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Entities Dark Energies Attachments, Soul Retrieval and Sleep Paralysis

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Beneath the veil exists beings similar to us in another form and consciousness. Often referred to as entities, these spirit forms are a combination of lower level (fear based) and higher level (love based) beings. 

As humans experience life their aura's become weakened through illness, fear, worry, drugs, alcohol, anger, accidents, injuries, sexual molestation, rape, trauma, and loss, which cause us to be vulnerable to spirits, demons, and dark forces. Once inside a person's energy field, these entities are able to influence one's emotions, thoughts, actions, beliefs, habits, and health. There is a reason we have a fascination with ghosts, hauntings and all things scary, they really do exist.

In my 19 years of doing spiritual work professionally, I have found the following to be true:

75 - 85% of the world population have demon attachments

84% of the population have entity attachments

85% have some form of entity attached to their home

80% of spiritual and religious people have attachments and dark entities that they are unaware of

These dark energies use fear to control humans, causing pain, negativity, emotional reactivity, PTSD. anxiety, depression, suicide and even death to their human hosts. 

The Catholic Church reports that exorcisms are on the rise

Father James LeBar exorcist for the archdiocese of New York said in an interview "In 1990 I had no cases, today I have 300!"

Spirit attachment and possession is one of the most misunderstood forms of illness. Anxiety, fearfulness, depression, suicide, Schizophrenia, insomnia, sleep paralysis are just some of the types of illnesses caused by attached dark energy. Because these elements are unseen doesn't mean they don't exist. The Chinese and other cultures have been doing spirit release work for thousands of years. Since the beginning of time, demons, dark energies, shadow beings and entities have existed. The word devil is mentioned 65 times in the Bible.

Dark forces have been on this planet since the beginning of time. They prey upon our greatest fears, implanting thoughts and ideas intensifying fears causing insomnia, anxiety and in some cases thoughts that you would never imagine thinking. 

I remember when my children were young carrying scissors and thinking I should just fall on them and kill myself. I would never have had such a thought of my own volition. Having harming thoughts are caused by dark energy attachments.

Attempting Suicide or Thinking About It?

When my husband and I were building our huge home in Georgia, I was driving to our temporary home on Lake Blue Ridge. At the end of the road was a checkered sign that signaled the end of the road. I knew the area. Yet I suddenly had this sudden urge to jam my foot on the gas pedal to run off the road. I didn't have the thought, it came from within me, but wasn't me. I have never been suicidal. I knew then I needed an exorcism. After making the appointment, I had many things that attempted to prevent me from following through on my gut instinct including nausea and thoughts that I needed to cancel. 

I felt nauseated, I felt intense fear. All these things attempted to prevent me from getting myself cleared.

This event is what spurred me onto becoming a hypnotherapist to help others with these types of debilitating entities that attempt to ruin our lives. In, 1998, I became certified as a hypnotherapist and began doing spirit releasement work. 

Until I became completely clear I kept feeling that I was being blocked from success and abundance.

Types of Dark Forces

Demons - non-human dark force entity being - most common
ET's - Reptilians, Greys - higher level dark energy beings - ET 
Negative Spirit Entities - these work with Dark Forces

Spirits, Ghosts - feeding ghosts

Limiting Angels - some angels believe that they are helping us by keeping us where we are. 

Addictive Souls - formerly a human with a serious addiction, has chosen to say earthbound out of fear. These dark souls create addiction in whoever they attach to - even children. The addiction might have been to cigarettes, alcohol, heroin, crystal methamphetamine or cocaine.

Many spirits get stuck on the earth plane some out of fear, others due to unfinished business, revenge or concern or fear they would not go into the light. These spirits feed off of humans' (fear) to survive. The fear is gathered (called loosh) for them to continue to exist. 

How We Create Doorways To The Dark

There are many ways people open doorways to the dark and demon possession. Using ouija boards, tarot cards, drinking alcohol on a regular basis, drugs, prescription medicines, frequenting bars, strip clubs, or watching pornography. All these create holes in the auric field and open the door to spiritual attack or attachment.

Be Forewarned!

