes your brain chemistry and therefore your body all the way down to your cells. Even the small act of smiling changes your brain chemistry. I have cleared thousands of people eliminating their negative programming so that they are now living happier, healthier lives.

When I began to do more activities that gave me pleasure, I became happier. I was doing work I loved, with people I loved, which raised my vibration and alkalized my body. I meditated daily. My thoughts were congruent, which eased and eliminated stress. I began to live in the present, free of worry and fears. The mantras I used changed the patterns of negativity from my childhood - permanently. 

Changing Our Paradigm

Our most impactful years are from birth to five years of age. We are actually programmed by our parents and environment very early in life. Many of the beliefs systems that are created in childhood run our lives unless we change the unconscious programming. Until the unconscious is reprogrammed, it is running the show sending out negative beliefs and emotions into the Universe returning to us more of what we don't want.

We must change the internal programming of our subconscious mind to have lasting change. How do I help my clients do this? First, I do an energy clearing (or series) to eliminate the programs running that are self-defeating, destructive and negative. Next, I give personalized mantras specifically designed to uproot the negative belief systems and change the patterns and synapses in the brain. 

How Do We Create Our Own Disease?

We respond and react to others, holding unresolved emotions like resentment, abandonment and anger in our bodies. We trust what our parents taught us even when it didn't work very well for them. We take on what we shouldn't. We aim for perfection causing untold stress and anxiety. We judge others and are harsh with self-recrimination. 

We worry about what others think of us, which causes us further stress. We push ourselves too much resisting the impulse to listen to our body. We don't rest and relax enough. We ignore our body's signals telling us we need to eat better, rest more and exercise to be healthy. We consume foods that create illness rather than support health because we think they are easier. We run from morning till night without sitting in quiet. We are constantly doing rather than being present. We don't listen to our internal compass and inner voice when it attempts to guide us to something better and healthier.

A personal story of cancer

My father read the newspaper cover to cover daily. He came home and discussed the latest findings of cancer-causing foods, like bacon, peanut butter and coffee at the dinner table. As he was eating his food that traveled through his body for approximately 16 hours digesting and feeding his body, he talked about cancer and all the things that caused it - daily! Interestingly he developed myelodisplastic leukemia from his negative thoughts and beliefs about cancer.

What happens within us that creates disease?

  1. We verbally abuse ourselves by saying we are stupid, not good enough or unloved which creates an acid environment in our bodies. 
  2. We don't celebrate our accomplishments. 
  3. We think and feel not good enough, unloved, not validated which causes us stress, anxiety and worry. Each negative thought creates more acidity in our bodies. We may have sore joints, acid reflux and inflammation.
  4. We feel unloved and therefore reach for food stuffs or drugs which make us feel loved, like sweets, chocolate and alcohol. These foods cause an increase in candida and therefore inflammation. 
  5. Unconscious beliefs about missing out on the sweetness of life from childhood create a need to consume foods to comfort us. We feel we are justified to eat what we crave, rather than what is good for us.
  6. We push our emotions down deep inside our bodies which cause us to create drama and chaos in our outer world.
  7. We deny our true selves.
  8. We become fearful of our feelings.
  9. We stop trusting our guidance.
  10. We allow our fears to control us, which creates more chaos.
  11. We create a false persona that causes us stress because being fake isn't a reflection of our soul, or truest version of us.
  12. Our fears causes us to attempt to control our environment which further deplete our energy and life force.
  13. Fears keep us awake at night. We no longer trust our inner voice.
  14. We focus on negative issues, creating more negativity and acidity in our bodies.
  15. We push ourselves striving for perfection which causes anxiety and stress.
  16. We worry about things that never come to fruition. 
  17. We concern ourselves with what others think of us.
  18. We become undisciplined and unhappy with ourselves, lives and others. 
  19. We become the chameleon - a fake version of ourselves to be what we think others want. 
  20. We make up stories about others, we run from the truth and we create illness from our negative thoughts. 
  21. Over time our resentment, and other stuffed emotions create cancer, diabetes and other diseases because we didn't see the warning signs. 
  22. Cancer and others diseases are warning signs to look inside and reflect on what our thoughts and beliefs are. We have to change the inner programming to cure the disease, which is where I come in. This is what I did for myself. You can have cancerous tumors removed, but if the emotions aren't cleared and the behavior remains unchanged, the cancer will return.
  23. We have forgotten that the Universe works with us, guiding us, showing us the way. We don't learn from our mistakes and continue to choose people and situations that are comfortable and familiar, rather than moving into healthier beliefs and choices.

Warning Light

Our body gives us early warning signs that something isn't right. Most of us ignore these signs. It could be unruly or unwarranted emotions that bubble up from nowhere. It could be exhaustion that we combat with caffeine. We push ourselves beyond our human limits even when our body shows us something is wrong by giving us canker sores, body aches, immense fatigue or even depression. We take a pill to kill the pain rather than fixing the problem at the root. We look for the quick fix (a pill) that taxes our liver and causes more issues and side-effects like chemical sensitivity from too many medications. Everything that we put in our mouth is filtered by the liver. The liver gives out when it becomes toxic.

