Friday, September 26, 2014

Thinking of Leaving? Think Again!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Interview with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters about navigating conflict and what's in the book?

Women are programmed from an early age to look for our Prince Charming who will sweep us off our feet. We dream of our own wedding day and living happily ever after. When we do get married and realize that our marriage is not perfect and we are not living happily ever after, many women begin to look for that perfect man who will bring total happiness to her life. Many of us grew up believing that life and marriage can exist in total peace and harmony 100% of the time. When in reality, marriage is about compromise, resolving conflict and healing our personal issues.

Conflict is not something that we look for when we are dating. As a matter of fact, most of us will avoid conflict if we can.  We might even leave a relationship because of it. What if conflict is coming up to illustrate what your issues are? What if your partner is giving you a gift with this conflict? What if these issues that are surfacing are coming up to be healed? What happens if we walk away from our issues? All of these questions are answered below.

It is true we attract what we are. If we live in fear, we might attract a partner who we are afraid of. Or perhaps our worst fears are realized when our partner has an affair and betrays us. There could be anger issues that surface. Or perhaps security is our biggest issue, we might be plagued with joblessness, or financial issues throughout our marriage.

The way we heal is by drawing to us, what we need to heal and illustrate what our issues are. Which is why when we leave a situation before we have learned our lessons and dealt with the issues completely,  we end up attracting another mate, with the same or similar issues. You might think it is strange that we would attract someone that would be like an acne treatment and push out all our yucky stuff to the surface. However, everyone has issues. Not one of us on this planet is perfect. Looking for the perfect partner where there will be peace, calm, joy and happiness 100% of the time only occurs in fairy tales. If we didn't have this sharp contrast, we wouldn't appreciate the wonderful blissfully happy times when they occur.

Learning Our Lessons

If we don't complete our lessons on a particular issue, we will attract another partner where we will. You can't escape yourself. You can't escape your issues. You can divorce, move away, and find another partner who will bring exactly what needs to be healed to the surface. They may trigger us to react emotionally. We might even blame them for "making us feel" a certain way. Yet, they are not the issue, we are. Leaving a partner thinking that you can escape is not the answer. If there is love between the two of you, it is far better to stay in the marriage and work on these issues to heal them. If you don't, you will find another who looks very different, but will have the same issues which will help you work on and resolve yours. There is no escape, it is why we are here.

Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Many are looking and searching for their soul mates thinking that they will not have conflict or problems when they find them. Soul mates are perfectly suited to us, bringing out our deepest fears, deficits and challenges. Often times, after someone has experienced a deep soul mate connection, they say, NEVER AGAIN! Soul mates are just the person to help us heal and resolve patterns, ingrained insecurities and challenges. Twin Flames come in for a short time to teach us a profound lesson, usually about what REAL LOVE is. These relationships can be tumultuous and short.

How This Works

The more that we learn to love ourselves, the more we have to give others. We have to give to receive and the person we have to give to first - is US! The more loving and accepting of ourselves we are, the more loving and accepting of others we will be. When we state, "I don't think there is anyone for me." We create with that thought. Instead, asking, "I wonder how I could attract a love, effortlessly and easily?

The Purpose of Relationships

Relationships help us learn about ourselves in a rapid way. Our mates act as mirrors for us, showing us who we are, over and over again. Sometimes we even project our fears and feelings onto others, insisting that they are the other persons' issues. The more we protest that it isn't us, the more it is.

Living alone, we don't heal as quickly as we do in relationships. We still encounter people in our world that will trigger an emotional response, but none will be so profound as those in intimate relationships with us. Many people choose to live alone, because they don't want to face their issues. Or they don't want to be hurt. Humans are meant to be in relationships. This is why we were created to fit together so beautifully like two puzzle pieces. 

Our True Purpose Here On Earth

Do you wonder why you are here? Our true purpose is to heal, grow and evolve. Our soul's reason for being is to be enlightened. In the process of living our lives, we are meant to return the favor and give to others. We all have gifts to give. Some of us are teachers, some of us are gifted mechanics, doctors, attorneys or construction workers. Everyone has a gift. These gifts are to be used to help others. 

