Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pain is the Catalyst For Growth

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Show me a human, and I'll show you someone in pain. 

From back pain, to neck pain, headaches, stomach aches and heart aches, as humans we experience all manner of pain in our lifetime. I have found that all of our body issues begin with an emotional component that we have ignored and put off dealing with. When we ignore our emotions, we are stuffing molecules of those emotions deep into our cells. Not clearing these energies, we begin to experience symptoms which create illness and later disease. Listening to our body is paramount to avoid having to deal with cancer, arthritis and other life-threatening diseases later. Our body is the last defense, giving us warning signs that something is amiss. We need to pay attention before an abscessed tooth becomes a heart attack later on. {Abscessed tooth is from long-standing indecisiveness} Read my blog: Manic Move to The Mojave.

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As humans, we know we will experience some sort of pain in our lifetime. Suffering however, is something that we can avoid. One of my most Beloved Spiritual teachers is an Isahaya (monk). Vasestha always said, "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional." I have to say, I agree. Although I have experienced my own suffering, by staying in a relationship far too long when it was clearly not good for me. For being indecisive about what I was going to do, putting off moving forward. There are so many ways that we suffer. (But that is a blog for Easter.) 

We have a choice. We can choose to get out of our relationship that doesn't serve us. We can not associate with people who hurt us, take advantage of our good nature or just say, "NO!" 

Pain pushes us out of our comfortable place in front of the television. Pain pushes us to move across the country, or to quit a job. Pain causes us to expand beyond our perceived limitations. Pain is what makes us grow. In a relationship, many of us try to avoid pain. We avoid talking about issues that create conflict. We pretend that we are having great sex, when we clearly aren't. We hide our true feelings when we know they will create conflict. Avoiding pain, deepens and prolongs suffering. 

I say, kick it in the ass! Move forward, rather than try to keep your head above water in a dying marriage or unhappy relationship. Get out of your comfortable place in front of the television and move on. LET GO and grow. Staying in an uncomfortable place longer than you need to will create varicose veins. Ask me, I'll show you! Putting off important decisions can create ill health. Everything that goes on in our minds and emotions creates our health or illness. It is up to us to move forward. Sometimes, we need a push, or pull, kick or encouragement. This is what I provide you in my coaching work. Join me Tonight I will help you alleviate the pain - emotional and physical. 

Louise Hay wrote a fabulous book in 1984. You Can Heal Your Life is a book that I still recommend. In the 20 years since this book was written, the teachings and principles of the book, still hold true. I have read this book cover-to-cover three times. It was one of the most transformational books that I ever read. Simplistic in it's teaching, the proof is in the pudding. This is one of the books that helped me heal and transform my life from one of negativity and depression to Joy and enlightenment. 

Pain is what helps us move forward. When the pain becomes too great we do find the courage to move out of the relationship, job or situation that is not in our best interest. Believe it or not, being grateful for the pain, is a prayer you want to make. Pain will move you out of sadness, or depression into joy, apathy into feeling, from anxiety into trust. When we recognize that we are worth it - that we have value, our courage becomes the bootstraps that pull us up and out of the mire of suffering taking us into Joy. Yes, thank heavens for the pain. It got me to live in a place of joy and happiness. I am grateful for the pain.

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a transformational coach and author of Odyssey Victim to Victory and Orgasm For Life: The No Holds-Barred Guide for creating BLISS. She empowers women and men love themselves fearlessly. The foundation of self love provides a grounding and personal empowerment which creates healthier relationships. Often those who don't love themselves, search for wealth, love, acceptance or validation outside of themselves. This never brings the joy and happiness that they are looking for. You must give love to receive love - beginning with yourself. If you don't give love to you, how can you possibly love another? You will be trying to please someone else, rather than standing in your power. We make the relationship much more important than our own well-being, often staying in an abusive or unsupportive situation too long. When we love and accept ourselves, we have a much greater capacity to love and accept others, to give and receive more love. We become a magnet for love and all manner of wonderful events to unfold in our lives. 

