Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Used To Have The Churches Blessings

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Trick or Treat!

Halloween has been around for over 2,000 years. Traditionally a time that straddled feasts and abundance of the fall harvest, scarcity and colder temperatures of winter, Halloween is an ancient celebration of Celtic and Pagan traditions called Samhain. 

Before you go hating on the Pagans read this because we all came from the same place. 

Most people are unaware that before Christianity we were much more in touch with nature, the changing of seasons, harvest time and the coldness of the onset of winter. Our roots are Pagan.

Ireland early Druid
Before Christianity, from Sunset on October 31st to sunset November 1st, the Celtic people would celebrate Samhain. Samhain is almost halfway between the fall and winter solstice. Celebrations took place with bonfires, dancing and feasting. 

There is a common thread that flows from eastern and western religion.

During this time food was set aside for ancestors that had passed on. Bread, wine, and foods would be placed on their front porches to appease the wandering spirits that crossed between the veil of life and death easily at this time. People would dress up, wearing masks to blend in with the marauding ghosts and spirits. Hence the ghostly costumes today.

The beginning of the "new year," brought the promise of the return of Light with Yule, now celebrated as Christmas.

October 31st is considered untime a sacred experience that is outside our usual observation of time and space a time where the veil between life and death becomes thin. Today we still use the term untimely when referring to one's death that seems to occur when we least expect it. With this tradition, an understanding occurred in our consciousness of cyclic "Dead Time," or Dark Time."

In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III, designated November 1st as a time to honor all saints and martyrs. The eve before All Saints Day was considered, All Hallows Eve and later became Halloween.

The holiday, All Saints Day is celebrated to this day which incorporates many of the traditions of Samhain. Jewish people honor the dead on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, considered a High Holy day. Many traditions have a day in which those who have crossed over are honored.

Dia de los Muertos is an ancient Aztec celebration for family members who have passed on. Though this is not a part of Halloween, this celebration is one where the spirits of Hispanic

family members are said to join the family while the veil is the thinnest. News for Antelope Valley, where I live about this ancient holiday is open to the public for celebration. Many large cities have large celebrations like Austin, Texas, Riverside, California, Albequerque and others.   Mexico of course, has a large festival for this holiday.

The Irish and Scotts brought this tradition with them. In Britain, children would tell jokes, read poetry and sing to receive sweet treats and food on Halloween. Halloween eventually evolved into a community event to celebrate the ending of the warmer weather before the cold when people throw parties and trick or treat with their children. In the 1950's Halloween became family friendly creating a 2.5 billion dollar industry of costuming and candy. Halloween is now the second biggest holiday of the year. 

Before you knock a tradition, consider it's origins. We were all Pagan and lovers of nature, witnessing and celebrating the change of seasons at one time. What's not to like about nature? 
Want to be scared silly? Here are some scary shows you can binge watch. 

Dark Entities And Attachments Cause Depression Or Worse

As a sensitive child, I used to talk to Spirits and see ghosts.  As an Intuitive, my gifts help me get to the root of people's issues quickly as I sense and feel what many do not. 

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Jennifer isn't just a coach. She is a multi-faceted powerful healer and vibrational light worker that clears past patterns of negativity, trauma, and abuse so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin, anxiety-free with a clarity and peaceful inner being so you can be happy with you. When you are happy with you everything in your life becomes one of ease and Grace.

 Jennifer is the author of three books, the latest is:

Happy Here, Happy Anywhere:

The Step-By-Step Guide To Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness Without a Perscription!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The 5 Scariest Things This Halloween

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

This may be the scariest Halloween we have had in years. Instead of a full moon, there will be the tiniest sliver of a new moon. This is my list of scariest and most treacherous events to navigate this All Hallows Eve.

Today we live in a world where no matter what we do we are criticized. If you stand up for your rights you are a racist. If you don't stand up for your rights a pacifist. 

1. Most women don't love themselves. Women often tolerate behavior from men just to have "someone," anyone that gives them the slightest crumb of attention. So many women settle for someone because they are codependent. Many women give to everyone else first, taking care of others then feel exhausted, depleted, sometimes resentful and lost. 

Disrespect for women is rampant. Men don't want to wear condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy; many men don't want to take responsibility for the child that is born when they don't. 

How can you tell if you don't love yourself? Use the following mantra: I LOVE ME. Say it a few times, let it sink in, whirl around in your mind and body for a while. If it feels good, comfortable and resonates with you, you love yourself. If you can't do it, because it doesn't feel right, you don't.

If You Do Any Of These 3 Things You Don't Love Yourself

2. People believe everything we think, hear, see or read on media. Not everything that you see on television, Internet or newspapers is true. Do your own due diligence. Think for yourself. Tap into your Higher Power and feel if it resonates with you. 

