Sunday, August 2, 2015

Can't Meditate? Think Again!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

There are many ways that we self-sabotage our lives, relationships and success. The biggest one is saying, "I can't do ___________ " fill in the blank. We have all done it at one time or another. One of the things that I teach my clients is how to meditate. Why? Because it helps to calm mind chatter, bring a sense of peace, grounding and alleviates depression. 

Deepak Chopra has said that the closest most people have come to meditation is by having sex. Sexual energy is the primal and creative force of the universe flowing through us. Scientists agree that meditation and sex do the same thing to the mind: quiet mind chatter, create mindfulness, alleviate depression, raise awareness, lower stress levels, bring a sense of a dissolving of the ego and the self.

Both sex and meditation bring a blissed out feeling to the mind and body, help us be in the present moment connecting us to our spiritual selves, unless your sex is a 2-minute mindless quickie. Meditating prior to sex can deepen your experience and connect
you profoundly to your partner during sex and beyond. Meditation will increase your confidence, help you with emotional issues and life challenges and bring you deep happiness. From my personal experience, if I am having a challenge, going into meditation will shift my mood, focus and help me feel more positive within minutes. I highly recommend meditation!

If you don't know how to meditate, here are some easy ways that I share with my clients that I coach.

without turning your head up, breath deeply
  1. My trick to quiet the mind: sit upright, relax the shoulders, without lifting your head, turn your eyes upward towards the ceiling. Look at the ceiling for two-to-three minutes. Close your eyes and begin your meditation. You can continue to turn your eyeballs upward under your closed lids to further quiet your mind.
  2. Breathe in slowly. Exhale slowly. Many meditation teachers recommend that you follow your breath. I had a difficult time with this one. I suggest slowing the breath and being aware of it. Slow inhalation. Slow exhalation. 
  3. Using a mantra (several are listed below) repeat the mantra in your mind. Yes, you can say the mantra out loud, but gurus from India have told me that it is much more profound to repeat the mantra silently. I agree. You can count the number of times you repeat the mantra silently with mala beads. I use 108 repetitions, although I often go off into oblivion and lose track, which is the point of meditation. Don't drive yourself crazy counting. It removes you from the moment and takes your mind away from the bliss and purpose of meditation, quieting the mind.
  4. Without a mantra, you can just sit upright in silence and turn your focus inward. When I first began meditation I thought it was more spiritual to be out of your body - it isn't. Quite the opposite. When we are out of the body we are running away from ourselves. The point of being your own guru is to be focused inward. Go inside Grasshopper!
  5. Meditate in the morning before you leave for work or begin your day. When you do, you will find that you are more focused, calm, positive and happy. Meditate before sex for a more profound experience for both of you (or one of you, whichever the case may be).
  6. Always meditate sitting up. Meditation is not prayer. Prayer is asking or giving gratitude. Meditation is an opportunity for the Universe, God, The Divine to speak to you. The more meditation you do, the better connection you will have, the more insight that shows up in your life, the better your life becomes.
  7. Meditation is not work. Meditation is a profound connection with your high self, Source energy (God/The Divine/The Universe) all that is. 
  8. Always notice as you sit down to meditate that you are upright, centered and relaxed. Relax your shoulders some more because I see them up around your ears. Relax! If you can't seem to get centered, remember to focus on slowly inhaling and exhaling. 
  9. My animals know when it is time for me to meditate. They line up waiting to sit with me because they love the energy. If
    animals feel it, think of what it can do for you!

I just taped a fabulous show on BBS with Linzi Levinson, yesterday about the dissection of an orgasm and how meditation and sex do the same thing for the body and mind. These two shows will air in August, 2015. I invite you to check out Linzi's radio show and the archives, as I have been interviewed by her many times. Linzi and I have great chemistry together and she brings out the best in me on the air. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters shares what she has learned on her own journey. From low self-esteem, codependency, addictions, depression, anxiety, chaos, drama, depression, illness to breast cancer. Jennifer has overcome it all. She helps you clear and process emotions effectively so that you don't continue to attract drama, addictive personalities or cheating. 

