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Listen Live To Holistic Entrepreneur Tuesday, April 28

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

BBM Global radio is my new home. My radio show All You Need Is Love is soon going to be live. In the meantime, Bonnie Groessl of The Holistic Entrepreneur, also on BBM Global radio has invited me to be a guest on her live show tomorrow at 9:00 PM Eastern. Be sure to listen in here:

Bonnie's focus is helping holistic entrepreneurs starting out. Some of what we will be discussing has to do with the personal challenges I have faced in my business. If you are considering opening a holistic business, or already have one, this show will be invaluable. I will share some of my greatest challenges shifting from Love Yourself Fearlessly to SEX! How did I do it? Why? 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach, helping women and men live happier, more fulfilling lives through love, passion and relationships. Love is the answer. It all begins with you. Find her books on here. Or set up your private one-on-one session with Jennifer here to discover if her work is a good fit for your total happiness, passion and fulfillment. 

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As You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

As an observer of life, I watch men and women. I watch couples interact as well as single people. Recently, I have been astounded at the absence of mindfulness in the men I have encountered. Two men I encountered, let doors slam in my face as I entered the buildings after them. I talked to those men and this is what I found.

Both men were terribly distracted. When I brought their actions, gently to their attention, they were both very apologetic and told me that they didn't realize what they had done till afterwards. One was going through a divorce and clearly had other things on his mind, he later asked me out on Face Book. I declined. The second one, was married. He made excuses. It was his cell phone, his computer, texting.... I asked him if he treated his wife with such disregard he said sheepishly, "No." I know this can't be true. I asked if they were still having sex? He looked surprised at my question. I told him if he was so absent-minded during his day, he was most likely missing the boat with his sexual encounters as well.

As You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

If you are not present during your work day, you will not be present at home with your wife and family either. 

If you are aggressive on the road and cut women off, rather than let them go ahead of you, you will also be aggressive in your relationship with women.

If you are shut down to the idea of sex and being intimate with your partner, you are also shut down emotionally for yourself and life. You will not be experiencing life to it's fullest potential. 

Cluttered Home - Cluttered Mind - Cluttered Body

Is your home cluttered with collections, magazines, newspaper and mail? If so, you are an emotional hoarder. You have difficulty letting go of the past, you will continue to be angry about things when it is more than beyond the time you need to let it go and move on. 

If your home is cluttered, your car is probably also. As you do one thing, is how you do everything.

A woman I have worked with complains about her husband hanging on to magazines, books and newspapers. Yet, she also has stacks of magazines, a slew of clutter on her bathroom counter top and oodles of unworn brand new clothes in her closet. The very things we criticize our partners for are our own issues as well. Look inside rather than pointing fingers at others.

If your home is cluttered, you most likely need to do a colon cleanse. Read my previous article about digestive hoarding. Digestive issues can kill you. 

Get your digestive tract cleansed and let go of all that crap stuck inside of you. Emotional issues will also be released. A colon cleanse cleanses more than just the body, it also cleanses the mind, emotions and raises your energetic vibration. Think about it this way, all those meals you have eaten over the years with food additives and undigested foods are stuck in the colon, making absorption next to impossible. You are literally starving to death as we speak due to your body's inability to completely digest your food.

Holding Hands And Kissing

Are you affectionate with your partner? If not, why not? Most people that are not affectionate with their partners are also not kind and loving with themselves. The more kind and nurturing you are with you, the more in touch with your partner you will also be. You can't expect someone to want to have sex with you, if you don't express love to them. Sex for women is an emotional experience. We can't have sex with our men when you are being an ass, or have forgotten our birthday, anniversary or are just plain disconnected. Kiss your partner. Act like you care. Be present.

How To Be Present When You Are As Disconnected As A Lamp

I understand feeling disconnected. When I was first starting my healing path, I was absent-minded, fragmented, living in the past and the future and an emotional landmine. I reacted at the drop of a hat. I felt more than a little crazy. Considering what I went through in my childhood, none of that is outrageous. Be patient with yourself. Follow my steps for becoming present, mindful and connected to who you truly are, an amazing, loving, kind and gentle person. That is the core of who you are. Breathe that in. 

