Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Burning Bowl Ceremony

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

As 2016 draws to a close, it is a time to remember, let go and move forward to a new dawn. 2017 marks a new beginning, the opportunity to begin again, wipe the slate clean and a time to set goals. 

For over 15 years, on New Year's Eve, my family and I have held a Burning Bowl Ceremony. We first began to do this ceremony at Unity church long ago. The burning bowl ceremony releases energy that no longer serves you. It frees you up to allow more good into your life. It could be a pattern, belief or thought that no longer serves you, like an addiction or unhealthy habit. We have let go of personal issues, relationships that don't serve us, habits, addictions, and attachments. 

After the prayer is complete we go outside and burn our lists, one by one. We wait while each person's list goes up in flames. We watch with interest as each person's list burns differently. Sometimes we cheer, sometimes we cry. In 2012 year, we said good-bye to four people we loved and let go of the sadness. In 2014 we bade farewell to beliefs about wealth, poverty and prosperity. My business doubled in 2014, and again in 2015. Could it be because of the ceremony? We can't be sure. What I do know is that 2015 was better in every way than 2014.

When everyone's list is burned and we have danced and cheered. Whatever we feel celebrates the release with joy. Our second list is put away. We do not burn this list, but instead put it aside in a safe place, on our altar or in a sacred box on a mantle. Our family has enjoyed this ceremony. Letting go is part of life. Making it sacred feels good.  

Ceremonial work is a way to make something more sacred. Traditions and ceremonies help to mark the passing of time. Traditions give our families something to remember and incorporate into their families if they wish. Your children will remember what you have taught them. Ceremonies can help us feel a sense of community and togetherness. They connect us. 

This year, my daughter and I will be together with my son David and his girlfriend in Denver. I am excited to share this ceremony with others as it is powerful. I recognize the preciousness of each moment I have with my adult children and my mother. 

Learning through our experiences is what we are here to do. Sometimes we repeat them, and other times once we touch the hot stove, we never have to return for that lesson again, we know it is hot. 

As I remember 2016 and all that happened in the world, and the people who have left the planet I am thankful for being here to experience it all. Now it is time to set goals for 2017. Many of us have big dreams. We have books we want to write, places we want to see and things we want to do. How much of what you wanted to do in 2016 did you accomplish? Do you remember what your goals were for this past year? Were they achievable? 

While setting your goals for 2017, make them measurable and achievable. We often set goals that are not possible and this sets us up for failure and disappointment. Make your goals a stretch, but doable. 

I wish you and your family all the best life has to offer in 2017. 

How To Perform The Burning Bowl Ceremony

  1. Sit quietly and reflect on what you would like to release, or what you would like to be different. 
  2. When you feel ready, on a piece of paper write what we want to be rid of or let go of. i.e. (I release the following with joy: debt, chaos, drama, abuse, pain, suffering, sorrow, sadness, depression, financial issues)
  3. On a second piece of paper, write what you want to bring into your life for the coming year. It could be the energy of (love, happiness, fun, play, joy, money) something you already have, but want more of. Whatever you want to draw to you, write it down. Fold this piece of paper up and keep it in a safe or sacred place, perhaps in a box or on your altar.
  4. When everyone is complete with their lists hold the first list that you want to let go of in your hands and say a prayer over it. The prayer is something simple, to recognize that what we are letting go of does not serve us and we are making room for better to flow into our lives. 
  5. Walk silently up to the bowl where the flame is and put your piece of paper into the bowl. Let it all go. 
  6. Then we say, Thank you.
  7. We begin to welcome the new energy of what we do desire in our lives. Put energy into your list of your desires. Focus, meditate on this list and then put it away.
What you can use the burning bowl ceremony for:

  • letting go of lies
  • anyone who has ever hurt you
  • gossip
  • resentment
  • resistance
  • suffering
  • stubbornness
  • anger
  • disease
  • stress
  • obstacles
  • patterns
  • poverty
  • sadness
  • suffering
  • pain
  • broken agreements or promises
  • negativity
  • possessiveness
  • codependency

Jennifer is an author, Sex Educator, life, love and relationship coach. She empowers women to love themselves fearlessly, to live the life of their dreams. Jennifer has an innate ability to cut to the root of each person's issues quickly. Just working with Jennifer in one session your energy is freed up to move forward. People find that she is a catalyst for their ability to change. Here is what people are saying about Jennifer. Email Jennifer now to work with her for a private session. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL JENNIFER NOW

"You changed my life!"

Everything is different. I left the relationship I was in and now live by myself whilst I re-align. I can't even begin to tell you how different life is for me now. I have more energy than I know what to do with. There is an absolute abundance of love, joy and creativity flowing through my life. On the surface, I'm just a normal(!) lady about to enter my 50s living by myself, just renting a flat and teaching in a school. Inside, I now connect with energy and I simply love life - I truly do. 
Have a wonderful New Year. I am forever indebted to you for enabling the biggest and most scary shift of my life - you held my hand and restored my trust. I love you deeply and hope we can meet one day. Let me know if you plan a visit to the UK in 2014. I will move mountains to be there.Much love. Dominique xxxx

Thank you - and now I can see how easy it is to do that Jennifer! If I hadn't found you and taken Carole's advice (to work with you), I am sure I would have kept this same pattern going. It is liberating in one way as I feel a sense of freedom but its stepping into new territory as a new me!! With the New Year as well, perfect timing!! Lisa UK

Dear Jennifer, I waited few days to make sure the feeling stays..have to tell you: I had a pain on my left chest for the last 8 months. we couldn't find any explanation except stress and bad emotions. The morning you did my clearing the pain was gone and today its still the same! It is really amazing! Thank you for the clearing and for the good words. all the best- Hagit

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Filling The Emptiness Within

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Feeling lost, unfulfilled and empty? 

