Saturday, December 30, 2017


Here I am with my eldest, Adam Gates, up close and personal in my car before I headed off to California. No neither of us are driving. We are parked and safe. I hope you enjoy this video.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

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By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Without Our Mothers Where Would We Be?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Whether you are male or female each of us has our mother to thank for bringing us into this world. Our father contributed to conception, but it was through our mother's birth canal we struggled for air some of us kicking and screaming. Without our mother's life force, we would not be here to celebrate her today. 

No matter the trauma you have experienced, our mother gave us life. She didn't abort, terminate or expel us. We have a great deal to be grateful for because of our mother.

Even if you were given up for adoption, you are alive today because she gave you life. Thank you, mother.

Our mothers fed, cared for us, changed our diapers, nursed and bottle fed us. 

As we began to walk, she shared the excitement of our new discoveries. 

Mothers are the ones that teach us table manners, etiquette, social skills and how to speak. Mothers are the ones that encourage their children to get up and run, to write, to sing, to play the piano even when they weren't able to do so. 

Our mothers took us to ballet, tap, karate, baseball, soccer, singing, piano lessons, for haircuts, dentist appointments and watched us in our dance recitals, and church plays even when we were terrible and forgot our lines. 

We must heal this very important relationship to feel whole, valued and validated. We might never have heard the praise we longed for or the exact words we expected. Our relationship with our mother above all others must be re-written with a positive perspective. She had her personal issues, shadow material and limiting beliefs that prevented her from being everything we thought we needed. The truth is our mother was exactly what our soul ordered for our greatest and highest good; no matter how it turned out. 

Sacrifice is part of a mother's burden. She gave up a lot for us. She gave up her figure, perky breasts, and her youth. She had less time to do what she loved, fewer clothes, and hairdos for herself, her profession, acting or singing career she made sacrifices. Children require time, attention money, and sometimes rob a mother's joy. Mothers can be disappointed that their life didn't turn out the way they dreamed it would. No matter what she gave up you know it was a sacrifice of her time, energy and money.

How can you view your relationship with your mother differently so that you are able to see her life from a higher perspective? What trauma did she experience in her life? What did she overcome from her past? What challenges did she have that affected her ability to love you the way you wanted to be loved? 

I work with both men and women in my sessions. One person that comes up again and again in conversations about life challenges is our mother. Mothers are the biggest contributor to our pain, suffering, and story of woes. We often look for partners who mimic our mother's personality traits. So today, let's salute our mothers for giving us something to work on and making our lives so....... interesting. Until we have children of our own we will never recognize what it means to be a mother. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most challenging and thankless of jobs without any remuneration. Mothers do the following for free: 

  • Carried us in her belly for nine months
  • endured backache, hemorrhoids, and stretch marks
  • experienced the torturous pain of labor and delivery
  • breast fed or bottle fed us every four hours or less: midnight feeding, 2:00 AM feeding, 4:30 AM feeding 
  • lost sleep for years while we cried, screamed and yelled
  • changed thousands of diapers
  • paced the floors with colicky babies in the middle of the night 
  • countless hours at hospitals, doctors and dentist offices and in waiting rooms 
  • bench warming in all kinds of weather cheering on her athletes 
  • ferrying to friends houses
  • cooking our favorite meals
  • baking cookies, cakes, gifts for teachers
  • sleepovers when no one sleeps
  • birthday parties
  • shopping for school projects
  • helped us complete school projects
  • drove us to school with our school projects
  • encouraged scholastic ability even when she didn't have it
  • countless kittens, puppies, sheep, horses, goats, rabbits and other farm animals that we bring home for care
  • kissing our cuts and bruises 
  • wiping tears
  • cleaning up vomit and other items we shall not mention by name
  • listening to our breakup stories
  • hearing about our exes
  • helping us pack, move and move again
  • listening to our complaints about our children, husbands, wives and animals
  • listening to us complain about our weight, jobs, and unhappiness
  • listening to us complain about not having enough money, love, attention
  • waiting for the phone to ring while we are busy with our pets, children and partners
  • waiting for us to visit 
  • bailing us out of jam after jam and then making us jam
Jennifer and her mother 95 in July 2017
Mothers are underappreciated, underrated, and maligned; yet make the greatest impact of any person in our lives. Strange isn't it that we cause the greatest pain to our mothers through childbirth then she is who gives us the greatest pain. Mothers are the one we want to please the most, the one most of us try to make happy. Thank your mother whether she is still on the earth or not for giving you life and allowing you to have the experience of today. 