  1. Breathe Deeply. The fastest way to get back into your body and get grounded is to breathe deeply. Most people are barely breathing. When you breathe shallowly, you are not affirming life. Affirm life. Breathe in slowly. Exhale slowly and completely. Feel the aliveness in your body when you do. There is nothing to be afraid of. This is you. Breathe in the love. Breathe in the present. Breathe in life.
  2. Silence. Sit is complete silence twice a day beginning with 10 minutes. You don't have to sit in the Lotus position, cross-legged. Sit up straight. Breathe. Turn your eyes upward towards the ceiling to shut down the mind chatter. Then close them. With your eyelids shut, turn your eyeballs upwards towards your hair line. This will keep your mind quiet. Shut off your television. Shut off your cell phone. "Oh my God! Shut off the cell phone, what if someone wants to reach me?" They will call back or leave a message. It is okay. Many people are afraid to be alone with themselves in quiet. I promise you, your life will improve when you begin to revel in the silence every day. 
  3. Connect. Go outside, walk out in nature. Connect with the earth. Nature, plants, trees, birds will help you recognize your
    own Divinity within. Walk barefoot. Touch or hug a tree. Ask the tree to take away your burdens. Then say thank you when it
    does. Trees have a consciousness and will communicate with you. They love it when we talk to them. Sounds crazy? I certainly don't care what others think of me, you shouldn't either. 
  4. Notice. Begin to notice what you are thinking, saying and feeling. This is called raising your awareness. Do your best to stay positive, think positively. As with anything new, it takes practice to train your brain to be positive. When you do it
    consistently, you will feel happier, life will be easier. We create with our thoughts. Make your world a better place by thinking lovingly about you and everyone around you.
  5. Feel Your Feelings Fully. Most of us try to run away from our feelings. We do this with exercise, work, sex, alcohol, drugs, spending and food. Running away from our feelings keeps us stuck in denial and trapped in the past. We have to feel our feelings fully, sitting with what we have coming up and allow the feelings to pass through us. Running away is avoidance of reality, life and what is. I know I did this for years. I was an expert at avoidance. You cannot be fully present for sex, love or any part of a relationship if you cannot be present with yourself and feel fully.
When we are disconnected from ourselves, we are also disconnected from our partners. Our conversations are shallow and meaningless. Sex takes on a cursory note - lifeless as if going through the motions. We don't show up for our kids fully present, we don't work to our best ability and we don't succeed in life when we are
not fully present. Living life to the fullest means turning all the lights on, igniting our soul, living in our passion - fully alive in every breath. I want this for you. It is how I live my life. 

Meaningful and Thriving

Life is more meaningful when you are fully present. Your conversations mean something to the people you connect with. Sexual encounters are amazing when you are fully present, connected to yourself and your partner in the moment. Your partner notices that you are fully present - there with them, fully, attentive, feeling everything actively. When we are not in our bodies, we are afraid of who we are. We are afraid of feeling fully. We shy away from deep connections and eye contact. We are not being true to ourselves or our partners when we are disconnected from ourselves. If you liked this article, please comment below, or share it with a friend. I appreciate you being here. I love you! Thank you to all the Russian people who have been following me. Our ancestors are from a similar family tree. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters has been on her personal healing journey for over 30 years. Her own awakening changed her life in so many positive ways. She shares her knowledge, compassion and understanding with you, her clients. To receive your personal one-on-one discovery session of 40 minutes, e-mail Jennifer now, to see if her work is a good fit for your growth process. If you have struggled with relationships and life and are tired of going it alone, Jennifer will give you the support, impetus and tools to support your journey and empower you along the way. You will find your passion when you work with Jennifer. Jennifer is a gifted catalyst, who's voice heals. She uses six different modalities to help her clients clear, shift and eliminate baggage, depression, sadness, suicide programs and addictions. Her books are available on

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Cleanse Your Pipes For Better Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

People come to me with their problems. One of the problems I hear about most often is that women have little or no sex drive. What most people don't realize is that constipation is the cause of many sexual issues. If you have digestive issues like millions of Americans do, there is a domino effect that ensues. When you don't digest your food properly, your immune system malfunctions. When your immune systems doesn't work efficiently, your endocrine system doesn't work. 

Diverticulitis, Crone's and Colitis have reached epidemic proportions in our society. It is estimated that lost work, wages and medical costs come to over 50 billion dollars a year due to digestive issues.

The annual cost of prescriptions and over-the-counter products for digestive issues is approximately 2.5 billion dollars a year in the US alone. This statistic has grown at a steady rate over the last decade by 10%. Stress and digestive issues can cause depression. With more young people eating poor diets, could this be the cause of the suicide rate rising in young adults and teens? 

