Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How a Break-up Can Be A GOOD Thing

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Angry couple

A break-up can be the best thing that ever happened.

A broken heart is one of the most painful experiences a human can have. It hurts. It feels as if the world is ending. Your world as you know it certainly is. The more vested you were in the relationship the more it hurts.

Sometimes we are half in a relationship. We feel certain that there is someone else out there that is more suited to us than the person we are with. If you have been unfaithful in your relationship, this was probably the case. When you are fully vested and committed affairs are not the norm. When only partially vested, we see the benefit of the break-up, the change happened and was taken care of for us.  When we are fully vested, we are fully committed and feel that the person we were with was THE ONE. Losing this person could totally change your life.

If everything you have ever dreamed of, all your future goals involved your partner, losing them means that your life is going to be radically different. Your dream of having children together and growing old together is gone. Sadness and loss will be experienced deeply. It is important to allow yourself time to really release them. There is always positive and negative in a relationship. Sometimes there is more negative than positive. Looking into what you learned afterward can be very cathartic. Focusing on the gift in the break-up can help you move forward. Each relationship teaches us something about ourselves. Focusing blame on one party does not take into account that there were two people in the relationship. There is always a lesson learned. Being grateful for the time together and the lesson will help you move on.

There are NO MISTAKES, only lessons

Each relationship is a lesson. When we begin to look at the experience as something that helped us grow, and see ourselves in a different light, we begin to understand the purpose of our relationships. Change is a constant. People change. Relationships change. We change. Expecting a relationship to last forever is a fairy tale. Even in a healthy beautiful supportive relationship, there is death at the end that separates us. Seeing the perfection in each moment, that everything is happening as it needs to, in the perfect time. 


Allowing our partner to be who they are, rather than trying to change them is a loving act. Sometimes at the end of our relationship experience we recognize that we did not accept our partner completely as they were. We are able to see what we have learned from this experience. We have grown and learned what our patterns are. We have learned our weaknesses and strengths. We also gain clarity about what we want and don't want in our next relationship. Writing down our must haves and drop dead will not haves helps us notice our patterns when we begin to date. If we continue to attract the same type of person in our next relationship it is because we have not healed our issues. We have more work to do. Relationships are all about focusing on our inner selves. This is how we grow and become our highest and best version of us.

When a door closes, a window opens

If you have considered moving to a different country or state, now is a good time to make a clean break. You can start brand new, with a new career, new friends, new environment where nothing reminds you of the other person. You will always have memories, but not running into this person can help you focus on healing and moving on.

Challenges are Opportunities

The ending of a relationship can be a wake-up call. We recognize the areas where we need help or support. We can do a post mortem of our relationship and see where we could have done better. Sometimes, we give too much of ourselves and don't recognize it until our relationship ends. When we give too much we lose ourselves and then feel resentful. 

Being a people pleaser is part of co-dependence. Co-dependent relationships occur when one or both parties put aside their personal needs and put the relationship ahead of everything else. This is a great time to hire a coach to clear up the issues and challenges that have plagued all your relationships. Healing the past will change the future. Use this time to get to know yourself on a deeper level. 

Spending Time Alone Can Be The Biggest Gift

Time alone will help you to heal. Solitude after a break up gives you time to search your soul. You can look back at the events that led up to the demise of your relationship and see where you weren't true to yourself. Often we change ourselves to be more of what we think our partner would want us to be. When we act like our partner wants us to, we are not authentic. When we are inauthentic, we put our own needs aside, but moreover it is exhausting. Trying to be someone other than who you are is not healthy. The more authentic you can be, the more intimate your next relationship will be. 

The biggest personal growth happens after a break up. Take the time to write, dig deep and look inside to see where you were not true to yourself? Did you give too much? Did you give up friends, family or a job? Don't jump into bed with the next live body you see to drown your sorrow and grief. This could lead to another relationship when you have not even begun to heal from this one. For every two years in the relationship you need one year to heal. If you enter into another relationship before you have time to heal and recover you will attract another lonely, empty person. Two lonely empty people do not create a good relationship.


Leaving an abusive relationship can be very difficult. Be thankful that you got away safely. There are two people in an abusive relationship. One is the victim and one is the perpetrator. If you are a victim, you have work to do and issues to heal. Jumping right into another relationship will bring you another relationship with similar issues. You have to do inner work and get some help to recognize where you did not respect yourself. A coach that is familiar with abuse, or had abuse in their own past and has recovered would be beneficial for you. If you were the abuser, you also have issue to heal and work to do. This is deep work and very difficult to do on your own. 


When you are ready, you need to forgive yourself and your partner. Holding onto unresolved pain, anger and betrayal will attract it into your next relationship. I recommend a simple Kahuna healing prayer to forgive. Always begin with yourself when you are doing any kind of healing. Forgive yourself first. Spend about 20 - 40 minutes repeating the prayer thinking about the situation. Do the prayer slowly. When you feel complete stop. Come back and do the exercise again and again until you no longer feel a negative charge (or trigger). 

