Sunday, April 30, 2017

Curing The Pain From The Cause of Blistered Lips, Cold Sores and Hemorrhoids

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The happier we become with ourselves, the healthier our bodies are and the fewer symptoms occur. However, situations arise that have us focused elsewhere so we get fever blisters, hemorrhoids and cold sores from time-to-time.

Every issue we have with our body originates with a thought and an emotion. For instance, if we are stressing about getting our taxes done, we might think, "Oh I hate doing my taxes, they give me a pain in my ass!" Or just we experience angst or fear about having to deal with the IRS.


Deadlines can cause people issues with hemorrhoids. We might feel angry towards the IRS and the fact that we have to pay taxes. Or maybe we feel burdened with the task of getting our papers together, organizing everything. We might feel afraid to let go of the past. We might have had a messy divorce and we feel we paid too much to our attorney or we have old painful memories of other events we hold onto.

I freaking love LOUISE HAY! Her book You Can Heal Your Life was a life-changer for me. I use her book, You Can Heal Your Body with my clients. I highly recommend it for those beginning their healing journey or already well on the path. I use it for myself too.

Mantras are an easy but powerful way to change the neural pathways of our limiting and toxic beliefs. Sitting quietly repeating the mantra or evey while lying down will put the body into deep relaxation or a Theta state. A Theta state is where the brain re-wired itself and heals the past. If you do the mantra as you fall asleep you may even reach the deepest Delta state of healing.

Repeating the mantra silently or out loud as often as you can will reprogram the brain which is the body's supercomputer. Rather than toxic emotions, these mantras shift the pathways and make the brain waves congruent (longer and slower) which alkalizes the body at the same time. Congruent brain waves feel good to the body. 

I release all that is unlike love. There is time and space for everything I want to do.

Canker Sores

Canker sores can show up when we have too much acidity in our bodies. However, they are more likely to show up when we hold in festering words rather than speaking to the person that we are angry with. I have written a much read article about sinus infections and angry blistering words as well you might want to read.

Think about it. Our mouths are tender. Our lips and gums are soft and delicate. When we hold in our anger, those poor soft tissues become inflamed. Repeat the mantra at least three times a day and watch as your symptoms quickly abate.


I create only loving joyful experiences in my loving world.

When we feel unworthy or came from a dysfunctional family, saying what we feel may have been a scary proposition. I know it was in my family. When we get shut down by our parents for saying how we feel, we quickly learn it is better to not speak about how we truly feel. We become mute, silent participants which is really sad. I coach my clients to learn to speak their truth with those they feel safest with first. Most people that I work with have an issue with speaking up and self-advocating. It's okay, that used to be me also.

We are works in progress. Little by little we become stronger, more nurturing of the self. As we become stronger inside we are more adept at saying what we feel in the moment. When our partner is scary to us, keeping silent causes more damage internally. Tell your partner you are afraid of speaking your truth. Let them know their loud voice is scary or whatever it is that makes you afraid of them. Maybe they appear to you like your mother, or father that used to yell at you, like me.

Cold Sores and Fever Blisters

When we have too much going on at once, mental confusion or disorder around us we can be susceptible to cold sores and fever blisters. 


I only create peaceful experiences because I love myself. 
All is well.

Mouth problems can occur from a closed mind, set opinions or the inability to take in new ideas. Being very set in our ways can create issues with our mouths.

Use the mantra for each issue at least three times a day. I have witnessed symptoms clear up almost immediately when the mantras are used. 

Allow me to help you make better choices. 
I guide professionals to be better at their jobs and to find better solutions to conflict in their work environment. I also help men and women repair their relationships. I help singles feel better about themselves so that they attract better mates and jobs. The better we feel about
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Are You A Part of The Solution, Or Part of The Problem?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Do you complain? Do you regret what you have and haven't done? Is your partner mean, abusive, addicted? Do you look to your friends to moan and complain about your life? I used to. I wanted others to pity me. I wanted to pour out my story of woe to those closest to me. Not anymore. I chose something different and you can too.

Following are real life examples of how we stay in situations hoping situations will change and waste our lives away. We might even feel like a victim and that we have no other choices.

Your father is diagnosed with cancer. You talk about wanting to visit him.  He lives 5 hours away by plane. You can choose to visit him or talk about it for almost eighteen months. You second-guess your choices and don't make a decision on a plane ticket. While your friends are visiting you get a text message that he had just passed away. At the wake, you complain that there aren't more photos of you with him. You feel guilty that you didn't have enough time with him. You beat yourself up after the fact for not going to see him when he was alive.