3. You worry about what others think about you. Comparing ourselves to others is the fastest road to failure. We will never compare or measure up to others because we aren't meant to. You are unique, created as a perfect individual different than anyone else for a reason. Attempting to be like others defeats your beautiful qualities and uniqueness. Be you! Trust yourself. 

5 Ways To Light Your Life On Fire!

4. You live in fear. Tapping into the fears of mass consciousness is easy to do. Quieting the mind helps you to ground yourself. Meditating is another way to unplug from fear. Breathe deeply, exhaling deeply. Repeat twice more. Unplugging from everyone's fears empowers you. 

5. You think your vote doesn't matter. You might want to vote to send your government a message. You might even vote for someone you aren't sure of. Do yourself a favor and watch Michael Moore's movie, Trumpland. I watched it and it blew me away. There were hundreds of things I never knew. Watching this movie gave me a fresh perspective about both Trump and Hillary. I promise you that you will thank your lucky stars that you spent the forty minutes and watched this movie. 

You matter. You are worthy. You are loved. You deserve love. If you keep attracting people who are emotionally unavailable, or people that hurt you, are addicted to alcohol, drugs or abandon you, there are programs running from the past that need to be cleared. Jennifer is a powerful Intuitive healer and Life Coach. Her sessions are life-changing. 

I Want To Know What Love Is

Self-love and self-respect are imperative for a healthy, balanced and happy relationship.  

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Jennifer isn't just a coach. She is a multi-faceted powerful healer and vibrational light worker that clears past patterns of negativity, trauma, and abuse so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin, anxiety-free with a clarity and peaceful inner being so you can be happy with you. When you are happy with you everything in your life becomes one of ease and Grace.

 Jennifer is the author of three books, the latest is:

Happy Here, Happy Anywhere:

The Step-By-Step Guide To Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness Without a Perscription!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Why You Shouldn't Do Cartwheels To Keep Someone

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

In my love and happiness coaching, I see all kinds of behavior where women will do anything to try and keep a guy that is clearly not worthy and often not interested. I have done it in the past myself. When we attempt to manipulate, change, and hang onto someone by changing who we are or explaining bad behavior away there is no possible way this relationship can work. 

Attempting to hang onto someone who is walking away makes you needy, clingy and very unattractive.  Confidence is infinitely more attractive to a partner than neediness. A relationship will never work if you have the attitude that you will do whatever it takes to change yourself to keep another person. Being inauthentic will make you very unhappy and will destroy the relationship.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them! ~Maya Angelou

You Might Be Doing Cartwheels To Keep Them If:

  1. Thinking that if or when he gets off drugs or alcohol things will be better is putting your happiness on the backburner. You can't make anyone want to give up their addiction. You may be addicted to love. 
  2. You think your love will cure whatever is ailing the other; it never will. 
  3. Explaining away bad behavior away is disrespectful to yourself. Love yourself enough to let someone who treats you badly go. 
  4. You wish for things to be different. If you have thoughts like, "if only.....  he would......" let him go. (This is true unless you have extremely high expectations of your relationship and partner.) Perfectionistic people tend to expect their partner to be perfect and no one is. We all have issues and faults. No relationship will ever be totally free of conflict. We are individuals with our own personalities and ways of doing things. No two people will be exactly the same. We have to allow each other to be true to ourselves.
  5. You don't talk about what is bothering you. If you allow someone to treat you like a doormat walk all over your feelings, expect you to do everything to keep the relationship working without communicating your needs means you are doing cartwheels to keep them. Work on your self-esteem so that you stop allowing others to mistreat you. Until you do work on yourself you will continue to attract bad behavior because you allow yourself to be mistreated.
  6. You are a people pleaser. When you turn yourself inside out doing cartwheels to please someone else you will be unhappy with the outcome. You put your personal needs ahead of the relationship and the other person, which subjugates your happiness. 
  7. Expect the other person to make you happy. Another person can't fill the void within you. Looking for someone else to make you happy places too much responsibility on the other person and is an impossible no-win situation. 

If your partner has been disrespectful, hurtful, cheated, lied or just become indifferent to you and who you are, let him go. If they have an anger issue, addictions or are disrespectful to you, it is time to get some help. Self-love and self-respect are imperative for a healthy, balanced and happy relationship.  

Get your FREE 30-minute session with Jennifer to find out if her work is a good fit for you. Book your session with Jennifer right now and become happy with yourself and your life so you can attract a healthy high-quality relationship instead of someone who mistreats you.

Jennifer isn't just a coach. She is a multi-faceted powerful healer and vibrational light worker that clears past patterns of negativity, trauma, and abuse so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin, anxiety-free with a clarity and peaceful inner being so you can be happy with you. When you are happy with you everything in your life becomes one of ease and Grace.

