Sunday, June 25, 2017

Yesterday Was My Lucky Day!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Luck is what you make. If you believe you are lucky you are. If you believe bad things will happen, they do. I believe in myself and the power of thought. Yesterday I attended a Oneness Blessing event in Venice, California. I was the only one that walked away with a $450 prize!

Yesterday morning while tending to horses, I had a conversation with my Divine. I find any repetitive task puts my mind in neutral where I can talk with my Divine (God). "Why haven't you written about Oneness Blessing and Deeksha?" My response was, "I wasn't sure people would find it interesting." I mad a promise to my Divine to write today about how Deeksha, a Divine transference of powerful Grace contributed to my awakening in 2010 through 2012. 

My friend Shannon and I attended a free event yesterday to promote the Phenomenon and The Gift Oneness course. As we entered the Electric Lodge we were asked to sign in. There was a drawing. As I attempted to write my name on my tiny ticket, I knew I needed to make my name legible as I would win whatever it was. I even changed pens to make sure my name was clear. 
CJ Bigelow Flowing Grace Om Meditation

Seven Oneness Meditators sat at the front of the room and gave us eye Deeksha (Blessing through opened eyes). After the event attendees were invited to share their experience. While the course was explained, I thought to myself, "Maybe I should go. It's expensive though. Maybe I should go. I haven't attended a course in Oneness since 2010. If it's free I'll go!" When my name was called, I wasn't surprised. I knew then I had to write this article about Oneness and what it has done for me.

I have been a seeker since I was sixteen. I made the commitment to myself to become enlightened in this lifetime. Everything that I have done in my life has led me to this place. Oneness was instrumental in my awakening. No matter what you have heard about Oneness, the truth is that it will help you awaken and you don't have to travel to India to the Oneness University to get there. Attending the Phenomena and The Gift this coming weekend July 1st and 2nd will help you get there and you can meet me in person. If you send me an e-mail I can get you $50.00 off the $450 admission that I won yesterday. No, I don't get a kickback or commission from this what I do get is good karma in my karma bank account. 

Sri Bhagavan giving Deeksha
In 2010, I attended a course that two of my teachers gave in Black Mountain, North Carolina at a healing center called The Light Center. The course initiated us to become Oneness Blessing Givers (Deeksha givers). The father of one of my teachers founded the

Founder of Oneness Sri Bhagavan
Light Center. I had been doing a meditation practice, called Ascension since 2007 taught by these two teachers and trusted them. Ascension quieted my mind completely and allowed me to go deep into meditation. 

The Oneness University was created by Sri Bhagavan and his wife Sri Amma to awaken masses of people and awaken they have. Try to withhold judgment and keep an open mind as I share my experience of Oneness. 

Each time we receive a Blessing given through the top of our head we receive Divine Grace. This Grace is transferred from the Divine through the Blessing Giver once they are initiated. I have received Deeksha at events where during the evening or afternoon we received 64 Blessings (64 Deeksha) and was so high I was in a blissful state for nearly a week afterward. There is no doubt that this Deeksha does what Oneness University says it does. I have experienced it and millions of others have also. Deeksha doesn't cost anything. Going to the Oneness University does. 

Judgment and Scams?

I have had my personal judgment about the money charged for trainers to take courses from the Oneness University which is why I haven't attended any of those just yet. However, the bliss and transformation cannot be denied. The bliss is real. I don't take drugs, or drink to get high, I don't need to I am high now naturally. Smoking pot and drinking alcohol actually lowers my vibration which is why I don't do it.

Oneness helps us process through the pain, sadness, and trauma of the past and moves you to a higher state of consciousness. $450 isn't too much to pay to raise your consciousness. I have seen many courses out there that don't deliver and charge even more.


No matter where I have been, Georgia, Colorado or California, I have immediately contacted the Oneness community and been welcomed into the fold for Blessings. Oneness has given me a ready-made group of like-minded people when I moved from another state. In fact, Shannon who I wrote about is a Oneness Blessing Teacher who hosts Deeksha nights at her home every other week in Santa Clarita.

No Mind

In 2012, I attended three Om Meditations in Boulder Colorado at the Integral Center.  Three people were given Divine Grace to transfer through their eyes to the receivers. The idea of this event was to get to the place of "No Mind." When we have no mind we are literally out of our heads and into our hearts. Since I lived close to the center, I signed up for all three events and attended one after the other. I sat at the back of the room for the first event, in the middle the second and at the very front of the room for the last meditation. I wanted to see if sitting in different places made me feel any different, it did.

By the time the event ended, I walked outside and couldn't remember where I parked my car, where I lived or what city I was in. I literally had no mind. I was so blissed out that I was not in my mind at all. Divine Grace was pouring through me and certainly was part of the reason I awakened so quickly.