If it weren't for our mothers we wouldn't be here. Here's to you and all mothers everywhere! Thank you, Mom! 

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How To Create Heaven On Earth Right Now

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Life is what we make it. We can wish ourselves towards our death hoping for something better, or choose to make the life we live fun, pleasurable and meaningful.

Our perspective is everything. Perspective is how we look at situations, life, and relationships. If we recognize we aren't victims, but co-creators on the road of life, everything shifts. We create with our thoughts, choices and what we focus on. In every situation, we have a choice. When we choose to focus on what's good, we create heaven on earth for ourselves.

We can choose to look at what's not happening OR: choose to view what is good. Remember that wherever we focus our attention grows and expands. Do you want the negative to become larger, or the positive? Of course, we want the positive to be our focus!

Enjoying the ride and adventure every single day! 

Change happens when we shift our perspective. Heaven on earth is possible and it is what I live every day. 

From the music we select, the work we do to the people we choose to spend our time with every day we choose how we want our life to be. 

Following are small changes that help you shift your perspective. Begin with the suggestions you find the easiest first. 

1. In every situation, there is a positive and negative. Focus on the positive rather than the negative. Whatever we focus on grows. If we choose to focus on what people aren't doing or how they are acting we get ourselves all bunched up, stressed and irritated. 

2. Choose to focus on yourself rather than what others are doing. Don't expect to change others. Most people try their best to get others to do what they want, which is manipulation. I remember when I used to do things for my husband expecting thanks, love, or attention from him. It didn't work the way I wanted it to. Manipulation backfires on us, causing us to feel resentful and even angry. Instead, focus on being the best person you that you can be and allow others to be who they are, it is much simpler and far less exhausting. We can only change ourselves. Others will change when they choose to. When we shift everything shifts.

3. Choose gratitude. As soon as our eyes open saying a prayer of gratitude reminds us that life is a gift. Gratitude raises our vibration if we are feeling down or negative. Gratitude opens our heart when we say a meaningful, "Thank you!"

When we focus on the fact that life is a gift, each moment becomes precious rather than a pain. We never know when we won't wake up to live another day. "Thank you for this day of life!" Gratitude is the fastest way to shift our perspective as we focus on our good.

4. Choose to breathe deeply. Our breath is usually shallow until we begin to focus on it. Breathing deeply expands our lungs, grounds us in the present and also expands our joy. We can't experience great joy if we are holding our breath waiting for something negative to happen.

5. Choose silence. Give yourself the gift of 10-minutes of silence. Sit and breathe. When we choose to begin our day with silence we can make an intention for our day to go well. Silence helps us in many different ways. Even when we don't get enough sleep, spending ten minutes (more if you can) sitting upright smiling to our hearts and expecting our day to go well creates a better day with synchronicity, Grace, beauty, and flow. In each moment of every day, we are creating with our thoughts and emotions. Silence helps us to focus inward where our power is. 

Silence allows us to turn inward. As we live life we journey with ourselves. Turning our focus inward is how we heal our past. Noticing how we feel in each given moment allows us to recognize and name what emotion we feel. When we turn towards sweets, cigarettes, alcohol or other self-medication, we stuff emotions or avoid feeling. Over time, we become numb and don't feel anything except sadness and depression. Silence allows us to feel emotions fully so that we can allow those feelings to flow through us rather than suppress them.