 Jennifer is the author of three books, the latest is:

Happy Here, Happy Anywhere:
The Step-By-Step Guide To Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness Without a Perscription!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I don't know about you, but when my birthday comes around, I like to celebrate. It is not the passing of the years that brings me joy; it is that I am alive to live another day! 

I was born on the heels of Hurricane Hazel, my mother said I was a hurricane myself. Life is certainly what we make it, and I am making mine one of great joy, celebration, and dance. 

Dance makes me happy, moves my soul and connects me to the earth. I rejoice in the music, and grateful I can still groove like an eighteen-year-old. 

My birthday is a celebration for several reasons. I use the Septimal Laws of The Universe to plan my life and calendar. The past fifty-two days are considered my decay cycle. I am glad to be back moving forward re-building and re-birthing. I'll explain as we go, you might find this interesting.

Cycles of Rebirth - The Septimal Cycles - Septimal Law

I use the Universal Septimal Cycles to plan my calendar. The seven 52-day cycles offer different energies to use to accomplish what we need to. Governing our lives according to these cycles makes things flow effortlessly when utilized for the greatest advantage. 

7. Decay Cycle

The decay cycle completed the previous year, culminating on the last day before your birth. Beginning 52-days before your birthday this period is one of rest, breaking down, releasing and re-cooperating. It is not a time to have invasive surgery or dental work was done. Since the body is in decay during this time healing is slower than usual. Beginning anything new is not recommended. 

1. Opportunity Cycle

Beginning on your birthday: This is the first cycle in your Septimal calendar.  From the day of your birthday, each of us enters a period of opportunity. You will have the most energy during this 52 day period. It is the best time to advance your interests with others who have the power/influence to help you. The first cycle is the best time to ask for favors, seek employment, form partnerships or make investments. Good time to advance yourself among the people city, state or country, to build your credit standing or reputation and push yourself forward. Best time to push yourself forward with determination so far as your name, integrity and honor are concerned.

2. Transient Cycle

Starting on day 52 after your birthday: This is the second cycle. Best time for short journeys or trips of immediate importance. Excellent time for moving about if that should prove necessary. Best time for changes and projects that can be started and finished within the period itself. Best for transporting or shipping. Excellent opportunity for businesses that transport liquids. This cycle is an unfavorable period for borrowing or lending money. Not good for starting the construction of a building. The worst time for investments and gambling in any form.  

3. Energy Cycle

Starting on day 104 after your birthday:

Avoid arguments Exercise discernment and discrimination. Brings a great inflow of energy which makes you want to do great and important things. With the careful direction, this is the best period to improve your health and your business. However, good judgment is needed. You will be tempted to undertake projects with no possibility for success. Or projects that take so long to develop that you have to abandon them before completion. Use this time to overcome obstacles that have blocked progress in the past. Good time to oppose competitors. Unfavorable time to deal with women. But a great time for women to appeal to men - favors and aid.

4. Imagination Cycle

Starting on day 156 after your birthday: Avoid entering marriage, hiring help, buying homes or land The mental and spiritual nature is stimulated. Excellent time for writing books, producing plays, making plans. Great time for expressing imagination, quick thinking and the ability to express your thoughts lucidly. Your mind will be filled with new ideas which will come very rapidly. It is important that you grasp them quickly and put them into practice before they are forgotten or filled with new ideas. Good period to act on hunches and impulse. You will be optimistic, somewhat nervous and restless, with your imagination highly charged. Good period to deal with literary people, writers, journalists, magazine publishers. Be careful to scrutinize all legal documents as deception is possible.

5. Expansion Cycle

Starting on day 208 after your birthday: Avoid every negotiation that is not completely legitimate. Greatest success can be achieved during this time in personal affairs. Your interests will expand, and your prosperity will increase. Your mind will become a more effective instrument sharper and clearer. You will become more open and social with others, have more compassion and move with more confidence. Good time to deal with courts, governments officials, people of wealth, begin new ventures that will take a longer period to grow, to plan large business negotiations, or to undertake long journeys. Good time to collect money due, or to speculate. Avoid every negotiation that is not legitimate. Avoid dealing with marine affairs and meat products/cattle.

6. Rest and Relaxation Cycle

Starting on day 260 after your birthday: Best cycle for rest, relaxation, and amusement. It does not mean that business will not prosper, on the contrary, all good legitimate businesses will continue with almost as much success as the preceding period. Great time for short or long trips for cultivating and renewing friendships. Men among women and women among men and to renew friendships and relationships that already exist. Fortunate time for business matters that touch upon art, music, literature, sculpture, flowers and adornments. Good period for a man to seek favors, business agreement or cooperation from a woman. Best period to buy stocks or bonds, investments and employ others.

7. Decay Cycle

Starting on day 312 after your birthday: Avoid surgery, invasive dental treatmentsMost critical period of your yearly cycle. It is a time of ending and falling away to make way for newer and better. Often the sense of distress and loss may cause foolish actions and decisions. 