Most of my life I felt broken, lost and empty. I began my quest at the age of 16. I was looking for the answer to the age old question, "Is that all there is?" I knew that there had to be more to life than the rat race of school, work, family and death.

I searched for answers. I studied different religions, attending workshop after workshop. I longed for this void to be filled. It did not matter if I fell in love, had a relationship or did not, the empty place could not be filled. I searched for years, through one relationship after another. I became the ultimate consumer, shopping for clothes, cell phones, houses and furniture. None of these things filled the void.

I got married, had children, thinking that that was the answer to what was missing. I felt better, but still not complete. 

Not until I began to heal my own life, did I find what was missing. As I became certified in hypnotherapy, energy healing, life coaching and began to read The Akashic Records. I started a healing practice. In helping those in need I found fulfillment. 

Through healing myself of unworthiness and self hatred, I found that I had a knack for helping people to bring up their own issues, naturally. Just sitting in a room with someone, they would begin to cry and talk to me about their most intimate and profound issues. Even men who never spoke about their wives who left them, or their deep sadness, would begin to open up and spill their guts to me. My search for love led me to help others to heal their lives. I was able to help others change their lives by being the catalyst in theirs. It was here that I found the secret component to life and fulfillment.

What I found was that I could help people in simple ways or profoundly helping women and men change and heal their lives.  Anytime I helped another I was filled up. My passion for helping others is what carries me through my days. I awake with the names of people I don't even know in my consciousness and pray for them for whatever it is that they need at that time. Every time I open a door for another, offer a generous gratuity in a restaurant I am  filled up. The simplest of gestures can change someone's life. When you begin to notice the pain others are going through, it makes you realize how wonderful yours is.

I also found having a deep and profound Spiritual connection (no religion required) brought me a deep and profound joy. Meditating and teaching others how to quiet their minds has helped so many come to a place of peace in theirs. I had such a difficult time meditating at the beginning. It was not until I learned a few techniques that were simple yet profound that I was able to sit in silence and allow the peace and love wash over me that I recognized that this is available to everyone. We just have to be open to receive it.

A quiet mind creates harmony in one's life. From chaos and suffering to living in joy in each breath is what our lives are all about. Here are some of my secrets to living a life of joy, peace and bliss in the moment. 

  1. Breathe. Most people breathe shallowly because they feel unworthy. Breathing deeply shows that you are worthy. Breathe deeply. Exhale completely. Stop several times a day and place your feet flat on the ground. Uncross your arms and legs and just breathe. You will find this brings you into the present moment.
  2. Stop the mind chatter. There are several ways to do this. Here are two: Sit, breathe, relax. Breathe and relax some more. Drop your shoulders and smile to your heart. Turn your eyes upward towards the ceiling without moving your head. Continue looking at the ceiling for 5 minutes or more. Each time you do this you will find the mind quiets. The second way is to envision a laser beam going through the back of your head exiting through your forehead at your hair line. This will also quiet the mind. 
  3. Meditate daily. Beginning with quiet meditation without prayer is the way we open up to hear what God has to say to us. Our minds are so active, we need to become quiet and peaceful so that God and The Universe can speak to us. Beginning each day with upright chair meditation will calm you, bringing order into your day, life and world. Harmony within, harmony without. 
  4. Be grateful. Each day I wake up and immediately pray a prayer of gratitude for being alive another day. I always say "Thank you for my vibrant health." I believe that this is how I have become so strong and healthy when many at my age have aches and pains. I have none. When we are grateful for what we have, we will receive more to be grateful for. Without gratitude for all you have, you will find more lack and things to be ungrateful for. 
  5. Love everyone. We are all connected whether you believe it or not. When you are angry with another, vengeful or harmful in any way, you are hurting yourself.
  6. Forgive everyone. No matter what they have done to you, there is no point in hanging onto anger, resentment and rage. All these negative emotions will do is cause you illness, disease and more suffering. Eventually you will say thank you to your perpetrators for teaching you the lessons that you needed to learn. Then you are on the path of healing and wholeness.
  7. Experience nature. Being outside in beauty and appreciating it will help you to feel better, happier and connected with the earth, and the heavens. Nature teaches us acceptance for what is. Nature is in constant change. We need to accept that things will always be changing and resisting change only causes more suffering.
  8. Love yourself. This actually should be number ONE! I have heard Buddhists criticize me for this saying that loving oneself leads to selfishness and loneliness. I have to disagree. Since I have begun to love myself I have been more connected to God and others. I no longer feel like a victim and have taken responsibility for myself and my life. I never feel lonely or alone. Self love is the key to understanding others and being compassionate for you and others. Self love is the key to healing all relationships.
  9. Accept others as they are.Trying to change another is folly and egocentric. Everyone is on their own path. Everyone is finding their own way. If they ask you for help, that is another story. Giving advice when it is not asked for is like my spiritual teacher used to say, "Throwing pearls before the swine." They will find their way in their own time. Who are we to judge what is right for another?
  10. Be generous with your service, gifts and love. The more generous you are, the more others will be generous with you. We give without expectation, however, the laws of The Universe are designed that the more you give, the more you receive. It is a natural law of The Universe.

Jennifer is an author,  sex educator, self love, life and relationship coach. She is a healed healer who catalyzes issues for others quickly. Book a private session with Jennifer HERE. As an intuitive she has the innate ability to see your issues without years of therapy. Her  first book Odyssey Victim to Victory is available on Amazon.com HERE.www.amazon.it/Odyssey-Victory-Jennifer-Elizabeth-Masters/ There are only 25 days left in Jennifer's crowdfunding campaign for her second book, which will revolutionize relationships. Communication or lack thereof is sited for most issues within relationships Orgasm for Life is a book that will help you understand your partner. Teach you how to please him or her in the bedroom, and create deep connected intimacy. We all search for and desire a deep connected love. This book is the source for connection, compassion and understanding.  Men and women are wired differently. When we keep doing things the same way, we get the same results. Divorces are happening in over 50% of all marriages. What is missing is connection. Orgasm for Life teaches you how to bring connection into love-making and communication. 