6. Choose how you want your day to go. Set an intention for your day. Living consciously means we are aware that we are co-creators. Nothing happens by chance. Rather than thinking life is shitty and nothing but bad happens then change your focus. Instead, turn your focus to the positive. What do you want your day to look like? Do you want your partner to smile at you and be loving? Envision what you desire. Do you want your co-workers to be supportive, encouraging and positive, then envision it. An intention is an image of what we want that creates positive change. We choose unconsciously when we don't create an intention. An intention is a positive thought with a focus of positive energy.

7. Choose to take responsibility rather than be a victim. Choose to stop blaming others. When we blame others we aren't taking responsibility for ourselves and our life. Blame is the single most damaging thing we can do for ourselves, our life and relationships. When blame is present in us, we are unconscious rather than co-creating life. Everyone has had trauma. I had oodles of it. Healing that trauma is what shifts our perspective. Attempting to heal it on your own could take as long as it took me, over thirty years. Hiring someone who has done it speeds up the process because they have been where you are and have a higher perspective of what is really going on. No one is a victim. 

8. Choose to stop complaining. Complaints create more negative events and complications in our lives. Complaining makes us unhappy.

9. Choose questions, rather than making negative statements. When we have money problems, we tend to say negative things. Each statement we make is a prayer. Our words have more power than we think. Every thought we think is a prayer. 

If your bank account is overdrawn, ask, "How can I have money flow in to cover this overdraft?" When we ask a question, the universe has no choice but to respond. When we make a statement the universe will make us right. If we say, "I have no money." The universe will give us evidence that we are correct - there is no money. A question makes the universe do what it is meant to do for us ORGANIZES OUR LIFE FOR OUR GREATER GOOD!
Statements you want to avoid saying:

I hate my life.
This is killing me.
I have no money.
Everyone is against me.
Everyone hates me.
No one likes me.
My life is shitty!
I am sick.
I am poor.
I am stupid. (or anything else negative) Self-hatred has no place in your happy world.

Like Florence Schovel Shinn said back in the thirties, in her famous book, The Game of Life and How To Play It, our word is our sword. We create our lives with what we think and speak. Do you want to speak wealth and love into your life? Or do you want to speak hate and poverty? We can cut people we love with our words or create a loving environment in which we live. Choose wisely.

Questions to ask instead:

How can I find work I love to do where people pay me for my skills?

How can I have the money I need?

How can I have more love in my life?

How can I _______________?

Jennifer and daughter Ariel about to turn 21
I have worked very hard to shift my perspective from negative, blaming and self-destructive. I am happy with me, but I wasn't always. I used to live in blame, self-pity, and illness. 

I have healed my self-loathing, self-hatred and victim mentality. It isn't that my life was easy or trauma-free, it wasn't. Now I can help you shift your perspective so that you can be happy with your relationships, business and bank accounts are what you want, rather than what you don't want. 

Contact me if you are ready for a judgment free coaching experience to get you to happy, grateful and thriving!

I recently moved from my home in the desert where most people around me were negative, addicted and self-destructive.
I held the light for the change, in my community and gave Oneness Blessings in my living room to my neighbors leaving them crying with heart's wide open! Find my books on Amazon.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

I'm Moving On Up!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Mojave Desert sunset

I have been living in the Mojave Desert since November 1st, 2012. After the Mercury Retrograde ends on May 3rd at 3:00 PM PST I am packing my cats and dogs into my car and spending my first night in a new place in a lovely guest house on a friend's horse ranch closer to Los Angeles. It is exactly what I asked for.

You don't know this about me, but I am a farm girl at heart. I love to dig in the dirt and my mother used to call me Ellie May from the Beverly Hillbillies when I was small. Animals used to follow me
home as if I was the Pied Piper. 