It is a time of devolution which always proceeds a period of evolution and new opportunity. Take time to rid yourself of the old & unwanted. Exercise good judgment. Let those things that are falling away do so, but don’t deliberately break ties or destroy relationships. You may become despondent and easily discouraged. Do not permit the pessimism of this period to warp your judgment or influence decisions. Need to be more alert than normal to your reactions to external influences.

Using the Septimal Laws will help you make decisions, plan and live according to Universal Laws.

I would love to stay and chat, but I have people to see, beaches to walk and dogs that want to go! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please share it with your friends. You make my writing worthwhile. I appreciate you.

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Much Love,

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What Consensual Sex Means And Why You Need To Pay Attention

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Consensual sex is when both parties agree that they will move forward and become intimate. We need to consent before kissing, touching, fondling and sexual contact begins. Sexual fondling without consent is assault. Sex without consent is rape. Kinky sex without consent could also end up being termed battery depending on the incident. 

Non-consensual sex has come to my doorstep. I need to make myself perfectly clear. Getting a girl or woman drunk, drugging her in order to make her compliant or forcing her head down into your crotch is non-consensual. 

If you have to drug someone to have sex with you, you need help my friend. Forcing a woman to do down on you is considered rape. Please note the updated legal description of what constitutes rape from the Department of Justice:

“The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” 

Talking about what is about to happen is paramount. Just because someone attempts to kiss, touch or fondle doesn't mean we have to allow it.

In fact, if we want a relationship having sex too soon could preclude us from having what we want. Women have a tendency to feel they must give sex up to have what they want. The reverse is true. The longer you wait to have sex the more able you are to see what the other's intentions are. If they only want sex, they will be
 on their way very quickly.

If you sext nude body parts to get a man's attention you won't be considered marriage material, so think before you do. Teens need to be educated to understand that just because others sext or request sexting doesn't mean you have to do it.

How do you want to be viewed?
Today more than ever before we have Tinder,, Plenty of Fish, E-Harmony, Ok Cupid, in fact, thousands of dating sites on the Internet. Every fetish and sexual predilection are available at the touch of a finger. We live in a society where limits are stretched and breached daily.

Consent is something that we don't think about before hugging someone or telling our children to go kiss Aunt Nell. A hug when the other person doesn't want it crosses boundaries. Even attempting to force your partner or spouse to kiss or perform a sex act when they don't want to is crossing boundaries. 

Women and children have been molested, assaulted and raped for hundreds of years and it seems little is being done about it. Today the ramifications of leniency towards the perpetrators and ignoring the facts about date rape isn't helping. Imagine a six-month sentence for a sexually assault, reduced to only three months for ex-Stanford swimmer Brock Turner.

Many famous men like Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Hollywood Producers, and others are publicly on the carpet for rape, sexual assault, and molestation. This morning the headlines read: Dozens Come Forward At University of  Wisconsin's College campus. Alec Cook was charged and released after sexually assaulting one woman, then re-arrested when twenty others came forward. 

1 in 5 women is raped on college campuses every year. The "boys will be boys," argument is flawed. No needs to mean no! Where do teens learn that no means no? At home. Why aren't parents teaching their boys that no means no? Overindulgent parents, absentee parents for various reasons and a society that feels kids should have whatever they want without ramifications for wrong-doing is the cause. 

Between 60 and 80% of rapes are committed by acquaintances. Rape is a sexual assault that takes place without your willingness or consent. If you say "no," and sex continues it is considered rape. Understanding the legal definition of date rape will enlighten everyone. If you say, "Please stop," and the advances continue, you have been raped or sexually assaulted.

When we explain bad behavior away, we are giving it free range. Children and young girls are often not heard, that say they have experienced assault or rape by cavalierly stating that "boys will be boys," like The Big Twelve Commissioner, Bob Boslby has done publicly. 

When a woman says no, that does not mean forcibly kiss fondle or touch her. Women need to be empowered to recognize someone who doesn't respect her choice. We might not recognize the fact that our past childhood experience triggers our reactions when touched or spoken to in a certain way. 

If you date someone after they have pushed you beyond your choosing, you are in for a world of trouble and challenges. Someone who pushes your boundaries and doesn't listen to your resistance and verbal queues doesn't respect you. Without respect, we can't trust. Beginning a relationship without trust has no foundation for survival.

Males can also be raped and assaulted against their will. No means no, whether you are a woman or a man. 

Whether it is a choice to have a kinky experience, to have sex with a partner or not is a choice. Sex isn't what keeps a relationship. Thinking that giving in to another's needs will fulfill your own when you aren't interested is suppressing your personal choice and free will. 

If you have engaged in sexual behavior you didn't want because of past sexual molestation, shame and guilt will be present. When we have sexual molestation in our childhood, our boundaries may be non-existent. To shore up boundaries, we need to know what we want and don't want. We need to be clear with ourselves. 