Jennifer's second book, Orgasm for Life is due out a the end of January. Watch for it. If you would like to contribute to her funding campaign for this publication you may do so HERE. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Looking For The Perfect Relationship?

As Featured On EzineArticles By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Everyone wants to love and be loved. Yet, the perfect idyllic love of childhood books is only found in the fantasy section of Barnes and Noble.

The people who cause us the greatest pain, have committed to help us heal in this lifetime. 

I hear it all the time; "When will my Soul Mate show up in my life? I have been waiting so long." Women and men wait and long for the perfect partner that doesn't fart or burp and says the perfect thing at the right time. Women long for the gorgeous hunk of a man with the six-pack and men long for the buxom blond who is intelligent and savvy, yet a tigress in the bedroom.  Why are we still sitting in front of our television sets watching romantic movies all alone?

There is no doubt that the greatest hurts are caused by those we love. Thinking that there is ONE person for us, will cause us to continue to wait. For we can only attract that which we have inside of us. We all vibrate at a certain level and attract those who vibrate at a similar level to us. It is the old, "birds of a feather theme all over again. We attract what we are. We attract what we think. We attract those who will reflect our deepest inner issues right back in our face. Those who show up in our lives teach us the lessons we need to learn. 

Our partners show up and act like the saucer of the tea cup. Fitting perfectly with us. We fall in love quickly and then just as quickly realize that, "Oh he smells bad!" or "She drinks." 

I recently was at a mixer of single people in Santa Monica, California. Most of the people were between the ages of 40 and 58. You would expect that they would be mature and have their feet firmly planted on the ground. I was asked to dance by a tall thin man. He emitted low self esteem from his aura. While dancing I talked to him asking about himself. Was he married? "Never!" I asked him, why he didn't marry the one he fell in love with. He replied, "She had issues." The fact that this insecure man was looking for someone without issues of their own, was very telling. We tend to not smell our own poop. He could not see the forest for the trees. He did not recognize that he had his own issues. He wanted perfection. Yet he was far from it himself. 

Whatever our greatest lessons are in this lifetime, someone will show up that will illustrate our lessons for us. If we have issues with low self esteem, partners will show up and teach us how little we value ourselves. They may victimize disrespect, or abuse us. People will show up that teach us what we need to learn about ourselves. 

Waiting for your Soul Mate or Twin Flame to show up? You may be missing out on other opportunities if you push people away who show up in front of you now. When you focus on their imperfections saying they aren't perfect could leave you standing at the train station waiting for Mr. Right to come along for a very long time. You are missing the point.

If you are looking for perfection, are you perfect? If you are looking for a supportive, loving person who will love, honor and cherish you no matter what, are you those things? There is no such thing as the PERFECT partner. No one is perfect. Each and every one of us has issues and challenges that we are working through. To think that there is only ONE person for us, is limiting and simply not true. 

Soul Mates

If you are looking for the romantic love, of a Disney movie, it does not exist. For that romance is make believe. If you want a white knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet and carry you out of your office building placing his helmet on your head, it won't happen. Soul Mates are people who push our buttons. They bring up our issues and challenge us on a very deep level. Soul Mate relationships are the most challenging that we can have. They are not perfect.

Twin Flames

A Twin Flame is someone who is actually part of your soul. When we meet them, we finish each other's thoughts. We feel such a deep and profound connection, that others feel it as well.

The love between you and your Twin Flame is earth shattering. That is the good news. Twin Flames show up to teach us something profound about ourselves. The lesson is particularly difficult and challenging. Twin Flames are only here with us for a very short time, they may even be married to someone else. Mine was single and with me for three months before he died in my arms. (Read more about it in Odyssey Victim to Victory) He was the first person to love me unconditionally. He taught me what REAL unconditional acceptance and love felt like. So that I would know it when it happened again.

I have done readings for several people who had experienced their Twin Flames, like me. Several were married to other people. Another sad story was one of the pain of death. The pain of this experience to find someone that they were so deeply connected to, but could not be with was excruciatingly painful. To lose such a person, or not to be able to be with them is heart-wrenching. 

The idyllic fantasy of the perfect love does not exist because in the end, we are humans. We have faults, and bad breath in the morning. Sometimes we smell bad and say things that hurt the other.  The truth is we are all works in progress. We learn and grow from each and every experience we have, including our relationships. When we are in a relationship we grow much faster than when we are alone. We are triggered often. Our issues come to the surface faster. We can't run away from our issues, unless we end the relationship. To continue to look and wait for THE ONE may mean you are alone instead of learning and growing with someone who may be just what you need. 

All relationships work better when each partner loves themselves. Coming from a place of lack, self doubt or feeling unworthy brings neediness into the relationship. It is impossible for another to fill you, when you are not able to fulfill yourself. Check out Jennifer's courses on Self Love. 

Jennifer is a self love coach. You can contact her at : Divinehealingnow@yahoo.com to schedule a private session. She has courses, in groups and also work at your own speed. Connect with her on Facebook www.facebook.com/JenniferElizabethMasters

Monday, December 23, 2013

Not Having Sex?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sex is Wonderful. It is a healthy part of our lives. The desire for sex is like thirst, a natural urge. There is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. It is not bad or wrong. What if you are alone?

We are mind-body-spirit beings. Living a holistic life means that we are fully integrated, all parts working for the good of the whole. All chakras spinning and open. The colors of the chakras are clear and bright. Nothing is closed or shut down. In a perfect world, right?

What happens when we live alone, when we are between relationships? What happens to our second chakra that governs our sexuality? When we stop having sex our second chakra becomes muddy. It becomes weak. We begin to lack confidence, we can become numb and unable to feel our emotions and the feelings of others. I have heard many women say that they feel closer to God when they are not having sex. (Keep reading this could not be further from the truth.)