Jennifer is also a certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Master Energy healer and Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner. She has helped countless women and men find true love through her program Love Yourself Fearlessly. She is available for private sessions, Akashic Record consultations and energy clearings by appointment (Skype of Phone). She works with clients in India, Germany, Switzerland, France, Malaysia, The UK, Alaska, Australia, South America, Saudi Arabia, Canada and the United States. She resides north of LA, in California with her two dogs and cats. 

Orgasm For Life is due to launch, May 20, 2014. Watch for the audio version with narration and personal commentary by the author.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What Is Erotic?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Eroticism (from the Greek ἔρως, eros—"desire") is a quality that causes sexual feelings,[1] as well as a philosophical contemplation concerning the aesthetics of sexual desire, sensuality and romantic love. That quality may be found in any form of art, including painting, sculpture, photography, drama, film, music or literature. It may also be found in advertising. The term may also refer to a state of sexual arousal[1] or anticipation of such – an insistent sexual impulse, desire, or pattern of thoughts.

As French novelist Honoré de Balzac stated, eroticism is dependent not just upon an individual's sexual morality, but also the culture and time in which an individual resides.

I have been asked by Eric Jones and WRN radio show to discuss what is considered erotic for Wednesday's show. I began to think about events in my life, visual experiences and art forms. Eroticism varies on personality, upbringing and sensibilities.

Subtleties rather than in-your-face pornography is my personal preference. But that is just the point. Each person may find different things erotic. Anticipation is a large part of eroticism. Waiting for what is to come, creates excitement. 

I have begun to write erotica. After hearing so many reports about 50 Shades of Gray and the quality of writing,
(by my mother who is now 92) I felt that a section in my book, Orgasm For Life would help my readers that needed their engines revved up to do so. Stories about lovers anticipating what is to come, can be extremely erotic.

Pornography although titillating for many, is too in my face, for my tastes. There is no relationship or deep connection in porn. Therefore, I find it repulsive and debasing. Respect for women is something our culture needs more of, rather than less. Don't get me started!

I have compiled a list of my suggestions of erotic situations and pleasures. If you are still wondering what erotic really means.The key here is being subtle. Some guys don't know what that means. Shoving someone's head onto your throbbing member is not subtle. Subtle means gentle, a suggestion of possible pleasure at some point in the future, but you don't know when. Anticipation is what excites. Slow, kisses on the back of the neck, like you have all day and the next week too. Take your time, enjoy the moment, rather than being the freight train that is done in two minutes. You might not get a second chance if you are the freight train. Women need slow, then fast, then slow. We need your gentle, slow touch, rather than a hasty finger in and out so you can stuff your half-hard penis inside us. No woman would appreciate that. 

Women are powerful. We don't need you as much as you need us. So take care. Go slow. Act like you like us. Be honest, respectful, and we will return the favor if you please us. Attitude? You betcha! Great sex is not something that is fast and over-and-done-with. Great sex happens when you take your time, romance us, and care about how we feel. To be a great lover you have to be patient, caring, tender as well as strong, and want to please your partner. When you are selfish, ego-filled, you will not listen to our bodies, or pay attention to how we are breathing. All these are signs to how you are pleasuring your partner.They are important. All our senses need to be stimulated, beginning with our minds. Taste, touch, smell, sounds, sights all figure prominently in great sex. Find a way to excite all senses. Here are a few:

  1. Slipping naked into silk or satin sheets.
  2. Showering with your lover and having them buff you with their body.
  3. A beautiful feather stroking you from head to toe, slowly.
  4. Having your lover whisper in your ear in the morning what they want to do to you when they come home. Thinking about that whisper and their breath on your ear, all day long. Extremely erotic. 
  5. Having your lover wash your hair.
  6. Having your lover paint your toenails. Without expecting anything in return.
  7. Having your lover give you a long, slow all-over body massage with oil.
  8. Laying on a beautiful tropical island with your lover next to you and thinking about what you want to do to them while the sun beats down on your half-naked body.
  9. Sipping a cool drink lazily on this beautiful island in the shade, while your lover runs his hand slowly up your calf and stops at the knee, looking you in the eyes with a "I want to make love to you NOW!" look.
  10. Having your lover make love to you all day - without touching you, through texts, phone calls, loving glances and wonderful anticipation.
  11. A lingering kiss on the mouth, a longing look, and a sensual touch along your lower back, almost grazing your ass.......   the key here is subtlety guys. Right before you leave to go to work. This will keep us thinking about you all day long, wondering what will happen the next time we are together. Rather than the in your face "Give it to me because I am horny!" Such a turn off. Slow kissing, can be extremely erotic. Some people can orgasm through kissing alone.
  12. When you make it all about us, rather than you.
  13. When you give more than you receive.
  14. You taking the time to draw a bath, light the candles, with a glass of Perrier, with no expectations of anything more. 
  15. Having your lover drip honey onto your naked  body and then slowly lick it off. 
  16. Sexy talk whispered into your ear while making love. Each person's acceptable vocabulary is different. Check with your partner first, before using foul language.
  17. Reading erotica together can be extremely exciting. My personal favorite is Lady Chatterly's Lover. Published in 1928 by DH Lawrence.
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life: A no holds-barred guide to BLISS launching on May 20, 2014. This book is not just a book about sex. It is a light-hearted and often humorous look at ourselves. It bridges the chasm between men and women where we make each other wrong. It crosses the lines of hate, mis-understanding, bringing us closer to who we truly are. Self Love is the foundation for healthy, loving supportive relationships, SEX is the glue. 

Sex helps us to connect with another deeply through our mind-body and spirit to raise our vibration and bring us closer to God/Allah/ Source/ Higher Power. This is where BLISS is. Sex is not dirty or wrong it is spiritual. Sex was after all, created by God. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vulnerability The Key To BLISS

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

We live on planet earth between the sun, moon and the stars. As events in our solar system intensify, so do the events and situations in our lives. Knowing how to navigate these days will assist you to feel more comfortable, certain and grounded.

Vulnerability The Key TO BLISS

We know the moon effects the tides of the ocean, that the solar flares cause changes here on earth for us. Having a series of strong Astrological events in one month causes us to feel deeply. This month we have a lunar eclipse, solar eclipse and a Grand Cross all in one month. April 15th has been heralded as Judgement Day by many. This is not an apocalyptic event, but rather one of great change of the earth's vibration and ultimately humanity's as well.

April has already been an intense month. Tonight's full lunar eclipse is the beginning of a two week volatile time for us. Upheaval, uncertainty and great change is coming for us all. Freedom and Independence will be the result. Issues from our past that have been long forgotten are resurfacing to be looked at from a different perspective and healed. 

Tonight's lunar eclipse marks the beginning of strong Astrological events that culminate with the Grand Cross between April 20 - 24th. I have provided a link below to further information regarding this month's planetary events. 

Many of my fellow healers and light workers have had accidents, serious health issues as well as deep emotional issues bite us in our butts. If we are feeling these things we know everyone is subject to this deep unearthing and excavation. I was not immune.

For me, I experienced a deep excavation of issues from my very early childhood. Memories that I had stuffed deep in the recesses of my brain, and not remembered have come to light for me over the past two months. I am a fearless woman. Strong, resilient and powerful. Yet last Wednesday night, I became extremely vulnerable, which offered deep insights into what was going on with me. The following day, I felt fragile, broken hearted, open and emotional. 
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Photo by Sarah Perkins Photography, Denver, CO

I have done almost 30 years of deep inner work on myself through various modalities, which led me to become a hypnotherapist, energy healer and life coach for women. I help suicidal teens, women and men. I assist strong business women and men work through their deepest issues. Yet, here I was feeling like I was crumbling before my very eyes. What is important to note is that when we are at our most vulnerable, our deepest insights come to us. If we look within with faith, hope and trust, we will be guided through the melee and the debris to a higher level. We become stronger,  more resilient and open as a result. We begin to recognize that our minds often play tricks on us. We question our insights and poo-poo them, thinking, "that couldn't be true, could it?" We find that the truth is there under the subterfuge. We have known it all along, but have avoided going there because it was too painful.

