Saturday, June 3, 2017

Self-Acceptance and Non-Judgement Are Key to Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

James Franco-loving himself

Self-acceptance is about loving ourselves as we are with all our warts, faults and foibles. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths. 

Non-judgment is resting in our heart without making a determination of how we think things are. Judgment is often cruel, heartless and often prejudiced. 

We can look at others and make judgments based on how they look. For example, last night I attended a gathering where there were individuals in their early twenties and some in their mid to late sixties. When one young man took his shift off to enter the pool an older gentleman judged him on the tattoo art he displayed on his back. The young man was viewed as dark and dastardly because in a moment he chose a particular shape to be tattooed. Making a judgment about someone's character without knowing what is in their heart is unjust and prejudiced. 

Insecure people strive to be perfect, while those who accept themselves do so as they are, without attempting to be perfect. Perfectionism leads to anxiety, stress and even depression because it is impossible to reach the goal of perfection. Perfectionism can cause us to remain stuck and stagnant rather than improve in the areas where we lack expertise. 

Men and women come to me for a variety of reasons. Most people want to be happier or have the relationship that continues to elude them. The key to being happier with ourselves and those around us is to accept ourselves, others and life as it is. 

I remember when I was unhappy with myself my relationships and my life. I was like a salmon trying to swim upstream. My life was a struggle. Relationships were wrought with challenges. Even my relationships with my children were difficult because I wanted to change everyone. We might think we are helping others by telling them what or how to do things. The truth is we don't accept ourselves when we have the need to direct, change or fix others.

When we complain, bitch or moan about our kids, friends, partners and life, we don't accept things as they are. We can't possibly be happy when we complain because we are focusing on the negative or what we don't have. 

If we find ourselves single make the most of being single. Do the things that you have always wanted to do but were unable to do before your last relationship. Often we change ourselves and our likes and dislikes to meet the needs of our partner. When we change or give up things we love to do, we can become resentful or on the extreme end feel dead inside. 

What We Give Up For Others

When we don't stand in our power, we tend to give away too much. We might give custody of our children to our ex, a pet away because our new boyfriend is allergic, or stop doing yoga, meditation or running because it interferes with what our partner wants. Giving away the farm as I like to call it is never a good thing. We wake up one day and wonder where we went because we feel we have lost ourselves and our way. 

When we constantly worry about what others think of us, we disempower ourselves and focus on others rather than feeling good inside. When we change our personality and behavior to fit the needs of others, we weaken our power and become the chameleon. Chameleons change their color depending on their environment, out of fear. 

What Insecure People Are Afraid Of

  • being alone, 
  • not having a partner, 
  • no one will ever love me
  • no one will find me attractive
  • time is running out I better keep the person I have

When we accept ourselves the way we are we become comfortable being authentic. We no longer have to pretend to be something or someone to feel good when we are authentic. We don't have to change with the wind or the situation because we know who we are and love ourselves as we are. There is nothing more powerful than being able to walk into a room full of people and be you. When we love ourselves, we aren't afraid that others won't like us. We aren't concerned what others think of us either when we accept ourselves as we are. 

When we love ourselves, we are content being alone because we like who we are. Self-love includes loving acceptance of all that we include the shadowy parts of ourselves. When we are filled with self-loathing and insecurities, we fear to be alone because we don't have a clue who we are. We fear what we don't know. I recommend falling in love with you, it could be your greatest love affair of all time!

Find out how your life can become happier with self-acceptance and non-judgment by working with Jennifer. Jennifer is masterful at getting to the root of your issues and uncovering your strength and beauty within. When you begin to recognize the truth of your being your talents, gifts, and strengths are revealed, you feel more confident and accepting of yourself. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

How To Calm The Craziness and Find Peace Within Minutes

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I used to think that I was more spiritual when I was out of my body. I tried to meet God outside of myself. I found myself feeling very scattered and ungrounded. No wonder, inner peace is found within our bodies and our connection to our God-nature and all that is is actually inside us, not outside. 

For those who think they can't meditate, I hear you, and I certainly feel the challenges. I wasn't able to meditate either until I began using mantras. Mantras give the active mind something to do, a focus, in fact, that calms and gives us peace. 

After driving 1000 miles in the past two days, I found myself with four active dogs who wanted my attention. Nothing calms the savage beasts faster than sitting in a chair chanting a mantra using the name of God silently in our head. I sat down in a chair this morning and chanted one of the many names of God. Within seconds all four dogs were quietly laying in the room with me feeling what I felt, inner peace and quietude. 

There are many names of God. Wayne Dyer told me he used the name Ra. Wayne Dyer chanted this name Ra when he meditated. I have used this name for God, but it didn't have the same impact that the one I'll share with you today. 