The 2nd Chakra

The second chakra is the Seat of our Desire. It is located approximately two inches above the pubic bone and below the navel. The color of this chakra is pure orange when healthy. The chakras give our body and abundance of energy. Like a bank gives an abundance of money.When the chakras are weak we have the opposite of a healthy chakra. We will have difficulty keeping money, trusting and getting our ideas out into the world.  The 2nd chakra governs the following:

  1. Integration
  2. Ability to feel our emotions and the feelings of others
  3. Desire
  4. Confidence
  5. Creativity
  6. Ability to get your ideas out into the world
  7. Trust
  8. Reproductive issues
  9. Sexuality - hormones

If you don't use it, you lose it!

If you are having hormonal issues, the best way to regulate them is through sex. Yes, having more sex will raise your hormone levels. Extended sexual pleasure with non-ejaculatory sex (for men) will raise your hormone levels. Like anything else, you have to get revved up to begin. Getting the pendulum to swing when it is stopped takes some energy. Just because you are alone, does not mean you can't experience sexual pleasure. Experiment with what feels good for you. Get to know your own body. Then you will be more able to tell your partner (when you have one) what feels good for you. Self pleasuring is beneficial for the same reasons having sex with a partner is. Here are some of the benefits of sex.

  1. Increases cardiovascular health
  2. Reduces pain
  3. Extends life span
  4. Hormones are released through sex: serotonin, oxytocin, phenylethylamine, endorphins and dopamine. 
  5. Anti-aging hormones are released through sex
  6. Cell renewal is encouraged
  7. You feel good (see feel good hormones above)
  8. Its is pleasurable
  9. It is the closest to God you can be at the moment of orgasm the  prana brushes the central channel giving you a glimpse of enlightenment.
  10. Sex reduces stress, helps you relax and sleep better.
What is not to like?
As Featured On EzineArticles
Jennifer is a sex educator and life, love and relationship coach. To book a session with her click this link to e-mail her

Sex is Medicine - With Devi Ward

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Will The Truth Set You Free?

As Featured On EzineArticles By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

or just really piss you off!

"Even an ugly truth is better than a lie." Cody Goldenelk

Meriam Webster's definition of truth is:

  • Conformity to fact or actuality.
  • A statement proven to be or accepted as true.
  • Sincerity; integrity.
  • Fidelity to an original or standard.

Twenty years ago, you could get away with lying to your spouse, or partner and no one would notice. Times have changed. What used to work in relationships is not working today. People's awareness is becoming more acute. Innuendos and subterfuge will be uncovered. There are no secrets in the universe.

The biggest change in relationships is the level of honesty that is required to maintain them. Faking, lying and cheating cannot continue when you live an authentic and honest life. People with strong commitment and character do not lie, cheat or steal.

We have all experienced long-term friendships falling away as we grow and evolve. Sometimes relationships fall apart because they no longer support us. We can try to hang onto these relationships but will find that uncomfortable feelings begin to surface and your heart will lead the way. Instead of continuing to hang on because of the history between you, you will let go of the strings and feel some relief, because you know that it is in your highest and best good.

Anchor or a Sail?

Are your friends anchors or sails in your life? Do the people in your life take advantage of you, or do they support you, helping you achieve what you were put here on this earth to do? Ask yourself, "Does this relationship support me?" or "Does this relationship drag me down and leave me feeling depleted?"

Sadly, I have experienced this happen myself. Looking at the truth in your relationships can save you pain and suffering later. Often our relationships are based on untruths. We haven't been completely honest with our loved ones, leaving important information out. Are you hiding an addiction, co dependence or serious problem? Are you clinging to a fantasy, which does not support you. Sometimes we see what we want to see, rather than the reality of a situation or relationship.

Avoidance Is A Form Of Lying

When we avoid talking to someone about a serious issue, we are lying to them and ourselves. Skirting the truth is a form of lying. We avoid and waste so much energy giving when we should be setting boundaries. We keep quiet about the most serious of matters and disappointments in our relationships because we are afraid of going there. Yet not telling someone is the same as lying. We are lying to ourselves as well when we avoid the issues. 

Recently, I have had two long-term friendships crumble within two months of each other. Each were based on untruths, or imbalances within the relationship. 

After careful consideration of both relationships, I recognized that although I was completely honest in one of them, the fact that I thought I could have a relationship with someone who continued to live in a fantasy world about our relationship was avoidance. I had spent hours correcting the false fantasy, encouraging honesty. I had put my own feelings on the back burner, when I began being true to myself the relationship shifted. When I stopped buying into his story or ignoring it the relationship fell apart. There was nothing left. The foundation was false. 

The second relationship was out of balance. I gave too much. Although there was some reciprocity it did not come close to balancing our relationship. Relationships that involve one person giving and the other taking are crumbling today. The consciousness of the planet has risen. Relationships where the truth is avoided, are imbalanced or with those who drain you psychically will not be able to continue. 

I helped this person, I will call Shelly, out of bind after bind. As the years went on, phone calls came in when I was spending time with my family and I took them anyway, causing irritation in my household. I put this friendship above a lot of other things, because I knew they needed me.

Several times I took phone calls from Shelly and incidents occurred that made me stop and think. Once I locked my keys in my car while on the phone with her. This cost me time and money. I was late picking up my daughter because of it. On another occasion, I took a phone call from Shelley when I was parking my brand new car, and scuffed the side of it while parking. Most recently, I received a text from her and got into an accident while glancing at the phone. The calls were intrusive. They were far too frequent. Her energy was abrasive. I was filling a gap for her because she did not have a lot of friends or family to reach out to. It is not our job to be everything to everybody. 

If your other responsibilities suffer because of what you give, the relationship is out of balance. If the cost of the relationship is too high, the relationship is not serving you.  If you help them with the same situation over and over and they don't learn, you are not helping them. 