Know yourself. Be true to yourself. If you want, a relationship doesn't engage with a married person. A married man won't be emotionally available to you. We always have choices. If you are at a party and know you let your guard down with drugs alcohol, don't use them. Stay safe by knowing your limits. Never leave your drink unattended. Order beer and hold it rather than set it on the bar or table.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What and Who Is God?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Each of us can know and love God in a personal relationship. It is through my personal relationship with God that I write and answer your questions about what I have discovered about God.

God is all: Light, Love, and Life. There is no place that God isn't. Which means God is in you.

God is a part of each of us. Searching for God outside of us will net an absence of God. Which is why sitting silently brings us in touch with the God inside each of us.

The contemporary scholar and mystic Thomas Merton describes it well: "If I penetrate the depths of my own existence and my own present reality, the indefinable I am that is myself in its deepest roots, then through this deep center, I pass into the infinite I AM which is the very name of the Almighty."

It might be easier, to begin looking at what God is not. God is not a scary man in the sky. God does not smite, smote, judge or condemn. God is a consciousness that is in everything, rather than a being. The Divine Mind is God.

God is not the same as Creator.

Everything you experience, God does also. God is with you every moment in every day. There is never a time that God isn't with you, as it isn't possible for us to become separated from God. 

Once we begin to recognize that God is within, and feel that connection in every moment, we are considered Self-Realized or God Realized. You and God are One. Feeling the God within fills us with a completeness, a sense of wholeness and infinite peace. We no longer feel lonely, lost of broken once we recognize this connection is never broken and feel it fully. Meditation is a powerful way to bring us into connection with the God within. 

God is the creative force behind everything. God is creative intelligence, Spiritual Life, Spiritual substance, and Prime Mover of all that is. God is always and in every way supporting us in our lives and creations. God brings to fruition what we believe about our lives and what we state is so for us.

God is The Divine Mind. When we say affirmations or mantras the power of The Universe and God begins to orchestrate our lives for us what we affirm. Whatever we command we bring into fruition. Which is why it is so important to watch our thoughts, reactions, and emotions. Our emotions are the rocket fuel to bring us what we think about, brood about and speak.

The opposite is also true, that when we make negative statements about our lives, complain incessantly about all the bad things happening, God and The Universe bring more of what we complain about into our lives and circumstances.

Our Mind Is Not Our Friend

If we say, "I AM POOR." God says, "Yes, sir you are!" Here you go, here are all those things that make you poor.

The Universe is God. God is The Universe. God is indwelling in al things. There is nowhere that God is not. Remember that writing on the bathroom stall? God saw what you wrote.

Remember your darkest hour crying in your bed? God saw that also.

Everything that God creates is imbued with His Essence or Life: substance and intelligence.

God is creative energy and the fire of creation. God is both masculine and feminine: light beyond anything we have ever seen in our sun, moon, stars or light waves. What we see has been stepped down considerably for us to view it. The great Light that is overall and surrounds everything is an expression of what God is and emits.

The clearer our energy field becomes, the closer we can become to God. As we clear our discordant energy while in the physical body, we become filled with light, rather than shadow or darkness. 

When we step into the Flow, we are swimming in the Vortex, the
energy of God. Our energy field expands when in the Flow. We are in appreciation, pure love, and light in the Divine Flow. Connecting with God gives us a delightful uplifting experience.

Our Personal Relationship With God

Beginning a conversation with God can happen for anyone. I began to pray when I didn't believe in the existence of God. I didn't even really know how to pray when I began to connect with God. I didn't know if my prayers would fall on deaf ears.
Today, I experience God as a feeling of ecstasy that fills me to the core. I get chills, laughter, joy, and feel completely loved by God. I talk to God while I dance in the desert with my dogs. 

I deliberately connect to God when I meditate, dance, and walk in nature. Each of us can do this. Our hearts begin to open as our connection and relationship with God grows.

The deeper our faith becomes the easier we can manifest. The greater our connection with God/The Divine becomes, the higher our vibration becomes and the more able we can manifest.

Each of us will return to Spirit when we die. We are eternal beings. We don't become an angel when we die, we become Spirit. Part of us is always Godforce. Part of us is Spirit. We are energetic beings. We are vibration. 

Eventually, when you raise yourself in spiritual awareness, you transcend the physical body and return to Light in complete Oneness with Spirit. Working with our High Selves we move beyond the separateness of God. We transcend the belief in good and evil and the belief that we are separate from God.

Energy clearings to eliminate our discordant energy raises our vibration. We are more able to connect with God when we are clear. God consciousness flows through us, around us and is in everything. We are Spirit first, humans second. The clearer our field is the closer to that of God. When we are disconnected from God and feel lost our energy is so low that we aren't in alignment with that of The Divine or God. 