Depending on where you look, there are 900 names for God in the Bible. YHWH, Jehovah, Om, Alpha and Omega, Elohim, Prince of Peace.... there are many ways to say the name of God. The one I recommend for your daily practice to increase light, peace and a sense of calm is Om Namo Narayan aya


For those seeking enlightenment, the mantra Om Namo Narayana is the most powerful Vedic Sanskrit mantra revealed to the Vedic seekers during their penances. 

The Meaning

OM - is a sacred word or syllable that encompasses all or everything in the universe. 

Namo means to bow or to "bow to." 

Narayana is a little more complex to decipher as it has several root meanings. The one I like to use is naara the Sanskrit word for water. Vishnu's resting place is in water. Water is the root of all abundance. We become more abundant using this mantra and replenishing ourselves with water in the bath, oceans and drinking water. 

Anaya means resting place or shelter. Narayana means resting place for all entities. A sweet thought for us all. 

Another interpretation for "naara" is human. Anaya means direction or goal. Using this interpretation means "that which takes all humans to their resting place" (self-realization). 

Some have found self-realization by repeating this mantra daily and even through the night in four months. When I do the mantra as I fall asleep, I am also repeating the mantra in my sleep, which is a powerful thing to do. The mantra begins to be automatic. When you are driving in your car, cooking showering, putting on your make-up, shaving or doing mundane tasks you can use this mantra. I call this state of mind neutral, where you can access the subconscious mind easily and effortlessly.

How To Use The Mantra

I like to float the mantra through my brain softly. The mantra slows down the errant thoughts and calms the nervous system. If we use the mantra in a manic state, or rapidly repeating it, you will find yourself staying in your present state of mania. Slow down the mind by slowly saying the mantra. I have recorded it for you so you can repeat it with me. The link is beneath the instructions. I hope you enjoy it.

  1. Sit upright to meditate. Sitting upright allows Source energy to flow through your central column (spinal chord) easily filling you with light.
  2. Breathe in through your nose slowly filling your lungs completely.
  3. Once your lungs are filled to capacity exhale very slowly emptying your lungs completely. Breathing slowly and consciously brings you into the present and calms the mind preparing you for your mantra meditation.
  4. Use a mudra (hand and finger position) that works for you. The easiest mudra is joining your thumb and index fingers together at the tips which create an OM or circle. There are many mudras you can use, keep it simple to begin this practice, so you are not worried or focused on what your hands are doing. 
  5. Relax your body. Drop your shoulders and exhale to further relax your body. Make sure your shoulders are not up around your ears. 
  6. Repeat the mantra slowly in the background of your mind. A mantra repeated silently is much more powerful for transformation than a mantra repeated out loud. 

Guided Meditation With Om Namo Narayana Mantra Audio

What You Will Feel

Everyone is different. What one person might feel, you may not. Whatever you feel is okay for you. The most important thing is that you are consistent with your daily practice. When I meditated three times a day and did mantras as often as I could, I had my awakening. You might like to do The Divine Presence Process Meditation that I used, the video is below. 

If you have addictions or take prescription medication, you might find it takes longer to get into the space of calm, relaxation. Have no expectation and be open to the new experience and just watch what happens for you. I would love to hear how this mantra and meditation works for you. You can e-mail me to work privately on your personal expansion and self-realization. Visit Jennifer's website

Friday, May 26, 2017

Join Me For A Free Podcast To Manifest your Desires Wednesday, May 31st

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Whether it is a new car, a partner who loves and supports you, great wealth or just to have your bills paid, everyone has desires and dreams. Manifesting our desires can be tricky when our fears, doubts or worries get in the way. On Wednesday, May 31st join me for my free podcast to make your dreams a reality.

I have manifested houses, vacation rentals for free, created miracles, partners, and money when I needed it. I have also helped clients manifest cars, the perfect house, dream man, and best outcome of their court case. I'll share all my secrets to manifesting what you desire, rather than what you don't want. The truth is when you know how and what to do you can create for your life on a regular basis. Most people focus on the wrong things when attempting to manifest, or begin to doubt and worry that it won't happen.

Is there a catch? You read my blog posts, but have you committed to yourself? Show your commitment to expanding into the unlimited possibilities that the universe holds for you and sign up for my podcast here.

The podcast is Wednesday at 6:30 MTN/5:30 PST or 8:30 EST

Time for Q&A at the end

I'll Walk You Through A Powerful Creation Exercise

Invite your friends, partners, and family. Don't miss this. Most people worry, live in fear or focus on what they don't want. Find out how to manifest consistently with all the steps. 

