Thursday, October 1, 2015

3 Ways To Use Porn To Heal And Tinder Apocolypse

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Happy October everyone! Autumn is my favorite season. In the desert, there aren't any trees that change color. Maybe it's because my birthday falls in the month of October? Or is it the fact that the weather begins to cool. Speaking of cool, tonight I co-host with Devi Ward's on Sex As Medicine radio. You won't want to miss this one! 7:00 PM PST, 10:00 PM EST.

Heal With Porn?

  1. Healing The Good Girl Archetype. We are not talking about the obsessive use of pornography. What we are discussing is healing the good girl syndrome. Many of us were brought up to be good little girls. The "Good Girl Archetype" has nothing to do with being a sexually aware and conscious woman. 
  2. Healing Shame.
  3. Using porn to connect. Connected sex, as opposed to cardboard sex. Pleasuring while watching together.


Tinder is leading to erectile dysfunction in young males, disrespect and devaluation of women. Young 20-somethings are using Tinder to hook-up. Tonight we discuss the pros (which are few) and the cons which are many. 

More on Tinder:

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach. Her foundational work is in the area of self-esteem and self-love. Mastery of the self, leads to permanent happiness and ease in all your relationships. You can make an appointment with Jennifer privately here:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mercury Retrograde:Beating A Dead Horse!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Mercury Retrograde September 17- October 9, 2015

Mercury Retrogrades occur approximately three to four times a year. The current retrograde ends on October 9th. A retrograde period is when a planet appears to be going backward. The orbit of Mercury is fast because it is the closest planet to the sun. Think about driving in your car. A car passes you then slows down. This car will appear to be going in reverse. 

I have been witnessing Mercury Retrogrades since my birth. I was born during a Venus and Mercury Retrograde. With two planets in retrograde at the time of my birth, finding love within and clear communication have been the focus of my life. Now I help others find love, joy, serenity, sexuality, peace and happiness within.

What Does Mercury Rule?

Tempers can flare, issues from the past may return. Mercury Retrogrades can bring up all sorts of issues from your past. Mercury is the planet of intellect. Mercury rules any and all types of communication which include: listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and of course buying. Within this huge array of information, Mercury also rules all formal contracts and agreements, as well as manuscripts, leases, legal documents like wills, deeds or book proposals.

What I Learned

I have been working on a new brand, website, and logo. None of this beautiful new work is being introduced, for a good reason until AFTER the Mercury Retrograde ends. Why? Because if I launched my new brand and site during the retrograde period it is likely that people won't like it, and I might change my mind about it as well. 

Mercury Retrogrades can be very beneficial. Now is the time to go back and re-think plan, and look at what you are considering buying. It is a wonderful time to clean out closets, get rid of what you don't love. Re-do, re-think, remember, re-kindle, renew, refurbish anything that needs some tender loving care.

What To Do During A Mercury Retrograde

  1. Clean out and organize your closets.
  2. Clean out your refrigerator.
  3. Plan, research and look at the possible purchases to be made AFTER the Mercury Retrograde ends. Look, but do not order or buy.
  4. Clean out your trunk.
  5. Organize your attic and basement. Get rid of anything that you don't use or is broken.
  6. Re-do your budget.
  7. Re-organize your cabinets.
  8. Re-think your business strategy.
  9. Re-think your dating strategy.