Your boyfriend (wife or husband) is an alcoholic. You complain to your best friends about their drinking, abuse, and horrible anger issues.  Years pass and the weekends come and go; they are always the same, he/she was drunk and smelled like beer. He didn't complement your dinner or your hair but you stayed.

Your mother is negative, cold, and shut down. You feel guilty for not doing enough for her or making her happy. You continue to supply your time, energy and life force attempting to make her happy. You might even end up with breast cancer from giving so much to others instead of taking care of yourself. 

Your wife is a bitch. She demeans you, won't have sex with you and might not even touch you at all. You talk to therapists, coaches, and others about how she treats you but nothing changes and you stay. You feel like a victim.

Or You Can Choose Something Different

Life is always showing us what is going on inside of us. If we complain about life we are part of the problem, not the solution. We might feel as if we have been victimized, but life's events occur to teach us what we need to change inside ourselves for our world to be a happier better place.

If we stay in a situation that isn't safe we need to get help for ourselves so that we feel empowered enough to be able to leave. If we don't have the financial means to leave, we need to choose something different so that we can leave. At the very least, we could move to a shelter. 

We always have a choice. If we live with an alcoholic or addict we are most likely codependent. We might be passive aggressive rather than facing our issues head on. Maybe we are avoiding our own addictions, like shopping, smoking pot, or eating. Or maybe we are addicted to our story.

Passive aggressive behavior is when we are too afraid to say what we are thinking and use a back-door method like sarcasm to get our point across or speak to someone else so that the person we really want to hear us (the secondary person) hears what we are saying to person number one).

Neither is healthy. We need help. We can't make these types of changes on our own effectively. We need to change our behavior and our patterns and learn how to communicate in loving ways.

We attract what we are. If we are codependent, we might attract an addict or alcoholic. If we are fearful we attract people that yell and are angry. All of these issues can be resolved through coaching with someone who has healed their codependency and addictions. Life can be a joy when we recognize we are worthy and deserving of a better life. We have to make changes internally for our external world to be better.

Living with regret is a terrible thing. We can always choose something better. We can choose to visit our father when he is ill rather than waiting to feel guilt after he's gone. We can choose to go to AAA meetings or children of Alcoholics meetings to get help. Or we can hire a coach to guide us through the rough waters.

I have experienced most of the above situations myself, though I was inspired by several recent real life stories I have heard from others. Staying and complaining aren't solutions, they are part of the problem. 

Choose Differently

We can't make someone else change. We can, however, change our behavior. We can choose something better for ourselves. 

When we feel good about ourselves and recognize we are already enough and deserving we begin to make healthier choices. Loving who we are, where we are is what unconditional love is all about. When we lovingly accept ourselves as we are life gets better. We attract people who treat us with the respect we deserve when we respect ourselves. The inner world is what attracts the outer world. Which is the meaning of "We create our own universe." As above so below. As inside, so outside. 

Allow me to help you make better choices. I guide professionals to
be better at their jobs and to find better solutions to conflict in their work environment. I also help men and women repair their relationships. I help singles feel better about themselves so that they attract better mates and jobs. The better we feel about
ourselves inside, the better everything in our outer world becomes. Jennifer's website

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Friday, April 28, 2017

How To Recognize A Narcissist

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Paris Hilton

Narcissists shine brightly and magnetize us with their stories. They appear intelligent, able and confident on the surface. One thing that is for sure is we are attracted to their brilliance. 

Below is a list of the nine criteria in diagnostic testing used to determine narcissism. Someone doesn't have to meet all nine criteria to be considered narcissists. 

What Creates A Narcissist?

Somewhere in their past they were hurt deeply and compensate for the fracture in their psyche with their persona.

Miley Cyrus
We see famous celebrities with huge egos are all of them narcissistic? Hitler, Donald Trump, Stalin, Pablo Picasso, Winston Churchill, Tony Blair, Mylie Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Kylie Jenner, LadyGagaa, Kanye West are a few.