How To Co-Create Miracles For Your Life

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Simplest Part of Being Happy Is Absolutely Free

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

For more than half of my life, I used to be miserable, depressed and anxious, but not anymore. I found the key to happiness and it has absolutely nothing to do with money, wealth or even having a relationship. 

The evidence of happiness was highlighted this past weekend when I left my two dogs behind under the watchful and loving eye of my neighbor and friend. I flew to Colorado to celebrate my youngest progeny's 21st birthday.

Nederland, CO roundtrip to Estes Park
Usually, when I go to Colorado, I drive. Since I had two trips to Colorado back-to-back, I decided to fly in for the first trip and drive for the second since I was staying almost ten days. Flying means leaving my dogs behind. Karma is nineteen years old and she got this far, happy to be alive because she is with me most of the time. I have never kenneled her. She loves being together driving in the car, seeing new places and being out in nature. Karma is a very happy dog until I leave her behind. 

While I was gone, I texted Shannon to see how my animals were doing. She commented that the dogs were very sad that I was gone, especially when she put them back in the house. She noted that when they were outside, Karma was frisky, prancing around and definitely more upbeat. Aha! I said further evidence that being outside makes us happy. When animals are happier being outside so are we.

Boulder Reservoir, Colorado
How Is It That My Dog Is 19 And Still Healthy?

Twice a day I walk with Karma and Yoda. I don't just let my dogs out into the yard and let them go. I make the effort to take them to pretty places, trails, desert or mountain walks and we spend twenty minutes or more each time walking. The combination of exercise and being in nature with me makes her happy. Exercise increases happiness and longevity. Happier dogs and people are also healthier. If daily exercise in nature has kept my old dog happy, youthful and healthy at 130 people years, it can work for you too. My dog even does yoga! Down dog is one thing she does every morning. 

Karma loves water. I do my best to find a swimming place for her.
I know I love the feeling of fresh air, sunshine and even rain on my face. I love being out in the woods, mountain hiking or just walking on a trail. Nature brings me joy. Being outside in nature breathing, doing walking meditation and staying off my phone are the keys to happiness. 

On top of Flagstaff Mtn. Boulder, CO
There is scientific proof as well that being outside in nature nurtures us and exercising extends our life and makes us feel better as our telomere's life is extended. Telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes. Telomeres provide a protective cap over the end of the chromosome to protect the DNA. Without telomeres at the end of the chromosome, each time the cell divides the chromosomes are shortened and DNA is lost. If there are no telomeres each time a cell divides DNA is lost. 

Exercise is good. Exercising outside is even better. Being in nature raises our vibration and helps us feel happier. Walking outside every day is an important part of being and staying happy. 

Going to new places to walk makes our walking much more interesting. Even my dogs love to take walks in new places and smell new things. You might not want to smell everything your dog smells along their walk, but stopping to breathe in the smell of freshly mowed grass, hay, wildflowers blooming will give you something else to be happy about as well.

Jennifer, Adam, David and 21-year old Ariel
So while I was away last weekend, Shannon let the dogs out more frequently and they were much happier even without me around. I had a great time with my family celebrating Ariel's birthday

Danielle, Jennifer, David, Adam, Ariel
without the guilt of leaving my dogs feeling neglected and unhappy. Don't miss my FREE PODCAST NEXT WEEK!

Next Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM MTN, I am hosting a free podcast. Many people report miraculous results from attending my podcasts. I pray for miracles for all attendees and provide time for questions and answers. Sign up for this podcast by sending me an e-mail to The podcast is completely FREE! I'll be broadcasting from another happy place - Boulder, Colorado! 


Telomere Length: Nature and Nurture

Telomeres and Cancer

Why Some Marriages Are Sexless

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

For those living in a sexless marriage, touch, snuggling, kissing and even hugging are things of the past. Rejection, frustration, abandonment and a feeling of being unloved permeate these marriages.  How do so many marriages end up with sex taken off the table, never mind out of the bedroom?

Both men and women can be rejected in sexless marriages. Having been in one myself for a short while, I feel tremendous compassion for you. A marriage that is considered sexless if you have sex no more than 10 times in a year. Approximately 15 to 20% of couples define themselves as being in a sexless marriage.

Newsweek stated that married couples have sex just over 68 times a year or 6.9 times more per year than single people or those who have never been married. 

Your relationship may seem normal and happy from the outside, you've raised your children, you may even vacation together, but when sex isn't happening once a week, couples begin to snipe at one another, or feel resentful and angry. 

What Is The Problem?

Each couple may have a different source for the disconnect. These are some of the reasons one party doesn't want to be sexually intimate with the other.