What NOT to do during a Mercury Retrograde

  1. Don't get your hair cut or colored during this time. You probably won't be happy with it. In fact, you will probably hate it! I can't tell you the number of times I have gotten my hair cut or colored during a retrograde and hated it! I have always regretted making my appointment after the fact, wondering why I didn't wait another week or so. You might even end up changing hair stylists afterwards, blaming them. 
  2. Don't purchase any of the following: cell phones, computers, appliances, coats, expensive clothing, furniture, rings, jewelry, cars, airplanes,
    anything computer related or communication-related. You will either hate it immediately, regretting your decision, or hate it after Mercury turns direct. You most likely will have issues with your purchase working properly by the time the next Mercury Retrograde occurs - January 2016.
  3. Don't sign a contract of any kind. Any contracts signed during a Mercury or Venus Retrograde will have delays, issues and problems. If you are buying a home, there will be issues with the purchaser, realtor, or closing delays. I cannot tell you how many people I have warned not to sign contracts during this time, and they have all come back to me regretting doing so. One house sale was delayed three times for a total of six months. The original contract fell through, and another one in its place experienced delay after delay as well.
  4. Don't travel to a new destination if you can help it. Flights can be canceled. You might miss your flight, or lose your luggage. I flew to India during a Mercury Retrograde. My first flight out of Atlanta got canceled. I narrowly boarded a secondary flight to my Chicago, but my luggage missed the plane. When I arrived in India, my bag wasn't there. No luggage in a foreign country for FIVE days! If you must travel, allow extra time and be prepared for delays - bring a good book and bring extra money.
  5. Don't have work done on your computer during a retrograde.
  6. Don't purchase luxury items during a Mercury Retrograde.
  7. Don't have dental work done.
  8. Don't have your car worked on or oil changed during a Mercury Retrograde.
  9. If you meet someone new and absolutely KNOW he or she is THE ONE, I am sorry to disappoint you, it won't last. As soon as the Retrograde is over so will your relationship. You will discover some truth that has been hidden or not feel the same way about each other. I know of several people (including me who met people during a retrograde that seemed perfect then whammo! It was over).
  10. Do not get married during a retrograde period, this goes for both Venus and Mercury. Jennifer Anniston did this and is already having second thoughts about her marriage. It won't last. Sadly.
  11. Do not get engaged. Not during any Venus or Mercury Retrograde. It will be over before you know it, or you will have regrets.
  12. Don't have an expensive custom-made dress made during a Venus or Mercury Retrograde. You won't like it and will feel you didn't get your money's worth. (This is my story. I was about to have a dress made for my new website brand. I have postponed this until after the website launches and will substitute something in the meantime.) 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

What This Blood Moon Solar Eclipse Means To You


This Super Harvest full Blood Moon falls during an eclipse, on Sukkot. This is the Holy day for Jews to celebrate the ending of being stuck in the desolate desert for 40 years. I have been stuck in the Mojave desert for three, I can't imagine another 37, but anything is possible! 

When I was guided to do this three-part clearing series and finish the last clearing on Sunday, September 27th, I didn't realize that the timing of the last session was during the eclipse on the fourth Blood Moon. This tetrad (four Blood Moons) has special significance because each one is tied to a High Jewish Holy day.

A Blood Moon occurs when a perfect opposition of the sun and the moon with the earth in the middle which partially blocks the sun's light. This is what makes the moon appear red. The moon is aligned with Aries, the axis of the equinox. It is also related to the 1965-1969 Pluto-Uranus conjunction which caused the Flower Power movement. This energy provides the stage of a new era of time, creating an imprint of energy which will be in place until the next eclipse. 

As if that is not enough, on September 28th, Saturn makes a trine to the Blood Moon and a sextile to the sun. Saturn is the planet of discipline and hard work. Saturn rules how we build structures in our human society, what degree of authenticity and integrity that we expect from our governments. It also relates to what we expect from our military and police in the future. Saturn is about everything solid, concrete and long-lasting. 

All these events create a field of transformation and awakening for the masses, including internal and external shifts. The numerology of the day 09/27/2015 is 26/8. Where the 6 in today's energy gives us the courage of our heart to go for new world dreams. The number 8 gives us the authority, personal power, self-confidence and inner strength to execute them. The overall impact of this energy is creating a world where everyone feels seen, appreciated and loved. It represents a call for "The Brotherhood of Man."

Align yourself with the energy of co-creative community balanced community living.

I have known about an 8th chakra above the heart since 2010. It is located on your thymus. I called it the High-Heart (which is what it is being called today). This chakra can be activated by breathing into this area, once your Seven Seals have been cleared. This was programmed into your DNA. I am performing this clearing on the final session tonight. You can begin activation of this High Heart chakra by breathing LOVE slowly, deeply and deliberately into the Thymus.

On the Equinox, September 23rd, a Ganesha portal opened through which the new consciousness will stream at the time of the eclipse, ending on September 28th. For those who are sensitive, you may feel it strongly. 

What can you do? Breathe deeply, slowly and fully. Exhale deeply. Breathing deeply connects you to the vibration of LOVE. Breathe through the eye of the storm, rather than hold your breath. Love by itself is the highest vibration in The Universe. By loving ourselves and every living life form, we are in community with them. Breath activates the LOVE frequency. 