Narcissists appear larger than life. They display a pattern of grandiosity. They are experts at everything. Some narcissists are also sociopaths or psychopaths as well (a total lack of conscience). The most recent person I met that is a classic narcissist said she had performed the following for a living and was only in her thirties:

  • professional ballerina
  • professional model
  • hair and makeup artist
  • helicopter pilot
  • government official
  • expert mechanic
  • professional artist
  • clothing designer
  • expert seamstress
  • single-handedly wrote and won a million dollar grant upgrade for our town.
  • a dog trainer
  • a building inspector 
  • a real estate agent
Signs of Narcissism:

  1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance. No one is better at anything than them.
  2. Is preoccupied with fantasies (stories) of unlimited success, brilliance, power, or ideal love.
  3. Believes that they are "special, " unique and needs to only associate with the highest level people, institutions or classes.
  4. Needs constant admiration, fishing for compliments, ego-stroking and purrs when flattered.
  5. Has a sense of entitlement.
  6. Lacks empathy; it's always about their feelings but is unconcerned about hurting others.
  7. Arrogant, rude, haughty, abusive attitudes and behaviors.
  8. Believes others are envious of them; envious of others achievements. May feel victimized by others.
  9. Exploits others. Takes advantage of others to achieve own ends.
The nine criteria above are part of the diagnostic requirements, though I have seen other evidence. 
  1. They have very low self-esteem. Though they are experts and the best at everything, underneath they feel very small and extremely insecure. 
  2. Drama seems to find them, or surround them.
  3. They are only lying when their lips are moving.
  4. They are highly reactive to criticism. They may constantly demean and criticize others but heaven forbid you should say one critical thing to a narcissist you might not hear from them for days or even weeks.
  5. They are better than everyone at everything.
What Creates A Narcissist?

There are many causes of narcissism. A domineering mother who is emotionally unavailable, probably damaged herself that overcompensates with perfection. Having a narcissistic father or mother can create a perpetuation of the originating theme. 

I have encountered many narcissists in my lifetime. My mother is one as a Borderline Personality, I was married to a narcissist and just recently encountered a woman who endeared me to her quickly yet attempted to swindle and cheat me. At the core of this woman is a sweetness with an irascibility of a con artist. We want to believe their stories because they are so convincing. One of my son's girlfriends was a narcissist. I grew very fond of her though she hurt me deeply.

A relationship with a narcissist is challenging if not impossible. You cannot trust a narcissist because lies are their raison de´tre. They can't exist without telling stories, as it is part of their makeup. They will feel victimized by the world and us yet feel quite comfortable slashing our feelings without looking back.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

I'm Moving On Up!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Mojave Desert sunset

I have been living in the Mojave Desert since November 1st, 2012. After the Mercury Retrograde ends on May 3rd at 3:00 PM PST I am packing my cats and dogs into my car and spending my first night in a new place in a lovely guest house on a friend's horse ranch closer to Los Angeles. It is exactly what I asked for.

You don't know this about me, but I am a farm girl at heart. I love to dig in the dirt and my mother used to call me Ellie May from the Beverly Hillbillies when I was small. Animals used to follow me
home as if I was the Pied Piper. 

Moving to a horse ranch is right up my alley giving me the beauty of a canyon with the aliveness of all those goats, miniature, and beautiful riding horses complete with rose gardens too! White paddock fencing, gorgeous manicured gardens and green lawn with graceful mature trees, a fruit orchard, and walking trails the contrast from the stark monochromatic desert is breathtaking. 

As a former landscaper, this new place is literally made in heaven for me. It is exactly what I asked for a beautiful place where I love to be. Even Karma and Yoda are far happier on this farm than they are in the little town I live in.

The desert is a place to purge. I have certainly purged. Our oldest cat Lydia the magic cat left us. Lydia was on my desk for every clearing I did until her death. Lydia used to help me clear my clients and ended up giving her life to the cause because she absorbed so much negativity in the process. 

Ariel learning to drive - see my shadow on the truck door?
I became an empty nester when my daughter graduated from high school ahead of schedule after her father also left the planet. Ariel learned to drive here off-roading in her father's pick-up truck. The desert has been good for so many things.

The desert provided solitude for me to meditate and write. Not only did I write Orgasm For Life here in the desert, I also wrote hundreds of blog articles for Your Tango, Digital Romance, and my blog, Love Yourself Fearlessly. I also wrote Happy Anywhere: The Guide For Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness (which I am wrapping up this week!). My blog has gone from a few hundred views to well over 430,600 with an average of 1,000 hits a day. The desert helped me to focus on my business and my growth turning inward in the silence growing tremendously. I am very grateful for the solitude that the desert has provided me.

I also co-created a few miracles.

I've cleared myself over 1,591 times, which is my daily practice. I always begin from a clear place to work on my clients. Sometimes, because of a hefty clearing of a client earlier in the day, I would clear myself again. I have let go of anger, resentment, sadness, sorrow, lack, limitation, failure, friends, heartache, grief, attachment to people attachment to coffee, sweets, and tons of karmic debt. 