What is important to know, is that on the other side of feeling broken, crumbling and fragile is BLISS. We find a deeper understanding of ourselves which leads to more love, compassion which in turn opens our hearts to greater love, joy and happiness.

Avoidance and denial keep us stuck in a paradigm where bliss and happiness barely touch us. The deepest happiness comes from going beyond; walking through the pain into truth.

I am softer today than I was last week. I feel more open, centered and grounded. I hear other people and their issues much more clearly because I have allowed the truth in for myself. Allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable with another human being reaches the deepest depths of our soul and touches our truest selves. This is where the light shines. This is home.

Full Moon Eclipse Process from Selacia:

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life: A no holds-barred guide to BLISS launching on May 20, 2014. This book is not just a book about sex. It is a light-hearted and often humorous look at ourselves. It bridges the chasm between men and women where we make each other wrong. It crosses the lines of hate, mis-understanding, bringing us closer to who we truly are. Self Love is the foundation for healthy, loving supportive relationships, SEX is the glue. 

Sex helps us to connect with another deeply through our mind-body and spirit to raise our vibration and bring us closer to God/Allah/ Source/ Higher Power. This is where BLISS is. Sex is not dirty or wrong it is spiritual. Sex was after all, created by God. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Live Longer With Forgiveness

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

We have heard it from Masters, teachers, ministers and saints. Now Scientists are talking about forgiveness and longevity in the same sentence!

Yes, forgiveness does help you live longer. Why? Because holding onto resentment causes cancer and other diseases. When we don't forgive a person, it harms us NOT THEM! Forgiveness helps us heal our broken hearts. Forgiveness heals us from the inside. I helps us feel happier, eliminating resentment, hatred and anger.

I have had a lot to forgive over the years. I have spent oodles of time forgiving my abusers, ex-husbands, and even myself. Forgiveness work is part of my private coaching and Love Yourself Fearlessly course, because it helps you let go of the past. When we continue sending daggers, seething thoughts of anger and resentment to someone, it comes back to bite us in the breast, colon or heart.

We have to learn to let go, so that we can move forward. When we focus on what others have done to us endlessly without letting go, we are still attached to them, with chords and emotional ties. The anger and resentment eats us up inside, causing an acidic environment where cancer and other diseases grow.

The forgiveness work I do involves the inner child. Many do inner child work, I feel mine is different, because it involves emotion. We have to let go through our emotion. Emotion is held in our cellular memory. The inner child healing allows the deepest level of forgiveness, clearing out the cellular memory. 

I recently worked with a client who was abused. They told me they had done inner child work. When we did it anyway, I was told that they had never felt the movement that occurred doing this work with me. 

You Can Do This On Your Own

For those who would like to let go of their past hurts and forgive on their own, I recommend the Ho'oponopono Prayer. It is a Kahuna healing prayer that is simple but powerful.  Kahuna healers have used this for thousands of years. It works even with physical harm, not just emotional harm. I have found that the simplest of modalities can cause the deepest healing.

I am sorry
Please Forgive me
I love you
Thank you

Saying this prayer in your head doesn't cut it. You have to tap into your heart. Tap into the feeling by focusing on the person you want to forgive. Feel it. Mean it when you say it. Always begin any kind of healing work with YOU. You need to forgive yourself first, before forgiving anyone else. 

What do you have to forgive yourself for? How about allowing your little child inside to be hurt? How about asking for these things to occur in your life so that you could clear it once and for all. This can be a tough pill to swallow for many that were tormented by molestation, abuse or other trauma. 