Resolving Conflict
  1. Breathe and take a moment to get centered before speaking out with intense emotion. Once words are spoken it is very difficult to take them back. 
  2. Make sure you listen to what your partner is saying and repeat back to them: "I hear you saying, that when I ________ that you ____________." This way your partner feels heard. 
  3. Use I statements. "I feel that ________" "When you say _____ I feel __________."
  4. Avoid pointing fingers. No one wants to be told that they are wrong. We shut down when someone makes us wrong. Telling your partner that you are right and they are wrong is ego-based. it will not win you any kisses, favors or brownie points.
  5. Look inside to see where this issue has come up before. Where did it originate? Most likely you are upset and triggered about something that has NOTHING to do with what is going on in the PRESENT MOMENT. Most of our issues are from childhood. 
  6. Take responsibility for your own actions, emotions and words. 
  7. Remember at the end of the day, you will be climbing into bed with your partner. Love is the name of the game, not winning.

The sweet woman I interviewed about her loving 60 year marriage said: 

If you must argue, ask yourself, will this matter in 5 years? If the answer is NO! Then go and make love, it is infinitely more fun than fighting.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life, a book to bridge the chasm between men and women, resolve conflict and deepen the intimate connection. It answers all the questions about sex, love and relationship. It is the SEX BIBLE! Jennifer's website is:  Her e-mail address is:

Jennifer is more than a certified coach. She holds certificates in Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy and NLP. She is highly intuitive, and compassionate. Yet at the same time direct and will hold your feet to the fire. She will push you, be your biggest cheerleader and GET YOU. She has an innate ability to understand you at a soul level. Clients have commented that she understands them like no one else does. You can't say more than that about a coach!

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5 Ways Anger Shortens Your Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. - Mark Twain

Have you ever wondered where anger comes from? When our partner snipes at us for not remembering directions, or for taking too long to get ready, there are countless reasons to be angry.

At the same time, anger raises our blood pressure, can break blood vessels, causing heart attacks and strokes. Relationships suffer with unresolved anger and often end in divorce, like mine did. What is good about that? Absolutely nothing. So how can we navigate life and utilize anger in a healthy way. Do we stuff it? Or is there a way to peace some other way? 

Each of us is the sum of all our experiences. Our childhood created a filter which we look through. This filter colors our experience of life. Which is why three people can witness the same event and have very different reactions to it. Some of us had parents who were angry and out of control. As a result, we have had to learn new ways of behaving. Changing deeply ingrained patterns is not always easy. However, following in the footsteps of a rageaholic and repeating the same patterns is not a productive or healthy path to be on.

What Is Anger

Anger is an emotional response to a thought triggered by a situation or event. The original purpose of anger in it's simplest form was to assist us to survive. Anger shows us when our boundaries have been crossed, or we have been disrespected.  

How Can Anger Shorten Your Life?

  1. Rage and anger raise blood pressure, damaging blood vessels and the heart. Anger is the biggest predictor of stroke and heart disease, more than smoking, obesity and high blood pressure.
  2. Divorce happens when one or both people cannot resolve, and heal anger issues. Divorce causes stress. Stress causes all kinds of health issues. Men living alone, live shorter lives than married men do.
  3. Long-standing anger and resentment can cause cancer. Each angry or resentful thought we think that is angry creates acidity in our body. An acid environment left unchecked creates cancer.
  4. Anger clouds our judgment and we can make rash decisions while driving, causing an accident which can take your life.
  5. Often people with un-checked rage kill others. Jealous lovers, jilted spouses take their emotions out on their partner's new lover. Any physical violence in the name of anger is an excuse for immaturity, lack of personal responsibility and self control. We have been trained to believe that things that we "own" define us. Relationships, cars, homes, belongings are all material things. They are not who you truly are. This training, falsely makes us believe that when we lose what we thought we had, whether it is a relationship, a home or vehicle, that we are no longer who we thought we were. Yet each of us is so much more that the material belongings in our lives. We are powerful beyond measure, full of wisdom, beauty and talent. These gifts that we each have are far more meaningful than anything material.

