Friday, August 29, 2014

Why Women Are Leaving Long-Term Marriages

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Women more than men are asking for a divorce after 20, 25 and 30 years of marriage. Why would someone who has obviously stuck through thick and thin for all those years suddenly decide she has had enough? 

FACT: Women file for divorce 2/3 of the time.

FACT: Throughout the 19th Century 60% of divorce filings were initiated by women.

These statistics are telling. It is why I wrote Orgasm For Life. Women are unhappy and their men have no idea. 

The Janet Love Show: Interview Healing Sexual Trauma

In the process of writing Orgasm For Life, I researched, for months. I did my own statistical analysis and interviewed hundreds of people. Of the people I interviewed, many were in long-term marriages. Those who were having fun together in AND out of their bedrooms were the ones, committed and connected. Their relationships were tight. They usually have a deep connection with each other AND a shared Spiritual connection. They were not interested in affairs. The women were happy with their sexual partners and satisfied, because they felt loved and appreciated. They also had orgasms as often as their mate did. They both were able to discuss sex openly within their relationship and ask for what they wanted.

Reasons Women Leave Their Husbands

  1. She has given all her life to others and has lost herself. 
  2. She is dissatisfied with sex.
  3. She feels unappreciated.
  4. She doesn't feel loved.
  5. She doesn't love herself. 
  6. You have left the toilet seat up one too many times and they have had enough of being ignored, invalidated or put down.
  7. She doesn't accept herself as she is and is constantly trying to change you. She may be tired of you not being what she thinks she wants you to be.
  8. She recognizes that she can't control you, so will go and find someone else they THINK they can change or control.
  9. She feels she has no purpose and feels lost. (Children are grown, they have no mission or soul purpose.)
  10. There may be abuse or boundaries that are crossed. Controlling and jealous men can lead women to seek someone who will not control them or be fearful of them looking elsewhere.

Reasons Women Get Married

  1. They think they are in love. (Some truly are in love, but not all.) Sex releases hormones which make you FEEL you are in love.
  2. They feel that is the right thing to do.
  3. It feels like the next step - and what society expects of them.
  4. They hear their clock ticking and feel it is TIME!
  5. They want to have babies (this is not true of many child-bearing women today.)
  6. They are not happy with life and feel that marriage will fill that void.
  7. They are looking for happiness outside of themselves.
  8. They have always dreamed of a big wedding and feel that having this BIG WEDDING will make them happy.
  9. At a certain point in their relationship they decide it is time to take it to the next step: often pressuring their man into marriage when he is not ready.
  10. They feel lonely, empty, unfulfilled and look for these things outside of themselves, in a relationship/marriage.(Often women get married because they have an emptiness inside and feel are lonely, or because they think they should get married. They don't love themselves and continue to look for validation and often get re-married immediately). Statistically, second, third and fourth marriages don't last.

When women look to marriage to solve their loneliness, unhappiness or unfulfillment, eventually they will come to recognize that the marriage didn't do it for them. When this happens they often make their husband the enemy. They make their man wrong. Blame figures prominently in this situation. Women (and men) are not victims. They are left with a hole that is gaping and still empty. Having someone love you when you don't love yourself, eventually comes up short. Often you don't even feel the love because you are so closed off and shut down emotionally. You refuse to allow love in after a while. You shut down your heart and resist the good. 

Issues Of Sex

One of the complaints I hear most often is that the men have HTP, (come too quickly). When the man comes too quickly, the woman does not have enough time to become aroused, never mind come to orgasm. Many women are not being satisfied by their husbands. After years of marriage, sex has become truncated and cursory. There is often no kissing or eye contact in their relationships. In these marriages, after 25 and 30 years, women have had enough and are looking for passion, fiery encounters, and orgasms. 

We Need Good Positive Communication

Communication verbal and non-verbal often becomes adversarial. In other words, communication constantly contains conflict, eye rolling and arguments.

Are You Listening?

Men have a tendency to think that women talk too much, often about things that don't matter. After years of hearing us talk, talk talk, men often shut their women out, ignoring them and pretending to listen. Women feel this and it bugs us. If we don't get attention from you, we will get it somewhere else. When you ignore your woman as a matter of course, you run the risk of losing her to someone who pays attention. 

Daily Drudgery

Long-term marriage involves work. Not just work on the relationship, but work outside the home. Routines can become boring. Life becomes dull. We have to work at keeping love alive and passion in the bedroom. There are ways to do this and I detail many of them in my book. Reading erotica together, playing a board game that involves risk taking and clothes coming off, rather than routine hum-drum sex can make a huge difference. Touch each other outside the bedroom. Look at one another when you talk and listen intently, rather than focus on your cell phone or multi-tasking.

Don't Screw Around On Each Other!

Women are instinctual creatures. We have a sixth sense. Nature provided us with this naturally so that we could tell when our babies were in trouble. We sense things that many people don't. Women are intuitive. This intuition also lets us know when you have been fooling around with your secretary, or tennis buddy. We know when you had sex with your best friend's wife on your recent visit. Yup, we know! So don't try to fool us. We are feeling creatures that sense the unspoken. We know when you have had affairs. Don't think you can get away with having an affair. It will come out sooner or later. An affair is not the answer. Love is the answer. If you are considering having an affair ask the following questions:

  1. What do I hope to gain that I am not getting from marriage?
  2. Will this help my marriage or hurt it?
  3. Am I prepared for my marriage to be over?