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

Here are some ways to help you move on peacefully:
  1. Return and amicably split up belongings.
  2. Let go of anything that brings up painful memories.
  3. Delete them as friends on social media. Seeing posts from your partner can be very difficult, better that you let them go.
  4. Avoid phone calls and texting your partner unless absolutely necessary. Don't call them asking advice.
  5. If anyone asks, be kind don't bad mouth your ex.
  6. Take time for yourself - nurture yourself or go to the gym.
  7. Write in your journal. Expressing your feelings as you experience them, on paper will help release them. Your notes will help you to see how far you have come.
  8. Spend time with supportive friends.
  9. Eat healthy and get enough sleep.
  10. Stay busy. Do the things you put off and were too busy to do before.
  11. Recognize that everything happens for a reason and it is over. Thinking about reconciling at this time will bring you false hopes. LET IT GO.
  12. Spend time doing things you enjoy.
  13. Allow yourself time to cry. If you are feeling anger, allow yourself time to go to the top of a mountain, or a place away from others and do some cathartic screaming. You have to move these emotions in a healthy way or depression will result. Depression is the result of stuffed pain, with repressed anger on top.

If you have not risked everything, you have not loved completely.

Jennifer is a life, love and relationship coach. She is available for private sessions and offers group coaching and workshops. She walks the walk. Teaching from experience. She is a Master energy healer and does past life readings and energy clearings where she clears the issues from past lives. You can e-mail her to schedule your FREE DISCOVERY session  HERE

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses: How The Mind Keeps Us Stuck

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It takes more energy to begin than it takes to accelerate.

A ship that is dead in the water cannot be steered.

Beginning is the most difficult. Have you ever noticed all the things that delay us from the beginning? The planning, the organizing, the thinking about what you want to do, or accomplish. Your doubts keep you stuck, doubled up in fear. You have to decide to start. Excuses keep you stuck. Excuses keep you from beginning. You want to be a painter, "I don't have the money." "I don't have the ideas." "I don't have the talent." All of these excuses stop you. Excuses prevent you from being and having the life of your dreams. Excuses keep you from having the relationship you want. Excuses don't matter.


You have to do it anyway. The prescription for success is to begin. Get the party started! Say YES to the relationship. Say YES to starting the new business. Say YES to hiring a self-love coach that will empower you.  If you haven't done it up until now by yourself, join me now. I will light a firecracker under your butt and get you off your couch, catapulted out of your Barcalounger, excited about your life, your success and your love. I will help you find the love inside of you that will help you to heal your life so you can have the relationship you want. Use your reasons and excuses and go SUCCEED! 

Once you BEGIN you become a magnet for the Universe to assist you and give you what you want. An inert object is much harder to move than one already in motion. I will blast you with creative Source energy to get you moving, motivated and feeling alive!

Tonight I will inspire you, energize you and help you engage the Universe to work with you and support you. I will teach you how to connect to Source energy and create miracles in your life.

Have you said all the affirmations, meditated and tried to manifest and not gotten anywhere? 

How long have you waited for someone to call you for your highest and best? I am calling you to get off your couch and make a decision.  All you have to do is say YES! Saying yes to The Universe will engage the Universe to assist you to make your dreams come true. 

Synchronicity will begin to happen. The Universe will conspire for your benefit. You have to get off your couch to engage the Universe! 

Jennifer is a life, love and relationship coach, and enlightened being. She is connected to Source energy and brings a new element to her coaching by her connection. E-mail to get your Free discovery session today!

Monday, October 28, 2013


By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

You have done your work. You have created your vision of your dream relationship. 

Why has your dream relationship not shown up in your reality?

You know you can create your own reality. You hear it all the time. You begin to doubt that it is real because this magical relationship is still not showing up! Why is it taking so long?

There are many reasons why some manifestations take longer than others. Perhaps you have a lesson to learn that you have not learned yet. Perhaps you are desiring something that is so far beyond your energetic vibration at this point in time that you need to make specific changes within yourself to be able to bring it into reality. Or, you have doubts about the fact that it will really happen. 

Manifestation works. We do all the right things. We get present, we are connected to Source energy, centered in love. We envision it, we feel what it would feel like to have our dream come true, by experiencing the joy of having it. We really experience it to the point that we can taste it, smell it and it still doesn't happen. 

Usually the reason a manifestation does not come into our reality in what we think would be a reasonable time frame is because the changes have not happened in our energy field that would support this manifestation. What do I mean?

Let's take a Divine Relationships for example. We desire a healthy relationship. We have done considerable work on ourselves, we have meditated, done chanting, toning, cleared our energy field. We have studied, read, become positive and have even stopped throwing hand grenades at our ex. Why has it not arrived?

An orchestration must take place in The Universe for the perfect relationship to materialize. One of the things that we are responsible for is our own energy. If we want to create a HIGHER LOVE, we have to be THE HIGHER LOVE OURSELVES. We have to be sure that we have forgiven everyone, including ourselves. We have to take responsibility for our own finances, be good stewards of our money, love everyone, heal all our personal relationships even with those who are difficult, or we will not be able to energetically support what we are attempting to manifest. If we have not done sufficient work on ourselves it is time to take a closer look to see what is still hanging on. Is it anger? Is it resentment? Is it un-forgiveness? Are we looking for a man or woman who is of elevated consciousness yet we are still addicted to sugar, meth, or some other substance? Do we still have the need to be right all the time? Do we still try to control our family, feeling that we KNOW better than anyone else? If these things are showing up there is still more work to do.  