Personal Experience

My daughter's father, Rich Resuta was a man who raged out of control. He had a father who was an alcoholic, sex addict and an abuser. Rich witnessed his father punch his mother in the jaw when he was 8 years old. In a regression, this event was re-lived. As an eight-year old boy witnessing his mother helpless and bleeding in front of him caused tremendous trauma. He backed up against the living room wall trying to become invisible and stuffed his fist almost down his throat. In his conscious mind, the event never happened. Till the day he died he did not remember his mother being hit by his father. However, his actions belied his conscious memory. He could not control his rage. In the end, he died a very young man at the age of 52. 

There are ways to navigate and heal deep anger issues. Hypnotherapy is one way. Neurolinguistic Programming is another. An acupuncture treatment and herbs can balance the spleen and liver which process anger physically in the body. Sometimes, our systems are out of whack and we don't even know it. The point is that most people cannot change their lives in a permanent way without help. 


Noticing how quickly we go to what I call the "Dark Side," and get stuck there is the first step. Humans are programmed to be negative. In the absence of information, we see the negative first. We have to re-program our minds to see the light, the positive in any situation. Our teachers and family members did not teach us how to navigate our emotions. This is something that we need to train ourselves to do. Clearly, it is a matter of life and death. Changing our focus, can be done, we need to recognize what is at stake if we don't. (Read the 5 ways anger causes death again.) 

To be happy, to me, is to suffer less. If we were not capable of transforming the pain within ourselves, happiness would not be possible. Thich Nhat Hanh

Simple Steps To Take Now

  1. Be mindful.  Mindfulness means being aware of the present moment. 
  2. Breathe in. I recognize my anger. Breathe out, I smile to my anger.
  3. Sigh Loudly. An audible sigh can move a lot of energy quickly. If you still feel stuck - repeat.
  4. Smile. Smiling to yourself, allows you to embrace your anger. It can quickly change your mood. You are telling yourself, "I am here for you."
  5. Move your body. Shaking your arms, moving your legs, walking can all help you release energy that you are feeling in your body.
  6. Be there for yourself. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, without reacting to it. 
  7. Show yourself compassion. Compassion will open up your heart. Allow the energy to move through you, rather than holding on to it.
  8. Breathe. Inhaling and Exhaling three times deeply will help you to refocus. Breathing will help you clear your energy. It will also bring you into the present. Often we are reacting to a past issue that has nothing to do with what is happening in the present. Past situations often compound the way we are feeling right now. BREATHE AGAIN.
  9. See the situation differently. There are always two sides to every story. Can you put yourself in the other person's shoes? See the other person's perspective. 
Getting Stuck

When we focus on what we don't want we often get stuck. Words like, "no, no way, I won't, I don't want," lead us back to a circle of woe that we are working to get out of. Instead, pick up a pen and write down what you would like to get out of the current situation. 

Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming and Energy healing can all help process anger. All of these are tools that I utilize in my coaching. Meditation, chanting and mantras are all great ways to help raise our vibration and get unstuck. If you would like to work on an issue and test the waters so to speak to see how working with me would be, I offer a tune-up session to first time clients of 20 minutes. You can e-mail me if you would like to set up yours. E-mail Jennifer 

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5 Natural Cures For That Pesky Lagging Libido For Men

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

As we age, our hormone production decreases. Women experience menopause (interestingly called "MENopause"). Men also experience a change of life and a reduction in testosterone production. There are other reasons for a drop in
the male libido. It could signify that there is a bigger underlying problem. Noticing a drop in hormone production if age is not a factor, could help you discover something else that is going on inside of you. 