Check out her books on Amazon and schedule your discovery session to see if her work is a good fit for you.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

9 Reasons Men Cheat: Keeping Him Thrilled

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Biologically primal man was wired to "spray and pray." The spray and pray method to keep our species alive and thriving has been hard-wired (forgive the pun) into men's physiology for eons. Men can have sex once, and their work is done, a woman can be pregnant. He can then move onto the next conquest. Women carry a baby for nine months, our reproductive cycle is much slower. The primal man has been programmed to seek variety, mating with all types of women for the survival of the fittest. 

Some men never rise above the urgings of the primal man programming. Not all men cheat. According to Kinsey's report from 1950, 50% of men seek partners outside of their relationship. Those statistics have not changed significantly since that time. According to Kat Hertlein, Ph.D., professor of human development at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas 40% of men seek extra-marital affairs.

Men in positions of power, wealth and fame cheat because they love the thrill, or variety and the freedom. People like Ben Affleck, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, had a lot to lose but cheated in spite of the risk.

9 Reasons Why Men Cheat

1. The thrill of it. Men cheat because what they have at home is a known quantity. Many men want excitement and a hunt. He already caught you, and now needs to hunt for something different. Their spouse is a known quantity. You may be perceived as dull, humdrum, even predictable. There is no thrill in predictability.

2. Variety. Men like variety. Most men want a variety in both partners and activity. It is part of their primal programming. Maybe you used to give them blowjobs often before marriage, and now a penis won't grace your lips except for birthdays! If men aren't getting the type of sex from you that they like, they may go outside for it instead. Men who have evolved beyond their primal programming or take their commitment seriously won't cheat.

3. They cheat because they can (get away with it.) Most men think their women will never have a clue. It is pretty easy to hide. Take a shower, or wash up afterward. Travel to cities away from home. I have to say, that cheating on a psychic or highly intuitive person is folly. Every time a man has cheated on me I have known it immediately. 

4. They rationalize that they have reasons to cheat. If their wife is bitchy, doesn't want sex or isn't into it, many men feel justified. If they aren't getting their needs met at home, they feel vindicated by having meaningless sex away from home.

5. Women at home aren't as attractive. Women often look very different after 20 years of marriage, children and life. Some women gain weight, lose interest in taking care of themselves and let themselves go. An attractive younger woman with a tight body can be the allure.

6. Sex outside of marriage is easy. Affairs can be far simpler than dealing with a marriage partner. Without the emotional baggage, sex is often just sex, without any emotional involvement at all. Without kids to bathe, dogs to walk or dishes in the sink, affairs offer the freedom that marriage doesn't. 

7. An affair is adventurous. Over time relationships can be void of anything out of the ordinary. Many men desire the adventure that sex outside of marriage offers. 

8. Having sex with a stranger can be very exciting. If your sex life at home is anything but exciting, this could be just cause for a man to stray.

9. His father did it. DNA plays a significant role in whether a man is faithful or not. If his father was monogamous, it is likely he will be too. If his father stuck his wick in many ink bottles, he will too. Often what our parents modeled for us is what is replicated in our relationships.

What You Can Do To Keep Him Home

I talk about this frequently in my book, Orgasm For Life, as well as here on my blog: men need change. They like excitement and the thrill of the hunt. Here are some ways to create more excitement, delight and passion in your relationships to keep him wanting you more.