It is impossible to keep an affair a secret. It will come out. A receipt will fall out of a closet, a scent will be left on clothes, or there will be a tell on your face or voice. Do not think you can hide an affair. If you cheat on your spouse, you are also lying to yourself. If you must have sex with someone else, get divorced first. Be in integrity, it is the only thing that you have at the end of this life.

Adventures in Life
To make your marriage more exciting there are many things you can do. Take a day trip out to a place you have thought about for years. Pack a picnic lunch, maybe even stay overnight. Do something spur of the moment, rather than plan ahead. When we do things spontaneously the whole

event takes on a different hue. Get off your couch and live a little. Change up your routine and make love in the shower, or on the stairs, or in your car. Or maybe just drive into the city and book a hotel on a whim! Use your imagination. You might save your marriage and in the process save your life. Married people live longer, are healthier and have sex more often.

Women Only THINK They Know What They Want

Can You Live Without Affection?

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, life, love and sex coach. She is insightful, gifted and direct. She works with those committed to grow and find themselves. She helps men and women find the happiness within. Life becomes a joy rather than drudgery. If you feel life is a drag rather than a joy, perhaps a free session with Jennifer will reveal the ways that you can find the joy and love in life, rather than feeling lonely and empty forever. Jennifer has overcome her own negativity, judgment and criticism. She lived in physical pain as well as emotional pain and illness for over 30 years. Now she has no pain, and is about to celebrate her 60th birthday in JOY! In honor of her birthday she is offering 5 people a free one hour session for those committed to heal. Contact her HERE! There are only 5 spots for a free one-hour session. These will not last long. E-mail her now!

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Oral Sex For Women

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

In my research for my book, Orgasm For Life, I interviewed hundreds of men and women. Women complained that men aren't hitting the right buttons, or lasting long enough. When sex is over within a few minutes, your female counterpart may only be slightly aroused and left frustrated. Just because a woman is wet, does not mean she is ready for intercourse.  Often oral sex is the fastest way to get a woman to reach an orgasm. For some, it is the only way.

Women need to have orgasms with regularity. I found that men often want oral sex, but don't want to give it. Men talk about how much they enjoy oral, but they seem to forget that women do also. Often it is the easiest way to get a woman to orgasm.

Sometimes men think that women's vagina's have a strong odor.  It is natural for a woman's vagina to have a scent. Men have their own odors and scents. I suggest to come to the party fresh from a shower, for both partners. Making sex sacred, is all about cleanliness and honoring each other with respect. Anything you eat flavors and scents the genitals, of both men and women.


Good communication outside of the bedroom is required for sex to be great and communication in the bedroom to be good. Much of sex is non-verbal. To be able to respond to signals and queues your verbal communication needs to be excellent. Men, this means you need to listen to your woman, rather than pretend to listen.

What About Sex?

What can you do to satisfy your woman, so that you stay connected, and committed? For one, make sure that your woman has at least one orgasm before you do. I can hear some of you men balking. You can balk all you want. However, most women do not come through your magic penis alone! They need oral sex. They need to be digitally stimulated (with your fingers) for 20 minutes or more. Do not stop until she has had at least one orgasm.

Most Women Don't Get Enough Foreplay

Most women need 20 - 40 minutes of direct stimulation to reach an orgasm. However, don't begin with her genitals. Begin with her mind. Tell her she is beautiful. Tell her she smells good. Tell her she tastes good. When she realizes that you appreciate all that she is, she will let go more easily. Women need to know that their man finds them attractive, rather than just a receptacle for his penis and sperm.

Quote from Orgasm For Life:

From Chapter 5 - Anatomy of An Orgasm

Women need more stimulation than the in-out of a penis or tongue in our vagina to reach an orgasm. 

My little side note: 

(And if you are lapping at her clitoris like a kitten at a bowl of milk - you are way off base here fellas!) You have to act like you are enjoying it. Think of blow jobs. How would you feel if your woman was performing fellatio on you with a look of disgust and saying, "EWWWW!" It would not get you where you want to go, would it? Well, neither will your disgust of the female form. 

Target practice is what I call it when a sexual partner bypasses personal interaction as well as lips, breasts, inner thighs, skin, and zeros in on the clitoris and vaginal opening.

Women have so many wonderful body parts to stimulate. This heightens our pleasure centers, which would assist with arousal.  Take your time and focus on each one for ten minutes. Instead of rushing to the finish line like a linebacker on Superbowl Sunday, slow down you stallion! Great lovers take their time, but don't rush pleasure. Anticipation is key to heightened pleasure. Faster is not better -- vary speed with pressure, try different things.

Getting a man to change his style of lovemaking may be gradual. Give him encouragement when he does something that feels good. However, some people don't 

The Donut Hole on The Concession Stand of Life

When you don't have a deep connection with your woman, she feels it. When there is no connection and you just are looking for a hole to plunge your throbbing penis into, we feel like we are just the donut hole on the concession stand of life. Believe me,  it is not a good place to be.