Feeling Disconnection From God

When we are insecure we are disconnected from God.
When we are feeling hate we are disconnected from God.
When we are feeling resentment we are disconnected from God.
When we are feeling jealousy we are disconnected from God.

Focusing on the problem gets you out of the flow.
Focusing on the solution allows The Divine to step in and orchestrate your life for you. The more we repeat the stories of our problem the more mired we are in the problem rather than the solution. 

Allowing Joy To Flow

When we begin to ask for assistance from God  and get out of the way, we receive the help we need, maybe not what we want. We might ask questions to receive assistance from The Universe and God. 

"How can I easily and effortlessly have ___________?"

Who are you? God is in you around you and through you. You are Spirit. Each of us was created in God's image. God is in you with you and is who you return to when you die. 

Not All Yogis Wear Turbans

You Must Have Your Personal Experience

Each of us needs to cultivate a relationship with God. As with any relationship the more we connect, talk, love, enjoy and appreciate The Divine, the closer we become. God loves praise, love and joy. Praise God, love God and give back to God by doing for others, loving yourself and everyone on this planet. The more gratitude, reverence, compassion you have for what you have the better you feel and the more appreciation you show for The Divine (God). 

You are the creator of your own reality. Embrace it! 

What You Can Do Now To Connect To God

  1. breathe deeply
  2. sit quietly
  3. meditate
  4. find something to be grateful for
  5. pray and ask for God's help.
  6. quiet mind chatter - do mantras several times a day
  7. get clarity get clear - download my free APP Google Play or set up a private session with Jennifer
An energy clearing will give you clarity, calm the mind chatter, allow you to sleep better, clear anxiety, help you feel positive, lighter. Suicidal programs can be cleared; there is hope. If you feel hopeless, contact me right NOW!

Deepak Chopra has written many books. One you might be interested in reading is How To Know God. Following is an excerpt from his book about the levels of consciousness as he knows them. 

Level 1 (Fight-or-Flight Response)
You fulfill your life through family, community, a sense of belonging and material comforts.
Level 2 (Reactive Response)
You fulfill your life through success, power, influence, status and other ego satisfactions.
Level 3 (Restful Awareness Response)
You fulfill your life through peace, centeredness, self-acceptance and inner silence.
Level 4 (Intuitive Response)
You fulfill your life through insight, empathy, tolerance and forgiveness.
Level 5 (Creative Response)
You fulfill your life through inspiration, expanded creativity in art or science and unlimited discovery.
Level 6 (Visionary Response)
You fulfill your life through reverence, compassion, devoted service and universal love.
Level 7 (Sacred Response)
You fulfill your life through wholeness and unity with the divine.
Adapted from How to Know God by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2007).

Monday, October 24, 2016

3 Things You Must Do To Be Happy

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters"
Happiness is not having what you want. It is appreciating what you have.

As I round the home stretch of my transformational book, Happy Here, Happy Anywhere: The Step-By-Step Guide To Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness I have a few pointers to share with you that are key components of getting to a place of happiness. Here they are:

1. You must commit to doing whatever it takes to be happy right now with what you already have. If you bitch, moan or complain about your life you will never be happy. So just stop it! Bob Newhart says it best. You have got to have a sense of humor with yourself. Instead, of beating yourself up for the choices you have made in the past look at how you can learn from those choices. What was your lesson, what was the gift? 

We all make choices that don't take us where we thought they would. Let it go. Learn from the past instead of flogging yourself. We can be goofballs, weirdos, and mavericks and still be happy, look at me! I am one of the biggest goofballs, mavericks, and weirdos on the planet. We are unique. Be happy with your uniqueness!

Living the simplest of lives focusing on the important things like family, friends and loving life will bring you happiness. Turn your focus inward and be grateful for being alive each day. Being grateful for the simplest of things will help to shift your focus. I know people that have died in their sleep. They didn't wake up to live another day. We have to recognize that each day is a gift. Having a meal to eat is a gift. When we expect things to be a certain way we aren't focusing on the miracles of life. Nothing is impossible and everything is possible! Miracles happen every day. Be grateful for the gift of life. Be happy with what you have now and more good will flow to you.

2. Have some fun. Do things that you love to do every day. Life is way too short not to enjoy it. Watch funny movies, comedians and cute YouTube videos of fuzzy little animals that make you laugh and smile. If you keep wishing to "go home," be careful what you wish for as your suffering could be endless, then you just return here to do it again!

PLAY! The next time you are home with family for an evening, take out a board game. Play with your family. Engage with people instead of texting or playing mind numbing games on your phone. People are what make us happy, not technology. 

My favorite game is Cards Against Humanity. I usually end up almost peeing my pants from laughing so hard, and usually win. I love this game. It's a little naughty, certainly funny and gets you out of your damned ego! Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Of course, I don't consider myself a horrible person, I am a fun, happy enlightened being. Fun is a huge part of my happiness. Play is something I do daily.