10%. To give you an idea of how big of an issue constipation and digestive issues are, Americans spent the following on these products:

Laxatives: $900 million per year
Antacids: $1 billion per year
Antihemorroidals: $250 million per year
Antidiarheals: $100 million per year

Cancer of the colon and cancer of the rectum are the second highest most common forms of cancer in North America, exceeded only by lung cancer. It is estimated that one out of every 10 will die from one of these two diseases. Let's change these sad statistics and begin taking care of our lovely colon, shall we?

What is The Emotional Cause Of Constipation?

According to Louise Hay, constipation is refusing to release old ideas. Stuck in the past. Sometimes stinginess. The mantra to heal constipation is: 

As I release the past, the new and fresh and vital enter. I allow life to flow through me.

What Does The Colon Do?

The colon, along with the lungs, skin and kidneys are designed to eliminate toxins in the intestines, blood, and lymph systems. For more detailed information go here

As disgusting as it may be, most people have between 5 and 25 pounds of undigested waste built up in their colon. This waste never leaves. Instead it builds up, creating a toxic waste dump that wreaks havoc on your immune system. The toxins from undigested
food are cycled back through the bloodstream, creating illness, and lost libido. When your immune system is compromised, sex goes out of the window and the bedroom! 

Constipation is a problem for millions of people. If you empty your bowel only a couple of times a week, you are constipated. If you have very small stools, or rabbit-like pellets, you are constipated. If you have to strain, you are constipated. Even those who empty their colon regularly, can still be considered constipated. 

Think of it this way; if you are 30 years old and have been eating regularly since you arrived here, you have probably consumed over 32,850 meals. If you are 60 or older you have consumed 65,000+ meals. That is a lot of gunk and grime that has built up in your system. Most tribal societies and religious cultures have a period of fasting for a reason. The body needs a rest. Taking 9 days off from eating can net you an amazing result. A flatter tummy, no more bloating and a cancer free colon!


There are many foods that you can eat to add fiber to your diet. Women should consume 25 grams of fiber a day. Men need to consume 35 to 40 grams of fiber a day. Yet most people only eat 15 to 20 grams a day, if they are lucky. However, fiber alone does not rectify the built up of undigested fecal matter in your colon. A cleanse once a year will assist you to have better digestion, colon health, mental clarity and added energy. Following are some healthy foods to add fiber till you can do your cleanse.

Before taking supplements to aid your constipation, let food be thy medicine:

  • dried apricots
  • prunes
  • celery
  • apples
  • oranges
  • pomegranates
  • figs
  • dates
  • strawberries
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • psyllium husks 
  • chia - soaked in water, followed by 16 ounces of water
  • beans
  • peas
  • lentils
  • mung beans
  • chick peas
  • spelt
  • sesame
  • coconut

Best Time To Cleanse?

The best time to do a cleanse is at the change of seasons. I prefer to do a cleanse in the spring. There are two simple reasons for me to do a colon cleanse in the spring. The first is that I am ready to shed weight I  have accumulated over the winter months, and two, I want to look great in my bathing suit. A colon cleanse can help you lose weight, although that is not the reason I do the cleanse. It does happen to be a great and positive side effect.

To Eat Or Not To Eat? That is The Question

When I do a colon cleanse I want to do the best option. I take three days prior to beginning my cleanse to cut out protein, like meat or dairy. I eat vegetables and fruits three days prior to starting my
cleanse. I prepare mentally for it, cleaning out my refridgerator and cutting down activities away from the house to a minimum. Then the last two days prior to beginning my cleanse I eat only fruit. This way I have bulked up my system with plenty of fiber rich foods as well as hydrating my self prior to the fast. 

I have been doing colon cleanses for the last ten years. I have experimented and have tried several. My favorite is Blessed Herb Colon Cleanse. I like this cleanse because it utilizes betonite clay and Psyllium seed husks. Betonite clay absorbs all the toxins caught in the intestinal tract and the Psyllium seed fills up the colon purging all the putrification as it is excreted. The digestive stimulator capsules are taken prior to beginning drinking the betonite clay, psyllium seed and apple juice drink. It is like having a thorough dusting and cleaning of the digestive tract, with a little vacuuming thrown in for good measure. I promise you, the results of this cleanse are so worth it. 

Blessed Herb has been the leading colon cleanse for 25 years. Right now, it happens to be on sale. I ordered mine today.