How To Perform Oral Sex - For WOMEN

The key to pleasuring a woman is to pleasure her first. Giving is better than receiving, remember? Make it the best oral sex of your life. Generosity is a function of the heart, not the wallet. You will be amazed at how grateful she is for having her orgasm first without having to do anything for you. (She will return the favor, later.)

  1. Get comfortable. You might be here for a while.
  2. The better job you do, the better orgasm your woman will have. So get into it. Act like you like it. If you don't she will feel it. Get a pillow and prop yourself up.
  3. If she tells you she isn't in to oral sex tonight, it does not mean that you never have to go down on her ever again! It means, just not tonight. Maybe she has something going on down there she doesn't want to discuss with you. Saying "no" once, does not mean you get the rest of your relationship off!
  4. Begin on the outside of the vulva. Kiss around the outer labia. 
  5. Gradually make your way to the clitoris. Kiss, lick, suck the clitoris slowly, building pressure as you go. The clitoris has twice the number of nerve endings that a penis does. It is very sensitive. Begin gently. Work up to increased pressure, or sucking.
  6. Insert one finger slightly inside the vaginal opening. Manually stimulate with one finger on the upper wall of the vagina. Continue stimulating with your finger AND continue using your tongue and mouth on her clitoris. You can use a rapid fire technique with your tongue. Keeping your tongue a little stiff, rather than wide and slurping. 
  7. Don't rush her. Don't tell her to hurry up and come! Be patient. The more into it you are, the more she will relax and let go.
  8. If she passes out, you did a good job! Seriously, you will know when she comes, she will let you know. If she asks you to stop, do as she asks. You may want to have a tap-out signal, to let each other know she's had enough. She might not be able to form any words. This is also a really good sign you did a great job! Congratulations! You got her to smile. You might even have gotten her to laugh. That is a beautiful thing!
Jennifer is a life, love and sex coach. She is the author of Orgasm For Life.  Her website is

You can book your private session with her here: 

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Orgasm For Life: Preventing Cancer Through Orgasm

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

For the last six months, I have spent my Wednesday mornings on WRN radio with Eric Jones, broadcasting across the western United states, Jamaica and Manchester England. Each Wednesday morning we talked to hundreds of people across the world about sex. The burning question in the minds of men AND women is, can women have a G-spot orgasm? Not only is it possible for all women to have an ejaculatory orgasm, but for their own health and prevention of disease - they should! 

Experiencing this type of orgasm for our health, prevents cancer and other insidious diseases. A recent episode of Devi Ward, Better Love, Better Sex included an interview with Dr. Paul Tinari. Dr. Tinari lost his life partner through cancer. His loss, led him to research ways that the human body releases toxins. The ejaculatory orgasm is one of the ways for women to do so. Here is the link to this amazing interview:  Devi Ward, Better Love Better Sex

Devi Ward is a respected Tantra teacher and sex educator. I will be on her show on September 5th talking about ORGASM FOR LIFE. Women need to be having regular orgasms as often as men. They are certainly capable of having two, three or more to every man's one. If you are a woman and are not orgasmic, you need to read ORGASM FOR LIFE. This book will help you understand how to get there and teach your partner how to get you there as well.

Dr. Tinari's premise is that the lymphatic system drains through the skene's glands where women ejaculate from. Listen to this interview for more information. The link is above. 

Jennifer's book is inspired, passionately written and laugh out loud funny! If you would like a guide that will turn you on, teach you, inspire you and ignite the fires of passion in and out of your bedroom, then this is the book for you. Written from Jennifer's personal experience and with the addition of hundreds of interviews from men and women, gay and straight, Orgasm For Life will teach you, open your eyes and hearts as well as help you relate better to your partner. With deeper understanding it is Jennifer's hope that there will be fewer divorces, more sex and deeper intimacy for ALL!

If you have questions, need assistance or just want to talk to Jennifer. Feel free to e-mail her here. She will be glad to connect with you to answer your questions or set up a 20 minute session to discuss your issue. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Attracting Love Fast

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Knowing what love is and isn't is important. Often we think we are in love, when it is sexual attraction, or infatuation. A lot of women have the idea that love should be felt the way it is in Disney movies. Where we are the princess and our prince will come and take us away from our debt, problems and issues. Last night on my Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio show, my guest was The Love Doctor from Atlanta, Georgia. Shaneetha and I have talked on her blogtalk radio show about Twin Flames several times. I have provided the recording below for you to listen to. The show was full of amazing insights and wisdom for men and women about love, what it is and what it isn't. I have included some of our discussion for you to read as well. Following is a list according to Shaneetha Akinlana what love is not:

Here is the download from Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio:

Fallacies About Love
  1. Easy
  2. Passion and jealousy
  3. Everyone has the right to obtain happiness and love.
  4. Should be selfish.
  5. Based exclusively on finding the RIGHT PERSON.
  6. Explosive and overwhelming.
  7. Blind. Without power or reason.
  8. Euphoria.
  9. Dependent on physical beauty.
  10. Sexual union.
  11. Romantic and fantastic.