I gave money to Shelly when times were tough for her, even when I was struggling. As a channel and a psychic, I did readings and channeling professionally. Almost every time we were on the phone together, Shelly would ask me, "So tell me something good." I felt I was being taken advantage of and put on the spot. It felt like a time in my childhood when my mother would ask me to perform and play the piano for her friends. I felt like a trick pony. It made my energy dip, I felt bad. Even though I mentioned I didn't like having to do these mini readings every time we talked, she kept asking. My boundaries were being crossed with regularity. I was enabling and part of the problem. 

Shelly continued to have difficulties with money, even though she made decent money in her job. She had few expenses (no car, no utilities and no debts) and shopped at REI when she got paid. I didn't shop at REI. She asked me if I could put money on her debit card so she could eat. I did so several times. I gave her hundreds of dollars over the last four years in addition to spending thousands with her on artwork and graphics. 

I created work when I didn't have any, just to give her something to do to earn some money. When I asked for a book cover to be created, she retorted angrily, "Well I can't do it for free!" I found that strange, because I kept my professional requests professional and paid her for the work she did for me. In addition, I "gave" her money in between. I assured her I would pay her for the book cover and commented I was surprised at her angry retort about payment. I paid for the artwork she did for me. I did not ask for her to do work for free. It was strange that she felt she was being taken advantage of.

Shelly tended to think negatively when things in her life did not turn out the way she planned. She often spiraled downward when she could not get what she wanted. I supported her through these spirals and did free clearings for her when she did. I coached her and tried to help her see the patterns that kept repeating in her life. I helped her with one pattern more times than I could count. She was not ready to heal it. She lived in self pity most of the time.

She called me sometimes three times a day. When I had to get off the phone she seemed hurt, and took things personally. She continued to ask me when she was going to meet her partner and what was around the corner. Always asking, "Tell me something good!" when I said I needed to go. I told her briefly most recently, "You are alive!" I was not charging for these mini readings. I knew I needed to set boundaries and stop the mini readings at the end of the phone calls. I was trying to be nice and kind to my friend who was having such a difficult time. Meanwhile, while I was giving to her generously, it took away from other business matters of my own. There was a double standard in our relationship. She wanted it both ways, to get free readings and clearings, to be paid well for her work AND have me donate to her cause regularly and generously. There was imbalance in the relationship.

The recent accident, the keys locked in my car and the scuff as I was parking were all signs that something was amiss. She was my friend, but she was clearly an anchor. I was being shown that this relationship did not support me. I was trying to hang onto a relationship that clearly did not support me.  I continued to put aside the signs until the volume was cranked up so loud I could not any more. 

Recognizing The Signs

The universe gave me an opportunity to see the situation very clearly. Shelly asked me to help her buy a car last week and all the dots were connected for me. She said it was okay if I couldn't contribute, but did not call me again when I did not transfer money.  The truth became very obvious to me. I had to let go.

Friendships and partnerships are crumbling rapidly when one person is being taken advantage of, or if one or both parties are being inauthentic. For example, if you have worked to be positive in your thoughts words and deeds yet continue to have a relationship with someone who calls you to dump their negativity on you repeatedly and you say nothing, you will find that conditions within the relationship make it so uncomfortable that you will not be able to be around this person any longer. 

Do You Complain About Your Partner?

Relationships are based on lies if you are harboring ill feelings, or in a two-faced relationship. Married people who bad-mouth their spouse or partner to friends and family will be caught as new energy has arrived on the planet which will not allow fake to continue to hide. Complaining about your partner to others is not in integrity. Go to the source. Talk to your partner, rather than complain to someone else. You undermine intimacy and create more negativity by complaining. Look within and see why you need this negative attention and pity. It does not serve you.

Suppressing Emotions

When we avoid the truth, we are stuffing emotions. If you contain your truth without voicing it to the other person you may find that your hidden emotions surface in an ugly way. This could leave you feeling guilt-ridden and upset with yourself. Avoidance of the truth hurts you. Protecting another person puts you in second-place. Instead speak your truth with compassion and honesty. Being true to yourself is important for your emotional health and well-being. 

Love Without Attachment

When we hang on, we are not loving without attachment. The universe gives us signs for a reason. We are not paying careful attention to ourselves. Love is a two-way street. If you are dying to yourself and your needs you are not paying attention. You are holding on instead of letting go. If everything I did for my friend did not get her to change, I had to let go. Perhaps I was part of the problem. Perhaps my attachment meant that she would not do her work. She depended on me to make her feel better. This was disempowering to her. Sometimes letting go is all we need to do. I let go with love. 

If you like my writing and teachings, you might be interested in my latest project: ORGASM FOR LIFE. 

I am in the process of publishing my latest book. Orgasm for Life. Women say NO for many reasons. This book will help you understand why we do, and get more YES! YES Yeses and fewer No's! 

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This book was written to bridge the gap between men and women. Once we have been married, divorced or through a few break-ups we recognize that although we want the same things, we don't understand much about the opposite sex. Not only do we look different, think differently, we communicate differently.

Orgasm for Life is NOT pornographic. Orgasms have been Scientifically proven to extend life, eliminate pain, eliminate depression, increase cardiovascular health, and bring couples closer together. 80% of women fake orgasm for a reason. Orgasms are a glimpse of enlightenment. They light up over 80 centers of the brain. Nothing else fires 80 centers of the brain like an orgasm. It is special. It is meant to be a part of our lives. Men don't know what to do to get their women to the height of human pleasure with regularity.  Not only do I teach you how, I help you understand why we don't. 

All women are capable of orgasm, yet 20% lay awake at night never achieving one in their lifetime. Help change this statistic. Can you imagine what it would feel like to NEVER have an orgasm? Help make this book not only a reality but a best seller globally. More pleasure, more fulfilling sex lives, happier relationships, happier planet. The endorphins released during orgasm relieve depression and make people happier. Make LOVE, not war! Orgasm for Life. Thank you for your contribution and help getting the word out.