You could be talking to someone on the phone or crossing the street and an entity could leave another person and jump onto you. Shopping in the Dollar Store or your local Walmart might bring attached energies to you. However, if you are in church or a Oneness Blessing gathering sitting next to someone with an entity you could get it too! It doesn't matter how spiritual you are, we get attached energies too. I clear myself daily to stay in a high vibrational state. I don't drink or take drugs both prescription and street drugs to stay in a high state. 

How Spirits Attach To People

Our aura protects us from harm. As our aura tears rips or is ruptured by tearing, these openings allow energies through that use our energy for their own existence. Anger, emotional upset, illness, sexual trauma, rape, sexual molestation alcohol, prescription medication as well as smoking marijuana or taking other drugs creates holes in our auric field. When holes occur, these entities are opportunistic and find a home attached to unsuspecting hosts.

Soul Fragmentation

Every human has a soul. As we experience deep trauma our soul fragments like shards of glass causing us to lose our personal power and become weakened. Soul fragmentation is most often seen with those who are victims of sexual molestation, rape or abandoned emotionally by an alcoholic parent. Once fragmentation occurs, this broken feeling prevails until the fragmentation is repaired by a true healer or Shaman. Yes, this is work I do remotely for my clients. It doesn't matter how far away from me you live, energy is energy. I work on you as if you are right next to me and you receive the same results as if you were in person.

The soul is comprised of layers and parts which can break off and be separated when deep trauma occurs. When we experience deep trauma our saving grace is to be able to shut down that part of ourselves by breaking away or closing down. This mechanism is a survival technique that occurs automatically, as the psyche cannot experience the truth of what is occurring. These shards of the soul go into another dimension. Often people who have been molested are numbed and unaware of the deep pain they continue to experience internally. 

Ignoring the past doesn't clear up the damage or the entities that attach during such a traumatic experience. 

Soul Loss and Fragmentation

When humans stop experiencing emotional upheaval and emotional or physical trauma they will stop losing parts of their soul. Getting our emotions under control is part of this process. Until then, soul loss is a problem that causes us to feel lost, broken and incomplete. 

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval restores your personal power. My work as a light worker and healer is to repair these soul parts and re-implement them back into the soul. Before I retrieve them to repair they need to be cleaned and then reassimilated before the soul feels complete and whole again.

Entity Removal

Removal of entities causes a feeling of calm, peace and freedom to occur. Anxiety and depression are often eliminated in one or two sessions.  People report feeling safe, and much less fearful. Mind chatter is reduced and deep sleep occurs. Insomnia is one of the side-effects of entity attachment.

Sleep Paralysis

If you have ever been awakened in the middle of the night and felt a presence in your bedroom doorway - frozen in fear you want to scream but can't, this is a demon using your fear as energy. Your fear is harvested to feed the entity.

Sexually Transmitted Entities and Demons

Sex is often the way that entities jump from one person to another. More than a physical interaction, sex is a way of picking up another persons' karma and even the entities or demons that they have attached to them. Having sex with another person brings us in close proximity to another's auric field. We are engrossed in the process of having sex and are unprotected. 

Rape and sexual molestation have the added whammy of receiving demons and entities. 

Misdiagnosed Psychiatric Problems

Many people that have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other illnesses have spirit attachments on them. Even those who have severe addictions can be cured by having an addictive spirit removed from their energy field. 

Nicole Harrington is one of my clients that I cleared in 2013. She came to me with a meth addiction. Thirty days after her clearing she contacted me to let me know her addiction was completely gone. She had tried everything for three years and nothing had worked till she had an energy clearing. 

Dark Energies Intensify Pain, Emotions, and Poor Choices

Dark energies influence thoughts, choices addictions, habits, lifestyles, and emotions. They use your energy to serve themselves, stealing precious life force from their hosts. 

Sexual Entities

Incubus and Succubus are sexual entities, often thought to be thought forms - fields of sexual energy. These are exceptionally challenging to remove. As open-minded as I am, I had a difficult time with this one until I encountered one myself. I have had several clients both male and female come to me for this strange phenomenon.