Why not join me for the final clearing tonight and have access to all three downloads for this series. After October 9th, this series will be $197.00 and still is worth every penny. I have had people say they felt clearer, lighter and more focused than they ever had. This series will be available when I launch my new website on October 10th.

One woman reported a back pain she took medicine for years, is gone after the first two sessions! You will have access to all three downloads from all three hours of beautiful, powerful and miraculous healing energy. Each session is powerful by itself. Add the power of three and these clearings are phenomenal! You will never be the same again. Lighter, more focused, positive, with your karmic imprints removed, your Divine Blueprint for love prosperity and abundance installed! This is more expansive and comprehensive than any of my previous work.

1. Clearing Anxiety, Worry, and Fears
2. Clearing blocks to LOVE, resistance, addictions, self-love
3. Clearing Financial blocks, self-sabotage and generational blocks
Tonight's session is LIVE at 5:00 PM PST or 8:00 PM EST.
Sign up for the 3-60-Minute Clearing THE SHIFT RIGHT HERE! $33.00



Here is what people said about their experience:
(I am keeping names confidential)

Thank you again for the amazing experience last night! During the clearing, I felt a lot of different things, including energy and heat radiating from my palms and my feet, as well as various sensations in my heart and my stomach. I was able to fall into a meditation focusing only on your voice, and at one point I felt tears running down my cheeks.

After the clearing, I felt very light and like a huge weight had been lifted, but did not want to return to work. Instead of ignoring my work, however, I did go back to it and found it much more relaxing than it had previously been.
This morning, I still feel lighter than I was, and feel a bit more focused on the things I need to accomplish to move my life forward.

Thank you again so very much for such an amazing experience! ML

Wow! That s all I can say. I had such a wonderful day today without as much anxiety and stress {even though I experienced some challenges}. I had a great sense of peace that I have not felt for a long time. You touched my soul. Thank you. A K

You did a reading for me last spring and it was dead on. Thank you Nicci Black

Working with Jennifer has helped me to realize my own actual power first and foremost. That I am beautiful and purposeful and strong. I began to realize through her authenticity that I had the power to make the changes I was desiring. She helped me to clear past Karmic imprints and allowed for my own energy to blossom.  As I began to unfurl she was incredibly supportive through the process and even in the times of shadow, helped to bring out the light.  

I learned to take the time for myself, create my roots, which are essential for informed decision making and productive thought. Her tools and modalities are effective, precise, and thoughtful. Her energy work is authentic,  as she has done the work herself, she is able to show the way to others who have opened their heart to grow in love. Jennifer opened the door, and shared her love and knowledge with me. My growth was facilitated through her knowledge but supported by my own efforts. This was key for creating the lifestyle change.  Doing to work to create the change I wanted to see, Jennifer made this possible by offering the right questions, mantras, and personal homework, guided meditations, guided thought deep into myself and most of all a sincere gratitude for her extraordinary gift. 

I most recently did her Love Yourself Fearlessly course and it has become something continue to go back to and continue growth for myself. I appreciate the material and has helped me to become whole, holy, grateful and able to receive. 

My romantic relationship through the work with Jennifer has become stable, one of growth and love, authenticity and beauty. I have even been able to help my partner through my own
awareness that was facilitated through Jennifer's Course-work.

I have been able to make peace with my past, my parents, face myself with truth and honesty, and develop my own inner strength that others have noticed within my inner circle. My 'patterns' have been brought to light and with the awareness and have been able to transform my life, working closer towards my tangible goal which seemed like a pipe dream! Crystal Colantino, Colorado Harmony Scott Jewelry

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

10 Powerful Ways To Get Her There

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Men can shower, shave and dress in the amount of time it can take a woman to get into the shower. Even when a woman intends to be ready on time, she likely isn't. Women take longer than men to do just about anything except maybe diaper a baby, or clean the house. When it comes to having an orgasm many men are expressing their impatience with their partners because it takes them so long! Women are wired differently than men. Think of it this way guys, if she were like you, she'd have a penis!