Our Soul Contracts

Before our soul incarnates we meet with our High Self Committee and our team. Maybe even the Ascended Masters, your guides and God. We decide what we want to clear up in our next incarnation. Usually, we ask for a hard road so that we will evolve quickly and clear up a lot of karma. What we forget when we live here on this earth plane is that we contracted with people to hurt us, so that we could grow, recognize the power within and become who we truly are.....  a powerful, creator made in His image. What does this mean? That we are and have the power of God within when we clear the crap, lack, selfishness, hatred, and negativity from our souls. We just have forgotten who we truly are.

Jennifer is a Love and Sex Coach, Hypnotherapist, energy healer and an author of two books, Orgasm for Life and Odyssey Victim to Victory. Her website is

She has been on radio and you tube talking about her books, her life and how she healed from abuse and molestation. These events caused deep trauma and difficulties with men in her adult life. Healing form abuse has led Jennifer to assist and empower women and men to love themselves fully, first so that they have the love to give another. Till we love ourselves completely, we tend to look outside of ourselves for love, acceptance and confidence. This does not work for long. Our relationships will be challenging, often going from one marriage to the next looking for love and acceptance outside of ourselves - which is what Jennifer did. She has learned that the experiences that are the most profound are not necessarily the most fun, but give us the greatest self knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Will You Tolerate Abuse?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When talking about love and sex, we cannot forget the polar opposite, abuse. How do we know when we are being abused? What is the definition of abuse?

Google defines abuse thusly:
To use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse.
To treat (a person or animal) with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. "Riders who abuse their horses should be prosecuted."
Synonyms: mistreat, maltreat, ill-treat, treat badly, molest, interfere with, indecently assault, "he was sexually abusing children."

There are many ways we can be abused as an adult in our relationships. Most of us are aware of physical abuse, where someone hits, punches or beats another. This is never acceptable behavior in a relationship. Following are some of the different types of abuse:

The threat of violence, even without any physical hitting or punching is abuse. 

Emotional abuse can involve being denied money to spend on yourself, friends or family who can support you emotionally. Being told you have to give up your job, friends or family for the sake of the relationship is also abusive. 

Verbal abuse can be sarcastic put-downs, name calling, or verbal bashing to keep you from feeling good about yourself. 

There are other more subversive methods of abuse as well. 

With-holding of love or affection is abusive. Having sex denied for long periods (months or longer) is passive aggressive and considered abusive. Forcing someone to have sex with you, against their will is rape, whether you are married or not. 

The molestation of your children, by a partner or step-parent is abuse as well. 

Healing from the past can take a lifetime of work, releasing, forgiveness and letting go. Even with therapy, coaching and energy clearings, patterns from the past may continue to surface because of our fear. We tend to be hyper-diligent, running away at the first sign of conflict, because conflict causes unconscious fears to arise. Humans naturally have an aversion to pain, whether emotional or physical. Running away at the first sign of conflict can be a survival mechanism from childhood that is running your unconscious mind.

Women with a history of childhood molestation are often further abused in their adult lives by their partners. If the abusive patterns are not healed, and healthy boundaries  not put in place, we can continue to attract people who abuse us - even when we leave one abusive relationship. I am a perfect example. I left one marriage and spent 10 years healing before marrying again. Thinking I was "all better," I attracted a man who was more abusive than my previous husband. Healing from this requires diligence, courage and perseverance. Often when we begin to move into healthier relationships, it feels uncomfortable, because it is foreign. From one who has been there myself, having a healthy relationship with someone requires them to be incredibly patient with us, as we have a tend to make them wrong - even when they are not. We see our partners as the enemy because of our past experience.

Our fear of being hurt can block us from seeing the good in someone. We can be caught up in a paradigm where we see all men, or all women as the enemy. 

When we stay in a relationship with abuse, our children become embroiled in our arguments, and fear. Their self esteem and safety is undermined. They often grow up to be abusers themselves, or victims in their relationships. Thinking that you can protect your child from an abusive partner or collateral damage is dangerous.