When sex is satisfying for both men AND women, it will happen more frequently.  Orgasms are a God-given gift, meant for us to experience ultimate pleasure and joy. 

Questions? E-mail Jennifer NOW!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is Life An Illusion?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Did Roger Ebert experience heaven the days before his death?

I just read this article above about Roger Ebert (I have provided the link). It was sweet and engaging. If you have any question about whether heaven does or does not exist, I suggest you read it. Roger had nothing to prove. He only shared his experience with his wife. He did not profit from his observation in any way. 

I recently had an experience that was unique. I have written about this experience in several different blogs. One I wrote about "Farewell to Rich Resuta" and "Loving Yourself Cancer Free." 

I am a channel as well as a life coach. My ex husband had asked me some questions in May of 2011. I told him that "the infection/abscess in your gum is gone, but wait, I am hearing there is more. The infection has traveled to your heart and the antibiotics you are taking are a shot-gun approach and not effective. You need to get a focused antibiotic to combat this infection that has traveled to your heart." I went on to say, that the job he was doing was physically too strenuous and stressful (working in the oil fields of North Dakota with men in their 20s. He was the oldest there at 52. 

I recently had a similar experience to the one Rich had when he chose to continue along the tunnel of light. I found a breast lump and was in the process of healing it naturally. I had a John of God healing and was doing prayer work among other things. I felt exhausted and had to go to bed in the middle of the afternoon, which was very unusual for me. I fell asleep as if in a coma. As I began to wake (in that state of in between neither fully awake or asleep) I saw myself walking down a tunnel of light. I was accompanied by two beings that I could not see but I felt behind me. Ahead was this brilliant light. I could FEEL people awaiting my arrival. 

At first I thought it was just a dream. I thought I was getting to experience what heaven would feel like without having to stay. My daughter had just lost her father less than a year before. I was not afraid to die, as a matter of fact, this state was peaceful, blissful and joy filled. I asked, "What about Ariel? I can't leave her without any parents. She hasn't fully recovered from the death of her father, this could devastate her!" As soon as I said that I was rushed out of the tunnel in a whoosh! Like I was backed out. 
I lay in bed feeling disoriented and wondering why it happened? I realized that we are often offered an EASY WAY OUT. 

Sometimes our lives are challenging and death seems easier. I am not one that feels that way. I have endured many challenges. I have endured much pain and suffering. My suffering is over. I am here to help others. I knew I needed to heal the breast cancer and be here to support my daughter and do the work I was brought here to do. The breast cancer is gone and I am still very much alive. I have a purpose. I am here to fulfill that purpose. Each and everyone on this planet is here for a reason. 

The walk through the tunnel felt like, "How committed to this work are you? How committed to support your children and others are you?" There is another way. We don't have to be here if we don't want to be. Yet, it is not the easy way out. We will just have to return again and again until we "get it." 

He went back to his dentist and the dentist told him the antibiotic was fine. He died in his sleep two months later, with a smile on his face. He came to me that night and told me that, "a door simply opened and he walked through." Rich's life had been a struggle. He was burdened with rage and being abusive towards women, just like his father was. He tried to get beyond this but was not able to. He and I tried seven times to reconcile, because I knew he was a good man, underneath the rage. Each time we did, he went back to old behavior and even asked me why that was the case. His father's behavior seemed to be imprinted in his soul, as if in his DNA. 

Each experience we have is just that. It is in our lives to teach us something. We can choose to suffer or we can choose to use it as what it is intended for. We can learn and grow from the experience. When we resist the lesson, we fight God and The Universe. We fight our learning process. When we resist, we suffer. It is very simple. I help people move out of suffering into learning and growing. When we begin to express gratitude for each lesson, we have truly healed.

The suffering is like the energizer bunny. He moves forward even when he should be sitting still and observing. He pushes his energy no matter what. He pushes bad situations. He does not learn from past experiences. (Just like I used to and so many of us do).

When we recognize that the experience is just a teaching tool, we can remove our ego, our pain and our suffering from the experience and learn and grow. If we don't another situation that looks different and might even feel different, but the lesson is still the same. Until we reach a point of no longer needing the lesson, we learn from it instead.

For example, I learned that I have a tendency to attract addictive personalities and abusive men. I did this because my father was abusive and had an addictive personality. It is what I learned in early childhood. I mimicked what I was taught in my childhood home. I was abused, so I was trained to feel unworthy. I attracted men who would treat me as if I was unworthy, until I realized that I am already worthy. This unworthiness is just an illusion! 

We all come here with lessons to learn. Mine were self love and self acceptance. I used to feel I needed to have a man to feel and be complete. Now I know that could not be further from the truth. I am fine alone. I am happy alone. This is where we create from. When we feel already good enough. Already loved. Already connected to The Divine Source of all that is. Feeling fully present, connected happy alone. We then are available to help others find their center, their inner peace and be free of the suffering as well.

Just my take on heaven, and life here. Once we get it, we help others get it also. It is never just about us. It is about us being part of the whole and helping the whole "get it." 

Jennifer is currently completing her second book, Orgasm for Life. The purpose of this book is to bridge the gap between men and women. Most of us end up angry after several divorces, blaming the other and not able to recover fully to be able to give and  receive love. This book bridges the gap so that we can communicate with each other in loving ways. The more open and honest our communication is, the happier we all are. Women fake it. Men don't understand why. I teach you how to please your partner without guilt or shame. 

Sex is a natural part of love and life. If you feel called to support this work, my Indiegogo crowd funding link is here. If you can contribute $!, $10 or $100 I appreciate you. Thank you. http://igg.me/at/Orgasmforlife/x/5470259

Saturday, December 14, 2013

As You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

History repeats itself. The quote,  "As you do one thing is how you do everything," is an ongoing message for our lives. Ask yourself the following questions to see where this pattern appears in your life.