Perhaps we still have issues that we have to resolve with self acceptance. Are we in denial? Or it could be that we are unavailable emotionally. This is the biggest issue we have as humans. 

I have found the best way to break down this barrier that we build up to protect ourselves is by watching a program or movie that will cause you to cry, let go and grieve. My favorite program for releasing is Grey's Anatomy. Watching show after show and being able to let go and cry will help you to break down the barriers to intimacy that you have created to protect your heart. You cannot have a deep loving relationship when you have a solid block to love in your heart. This damn has to break. The best way to break it down is to cry. I am not talking about a few tears that roll down your face either. I am talking about slobbering, gut wrenching releasing. Something worth having is worth doing the work to get it.

The problem with most people today is that they are not willing to go the distance to get what they want. Most people are afraid. When you live in fear you can't attract a fearless love. The majority of the population don't want to do the work, but want what they want anyway. It can be difficult to get there on your own. You need to hire a coach who knows how to create intimacy, that loves themselves already.

If you are ready to break through the barriers come to mamma! I am the woman who can help you break through your tough shields you have put in place. I have done it and have helped others do it too. I will help you become fearless and clear the crap that continues to plague you and hold you back. You have got to be fearless and really want it. Don't be afraid to let it all out, you will feel so much better. 

To have it all you have to be able to risk it all. The kind of risk I am talking about is intimacy. Intimacy is not sex. Yes sex can be a part of intimacy but isn't always. Some people have sex and don't connect emotionally at all. Recreational sex, or sex with someone you barely know does not involve intimacy. Intimacy is about a deep emotional connection. You can be married or in a long-term committed relationship and not allow your spouse in completely. The best relationships are founded on deep connected intimacy. To have real intimacy you have to let go of all your fear of being hurt. Focusing on being hurt attracts someone who will feel as you do. You will create a relationship based on fear. It won't work and will not fulfill you. Relationships based on fear usually end up with one person cheating or betraying the other.

To have an open-heart relationship your heart has to be fully opened. To have a relationship where there is no cheating, you have to be completely honest with yourself and others. To have someone who loves and adores you, you must love and adore yourself. To have someone who is gererous with their love money and gifts, you must be generous with your love, money and gifts. You cannot long for your mate to show up, because that creates a state of lack. You have to act like he or she is already here. You have to make room in your closet for another person. You have to feel and be thankful for this person who is in your energy field.

Steps to Finding A HIGHER Love

  1. Heal your heart by seeing the gift in the past.
  2. Let go of anger.
  3. Forgive everyone, including yourself.
  4. Accept yourself completely.
  5. Love yourself compassionately
  6. Let go of control.
  7. Let go of manipulation.
  8. Let go of the need to be right.
  9. Let go of perfectionism.
  10. Be grateful for what you have.
  11. Be completely happy with you.
  12. When you fall in love with yourself you will attract another who loves and accepts you. You will be like a magnet. 
  13. Write a list of 100 criteria that you want in your Divine Partner. 
  14. Boil this list down to 10 must haves. 
  15. Ask for this love to be delivered to you.
  16. Say a prayer that you are ready for your Divine Partner to be sent to you. Do not have any doubts. Consider that it is done, say thank you. 
  17. Feel this person around you. Feel what it feels like to have them in your life. Be grateful for this loving relationship. 
How long have you attempted to get this relationship on your own? How much longer are you willing to wait? Remember if you have not done the preparation work to raise your own vibration and clear your own energy, you will continue to attract the same kind of person you have been attracting up until now. Hire Jennifer to assist you clear your blocks to love, of yourself and another. She will help you deepen your intimacy in your current relationship and help you manifest your Divine Partner. She has done this successfully for her clients.

Jennifer is a self actualized and enlightened being. She is a master at manifesting love. She has cleared her own blocks to love and healed her self loathing, unworthiness and denial. She knows how to clear emotional unavailability and has helped thousands of people to clear their limiting beliefs and blocks. Working with and asking questions of an enlightened person speeds up the process of healing. E-mail Jennifer now to find out if you are a good match for her work. Order your FREE discovery session NOW!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Are You In YOUR Decay Cycle?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Your birthday is a day to celebrate for more reasons than one!

October 27th is my birthday. Although you would think I am at an age where another birthday should not be a big deal. But it is. Not for the reasons you might think. Our birthday is a day to celebrate not only because you were born on this day, but because your birthday marks the end of a DECAY CYCLE.

What is a Decay Cycle you ask? The Decay Cycle is the last of 7 - 52- day cycles which comprises the Septimal Law or Law of Sevens. It is a time when your body is in a state of decay. It is not a time to have invasive surgery or dental work done. It is not a time to do anything new, like start a business or launch a new program. The decay cycle is not a time to spend money in an old business or make swift decisions. I am delighted that Sunday marks the beginning of a new cycle for me. It marks a day when I begin anew. The day after your birthday is the beginning of the Opportunity Cycle. It is the 52 days of the year when you have the most energy. 

The Septimal Law is also known as the Law of Periodicity. It is a Universal Law that works for us. The Septimal Law is part of the greater Universal Law of Rhythm. 