Common Symptoms of Spirit Attachment

Deep emotional pain, depression, anxiety, low energy, fatigue, intensified emotions of hate, anger, rage, sadness, grief, shame, self-sabotage, making poor choices, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, drug or alcohol addictions, food addictions, obsessive thoughts, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mood swings, insomnia, panic attacks, sexual abuse (even in relationships), physical abuse, unexplained physical pain, violent behaviors, doing things you know are bad for you, prickly sensations, electric shock feelings in the body, lights turning off and on, or frequent light bulbs going out, waking up with scratches on your body, unexplained physical pain, strange or weird thoughts that you feel aren't your own,  an inner voice telling you to do something harmful or wrong, lying, scheming, power hungry, manipulative behavior, hurting animals, children or pets, seeing shadows move when there is nothing there, loss of purpose, loss of personal power, rape, murder, torture....

Facts About Spirit Entities

  • they have no concern for their host
  • entities want you to fear them - the fear gives them power over you
  • most people have no idea they have them
  • most people will live their entire lives with attachments unless they are physically removed
  • being spiritual, religious or healthy isn't enough to stay clear of entities
  • not believing in entities does not keep you free from them
  • sage, reiki, candles, crosses etc have no impact on entities
  • being a spiritually empowered individual - whole, healing your past trauma and not opening doorways through fear, anger or other strong emotions will keep you clear better than anything else
  • an entity does not care whether the host lives or dies
  • many young children, elderly and pets have attachments
  • an entity is self-absorbed and only concerned about existing
  • entities have no concern for your intelligence, spirituality, and prayers 
  • spirit attachment is the most misunderstood form of illness on this planet
My Personal Work

Spirit Releasement work is the first thing I do with a client. There are several ways I do releasement work, some is done through Hypnotherapy, energy or Shamanic healing. People report feeling instantly more calm, less anxious and less fearful within minutes of an energy clearing. 

When our loved ones pass on, we tend to want to hang onto those connections and memories through their belongings. Spirits can attach to things like furniture, rings, and jewelry. Thought forms can attach to soft furnishings like bedding, couches, and upholstered items. 

Having those things cleaned can be done by soaking those that you can in a solution of salt water overnight, or leaving them outside in the sunshine for two days.

Clutter is a big attraction for entities and spirits. They are attracted to disarray and clutter. Keeping your home tidy, clean, the floor picked up, and things put neatly away will help to keep your home free of spirits. Burning sage does very little to cleanse spirits that want to stay.

What Can You Do?

Sage is ineffective to demons and entities. You might get some of the lesser energies removed, but need strong defenses and protection to remove demons and entities from a person or animal. A salt water bath with several handfuls of Epsom salts or regular salt 40 minutes daily for a week will help to loosen things up. Read the book of Psalms while in the tub. Some verses are more powerful than others. Read the verses out loud. Pray and ask for help or deliverance. Hire me.

Contact Jennifer

Jennifer is a healer, sex, love, and happiness coach that clears limiting beliefs, blocks, and self-sabotage from the past so that you can have the life, love, and happiness you desire. A healed healer herself, she helps others overcome anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, insecurities that block you from having healthy relationships and happiness. 

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How To Love Yourself Fearlessly Everyday

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

You, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. ~ Buddha 

When we love ourselves everything in our lives becomes easier. Our relationships improve, we become infinitely more happy, successful and have ease in our life. Filling your personal love tank with our love and acceptance will change our lives for the better faster than any amount of money or success will. Until we love ourselves, we won't feel it when another person does.

Be patient with yourself. You didn't get here overnight. Loving the self is a daily practice. These 21 steps will provide a guide along your path of self-love. Not sure if you love yourself? 

1. Accept yourself the way you are. Loving acceptance means to stop trying to twist yourself around to be something you are not. Recognize you were created the way you are for a reason. 

2. Be authentic. Authenticity means that you are truly yourself. Being a chameleon attempting to be what we think another person expects us to be reduces our personal power and drains our energy. Being something other than what you are also will create anxiety. When you are the same with your doctor as you are with the cashier at the grocery store and the homeless person on the street you are authentic. Authenticity gives you strength. 

3. Stop comparing. There is no one else like you. When we compare ourselves with another, we feel weak, negative and are often filled with self-hatred. What another person thinks of you isn't your concern. Dress for yourself. When you feel good about your others, feel it.

4. Validate yourself. Looking for approval from others like our parents, teachers, bosses, clients or strangers reduces our personal power. Instead give value to yourself. When you feel bad, allow yourself to do so, it's okay. Don't allow another person to tell you how you should feel about a given situation. You are the only one that knows how you feel.