Moving to a horse ranch is right up my alley giving me the beauty of a canyon with the aliveness of all those goats, miniature, and beautiful riding horses complete with rose gardens too! White paddock fencing, gorgeous manicured gardens and green lawn with graceful mature trees, a fruit orchard, and walking trails the contrast from the stark monochromatic desert is breathtaking. 

As a former landscaper, this new place is literally made in heaven for me. It is exactly what I asked for a beautiful place where I love to be. Even Karma and Yoda are far happier on this farm than they are in the little town I live in.

The desert is a place to purge. I have certainly purged. Our oldest cat Lydia the magic cat left us. Lydia was on my desk for every clearing I did until her death. Lydia used to help me clear my clients and ended up giving her life to the cause because she absorbed so much negativity in the process. 

Ariel learning to drive - see my shadow on the truck door?
I became an empty nester when my daughter graduated from high school ahead of schedule after her father also left the planet. Ariel learned to drive here off-roading in her father's pick-up truck. The desert has been good for so many things.

The desert provided solitude for me to meditate and write. Not only did I write Orgasm For Life here in the desert, I also wrote hundreds of blog articles for Your Tango, Digital Romance, and my blog, Love Yourself Fearlessly. I also wrote Happy Anywhere: The Guide For Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness (which I am wrapping up this week!). My blog has gone from a few hundred views to well over 430,600 with an average of 1,000 hits a day. The desert helped me to focus on my business and my growth turning inward in the silence growing tremendously. I am very grateful for the solitude that the desert has provided me.

I also co-created a few miracles.

I've cleared myself over 1,591 times, which is my daily practice. I always begin from a clear place to work on my clients. Sometimes, because of a hefty clearing of a client earlier in the day, I would clear myself again. I have let go of anger, resentment, sadness, sorrow, lack, limitation, failure, friends, heartache, grief, attachment to people attachment to coffee, sweets, and tons of karmic debt. 

I have deepened my meditation practice, adding Kriya Yoga which burns karma, expands and raises my vibration exponentially. I am also taking hot yoga classes daily. I taken my inner work seriously. I am committed to being the best me that I can be for myself and my clients. I have become completely authentic in the process. I recognize that not everyone will like me, but that's okay, it's not my business what others think of me

The little house I lived in for four-and-a-half years was affordable for me. During my time in the desert, I did without a lot to make ends meet. I cut out everything I could to pay my bills and that effort has paid off. I am leaving a meager existence here in a low-income area where fifty percent of the population is on welfare, food stamps, and disability and moving into an affluent community of horse ranches, swimming pools, and Land Rovers. I haven't needed to subsidize my income with a part-time job in over two years. 

My coaching is shifting to those who see what I have done and want it too. I used to feel bat shit crazy. I wasn't always self-assured and enlightened. 

I help people expand beyond where they are into a life they love happily making the money they deserve, like me. I have worked my ass off to get where I am doing hot yoga, meditation and eventually becoming a vegan and a yogi (student) of Kriya Yoga which Yogananda and Babaji have passed down to their students. 

I used to be hard to love. 

Moving isn't new to me. I am a Canadian girl who has lived in four states and abroad in England. Even in the US, I moved often. I am a part gypsy, adventurer, and former seeker. I have moved in the past because I wasn't happy where I was. This move is happening because I am spending most of my time in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach. I am following the energy rather than chasing something I haven't found inside me. In Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, I will be doing workshops and meetup groups to be in front of people. 

I have found what I was searching for and I help others get it for themselves. I am happy by myself, or in a crowd. If a partner shows up that will enhance my life great, if I live alone,

I am perfectly content and happy either way. 

With this move to a higher vibrational location, there is a new website and a completed book coming out too. 

While the boxes are filled and I give away and sell what I don't need any longer, I am filled with gratitude for those people who have returned to me two years later with stories of me saving their lives, changing their trajectory for the better and those who are still on this planet because their depression, insomnia, drug addictions and suicide is gone permanently. 

The Mojave Desert has been isolated, windy, cold and unbearably hot during the summer months. I have burned off more than my skin, but years of karmic debt by giving back to those who couldn't afford my services, but I gave anyway.