How Do We Manifest

  1. Through the spoken word
  2. Through thoughts
  3. Through our emotions
  4. With our imaginations
  5. With our own energy
We all have lessons to learn in this life. Our relationships are the fastest way for us to learn and grow. Recognizing that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason, whether it feels positive or negative. We learn. Usually the biggest growth comes from adversities rather than the easy and fun times. When we are challenged the most, we have the most personal growth. Each relationship teaches us a lesson about ourselves. Some of the more challenging relationships teach us the most profound lessons.

What Love IS:

  • unconditional
  • accepting
  • generous
  • giving
  • kind
  • makes life seem worthwhile
  • the ultimate nourishment of the soul

You Attract What YOU ARE, not what you want

You may want a wealthy partner. However, if you are poverty stricken with debt up to your eyeballs, you will attract someone who is LIKE you, rather than different from you. You attract what you are. If you are codependent and needy, you will attract someone else who is addicted in some way. Codependency is an addiction. You are addicted to people, relationships and need to have someone in your life to feel whole and complete. Until you feel fulfilled and happy with yourself and your life, you will continue to attract others who don't feel whole and complete within themselves. Those people could be abusive, jealous, controlling and fearful. This is not love. This is the absence of love. When you love yourself completely - you will then attract others who also love and attract themselves completely.

In my 6 week workshop, I assist women and men to love themselves unconditionally. Doing this workshop has helped many people attract a partner either during the workshop or immediately afterward. These are some of the steps I recommend.

How To Manifest Love

  1. Get clear on what it is you want. What is important to you in a mate?
  2. Write a list of criteria for your partner.
  3. Focus on this list.
  4. Envision what life would be like with this person in bed with you, drinking your morning coffee together, enjoying life together. Make this vision BIG! Envision every detail.
  5. Take a deep breath, hold it and then let it go.
  6. Say a prayer with emotion (example below)
  7. Release your creation out into The Universe
  8. Trust that it will be returned to you in Divine Timing
  9. Stop pushing and just BE.
  10. Forget it. Don't continue to pull it back and change or add, or try to help God to his/her job.

Manifesting Prayer (Example)

Mother Father God, I desire love and sexual pleasure. I am now ready for my Divine Partner. I am irresistible to my mate. I do not know how this will happen. I just know it will be so. I know that miracles happen every day and I am ready to receive mine! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

  • Be grateful for the gift of this relationship
  • Unconditional love accepts. It does not try to change or FIX the other person. 

Remember we often ask for a relationship and then reject what we are given. Be ready to accept the love you are given. Many people ask and then are not open to receive. Your heart must be open to love. We often push love away unconsciously. Are you being compassionate to yourself and others. Is your heart open, or closed? Are you self critical, condemning? 

Jennifer is the author of Orgasm For Life. This book was written from her personal experience and includes data from hundreds of interviews with others, married, single, gay, straight and lesbian. Love knows no bounds. 

If you are looking for better sex, and a deeper connection, this book is for you. Wise, witty and inspirational. This book will turn you on and fire up the passion in your bedroom. Jennifer is a catalystic life, love and sex coach and educator. She is available for private sessions, Intuitive counseling and healing sessions. Her expertise is in sexual dysfunction. Her phone number is (770) 480-5500 to schedule your 30 minute private discovery session, to see if her work is right for you. Jennifer works with committed individuals who want to grow and evolve profoundly. If you prefer, you can reach her through her website or E-mail her HERE:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 positive side of Sexual Dysfunction

The Lighter Side of Sexual Dysfunction: Orgasm For Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Looking for passion in your relationship, bedroom and life? Look no further. Orgasm For Life will ignite the fires of passion in and out of the bedroom. As a matter of fact, I might even light the fires of passion for you in your bathroom, kitchen and living room as well! 

This book was inspired by my own non-orgasmic experiences. I knew if I had issues, others did also. When I began interviewing and surveying others, 100's of people responded with their own stories. I invite you to watch this video. It will give you a glimpse of a fraction of what is inside this book. It is direct, honest and open. I am fearless about sex. I share my own personal experiences and those of others. 

Orgasm For Life is not just a guide, it is filled with page-turning HOT HOT HOT topics, that will turn you on. One gentleman told me that the chapter on oral sex for men was ON FIRE! 

It will light the fire of passion for both of you. But it won't if you don't buy the book. So get going to Amazon, right now. 

If you like fantasies, erotica, there are chapters for you in Orgasm For Life. Here are some of the chapter titles you will find in this passionately written book. 

Radio Show Every Wednesday FREE! Great fun and information.

Have you ever asked for what you wanted and got it? Was it a man? Was he exactly what you asked for - but you forgot some important details to ask for like, monogamy, emotional availability, non-addict. Instead you got a hunk of a man, who dates on the side and denies you when you hit him head on!??

This is what our radio show this Wednesday is all about. Asking for what you want. Detailed, exact and clear. The more clear you can be, the easier it will be for the Universe to fill your order. Remember The Universe must create a win-win situation. Orchestration must take place. This is where the fun comes in.

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Manifesting Love - that you want FAST. 
Find out how to get specific and detailed about your manifestations. LIVE on Wednesday.