It will give you a chance to laugh, have some fun and get out of your way.

3. Do things that make you happy. (see number 2 above) Listen to happy uplifting music. Dance instead of going to the gym. I quit my gym membership and dance outside every day with music that lifts me and moves me into high states of happiness. The flip side of this is we have to stop doing things that bring us down. If you read the newspaper every day, read headlines that make you angry or want to cry, STOP IT! Avoid reading Yahoo headlines and watching the news. These things will bring you down and create unhappiness and sadness. Believe me, if the sky begins to fall and the world is ending you won't need to read the headlines to find out, you will know! Now get up and move it move it!

Happiness Rests Securely In Your Hands

If this article helped you, let me know on FaceBook, or share it with a friend. Everyone deserves to be happy. Some of us have forgotten how.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

When Everything Falls Apart, There is Good News Coming

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Life today is simple, easy, doing work I love. I am ecstatically happy every day. You would never know looking at me that seventeen years ago my life was crumbling in every direction. I was like the moth to the flame. 

When things fall apart, there is a reason. You have chosen situations that weren't in your highest good and the universe, and you have set about changing your life for the better. It just doesn't look like there is anything good happening right now. When change is coming, there is nothing you can do to stop it. You might feel that chaos is your only friend.

Following is the shortened version: part of my first book Odyssey Victim To Victory. What began to happen in my life was the momentous change in every way. 

My father died twenty-seven years ago, on September 22, 1989. My father was a larger than life character, a skeptic, freethinker, man's man who introduced me to Metaphysics. He taught me to believe only what I knew to be true, rather than what people wrote or said. My father had been abused by his father, ran away from home at seven on a freight train from Toronto to Vancouver, British Columbia. He repeated his adventure again at age twelve. A beating awaited him upon both returns. Why would someone do something so great at such an early age? His home life had to be so horrible that anything was better than staying there.

I met Rich weeks after my father's death. What I didn't recognize at the time was that the familiarity I felt being with him was his deep rage, like my father's. Even though I saw his dark, abusive side, I married him anyway. I married the bad boy. I ignored the red flags. He felt like home to me. His anger was so familiar; I felt like I was walking on egg shells the entire time we were married and long afterward.

I owned my home which was half paid off. Rich didn't like the fact that it was my home. He wanted to build "his house." It wasn't "our home," but HIS. His ego got in the way of recognizing I had a home we could easily afford. He pushed, prodded and
coerced me to use the equity in my home to live on and finance his building company. My fear of him was my motivator. My confidence and freedom were eradicated in this marriage. I felt imprisoned with no way of escaping. I had just given birth to Ariel I was forty-one. 

For those of you who have never experienced abuse, some of this will seem preposterous, impossible to believe. Emotional and physical abuse eradicates confidence. When there is a threat of violence, there is emotional abuse. It makes us feel dependent on our abuser for everything with no hope, no will, hopeless. Fear is an all pervasive energy that surrounds you even while you sleep. The fear that they might murder you and your children while you sleep is real. 

Like Attracts Like
(The caveat here is that Rich's brother an ex-marine had committed a pre-meditated murder of his brother-in-law while Rich and I were together. He stabbed him thirty-five times. Rich's father beat his mother, punching her in the face breaking her dentures in three. His family history was one of violence, greater than mine, but similar in energy.) My fear of anger and violence was the perfect match for Rich's DNA of rage. 

Huge beautiful home didn't bring happiness
Without giving all the details, Rich built a huge home - "his house" that we couldn't afford. He had four houses go back to the bank when the market crashed, and the economy tanked. We lost our home. Both my sons ended up living with their father; it nearly killed me. My family is the most important part of my life, losing both my sons even temporarily was devastating to my health and happiness.

The light was dawning in my mind, I wondered how I could escape with my life and safety of my daughter. 

I sold all my beautiful things so that we would have money to live on, Rich sold none of his tools. While we were losing our home two of my beloved dogs were hit by one car. My oldest Siamese kitty's health failed and her son and another dog had to be put to sleep within six months of our foreclosure. I knew all my animal's deaths were trying to tell me something. Messages were everywhere. I needed to get out too, but how?

I had started a landscaping company before we lost our beautiful home. I had begun to make enough to support myself without Rich's help. When his control of my phone calls, friends and family became too great, I finally got the courage to tell him he needed to leave. 

The Universe sends help when we make a positive move for change. I gave him two weeks to move out. It just so happened that my sister-in-law's brother, Alan had met a woman on the Internet and had flown to Georgia from England to be with her. When he
Right before our split
arrived from England, he found that she had misrepresented herself and was still married! He was heart-broken. He spent all his hard-earned money to fly over from The UK, only to find out she had lied! I recognized immediately that Alan was in Georgia for the first time for my protection and to ensure Rich left without hurting or harming anyone.