Law of Rhythm 

There are 7 Universal laws. The Law of Rhythm is the 5th law in this powerful all encompassing group. These laws govern The Universe. You can use these laws to make your life work like a well-oiled machine. Or, if you are stubborn and really like challenges you could fight God and The Universe, waste time, energy and money to work against these laws. I suggest putting these laws into action FOR you rather than trying to work against them. 

The Law of Rhythm speaks to the contstant motion of energy like that of a pendulum, or the ebb and flow of the ocean. The measure of the outward swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left. Rhythm compensates. This is the second of the mutable or changeable laws.The every swinging outward and back of energy is evident in everything. You make lots of money and then there is a period of rest. Civilizations have risen and fallen, businesses have experienced huge amounts of growth followed by periods of contraction. Apple is a perfect example of this.

The energy of money recedes and then comes back again. Have you noticed this in your life? It works also with friends, love interests and travel. You go away from home to travel and return once your trip is over. There is always a period of rest after travel. There is a rhythm in life. We are born, we live and we die. This law is related to the Law of Polarity.  closely related to the Principle of Polarity.

In this law lies the Law of Sevens. There are Seven 52 day cycles in the Septimal Cycle. The following is an excerpt from a workshop that I teach and will be offering this coming Wednesday, October 30th.

I look forward to your feedback. Did you find this interesting? More on the Septimal Cycles this week. You can e-mail your questions to Jennifer here: E-mail me your questions.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Miracles and Magic

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

This is my connection to Source Energy

God speaks to me. Today God said give your gifts away to as many people as you can. People need your help. 

Today at 6:00 PM Pacific, God and I are sharing the gift of healing miracles for one hour. LIVE!

Share this information with anyone you feel could use a miracle today. At this time, so many are struggling with health, sadness, depression, abuse, challenges with relationships, money, feeling stuck, confused without purpose and direction. This call is totally spontaneous. This call will leave you feeling energized, full of joy and clarity. Blocks to success and love will be lifted. The rest is up to The Divine.

(605) 475-4000 PIN 939401 #

Share this with everyone you know. This call is totally spontaneous and a call for me to serve humanity in the biggest way possible. Please get the word out.

Jennifer is awake and self actualized. She is a certified hypnotherapist, Master Energy Healer and Love, Life and relationship coach. She is a mystic, channel and medium. Her purpose is to help, empower and raise the consciousness of the people on the planet, so that they can be joy filled and happy. Giving from the heart is the best way to attract positive people and events into your life. You can e-mail Jennifer for a private session, channeling or coaching HERE

Monday, October 21, 2013

8 Steps To Being Happy In Your Relationship

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Our biggest source of struggle and challenge is in our relationships. Yet relationships are where we experience the most growth.

Relationships can bring us unlimited joy and happiness when they work. But when they go wrong they bring us so much pain and suffering. No relationship is perfect. Being in a soul-mate or Twin Flame relationship does not guarantee a struggle free one.

Relationships are the mirror into our own souls. Although difficult to believe when we are in the thick of an argument, whatever is going on in our outer world (relationships) is also going on inside of us. The true source of our pain and suffering is really from ourselves. When we come into a relationship not feeling good enough, feeling empty and incomplete, our relationships reflect back to us how incomplete and insecure we feel.

What if you were already perfect and just need to be reminded?

The more we focus on what is wrong with our life and relationships, the more we will find that things go wrong or badly. Fighting with others means that we have inner conflict. Instead of pointing the finger at your partner, take a step back and look within. What is your inner issue? If you begin to look at what your trigger is or what button is being pushed you will recognize that you are upset about something that has nothing to do with your current situation. Our triggers come from past events, most from early childhood. You are being triggered because this issue needs to be healed within you. Rather than blame your partner take responsibility for it and focus on where else you have experienced this issue. Don't attempt to change your partner, accept them as they are. This is the true meaning of unconditional love.

Let Go Of Competition

When our relationships are competitive it is because we are competitive with others.  There is no room for competition in a conscious relationship. A relationship between two people works best when we recognize that no one is higher, or better than us. We are all created equally.  Putting competition aside will create more ease in your relationships. Ask yourself where your feelings of not being good enough come? As a child when did you feel less than another? 

Lose The Expectations

Expectations of another sets the relationship up for disaster. Expecting someone to make us happy creates unrealistic expectations. No one can make you happy, but you. We are responsible for our own happiness. We choose to BE HAPPY, or NOT. We allow others personality traits to grate on our nerves by focusing on our differences. The more we focus on what bugs us, the more irritated we become. Letting go of expectations helps us become accepting of ourselves and others.

Bless Your Spouse

Years ago, I attended Mt. Bethel United Methodist church in Marietta, Georgia. The preacher there, Randy, Mickler, is a dynamic Georgia Bulldogs fan. He was a true Southerner and talked incessantly about football. It is one of the things I remembered most about him. He became a televangelist. His services broadcast over the airwaves of Georgia and across the nation because he is a dynamic speaker. There is one statement I still remember from his sermons. "Bless your spouse." He talked for a full hour about how focusing on the good in your partner, rather than the negative would increase the positive feelings that you have for them. It does not matter whether you are married or just in a committed relationship. Focusing on the good in your partner and being grateful for all the good will help you to recognize the good in your world, life and of course, relationship. Conversely, focusing on the negative will fill your life with strife, struggle and negativity. When you focus on the positive in your partner, complement them authentically for the things that they do and all the ways they please you. This very simple act lifts them up. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Why not appreciate and Bless your spouse every day?