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Is A Facelift in Your Future?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Aging is a part of life. However, how we eat, live, think, speak and feel has as much to do with the speed at which we age. We have seen many aging actors and singers who have had multiple face lifts. Then there are those who choose not to have surgery. Each person can choose what is best for them. What a face lift says to me is: I am not happy with who I am and where I am in my life.

I used to fight with life, partners and parents. I was the rage against the machine. I blamed others for my unhappiness and what was happening in my life. Not any more!

Since I began to take responsibility for my life, the chaos and drama has disappeared. Life is peaceful, joy filled and calm. I see myself aging with grace and ease, slowly. My body is healthy, and I have been told I look 45 rather than 59, but many women would already be booking an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Not me! Why? you ask? Good question. Here is why:

A face lift signifies to me, I am not happy with me. It telegraphs to The Universe that you want perfection. You want to look perfect, be perfect and will stop at nothing to look that way. A face lift changes the way you look significantly. A second face-lift changes you exponentially. 

Being happy with ourselves is more than half the battle in this life - it is ALL OF THE BATTLE. When we are happy with ourselves, we feel good about ourselves with each passing decade. We radiate the love we feel for ourselves out into the world and it boomerangs right back to us. When we are filled with love, we look younger than our chronological age. We feel better than people who are not happy with themselves. When we aren't beating ourselves up with acid and critical thoughts, we don't have body pain or aches. We feel vibrant while looking vibrant and fully alive. When we are in touch with what we are passionate about, we live from a place of passion and do what we love. Helping others in some way, fulfills our soul's purpose. It fills you to overflowing.

Not Happy With How You Look?

If we aren't happy with who we are, how we look and the life we live, we look for things outside of ourselves to make us happy. These are only temporary fixes. It could be a better job, success in our business a relationship or a face lift. For me, I'm okay with my age. As a matter of fact, I feel better turning 60 than I did at 40. I am happier. I look more relaxed. I am good with where I am. I love the work I do. It fulfills me. I have a passion that burns inside of me. I get new ideas for books, projects and workshops all the time. Writing books, blogs, catalystic coaching, doing Akashic Record readings for people makes me feel good. I am giving back what I have received and continue to receive more in exchange.

We need to be honest with ourselves rather than in denial.

I am honest with myself about how I look. I am always surprised when I put my glasses on in front of the mirror and see a whole lot more wrinkles with them, than I do without them.  I am quite happy with how I look for just 2 months away from being 60! I feel well, healthy and vibrant. A few wrinkles on my face shows that I have experienced life. There is some mileage on my tires and I am okay with that. I earned those wrinkles. My photos aren't touched up, because I want people to see the real me.
Untouched - taken with my Mac no touch ups,6/14

Our Life's Work

Being happy with ourselves is really our life's work. Getting there is a journey. This is why we need to stay in the present, so that we experience each and every moment fully. We will always be working on bettering ourselves. Growing, learning until the day we die. It helps us to feel alive. Our imagination and expanding our consciousness, learning and growing stretches us. Learning new things helps us to feel good about ourselves. We've heard it said before:

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.


Dreaming Of The Perfect Partner?

The people I work with are often looking for a relationship to fill a void. They may be dreaming and hoping for the perfect partner to come and sweep them off their feet to make them feel whole. Dreaming is good. Wishing and hoping for a perfect man or woman to show up is what we read about in fairy tales as children. The perfect prince does not exist. The better we feel about ourselves, the more that we love ourselves, the more balanced a person we will attract. We attract what WE ARE, not what WE WANT. A soul mate connection may come in, but you will attract someone with similar issues to help us resolve ours. A soul mate connection is all about resolving our issues. Sometimes a soul mate relationship is wrought with strife, struggle and derision.
My mom aged 92 no surgery

What I have discovered is that if you aren't right with yourself (loving yourself without fear) and have a deep connection with the spiritual, your soul purpose and a mission for your life - you will look for something else to fill you up. After a while the relationship you wanted so badly will not make you happy, because it is merely a reflection of the unhappiness you feel inside you. You will blame or critique your mate and could begin looking for an affair, or some other "thing" to take your mind off how you feel about you. When we are in this state, we often look for men to be our projects. You know those fixer uppers. We aren't happy with our manifestation, so we set about to make them into what we think we want.

If you are ready to live life fully, feel fully loved from the inside, so that you become a magnet for love, success and prosperity, it is time to connect with me. I help codependent women who are tired of the same old relationship with men they can't trust, don't have jobs or security. I empower you to move beyond the liars, cheaters and philanderers. beyond fear, anxiety and depression and step into your Divine Power, where you feel confident, safe and respected. When you love and respect yourself, others will too. I did this, I used this very system to move beyond fear, depression and illness into the fullness of who I am today. You will have men knocking down your doors! Instead of you doing the chasing - they will be following you in the gym, grocery store and parking lot!

I have helped hundreds of women become empowered, confident Goddesses who know who they are and what they want. When you know what you want - The Universe has no choice but to send it to you!

At the very least show up for my radio show on Wednesday at 8:00 Eastern and 5:00 PM Pacific. Shaneetha Akinlana, The Love Doctor, joins me this Wednesday. It is guaranteed to be one hour of POWER, Love and Joy!