I have deepened my meditation practice, adding Kriya Yoga which burns karma, expands and raises my vibration exponentially. I am also taking hot yoga classes daily. I taken my inner work seriously. I am committed to being the best me that I can be for myself and my clients. I have become completely authentic in the process. I recognize that not everyone will like me, but that's okay, it's not my business what others think of me

The little house I lived in for four-and-a-half years was affordable for me. During my time in the desert, I did without a lot to make ends meet. I cut out everything I could to pay my bills and that effort has paid off. I am leaving a meager existence here in a low-income area where fifty percent of the population is on welfare, food stamps, and disability and moving into an affluent community of horse ranches, swimming pools, and Land Rovers. I haven't needed to subsidize my income with a part-time job in over two years. 

My coaching is shifting to those who see what I have done and want it too. I used to feel bat shit crazy. I wasn't always self-assured and enlightened. 

I help people expand beyond where they are into a life they love happily making the money they deserve, like me. I have worked my ass off to get where I am doing hot yoga, meditation and eventually becoming a vegan and a yogi (student) of Kriya Yoga which Yogananda and Babaji have passed down to their students. 

I used to be hard to love. 

Moving isn't new to me. I am a Canadian girl who has lived in four states and abroad in England. Even in the US, I moved often. I am a part gypsy, adventurer, and former seeker. I have moved in the past because I wasn't happy where I was. This move is happening because I am spending most of my time in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach. I am following the energy rather than chasing something I haven't found inside me. In Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, I will be doing workshops and meetup groups to be in front of people. 

I have found what I was searching for and I help others get it for themselves. I am happy by myself, or in a crowd. If a partner shows up that will enhance my life great, if I live alone,

I am perfectly content and happy either way. 

With this move to a higher vibrational location, there is a new website and a completed book coming out too. 

While the boxes are filled and I give away and sell what I don't need any longer, I am filled with gratitude for those people who have returned to me two years later with stories of me saving their lives, changing their trajectory for the better and those who are still on this planet because their depression, insomnia, drug addictions and suicide is gone permanently. 

The Mojave Desert has been isolated, windy, cold and unbearably hot during the summer months. I have burned off more than my skin, but years of karmic debt by giving back to those who couldn't afford my services, but I gave anyway.

My daughter hated the desert and couldn't wait to return to Colorado. I have grown to love the desolation and solitude. I see the beauty where my daughter saw ugliness and "The Land of Tan." I chose to focus on myself rather than the drug addicts and alcoholics
Yoda found a loving home
of this town. Rather than getting upset and angry that people have no respect for themselves and dump their trash in the desert, I recognize that there was a time when I didn't respect myself either. 
I found Yoda and four kittens in the desert that were cast-offs from others. I created a video while holding all four of them. I became the surrogate mother bottle feeding these kittens. I finally gave away two but kept the little black and tiger striped kitties.

My needs are simple. I continue to live a simple life with love and devotion at the center. I don't attempt to fix or change others. I stopped trying to please others or make them happy. Though I have been victimized in the past, I am not a victim. I am happy with me no matter where I live. I don't need beauty around me to be happy. The beauty is in me not outside. The love is inside me, not outside. The desert has given me a tremendous gift. I trust that the next phase of my journey will teach me so much more as the universe supports me each step of the way.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kriya Yoga, Burning Karma and Going Vegan For Easter

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

You've heard the expression, "never say never!" Though it has been a gradual transition, I never thought in a million years I would become a vegan, I have given up meat many times without commitment till now.  I fasted this week only eating fruit and veggies. I became initiated into Kriya Yoga on Good Friday in a private ceremony in Laguna Beach. Part of the commitment is to not eat anything that has a face, including eggs. This is my first meatless Easter. 

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring!

Paramahansa Yogananda brought Kriya Yoga to the west. Kriya Yoga is a series of deep meditative devotional practices which expand the light for the devotee, burn all karma and allow you to be complete at the end of this lifetime without having to reincarnate again. 

I have been deeply committed to my spiritual practice, meditating and chanting daily. Kriya Yoga takes meditation deeper, expanding the practice tapping into the lineage of Mahavatar Babaji. 