Hydro colon Therapy - Colonics

Hydro colon Therapy is a manner of cleansing the colon with a rush of warm water through the rectum, up into the colon. I am not a fan of this method of cleansing. Why? Intuition. The guidance I get is this: You don't send an intense stream of water pushing excrement upward containing toxic bacteria into a chute that was meant to be an exit point


After I received the intuitive guidance NOT to do colonics, one of my Landscape clients in Atlanta Georgia confirmed my intuition.
She was a professor at a local university, intelligent and spiritual. She purchased a series of hydrocolonic therapies, as a favor to a practitioner she knew. Somehow, a little bit of the stream went too far upward and bacteria from the intestine got into an area it shouldn't have. She became extremely ill, almost dying. The toxicity entered all of her joints. She walked hunched over as if she was 105 years old, for over ten months in terrible, intense pain. She tried everything to overcome the toxins. Taking her over two years to recover. Needless to say, she will not be doing colonics again. Lesson learned.

The Blessed Herb Colon Cleanse

The Blessed Herb kit comes with everything you need, except the organic apple juice. It is an easy cleanse to do. The powder mix is tasty and is available in two different flavors. I prefer the ginger flavor over peppermint. What I will tell you is that every addictive thought you have about food will surface during day one and two. However, by day 3, you will begin to feel terrific. You will be energized, your immune system is given a re-boot and your sex drive returns. 

My brain function is amazingly clear and focused. The biggest reason I like this cleanse is that it cleans out mucoid plaque and even parasites if you have them ONLY WHEN you do the best option. The best option means no food for 9 days. Once you do the best option, you won't choose any other. You will lose weight, gain clarity, focus and energy in a big way. Here is a link to several others cleanses, if you wish to look further.

My personal experience 

I have personally tried the Master Cleanse, which is lemon juice, maple syrup and cayene. This cleanse is very hard on the system and very acidic. I was extremely hungry the entire time. It was not productive as far as eliminating waste from the colon either. I have also tried other products that I picked up from the health food store. I have spent $40 - $50.00 and not gotten the results that I received from the Blessed Herb cleanse. Blessed Herb is $89.00 for the entire kit, with a 25% off coupon at the moment.


I made my own apple juice for part of the cleanse as well as organic vegetable broth to drink once or twice a day. I really did not get hungry at all during the entire 9-day process. The first two days, I thought about chewing, crunching, eating and consuming food a lot. All of my food obsessions and addictions danced in front of my mind's eye for two entire days. Then they stopped. When you do a body cleanse, your thoughts, beliefs and blocks about food will surface. They are released as well in the process.

Blessed Herb Cleanse Ingredients:
Ingredients of Blessed Herb Cleanse Digestive Stimulator

Cape Aloe leaf, Aloe Vera leaf , Cascara Sagrada bark, Triphala† (Amla fruit, Chebulic Myrobalan fruit, Belleric Myrobalan fruit), Chinese Rhubarb root†, Barberry root, Dandelion root†, Fringe Tree root bark, Meadowsweet aerial parts†, English Plantain aerial parts†, Ginger root†, Fennel seed†, Peppermint leaf†, Fenugreek seed† and Licorice root†

Toxin Absorber Ingredients

Psyllium seed husks†, Bentonite Clay, Apple pectin, Ginger root† or Peppermint leaf††Certified Organically Grown, all others Wild Harvested with care or High Quality herbs.

Mucoid Plaque

Mucoid plaque is a black rubbery substance that builds up inside the colon over time to protect the inside layer of tissue from toxic compounds of drugs, indigestible food additives like high fructose, asprin, alcohol, table salt, and incomplete digestion of complex carbohydrates and other corosive foods. Mucoid plaque prevents the body from naturally absorbing nutrients. Mucoid plaque is not the normal mucosa. It is a rubber-like substance that can be 12 - 20 inches in length or more. Yes, there are websites that refute that such a substance exists. Having done a colon cleanse properly about eight years ago, I found this disgusting rubber stuff on day 7 of my colon cleanse using Blessed Herb Colon Cleanse. When you have mucoid plaque your body cannot properly absorb or digest food. You will bloat when you eat. 

(No I don't get a kick back from your purchase. I promise!)

The first time I did the colon cleanse I consumed food at the same time, thinking that the cleanse would work just as well when I ate. It didn't. To really cleanse the bowel we need to stop eating for the duration of the cleanse. This way your organs all get a rest from the arduous task of digestion.

Have you ever noticed the elderly? They are often feeble, weak and undernourished. This is because over time, their colon has become toxic and is not allowing them to absorb the nutrition from the food that they eat. Death truly does begin in the colon. Why not take care of this very delicate and hardworking organ, now?