  1. Change it up. You have a shower, kitchen, dining room table, couch, and a floor, use them all. Having sex in the same bed
    every time could become boring for the most orderly and OCD person.
  2. Travel. Going away together can be enough to create excitement. A beach can be a great turn on as vitamin D is needed to produce hormones in our bodies. 
  3. Schedule time. In business, there is a rule of thumb, "If it isn't on the calendar, it won't happen." Although scheduling sex takes the spontaneity out of the equation, sex therapist Janice Epp, Ph.D., dean of the Institute for Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco recommends scheduled "sex time."
  4. Buy a wig. Men like to experience being with someone new. Wearing a wig or clothes you wouldn't normally wear could
    make him feel like he is having sex with someone new. 
  5. Talk about sex. Talking about your desires can shift your perspective and open the door to being more vulnerable, risk taking and creative about your experiences together.
  6. Talk about your fantasies. Everyone has fantasies about sex. If you don't get some! Fantasies can turn you both on, but you have to open up and share your thoughts.
  7. Go out to dinner and tell him you aren't wearing underwear. Let him know you are hot for him, tell him how amazingly sexy he is and how incredible he makes you feel. Sex begins in the brain talking before sex can turn you both on so you will be scrambling up the stairs once you get home.
  8. Role play. Dress up so that he doesn't see what you are wearing. Meet in a bar and pretend you don't know each other. Pretend to pick him up just to boink him. Oh come on, it's all good fun. 
  9. Have sex in his car/truck. I remember driving out into a pasture with my husband and feeling in the mood. When I suggested
    sex in the back seat, he jumped at the chance. It was probably the best quickie we ever had.
  10. Play a game like nude BINGO, or poker. Take an article of clothes off each time one of you loses. Have some fun!
  11. Take a salsa class together and go out dancing. Dance can be a
    very sensual experience where you are close together but not able to have sex. When you are out in public, holding one another close, you can get turned on, feel the anticipation and excitement building that can make for an exciting love-making session once you do get home.You would be surprised how little you hold each other till you spend some time dancing. Early in our relationships we lie naked together for hours, talking feeding each other and making love all day. Over time, a sexy afternoon may be the closest you get to the "goog old days!" 

Boredom in a relationship is deadly. We have to be learning, growing together and making love regularly.  Staying intimate takes effort, desire, and connection. Robots are not intimate. If your relationship is robotic change something. 

If you stop talking or stop having sex, you can regroup and recover with some effort. Love was once there. It still is, you just have to get out your feather duster, sandblaster and maybe a jackhammer to unlock the desire that needs to be fanned with your soft breath on his neck, or maybe his package to wake him out of his slumber. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach and author of Orgasm For Life. She works with those who want to feel fulfilled, excited and joyful in their lives, relationships, and work. Jennifer has an innate ability to hear and feel what is going on inside you guiding you into your Goddess self. 

Feel like something is missing? Jennifer will help you find your inner passion and love for yourself, your partner and life. Contact her for your 30-minute free discovery session to determine if her work is a good fit for where you long to be.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Without Vulnerability There is No Love

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When we are young and our heart's are pure, we have the ability to open up easily and allow someone in. As we experience hurt, betrayal, abandonment, lying, cheating or abuse, we begin to shut our hearts down. When our hearts are closed we begin to turn away opportunities to experience wide-eyed wonder and amazement, because we are so afraid of being hurt.

The older we get, if we have lived fully, we may have lost count of the number of painful experiences in relationships we have had. If we were put down, emotionally abandoned or betrayed these experiences jade us. Friends and family can also betray us and cause us painful experiences. Our tendency is to only allow someone in so far, protecting our hearts from further hurt. The problem is that we are not loving fully and we certainly are not thriving.

I know first-hand what betrayal, rejection and abuse can do. Each time someone puts you down, a little love is chipped away. Over time, you may feel that there is no love left. Sometimes we become hardened or sceptical that anyone could really love us, without hurting our hearts. Many married people stay together, but separate from their spouses, living an almost robotic existence. Married, but not loving each other. 

All You Have To Do Is Choose

All it takes is one person with the desire to repair the relationship, or get assistance from an outside source, like me. Remember you can't solve a problem with the same mind-set that created it. Having an outsider guide the two of you through the process of forgiveness and letting go of the past, you can move into the present.

Wounded People Hurt Others

When we are hurting we cause pain to those closest to us. We lash out - even react emotionally to those that love us. Those who are closest seem to get hit the hardest. Sometimes, we are actually daring someone to love us

Look Inside

There was love there once. It is still there, under the hurt, the painful words, bleached clothing or damaged hearts. Our relationships are all about us. Our partners reflect back to us what is going on inside us. If we have conflict in our relationships, it is not
that we are a victim. We have internal conflict. We are at war with ourselves. Believe me, I have years of personal experience with internal conflict. My relationships involved warring, arguing and unrest. I did not recognize that I had an internal battle raging within me.