In September 2016, I received the book Autobiography of a Yogi as a gift out of the blue. The joy of receiving this beautiful book ignited the flame to read the book completely. I have my son's girlfriend, Melania Armenta to thank for leading me further along this path. I read it slowly, savoring each page. I knew as I did when I read Siddhartha that I wanted to be initiated into Kriya Yoga. I began to research ways to do learn about Kriya Yoga. I knew learning online wasn't for me through Self Realization Foundation. Though their pricing was inexpensive, I needed to be initiated as well in person. I considered it several times but never signed up.

In December Babaji came to me while in meditation when I called on Yogananda. I didn't realize it at the time, that meant I would become a yogi - a student of Kriya Yoga. I looked into learning on-line, but this form of learning didn't speak to me. I knew that wouldn't work for me, so I put it aside. 

When You Follow The Energy Of Your Heart

Through a series of interesting connections and spiritual gatherings I attended in LA, I met someone who suggested I attend another gathering that led me to see a very talented, young musician from Israel. I attended two events that Shai Baruch gave in Hollywood to support him. When you give of yourself, you are rewarded.

At the second event, I was introduced to a very close associate of ParamahansaVishwananda a living Avatar like Jesus was. We shared stories. His eyes became wide when I told him Babaji came to me in my meditation in December along with Yogananda. I didn't realize how special it was that Babaji came to me. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I was already on the path leading me to Kriya Yoga initiation!

During this sharing, he told me of Vishwananda's ability to manifest jewelry at will. He showed me two rings he had on his hands. The manifestation of material items is something that gets my attention. Being able to manifest out of thin air is what Jesus did. Hello???!!! Are you listening? I was. During that conversation, a gentleman I had met at several spiritual events invited me to the very special private Kriya initiation on Good Friday. I know when my path is leading me to something powerful and life-changing. I said YES! I changed my schedule to accommodate the event, and the rest is magical. I have already been invited to have an audience with Paramahansa Vishwananda privately during the week he is in Los Angeles in May. 

As a child Paramahansa manifested vibutti  a holy ash which covered the walls of his bedroom. 

Kriya yoga was brought to the planet to fully awaken humanity by bringing the experience of God to each individual. Kriya yoga is a spiritual practice passed down through the centuries from guru to disciple through instruction, initiation, and transmission. Babaji to Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda and so on to the Swami, Swamini to the student. You cannot receive the same benefit without the Shaktipat (transmission) that culminates the passing down of the lineage and connection to Babaji. Had I not experienced this initiation, I would not have felt the connection of the past masters working behind the scenes. The feeling of connection to these masters was palpable. 

Kriya means action. 
Bhakti means love and devotion.
Yoga is the union of mind body and a spiritual science of self-realization. The root of yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" which means to unite or join.

Interestingly, after my initiation, someone very close to me felt a barrier between him and me after this initiation energetically as if there was someone between us. The blanket or love that surrounds me is profound. I am deeply honored to have been brought to this deepening of the light within me. 

Now my work truly begins. As I learn and practice these new meditations my healing and coaching work becomes expanded as well. My clients benefit from this initiation and expanding of the light within me. If you are interested in more information about Atma Kriya Yoga, you can visit Paramahansa Vishwananda's site. 

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda is an enlightened spiritual master and founder of Bhakti Marga, the path of devotion.

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I wish you so much love that your heart expands! Have a wonderful Easter no matter what your belief or practice! 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Inner Secret of Doing Yoga You Didn't Realize

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.

Gurus do it. Tantrikas do it. Famous movie stars do it. But what is yoga good for? Almost everything! From depression to anxiety, sleep disorders to PTSD, yoga not only gets you fit but relaxes you, relieving stress.

I started doing yoga thirty-five years ago while living in England. I had a delightful teacher who did a deep meditative practice at the end which I loved. Since that time, I found many teachers, but the meditation part was often skipped or glossed over for fear of offending someone. 

Today, my meditation practice happens daily no matter what. Yoga is something I do in the desert and sometimes in a studio. Yoga can be done in your living room, your backyard or at the beach. All you need is you.

For those of you that think yoga is for sissies, think again. Even Robert Downey Jr., Russell Brand, Bon Jovi and Sting do yoga

Yesterday, I did a particularly difficult hot yoga class. But also not only did I sweat my ass off, all the up and down dogs in the flow class moved my emotions. At the end of the class when asked to give ourselves a hug, I cried. As I held myself in a loving embrace emotions within me came out and up. My tears surprised me. Crying relieves stress and releases hormones that make us feel good. Moving our bodies allows us to release whatever needs to be released. Whatever issues come up in our work day yoga helps us process. 