Have you ever asked for what you wanted and got it? Was it a man? Was he exactly what you asked for - but you forgot some important details to ask for like, monogamy, emotional availability, non-addict. Instead you got a hunk of a man, who dates on the side and denies you when you hit him head on!??

This is what our radio show this Wednesday is all about. Asking for what you want. Detailed, exact and clear. The more clear you can be, the easier it will be for the Universe to fill your order. Remember The Universe must create a win-win situation. Orchestration must take place. This is where the fun comes in.

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Manifesting Love - that you want FAST. 
Find out how to get specific and detailed about your manifestations. LIVE on Wednesday.

Jennifer is the author of Orgasm For Life, a book to bridge the chasm between men and women. The divorce rate is over 51% in the US for first marriages. Second marriages fail at an alarming rate of 67% and third marriages fail at a rate of 73%. This statistic is much higher in other countries, like Russia for instance.  When people remain the same, history repeats itself. If you haven't corrected patterns and programming, you will attract a similar type of person in subsequent marriages. If you haven't taken relationship courses, worked diligently to change these patterns, your relationship will sound, smell and look like your previous ones, only with a different face on your partner. Divorce is painful. You don't want to go through it again and again, like I did. You have to get right with yourself and love yourself fearlessly!

When It Comes To Sex

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Women Only THINK They Know What They Want

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Having been a woman myself, for most of my life, I can attest to the fact that most women have no idea who they are. When we don't know who we are, we don't know what we want either.

When I embarked on my healing journey after a particularly difficult marriage, I began to look at how I created the issues within my marriage. I began to look at myself. This was really new to me, since most of my life I blamed others for my life. I have since learned that we are not victims AND they Universe and God is orchestrating our lives FOR us. Everything that happens happens because it is a reflection of our inner most thoughts, fears and beliefs and teaches us a lesson at the same time.

All that said, I will repeat most women do not know what they want. I see it all the time. Women sit down to order in a restaurant. We all pour over the menus choosing carefully. Sometimes, we even ask everyone at the table, "What are you getting?" We choose our meal. Then when everyone's food arrives, we wonder why we didn't choose differently. 

Same thing when it comes to choosing men. Most women think they know what they want in a man, but the details are fuzzy. What is important and works for them could be entirely different than what they manifest.

We often focus on looks, money and financial security. Then our guy arrives and he is abusive, boyish, untidy and screws around on us. He might even be emotionally unavailable and totally incapable of an independent thought. Why do we do this? 

Most women do not sit down and write down what they want in a man on a piece of paper. I recommend you do this. Carefully. Write all the things that you WANT in a man. Most women focus on what they DON'T want, rather than what they want. Whatever you focus on is what you will bring to you. Also, if you are asking for a millionaire and you are penniless, that won't work either. You have to BE what you are trying to attract.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014


By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

A kiss is the first part of any sexual contact. Kissing transmits a sexual charge and connects two bodies. A kiss lets the receiver know whether sex is a possibility. A kiss can be like an electric bolt of energy culminating in the genitals. It releases oxytocin from the brain.

Women still remember the first kiss after men have forgotten the last. ~Remy de Gourmont


There is nothing like the feeling of the anticipation of the first kiss, having someone cup the side of your face and pull you to them. Your lips part, you open receiving theirs. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they kiss. Do they draw you in? Do you feel an electric charge? If a kiss does nothing for the receiver, the kiss could signal the end of a physical exchange. It can also signal just how wonderful this person could be in bed. 

We remember the ones who DID it for us. We remember our best kisses. We also remember the sloppy kisses, where we felt someone kissed us like a St. Bernard slobbering all over our mouth dripping onto our chin and plunging their tongue deep inside our mouths. I apologize to all the St. Bernard's out there. I do love dogs, just not sloppy kissers.

There is a delicate balance between enough and too much. Slowly move forward as if smelling this beautiful face. Drink in their energy. At first, when you kiss someone you want your lips to touch ever so softly, brushing their lips with yours. Nibble the lower lip gently, before going in for the big kiss. No tongue at first. This is the first kiss. You don't want to push through if lips are closed. There is so much one can do with your delicious lips. 

Anticipation is the key to great sex

Anticipation is the key to great sex. So it is with kissing. As you go in for the first kiss, move gently. If she pulls away, she is either not into you or you moved too soon. 

The slower you move, the better. Let the other person anticipate your kiss. Rub noses, hold their face in your hands. Look them in their eyes. 

For now, sit there holding them, locking eyes. Wait. Build the tension between you. 

Sexual tension is a good thing. Let it build. For those of you who have been in a relationship a long time, kisses are often forgotten. I remember being in a marriage where we stopped kissing entirely. Kissing is the precursor to so many wonderful things, like oral sex, great sex and a whole lot of wonderful sensual experiences. Kissing needs to be a part of your repertoire. Make sure you know how to do it well.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Men, wondering how to get your woman to want more sex?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It is not news to anyone that men more often than not want sex more frequently than women. I am not saying this always is the case, but generally speaking, men are more motivated by sex than women. Men are testosterone based, as my friend Linzi Levinson from Voice America, Illuminating Now, says and women are emotion.