Why You Don't Want To Hurry Her Up

Have you ever noticed when you try to rush something it doesn't go well? Rushing a woman to orgasm will do the opposite. It will prevent her from coming because her focus will be on how long it is taking her. When you try to rush them to orgasm, their focus is on the fact that it is taking them too long, and you are impatient. Women the world over have been programmed to believe if they don't come when a man does that something is wrong with them. Women need more time than men. In fact, they need twenty to forty minutes, or as long as it takes. You have to let go of how long it takes. Focus on giving her pleasure instead. 

Sex is about mutual pleasure not just one person's. If you give a woman her orgasm first, you will find she is very appreciative and just might give you what you want too! If all you have is quickies, it is likey you will be cut off at some point. Women don't do well with a steady diet of quickies. In fact, quickies can kill your sex life.

You Can't Rush An Orgasm

Let's face it, if all women had orgasms as quickly as men, our society would be different. Our lives would be different. We would all probably be languishing in bed with our partners wanting to have sex all the time. Nothing would get accomplished, and our children would go hungry. You might want to read my article about why women stop having sex, a woman not having an orgasm is one of them. 

When you focus on how long it takes, a woman will feel insecure. She will feel something is wrong with her. There is nothing wrong; she is different from her man. Men can come in two minutes. Most women need twenty to forty minutes of warm-up time to get close to having an orgasm. 

Orgasm For Life

Have you ever wondered why a woman would write a book about ORGASM? Did you ask yourself that question? Most men are intrigued that I did. I wrote it because after four marriages and countless partners I knew that most men didn't understand women. I recommend you buy my book, it could be the best $18.00 you spend! Most women are so focused on their man getting tired or being impatient that they can't focus on the pleasure. 

Take Your Mind and Focus Off The Clock

Women need to know that they can lie back, relax and just enjoy what is going on without thinking about the time it takes. Each time your mind goes to something else, come back to the pleasure. Ask for what you want and guide him gently to the right place, pressure and speed you need.

What She Needs To Do
  1. Know that while having sex men are focused on that one thing - PLEASURE. Learn to do this also. Let go of the household chores, lock your bedroom door, so your three children don't come bounding in the room. Stop focusing on the dishes, unswept kitchen floor or work projects left undone. Think about this one thing - pleasure!
  2. Get comfortable. If something pinches or hurts, you won't have an orgasm. Be comfortable. 
  3. Know that you are beautiful!
  4. Breathe with an open mouth. As above so below. Opening your mouth will help open the sexual center.
  5. Make low moaning sounds, rather than high pitched squeals, this equates to the sacral chakra sound and energy that is your sexual center.
  6. If he is performing oral, ask him also to insert an upturned finger to stimulate your G-spot at the same time. This one thing could be what you need. Most men don't think of multi-tasking while performing oral. You will find this amazing addition!
  7. Squeeze your buttocks together, squeezing your anal sphincter like a pump. Squeezing your buttocks and doing kegels both front and back pumps up the kundalini that raises your sexual energy and will get you there faster.
  8. Move your hips rhythmically, while squeezing your anal sphincter.
  9. Each time your mind wanders to the clock, or how tired your partner is getting turn your mind back to focus on the pleasure. 
  10. Envision yourself having an orgasm and letting go in your mind. 
  11. Use a fantasy of something that turns you on. It's okay to fantasize while making love. An orgasm is over 60% mental and less than 40% physical. What your mind is doing is either taking you towards or away from the pleasure. Focus on the feelings of enjoyment.
  12. Allow yourself to let go and surrender to the process of letting go and building your sexual energy to a crescendo. When you surrender, you will have an orgasm. 
For Men

  1. Let her know her pleasure is all she needs to enjoy.
  2. At no time can you tell her to hurry up. I'll slap you silly if you do! Most women need 10 minutes of kissing, 10 minutes of sensual touch, 10 minutes of massage, 10 minutes of digital or oral and digital (not with your camera silly - your finger!) stimulation. A total of 40 minutes!
  3. Tell her how good she smells and tastes. Telling her these things will help her relax and let go. (If there is a hygiene issue, take a shower together or run a bath for her first, so that you are both clean. Mutual respect means coming clean!
  4. Tell her how beautiful she is.
  5. Keep telling her how beautiful she is. You have no idea how turning on her mind will turn on her body. She needs to know you think she is beautiful.
  6. If she likes to be told she is sexy, tell her how she turns you on and how sexy she is. Find out before you get into the bedroom what her hot buttons are and push on them!
  7. Do what she likes, rather than what you want to do.
  8. Oral sex will get her there faster than anything else. 
  9. She will need to feel comfortable, safe, and know that you have all the time in the world to get her there.
  10. Use a finger inside her at the same time as giving her oral. An upturned finger will locate her G-spot which will bring her to orgasm much faster than a tongue lashing alone! Buy my book so that you know other ways to get her there every time. Orgasm For Life on