We Attract What We Are

If we are in fear, we attract relationships where we will find many things to be afraid of. If we are afraid of anger, we will attract partners who rage and yell. If we have low self esteem, we will attract others who may be addicted, lie or cheat on us, or abuse us in some way, because we feel unworthy of love.

Love Takes Risk

To love fully, you have to allow yourself to risk everything. I recently met a man who wanted to date me, but wouldn't tell me his last name. He had been wounded and had something to hide. You can't fall in love if you won't allow someone to know who you are. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable takes courage, but is so worth it when love arrives on your doorstep. Without vulnerability you are not allowing the opportunities in the universe in. You are saying a very clear, "No, not yet." When you do, love will allude you. 

Take The First Step

Hire me to coach you through becoming vulnerable and allowing love in. I will lovingly and compassionately guide you through processes that will heal your damaged beautiful heart and lead you back to the love that you truly are. Your radiance will shine through again, as you connect with your True Self. I love you already! Allow your light to shine, stand up and be all you truly are. You already have what you need inside you. I just help you remember.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author or Orgasm For Life, Odyssey Victim To Victory and a new book which shall remain a secret for now. She guides you lovingly to see the truth of who you are so that you can allow love to flow and your radiance to shine. When you lovingly accept yourself the way you are, everything in the world is brighter, people will be attracted to you because you radiate love back to them. You will find joy living in the present. 

Zimbabwe Seeks Extradition For Cecil's Killer

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Ego can get in the way of understanding the power of love. Sometimes egos become so large that people feel that they are beyond reproach. Some people feel that their wealth buys them position and power in the world above others. The truth is,  that inside the man who took the life of this amazing lion, is an ego so large that it could cost him his life.

Even writing this article, tears are streaming down my face. A 13-year old lion was lured out of a Hwange National Park, in Zimbabwe and murdered for the fun of it. He was protected in the national park. Cecil provided protection to his lionesses when they were with cubs. He fought off other males who would eat the young. 

"Palmer is believed to have shot the lion with a bow on July 1 outside Hwange National Park, after it was lured onto private land with a carcass of an animal laid out on a car. Some 40 hours later, the wounded cat was tracked down and Palmer allegedly killed it with a gun."

My entire family are animal, lovers. I have dreamed of going on safari to watch African animals in their natural habitat. I have walked up to elk and given them water out of my hands in Grand Canyon State Park. I feel the pain of the world as an empath. This horrible travesty will set the world on its ear. 

A dentist paid 50,000 so that he could bow hunt and shoot to kill this amazing lion. A gun does not make a man manly.  The world will make him pay for his ego. We shall see how he feels about being the hunted in a Zimbabwe prison. I doubt he will last a month. An example will be made of this man. A professional hunter and a farmer have already been arrested. 

I ask that this event ensures changes in hunting practises. I pray and ask you to pray with me that Cecil's death is not in vain. I pray that this will put a stop to the hunting of lions.

Miracles Do Happen When You Believe

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have witnessed the miraculous. I have prayed miracles to happen in other's lives. In fact, I had a friend tell me that I needed to offer a service to pray for "A Cascade of Miracles" to occur. I cannot recount all the exquisite events that took place in each of their lives, that I have prayed for as it would take you an entire weekend and then some to digest it all. What I have witnessed is miracles happen only for those who believe. 

If you are claiming bullshit here, examine how you feel about the occurrence of miracles. When you believe in yourself, you become greater. When you believe in the power of  Universal and Source energy, you will begin to notice how events are orchestrated in your life in miraculous ways. When you don't believe, you will find that life isn't fair and far too difficult. 

Yesterday I witnessed the miraculous. A friend who exited my life, stage left, because I did what he asked me not to do, returned miraculously. (I have a history of doing things out of love, because my primary love language is Acts of Service. Our patterns repeat until we recognize what we do and change the pattern.) 

Our separation lasted 14 months. Fourteen months without so much as a phone call, letter, e-mail or text. I sent him a weepy e-mail last week when I was experiencing a catharsis also known as the dark night of the soul - yet again!