There are many reasons why sex becomes secondary to our lives. Read on to find out the possible explanations for these issues:

  1. Depression. When our brain is not functioning properly, other chemical imbalances are present. Taking anti-depressants can contribute to erectile dysfunction and a drop in libido. Depression could be caused by a break-up, illness, life-change, job loss, income reduction or other emotional challenges. Depression happens when things are not going right in our lives. 
  2. Problems within your relationship. When we are at odds with our partners, our sexual desire can be affected. Good communication about problems helps to diffuse misunderstandings. 
  3. Too much alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant. The sugar in it can gum up the urethra, which is never a good thing. Alcohol also increases estrogen in the body. Too much estrogen in the male body is not good. Testosterone needs to be the dominant hormone in men. 
  4. Too much stress. Stress affects brain function. It reduces the feel good hormones and can even cause aches and pains. Stress increases cortisol in the body which in turn adversely affects testosterone production. It is difficult to become aroused when you are worried or concerned about your life and just getting through your day.
  5. Medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and depression will lower libido. Consult a doctor before you stop taking any prescribed medication.

Natural Cures For Low Libido

  1. Having a daily spiritual practice can help overcome depression. Meditation is an easy way to improve mood and even physical vibrancy through just 20 - 30 minutes a day. (Yes, meditation, prayer and gratitude can all help with depression.) 
  2. Eating a healthy balanced diet, with foods like asparagus, pomegranate, watermelon, bananas, chocolate, eggs, oysters, hot chili peppers can all naturally boost libido.
  3. Exercise regularly to boost blood flow to the penis and the rest of the body. It reduces stress and improves your mood with the release of feel good hormones. 
  4. Private coaching. Having someone to talk to that is compassionate can also help you feel valued, loved and accepted. A coach can help you work through relationship or personal issues that may be causing the depression or sexual issues as well.
  5. Reduce alcohol. The benefits of reducing alcohol are many. Your depression will be reduced immediately. The estrogen created in the body from alcohol will be eliminated. You will begin to feel a greater sense of well-being by eliminating alcohol altogether.
Supplements And Herbs To Improve Libido For Men

Steel libido - Gaia
Maca Root
Ginkgo Biloba (helps reduce the effects of anti-depressant meds)
Tribulus terrestris (helps the body produce HGH)

Read Orgasm For Life. If it does not turn you on, it's time for an EKG! It give you new ideas, powerful wisdom and great concepts for improving all areas of your relationship.
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a life, love and sex coach. She empowers women and men, to live positive life affirming lives of happiness and harmony. If you have peace and harmony inside, you will have peace and harmony outside. You can contact Jennifer for a private session FREE at

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Help Me Help YOU!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

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Jennifer E Masters is brilliant in the way that she is able to delve into a subject that we all have interest in, but so often have no logical way to address with depth. Jennifer tells the truth, she tells he private stories, she tells what we need to understand and addresses what so many do not understand. This book is personal, and compelling, and alluring, and extremely intimate. She is bold and brave and confident and she discloses what she has been through, and where she has lacked in this life. It is refreshing to be a part of how authentic she is, and find out how much we can learn from legitimate sexuality and Orgasm For Life. Jennifer was on Voiceamerica/ (Illuminating Now!) on June 18th, 2014, and it is worth listening to the show. She will be on he in August of 2014 as she shares even more about sexuality and the specific details we are all so in need of understanding. This is a must-have book for your collection. Linzi Levinson, Dublin, CA (Radio Host,

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, hypnotherapist, catalystic and intuitive coach, sex educator and healer. She has insight that is compassionate, refreshing and direct. Want a happier life, filled with passion, joy and vibrance? Give her a call now. (770) 480-5500. Serving the world, men and women, US, Canada, Australia. Phone, Skype. 

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Finding True Love - Separation From Those That Aren't

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Everyone wants love. We want to be appreciated for who we are. We want to be respected and accepted and loved unconditionally. When those things are not in place, or we are asked to be something other than who we are, should we stay? (You might want to listen to this interview about loving, communication and how to heal conflict: The Janet Love Show: Interview with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters )

Are You A Committer?