I recently received a private message from a woman who's partner is pushing her to come faster. Having been there myself, I know how damaging this can be to one's self-esteem. No one should ever tell the other to hurry up and come. It doesn't work that way. I coach women privately to overcome issues with orgasm and self-esteem. Living a radiant life means being healthy, having orgasms and standing in our power. I have a new website that I am very excited about, to empower women. Watch for it coming on October 10th! You can set up your private sessions here. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Joys Of Self Actualization

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Self Actualization is the highest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Self-actualizing people are self-aware, less concerned with the opinions of others than they are about their personal growth. A self-actualized person is focused on fulfilling their highest potential.

Characteristics of Self-Actualized People

  1. Self-actualized people have realistic perections of themselves, others and the world around them.
  2. Self-actualized people are focused on solving the problems of others in the world.
  3. Self-actualized people have a strong sense of ethics, motivated by a personal responsibility.
  4. Self-actualized people are spontaneous. 
  5. Self-actualized people are open and unconventional.
  6. Self-actualized people require privacy, independence, and solitude.
  7. Self-actualized continue to focus on expanding personal potential.
  8. Self-actualized individuals find a sense of awe of nature and the world.
  9. Self-actualized people feel contentment, inner peace as well as fulfilled.
  10. Self-actualized individuals have no sense of longing or loneliness.
  11. Self-actualized people often experience a state of FLOW, or peak performance, often experiencing moments of intense wonderment, joy, and ecstasy. These experiences strengthen, renew and transform.

The Fastest Path To Self-Actualization

Unconditional love of the self is the fastest path to self-actualization. It happened for me in 2011. There were several events that precipitated the final sloughing off of the old me. A trip to India, a marriage to a gay man, a huge emotional release, and a transformational trip to Bali all contributed.

After reading Siddhartha when I was sixteen, interviewing a guru (Lama Surya Das) twice for a magazine in Atlanta, I knew I wanted to become enlightened. I did not want to wait another lifetime to become delighted with me! 

I had been focusing on self-healing, self-love, and forgiveness of myself and others for over twenty years. In my thirties, I began group therapy. I recognized then that others had far greater pain than I did. It helped to put the past in perspective for me. Although, I ultimately felt therapy was not a healing method, I abandoned it choosing self introspection instead.

In 1998, when I became a hypnotherapist while owning and operating a landscaping business, my focus was on spiritual growth and being happy with myself. I let go of victimhood, moved into acceptance and recognized that everything that had occured however difficult it was, helped me learn about myself. I began to see everything as a learning experience. When I got the lesson, and cleared the trapped emotion, it stopped repeating.

Since this shift in consciousness in 2011, I have not experienced one moment of longing, loneliness or missing anyone. There is no void that needs to be filled by another human being. Even though my children live far away, I feel a deep connection without being close physically. Those that have crossed over (transitioned) are still connected to me also. My father who has been gone for almost thirty years still comes by every now and then for a quick hello to see how I am and is gone. Places come into my consciousness as well as if to becon me. I sense things happening on the unseen levels before the ocur in the physical realm, like earthquakes, deaths and events.


I see death differently than many people. I recognize that those who leave the planet physically are only a thought away. Though not in a physical body, we can, still experience their presence and feel the love that never ends.


I have a deep sense of trust of The Divine, The Universe and my Guides. I have aligned my will with that of God and am obedient. For those that knew me as a rebelious teenager, this is a huge departure from my old personality. When I receive guidance to do something or say something, I do it. When I was told to move my truck and trailer before heading out of town I did so. After moving my vehicle, I asked, "Is this okay?" God responded, "We can work with that." When I returned from a weekend away three hundred-year-old oak trees narrowly missed my truck and trailer by less than six inches. Had I not listened my truck and trailer would have been destroyed. The roof of my house had a huge dent in it.