Think of it this way, if you don't go to the bathroom every time you eat another meal - you are dying a little bit. Rancid undigested food is building up in your colon creating a thick layer of inflammation and mucoid plaque that builds with each meal you consume.

One meal in - one meal out. As you eat, you ought to be excreting the old. In with the new, out with the old. Have you ever watched a breast fed baby. He will be nursing and pooping at the same time. This is the natural way that our digestive system is supposed to work. Do a cleanse and watch how your mood shifts, energy levels increase and your sex drive returns!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach, healer and author. Self love is the cornerstone of her work. If you don't love you, all of the above R's will be difficult for you to achieve. You may fake it, try it but won't be able to sustain it. If you don't love you, how can you expect anyone else to? Self love is our total acceptance of who we are as we are NOW! It is possible. Jennifer is a pathfinder, helping people find their personal path of passion, love and joy in life. If you aren't happy with you, your life or what you are doing, isn't it time you hired someone who is? 

Jennifer walks the walk and talks the talk. She lives what she writes about. She is available Monday through most Saturdays for assessment sessions which allow you to discover what your goals and intentions are for you and your life to see if they fit with Jennifer's work. She is honest, authentic and approachable. Far from perfect, but certainly happy with herself and her life, her work has helped thousands of people heal and discover true happiness and love. 

I Was A Last Resort

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When I first moved to Boulder, Colorado, I remember my daughter being swallowed up by a warm and accepting group of friends. While my daughter was at school and having fun with her friends, I spent my days alone, walking the trails with my dog, Karma. One day while walking, I asked for a friend. "God please send me a friend to walk with, that loves dogs as much as I do." That very day, Leslie arrived. Leslie was warm, loving, kind. A married woman and mother of two teenage boys. She was spiritual as well, creating a loving environment for her family in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We hit it off instantly. 

On my last day in Colorado, my daughter and I were busting our butts to get ourselves packed up before the snow hit. Leslie, generous as always, showed up in the nick of time to help us with the final packing and took three loads of our discards to Goodwill so we could get out of town. If we had to make those drops to Goodwill with the trailer, we would never have gotten out in time to narrowly miss the blizzard that hit the day we left. Ariel and I both were given information about snow coming in on October 22nd. We knew we had to be out by noon that day

After we moved from Boulder, Leslie gave us a place to stay, whenever  we returned to Boulder. She was always giving with an open heart. She recently asked me to house sit for her while she and her husband traveled to Los Angeles to look at colleges with their youngest son in California. Her dogs knew me well. Her departure

date coincided with me leaving another place which allowed me to rest a little longer while taking care of her dogs and house. 

Upon my arrival in Boulder Leslie texted me that her older son (we'll call him "Hunter,") who was a complete vegan had a terrible rash. She had taken Hunter to the doctor who gave him a Prednesone shot and prescription none of which worked. He could not work because of the irritation and had not slept in two weeks. The itch was profound and literally making him feel insane. He was emotional and in despair. In desperation, she also took him to a Biofeedback Practitioner in Boulder and spent over $200 on the session and herbs.  

Even Worse

After spending several hundred dollars with no results, and a more profound itch, she texted me. Could I help? Of course, I texted back. 

Over the course of that Saturday, I did three clearings. One total clearing and two emotional clearings. I found that he was being triggered by the fact that his younger brother was about to embark on a new and exciting journey. Even though Hunter had had his own, traveling to Israel twice in recent months and doing an internship there. 

How Fast?

Leslie asked me how quickly my clearing would help, I told her immediately. A remote clearing can be done anywhere in the world with profound results. It does not matter if you live in Bali, and I am in California, energy patterns, blocks, limiting beliefs and trapped emotions can be cleared. Within an hour Hunter was fast asleep and slept for 12 straight hours. He woke up itching again. I
cleared him twice more and he has been fine ever since. I also did an in person hypnotherapy session on Hunter which helped him see that he did not have a plan, focus or purpose in his life. Self love was the thing lacking. He was beating himself up because he was not in college. With his brother about to attend, he was feeling tremendous pressure to achieve and be successful.

Emotional Triggers

Each time I brought up the subject of his younger brother, Hunter would begin to cry. He did not realize prior to my questioning how much his younger brother going to college in the fall was affecting his self worth. Once I compassionately pointed out that he needed
to have a purpose for his life, so that he could be productive and give back in some way, he felt more peaceful. I had him focus on what he loved about himself, what he loved to do and what he was passionate about. Once I questioned him about his passion, photography came up. He was very excited about photography.