  1. They don't like sex. 
  2. They don't like sex with the opposite sex but can't tell you, as they are too ashamed. The lie they are living is too hard to tell you. Many people marry the opposite sex because it is what is expected either from religion, culture or society. The coverup continues because of guilt, fear or shame. Have you noticed how older women and men are coming out after being married for years? Some have the courage to do so, while others are too afraid of losing family connection, so they keep their homosexuality under wraps.
  3. They fear intimacy. Most people have no idea that they fear intimacy. A fear of intimacy required counseling, coaching, and encouragement to break through. A fear of intimacy won't go away without some effort, negotiation and professional help. Spiritually Bonded Intimacy will help you.
  4. They don't like the person you have become or that they have gotten to know. We have to like each other to want to have sex regularly with them. Perhaps you have done something they don't like, you don't smell good, aren't clean enough, or just aren't what or the type of person they are attracted to today.
  5. After childbirth, many women feel they have done their duty and don't feel sexual, sexy or attractive. Sex can become a chore. Some women find sex something to be feared because they don't want to become pregnant again. 
  6. Menopause can cause challenges and symptoms that make sex too uncomfortable and they aren't motivated enough to do something about it. There are bioidentical hormones, ThermiVa a non-surgical laser treatment that increases collagen, elasticity, youthfulness as well as moisture in the vagina. 
  7. They are shut down emotionally. Sexual abuse from childhood can cause both men and women to have issues with sex later in life. The issue of molestation doesn't go away when you ignore it. Get some coaching with someone like me that has healed the trauma of sexual abuse. Or visit a Tantra class. 
  8. They have low self-esteem. Self-esteem when healthy includes a healthy self-image and positive feelings about sex. When we don't feel good about ourselves, we may feel uncomfortable and unsexy when naked. Low self-esteem can be remedied and is the foundational work that I do for my clients.
  9. They are depressed. Depression and antidepressants remove the desire for sex. Get help for your depression. I do clearings for people that alleviate this issue. 

Don't Ignore This Issue It Won't Go Away

I married a man after dating for six months, he was all in a rush to get married. He hid the fact that he preferred men from me. He wasn't out of the closet, in fact after we divorced, he married another woman because his religion didn't allow homosexuality. I wrote an article about how homosexual men still marry women to keep their secret safe from their church, family, friends and their professional career. The truth is that God doesn't make mistakes. If you are born homosexual, there was no mistake. We are meant to learn from this lifetime. Perhaps your gift in this life is to learn how to be more loving of yourself no matter what. 

We need to know someone well before we commit to marriage. Often we are so focused on the getting married part that we ignore the red flags we see along the way to the wedding. A marriage is much more than friendship. Marriage is friendhsip with benefits. If you don't plan on having sex after the marriage, don't get married. 

The bottom line is that living in a sexless marriage is like being on board a ship full of dead bodies. There was beauty there once, but not anymore. It feels dead, disconnected and cold in a sexless marriage. Sex helps to keep a couple connected, intimate so that they can talk about anything. When we aren't having sex regularly communication breaks down, and a wall is created that keeps us apart, segregated and feeling isolated. 

Negativity comes in filling the void which eventually feels like you are not in a marriage at all but just roommates. Marriage is a loving connection between two people which involves a commitment to be sexual, close and connected. A sexless marriage isn't loving. Get some help now! Your problems won't go away by ignoring them. 

Read my book Orgasm For Life a clearly written guide to deep intimacy, connection, compassion, and understanding what your partner needs. Orgasm For Life is an in-depth look at oral, touch, G-spot, orgasm and communicating about sex without embarrassment or angst. This book will turn you on, power you up and bring light into areas of darkness. It is humorous and written with compassion for both sexes.


30 Odd Sexless Marriage Statistics

WebMed Are You In A Sexless Marriage?

Definition of A Sexless Marriage

Friday, May 19, 2017

Why Isn't Mother's Day More Often?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Don't you want to just dive in?

Mothers are the most important person in our lives when we are children. They have the greatest impact on us than any other person. Why then, isn't Mother's Day celebrated more than once a year? 

Yesterday, when I was enjoying my Mother's Day spa day gift from my adult children I thought we need to celebrate Mother's Day more often. I had such a fabulous experience that I wanted to share it with you. It is the small things that can make such a difference to us. We have to be fully present and grounded in each moment to appreciate what is before us.

Mother's Day was just days ago. We might have a tendency to wait to use a Groupon gift our kids give us; I chose to schedule my day right away as I knew not only did I deserve it, I needed it. After the stress of a move and a booked client schedule, I needed a day of relaxation and pampering. I was not disappointed. If you haven't

looked at Groupon for facials, massages or other delights do so. You can save a ton of money and enjoy more pleasure. Even the guys might enjoy a spa day, massage, facial, pedicure and use of a pool, steam, fitness and other facilities.