What happens when we tolerate abuse?

While at the grocery store today, I witnessed a woman screaming at her 7-year-old son. She yelled at him, "I told you to stay fuc*ing home!" I could not believe that she would use that type of vulgar language to address her son, in public. This meant it was a regular means of communication for her. I see people minding their own business and avoiding expressing their concern because they think it is none of their business. I beg to differ. When we see someone abusing a child, animal or another we need to do something, rather than stand idly by.

I had to talk to the woman to express my concern. I asked her, "Did I just hear you use the "F word" to speak to your son?" She snarled back at me, "I Fuc*ing did! And I will speak to him anyway I want to cuz he's my kid!" Her little boy hung his head, feeling shame at his mother's behavior. I knew that if this woman swore at her child in public, she was hitting him in private. At one time, this would not have had much of an impact on me, as I was abused (differently) and my boundaries were absent. Today, however, this behavior disturbs me greatly.

I replied that "Swearing at a minor child whether they are yours or not, is illegal, considered fighting words." She snapped her mouth shut, angrily and wheeled her grocery cart to the check-out adjacent to the one we were standing in. This woman was probably abused when she was a child. Often when we don't get help, we become the abuser. 

When in an abusive relationship, we have several choices. Leave, and begin a new life getting counseling or coaching to heal from the patterns. We could stay, knowing that it will not get better on its own. Allowing this type of behavior in your relationship will escalate the abuse. Abuse does not get better it only gets worse. We have to change. We have to be able to recognize abuse when it is happening. When we are in the middle of an abusive relationship our shields are down and we usually have no boundaries or ability to stop it. We feel like we are walking on egg shells, never knowing when the next violence or argument will erupt. Usually, our abuser has an issue with rage. They will use their anger to avoid conflict. Strange, as you would think that anger would cause the conflict. Anger in an abusive relationship is used to deflect a subject they don't want to discuss, like their drug or alcohol problem.

Because I have experienced this first-hand (with several different partners) I understand how difficult and challenging it can be to move beyond abuse. We need to take a step back. When we do, we recognize how the abuse affects our self esteem and happiness. It is impossible to trust someone when you never know when they will erupt in anger or violence. We can't feel safe in our own homes or beds. 

Help for abuse and victims is available. Allow me to help you move into healthy patterns without fear, so that you too can love again, fully in the moment and experience joy.

Jennifer is a life and sex coach with expertise in molestation, abuse and sexual dysfunction. She has been where you are and has wonderful tools to assist you move beyond the suffering and fear of living in abuse. Recovery is not only possible, but probable with Jennifer's methods. Compassionate, understanding and caring is Jennifer's way. However, she also knows how to hold your feet to the fire to help you uncover your own patterns of denial, escapism and dis-associative disorder or sexual dysfunction. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Joy in Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Want More Joy?

How about laughter with sex? Women and men want to be happy, joy-filled and have more pleasure in their lives.

How do we do this? Communication, trust and authenticity are the foundation for a happier relationship. When communication is good outside of the bedroom, it is carried over into the bedroom.

Men need sex to have intimacy. Women need to have intimacy to have sex. I asked God while filling up my gas tank recently, "Why did you create us so differently?" The response surprised me. "If both men and women did not have different libido and sexual motivation, what do you think you would be doing ALL THE TIME!" I had a vision of a couple making love with wild abandon in the bedroom with three children crying and screaming and pulling at their mother's arm hanging over the side of the bed.......  "Mommy, when are you and Daddy going to be done, because we are hungry!"

If men and women were matched in desire and sexual motivation, we would spend our days wildly, dreamily and passionately devouring our lover's. We would find anything less than love-making boring, and hum-drum. Work? What work? Dishes left in the sink, scattered on counter-tops and half eaten meals would sit on our tables,  while we focused on our desire. Our children would go hungry, dirty and unsupervised. Our world would be in total chaos. I understand where God was coming from when he created us so differently. Someone had to be the one to say, "No, I have to take the kids to karate." Or stop and feed the family instead of spending the day with our heels up in the air pleasuring one another.