A Gift and A Lesson

Because of the clearing that was done, Hunter received an amazing offer to be an assistant for a prominent Boulder, photographer. He had called her two weeks prior, but she had not returned his call. His emotional state was not allowing this new job to materialize. Once I cleared the blocks, the job came through within days, easily and effortlessly.

Life Purpose

Everyone has a life purpose or soul path. If we are not living our life purpose (soul path) we can feel lost, and broken. When we are in alignment with our soul purpose, happy with ourselves and our lives, we become much more accessible to our partners. If we don't have a partner, once we are happy with us, we become infinitely more attractive and positive, therefore the love we feel for ourselves bubbles up and magnetizes love to us.  Once we feel complete love and acceptance for ourselves, amazing synchronicity begins to unfold for us daily. 

Soul Blueprint

We each have a soul blueprint. We come into our family of origin and are imprinted with their DNA and blueprint. Sometimes the imprinting of our families is so burdensome that we can't seem to
make headway. Having a clearing done to eliminate the negative programming and underlying blocks that our family has had for generations, can free us to live our higher purpose. 

Often our families have a tremendous amount of baggage that we can hoard and carry with us. Generational clearings help both you and your ancestors to be free of this negative programming and Karma. Sometimes, families have a history of financial lack, poverty and challenges that repeat with each generation.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a Master energy healer, author and certified Life Coach (as well as a natural born catalyst for healing). Her radio show, All You Need Is Love, is about to launch on BBM Global Radio. She has been a certified Hypnotherapist since 1998, an energy healer since 2007. She has worked with Spiritual leaders, famous authors, clearing and assisting thousands of people since 1998. In 2014 alone, she cleared 1,500 people. She also assists businesses to clear blocks to success. She recently cleared a catering business in Atlanta, Georgia so that they could get their new restaurant opened in three weeks. Blocks, limiting beliefs, negative energies and DNA/Karma can all be healed.  The owner remarked that he had the best night's sleep the day I cleared him in years!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The 4 R's of Relationships

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Have you ever considered how simple life would be if we could all just live alone? We would never have to listen to another person gripe, complain or nag at us. We would never be triggered into explosive anger. We would also not grow, feel the deep love, or connection of another. We would also not have the exquisite feeling of enjoying our lover's naked body sliding over ours. Relationships are a dichotomy. We experience extremes in emotions as well as thoughts, while often being pushed to our limits; often not in a good way. A loving relationship is what we long for, yet we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to relationships.

Relationships are a mirror into our own soul. Relationships provide the barometer into what is coming up for us, what emotions are stuck (because they keep being triggered) and what we need to work on to be a better version of ourselves. The title of this blog came to me while walking on a Boulder, Colorado trail with four dogs. I heard a lot of "RRRRRRRR!" Dogs can teach us a lot about ourselves. Dogs are very open about their feelings and usually, don't hold them in. Instead they express what they feel. Following is what I recently received from these amazing animals.

1. Respect

Never take a person's dignity. It means everything to them and nothing to you. Frank Barron
Dogs respect each other. They respect each other's space, and territory. Dogs know instinctively, that respect is the cornerstone of their world. Without respect there is no love. When we don't respect our partners, we say things we shouldn't. We hurt others with our words and actions. Abuse occurs when there is no respect. Respect is the cornerstone of a loving relationship. People that don't respect themselves, cannot possibly have any respect for their partners either. It just isn't possible. 

When one dog tries to eat another dog's food, there is an immediate reaction. They growl. The growl is sending a clear message to the other dog, "Get the F*** out of my bowl! There is no doubt what the message is. If the interloper continues without backing down, there is no other warning, a fight ensues.  Dogs are pack animals. Believe it or not, people are similar. We do best when we work together for our common good. Often in a relationship we are at odds. Relationships don't work when we don't work together. If you don't have respect for others, you have no respect for you either. 

2. Revere

Self reverence, self knowledge, self control. These three lead to power. Alfred Lord Tennyson

Watching two dogs together, you will notice that one is always trying to win the other over. They lick, wag their tails and try to get approval from the other. Revere is a deep honoring and approval.
The meaning of the word revere from the Free Dictionary is "awe coupled with profound honor. To respect deeply, venerate." It further denotes admiration. If you don't admire or feel honored to be with the one you supposedly love, you have no business being with them. 

Each moment we have on this earth is a profound gift. Too frequently, we gloss over the moments. We don't listen to our partner and we certainly don't honor them. We talk about honor, but do we know the meaning of it. Honoring someone is not paying lip service as the government does to our troops. A ceremony is given and then they are forgotten. 