We surround ourselves with people who are negative and who believe that there is only one way to do things. We believe that we are not good enough. We believe that germs are what cause disease. We believe what doctors tell us about what we have and that it is incurable, never attempting to change our belief systems. Our beliefs are what govern our world even when they are self-destructive.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Concerned About What Others Think

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

There is a huge difference in the focus of insecure and confident people. Those that suffer from insecurities are afraid people won't like them or that they aren't enough. They are looking for acceptance outside of themselves. I used to be one. 

In the past, I worried if people would like me, or the way I dressed and looked. I was concerned that I wasn't enough. I woke in the middle of the night riddled with fears. I worried about how to dress, what to say and how to act. The bottom line was, I focused on what others thought. 

Men worry about the size of their penis, while women worry about their looks and weight

Once we notice how much energy we expend with worries about other's opinions, we need to make changes in our behavior and thoughts. I know what worked for me. My motto is:

What others think of you is none of your business!

Following are seven reasons you are wasting precious energy by concerning yourself with what others think: 

  1. It Causes you uncertainty.  There are a million opinions. Asking for other's opinions causes you confusion and internal chaos. Instead, ask yourself how does this situation make me feel? Which feels better in my body, plan A or plan B? Your body will never lie. Use your body as a human pendulum and ask questions of your high self.
  2. Creates a lack of self-trust. When we rely on others telling us what to do, we end up not doing the things we want, then feel resentful and angry that we didn't do what we felt was best for
    ourselves. The more you ask, the more opinions you will get, the less trust you have for yourself. You have an internal compass USE IT!
  3. Reduces your self-esteem. Relying on others opinions creates self-doubt. When we doubt ourselves, we feel small and insignificant. You have value. You know what is best for you. Take small steps towards confidence by making small decisions and seeing how much better you feel when you do.
  4. You give your power away. When you ask others what they think you reduce your inner strength which makes you feel weak and small.
  5. Others opinions will cause you to feel bad. People can judge you for your behavior. Asking others what they think will make you second-guess yourself and lead to wishy-washy thinking and indecision. You need to practise to become good at a skill. Decision-making is a skill that as a muscle needs to builds over time. You might feel a little shaky at first. It's okay even a baby has to crawl before he can walk.
For more information about overcoming insecurity read this: 

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

5 Ways To Create A Deeper Connection By Being Present

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Distractions are everywhere. There's music playing, the television in the background and our PDAs to mess with, text messages coming in and phone calls to answer. In this day and age, we have to disconnect from those distractions and give others our full attention. When we give into distractions, we can leave others feeling unloved, unheard while we feel scattered.

I am currently visiting my adult off-spring in Colorado. I have a lot going on, a client in a healing crisis another about to be deposed that needs my help with a legal case, a visit to my daughter's culinary school restaurant. I want to give each person my all when I am with them. How can we do this with so much going on?

When we are thinking of something else or attempting to answer texts or e-mails when we are with others, they feel ignored and unappreciated. If we are making love with our partner but focused on other tasks, our partner will feel it. Life is too short to leave our loved ones feeling ignored or unloved. Multitasking makes you emotionally unavailable.

We miss details, won't notice a person's body language or facial expression when we are doing too many things. How can we
simplify our lives to be more present with ourselves, others and loved ones?

  1. Make eye contact when someone is speaking to you. When we make eye contact with the one we are with, they feel heard. 
  2. Respond to the conversation. When you comment to another person, they feel you understand them. Understanding another leads to a deeper quality within our relationships and a closer bond. 
  3. Focus your attention. We are all looking for attention from another person when we are on the phone with them, or experiencing an in-person conversation. When you focus your attention on another they feel it; we develop trust when we are heard and understood.
  4. Listen actively. When we focus on what to say next, you are in your ego. Instead, focus only on what the other is saying. When they complete their story take a moment to consider a question to ask for more clarity. When you focus on what you want to say while the other is talking,  your presence is missing.
  5. Don't judge. When we are in judgment, we are closing our mind to the infinite. We are multi-dimensional beings. Be open to a new idea, different options, and possibilities. Not everything has to be the way you want or thinks things should be. You might be surprised at the doors that open when you drop the judgment of others.

Mindful practices deepen with daily meditation. When we meditate daily, we slow our thoughts down and create a deeper connection with ourselves. Being present in each moment means you notice your feelings and emotions. Breathing in fully will allow you to be more present with each breath and ground you. I highly recommend taking even ten minutes a day to sit in silence and just breathe. 

You don't have to be any particular religion to benefit from meditation. When you do, everything in your life becomes a meditation from walking to peeling vegetables, doing your makeup shaving or having sex. A life of presence opens more bliss and joy than one of distraction; I promise you.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

How To Create A Sizzling Connection With The Person You Are Dating

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I am a top contributor for Digital Romance an incredible dating, romance and informational website. I recently wrote this very personal article for Digital Romance. I invite you to check out my experience with the gentleman I am in a budding romance with. I warn you, it is pretty hot! Please leave your comments below the article.