We are wired differently. Not only do men think differently, but they come from a very different place when they think about sex. Women, on the other hand have many requirements to feel in the mood for sex.

Men can have sex when stressed. Men can have sex when there are dishes piled up in the sink and the laundry isn't done. Men can even have sex when the sheets are dirty. Women on the other hand, need to be relaxed, present, stress-free, feel clean, loved, adored, romanced and have clean sheets to have sex.

Sex is so much more fun when you are in the flow. Rather than being focused on the technical aspect of sex, to be in the flow. Talking about what you like, and don't like outside of the bedroom helps tremendously. Getting to know one another, first before we jump into bed together is important also. Knowing someone well can build trust and creates a connection so that sex is more enjoyable and fulfilling. A deep love and connection creates better sex, better love and deeper intimacy.

When two complete strangers have sex, it can be awkward and mechanical. Lies are often told to get the other into bed. Wouldn't you rather have sincerity between you?

If you are a man and don't understand women, or if you are a woman and don't understand why your sex life isn't better, listen to this fun-filled and informative interview with Coach Deb Bailey.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a self love and sex coach. She helps women heal from dysfunction and sexual trauma. If you have codependent issues, look outside of yourself for love or have addiction issues, Jennifer can assist you with all of these issues. Jennifer feels that: When you love yourself and enjoy being alone with you, you will attract a partner who also loves and accepts you. Coming to a relationship already complete raises the vibration of the relationship to a higher level.

You can reach Jennifer through her website:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Suicide and Self Sabotage

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sometimes life blind-sides you with challenges you are not prepared to face. A teenager is prescribed codeine for a health issue and unbeknownst to the parents and doctor, he mixes his medical prescription with alcohol and other street drugs. The end result is tragic, an overdose and a 17 year old is pronounced brain dead.

What some of you don't know about me is that long before I became a love and sex coach, I was a hypnotist and an energy healer. I have performed thousands of energy clearings for people I barely know. Today some of the issues I clear people for are drug addiction, alcohol addiction, fears, nightmares and insomnia. I clear people who are fighting with their mother-in-laws. I clear the chords from women who have been jilted by their lovers, so that they can move on. I also clear people who are schizophrenic and on medication for schizophrenia and are healed through two or three sessions. I clear people for money and love issues and lack of success.

Sometimes, I clear people for curses, voodoo and suicide. I have been doing this work for almost 15 years. I know my clearings work because my clients come back and talk to me about the fact that they no longer want to be dead, or take street drugs or pain killers. They are so much happier! Most people report that they feel lighter, focused and their depression and insomnia is gone in one session. Others have more challenging aspects and have past lives with people that are now their children. One such man could not stand the sound of his daughter's voice. We discovered that they had fallen in love with the same woman in a past-life and killed each other, dying on top of one another after a sword fight. 

For this man, I had to clear his soul parts that were left inside his daughter's body and vise versa. Once I did this, her voice no longer set his teeth on edge and she listened and did as she was told, when he asked her to go to bed, or get off the computer. Before the clearing they were constantly at war with one another. Sound crazy? It is not.

David Gates and Ray
Last week my daughter and I visited Boulder and Denver Colorado. Our primary goal was to spend my son's, (David Gates) 30th birthday together. 

Ariel spent time with friends she had not seen in a long time. She spent considerable time with her dearest friend, I will call Sienna, at her Boulder apartment. Sienna did not like to be alone and always had house-guests. Ariel was welcomed by her. She was awaiting the return of her boyfriend from New York where he was staying with his parents. Gregory (name changed for his protection) had overdosed three times and had been in rehab with his younger brother. While the girls were together he became ill with mononucleosis, a common ailment for a teen. I heard about him being sick from Ariel. On the drive home from Colorado on Sunday night, my daughter received a message from another friend who told her that Sienna's boyfriend only had 24 hours to live. I thought it strange that they knew how long he would be alive. I wondered how this could be?