Lack of communication is the biggest source of discontent within a relationship. Without good verbal communication, there will be issues in the bedroom. Sexual issues are the first sign that things aren't working. If you stop having sex, the next step is an affair. When your schedule is laden with appointments, with little or no time to communicate, and without room to listen you are not making the relationship important. Listen to your partner. Really listen. Be present with your partner when they have something to say to you. Listen with an open heart. Hear what it is that your partner is saying, without thinking of what you need to say. Make eye contact and hear what they are saying. Listen to what is behind the words. Some of what your partner is not saying is as important as what is being said. There is meaning in hearing someone's pain. What is behind the words? Treat them like they are someone who matters. 

One of the biggest issues in our society today is that we don't listen to our partners and don't listen to our children. What is particularly troubling is that fathers spend less than 7 seconds a day with their children. This is descriptive of our living. No one is exempt. The word lonely means the absence of people. Yet, the feeling that you don't matter or are insignificant makes you feel lonely. Not being given attention even in a house full of people will leave you feeling lonely and alone. Having someone listen to us shows caring. This is a powerful way to be in a relationship. Show your partner you care about them by making what they have to say important to you. 

To focus on the positive, be slow to speak and slow to anger. Before speaking words of condemnation, criticism or negativity, think. Focus on the positive. Most of all listen to your partner. Our greatest ability to care is what deepens a relationship. 

We all have challenges. Being able to listen to your partner without ego and having to solve their issue is key. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us. That may be all that is needed for us to feel better. Think before you speak. Once words have been released from your lips they cannot be taken back. 

Watch Where You Focus Your Attention

Have you ever noticed a barking dog in the middle of the night? The more attention you give to the barking dog, the louder the dog becomes. The more you focus on the barking, the more annoying it becomes. This is true of focusing on the negative in your partner. Complaining and nitpicking about every little thing you don't like about your partner, the way they speak, the way they breathe, the way they snore will create unrest for you. Focusing on all that you dislike or hate about your partner only increases your feeling of discontent. Instead focus on the positive. Wherever you focus your attention and energy expands.

The 8 Steps To Being Happy In Your Relationship:

  1. Relationships are the mirror into our souls. Whatever is going on in your relationship is a reflection of your internal struggle.
  2. Let go of expectations. Having expectations sets your partner and your relationship up for failure. 
  3. Remember you are already perfect the way you are, so is your partner. Accept them as they are without trying to change them. 
  4. Focus on the positive.
  5. Listen with an open heart.
  6. Bless your spouse every day.
  7. Look inside. Accept and love yourself unconditionally.
  8. Be grateful for what you have. The only way you will ever get out of lack consciousness is to be grateful for what you have currently without complaint.

Remember our relationships mirror our own issues back to us. Rather than believing that our partner is our issue, look inside. What is it that your partner is showing you about you? Remember everything is happening as it should. You are having this experience because you need to learn something from it. There is always a gift in the lesson. 

Jennifer is a love and relationship coach. Her own experience with trust, low self esteem and depression was the catalyst for her self growth and journey. She utilizes her own experience to empower women to love and accept themselves fearlessly and unconditionally. To schedule a session you can reach Jennifer via e-mail

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mercury Retrograde and Other Astrological Challenges

By Guest Writer, Stellar Astrologer Cheney Hall

Cheney Hall is a Master Astrologer the link to his blog is:


With the Sun currently transiting through the sign of Libra and one of the main purposes of this energy being to find balance and harmony in relationships and partnerships, it seems like an excellent time to pull out the Cosmic binoculars and look ahead to address something I have been alluding to in several of my recent blogs ... that would be what I have named the upcoming "Personal Planet Retrograde Flip Flop" which I will be referring to as PPRFF from this point forward to save some excessive typing !!! ... the Universe will be placing each one of us on a steep learning curve in the "school of life" particularly in reference to the way we think and communicate, romance, partnerships and relationships, personal values, finances, and our personal initiative over the next 10 months ... this sequence begins on October 1st with Mercury entering its final shadow point for 2013 and concludes with Mars exiting its next retrograde zone on July 21st, 2014 ... when Mercury kicks off the PPRFF on October 1st, the Universe will bestow us with the beginning of a personal planet retrograde sequence that goes in the following order - Mercury, Venus, Mercury, Mars then Mercury ... these three planets are considered to be the "personal" planets as their energy tends to reveal behavior characteristics that make one unique ... the Sun and Moon are also in this group but they never go retrograde ... the following is a general idea of the timing of their retrograde periods during the PPRFF ... each retrograde period will be addressed in more detail later as they actually begin ... 

To start with, every planet, no matter which one that is involved in a retrograde journey, goes through a period of influence ... it begins with the approaching backward energy making itself apparent, the actual retrograde period where the energy is indeed moving backwards, and then the energy turning back into forward motion as the planet moves back to the point where it began its retrograde period ... these point are respectively referred to as :

SHADOW POINT - the planet, still in forward motion, reaches the degree where it will end its upcoming retrograde period

RETROGRADE PERIOD - the degrees and sign, or signs in some cases, where the retrograde takes place

EXIT RETROGRADE ZONE - the degree and sign where the retrograde period began to which the planet has now returned to and is passing over ... considered by some astrologers as the planet returning back up to full speed ...