In the end, I share a bare-faced photo - no makeup after my facial. Aging doesn't have to be something we fear, but rather an embracing and loving ourselves no matter how we look and no matter how old we are. When we love ourselves completely gaining weight is just a passage, as we notice more wrinkles appearing, it is not something that makes us look ugly, old or horrible, but evidence of wisdom we have gained through our experience along the road of life. 

Self-nurturing is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves.
Most women put themselves last.
A lack of self-nurturing is the underlying cause of breast cancer.

My kids are all very different. David is the middle child, the one most often looked over, yet he is the most sensitive, grounded and successful in so many ways. He asked me for my address and Adam told me later that he then researched the best spas within a forty-five-minute drive from my new home. He selected a Groupon for an 80-minute facial or massage at the Hotel Intercontinental on The Avenue of The Stars in Los Angeles and surprised me with it on Mother's Day (from all of them).

As a flight attendant, I have stayed at Intercontinental Hotels in Europe and enjoyed them immensely. They are well-appointed and planned not missing a detail. Their spa embodied this luxury and careful planning. From the $10,000 Japanese Toto washlet in the ladies restroom, that greeted me as I locked the door, by automatically raising its lid, to the warm seat and water in the bowl. This is what I call sitting on the throne! The Intercontinental Hotel spared no expense preparing this spa.

Sitting down on a warm seat made me chuckle to myself, as I pushed buttons on the wall next to me I tested out the front spray, the back spray then the warm blow dry. Imagine never having to sit on a cold seat or use toilet paper again! 

I changed into the comfortable robe left for me and followed the esthetician into the treatment room where I could have a body scrub, wash off in a beautiful jetted tub, I chose the 80-minute facial. 

Elizabeth, cleansed my face three times using three softly fragranced plant-based products, steamed, exfoliated and massaged my face, neck, and arms. I felt relaxed and de-stressed when I left to surrender to the steam.

I cranked up the timer without being able to read the hash marks on the timer. I had no idea that I whirled the dial around to shake and bake! If I had it to do-over, I would carefully set the steam room for ten minutes. As I sat down on the stone bench, the steam billowed out of the pipe across the room from me. I closed my eyes and meditated. When I opened my eyes, I couldn't see any of the walls around me. I felt like I was in a dense cloud. The idea of being in a steam room so filled with moisture I couldn't see the walls was hilarious to me. I burst out laughing and couldn't stop. 

There was no one to hear me laughing. After I felt I couldn't take the heat any longer, I slid along the bench to the wall and along the wall to the door. I turned off the steam on the outside thankful that I was in the cool air. I donned the robe from the spa again and made my way outside to the pool. 

I had the entire pool and deck to myself. The water as I tested it was warm enough for me to walk right in. I created ripples in the water as I swam, the water filled up to the top of the overflow. I was my own ripple effect. I began swimming laps slowly at first. Our body has memory. It wasn't long before I was back in the old groove of swimming competitively. In less than fifteen minutes I had done thirty laps. I was thrilled to see I still had it! 

I love my solitude. For some, a people filled deck area might be more comfortable. I could hear a samba playing on the speakers near the water, other than the music, the quiet was absolutely what I

needed.   I was thinking Mother's Day needs to be celebrated more than just once a year. This day was too good to not do more often. I vowed to treat myself to a spa day once a month and swim first before my facial next time. 

I took some photos of me in the pool and sent a text of thanks to my kids. It was a really good day. I was grateful that my adult children cared enough to gift me with something that I would enjoy every moment.

The moral of the story?

No makeup afterglow
Treat yourself to the things you love and don't worry about how you look when you do it. If you love to swim, then do it as often as you can. If yoga is your thing, do it every day. Whatever your pleasure enjoy the heck out of your experience and do it as much as you can.

Visit Jennifer's website

Contact Jennifer via e-mail

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Vaginal Rejuvenation For Incontinence And Greater Nerve Sensitivity

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Which cosmetic surgery has gone up 109% in the last few years? Labioplasty! Surgical restructuring of the labia, the outer lips of the vagina. There is another way that doesn't mean being cut with a knife, invasive surgery or long recovery time.

ThermiVa is a non-surgical procedure for internal and external use that tightens providing an anti-aging treatment for a more youthful, feminine vaginal area improving texture, tone, and moisture. 

Perimenopausal, and menopausal women may experience vaginal dryness, burning and a lack of sensitivity during intercourse. For many women, the dryness and lack of sensitivity can be so acute that they stop having sex because it is too painful.