64 Deeksha

I attended three 64-Deeksha events. One in Georgia, one in Loveland, Colorado and the last one in Encinitas California. At the 64- Deeksha event Deeksha Givers give and receive 64 Blessings in an event that lasts about three or more hours. This process raises the giver and receiver to higher states of consciousness. 

The Oneness University offers courses that people all around the world have taken to awaken and raise their consciousness to move beyond suffering. The teachings of Oneness are excellent for newbies and long-time seekers alike. Some of the teachings are as follows:

  1. We are not our thoughts
  2. We are not our minds
  3. Everything is happening automatically
  4. We are not in control
  5. The Divine is within each of us and everywhere
  6. Each person has their own personal Divine.
  7. Creation and Creator are one and the same

You don't have to travel to India to experience the deep and powerful transformation that I have. 

There is plenty of bad press out on the web about a Oneness University scam, just as there are with most yogis and gurus. What I can tell you from my personal experience is that the Divine Grace that I have experienced from Deeksha surpasses all the gurus out there that I have met and received Deeksha from. We have to make up our own minds about what works and what doesn't. I have not been to the Oneness University, as I don't feel it serves me. I have attended bi-weekly Deeksha evenings since 2010, 64 Deeksha events and Om meditations galore. 

I invite you to this event in Los Angeles at the Lowes Santa Monica at the beach and raise your vibration exponentially each time you give or receive Deeksha. Some people have taken their entire families to The Oneness University. You don't have to go to India to receive the Grace. 

Much love and Grace to you! In my Divine Presence Process Meditation, I blast you with a Deeksha at the end. Some people have commented how powerful it is and this video was created years ago.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Remarkable Similarities Between Horses and Humans

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Recently, I have been helping my friend on her horse ranch. I have always loved horses, having cared for retired rescued polo ponies in Alpharetta, Georgia in the past. My friend, Shannon has been teaching me how to earn a horse's respect, something that shocked me. I found that horses and humans are very similar in many regards.

In my coaching practice, I encourage my clients to speak up and self-advocate. Many people with low self-worth have difficulties speaking up for themselves, especially when no didn't mean no when they were a child. Other humans sense a weakness and take advantage (more on this later). When we aren't able to say what we want, we rarely get it. Is it any wonder? Humans will push until the other person says stop. If the weak-willed individual doesn't speak up, there is no boundary in place and hence no respect.

Horses are very perceptive. If you feel afraid, they know it. If you don't immediately make a strong stand with a horse and let them know who's boss, they will not listen. They will act as if you aren't even there. When a horse weighs 1,200 pounds getting a horse that is unwilling to move is impossible. 

English rider with a crop
Shannon instructed me to show up in the horses stall with a crop under my arm. I hesitated at first because it seemed inhumane. However, having my foot stepped on and injured certainly didn't seem humane either. As soon as I entered the stall with a crop in hand and said, "Over," the horse willingly moved. In fact, the horse was so willing, I felt ten feet tall. It was as if he said, "Oh I didn't hear you before you held that crop in your hand." It was easy to get the horse to do what I wanted with the aid of the crop as I had the horses attention and respect.

When we don't speak up for ourselves, we aren't respected. When we aren't respected, we are in the lowly position of less than in the eyes of the other person. It is human nature to take advantage when the other person has no boundaries or limits. When we say no in ways that don't sound like no, the other hears, "YES!"

If we have been sexually molested, raped or abused setting boundaries and limits can be a huge challenge for us. Working with me, I help you recognize how important it is to have firm boundaries and know what you are willing to do and not do. 

Ways We Say Yes When We Mean No

  1. "I don't think this is a good idea." (the other hears YES)
  2. "I am not ready."
  3. "I'll think about it."
  4. "I'm not sure about this."
  5. "I don't know."
  6. "I don't think so."
  7.  "Not right now."
  8. "I don't feel comfortable with that."
Any of the above statements leaves a door open for further pushback.

Ways To Say No
  1. "No."
  2. "No thank you."
  3. "I am not able to."
  4. "Not now, not ever!"

When we don't have healthy boundaries, we are the one that ends up angry and resentful not the other. JEM

Dating and Boundaries

If you are on a date and don't know what you are comfortable with, you will go beyond your comfort zone and do things you regret and may feel ashamed about later. Shame and guilt are the lowest vibrational emotions a human can have. Setting boundaries and limits though challenging isn't permanent. We can make positive changes by working with someone who has strong boundaries and recognizes that no didn't mean no for you in the past and will help you overcome the old patterning in your unconscious mind.

Boundaries in Relationships

If you don't have healthy boundaries and are in a relationship - even a friendship you may find you give too much, give too much and try to please the other person. At first, it could feel good to give. After you find yourself giving away the farm you will feel ripped off which leads to resentment and anger. Anger is a sign your boundaries have been crossed. 