Shadow points aren't always thought of as being that detrimental, but they often will produce some kind of energy or event that appears to foreshadow what the upcoming retrograde period will involve ... the retrograde period is the actual time where one should slow down and be careful as to actions being taken especially in regard to which particular area of life the planet, and the sign it is retrograding in, rules or exerts its energy over ... if you've had a natal chart done then you will get an even better idea as to where this backward energy will present in your life for you to deal with in regards to the house or houses it occurs in, natal planets it aspects, and natal planets the retrograde planet crosses back over ... once the retrograde is over the planet has now resumed forward motion and in most cases it is not a problem to proceed with what needs to be addressed in your life, but one just might want to be somewhat more cautious until the planet exits the retrograde zone ...

Even though this sequence will cover approximately 10 months, there are no days when one of the personal planets won't be in a shadow point or moving back in forward motion to exit a retrograde zone, but there will be some days when there will not be a personal planet retrograde ... these days are :

10/1 - 10/20

11/11 - 12/20

2/1/2014 - 2/5/2014

5/20/2014 - 6/6/2014

7/2/2014 - 7/15/2014 

After 7/15/2014 there will not be a personal planet retrograde or preparing to take its next retrograde journey until September 14th, 2014 when Mercury enters its shadow point in advance of its final retrograde period for 2014 beginning on October 4th, 2014.

The following is a brief description of the general effects of a Mercury, Venus or Mars retrograde period ... as mentioned before, they will be dealt with in more complete detail later as they occur.

MERCURY - Mercury goes retrograde 3 and sometimes 4 times a year ... it governs our thinking and how we communicate naturally governing the 3rd house (Gemini) of the horoscope ... it also governs the 6th house (Virgo) thus making its retrograde period a time when work and health issues arise especially in regard to the sign or signs it takes its retrograde journey in ... as a rule, communications are going to be challenged both to and from others - partnerships and relationships often hit the skids during these periods ... it is NOT a good time to make major purchases - especially cars, a big NO-NO - that goes double for USED CARS, computers or anything that involves electronics ... purchasing homes can end up producing unforeseen problems and even the contracts can have unexpected difficulties along the way or at closing especially if the closing takes place during the retrograde period .... it is not a good idea to enter into contracts or start new jobs as they will most likely not pan out and end up becoming dead ends ... and weddings, well I know it takes a long time to plan a wedding and some of them will just have to go on as planned, but if you can avoid a wedding in a Mercury Retrograde - DO IT !!!

VENUS - Venus goes retrograde roughly every 18 months for a period of about 6 weeks ... Venus naturally governs the 2nd house (Taurus) which addresses money, how you earn it and how you spend it, as well as personal values ... it also naturally governs the 7th house (Libra) which addresses face-to-face partnerships and relationships ... during a transiting Venus retrograde, old lovers or friends may resurface - some hoping to reconnect while others are only in and out for "pass and review" so to speak ... relationship issues, both personal and professional/ public and private, come to the forefront thus causing all types of contracts and partnerships to be reconsidered especially if they have become difficult or challenging ... this is also a time when our personal values get reconsidered - both material and spiritual - to see if they still make sense or need adjusting somewhere ... the main purpose of a Venus retrograde is to reconsider relationship and acquisition needs as these change over time for all of us ... it becomes very important during this time to get in touch with ones present values, wants and needs, and to become clear about exactly what you want to attract ... it's NOT a good time to purchase "luxury " items if you can wait because when Venus stations back into direct motion you might well find yourself thinking "Why did I spend THAT MUCH on something I really didn't need or want", or you may simply feel you did not get the anticipated value for what you spent your hard earned money to purchase ... often in a Venus retrograde money can become low and scarce and we could also end up having to spend money we hadn't counted on spending, but in some cases one may end up getting money "coming back" to them from one source or another!!! ... it is not usually a good time to begin a new job if you can wait because you may never get the money you expected out of the job, and the job might not pan out down the road for some reason ... that being said, unfortunately as a Venus retrograde can indicate the "tightening of the purse strings", salaries could be cut back or the job may be terminated for one reason or another ... we also tend to become a little less sociable and often forget our manners ... ABOVE ALL ELSE, weddings are most certainly a huge NO-NO as this is the planet which rules romance, love and affection - do you really want that energy going backwards on the day you say "I Do" ???

MARS - Mars goes retrograde roughly every 22 months for about 9 - 10 weeks ... Mars naturally governs the 1st house (Aries) which addresses not only the way we individually project ourselves out into the world but ultimately our desires, drives, ambition and personal energy ... during a Mars retrograde we have to evaluate what it is that motivates us and we have to determine if we are on the correct path to achieve our goals, and if we are doing what we should be doing to get there ... Mars retrograde periods are time for all of us to adjust our actions and aggressive instincts to ensure that our intent is accomplished ... this often includes going back over previous actions and having to redo them or let them go in order to move forward ... old resentments and personal issues that haven't been resolved in the past have a tendency of resurfacing during this period which yields an awareness that the time has come to develop new strategies and approaches for dealing with issues, anger and learning assertiveness ... it is often said that during a Mars retrograde we may become somewhat less "warlike" and that our energy can hit a lull to the point where it seems our get up and go truly got up and went !!!!