Other women report that there is a lack of sensitivity which contributes to weakened orgasms or no orgasm at all. It may appear that these women don't like sex, when that isn't the case at all. Not feeling aroused is a big problem for post-menopausal women. It can seem like it takes forever to get turned on when natural hormone levels are very low.

Incontinence or leakage of urine when we sneeze, cough, laugh, ride horses run or jump on trampolines
is another issue that occurs later in life. Incontinence is a real problem that can have embarrassing results.

Vaginal reconstruction surgery is expensive and painful. Bladder surgery requires a recovery time and sometimes doesn't work. Surgery always has risks and bladder surgery carries many risks.
A newer and less invasive procedure ThermiVa utilizes laser technology. The TermiVa wand is about the thickness of your index finger. It feels warm to the touch but isn't painful. With no pain, this procedure allows the patient to return to work the same day and even have sex that day.

The Advantages

  • no pain
  • no surgery
  • no recovery or downtime
Over time, the results are greater. Three months after the procedure the tissues become softer and the impact is fully felt. The G-spot is targeted which becomes more sensitive. ThermiVa improves blood flow, collagen, lubrication, and helps to heal the nerves. With the nerve healing there is increased sensitivity from ThermiVa which allows some women to orgasm multiple times.

My friend visited a "Day of Beauty" at a local doctor's office and sent me the video links below. One of the women who had the procedure done reported that she had six orgasms right after! I told my friend, "Sign me up! That's what I want!" Six orgasms? Holy cow! We all need more pleasure in our lives and this is certainly one way to receive it. Instead of feeling numb and lifeless inside our beautiful feminine vagina we can feel young, alive and thriving. 

The procedure costs from $2,800 to $6,500 usually for three treatments. You may want to have a touch up once a year after the initial procedures. Incontinence issues are remedied without any invasive surgery or need for mesh.

Watch the following videos and listen to the testimonials from women who have had the procedure done. 
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach, helping women and men improve intimacy and their sex lives which improve their relationship. The happier you are with yourself, the happier you will be with your partner. Self-love is the cornerstone to any happy relationship. Send me a private e-mail to see how easy it is to feel happier, more lively, connected and joyful in all areas of your life. 

Find Your Totem Animals And Healing Through Shamanic Journey

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Under the waning full moon, I created a sacred space. I lovingly unwrapped my Shamanic tools, rattle, and sacred buffalo drum that I made and awakened in a sacred ceremony in 2001 with Earthkeeper and Shaman John Armbruster. I prayed over the mesa (altar) with the four elements, air, water, fire, and earth. I purified the area, my client and myself with burning sage and then called in the spirits of the four directions. 

A Shamanic Journey offers a different platform for healing and soul fragment integration. We all have had some form of trauma that continues to plague us until we look at why it happened and what the gift is for us. 

What Is A Shamanic Healer?

A Shaman enters altered states of consciousness to bring back healing, power, and information from the spirit realm.

A particular drum beat is used which allows the brain to enter an altered state. I used a buffalo hide drum and a rattle for different parts of the healing journey.


I asked my client to write what he wanted the journey to achieve on a piece of paper. I didn't look at his written intention until after the journey ended during debriefing.

I met my client in the desert and had to change locations because some interesting people were milling around their van near the place I had planned to perform the journey. This last minute change was Divine in nature. I keep my client safe and secure in several different ways. A private location is needed so that the altered state of consciousness isn't interrupted by an errant visitor.

The Altered States of Consciousness

I guided my client into the underground realm where he met his animal totems. He had three animal totems that came to him, a crow, fox and a deer. A crow is about community, and order the fox is cunning and crafty, a deer is about gentleness.

Spirit animals or animal totems are those we feel an affinity or connection to during our lifetime that assists us during periods of our life by speaking to us in a way that is relevant to our circumstances and personality.

During the entire journey, the drum beats and then rattling continued, alternating at different times. I danced and moved with the beat as my body was taken over by the spirits of the journey. The words came from another plane outside of myself. We were joined by the natives of the land in spirit form. 

Afterward, we talked about his experience. He felt as if he had no body, lifted out of physical form. He was in a very deep altered state where he let go of the pain of the past. 

My client handed me his folded sheet of paper with his intention on it. I read it as the sun was fading behind the mountains. 

"To clear my mind, heart, and spirit. To become fully in control of my own psyche without influence from my mom or anyone else. To become whole and integrated. To become open and transparent and to see. To become the same as myself."

The spirits guided me through the entire journey. When I thought we were complete, they shifted into healing the physical. Everything written on his piece of paper was magically covered even though I didn't read it until we were through.

I felt as high as a kite, blissed out. The entire journey was beautiful and magical.