My daughter hated the desert and couldn't wait to return to Colorado. I have grown to love the desolation and solitude. I see the beauty where my daughter saw ugliness and "The Land of Tan." I chose to focus on myself rather than the drug addicts and alcoholics
Yoda found a loving home
of this town. Rather than getting upset and angry that people have no respect for themselves and dump their trash in the desert, I recognize that there was a time when I didn't respect myself either. 
I found Yoda and four kittens in the desert that were cast-offs from others. I created a video while holding all four of them. I became the surrogate mother bottle feeding these kittens. I finally gave away two but kept the little black and tiger striped kitties.

My needs are simple. I continue to live a simple life with love and devotion at the center. I don't attempt to fix or change others. I stopped trying to please others or make them happy. Though I have been victimized in the past, I am not a victim. I am happy with me no matter where I live. I don't need beauty around me to be happy. The beauty is in me not outside. The love is inside me, not outside. The desert has given me a tremendous gift. I trust that the next phase of my journey will teach me so much more as the universe supports me each step of the way.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kriya Yoga, Burning Karma and Going Vegan For Easter

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

You've heard the expression, "never say never!" Though it has been a gradual transition, I never thought in a million years I would become a vegan, I have given up meat many times without commitment till now.  I fasted this week only eating fruit and veggies. I became initiated into Kriya Yoga on Good Friday in a private ceremony in Laguna Beach. Part of the commitment is to not eat anything that has a face, including eggs. This is my first meatless Easter. 

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring!

Paramahansa Yogananda brought Kriya Yoga to the west. Kriya Yoga is a series of deep meditative devotional practices which expand the light for the devotee, burn all karma and allow you to be complete at the end of this lifetime without having to reincarnate again. 

I have been deeply committed to my spiritual practice, meditating and chanting daily. Kriya Yoga takes meditation deeper, expanding the practice tapping into the lineage of Mahavatar Babaji. 

In September 2016, I received the book Autobiography of a Yogi as a gift out of the blue. The joy of receiving this beautiful book ignited the flame to read the book completely. I have my son's girlfriend, Melania Armenta to thank for leading me further along this path. I read it slowly, savoring each page. I knew as I did when I read Siddhartha that I wanted to be initiated into Kriya Yoga. I began to research ways to do learn about Kriya Yoga. I knew learning online wasn't for me through Self Realization Foundation. Though their pricing was inexpensive, I needed to be initiated as well in person. I considered it several times but never signed up.

In December Babaji came to me while in meditation when I called on Yogananda. I didn't realize it at the time, that meant I would become a yogi - a student of Kriya Yoga. I looked into learning on-line, but this form of learning didn't speak to me. I knew that wouldn't work for me, so I put it aside. 

When You Follow The Energy Of Your Heart

Through a series of interesting connections and spiritual gatherings I attended in LA, I met someone who suggested I attend another gathering that led me to see a very talented, young musician from Israel. I attended two events that Shai Baruch gave in Hollywood to support him. When you give of yourself, you are rewarded.

At the second event, I was introduced to a very close associate of ParamahansaVishwananda a living Avatar like Jesus was. We shared stories. His eyes became wide when I told him Babaji came to me in my meditation in December along with Yogananda. I didn't realize how special it was that Babaji came to me. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I was already on the path leading me to Kriya Yoga initiation!

During this sharing, he told me of Vishwananda's ability to manifest jewelry at will. He showed me two rings he had on his hands. The manifestation of material items is something that gets my attention. Being able to manifest out of thin air is what Jesus did. Hello???!!! Are you listening? I was. During that conversation, a gentleman I had met at several spiritual events invited me to the very special private Kriya initiation on Good Friday. I know when my path is leading me to something powerful and life-changing. I said YES! I changed my schedule to accommodate the event, and the rest is magical. I have already been invited to have an audience with Paramahansa Vishwananda privately during the week he is in Los Angeles in May. 