Beautiful Bali
After my trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2010, to learn to read The Akashic Records, my guidance became extremely clear. I have conversations in my head with my Guides and God. Since I trust what I receive, the information flows to me easily. I listen and pay attention to what I am told. I receive clear information about people's lives, death and the future, though not everything is revealed, so that people don't change their behavior to try to make things happen. This guidance flows to me while in session with my coaching clients, which assists them grow faster. My ego is not involved, the information is Divine in nature, cutting out time in my client's evolution, if they heed the information.

How Divine Guidance Assists You

I moved to Boulder, Colorado from Georgia when I was told and shown in my mind in big block letters BOULDER three times. I had lived in Georgia for over twenty years. The first three mornings in our brand new apartment in Boulder, I woke up to hear, "This is not permanent!" I asked what does that mean, but no more information was forthcoming. My daughter and I only lived in Boulder, Colorado for one year. I finally understood what I was told about the impermanence of our lovely apartment in Boulder.

In May 2012, I predicted my ex's death. When my ex-husband died July 4th, 2012, it became increasingly obvious that without his help I couldn't stay in Boulder. The rent and cost of living was extremely high. Strangely I was told to move to California where most people felt was more expensive than Boulder. Not so. I found a small home to rent for $800 a month. I found a Hispanic grocery store where food is far cheaper than most grocery stores. Everything was provided for me easily, because I trusted and did what was shown to me.

The little adobe house was not the home I wanted, but it kept being shown to me over and over again, popping up everytime I searched After looking for almost a week while dragging my household posessions around in a rented U-haul trailer I realized I had to choose the little house that kept being shown to me. I resisted looking at the house inside because I didn't like the way it looked outside. It wasn't what I was used to or wanted. Once I went inside, the house surpassed my expecations. With granite countertops, a gooseneck nickle faucet in the kitchen, three bedrooms with huge windows I was blown away. The yard was fully fenced and gated yard so that I could let my animals outside safely. I even had a carport to shade my car from the heat. It was perfect in size and rent for my budget!

What God Brings Us Is Much Greater That We Ever Could Create

Although my home is located in the center of town, there is an empty lot to the right, behind me and a warehouse across the street. Even the apartment building located on provides me privacy because there are no windows overlooking my yard. Only their garages face my home. I love my privacy and solitude. This little house worked out better than I ever could have planned myself. I only have to drive one exit north to be out in the wilderness of the Mojave desert. There is a town with grass and trees that my dogs love as well. When I trust what God gives me things would out way better than I could ever create on my own.

Soul Purpose

When we align with the will of God we find our soul purpose. For years I designed and installed landscaping, it was part of The Divine Plan. It helped me connect deeply with plants, trees and rocks. I began to recognize that everything has a consciousness - even the rocks. As crazy as this sounds everything communicated with me. I would be at a client's home and a tree would call out to me for help. I would tell the client what the tree needed, or wanted. 

Staybridge Suites in Atlanta, a commercial client of mine
After eleven years, I knew it was time to leave Georgia and sell my business. I stepped into the spiritual realm full-time. I had a radio show in 2011 called, "Into The Mystic on Voice America." In 2011, I took a second training with the National Guild of Hypnotherapy and became a hypnotherapy and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) trainer, a certified life coach, wrote my book Odyssey Victim to Victory and moved to Boulder. 2011 was a huge turning point for me. 

I knew I would help people learn to love themselves as I had done. I also knew that the people I needed to help would be guided to me. I knew I was to help people through coaching.

Wondering about working with me? I am currently offering a very three-part clearing series. Each session is an hour in length. Tonight, Friday, September 25th we clear blocks to love, codpendency, addictions, resistance to love, hate programs and so much more. If you would like to join us, visit this link, below and receive the playback of the recording on Wednesday where fear, anxiety and worry were cleared. This series is unlike anything you have ever experienced. You will have a sense of peace after the first one. Each clearing builds upon the next. Whether you listen to it live, or recorded it is just as powerful. I highly recommend this offering. It is only $33.00! It is a $540 value! I charge $180.00 an hour for my clearings.