Shamanic Journeying is a powerful way to reach altered states without having to take Ayahuasca for healing. The older we become, the more important it is to heal the past. As time goes by if we don't heal past trauma the trapped emotions and patterns become illnesses in our body and mind often causing depression, anxiety, and ailments.

My Twin Flame Love with John Armbruster Part I

Twin Flame Lessons Part II

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a healer, coach and hypnotherapist. She has three books to her credit, the third is Happy Anywhere: The Guide For Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Unhappiness Without A Pill!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Without Our Mothers Where Would We Be?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Whether you are male or female each of us has our mother to thank for bringing us into this world. Our father contributed to conception, but it was through our mother's birth canal we struggled for air some of us kicking and screaming. Without our mother's life force, we would not be here to celebrate her today. 

No matter the trauma you have experienced, our mother gave us life. She didn't abort, terminate or expel us. We have a great deal to be grateful for because of our mother.

Even if you were given up for adoption, you are alive today because she gave you life. Thank you, mother.

Our mothers fed, cared for us, changed our diapers, nursed and bottle fed us. 

As we began to walk, she shared the excitement of our new discoveries. 

Mothers are the ones that teach us table manners, etiquette, social skills and how to speak. Mothers are the ones that encourage their children to get up and run, to write, to sing, to play the piano even when they weren't able to do so. 

Our mothers took us to ballet, tap, karate, baseball, soccer, singing, piano lessons, for haircuts, dentist appointments and watched us in our dance recitals, and church plays even when we were terrible and forgot our lines. 

We must heal this very important relationship to feel whole, valued and validated. We might never have heard the praise we longed for or the exact words we expected. Our relationship with our mother above all others must be re-written with a positive perspective. She had her personal issues, shadow material and limiting beliefs that prevented her from being everything we thought we needed. The truth is our mother was exactly what our soul ordered for our greatest and highest good; no matter how it turned out. 

Sacrifice is part of a mother's burden. She gave up a lot for us. She gave up her figure, perky breasts, and her youth. She had less time to do what she loved, fewer clothes, and hairdos for herself, her profession, acting or singing career she made sacrifices. Children require time, attention money, and sometimes rob a mother's joy. Mothers can be disappointed that their life didn't turn out the way they dreamed it would. No matter what she gave up you know it was a sacrifice of her time, energy and money.

How can you view your relationship with your mother differently so that you are able to see her life from a higher perspective? What trauma did she experience in her life? What did she overcome from her past? What challenges did she have that affected her ability to love you the way you wanted to be loved? 

I work with both men and women in my sessions. One person that comes up again and again in conversations about life challenges is our mother. Mothers are the biggest contributor to our pain, suffering, and story of woes. We often look for partners who mimic our mother's personality traits. So today, let's salute our mothers for giving us something to work on and making our lives so....... interesting. Until we have children of our own we will never recognize what it means to be a mother. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most challenging and thankless of jobs without any remuneration. Mothers do the following for free: 

  • Carried us in her belly for nine months
  • endured backache, hemorrhoids, and stretch marks
  • experienced the torturous pain of labor and delivery
  • breast fed or bottle fed us every four hours or less: midnight feeding, 2:00 AM feeding, 4:30 AM feeding 
  • lost sleep for years while we cried, screamed and yelled
  • changed thousands of diapers
  • paced the floors with colicky babies in the middle of the night 
  • countless hours at hospitals, doctors and dentist offices and in waiting rooms 
  • bench warming in all kinds of weather cheering on her athletes 
  • ferrying to friends houses
  • cooking our favorite meals
  • baking cookies, cakes, gifts for teachers
  • sleepovers when no one sleeps
  • birthday parties
  • shopping for school projects
  • helped us complete school projects
  • drove us to school with our school projects
  • encouraged scholastic ability even when she didn't have it
  • countless kittens, puppies, sheep, horses, goats, rabbits and other farm animals that we bring home for care
  • kissing our cuts and bruises 
  • wiping tears
  • cleaning up vomit and other items we shall not mention by name
  • listening to our breakup stories
  • hearing about our exes
  • helping us pack, move and move again
  • listening to our complaints about our children, husbands, wives and animals
  • listening to us complain about our weight, jobs, and unhappiness
  • listening to us complain about not having enough money, love, attention
  • waiting for the phone to ring while we are busy with our pets, children and partners
  • waiting for us to visit 
  • bailing us out of jam after jam and then making us jam
Jennifer and her mother 95 in July 2017
Mothers are underappreciated, underrated, and maligned; yet make the greatest impact of any person in our lives. Strange isn't it that we cause the greatest pain to our mothers through childbirth then she is who gives us the greatest pain. Mothers are the one we want to please the most, the one most of us try to make happy. Thank your mother whether she is still on the earth or not for giving you life and allowing you to have the experience of today. 