So you want more sex and you wonder why it isn't happening more frequently. Here are some of the reasons why.

  1. You may be coming too quickly and therefore not satisfying your woman. Women typically need more time to get from zero to 60 mph. They need time to become aroused, get into the mood and get revved up. In my book, Orgasm For Life, I call this HTP. It is a problem. If you come within the first few minutes, it is a problem. More frequent sex does not make this HTP go away. (Read my book for the solution anger/rage is the reason. This anger is hidden.) When the woman is not satisfied on a regular basis, she becomes disinterested in sex and either shuts down sexually, finds another partner or self stimulates, possibly with a vibrator.
  2. You may be making love longer than two minutes, but you may not be giving your woman enough stimulation in the right places. Every woman is different. Some like their nipples squeezed, sucked or pulled, some like their neck nibbled, kissed or bitten. Some women want you to have three hands and digitally stimulate, nibble, kiss and lick all at the same time! Women need more than 2 minutes of foreplay. If you are not stimulating your woman to orgasm before entry, you are missing the boat, and the orgasm for her. The key is to slow down, take your time and pleasure her first. She will be so grateful you will have her smiling and pulling you into the bedroom for more~!
  3. Focus on HER pleasure, instead of yours first. You will come, don't worry. You usually do, right? But women more often than not, DON'T. This is where the gap is. Women need 20 - 40 minutes of stimulation, digitally (fingers), orally (tongue, lips) or all of the above. Take time to stimulate, get her really aroused. Even if she begs for it, stimulate her longer. The G-spot will not even show up until 20 minutes of stimulation. If you want her to experience a G-spot orgasm and have you being called "THE MAN" take your time. Stimulate her for 20 minutes - not just in one place either.
  4. NO TARGET PRACTICE! Some men look at women as if all we are is breasts, ass and a vagina. Notice other body parts. Her face, her eyelids, her ears, neck.....Believe me we are so much more than sexual body parts. We have a beautiful face. Tell us we are beautiful. We have a neck, kiss it, nibble on it, touch and stroke our arms, our legs and stomach before you zero in on the TARGET. Spend time massaging, stroking, kissing all of her before you zero in on the vagina or clitoris. Follow #5.
  5. Spend 10 minutes kissing, 10 minutes stroking, 10 minutes all over body massage, 10 minutes oral sex, 10 minutes of digital stimulation, then you can make love. Anything less than 20 minutes of foreplay is not enough for MOST women.
  6. Every woman is different. We are different during ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy. Different times of the month and different hormonal imbalances can change sensitivity. What works today wonderfully well, may piss us off tomorrow. Take careful note of hormonal cycles, sensitivity at different parts of the month and act accordingly. 
  7. Make sure your woman has an orgasm one, two or three times before you do. Each woman is capable of being multi-orgasmic. The trouble is that many men are in a rush to "GET 'ER DONE!" Enter and get off and done. This leaves women wanting. This means you don't get frequent sex, because you are not a great lover. Being selfish in bed will get you cut off. The more giving you are to your lover, the more you will get in return. Taking time to pleasure all her hot buttons, will get her to the big "O" before you do. Make sure she has at least one orgasm, or maybe two, before penile penetration.
The point here men is, focus on her pleasure. Tell her she is beautiful. Tell her she is lovely. Give to her FIRST. Then you will have her coming back for more. Remember the reason I wrote Orgasm For Life was that 80% of women fake it, because they are not having orgasms. The reason they are not having them, is because their partners are not giving them what they need. 

Make love in her head first. Arousal begins in the head. Start with love-making in the morning. Leave a rose on her pillow. Tell her when you leave in the morning you can't wait to get home to her tonight. Whisper in her ear what you want to do to her when you get home. Leave her thinking about your kiss as you walk out the door. Give her something sweet and sexy to think about.

Women can't get aroused when they are fighting with you. When you haven't told her how beautiful she is. They can't focus on sex when the kids are crying, there is laundry all over and the dishes aren't washed. Women are different than men. Obviously! That is why you are attracted to them in the first place. More in my book, Orgasm For Life.

Jennifer is an author, inspirational speaker and has been on over 200 radio shows in the past two years. She is a life, love and sex coach. Her website is:

Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin WIlliams Manic Man Tribute and Tragedy

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It is with great sadness that I write this post about Robin Williams. He had been a recovering addict, healing a cocaine addiction many years ago. He recently opened up about his
addiction and went to rehab, as he quipped, in the wine country. It is very sad that he was not able to get the help he needed in time to save his life. Robin Williams was a comic that I grew up with. He brought joy, and incredible manic humor to stand up comedy. 

As a child, I watched Mork and Mindy and fell in love with his fast-paced humor. My family loved him in Mrs. Doubtfire and The Bird Cage. One of my favorite movies was a more serious role, Good Will Hunting. Good Morning Viet Nam, was a great movie where he played an outrageously outspoken (where art mimics life) radio announcer on base in Viet Nam. I have posted several of his best interviews or shows below. What is really ironic, as pointed out by one of our readers is that one of Robin's movies What Dreams May Come, was about someone battling the darkness of addiction.