Following is some of what an energy clearing can do:

You will feel a sense of calm, peace, overwhelming love, your mind quietens, pain is lessened or eliminated. You feel more positive. You sleep better than you have in ages!
  • clear old patterns that don't serve you
  • clear blocks to love
  • clear shame
  • clear guilt
  • clear trapped emotions
  • clear the blocks in your heart
  • raise your vibration
  • give you a sense of calmness and peace
  • help you find your true self
  • clear blocks to abundance and wealth
E-mail privately here.

Here is what people said about their experience:
(I am keeping names confidential)

Thank you again for the amazing experience last night! During the clearing, I felt a lot of different things, including energy and heat radiating from my palms and my feet, as well as various sensations in my heart and my stomach. I was able to fall into a meditation focusing only on your voice, and at one point I felt tears running down my cheeks.

After the clearing, I felt very light and like a huge weight had been lifted, but did not want to return to work. Instead of ignoring my work, however, I did go back to it and found it much more relaxing than it had previously been. 

This morning, I still feel lighter than I was, and feel a bit more focused on the things I need to accomplish to move my life forward.

Thank you again so very much for such an amazing experience! ML

Wow! That s all I can say. I had such a wonderful day today without as much anxiety and stress {even though I experienced some challenges}. I had a great sense of peace that I have not felt for a long time. You touched my soul. Thank you. (Name withheld)

You did a reading for me last spring and it was dead on. Thank you Nicci Black

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Anyone Can Turn You On - Does He Take Your Breath Away?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Some men pride themselves on their ability to turn on a woman. My assertion is that is easy to do. The key to great sex isn't the ability to turn a woman on. Can you take her breath away?

Women are different than men. They don't heat up like Ferrari's on nitrous oxide. Women are more like diesel engines; slow to warm to even the idea of having sex. If you skip steps while making love, you will only piss her off.

Great sex is not about getting off; it is about the journey. Rushing to the finish line isn't going to cut it for most women. Women need their mind turned on first before you go fumbling with her underwear and poking fingers into places when she isn't ready. 

If you have annoyed her recently, you better pay attention to what you ignored, put off or didn't do. Telling her you are sorry does not mean you lost your machismo. As a matter of fact, the ability to give a genuine and heartfelt apology shows intelligence and an aptitude for what a woman wants and needs.

If a woman is upset with her man, she won't be the least bit interested in sex. Get over yourself! Women don't think like men. They don't look to sex to relieve stress, anxiety or anger. Women need to feel close to their men first, have trust, intimacy (which is not to be confused with sex) and not be afraid of you. If you bash her self-esteem at every turn or threaten her with physical harm, you have a serious problem. Get some help for your anger issues before you hurt someone. Hitting, or pushing a woman, or even threatening physical harm to a woman does not make you more of a man, nor does it show how much in love with her you are. It is the exact opposite. 

NEWSFLASH: Spanking May Not Turn Her On At All!

Since 50 Shades of Gray came out, many men have the misimpression that slapping a woman's ass is a turn on for all women. I have news for you smacking a woman who has been molested, or abused will not be a turn on at all! If you do so one time without asking, it might just be the last. Just because you saw it in a movie, does not make it right for her.

Real Men

Real men can be soft, gentle and loving. They can open their hearts to be vulnerable while still maintaining their machismo. Real men will tell their woman how beautiful she is and how often he thinks of her when he is away from her. This is what a woman needs to hear. Men that are afraid to tell their woman that she is beautiful have low self-esteem. I have had several men tell me that they refuse to tell their wives they are beautiful because they are afraid she'll have sex with another man. She needs to hear you love to look at her. She needs to know you think she is beautiful. Tell her. Being afraid she will sleep with another man is ridiculous! If a woman is going to have an affair, it won't be because you told her she is beautiful. How long have you been together? 

A woman wants to know she looks beautiful to you, not that she makes you hot. Anyone can turn on a man. 

Leaving a woman gasping for breath after a kiss, or a love-making session is so much more meaningful than just getting her to breathe heavily. Here are ten ways to take her breath away. 

