Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FREE amazing Energy Clearings

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Want to raise your vibration exponentially?

This month I recorded three amazing webinars each with its own energy clearing at the end. Each one of these is different, with a specific focus. Each webinar is approximately 58 minutes long, packed with great empowering information. If you found it beneficial, please let me know below. I want to hear from you. Share it with your friends. These clearings raise your vibration, eliminate blocks, attachments and all kinds of negative programming. You will feel lighter, more positive and focused. I used Spiritual Response Therapy to do these clearings. I have cleared thousands of people since I began this work. I am a hypnotherapist, Master Energy healer and Intuitive.  I channel The Ascended Masters. 

The first is about taking your power back, feeling more empowered and powerful. It is called Taking Your Power Back.

Here is the link:

The second link is for the webinar that teaches you how to manifest. All of the Law of Attraction work, plus my own powerful spin is included. This webinar will help you with manifesting anything you want. You want to Manifest Money? It will help you with that too. Don't forget about vibrant health when it comes to manifesting. Money is nothing if you don't have your health. I give you all the details and leave nothing out. This is the REAL DEAL! There is a clearing at the end AND a manifestation exercise so you can manifest while listening to the webinar. Please leave your comments below about the way you felt, and how it helped you.

Here is the link:


If you are looking for love, have had difficulties with relationships and love, this one is for you. This webinar is a must for attracting your man! I highly recommend everyone listen to this one. There is a clearing at the end as well and a few surprises.

Here is the link:

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Jennifer is awake and Self Actualized. She is a certified Intuitive relationship coach. Her expertise is in how to get what you want by being laser focused. She teaches women to love themselves fearlessly, clearing away the debris of the past focusing on the positive and helping you fall in love with YOU, your FAMILY, your SOUL, your GIFTS and YOUR LIFE!
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