Boundaries With Children

Children need to know the difference between right and wrong. If we don't tell them to stop, they keep going. If a child jumps on you and hurts you-you have not said "NO," strongly enough. If a child keeps pushing for something trying to break down your resolve there is no respect. 

Business Partnerships and Dealings

If you don't have healthy boundaries and have a partnership, your partner will most certainly take advantage of your soft spot. You might be ripped off, or feel resentful because you end up getting the raw end of your business dealings. You may have customers that push your limits expecting you to say stop. Without firm boundaries of what feels good and what doesn't, there are many ways your business could fail, and you could loose. 

What Can You Do For Yourself?

Watch others who demonstrate healthy boundaries. Learn from the way they catch you immediately and give you instructions for what they want. They don't wait a week or two till they are angry because of what was done, they mention it at the moment. 

Read a book about boundaries. There are many of them on Amazon. 

Hire a coach to overcome this serious issue. You will be much happier when you are able to advocate for yourself and set healthy limits and boundaries with everyone. Your family will be happier as a result. 

Jennifer is a private coach, hypnotherapist, and healer that helps people work through their issues to live happier, healthier lives.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Self-Acceptance and Non-Judgement Are Key to Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

James Franco-loving himself

Self-acceptance is about loving ourselves as we are with all our warts, faults and foibles. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths. 

Non-judgment is resting in our heart without making a determination of how we think things are. Judgment is often cruel, heartless and often prejudiced. 

We can look at others and make judgments based on how they look. For example, last night I attended a gathering where there were individuals in their early twenties and some in their mid to late sixties. When one young man took his shift off to enter the pool an older gentleman judged him on the tattoo art he displayed on his back. The young man was viewed as dark and dastardly because in a moment he chose a particular shape to be tattooed. Making a judgment about someone's character without knowing what is in their heart is unjust and prejudiced. 

Insecure people strive to be perfect, while those who accept themselves do so as they are, without attempting to be perfect. Perfectionism leads to anxiety, stress and even depression because it is impossible to reach the goal of perfection. Perfectionism can cause us to remain stuck and stagnant rather than improve in the areas where we lack expertise. 

Men and women come to me for a variety of reasons. Most people want to be happier or have the relationship that continues to elude them. The key to being happier with ourselves and those around us is to accept ourselves, others and life as it is. 

I remember when I was unhappy with myself my relationships and my life. I was like a salmon trying to swim upstream. My life was a struggle. Relationships were wrought with challenges. Even my relationships with my children were difficult because I wanted to change everyone. We might think we are helping others by telling them what or how to do things. The truth is we don't accept ourselves when we have the need to direct, change or fix others.

When we complain, bitch or moan about our kids, friends, partners and life, we don't accept things as they are. We can't possibly be happy when we complain because we are focusing on the negative or what we don't have. 

If we find ourselves single make the most of being single. Do the things that you have always wanted to do but were unable to do before your last relationship. Often we change ourselves and our likes and dislikes to meet the needs of our partner. When we change or give up things we love to do, we can become resentful or on the extreme end feel dead inside. 

What We Give Up For Others

When we don't stand in our power, we tend to give away too much. We might give custody of our children to our ex, a pet away because our new boyfriend is allergic, or stop doing yoga, meditation or running because it interferes with what our partner wants. Giving away the farm as I like to call it is never a good thing. We wake up one day and wonder where we went because we feel we have lost ourselves and our way. 

When we constantly worry about what others think of us, we disempower ourselves and focus on others rather than feeling good inside. When we change our personality and behavior to fit the needs of others, we weaken our power and become the chameleon. Chameleons change their color depending on their environment, out of fear. 

What Insecure People Are Afraid Of

  • being alone, 
  • not having a partner, 
  • no one will ever love me
  • no one will find me attractive
  • time is running out I better keep the person I have

When we accept ourselves the way we are we become comfortable being authentic. We no longer have to pretend to be something or someone to feel good when we are authentic. We don't have to change with the wind or the situation because we know who we are and love ourselves as we are. There is nothing more powerful than being able to walk into a room full of people and be you. When we love ourselves, we aren't afraid that others won't like us. We aren't concerned what others think of us either when we accept ourselves as we are. 

When we love ourselves, we are content being alone because we like who we are. Self-love includes loving acceptance of all that we include the shadowy parts of ourselves. When we are filled with self-loathing and insecurities, we fear to be alone because we don't have a clue who we are. We fear what we don't know. I recommend falling in love with you, it could be your greatest love affair of all time!

Find out how your life can become happier with self-acceptance and non-judgment by working with Jennifer. Jennifer is masterful at getting to the root of your issues and uncovering your strength and beauty within. When you begin to recognize the truth of your being your talents, gifts, and strengths are revealed, you feel more confident and accepting of yourself.