What is the dark night of the soul?

It is a time when you feel you have hit rock bottom spiritually, emotionally, and nothing seems to be working. Events in your life where you may have created conflict with another seems to be connected by a series of dots. Where it feels that events are showing you it is time to step back and punt instead of going for the touchdown. You may cry. You may feel horribly sad, down even depressed. 

For me, I stood up for my brother. He complained to me about someone in his life. My brother rescued me from years of molestation. He caught and told my perpetrator he would kill him if he ever touched me again. So you understand how I feel about this man, my oldest and dearest brother? I would take a bullet for him. Seriously. 

He had complained to me for months about events happening in his household. When the person causing the pain in my brother's life asked me what I was upset about, I hesitated and told him he couldn't handle the truth. He assured me he could. Then he went crying to my sister-in-law like a 4-year old boy. (He is seven decades older than 4.)

I spoke the truth. My words were as if I dropped an incendiary bomb into the center of my brother's household. He received the wrath of his wife while I was cut off from my dearest brother. 

Deeper Understanding

There is always more. I am fearless when it comes to processing my crap. I will take a track-hoe and dig down three stories if I have to, pulling up all the similar events where I have spoken the truth and created havoc in other's lives. We all have patterns. When we avoid looking at our issues, they don't heal. They fester and become larger over time. I help others do what I do for myself. 

The Good The Bad and The Amazing

For a week, I processed these events, looking at similar upheaval caused by your's truly. It was as if I pulled the thread on a cat litter bag. All the events, where I stuck my nose in thinking I was helping, but creating havoc, came up. Yes, I spoke the truth. Did it need to be said? Well, this person did insist. I did what my brother couldn't do for himself. In his household instead of speaking about what is bothering them, they use passive aggression to get express their anger and resentment. 

Our Weakness Is Our Biggest Strength

During this time of sadness, grief and profound catharsis, I reached out to my dearest friend that I had not spoken to in fourteen months. I blubbered in my e-mail to him. I risked everything and was completely vulnerable. In relationships, being vulnerable is offering your open heart, at the risk of being hurt. When we are able to risk, the rewards are great!

I dug down deep past my ego-mind and pride. I expressed how much his friendship meant to me. I extended the olive branch, asking his forgiveness for my inability to hear and follow his wishes. There is no one on this planet that has his innate ability to see the truth in situations so clearly. His amazing mind and authenticity were what I missed. I missed his heartfelt love for me and complete acceptance of my idiosyncracies. I opened my heart and told him how much I missed our friendship. I had no idea what he would say or what would occur. I let it all go. 

I received an e-mail that expressed he was on another path. I could have given up at that point, but I am tenacious when I know someone or something is important to me and my soul's journey. This man could zing me like nobody's business. Zeroing in on my behavior and patterns. I knew he was valuable. I was not about to let him go that easily. When we believe in something, strongly we have to fight for it. I was willing to do so, even if it meant I got hurt in the process. I sent a second mail letting him know I had moved through the messiness that I had expressed earlier. I was not looking for him to pick me up. I meditated, and The Universe helped me through my letting go process. It was his friendship I desired.

The Amazing Miracles

While shopping for my dinner at Albertson's grocery store last night, my dearest friend called me. I did not recognize his phone number. Nor did I recognize his voice at first. His ability to forgive me, exceeded my ability to let him know how miserably I failed as a friend to him. We talked for hours! We took turns recounting the events of the past 14 months. We each took turns catching the other up on the incredible events of the past year or so. There were tales of near death experiences, struggles, challenges and coming through it all.

The biggest surprise for us both was how amazing that our lives were orchestrated. The Universe was doing unbeknownst to us, weaving parts of our lives back together without either of us having a clue. We both ended up in the same spot. This part I have sworn not to tell a soul about, just yet. 

I can't tell you the details of the synchronicities, but suffice it to say we were both blown away. Two people who live thousands of miles away from one another have found a point or light that we aligned without having a clue what the other was doing. Miraculous!