  1. Buy her flowers for no reason. Make sure they are her favorite type and color. Ask questions.  Get to know what she likes rather than assume. I know one man who gave his wife the wrong color roses for over twenty years because he assumed it was what she liked. ASK!
  2. Make reservations for dinner on your own. Plan a romantic evening with theater or concert tickets and dinner. 
  3. Write a romantic note with an invitation and give it to her the days before, so she can think about it.
  4. Buy rose petals and candles for your bedroom. 
  5. Run her a bath and light some candles. Let her bathe without your interference. 
  6. Give her a glass of red wine to drink in the tub so she can luxuriate. Red wine is a turn on (just don't get her drunk it could have the reverse effect).
  7. Plan a picnic at a beautiful spot. Take care of all the details yourself so she doesn't have to do a thing but enjoy. 
  8. In the morning before you leave for work, make the bed, put the toilet seat down and leave a single rose and love note on her pillow. Tell her all the things you love about her and how you want to take care of her when you get home.
  9. Give her a massage. Put her hair up with a hair clip. Place a towel underneath her. Start with her back, using olive or coconut oil (something natural). Avoid touching between her legs, you can tease her massaging her buttocks, thighs, and calves. Don't forget her arms, hands and feet. Have her flip over to her back. Take turns giving without expecting anything in return. Sex may happen, but don't expect it. 
  10. Ask before touching her breasts or vulva. When a man asks permission, it shows respect, rather than ownership. In Tantra, permission is always asked before venturing towards an area. Trust is developed and deepened when you ask permission, even if you have been together for years. "May I touch your breasts?" This one thing might be the way you take her breath away tonight!
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach. If you don't have passion in your life, there are many things you can do to rekindle the fires and turn up the heat. 

Jennifer's foundational work is self-esteem. When we love ourselves, we are much more satisfied with our lives and therefore, our partners. We are more available to give and receive love when we come to the party already full. If you don't love you, maybe it's time to contact Jennifer to change your perspective permanently. E-mail Jennifer private here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

$720 for 50 Minutes? Or $11 for 60 The Choice Is Yours

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have checked with some other healers on this lovely planet of ours. Women who have taken only some of the same training as I have are charging $1,000 an hour, $720 an hour and $800 an hour. Some of these people don't have the years under their belt that I do or my experience. Are they offering a better value, or inflated fees? Is it better to pay more for less? I really want to hear what you believe. Please e-mail me at the bottom. Today and for the next three days, I have a very special value for you. 

For only $11 an hour, you can be on the phone with me LIVE. You can feel my energy. You will receive oodles of Divine Love. You will sleep better than you have in months afterward. What else is in it for you? Following are just some of what will be cleared in each of the three one-hour powerful healing and miracle rich sessions:

  1. A sense of peace.
  2. Feeling of calmness
  3. Quieting of your mind
  4. A feeling of being loved
  5. Your negativity eliminated
  6. Your mind quieted
  7. Clarity of thought
  8. Clear focus
  9. A sense that you are ready to take on the world!
  10. Your poverty consciousness gone!
  11. Your resistance to love gone!
  12. Your broken heart healed
  13. Your sorrow diminished
  14. Your guilt eliminated
  15. Shame cleared
  16. Financial blocks removed
  17. Your slate cleaned
  18. Your Divine Blueprint for wealth installed
  19. Your money story cleared
It is funny to me that the very people that are saying we don't need energy clearings are coming to me for work. The truth is that we all have energy attachments, chords, webs and hooks from others attached to us. We all leak energy which causes us fatigue. In this three-part series you will feel better than you have in years. If you don't I promise to give you a FREE 30 minute session to clear what is remaining. How can you beat that? Click the paypal link and I will send you the call in info. The sessions will be recorded and you can listen to them again and again. 

Tonight at 5:00 PM PST/ 8:00 PM EST Sept. 23, 2015
Friday, Sept. 25th 5:00 PM PST/ 8:00 PM EST
Sunday, Sept. 27th 5:00 PM PST/ 8:00 PM EST

Worries, Fears and Anxiety cleared on Wed. Sept 23rd
Love Resistance and Blocks Friday, Sept 25th
Money, Abundance and Glass Ceiling: Sunday, Sept. 27th

This is your opportunity to do your soul a good service for a very small investment. If you wonder, have read my blog and wanted to hear my voice, or see what I do, this is an amazing opportunity. In October my new site will be up and new offerings and direction will be announced. Join my community. Be a part of a movement of LOVE!

Certified to teach Hypnotherapy in 2011
Certified by Alliance Coach Training Alliance 2011
Certified by Spiritual Response Association in 2007
Certified by National Guild of Hypnotists in 1998
Certified to read Akashic Records in 2010 in Bali