Some of us are committers. We commit. We are committed before we even know the intentions of the other. We commit when we don't know the other person's character or personality. We commit before we are sure. We commit and stop dating others going as far as assuming the other person has committed to us also. Sometimes the people we attract are NEVER committed to us, in the same way we are to them. Some people cannot be faithful and don't bother trying. Lying and cheating is a character flaw. Don't assume that your love will change them. Get out while you still can. 

Co-dependent Seeking Any Kind of Love

Codependent people need to have someone in their life to feel complete. Many of us accept any kind of treatment, just to have a relationship. If a relationship makes you feel bad about yourself, or the other person is putting you down, this is not beneficial. A healthy relationship will enhance your life, rather than detract. Looking for the White Knight to come and rescue you is codependent thinking. You attract what you are. Take responsibility for your life. You are not a victim. You are powerful beyond measure.

Showing Up Wanting To Be Filled

If you feel like you have a hole inside you, and are looking for someone to fill it, you are putting a huge amount of pressure on someone else. This means you are showing up wanting another to MAKE YOU HAPPY. This is an impossible feat. No one other than YOU can make YOU happy. Instead of continuing to look for someone to fulfill you, go within Grasshopper. Turn your focus inside. Get to know, love and accept the beautiful person you are. When you love and accept ALL of yourself completely you will then attract another who is positive, loving, honest, in integrity like you. You can only attract what you are. So be the best you can be at being and loving you - first. 

Don't Want To Do Inner Work?

Don't like my advice? When we feel half full, or even empty we attract another who needs to be filled up. We attract people with low esteem, who could and most likely have all kinds of addictions. Addictions could be anything from alcoholism, drug abuse, shopping addiction, food addiction, work addiction, sex addiction to gambling addiction. When low self esteem is involved one party is usually the enabler, while the other is the addict. Addictions can involve deep seated anger, coupled with low self esteem which is a dangerous cocktail destined for emotional, and/or physical abuse. 

It Has To Begin With YOU!

From my personal experience, until I completely loved and accepted myself I attracted all of the above and then some. With each relationship, when we don't get our lesson, The Universe will send us more and more difficult and challenging relationships. It is like being hit over the head with a Jack-hammer. I had men who physically abused me, were addicted to work, alcohol and sports. Constantly trying to prove themselves with affairs, lying and cheating. I am a slow learner. I finally got it. I was attracting what I was emitting: low self esteemed partners with addictions. I was addicted to love, relationships and being rescued. AHA! Is this you?

Someone Wants You To Change

If someone expects you to be different than you are authentically, this is a huge red flag. It takes a lifetime of working on our integrity and character to be completely authentic. In the end, our integrity and authenticity is all we have. If someone does not love you for who you are, rip the band aid off now and leave. It will happen eventually, it might as well be now, it will be much less painful than later.

Continuing To Date Just To Have A Date?

There is nothing wrong with staying home by yourself. In fact, if you are dating people you know are wrong for you, it is better to stay at home. Sometimes we end up going out for drinks when we don't even drink. Our dates might be alcoholics or doing other things we don't feel comfortable with. If this is the case - JUST SAY NO! 

My Psychic Prediction

Any relationship, business partnership or friendship where you are being asked to be anything other than who you are will have you twisted up like a pretzel and held in bondage by the other person. True Love is all about acceptance. It is not about the other person telling you how to behave, or what you need to be doing all the time. A partnership does not hold one person hostage while the other does whatever the hell they choose to do without consulting you.

True Love

Following are the signs of real and true love. Not to be confused by infatuation. True love lasts. True Love does not put you down or try to change who you are. All relationships will eventually have conflict. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, or a perfect person. The truth of the matter is that there will be many more people available to you when you love and accept yourself completely. As a matter of fact, I have seen this time and time again, when you love yourself, the person you need to be with is standing right in front of you, and you didn't even have to go looking!

Real love is always there. Whether you are divorced from them, one of you dies, or you end up living apart, True Love is there forever. Death, distance, circumstance does not change true and real love. 