If it weren't for our mothers we wouldn't be here. Here's to you and all mothers everywhere! Thank you, Mom! 

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What It Means To Not Like Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Humans are sexual beings. Our sexual nature is the cornerstone of who we are. Some like sex more than others. Some people have stronger sex drives than their partners. Often the issue with a couple is that women need to have intimacy to have sex and men need sex to be intimate with their partner. 

There are some people that just aren't interested in sex at all. Perhaps they had trauma when they were children. Others experience pain or vaginal dryness after a hysterectomy or menopause. Some have a very low sex drive or libido which can be remedied through a diet change, exercise like The 5 Tibetan Rites, or taking a supplement. When a couple isn't in synch sexually, problems can arise

When one person pushes for sex and becomes angry or resentful with their partner because they aren't getting it often enough a power play often ensues. For some women, there isn't enough touch without sex. If the only time women are touched is when their partners want sex, it could be a huge turn-off for them. An effort has to be made to display affection at other times than when men want sex.

Not wanting sex might have nothing to do with sex but more to do with what is happening in your relationship. If you have been critical, abusive, unloving or emotionally unavailable, perhaps these reasons are keeping sex at bay. Communication is an important part of a healthy, loving relationship. If you aren't communicating verbally, you won't be communicating sexually either. 

When The Idea Of Sex Doesn't Turn You On

I have had many men complain in sessions about how long it takes for a woman to become turned on. Typically, women aren't the quick-starters than men are. Though some women are hot as soon as their man looks at them a certain way, this isn't true for most women. Women need slow kissing, gentle touch, cuddling, massage, and patience before they are aroused enough for sex. 

The rule of thumb (forgive the pun) is twenty to forty minutes of foreplay before most women are warmed enough for penis in the vagina sex. 

I've been in a marriage where the only time my husband ever touched me was for sex. He would get a certain look in his eyes and go for it. I wasn't hugged, caressed or held at any other time than when he wanted sex. Though I like sex a lot, I became an object of his desire, rather than his loving partner and wife. It isn't a pleasant feeling to know that you could be a hole in a wall, just a thing that satisfied an urge or itch. Women don't feel loved and desired for who they are when they recognize they are an object. 

Not all men treat their women in this way. Though I have heard about women being awakened from a sound sleep with a penis being shoved into their dry vagina. Respect isn't in place when sex happens without agreement. A request for sex doesn't have to be verbal. A kiss can easily be enough for both people to become passionately enthralled and turned on. Mutual pleasure is what is needed. 

Sex Needs To Be A Two-Way Street

Pleasure is a part of a mutually fulfilling relationship. Both parties need to be turned on, enjoy the experience and have pleasure. Not every sexual encounter will end in orgasm for both parties and that is okay some of the time. If one person rarely or never has orgasms, it is a problem and will lead to resentment. I used to be the one without orgasms. Sex became drudgery for me, which is why I wrote Orgasm For Life. I knew if I had an issue the 40% out there that was also not having orgasms would benefit from my personal experience and how I overcame the issue later in life. I loved sex, but couldn't orgasm because of past sexual trauma. 

If a woman isn't having an orgasm through manual stimulation either before or after her partner, she may become fed up and begin denying her partner sex. If your partner isn't having regular orgasms envision what you would feel like to rarely or never orgasm when you have sex, would you want it? Read Orgasm For Life for gentle, loving and humor to overcome sexual issues. 

It is a complete turn-off for a woman to not be touched, hugged and held just for being who she is, rather than an object that men satisfy their urges with. 

Those That Hate Sex At Anytime

Humans are sexual beings. For those who truly hate sex and never ever want it, the foundation of this issue could be a past life where we were a celibate priest, nun or clergy. Vows of celibacy from past lives certainly can impede the ability to let go and be free of guilt from religious programming about sex being vile, wrong or improper. Past lives and vows can be cleared to alleviate these programs, which I have done for many men and women.

Self-hatred from past sexual trauma, molestation, abuse certainly impacts our ability to feel free about receiving sexual pleasure. When we are filled with self-loathing sex can be off-limits. Self-love means loving all parts of ourselves including our penis, vagina, breasts and anus. 

When Should We Talk About Sex?

Some people can talk about sex while having it. I prefer to have a conversation outside of the bedroom. Usually, a conversation outside the bedroom leaves a couple so turned on that mutual pleasure ensues! YAY! Pleasure for both parties is what good sex is all about. 

Jennifer is a judgment-free coach, hypnotherapist, and healer. She works with couples, singles to heal relationships and sex lives in a loving, compassionate environment. Send Jennifer a private e-mail to find out if you are a good fit for her work.