If you don't follow astrology, we just experienced the most powerful full moon of the year. Babies are born, people die and break-up during powerful full moons. The past three days surrounding this super full moon have been challenging, pushing our limits, dredging up sadness, break-ups for many as well as depression for those who don't normally suffer from it. 

This past weekend was challenging emotionally for many. A neighbor had to put her sweet little dog to sleep,  causing great sadness in our community. I've had my own emotional events in the past 48 hours. I woke this morning feeling a deep heaviness that I had not felt in years. Needless to say I cleared my energy and that of several others that were also feeling this deep darkness and depression. Today was a very heavy day energetically. Many felt depressed. The fact that Robin took his own life today, shows how heavy the energy was of this full moon.

Several of my healer friends had sadness and serious break-ups happen as well. A Super Moon is not just a bright moon. This one was touted as being the biggest certainly of 2014, perhaps even in years. A full moon can cause deeper experiences of what one is presently dealing with. Which is what I believe occurred with Robin Williams. Addiction is a dark energy. Coupled with a super moon, which added fuel to the already high fire, it proved too great for Robin to endure. Sadly, he felt that there was no way out. Strange he did not even mention how he was feeling to his wife. My sympathy and condolences go out to his wife, daughter, two sons and all who loved and adored him.

Increase In Dark Energies Balance The Light

Since March 2013, I have done over 1,100 energy clearings. I clear negativity, depression, suicide, attachments and past life issues from people's energy. They come to me for anxiety, depression, agitation and feelings of suicide. The energy clearings I have done in the past six months have been ten times more challenging than ever before. Everyone I cleared in the past six months had dark energies attached. When I say dark, I mean demons, dark forces and the like. I don't often talk about these things because many already think that the work I do is already "out there." I had been guided to write an article about dark energies over a month ago. I usually follow such guidance. I felt it would be met with judgment and criticism. With the death of Robin Williams earlier today, I feel that lives may be saved, if I talk about what is going on in the Universe, the ethers and this planet.

The brighter the light gets, the darker and more powerful the dark side gets to balance things out. There is always an equilibrium. Many of you are aware that more people have become enlightened in the past two years than ever before. The consciousness of our planet has risen. So too has the strength of the dark side. There is always a balance in our Universe. As the light is strengthened, so too is the dark. Even the Bible speaks of a war in the heavens of the light and dark. Armageddon is something many people have heard about. It is a war fought here on earth as well as in the heavens.

Dark energy manifests for people who don't know what an energy clearing is, as depression, feeling there is no way out, or feeling so despondent that one may choose to take their own life. I have cleared many people with apparent Schizophrenia, chronic depression and suicide programs. I have written about a young girl who attempted suicide 11 times. I cleared her and found that she had committed suicide in 30 of her past lives. For suicidal energy to show up in her life this time, is no great surprise. 

When a dark energy attaches to someone, they may feel deep sadness, chaos may show up in their life, or they may choose to overdose or take their life because the darkness and heaviness is so profound. When the moon was full, I spent half the day Saturday crying. I don't normally cry. This morning I felt heavy, laden with a darkness that would not let go. I prayed and cleared myself. 

Addictions and Dark Energies

The point is that there is help. There are people who can help you without medication. Addictions usually lead to attachments from either drugs or alcohol. When you smoke pot, take street drugs or drink alcohol, you perforate your auric field. These holes, rips and tears create a way in. Without proper protection dark energies can attach. People with addictions often have attachments because the attachments create the addiction. Fear attracts the dark. Dark energies feed off fear.

An energy clearing is done with the angels, The Ascended Masters and your guides. The Divine of course oversees all. I work with the Forces of Light, Angels of Light and each person's High Self. Could I have saved Robin's life? That is an answer we will never know. I do know that through energy clearings, this work has changed the course of my life and anyone else who has had one. I do know that the people who's energy I cleared who had suicidal programming, did not commit suicide. One woman with a meth addiction was cleared of her addiction when I removed the attached soul of her best friend. He had been shot by police and had a meth amphetamine addiction.

Programs and patterns of negativity are lifted. Suicide patterns are cleared. Past lives where tragedy occurred that create a heaviness are also removed. This is felt immediately, with the entire assimilation of the clearing completing within the next 3 - 5 days. I often clear others for those who recognize that their loved ones are challenged with negativity and deep depression. Once the attachments are removed the person feels better, lighter, more focused and calm. When depression is present many experience insomnia. One of the biggest things that occurs is that the subject is able to sleep deeply. 

I am very sad for Robin's wife and family. I wish I had known what he was going through. When you or a loved one is challenged with depression or suicidal thoughts, seek out the help of someone who does energy clearings, it could save your life, or that of the ones you love. 

To you Robin, I am sad to lose the amazing comic talent and incredible intelligence of you. My family and I will miss you. You will bless the angels with your amazing gift of humor and laughter! We will miss you terribly.

This is an interview with Parkinson a talk-show host in Britain. It is excellent and fairly clean (part I and Part II). The third video is a watch at your own risk, it is raunchy, typical Robin Williams unplugged. Part II is hilarious as he talks about Lance Armstrong, going to rehab in wine country. 

Robin Williams side-splitting comedy Vintage

Robin Williams photo shoot for Parade Magainze

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