5. Stop judging. Judging yourself for your thoughts, feelings or the way you look disempowers you. Self-approval is paramount for 
good self-esteem. Be okay with how you feel rather than condemning yourself for feeling or thinking a certain way.

How Your Thoughts Create Disease

6. Trust yourself. Trusting your inner guidance and listening to your intuition is empowering. The more you trust yourself, the more personal power you will have, the stronger you feel. Self-doubt is one of the biggest issues people have that don't love themselves. If you don't trust yourself, you end up attracting people who lie, cheat and will steal from you.

7. Nurture yourself. Feeding your soul through activities that feel good, like taking a walk out in nature, a hot bath, meditating, resting when you need to will power you up and soothe you when you feel bad. 

8. Allow yourself to feel. Attempting to run away from feelings or emotions will cause you further suffering and pain. Feel what you are feeling fully. Sit with your feelings and breathe deeply. The feelings will pass very soon. Attempting to run away suppresses emotions causes us to feel numb and health issues down the road. A big part of awakening is feeling our emotions fully, rather than running away from them.

9. Be grateful for the big and small things in life. One of the first things I did was to say, "Thank you for my life, " each morning upon awakening. When we are grateful to be alive, we begin to recognize that every day is a gift, and there are many other things we have to be grateful for. Gratitude opens our heart and raises our vibration. 

10. Make a commitment to physical health. Most people don't commit to being healthy, vibrantly alive and feeling good about life. When you make a personal commitment to yourself, you begin to focus on healthier choices for foods, reducing alcohol, drugs, and exercise for our well-being. Remember your body is sacred. Making a personal commitment to you is paramount for happiness and well-being. 

11. Respect yourself. Self-respect is palpable. When we respect ourselves, we make better decisions about what is good for us, who we want in our lives and what we will and won't tolerate. When we lack self-respect others, disrespect us as well.

12. Know that you are worthy. Most people that don't love themselves feel unworthy. Unworthiness is one of the first things I clear in a session. When the programs, beliefs, and emotion of unworthiness is cleared, it becomes far easier to recognize self-worth. 

13. Know that you are lovable. When we don't love ourselves, we feel unlovable. Your soul essence is love. You wouldn't be here if you didn't have a purpose or reason. You have much to give the world. You are already loved. 

14. Speak your truth. Staying mute about how you feel is disempowering. Practice saying what is true for you with compassion towards yourself and others.

15. Take action where you need to. Do what you know needs to be done, without delay. Getting things done helps you feel successful and empowered. Unpack that suitcase! Put away those dishes! Improve the elements of your life that you can. Know what you have control of (yourself) rather than others. 

16. Focus on you rather than what others are doing. Most of us focus on what others are doing when we don't feel good about ourselves and our life, instead look inside. Focus on you. Ask yourself questions: "How does this make me feel?" "How am I being triggered by what this person is saying to me?" "What event does this remind me of from my past?" Asking yourself questions raises our awareness making us a witness in our lives which is powerful for healing the past. 

17. Stop trying to fix or change others. When we focus on ourselves (number 16 above) we stop trying to change others. We have no control over another person. Attempting to fix or change others is an avoidance of ourselves.

18. Be gentle and loving with yourself. Notice what is good rather than what is wrong with you. Wherever you focus your attention grows. Emphasize your positive traits and turn your attention away from what you feel needs to be fixed. 

18. Stop worrying. Worry is a waste of time and energy. Worry causes anxiety. You are okay as you are. Things always have a way of working out for the best. Worrying doesn't make anything better. 

19. Forgive. Forgive yourself for your past choices rather than continue to beat yourself up. There is no right or wrong. There is no such thing as failure, only gifts, and lessons. Recognize the lesson and move on.

20. Be fearless. Don't be afraid to be yourself. People will love you for being true to you. 

21. Be accountable. Our word is all we have. Taking responsibility for our words, actions and deeds leads to strong character and self-respect. We feel guilt and shame when we make excuses. When we take responsibility for ourselves, our health, happiness and our choices we step into our personal power. Making excuses for yourself is disempowering and makes you a victim. Life isn't happening to you, it is happening FOR YOU!

Jennifer is a healer, sex, love, and happiness coach that clears limiting beliefs, blocks, and self-sabotage from the past so that you can have the life, love, and happiness you desire. A healed healer herself, she helps others overcome anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, insecurities that block you from having healthy relationships and happiness. 