Deep Breathing

The deep breathing in yoga can help children and adults in many ways. Deep breathing can help with pain management, stress relief, asthma, autism and so many others. Most people don't breathe deeply enough. Yoga gives you so many opportunities to change old patterns with something as simple as breathing deeply. Just check in right now. Notice how you are breathing. Maybe you are holding your breath. Most people breathe shallowly which causes many issues later in life, COPD is one of them. Our lungs need to expand fully with our breath so that they fill up completely. 

One of my clients has advanced COPD. She is on oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She is unable to travel without oxygen or even go for a walk without dragging that tank behind her like a ball and chain. Think about living a life like that. Breathing deeply is one of the biggest benefits of yoga. Deep breathing helps all our organs function better. Oxygen is needed for vibrant health, rich blood that feeds our muscle tissues all the way down to our cells.

Yoga and Sex

Madonna back bend
Deep breathing and yoga improve your sex life, oxygenating your body and lengthening and strengthening orgasms. Yoga helps you move into deep stretches while breathing which allow more flexibility and less pain during sex. You might not like Madonna, but you have to admire her ability to do back bends and have an amazingly toned body. How does she do it? Yoga!

Want A Great Butt?

Yoga tones will lift and will give you a great butt at any age. Stretching is good for the body. Take it slow. You don't have to begin doing shoulder stands or handstands. 

Just Some Benefits of Yoga

  • improves muscle strength
  • improves flexibility
  • protects us from arthritis, back pain later in life
  • improves balance which prevents falls
  • perfects your posture
  • opens your heart
  • oxygenates the blood improving cardiovascular health
  • protects the spine
  • improves bone health (helping calcium to stay in the bones)
  • drains lymphatic system and improves immune function
  • regulates adrenal glands - keeping us sexually able
  • lowers blood sugar
  • helps you focus
  • makes you happier
  • releases tension in the limbs
  • helps you sleep more deeply
  • prevents IBS and other digestive issues
  • gives you peace of mind
  • helps you stay in your body
  • keeps you present in the moment
  • helps you release emotions
  • helps you evolve spiritually
Mom turning 95 in 2017
I do yoga for all of the above reasons and a few others I haven't mentioned because I plan to live a very long life. I want to be healthy when I am in my late nineties and beyond. I don't want to carry an oxygen tank around with me or be hunched over as I age. Yoga keeps us young, vital and healthy. Love yourself enough to take care of your body so that you are fit, youthful when you reach 70, 100 or beyond! 

I love you!
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

What Problems Arise When You And Your Partner Aren't in Synch Sexually

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

We are most vulnerable when we are naked. Reaching out to engage in sex takes an element of risk. When our advances are repelled we can be left feeling dejected, rejected or unloved. No matter what the reason is for not wanting sex, the rejected party can be left feeling hurt. 

If you have ever been on the receiving end of a resounding, "No," it doesn't feel good. In relationships, we are rarely as interested in sex at exactly the same time. Hormones, sleep patterns, communication, and emotions can play a large part in determining how interested we are in sex. No matter what age we are, sex is an important part of a healthy, balanced relationship.

When one party reaches out, to attempt to be intimate and rejection is habitual; Houston, we have a problem. How we communicate our needs is important. We can't blame or become resentful of the other because they want to show us some love. Sex is a part of a healthy balanced and happy relationship. How often sex takes place needs to be determined by the couple. Though you might not want to a conversation needs to take place. Negotiating how often sex occurs will vary from couple to couple.

Sometimes we get in the habit of saying no automatically, only to lay awake for hours when we could have made love and been sleeping peacefully afterward instead. How we navigate through to determine a compromise can shift your relationship from one that is adversarial and contentious to a loving happier relationship where compromise occurs, and both parties get what they want.

With both partners working we need to prioritize sex. We need to schedule time for intimacy due to busy schedules, children, work, sports or social events. Though scheduling doesn't seem romantic or spontaneous, for many couples if a conscious effort isn't made to create a space for sex, it doesn't happen often enough. For others, it stops happening altogether. 

When sex stops happening, the rejected party can end up with cardiovascular (heart) issues. Constant rejection can lead to a broken heart. Remember each time you reject your partner you are saying no to love. When rejection continues to happen, we can gain weight have reduced self-image, lowered self-esteem and feel unloved.

Several of my clients have been married well over twenty years. One of those couples has challenges because they go to bed at different times.  They wake up at different hours as well. I recommended that they go to bed together so that they have more time to snuggle while they are both awake. More snuggle time leads to more opportunities for lovemaking.

Men need sex to feel intimate where women need intimacy to want to have sex. 