When we talked, I explained what was happening with me and he quickly agreed to stay with me until Rich moved out. Alan was part of my family and had known me since I was fourteen.

My world was falling apart on all levels. I was in fear for my life while I slept. I hid Rich's guns until I could get him out of my house. We moved to a farmhouse, in the Georgia countryside with a barn to store my tools. I found this beautiful place in a very strange way. I loved the house and the land and wanted to stay. This property was perfect for my daughter and I. It felt wrong for Rich to be there. I knew Rich had to go.

Why Things Happen The Way They Do

Our DNA has a great power over us, as does our karma. We attract what our parents model for us. Mine had modeled abuse, anger, and negativity. I was afraid of men. I was a magnet for a man who raged, yelled and became big and scary when he was angry. Rich was jealous, controlling and a macho man, like my father in many ways, except that he didn't drink. The biggest similarity was his rage. I was attracted to that part of him that was so similar in energy to my father, unconsciously. 

What Feels Like Home Might Not Be The Best For You!

I was attracted to what felt familiar. When I wrote down a list of what experiences I had in my home they were the following:


  • criticized, ignored, not heard
  • put down, teased, made fun of
  • invalidated
  • yelled at
  • abused and controlled
  • put in harm's way
  • unprotected


  • criticized, ignored, not heard
  • put down, teased, made fun of
  • invalidated
  • yelled at
  • jealousy 
  • abused and controlled
  • put in harm's way
  • unprotected

I was like a moth to a flame!

I kept repeating the same old patterns until my outside circumstances became so in-my-face, that I could no longer ignore them. Each relationship I had was worse than the one before. I was so afraid of this man I didn't want to have sex with him. After Rich had moved out, I was able to get quiet, meditate and go within. Finally, I began to wake up. I knew I didn't want to be abused any longer. I knew that my victim energy from my childhood sexual abuse was still present even though I had forgiven all my perpetrators. I had to clear the emotions. 

I sat down and meditated. In this meditation, I was directed to create a relationship matrix. This matrix is what I use to guide my clients today. 

Using this matrix, I realized that in all my relationships there were similarities. The Guidance I received asked me what the similarities are? What is the common denominator? 

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!

My big aha moment came after I saw that I was the only common denominator in all my relationships. I had to stop blaming others and look at how I attracted these men to me. I had to look at my reactivity from my childhood and clear the triggers. I had to change my behavior.

What's The Use?

What is the point of all of this? Today, I help women love themselves above all else, fearlessly so that they attract positive, balanced, healthy relationships. I work with couples and single women to change their patterns and behavior so that they don't continue to react, deny and push away love. All that happened in the past has removed judgment of others giving me great compassion for where people are. Having been there myself, I can't judge another.

Until we heal our DNA and our unconscious programming we attract unconsciously. We are like the moth to the flame. We attract what is not the best for us. We attract the dysfunction from our family of origin or past molestation. We move toward what feels familiar - even when it isn't safe. 

If you think ignoring the past will make it less powerful, think again. We have to heal the past. We have to clear the old programs and patterns so that we aren't a magnet for dysfunction. We have to change our behavior, recognize the red flags and pay attention to them, rather than ignore them. We have to love and accept ourselves as we are. Until we love ourselves completely, and stop denying our old patterns and behavior we continue to accept circumstances that aren't good for us. 

It took me over thirty years of healing, study, searching to get to where I am today. My happiness and bliss are my reward for all that I endured in the past. I worked very hard to clear the old patterns and unconscious beliefs that men are all angry, jealous and abusive, or that love hurt and abused. All of my experiences make me wise, compassionate and loving. I understand what my clients have been through because I have been there too. 

If everything is falling apart in your world, it is because your life isn't working for you the way it was. It is time for you to wake up, put yourself first, rather than your relationships, give to you, get to know yourself and clear the past. Isn't it time for you to be happy
with you? When we become happy with ourselves, the rest falls into place effortlessly. Know that light is at the end of this tunnel of darkness, change, and chaos. There are better days ahead. 

What You Can Do Now To Feel Better

  1. breathe deeply
  2. sit quietly
  3. meditate
  4. find something to be grateful for
  5. quiet mind chatter - do mantras several times a day
  6. get clarity get clear - download my free APP Google Play or set up a private session with Jennifer
Eldorado Cyn, Colorado 2012
An energy clearing will give you clarity, calm the mind chatter, allow you to sleep better, clear anxiety, help you feel positive, lighter. Suicidal programs can be cleared; there is hope. If you feel hopeless, contact me right NOW!
What about Rich? Rich died in his sleep July 4th, 2012 in Williston, North Dakota, while working in the oil fields; at the same age his father died, fifty-two, which was his biggest fear. We had overcome much and become friends. Read more here.