The following are the actual dates of the upcoming personal planet retrograde periods in case you would like to mark your calendar or make a note in order to be prepared ... and for the sake of once again saving excessive typing these are the following letter abbreviations to note the period of the particular retrograde ... SP = Shadow Point ... RX = Retrograde Period ... ERXZ = Exit Retrograde Zone :


SP : 10/1 ... 2 degrees Scorpio

RX : 10/21 - 11/10 ... 18 - 2 degrees Scorpio

ERXZ : 11/27 ... 18 degrees Scorpio 


SP : 11/20 ... 13 degrees Capricorn

RX : 12/21 - 1/31/2014 ... 28 - 13 degrees Capricorn

ERXZ : 3/4/2014 … 28 degrees Capricorn


SP : 1/12/2014 ... 18 degrees Aquarius

RX : 2/6/2014 - 2/28/2014 ... 3 degrees Pisces - 18 degrees Aquarius

ERXZ : 3/20/2014 ... 3 degrees Pisces


SP : 12/26 ... 9 degrees Libra

RX : 3/1/2014 - 5/19/2014 ... 27 - 9 degrees Libra

ERXZ : 7/21/2014 ... 27 degrees Libra


SP : 5/22/2014 ... 24 degrees Gemini

RX : 6/7/2014 - 7/1/2014 ... 3 degrees Cancer - 24 degrees Gemini

ERXZ : 7/15/2014 … 3 degrees Cancer

Now you have a basic idea of what to expect over the next 10 month period in regard to the backward motion and resulting influence of these three planets ... transiting retrogrades affect everyone because the energy we feel from the retrograde planet is "different" while it is, so to speak, moving backwards ... it doesn't mean it is all doom and gloom and something that should be dreaded ... sometimes a retrograde period may come and go with side effects barely noticeable while other times it could prove extremely challenging ... but that of course is going to depend on where you are in life and what is going on around you ... for those born with any of these planets retrograde in their natal chart, I sometimes have found these clients seem to navigate these often choppy waters with less stress and aggravation ... and you have to keep in mind that these particular energies aren't the only ones producing influential energy down here below ... there are always many different energies in play "upstairs" at any given time which results in the universal energy affecting one through transits around their natal chart, progressions to their natal chart, solar returns, lunar returns and a vast array of other cosmic influences which can usually be deciphered for you by an astrologer ... 

Though we all will probably experience some kind of effect from the ensuing PPRFF, those that may be more sensitive to it include Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Libra, Gemini and Cancer born as these are the actual signs in which the respective retrograde periods will take place … Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, and Aries may be equally as sensitive to these retrogrades as these three are your ruling planets : Mercury = Gemini and Virgo, Venus = Taurus and Libra, and Mars = Aries …

Ultimately retrograde periods are simply Universal time outs put in place to slow us down and give us the opportunity to get back in sync with the Universal rhythm thus making them thought of as global wake-up calls ... so why try to swim upstream in a raging current … go with the flow - adjust and adapt … and, most importantly, in trying to determine what is going on around you due to planetary energy interplay and influence, and as nothing is set in stone, it is always a good thing to keep in mind a phrase my astrology teacher, Lyn Hammond Gray, used to stress over and over, from the very first day of class : when synthesizing the overall astrological energy at any given moment in time, always remember to consider this possibility - "MODIFIED BY WHAT ???"

"Everything must change ... nothing stays the same ... everyone must change ... no one stays the same ... "

Friday, October 18, 2013

What Happens When You DIE?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

My personal experience with the tunnel of light and crossing to the other side has shown me that there is nothing to fear in death. 

I recently was taken down the tunnel of light. I was in the middle of healing breast cancer through a John of God healing and my own inner work. One afternoon, I became so fatigued that I could barely stand up. It was uncharacteristic to take a nap in the middle of the day. I had no choice and went to bed. Once in bed I fell asleep and went into what felt like a sort of sleep-coma. I was in a dark dark place. After what seemed like minutes I began to wake up. Two hours had passed. In that place of in between, neither awake nor completely asleep I was taken down the tunnel of light. I had no fear. I went along willingly, till I realized where I was going was permanent. I could not leave my daughter behind. She was 17, on track to graduate and have a great life, attend college and open her own coffee shop and bakery in Colorado upon the completion of college. Her father had just passed away. She could not take another death and finish high school on time. I asked the beings taking me, "What about Ariel??!!" I knew I had to go back into my body. Within moments I was awake wondering why this happened as it did. I knew I needed to heal the cancer in my body and stay here for my daughter. I had no fear of death whatsoever. The tunnel of light was filled with joy, wonder and peace. I recognized the feeling as a deep connection to God energy.

As an empathic medium, I have been shown by many spirits on the other side what they experience upon their death. Each soul's experience is different. I have experienced their sadness, disappointment in themselves and the aha moments when they GET IT! Once our body dies and we go to heaven, we are given time to adjust, rest and of course visit our loved ones on earth. Each one of us will experience our life's review. The purpose of this review is to experience what was learned and what was not. Whatever we did not learn during our lifetime is taken with us to the other side. Conversely, whatever we do learn is part of our soul experience as well. We are shown what we accomplished during our lifetime and what we did not.