As a child Paramahansa manifested vibutti  a holy ash which covered the walls of his bedroom. 

Kriya yoga was brought to the planet to fully awaken humanity by bringing the experience of God to each individual. Kriya yoga is a spiritual practice passed down through the centuries from guru to disciple through instruction, initiation, and transmission. Babaji to Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda and so on to the Swami, Swamini to the student. You cannot receive the same benefit without the Shaktipat (transmission) that culminates the passing down of the lineage and connection to Babaji. Had I not experienced this initiation, I would not have felt the connection of the past masters working behind the scenes. The feeling of connection to these masters was palpable. 

Kriya means action. 
Bhakti means love and devotion.
Yoga is the union of mind body and a spiritual science of self-realization. The root of yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" which means to unite or join.

Interestingly, after my initiation, someone very close to me felt a barrier between him and me after this initiation energetically as if there was someone between us. The blanket or love that surrounds me is profound. I am deeply honored to have been brought to this deepening of the light within me. 

Now my work truly begins. As I learn and practice these new meditations my healing and coaching work becomes expanded as well. My clients benefit from this initiation and expanding of the light within me. If you are interested in more information about Atma Kriya Yoga, you can visit Paramahansa Vishwananda's site. 

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda is an enlightened spiritual master and founder of Bhakti Marga, the path of devotion.

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I wish you so much love that your heart expands! Have a wonderful Easter no matter what your belief or practice! 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Are We Telling Our Children?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When I was 41 and conscious I gave birth to my daughter. Before I conceived, I was Guided to fast, cleanse and raise my vibration. I couldn't have carried a child so advanced without raising my vibration. I prayed for a spiritual daughter and was told she would be my gift. I had been told I wouldn't be able to have another child after my two sons.

My daughter was born awake. She remembered her past lives and her own children. She asked me one day when she was three, "Mom, you know my dad?" I said, "You mean, Rich?" She said, "No my other father." Then she told me that she and her children died in a fire.

My husband and I bore witness to her conversing with unseen spirits and channeling higher beings. 

At age 8 she had pneumonia and said she was beginning to forget what it was like to be with God in Heaven and wanted to go back. Needless to say, I told her, "Oh honey, you don't want to do that! You need to stay here." Afterward, she fell into such a deep sleep, I was unable to awaken her for hours.

The time of conception, which I experienced there was a flash of light and the soul agreed to take form. During the first three months, I felt a flitting in and out of the soul but it didn't stay. At 120 days, I felt a quickening or movement and a considerable change when her soul took up residence in the body of my unborn child. Prior to that point, the fetus had a heartbeat, but no soul. 

When a child is born within it is a fully developed soul. There is no such thing as a baby soul. Babies do not have cherubs inside them. No wonder that babies get so frustrated with us when we talk to them as if they are idiots without an awareness or consciousness.

The truth is babies see auras. Babies can tell who has an open heart and who doesn't. Notice when you smile at an infant where their gaze rests. It is usually above our heads or over our shoulder because they are looking at our aura or energy field.

Today, at a local Social Security office, filled with hundreds of people I witnessed something horrific. I watched as a woman told her six-month-old grandchild who was attempting to stand up with her wobbly little legs over and over again, "Hey, Big Chunky! You can't even stand up!" She repeated her admonishment "Big Chunky!" as if it was waving a magic wand over this child. She called this sweet little girl, "Big Chunky!" She never called her by her real name. As I watched I saw a gleam in the grandmother's eyes and stopped counting as she called her Big Chunky more than twenty times while I sat waiting. 

Why would someone call a little child who is far from chunky something so derogatory? Often people are totally unaware of how powerful their words are to a small child. Children that grow up being compared to other siblings or gender related remarks "crying like a little girl," end up with low self-esteem.