  1. Do you give to others more than you give to yourself? 
  2. Do you keep yourself so busy that you are in avoidance of life events, resolving conflicts, pleasure, and  conversations?
  3. Is your car clean, tidy and fresh smelling?
  4. Do you spend time working on your internal self as much as you work out at the gym?
  5. Do you take your vitamins daily?
  6. Do you spend time on things that don't matter?
  7. Do you stay at home because you are avoiding relationships?
  8. Do you work all the time?
  9. Do you disapprove of yourself?


We often give to others more than we give to ourselves. This tendency puts other's needs before ours, making us insignificant. If this is a pattern in your life, you may want to look at other co-dependent tendencies. When we give too much of ourselves to others, we end up feeling exhausted and even resentful because our loved ones have come to expect these things from us.

Taking care of yourself first, means that you will get enough rest, take time out and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. 


When we are so busy with life, we often miss "living." If you are too busy to have sex with your partner, play with your child, help with homework, have a conversation with a friend, it is time to prioritize. Children grow up, partners leave, and friends have their own lives too. Avoidance can be a sign of being emotionally unavailability. If you don't want to "feel" pain, or emotions you could be avoiding all the areas and people that can bring you the most love and joy. 

Uncluttered home, uncluttered mind, clean car, clear mind

If your home and car are cluttered, so is your mind. You have too many things going on all at the same time. We often create this mess so that we don't have to look at our emotions. If our home and car is cluttered, focus, concentration and forward movement become impossible. Take one thing at a time. Clean out and wash your car. Tidy and pick up clutter in your home. Prioritize what is most important in your business. Take one thing at a time. A cluttered mind creates chaos in your world. You will find that you do not move forward, tend to vacillate with decision making and are unsuccessful in your business.

As within, so without

Do you spend hours at the gym, but no time in introspection? Or do you do the opposite, spend hours in meditation  but no time exercising your physical body? Forgetting to eat or eating things you know are not in your highest and best interest? Feeding the physical body healthy life sustaining foods and taking care of our spiritual and emotional selves is important for our mind, body and spirit to be in balance. 

Vitamins and Health 

Many of us are healers, counselors and coaches. We give great advice to our clients, but often forget to take our vitamins. Taking your own advice is of great benefit to your health. Optimum health, optimum life. When we put our own health on the back burner, we are making ourselves unimportant. Take your own advice and take care of you first. This way, you will have so much more to give your family, business and clients.

Wasting Time 

You check your e-mail four times a day, but don't have time to call your mother or best friend? We have all done it. Obsessing over the things that aren't that important, we often miss the bigger picture, family and friends. Worry is the biggest time and energy waster. How much time do you spend envisioning all the horrible things that might happen? Life is short, wasting the time you have, means that you have less for the good stuff - like LOVE!

Staying Home

You say you want a relationship, but come home every night immediately after work. You avoid clubs, joining a team or a gathering where you could potentially meet your Beloved. You will never meet your guy or girl sitting in front of your television at home! If you have been reading carefully, this is a repeat of the first issue: avoidance. Avoiding living life fully means that you are missing out on joy, fun and possible happiness. Where else do you say, "NO" when you mean "YES!"?

Work, Work Work

If all you do is work and sleep, you are out of balance. Life is like a tightrope. It is a balancing act of recreation, work, pleasure, spirituality and fun. If you are missing out on any of these you are out of balance. You have to give to get, you have to be open to receive to receive love. If you are working all the time, you may be closed off to the possibility of love and joy. Do you say to yourself, "Oh, no one will ever love me." or "No one will ever find me." If you think these things you are right. The Universe will make you right. 

Opportunity Knocks When You Are Open

In order to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket. If you want love, but are never anywhere you will meet someone, you are telling yourself you are undeserving of, or unworthy of love. You are saying "NO" to the Universe when you are asking for things to change. You have to be open to receive in order to get what you want. You have to be receptive to new ideas, change and doing things differently, or you will get what you have always got. 

Praise For YOU!

You may be kind to others, but self deprecating. You inner dialogue needs to reflect love to the outside world. When we beat ourselves up it is reflected in all that we are. We let the world and the Universe know we are undeserving and unworthy by our negative words and thoughts about ourselves. You are already beautiful, intelligent, talented and gifted. Isn't it time you noticed?When you notice how wonderful you are, others will begin to notice also. 

Much love to you. I would love to hear how these patterns play out in your world.

Jennifer is a life, love, and relationship coach. She is a teacher of life, love and wisdom. Her coaching style is compassionate and direct. If you are still pondering whether you need to work with a coach, e-mail your questions, or set up a discovery session. Jennifer has several different offerings right for any one's budget. Her 6 week video course is $98. This workshop is a self study, with a weekly workbook that guides you into your inner journey to Love Yourself Fearlessly. For the next 30 days Jennifer is offering a free one-hour session when you sign up for this video course - a $225 value~ ! Contact Jennifer NOW!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Are Quickies Killing Your Sex Life?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

"The average love-making session lasts 10 minutes. Statistically speaking, most are disappointed that sex ends so soon."

Most Women Need 20 - 45 minutes of foreplay to reach orgasm. It is not any one's fault. Men and women have very different needs. Understanding how to get a woman stimulated enough so that she doesn't have to fake it like 80% of women do is key. (Sorry guys this is true). I will help you be a King in your bedroom and master of your domain!

Quickies Are Fun

The average love-making session lasts 10 minutes. Statistically speaking, most are disappointed that sex ends so soon. 

Most men orgasm between 2 - 10 minutes into the sex act. When you see compare the statistics for the average women to achieve an orgasm, 10 minutes does not get her even half way there. 

Although we have all enjoyed the passion of the moment of a quickie, most women are just getting warmed up when you are already snoring on your pillow. Women need 20 - 45 minutes of massage, kissing, touching and pleasure before you enter the sacred place, unless you are the only one actually reaching an orgasm.