Our Soul's Purpose

Everyone has a purpose on earth. Our soul's purpose is to grow and evolve. We are not here just to go through the motions of living. We are also here to serve others. We all have different ways of serving. Mine is to help people grow and evolve. I teach what I have learned through my own healing. Everyone struggles with issues of self love. We are here to love ourselves and others completely.  Once our body dies, the money we made, the things we acquired mean nothing. The only thing that matters is our relationships with ourselves and others. 
Archangel Michael

During Our Heavenly Review

We experience the suffering that we caused our loved ones. We also experience the joy we created. We are lovingly shown the lessons we did not learn. There are levels of consciousness in heaven, as there are levels of consciousness here. If we used our life wisely and focused on our soul's growth and spiritual enlightenment, we are given a higher place in heaven. If we were kind, loving and giving here on earth, we are given a higher place on the other side.

When my ex-husband died, he experienced emotional pain in the knowledge that he had hurt his daughter. He shared with me after his death how he felt he had let us both down. In his life review, he was shown that while on earth he thought that he knew what was best for her. Yet he did not respect her own wisdom. He thought since he was her parent, he knew better. When friends bullied her, he took their side instead of hers. He had to experience the betrayal she felt. Instead of recognizing her own inner wisdom, he controlled her, thinking he was protecting her. He was abusive to those he loved. He had to look at all the pain and suffering he caused others. He had feelings of superiority and did not learn compassion for others. Sympathy was not an emotion he was able to experience. He felt sympathy was a weakness and never apologized for anything he ever did. He saw how his thoughts about what was right were misguided. He knew he did not learn how to control his anger. 

On the flip side, he also saw how he had mentored my sons about fitness and running. His focus was on running and fitness and self discipline. He taught them how to run long distance. He was good with his hands and able to build almost anything. He passed this onto my son David. 

Forgiveness, Anger and Resentment

When people die with cancer, they are shown how their own resentment, unforgiveness and anger ate them up inside. Complaining, resentment and unforgiveness on earth creates disease in our bodies. If this is not healed here, we have to come back again and have a DO OVER. If we don't let it go here, we will be right back again to live another life to learn the lessons we missed.

There are other lessons that our body attempts to teach us. For example, colitis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis are all issues that are caused by insecurity and lack of self love. Our body is showing us we have inner work to do. Our body sends us signal from our soul that something is amiss. If we keep ignoring the signs in our bodies, we will die without completing our soul's purpose, which is to evolve and grow. Self love is the key to all healing.

In other words if you have not learned your lessons here, you will be sent back to a "DO OVER." 

We all have the power to heal our mind body and spirit. Sometimes we need a little help. That is where I come in. I have healed fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr and cancer in my own body. As a healed healer and Spiritual pathfinder I help you discover what needs to be healed and help you forgive yourself, others and heal the past. We dig up the old hurts, and eradicate them. We work with your inner child. Everyone has a trauma from their childhood that needs to be healed. If it is left unhealed this trauma comes up and bites us in the butt in our relationships. It is masked as other issues. We won't allow love in, if we don't love ourselves. 

I have had hundreds of men and women ask me why they don't have love in their lives. In every case it is all about them. They don't love themselves. If you don't love you, you close the door to being lovable and block others from loving you. Isn't it time you had the love you deserve in your life?

When you have your life review will you be happy with all you have done for your family, relationships and others? Or will you be like my ex-husband and have regrets about how you didn't love completely? How much longer will you continue to beat yourself up, attract people who aren't good for you or will abuse you? Until you love yourself these patterns will keep repeating themselves. 

Consequence For Actions and Non-Actions

If you don't deal with your healing here you will be dragging all your unresolved issues with you into the afterlife. Contact Jennifer now for your DISCOVERY session to find out if you are a good fit. Jennifer offers Spiritual mentoring for those seeking enlightenment.

Jennifer's email is: HERE

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FREE amazing Energy Clearings

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Want to raise your vibration exponentially?

This month I recorded three amazing webinars each with its own energy clearing at the end. Each one of these is different, with a specific focus. Each webinar is approximately 58 minutes long, packed with great empowering information. If you found it beneficial, please let me know below. I want to hear from you. Share it with your friends. These clearings raise your vibration, eliminate blocks, attachments and all kinds of negative programming. You will feel lighter, more positive and focused. I used Spiritual Response Therapy to do these clearings. I have cleared thousands of people since I began this work. I am a hypnotherapist, Master Energy healer and Intuitive.  I channel The Ascended Masters. 

The first is about taking your power back, feeling more empowered and powerful. It is called Taking Your Power Back.

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If you are looking for love, have had difficulties with relationships and love, this one is for you. This webinar is a must for attracting your man! I highly recommend everyone listen to this one. There is a clearing at the end as well and a few surprises.

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Jennifer is awake and Self Actualized. She is a certified Intuitive relationship coach. Her expertise is in how to get what you want by being laser focused. She teaches women to love themselves fearlessly, clearing away the debris of the past focusing on the positive and helping you fall in love with YOU, your FAMILY, your SOUL, your GIFTS and YOUR LIFE!
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