Having reverence for our partner raises them up, rather than knocking them down. If you spend more time picking at your partner than raising them up, it is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of you. When we revere someone, we don't nag, bitch, complain and moan about them. Complaining is a downward spiral of negativity, which continues to expand to everyone who will listen. We contaminate our love by complaining. We are wallowing in self pity when we complain. When we revere our partner, we don't complain. We honor them. We adore them. We venerate them. 

3. Remove

When we are in a loving partnership with another, we need to remove judgment, criticism, and critiquing. Everyone has their own way of doing things. If you feel things must be done your way, or the highway - take yourself out onto an iceberg and go live alone. You are controlling. Controlling comes from fear. Fear has nothing to do with faith. Have faith in your partner. Remove the negativity.

Such a wonderful word - REMOVE. If you remove the negativity from your communications you will find positivity moves in - it can't help it. Everyone does better when they are praised, blessed, and accepted. Your partner is not you. They are different from you. They have different ways of speaking, thinking and loving then you. Accept that. This is who they are. Trying to change your partner indicates that you are not happy with you deep inside. Your focus needs to turn inward, rather than outward. Look inside and be more loving and accepting of you. This will in turn reflect out into all your relationships and your world. 

4. Renew

In so many religions there is talk of rebirth, renewal and replenishment. Each season on our beautiful earth there is renewal on some level. New moon, new day, new life. Each day we wake up we are reborn. Our soul is renewed. We are awake and alive! It is an opportunity to put what happened yesterday on the pile for the thrift store - get rid of it, let it go. Harping on what happened yesterday gets you more of
yesterday's dirt. When we keep score, take notes and blame - all we do is kill the love that was once present. Let it go! Renew your relationship. Begin anew. Kiss and make up. Hug, love them. Renew your love. Everyday is a new opportunity for more BLISS, more love, more growth. Renew your heart. Breathe life into your relationship. Renew your passion. Touch, hold hands, look at your partner with renewed love. It is never too late to begin. You so deserve it!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach, healer and author. Self love is the cornerstone of her work. If you don't love you, all of the above R's will be difficult for you to achieve. You may fake it, try it but won't be able to sustain it. If you don't love you, how can you expect anyone else to? Self love is our total acceptance of who we are as we are NOW! It is possible. Jennifer is a pathfinder, helping people find their personal path of passion, love and joy in life. If you aren't happy with you, your life or what you are doing, isn't it time you hired someone who is? 

Jennifer walks the walk and talks the talk. She lives what she writes about. She is available Monday through most Saturdays for assessment sessions which allow you to discover what your goals and intentions are for you and your life to see if they fit with Jennifer's work. She is honest, authentic and approachable. Far from perfect, but certainly happy with herself and her life, her work has helped thousands of people heal and discover true happiness and love. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Generosity And Compassion For Sex Addicts

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The following information is not for the feint of heart. If you know someone is a sex addict there are reasons for this. I do my
best to write articles that are uplifting. Once you get to the end, of this article, there are answers, help and hopefully, you will have more compassion and understanding for yourself or your loved one. There is light and help at the end of the tunnel. 

The reason I do what I do, is because of what I have experienced. This was the path I chose. Each of us has a life path. Along our path we discover that without a purpose we feel lost, ungrounded and unfulfilled. Believe it or not, we chose our life before we incarnated. Some of what we experienced was extremely painful. There was a reason for the pain. We called it forth so that we would learn, continue to search,
excavate, evolve and grow. Those of us that have experienced the intense pain, grief and shame of sexual molestation have endured the worst type of suffering known to man. Our souls were fractured as a result. A rift between truth and fantasy begins when sexual molestation occurs. We have to make up stories about our molestors to make living with them palatable. To be able to endure life at all we often appear to be schizophrenic, bipolar, have personality disorders or have severe depression most of our lives.

If you have a sex addiction or know someone that does, they need more love not less. They need more understanding not less. They need compassion, love and healing. There is a reason for the pain. Yes, they have intense pain. The reason is that most sex addicts are this way because way back in their childhood they were molested by the very people that they trusted. Has horrible as it may be to imagine, molestation often occus before a child turns three years of age. When trauma occurs before the age of 3, they usually won't remember the incident.  The patterns are imprinted without any memory. The soul fracture happens without the mental memory.

Even as I type these words waves of energy are hitting me. This has been secret information up until now. We have not been privy to this understanding before now. There is a direct connection between our search for love through sex and sexual molestation.