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9 Questions To Ask Before You Jump Into Bed

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

On-line dating today can be risky. Minimizing the risks takes place in advance. Ask lots of questions and be prepared. Do your Girl Scout leader proud! Be bold and be prepared. Your relationship will be better as a result. Don't be afraid to ask.

1. Do you have an STD? Getting a regular blood test when dating is something our health teacher would suggest. Asking if your date has had a checkup in the past six months is the second question. If your date has an active HPV, you could be at risk of throat cancer.

2. Do you have herpes? Herpes is the gift that keeps on giving. Once you have it, giving birth can be extremely challenging as babies can be born with herpes. No one wants that. Even though you have already asked about the STD, ask again about herpes. It's that important. Okay, some people will lie about this one, watch their reaction. Body language can be telling. 

Do you trust them enough to have them in your bed, exchanging bodily fluids? Women who don't trust their men have difficulty with orgasm.

3. Do you have any problem using a condom? You would be surprised at the stories I could tell you about men who refused condoms and where the relationships ended up. I know of three women who dated men who refused to wear a condom and guess who got pregnant? It wasn't the guy! A condom isn't 100% effective against pregnancy or even STDs, but it does reduce the risk of both. Don't be afraid to ask this question. If the guy says no, give him a pass, because he doesn't care enough about you to protect you.

4. Are you into KINK? Asking this question could save pain later on. There is nothing like falling in love with someone and finding that you aren't sexually compatible. I know of several men who like to be dominated but are too afraid to tell their wives of thirty years. Hopefully, you will be honest enough to spill the beans about whether you prefer vanilla or kinky sex, and have a safe word.

What Men Want From Their Women

5. Have you had a vasectomy? If you are a single woman hoping to have children, do you want to fall for someone who can't bear children? For some, this could be a bonus. Knowing whether a guy has had a "V" is an important fact. 

6. Do you want to have children? For many, this question is obvious on their profile, to be sure, ask. 

7. Do you watch porn? Depending on whether you like porn or not, this could be a deal breaker. Pornography addiction is a big issue and cited as a cause for divorce. Porn reduces the feeling part of the brain, reducing women to objects. A little porn is one thing, porn every day is another. Couples who watch porn together can both get excited by it and use porn as a place to take-off from. 

8. Do you enjoy oral sex? Many a man enjoys oral sex for himself but is reluctant to reciprocate. Women can be excited by oral sex both giving and receiving or turned off by the thought of a blow job. You might want to ask this question before you ah, you know, dive in. (Forgive me, I just had too!)

9. How open to experimenting sexually are you? Whether you are skilled or not knowing whether your soon-to-be lover is interested in trying, new things might make a big difference to whether you want to dedicate time to this relationship or not. 

If you are not interested in a long-term relationship, this question may be less important. For women who want a relationship with their sex, having someone that will learn Tantra or use sex as a method of expanding spiritually together; their response could be a deal breaker.

Sex is a method of communication. If you can't talk about sex before having it, you might want to ask yourself, why not? 

Sex is better when we can discuss what's happening, what we desire and what we don't. If you are mute about the subject of sex, you might feel disempowered by the other person. If you feel disempowered, that brings up another question, why?

Talking about sex can be exciting. Rather than shelving the subject open a discussion. You might find you both get turned on by opening up the door to a discussion about sex. We create intimacy by sharing our deepest fears and secrets. Sex improves when you break down the walls that protect you from being vulnerable.

 is a healer, sex, love, and happiness coach that clears limiting beliefs, blocks, and self-sabotage from the past so that you can have the life, love, and happiness you desire. A healed healer herself, she helps others overcome anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, insecurities that block you from having healthy relationships and happiness. 

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Jennifer is currently working on her third book: 

Happy Here, Happy Anywhere:

The Step-By-Step Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness Without A Prescription!

How To Use The Ho'oponopono Prayer To Forgive

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

In my practice I encounter many people stuck in unforgiveness. We don't have to like what was done to us to forgive. We certainly don't have to talk to our perpetrators to forgive them either. The best and fastest path I have found in over thirty years of healing is the Kahuna healing prayer from Hawaii, the Ho'oponopono Prayer.