Our relationships have value. Just because we are not having sex with friends or they are not our Beloved, does not diminish the importance of the relationship. Do not discount the power of friendship, especially if you are single. Friendships teach us more about ourselves, just as our love interests do. Throwing away a friendship over a misunderstanding or argument, discounts the love between us and keeps us stagnant and stuck. Friendships can be the very way we learn to trust, and become more vulnerable.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love means that you accept the other person and love them for who they are, even though you know they aren't perfect. You know they have flaws and faults, but you love them anyway. You do not expect the other person to be perfect. 

The Power of Forgiveness

If you have lost a friend or loved one through misunderstanding and they had value in your lives, I urge you to forgive and let go of the past. The future is not dictated by our past unless we allow it to be so. Forgiveness is for you. It releases you from the burden of guilt. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach. She is working on her third book and a new program you will absolutely LOVE! Listen to Jennifer on Tune In. Or on her provocative show, All You Need Is Love. Jennifer's coaches clients all around the world on Skype or phone. Set up your private sessions here. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Turn That No Into A "Hell Yes!"

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

There are many ways to let your partner know you are "in the mood." Sometimes it could be a cute, "Do you wanna fool around?" Over time, the way we ask when we are certain our partner will disavow all knowledge, like in Mission Impossible, we may become like an automaton, rather than getting cute, creative and playful.

When someone demands sex or anything from us for that matter, the chances are we won't want to comply. I know I have a tendency to dig my heels and fingernails into whatever I can grip when I feel I am being coerced. No one wants to be told what to do, especially in a romantic relationship. Guys if you have bought her dinner and expect sex in return, think again! Not every date is sex worthy.

Dating Is A Different Kettle of Fish

Once I had a guy who thought we would have sex on the first day, kindly plug his handy dandy screwdriver into my right passenger tire. When I went out the next morning I could still feel his anger because I wouldn't have sex with him on the first day. He thought his purchase of a meal made sex a given. I don't recommend sex on the first day, getting to know someone and finding out if you have a connection or commonality is preferable. If sex happens on a first date, the likelihood of a lasting relationship is slim to none. 

If seduction and romance have gone by the wayside, perhaps it is time to dust off the chivalry and bring home chocolates or roses. What the heck, bring both! Romance, appreciation and being told that we look and smell amazing can turn a negative situation into a positive one. Following are some creative and fun ways to change the direction of your mounting frustration and have some great sex in the process.

  1. Ask your partner if they would like a massage? It is a pretty cold person that can experience a sexy massage without wanting to hold your hard body against theirs. Remember when you are massaging to tease around the genitals, no poking or prodding as that is not fair. Teasing is always a good idea.
  2. Kiss! People often forget to kiss. It is almost as if kissing is a bad idea. Why is that? There is nothing like some lip nibbling teasing tongue to turn both of you on. The lips are connected to the genitals, as are the nipples and other erogenous zones. Lips are constructed of the same incredibly excitable tissue that our genitals are. Get creative. Rub noses first. Take your time
    before going in for a lip-lock. Breathe your partner in, slowly move towards their lips making eye contact. Use soft lips and gently pull one of her lips into your mouth. Take your time. No rushing allowed. Kissing can turn both of you on to the point that some women can come just by kissing alone. Lucky girl!
  3. Take A Shower Together!  I am famous for my body buff in the shower. Use your body to buff your partner's, while all covered with shower gel or soap. Slide your body all around their back, front, legs.
    Enjoy the feeling of skin-to-skin contact. Shower play can be incredibly sensual. Best for people who don't care about their hair getting wet.
  4. Hold hands when out together. Holding hands releases oxytocin! Holding hands can give your partner a sense of connection and even security. Women need to feel trust and secure outside the bedroom to feel they can open up in the bedroom. 
  5. Hug each other during the day! We all need to be hugged. When we are too busy to touch during the day - we can feel disconnected. Touch outside the bedroom is as important as
    touch inside the bedroom. If you don't touch during the day, getting close at night could be a real nightmare. Hug each other before you leave for work. If you both work at home, you can still hug each other from time to time.  When we are sensory deprived, we have a tendency to say no, rather than yes. We have to break through a stony barrier to get to the yes. 
    We each need 12 hugs a day. How deprived are you?
  6. Help her / him out. What can you do to make their day less stressful? No matter who is saying no, there are a multitude of reasons why. How can you unburden your partner so that they
    can feel free to say, "Yes, I would love to?"
  7. Hold your partner close without expecting sex. When we take the pressure away from performance, we are giving our presence without expecting anything in return. There is nothing like being given a full body hug without the expectation of sex, to leave a woman going, "Wow!" Do this a few times and see if she/he doesn't come to you for more than a full body hug.
  8. Sext your partner. A sext doesn't have to be a full Monty photo of you. It could be a sexy text, just telling her how beautiful she is and how you can't wait to come home to her tonight. Send her another one later in the day telling her how much you love kissing her, or how great she smells. Complements turn on the brain. Guys and gals, sex begins in the brain, not the genitals! Get creative and think outside the box (literally and figuratively)!
Turn your love life into Mission Incredible, instead of Mission Impossible!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life. She is a love and passion coach helping women overcome their love story. Once past patterns and blocked emotions have been cleared, women are able to radiate their true beauty out into the world magnetizing love and all things wonderful to them. Healing your love story will shift the way you feel about yourself, your past and certainly the unlimited potential you possess to find true happiness.