Navigating our differences can be challenging. A desire to create more opportunities for sex recognizes that it is a part of a loving relationship.

It is rare for both parties to have exactly the same libido or sex drive. Vastly different sex drive can pose quite a problem where one person wants sex three times a week, and the other is only interested in sex when the seasons change. Men and women have different hormones that peak at different times which can also cause issues.

Hormones Dictate How We Feel

Generally speaking men's hormone levels peak in the morning while women's hormones are at their highest in the evening. A hormone is a chemical substance produced by the endocrine gland that causes a specific effect on other organs in the body. The predominant hormones for both men and women are classified as estrogens and androgens. Both male and female hormones are present in males and females but in vastly different amounts. 

Men generally produce 6-8 mg of testosterone which is an androgen each day, while most women produce 0.5 mg of testosterone daily. Female hormones are present in both sexes, as you would imagine are in much larger amounts for women. Having your hormone levels checked can give you reassuring data or highlight an area that needs to be addressed. Doing the 5 Tibetan Rites daily can help to awaken the endocrine system and balance hormonal issues. Seriously, I do them every day and have found a tremendous shift in my energy level and hormones as well.

Issues That Can Arise When Sex Isn't Frequent Enough 

Sex might be frequent enough for one person, but not both parties. When someone feels left out or rejected, they might begin to feel resentful, angry and even vindicated for having an affair. Thinking about an affair in lieu of sex at home isn't fair to either of you. Talk about what you need. Share your feelings. 

When anger or resentment are evident because sexual intimacy is in short supply couples can begin to snipe at one another. Communication can become stilted or adversarial. Sex opens the doors for better communication and helps to ease stress between a couple. 

What Can We Do To Have More Hot Encounters?

Do the following to help you create more opportunities for sexy time. 

  1. Touch base during the day. Sometimes that quick check in is enough to find out that your partner had a challenging day. When they come home, you are already prepped to talk about what happened rather than jumping in with all the wonderful things that went right for you, that they might not want to hear just yet. Your compassion and understanding will allow them to feel heard and understood.
  2. Go to bed at the same time. Some couples go to bed at different times due to t.v. or Internet. Watching just one more YouTube video or binge watching your favorite program might be your way of avoiding intimacy or sex. Even if you have to get up after a bit if you can't sleep, going to bed at the same time is important.
  3. Leave your smartphone off and in another room. Texting in the middle of the night will cause you stress in more ways than one. A cell phone in the bedroom will interrupt your sleep even on vibrate when those inevitable e-mails or early morning texts come in.
  4. Take some time to unwind, shutting off the computer and phone rather than jumping from dinner into bed immediately. Take a hot bath or shower before bed to help you sleep better, and it also prepares you for sex.
  5. Cuddle and kiss before drifting off to sleep even if you are too tired for sex. Make it a real kiss that has meaning rather than an off-hand peck on the lips or cheek that you might give your grandmother. Kissing releases oxytocin which can leave you feeling turned on wanting more, a lovely place to drift off from or take to a deeper level.
  6. Keep your television in the living room. Bedrooms are for two things; sleep and sex. Watching television in the bedroom has been proven to disrupt sleep and reduce the amount of intimacy a couple has.
  7. Don't get too relaxed around your partner or spouse. You might enjoy passing gas and flip the covers, but your spouse might not be as turned on from your gaseous emissions as you are. If you didn't do it while you were dating, don't do it in the bed where you have sex.
  8. Put your kids to bed in their own beds. Having children in the marital bed definitely, interferes with intimacy. If one of you allow it most of the time and the other objects, it just might be that they are avoiding sex.
  9. Always say, "I love you," before sleep. The fastest way to lose interest in one another is to take each other for granted. Instead, focus on what brought the two of you together and express gratitude for one another by saying how you really feel.
  10. Love each other unconditionally. None of us are perfect. We all have flaws and faults. Accepting our partner as they are is loving. Trying to change our partner or pointing out their flaws is not.
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Sex isn't the foundation of a relationship, but it is the glue. Couples that have regular sex have better communication and less stress which allows them to weather the storms of life that are inevitable. Sex allows us to let the past go. There is nothing like feeling our partners skin contacting with ours and holding each other to allow hurt feelings to fade away. When we are able to communicate our needs with our partner in a loving way we become more vulnerable which is so sexy. So the next time you are thinking about rejecting your partner with "I'm too tired," why not say YES with a smile, instead? Couples that have regular sex are more loving and able to overlook their partner's flaws which is unconditional love.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Are We Telling Our Children?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When I was 41 and conscious I gave birth to my daughter. Before I conceived, I was Guided to fast, cleanse and raise my vibration. I couldn't have carried a child so advanced without raising my vibration. I prayed for a spiritual daughter and was told she would be my gift. I had been told I wouldn't be able to have another child after my two sons.