Sexual molestation causes sex addiction. 


When children are molested by those that they trust, a crack occurs in the soul and the emotional psyche. A false belief is set up because of this pattern. First of all, we become victims. Our parents most often are the perpetrators, but there could be others. Sadly, in some families, molestation of children goes back 7 generations or more. It could be a trusted grandparent, clergyman or babysitter. For many, of us molestation happens with more than one person in our lives. It is as if a neon sign appears on our forehead. This message or signal goes out into the universe and pedophiles recognize the signal. They are attracted to it. Which is why many victims of sexual molestation are often molested by more than one person. They/we often go on into our adult lives and continue to attract others who will victimize us. Some people molest others. When you understand the patterns that occur, it helps you to understand how our relationships suffer as a result of this atrocity.

Our Molestors

Those who molested us, were most likely victims of molestation. This pattern often stays in familes for many generations until one person stops it. Which is what I did for my family. Unfortunately, my own personal denial of who it was that did the molesting of me originally, caused my own children to be put in harms way
unbeknownst to me, until recently. No one wants their children to be molested. We have to be diligent, alert without being hypervigilant. Child molestors are fractured souls. They are in deep pain and suffer greatly. Some go to their graves with this in their hearts and may even be afraid to die. It is very sad.


  • Trust equals pain
  • People who love you hurt you
  • Suffering sorrow, grief, shame, humiliation can also equal sex. 
  • Love equals sex. 
  • Sex means love
  • Love equals betrayal of our trust
Trapped Emotions

I began doing healing work because I was in so much personal pain into my 30's. My life was filled with misery, anxiety, low self esteem depression, physical pain until I healed. I could not receive love because I had a block to it. My heart was closed and protected as a result of the fracture in my soul. It is why I became a hypnotherapist, energy healer and life coach. Sex can heal. Sex can be therapeutic. 

I knew there were thousands more out there like me that needed what I learned from my own journey. People that could not do this alone. Even after clearing myself thousands of times having acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, NLP, and many other healing methods used to heal myself, I found that there was a missing piece. 

Feeling Numb?

Emotions become trapped in our cells, even within our genitals that can cause us to feel numb. Many women won't experience the complete bliss and release of a sexual encounter until the energy is cleared and released. Many people feel emotionally dead or even numb. 

My first book, Odyssey Victim to Victory was written to help others see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is the story of my personal journey, realization and healing that totally changed my life and took me out of the dark. Sexual abuse and victimhood no longer define me. This book is a beginning of many people's journey into happiness, out of depression and victimization. For me, I was non-orgasmic into my fifties until I totally and completely healed the energy trapped in my physical body through Tantra. (This Tantric healing is detailed in my second book, Orgasm For Life.)

What Are The Signs Of Trapped Emotions?

  • sex addiction
  • rage
  • irrational emotions
  • emotional reactivity
  • being shut down emotionally
  • depression
  • sadness
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • low self esteem
  • betrayal in relationships
  • Obesessive Compulsive behaviors
  • control
  • fears
  • lying
  • cheating
  • unable to connect with another deeply
  • unable to orgasm
  • serial monogamy
  • obsessive masturbation
  • pornography addiction
  • attract partners who betray you
  • attract partners who victimize you
  • hate sex
  • can't get enough of sex
  • have a thing for anal sex - either really hate it, or can't get enough of it
There are others, but you get the idea.
There is Help

As a result of recent events in my own life I am offering a very special series. This is specifically created to heal sexual molestation and sexual addiction. It is a series of energy clearings, emotional release work and spiritual reparenting for people who have these issues. Currently I am doing a series of three sessions for $450. The total must be paid prior to the first session and only available through May 31st, 2015. I use 5 different healing methods for this release work. None of which is spell work. I work only with Divine energy. 

SOS Healing Package

Each session builds upon the next. This series of three will only be availble through the end of May at this price. This offer is only good for people who are committed to doing the work necessary to heal these issues. I walk you through the process. Most of it is gentle and easy energy release work. The worst thing you might experience is the release of tears and letting go of the sorrow and grief. Your inner child is also healed. You will feel happier and more hopeful about life and relationships afterward. 

SOS Healing Package

Yes, there was a reason for this article post today. I have the utmost compassion and respect for each of you on your journey. Please know that this work does not involve on screen masturbation, it is not a date with me. It is healing work only. Please know that I am professional, compassionate, understanding and have been working on these issues for a very long time.
You can e-mail me here with your questions.