Sienna tended to be overly dramatic, so we did not think too much about it during our 16 hour drive. Upon our return to California, Ariel got on Facebook and discovered that Sienna's boyfriend indeed took an overdose and was on life support. His condition was grave. His doctors pronounced him brain dead. He would be removed from the respirator the following day, Monday. This news alone was enough to throw Ariel into a tail spin. However, the situation became worse when Sienna was boarding a plane for New York and told Ariel she intended to kill herself. She could not face living without Gregory. 

They had been together on and off for 3 years . They were best-friends. Sienna had been on her own since her early teens and had little parental support or guidance. She had been gang raped in a church at age 11 and forced to inhale cocaine by her six rapists. Her parents were not aware of their child's addiction to cocaine until years later. A drug addict at age 11, her life only became more complicated and challenging as her father was incarcerated for dealing drugs. Her brother committed suicide and her father attempted suicide in 2013. Sienna's mother was absent by marriage and not available for support. My daughter told me Sienna had 11 failed suicide attempts. One of which, I was aware of, a year ago. Ariel was distraught when Sienna vanished and shut her phone off. She was found at that time by the police through the help of a friend. She was not happy about it.

I have had more than 5 clients who were suicidal and regular clearings helped to stabalize them permanently. I had recently cleared a man who had a voodoo curse put on him who was also suicidal. I had very good success clearing these issues. 

Although this story sounds outrageous and like a fantasy, I assure you it is not. I had several choices. I could do nothing, or step in and ask my guides if I could clear Sienna for suicidal programming. I clear people every day, and have faith that it is done. I hear back from my clients about how their lives have changed and have testimonials to prove it on my website. I weighed the possible outcomes. I knew that if I did nothing there was an over 90% chance that Sienna would kill herself. There was a tremendous amount of dark energy around her and I could feel her boyfriend pulling on her heartstrings to encourage her to join him. I could not sit idly by and allow this child to die. My guides and angels assisted and supported me through the clearing.

I spent several hours working on Sienna and cleared 30 past lifetimes where she had committed suicide. When there are many lifetimes of suicidal programming, people have a tendency to repeat it again in a subsequent lifetime. It becomes almost a given that their life without a clearing will end in a suicide. 

I cleared the chords and webs between Sienna and her boyfriend. I sent him to the light. I also cleared all the thought forms, votices and portals, attached energy and all demonics from her soul. Sienna had several disembodied spirits attached to her, which kept her addicted and depressed. They also made her feel very afraid. I would not be surprised if she also had night terrors. Ariel had informed me that her friend had insomnia. Attachments can cause insomnia.

I asked the legions of healing angels to make the clearing immediate, as sometimes it takes up to five days to completely assimilate. This morning I did a maternal and paternal clearing which detached all her parents' karma from her as well as all chords and many other negative issues tied to her parents. 

There was complete radio and phone silence between Ariel and Sienna for almost 30 hours. I continued to pray for her safety. Ariel and I also prayed for a miracle to occur. An hour ago, I heard from Ariel that Sienna is back on Facebook and there was no mention of her killing herself or feeling that she could no longer live without her boyfriend. I am grateful for the gifts that I have and that I was able to help this child out. My daughter was very grateful today.
Ariel, Adam, David and Jennifer Flagstaff Mtn. Boulder, Colorado
She expressed a happier attitude and was less stressed and worried about her friend when she awoke. 

Energy clearings can lift your spirits, help you feel more centered, calm and more positive. Most people express that they sleep like a hibernating bear after one of my clearings and that their mind chatter is quiet. I offer past life readings (Akashic Records) and clearing for the past life issues. I am centered in the Light and use Source energy, The Ascended Masters and angels also assist me. 

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