Sunday, December 29, 2013

Filling The Emptiness Within

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Feeling lost, unfulfilled and empty? 

Most of my life I felt broken, lost and empty. I began my quest at the age of 16. I was looking for the answer to the age old question, "Is that all there is?" I knew that there had to be more to life than the rat race of school, work, family and death.

I searched for answers. I studied different religions, attending workshop after workshop. I longed for this void to be filled. It did not matter if I fell in love, had a relationship or did not, the empty place could not be filled. I searched for years, through one relationship after another. I became the ultimate consumer, shopping for clothes, cell phones, houses and furniture. None of these things filled the void.

I got married, had children, thinking that that was the answer to what was missing. I felt better, but still not complete. 

Not until I began to heal my own life, did I find what was missing. As I became certified in hypnotherapy, energy healing, life coaching and began to read The Akashic Records. I started a healing practice. In helping those in need I found fulfillment. 

Through healing myself of unworthiness and self hatred, I found that I had a knack for helping people to bring up their own issues, naturally. Just sitting in a room with someone, they would begin to cry and talk to me about their most intimate and profound issues. Even men who never spoke about their wives who left them, or their deep sadness, would begin to open up and spill their guts to me. My search for love led me to help others to heal their lives. I was able to help others change their lives by being the catalyst in theirs. It was here that I found the secret component to life and fulfillment.

What I found was that I could help people in simple ways or profoundly helping women and men change and heal their lives.  Anytime I helped another I was filled up. My passion for helping others is what carries me through my days. I awake with the names of people I don't even know in my consciousness and pray for them for whatever it is that they need at that time. Every time I open a door for another, offer a generous gratuity in a restaurant I am  filled up. The simplest of gestures can change someone's life. When you begin to notice the pain others are going through, it makes you realize how wonderful yours is.

I also found having a deep and profound Spiritual connection (no religion required) brought me a deep and profound joy. Meditating and teaching others how to quiet their minds has helped so many come to a place of peace in theirs. I had such a difficult time meditating at the beginning. It was not until I learned a few techniques that were simple yet profound that I was able to sit in silence and allow the peace and love wash over me that I recognized that this is available to everyone. We just have to be open to receive it.

A quiet mind creates harmony in one's life. From chaos and suffering to living in joy in each breath is what our lives are all about. Here are some of my secrets to living a life of joy, peace and bliss in the moment. 

  1. Breathe. Most people breathe shallowly because they feel unworthy. Breathing deeply shows that you are worthy. Breathe deeply. Exhale completely. Stop several times a day and place your feet flat on the ground. Uncross your arms and legs and just breathe. You will find this brings you into the present moment.
  2. Stop the mind chatter. There are several ways to do this. Here are two: Sit, breathe, relax. Breathe and relax some more. Drop your shoulders and smile to your heart. Turn your eyes upward towards the ceiling without moving your head. Continue looking at the ceiling for 5 minutes or more. Each time you do this you will find the mind quiets. The second way is to envision a laser beam going through the back of your head exiting through your forehead at your hair line. This will also quiet the mind. 
  3. Meditate daily. Beginning with quiet meditation without prayer is the way we open up to hear what God has to say to us. Our minds are so active, we need to become quiet and peaceful so that God and The Universe can speak to us. Beginning each day with upright chair meditation will calm you, bringing order into your day, life and world. Harmony within, harmony without. 
  4. Be grateful. Each day I wake up and immediately pray a prayer of gratitude for being alive another day. I always say "Thank you for my vibrant health." I believe that this is how I have become so strong and healthy when many at my age have aches and pains. I have none. When we are grateful for what we have, we will receive more to be grateful for. Without gratitude for all you have, you will find more lack and things to be ungrateful for. 
  5. Love everyone. We are all connected whether you believe it or not. When you are angry with another, vengeful or harmful in any way, you are hurting yourself.
  6. Forgive everyone. No matter what they have done to you, there is no point in hanging onto anger, resentment and rage. All these negative emotions will do is cause you illness, disease and more suffering. Eventually you will say thank you to your perpetrators for teaching you the lessons that you needed to learn. Then you are on the path of healing and wholeness.
  7. Experience nature. Being outside in beauty and appreciating it will help you to feel better, happier and connected with the earth, and the heavens. Nature teaches us acceptance for what is. Nature is in constant change. We need to accept that things will always be changing and resisting change only causes more suffering.
  8. Love yourself. This actually should be number ONE! I have heard Buddhists criticize me for this saying that loving oneself leads to selfishness and loneliness. I have to disagree. Since I have begun to love myself I have been more connected to God and others. I no longer feel like a victim and have taken responsibility for myself and my life. I never feel lonely or alone. Self love is the key to understanding others and being compassionate for you and others. Self love is the key to healing all relationships.
  9. Accept others as they are.Trying to change another is folly and egocentric. Everyone is on their own path. Everyone is finding their own way. If they ask you for help, that is another story. Giving advice when it is not asked for is like my spiritual teacher used to say, "Throwing pearls before the swine." They will find their way in their own time. Who are we to judge what is right for another?
  10. Be generous with your service, gifts and love. The more generous you are, the more others will be generous with you. We give without expectation, however, the laws of The Universe are designed that the more you give, the more you receive. It is a natural law of The Universe.

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