When we sit in unforgiveness it is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

I'm sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

The Kahuna healers of Hawaii use this prayer to heal serious physical harm, rape, sexual molestation, and abuse. The prayer is very simple with profound healing effects.

How Healing Ourselves Heals Our Relationships

The way to use the prayer is simple. 

  1. Repeat the words slowly, forgiving yourself for anything you have ever done to hurt you first. 
  2. Always begin any healing practice with you first. 
  3. Think about any time you ever put yourself in harm's way. 
  4. Repeat the prayer. 
  5. Think about any time you ever beat yourself up verbally rather than loving and accepting yourself. 
  6. Repeat the prayer. 
  7. Spend about fifteen minutes repeating the prayer slowly until you feel complete. 

You may cry. That's perfectly natural when you turn loving words toward yourself. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. Feel the feelings and repeat the prayer with deeper compassion toward yourself. 

To Forgive Another Person

  1. Think of the other person. 
  2. Think about what the other person did to you.
  3. Breathe. 
  4. Thinking about the past may bring up old feelings or hate, anger, indignation, confusion, conflict and even pain. 
  5. Be compassionate toward you.
  6. Repeat the prayer slowly for about twenty minutes or more.

Why Forgive?

Forgiveness releases us from the burden of suffering. Forgiveness is for us, not the other person. We feel lighter and can let go of the past trauma once we have forgiven.

What Happens If I Don't Forgive?

Holding onto old hurts can cause diseases like cancer. Cancer is caused by deep hurt, longstanding resentment or a deep secret eating away at the self or carrying hatreds. Breast cancer is from holding all of the aforementioned plus a refusal to nourish the self, putting everyone else first, overmothering, overprotection and overbearing attitudes.

Holding onto these old hurts does you no good. Letting go and forgiving is healing for you. To be happy in life we need to forgive those who we feel have hurt us, including ourselves. Otherwise, we end up feeling the need to be rescued. Being a victim is disempowering. 

Healing A Relationship
I gave this prayer to my daughter ten months before her father died, she was fifteen at the time. She was very angry with him for many reasons. I told her she needed to get over her anger and heal her relationship with her father. I printed the prayer on a post-it note. She took it and went inside her bedroom and prayed the prayer for about forty minutes. She told me she had a huge catharsis and breakthrough beyond the anger. 

After doing the prayer, my daughter went on to have a very close relationship with her father until the day he died. 

This prayer is magical and can heal past hate, and trauma. I highly recommend it to everyone.

 is a healer, sex, love, and happiness coach that clears limiting beliefs, blocks, and self-sabotage from the past so that you can have the life, love, and happiness you desire. A healed healer herself, she helps others overcome anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, insecurities that block you from having healthy relationships and happiness. 

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Jennifer is currently working on her third book: 

Happy Here, Happy Anywhere:

The Step-By-Step Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness Without A Prescription!

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5 Ways To Activate The Brain's Natural Opiates To Get High On Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Washing my ceramic tile floor this morning I was thinking of how much I love a clean house but don't like the act of cleaning. In fact, I avoid doing the things I hate at all costs. How many things do you do on a daily basis that you hate to do? Why not activate your brain's natural opiates instead and get high on life. Here are 5 of my favorite ways:

1. Hire a housekeeper. Having someone else do the jobs you hate to do allows you time to do things you love doing. This one is very high on my list. Not only will you have more time to do the things you love, you will enjoy your clean house. Having order in your home is paramount to feeling peaceful and high on life.

2. Walk outside in nature. More people are living in urban environments now than ever before. We need trees, greenery and plants around us for vibrant health. Science supports the theory that getting out in nature relieves anxiety; obsessive thoughts decrease while cognition and memory improve. Nature makes us feel good. Rock climbing, cycling, or just walking out in a park away from buildings gives us 

Our telomeres which are at the end of our DNA strands become more flexible rather than brittle extending life and youthfulness with regular exercise, especially in nature. Smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, and unhealthy diet is a predictor of Telomere shortening.  Associated Telomere shortening is a predictor of the early onset of age-related illnesses, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer and coronary disease.

3. Celebrate life through dance. Tribal peoples have always known that dance is important not only to celebrate life but because it feels so good. Dance can lead to a feeling of ecstasy found in sex or a runner's high, releasing oxytocin, serotonin and activating the opiates in the brain. When we get beyond regular movement into trance dancing or ecstatic dance endorphins are released, and we experience a natural high. The brain also has natural opiates to decrease pain; dance can help you in many ways.