Frequent criticism creates a child eager to please others. If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone. In the ten years of energy healing of babies all the way to geriatric patients, I have found that all of us were imprinted by negative beliefs, fears, and thoughts of our parents, but especially our mothers while in the womb. Any arguments about whether the child is wanted or should be aborted created a pattern or rejection and abandonment before the baby is even born. 

If our parents were worried about how they would manage to feed another child when a pregnancy is first detected their fears negatively affect the unborn child as well. Imprinting occurs when the mother has an emotional reaction to a conversation or event while pregnant. The mother's emotions are felt and create an imprint in the unborn child. A father's emotions also impact a child, but not as profoundly. An unborn child learns to recognize their parent's voices. When a newborn hears either parent, they will turn their head toward the familiar voices. 

Scientist and the medical profession state that learning begins at birth. I contest that learning begins in the womb.

By the time I had my third child, I learned enough about babies to do many things differently. I didn't vaccinate. I felt certain that vaccination was causing Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. I breastfed all of my children but continued until she was ready to wean herself and kept our daughter in our bed, close to me. She didn't like being separated from me at night and cried for hours when her father insisted on keeping her in her crib. We had a very strong bond as a result of her early childhood being what I felt intuitively was best for her, rather than listening to someone's opinion.

I stayed at home with her rather than allowing another person to influence and raise our beautiful child. As a result, she grew up sweet, sensitive, soft and generous. My daughter has a light that radiates from her heart and eyes.

We Have A Powerful Influence

What if the words we speak to a child are like a blessing or a curse? What if the words we speak when a child is a so utterly fresh, clean and conscious soaking up everything the adults around them say and do as their lasting programs? What if these programs govern the child for his or her entire life? What if this unknowing grandmother's words cursed this little girl to a life of obesity and an inability to stand up for herself, or worse yet, Multiple Sclerosis or some other debilitating disease?

Words can hurt adults, they certainly hurt babies and toddlers as well. Wouldn't it be more loving and supportive to tell our beautiful little ones how wonderful they are encouraging their growth through the challenges they encounter so that they become adults with healthy self-esteem knowing that they are capable of doing and being anything they can dream

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Peace, Love and Joy Today And Always

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Our soul needs to be fed. We feed our soul with the beauty of nature, music, meditation, chanting and filling ourselves with love. When we are grounded in the present we witness world events and can laugh at what is happening rather than being caught up in the back-biting and ego-driven words on FaceBook and elsewhere. It is possible, following are suggestions that work for me, feel them out and test the waters as they may work for you as well. 

When we live in the present moment knowing each moment is perfect we stop worrying about the outer world and see it for the amazing perfection that it is. JEM

Those that know me know that I have adult children. Some are more adult than others. They are all making their way. In the middle of my day, my daughter might call. Within a few seconds, I can be lambasted for something I haven't done or lashed out at for no reason. It happens. My daughter is angry. Her father died when she was only sixteen. I recognize that these are her issues, not mine. She is making her way in life, just as I did long ago. I don't take on her pain. I don't attempt to fix her. I guide her when she is prepared to listen and shut up when she isn't. 

I know we can only control ourselves. We can't make anyone else happy but ourselves. I stopped trying to "fix" others a long time ago. Being a guide is very different than trying to fix another. 

If my peace has been shattered by an angry person, I will stop and take a walk in nature, or meditate. I sit silently, breathing deeply. In a few seconds I am back, grounded and peace filled once again. Meditation doesn't mean you won't have thoughts. Meditation is a focus in spite of the thoughts. Chanting a mantra helps to move us through a noisy mind.

Not Everyone Is Where We Are

The people we encounter may not be on the same page as we are. We have to allow others to have their experience and not allow their experience to taint ours. You can say in your mind, "That's not part of my reality," or something similar to shift your mind back to what you do want. Respond with love and compassion to others and watch how the world shifts.

Life Is Happening As It Needs To With Perfection

Whether our partner or government is doing what we think they need to be or others aren't doing what we feel they need to, it is all perfect. Thinking that things should be different than they are means we out of alignment. It's all good. It's all perfect. Donald Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do to encourage more people's shadow material (negative emotions) to surface and heal.