Make It About Her

Most men get excited just by seeing their naked woman. Women's body's and minds work differently. Women have been rushing around all day with kids, schoolwork, cooking, cleaning and work. Give her time to relax, take a shower or bath and get into the mood. A candle light bath might be just the ticket to help her transition. Run the bath and light the candles so that she feels you care. Women are the nurturers and need nurturing too. Take care of her for a change. Make an effort. Give to her without thinking of yourself. She will feel the difference.

Sex Is 80% Mental For Women

Women have to be mentally in the mood for sex. We can't get there if you have told us how lousy our dinner was or how dirty the house is. We need acceptance, romance and kindness to be sexually aroused. If you have just had an argument and want sex, unless you have given a genuine apology and made up completely, forget it!

Orgasm is 80% mental, 20% physical. If she is thinking about the dishes in the sink, the kids waking up, or all that she didn't accomplish today, getting her in the mood for sex will be difficult, All these thoughts will block her from settling into the pleasure of the moment. Spend some time helping her get out of her head and into her body with these 10 steps.

How To Get Her There

  1. 10 minutes of kissing
  2. 10 minutes of massage
  3. 10 minutes of touch - alternate between feather light and nibbling and body kissing.
  4. 10 minutes of oral sex
  5. 10 minutes of manual digital stimulation - she should have several orgasms before you get to step 6
  6. Then you may enter slowly at first, building up speed, changing it up between gentle and stronger thrusts.
  7. Drive her crazy by alternating thrusting with oral sex. Do this several times and you will probably be able to give her a vaginal and clitoral orgasm at the same time.
  8. Slow down if you feel the pressure building. Stop and finger her some more.
  9. Make it about her, instead of you. The more you give, the more you will get in return.
  10. Try to make your movements fluid, rather than mechanical. She will sense it if you are being too much in your head.
If you have an orgasm and she didn't, manually stimulate her to orgasm before you fall asleep. She will thank you and be much more ready to have sex with you the next time you desire her. Make sure she didn't fake it to make you feel better.


Yes it does exist. All women have a G-spot. Women can have orgasms and ejaculate, like men do. It is located approximately 1.5 to 2 inches away from the clitoris, on the upper wall of the vagina. You can find it by using your index finger in a come hither motion. It may be tender at first (read article on G-spot tenderness).

If your woman was sexually molested, this area can be very tender and painful to the touch, as the emotional trauma has been frozen in her body. Look for my article on G-spot healing and Massage.

Jennifer is a love and passion coach and author of Orgasm for Life. This book IS the interface between men and women for communication in relationships and the bedroom. This book is a self-help for women and men wanting more information about improving their sex lives, relationships and love. The better communication is outside of the bedroom, the better the sex is in the bedroom. 

Need Jennifer's coaching expertise? Contact her: NOW!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Button Pusher's Convention This HOLIDAY?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Conflict Resolution is the greatest issue in relationships....

Have you ever had an argument and wished you had not reacted angrily? I know that I have.

Someone cuts us off on the freeway nearly causing us to hit another vehicle. The natural response is one of anger, fear and retaliation. We have experienced road rage, or parking lot rage, when someone takes the precious parking space in the crowded lot. Our turn signal was on, we were poised to drive into the perfect spot close to the door. Yet some ill tempered person snagged it first! We all know the feeling. Our buttons are being pushed.

When faced with conflict, our defenses rise, we become angry or afraid. It is a natural animal response of flight, fright or freeze. Meeting someone's anger with an equal or stronger emotion only causes more strife, and makes conflict resolution impossible. When we raise our backs up and become angry, nothing is resolved. We are acting out our animalistic auto response to aggression. Moving beyond that automatic programming can be challenging. 

No one knows better how to push our buttons than our family. A trip home for the holidays can be reft with stress, anger and upset if we allow others to push ours. In a love relationship, conflict arises frequently, from the most innocent situations. Our partners push our buttons often, unintentionally. Your partner beats you into the shower when you were gathering your clothes and about to shower yourself. Dishes are left sitting in the sink when you come home from work, tired and stressed. We often say things that we don't mean when we are pushed beyond our limits. Those buttons can be red and touchy. Once those words are spoken, recovery is difficult. 

Here are ten ways to stop button pushers or the fight or flight response that is innate within us.

  1. Stop and think. Count to 10 slowly. 
  2. Don't react.
  3. Breathe in and out three times slowly while you count. Breathing helps you to become grounded and moves you out of an emotional reaction.
  4. Ask yourself: "Is this worth fighting about? Was this intentional, or accidental? Are you feeling emotions from an event long since passed unrelated to this moment now?"
  5. Most likely your reaction is being governed by events long ago, with NOTHING to do with what is going on right now. 
  6. Remember you are NOT A VICTIM! No one is doing this TO YOU.
  7. If you are still feeling reactive breathe three more times.
  8. By now the angry response has subsided. Be present with your feelings. This is all about you, not the other person. Your feelings are coming up because you are feeling a reaction of a long ago issue. 
  9. Spend some time reflecting on the button (trigger) being pushed. What was the thing that triggered you? A trigger is an invisible button that gets pushed. When you no longer have a button you have cleared the issue. 
  10. Repeat!

Want to contribute towards the funding of Jennifer's new book on communication between the sexes? This book provides the Interface between men and women so that there is no question about the response you will receive. Her funding program his here:  http://igg.me/at/Orgasmforlife/x/5470259

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a self love coach. She empowers women (and men)  to love themselves completely. When you love yourself completely, relationships become easy. You recognize your own responsibility in your life. You begin to let go of what doesn't work, like fear, control, manipulation and anger. You find ways to move through your emotions easily without setting fire to your relationships with words and actions.  Contact jennifer for your FREE Discovery session to find out if you are a good fit for her coaching programs. Divinehealingnow@yahoo.com