4. Orgasm. Whether you are single or partnered experiencing an orgasm is an incredible high. Witness the rush of kundalini up the spine and into the frontal cortex of the brain and third eye - it is amazing! Seratonin, oxytocin, and endorphins are released at the time of orgasm. Pain is suppressed, and the brain receives a high. What's not to like?

5. Chant or repeat mantras. There is science behind the ecstatic chanting of monks and Saints. Ecstatic chanting is very similar to sexual activity in the brain, causing you to feel high. The following excerpt is from The Scientific American Book of Love, Sex and the Brain by Judith Horstman and Scientific American: 

“Jefferson University neuroscientist Andrew Newberg scanned the brains of praying Catholic nuns and meditating Buddhist monks and found some overlap between their neural activity and that of sexually aroused subjects (as seen in scans from other researchers). The correlation makes sense, according to Newberg. Just as sex involves a rhythmic activity so do religious practices such as chanting, dancing and repetition of a mantra. Religious experiences produce sensations of bliss, transcendence beyond one’s self and unity with the loved one that is very like the ecstasy of orgasm. That may be why some mystics, such as St. Teresa, describe their rapture with romantic or even sexual language.”

Mantras are what I used to quiet my mind chatter. I hadn't had brain chatter since 2007 when I began doing a process called Ascension. Now I teach a similar method which leads to congruency in the brain. Mantras elongate our brainwaves that create congruency. Congruency in the brain calms us down and makes us feel good. Following are several you can use.

om mane padme hom

Jai Uttal ecstatic chanting

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

5 Ways To Overcome A Snoring Partner Without Moving Rooms

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

One in four married couples sleep in separate rooms. Snoring and sleep deprivation is being cited as the culprit. In a society where we are disconnected all day with work, social media, cell phones and business, for some couples, the only time they have quiet moments to snuggle and share intimacy is at night. 

You have more sex sleeping together.
You live longer by sleeping with your partner.

None of us want to admit it. Snoring isn't our most favorable trait. I've been known to wake myself up after hearing myself sawing logs! 

Here are five ways to keep your lover in your bed and your connection alive when one or both of you snore.

1. Lose weight. Weight gain is a pesky culprit for many things, snoring is one of them. Losing weight can help you with erectile dysfunction and better general health. Besides, how can you run after her when you can't keep up?

2. Avoid Alcohol. Alcohol and sedatives relax the back of the throat causing you to snore. Even Dimetapp or Benadryl will cause snoring when taken occasionally. Drinking alcohol four to five hours before sleeping will cause you to snore.

3. Get to bed earlier. Going to bed exhausted has the same effect as drinking alcohol before bed. When you work too hard for too long, you fall into bed exhausted. The throat relaxes causing snoring. Take better care of yourself by quitting work earlier when possible, and going to bed before you are exhausted.

4. Moisturize and hydrate! A room too dry and a stuffy nose can cause snoring. Take a hot shower before bed, use a cool humidifier for added moisture. Inhaling steam in the shower can help to hydrate nasal passages. Make sure you are drinking enough water. A dehydrated mouth and nose will cause you to snore. Water is needed especially if you drink caffeine during the day as it dehydrates the body. Women require 11 cups of water a day and men 16 cups.

5. Get a new pillow. As Oprah says your pillow is not your friend. If you have been carting your pillow with you since childhood it is time to get a new one. Dust mites, allergens, and other unsightly germs accumulate on your pillow. Change your pillow every six months. In between times throw that bad boy in the dryer for ten minutes to kill anything that lingers. 

Ignoring snoring is dangerous. It could be a sign of something very serious. Too many of us slough off signs thinking it is natural to snore. If none of these tips work, you might have a sleep apnea. 
Sleep apnea is a sign of a serious health issue: high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or weight gain.

Ear plugs can be a short-term solution, but are another way of ignoring a problem.

Disconnection is all too easy these days. Ask yourself, is snoring the excuse for me to create distance between me and my partner? Moving out of your marital bedroom creates distance in more ways than one. You will not only have more sex but the opportunity to connect through conversations and spooning after that blissful coupling!
Source: Web MD

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