If we are triggered by something that happens it isn't the other person's fault. The triggers that are within us to show us we have an issue. Getting angry with the person that pushes the button is misplaced blame. We aren't victims. Life doesn't happen to us, it happens for us! Be compassionate toward yourself and those that trigger you. 

You might want to read my article about whether we really need to say some of the things we do to others. Does It Really Need To Be Said?  Once we begin to turn inward we usually find that the trigger was within us or we wouldn't have been triggered at all. Compassion is so much softer than judgment. Turn the compassion inward, breathe it in fully.

If you feel like crying, allow yourself to cry. It may be the fastest way to move through to the other side of the strong emotions. 

Avoidance And The Pain It Creates

Ignoring issues and stuffing emotions causes illness. Our emotions are meant to move. If you have been told to stop crying as a child or an adult you probably have issues speaking up for yourself, like me. I had to work very diligently to move beyond being silent when I was upset. 

My parents didn't allow us to express emotions, like so many at that time. They didn't know any better. Kids were taught to put up or shut up. The truth of the matter is that we grew up with emotional neglect.  (Watch for a future article about emotional neglect next.) When we fear conflict, we keep silent. Our partners and loved ones don't recognize why we are upset because we are unable to communicate effectively. 

How To Meditate

Sit upright in a chair, bed or in the lotus position. You don't have to sit in the lotus position, but it does help to shut down energies to quiet the mind while meditating. Sitting upright is important. The spine needs to be straight to allow the chakras to be open, aligned and energy to flow. 

Gayan or Jnana Mudra

A mudra is a hand and finger position. We have five elements within us, each of our fingers represent a different element. The thumb represents the element of fire. The index finger represents air. Holding these two together in the Gayan mudra quiets the mind by increasing concentration and is a gesture of knowledge and creativity. Placing your hands gently to rest on our thighs provides grounding. Holding the hands in the air, palms upward when feeling receptive allows you to receive.

Place your hands, gently on your thighs or knees. Any mind chatter you have about not needing to put your thumb and index finger together is ego-based. Ignore it. Thinking you can't meditate is also just mind chatter. Ignore that too. I can't tell you how many people I have helped (including me) to move beyond negative thoughts about, not being able to meditate or do many other things well. Allow those thoughts to drift away. Put them in a blue balloon and let them float away if it helps you to do so.

Breathe deeply. Inhale filling your lungs as full as you can get them and exhale slowly. Experience your breathing notice how it feels, sounds and how calming a simple breath can be. 

Use A Mantra To Quiet The Mind

Mantras give the active mind something to do so that the errant thoughts quiet. A mantra creates a blissful mind quickly. You can fight it, you can say you don't want to, but the sooner you begin to use mantras, the faster the mind quiets. The following are mantras you can use. The first two are elements of my video below. The Divine Presence Process Mantra is a powerful meditation that allows you to give and receive love. 

I am the Divine Light inside me.
I love me
I am love

Resistance is what show us when you argue with a suggestion that will help you. Resistance causes suffering. Suffering is always optional. 

When we can stay present in the moment and be okay with whatever is going on, we begin to experience wonderment and joy no matter what. I am not saying that we might not feel trepidation with preparations of war or unrest in the world. However, we can shift quickly to be feeling peace by turning inward rather than focusing on what is wrong with the world. 

When we can be okay with what is life is sweeter. We become happier, focused on each moment rather than sitting in expectation and fear of the worst thing happening. Food tastes better, we have more joy in nature and the small things in life that surround us. 

We notice the smallest of details, the nuances of life, rather than focusing on the worst that might happen. Joy is found within us, not in the world. The feelings of joy are within you, allow me to help you uncover your inner joy and set up a discovery session with me to find your joy, bliss, and happiness inside you. Visit Jennifer's website:

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