My daughter was born awake. She remembered her past lives and her own children. She asked me one day when she was three, "Mom, you know my dad?" I said, "You mean, Rich?" She said, "No my other father." Then she told me that she and her children died in a fire.

My husband and I bore witness to her conversing with unseen spirits and channeling higher beings. 

At age 8 she had pneumonia and said she was beginning to forget what it was like to be with God in Heaven and wanted to go back. Needless to say, I told her, "Oh honey, you don't want to do that! You need to stay here." Afterward, she fell into such a deep sleep, I was unable to awaken her for hours.

The time of conception, which I experienced there was a flash of light and the soul agreed to take form. During the first three months, I felt a flitting in and out of the soul but it didn't stay. At 120 days, I felt a quickening or movement and a considerable change when her soul took up residence in the body of my unborn child. Prior to that point, the fetus had a heartbeat, but no soul. 

When a child is born within it is a fully developed soul. There is no such thing as a baby soul. Babies do not have cherubs inside them. No wonder that babies get so frustrated with us when we talk to them as if they are idiots without an awareness or consciousness.

The truth is babies see auras. Babies can tell who has an open heart and who doesn't. Notice when you smile at an infant where their gaze rests. It is usually above our heads or over our shoulder because they are looking at our aura or energy field.

Today, at a local Social Security office, filled with hundreds of people I witnessed something horrific. I watched as a woman told her six-month-old grandchild who was attempting to stand up with her wobbly little legs over and over again, "Hey, Big Chunky! You can't even stand up!" She repeated her admonishment "Big Chunky!" as if it was waving a magic wand over this child. She called this sweet little girl, "Big Chunky!" She never called her by her real name. As I watched I saw a gleam in the grandmother's eyes and stopped counting as she called her Big Chunky more than twenty times while I sat waiting. 

Why would someone call a little child who is far from chunky something so derogatory? Often people are totally unaware of how powerful their words are to a small child. Children that grow up being compared to other siblings or gender related remarks "crying like a little girl," end up with low self-esteem.

Frequent criticism creates a child eager to please others. If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone. In the ten years of energy healing of babies all the way to geriatric patients, I have found that all of us were imprinted by negative beliefs, fears, and thoughts of our parents, but especially our mothers while in the womb. Any arguments about whether the child is wanted or should be aborted created a pattern or rejection and abandonment before the baby is even born. 

If our parents were worried about how they would manage to feed another child when a pregnancy is first detected their fears negatively affect the unborn child as well. Imprinting occurs when the mother has an emotional reaction to a conversation or event while pregnant. The mother's emotions are felt and create an imprint in the unborn child. A father's emotions also impact a child, but not as profoundly. An unborn child learns to recognize their parent's voices. When a newborn hears either parent, they will turn their head toward the familiar voices. 

Scientist and the medical profession state that learning begins at birth. I contest that learning begins in the womb.

By the time I had my third child, I learned enough about babies to do many things differently. I didn't vaccinate. I felt certain that vaccination was causing Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. I breastfed all of my children but continued until she was ready to wean herself and kept our daughter in our bed, close to me. She didn't like being separated from me at night and cried for hours when her father insisted on keeping her in her crib. We had a very strong bond as a result of her early childhood being what I felt intuitively was best for her, rather than listening to someone's opinion.

I stayed at home with her rather than allowing another person to influence and raise our beautiful child. As a result, she grew up sweet, sensitive, soft and generous. My daughter has a light that radiates from her heart and eyes.

We Have A Powerful Influence

What if the words we speak to a child are like a blessing or a curse? What if the words we speak when a child is a so utterly fresh, clean and conscious soaking up everything the adults around them say and do as their lasting programs? What if these programs govern the child for his or her entire life? What if this unknowing grandmother's words cursed this little girl to a life of obesity and an inability to stand up for herself, or worse yet, Multiple Sclerosis or some other debilitating disease?

Words can hurt adults, they certainly hurt babies and toddlers as well. Wouldn't it be more loving and supportive to tell our beautiful little ones how wonderful they are encouraging their growth through the challenges they encounter so that they become adults with healthy self-esteem knowing that they are capable of doing and being anything they can dream

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