For your DISCOVERY SESSION, E-mail Jennifer here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

5 Simple Ways To Cure Your Anxiety

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Stress causes a slew of heath problems Some of which are of heart disease, depression and anxiety. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 6 million full- and part-time American workers suffer from anxiety. Many of these 6 million have desk jobs. There are simple ways to alleviate stress most of which require you to get off your butt!

Why Be Concerned About Stress? 

A little stress can help you focus. However, long-term stress increases the risk of conditions like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, migraines and asthma. 

Once home, many people "unwind" by watching 2 hours of television (36 %) or playing an hour or two of video games a night (10%) while some get on their computers for an hour or more (29%). All of these activities can increase stress, rather than decrease it. Depending on the shows or movies you watch, action
adventure or thrilling movies can further increase your stress levels, rather than reduce it. Video games also can cause blood pressure and heart rate to rise. There are alternatives to sitting around after work that are better for you. A combination of meditation and movement will improve health, mood and reduce anxiety.

  1. Meditate daily. Daily meditation with visualization can reduce stress and anxiety. Begin your day with 20 minutes of silence,
    going within. Visualize your best possible day and set an intention for the best possible outcome for all concerned. 
  2. Take a walk with your four-legged friends, family or partner. Exercise reduces stress and eliminates anxiety. Being out in nature can shift your mood and emotions faster than anything you put in your mouth.
  3. Work out in a gym three times a week or more. Working out can boost endorphins making you feel good. The added benefit is that your body becomes healthier while your anxiety levels are reduced. You might have to get a license for those guns!
  4. Sex reduces anxiety and stress. Whether you have sex for one, or with a partner, having an orgasm releases feel-good hormones and will drop your stress level 50% or more.
  5. Use a mantra in the background of your mind while doing mindless tasks, like driving, changes brain waves from
    incongruent to congruent, as if you are in a sleep state while waking. Congruent brain waves also help to alkalize the body, preventing disease. A mantra could be as simple as, " The Universe loves me." 

Happy Clients!

Thank you so much Jennifer for your excellent online course "Love Yourself Fearlessly" and one-on-one coaching. I now have more self-love, and appreciate the great importance of it. Your statement that self-love is the quickest path to enlightenment says it all. The lessons were one big eye-opener after another; collectively they made a considerable impact on my life, on the way I think about myself and on how I view and interact with others. The effect of the past life clearings you facilitated has been amazing, I feel like a life-long burden has at last been removed from my shoulders. In addition, you helped me see my codependent habits through your coaching, more clearly and I feel better prepared to attract my perfect divine partner. I'm so grateful. With love and appreciation, Colleen K.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author as well as a love and passion coach. She is available for private sessions. Her private e-mail is 

She is working on her third book currently and a brand new program to heal your love story. Each person has their personal story about love. Rejection, broken hearts, divorce, can leave us feeling broken. Jennifer helps you heal the past so that your heart is open to receive love.