Characteristics Of Real or True Love
  1. You feel comfortable, rather than awkward in their presence.
  2. Conversation flows easily.
  3. You are accepted for who you are.
  4. You are accepted for what you think.
  5. Your beliefs are your beliefs and you are allowed to think differently from your partner.
  6. You would never dream of hurting or harming each other.
  7. There is no jealousy.
  8. You are both respected by one another.
  9. You are able to ask for what you want without having to manipulate to get it.
  10. You are just as strong on your own as you are together. 
  11. Your love enhances your life rather than detracts from it.
  12. You Bless each other rather than put each other down.
What Is Your Mission and Purpose In Life?

When we are codependent our mission is to find love. The problem with this thinking is that we are empty inside looking for someone else to fill a deep chasm. Following are important points to focus on to help you get out of codependency and begin to feel whole and complete. Loving and accepting yourself  as you are, rather than looking to be perfect is the first step. 


It is time to clean up your life and thoughts. Sage your brain, sage your home. Sage your car. Train your brain to be positive. Don't have arguments in your home, as the energy stays there and is absorbed by all the soft furnishings you own. If you get divorced, you don't want to drag your bed, couch and pillows with you. Get rid of them. Clean up your energy by letting go of the things that have sad memories attached to them.

Answer The Following Questions:

  1. Where did I come from?
  2. Who am I? (child of God, Divine being)
  3. What is my purpose here? 
  4. How Can I Serve? Giving back to the earth, humanity, your community, unwed mothers, teens without parents....


In my home, I leave Pandora on all day with chanting. Deva Premal has some beautiful chanting music. This energy purifies your home. It will make it more harmonious for you. When you have harmony inside you, there will be harmony outside you as well.

  1. Your thoughts create. Make sure what comes out of your brain and mouth are positive. Positive thoughts create positive outcomes, negative thoughts create negative outcomes. You are more powerful than you know. Think of each thought or word being broadcast out into The Universe with a huge megaphone and you are a holding a huge magnet. Your thoughts broadcast on broadband Internet all over the Universe and are magnetized right back to you. If you think bad things will happen they will. If you doubt that you will ever be successful and that the only luck you have is bad luck than that is true for you too. That is why you have shit in your life. This
    Yes it is SHIT! 
    is why circumstances that come to you are piles of shit coated crap. Your thoughts have to be pristine, positive and happy. 
  2. No matter what happens in your life - you are the cause. Instead of blaming others for what is going on, look inside. What are you feeling, thinking or saying that created this? 
  3. FORGIVE EVERYONE AND YOURSELF! Each event that happens in your life is for your good and is here to evolve your soul. Letting go of past hurts and forgiving is for you. 
  4. Love Everyone! Each of us is part of the whole. You are connected to everyone around you. We all originated from the same DNA, the same molecules. Having hatred for anyone means you hate yourself. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is authentic, whole, complete, loving and caring. She is the author of Orgasm For Life. The Sex Bible for the New Age. Her work is transformative. She works with those committed to live happy, powerful lives in authenticity and joy. If you are ready to live a life of peace, serenity, joy, bliss and happiness, you might want to give Jennifer a call. Or better yet, e-mail her here and set up an appointment for a private session to find out if you are a good fit to work together. This is a joint venture. You are in control of your destiny, Jennifer just helps you light your path. 

Jennifer is facilitating a workshop with The Love Doctor - Shaneetha Akinlana. Together they have well over 80 years of experience, knowledge, wisdom and information in Metaphysics, manifestation. Hard to believe the age that Shaneetha is. She looks 20 years younger than she is! Each has experienced their own Twin Flame love and lives to tell about it. They are funny, loving, compassionate and wise. They are sharing all their hard earned wisdom that they learned through life and love. They will challenge you to be the best darn lover out there.  

This workshop will be held in November to assist, empower and enlighten those dedicated to finding their True Love. This work will bring love to you. You will be taught everything you need to know to manifest love in your life. Of course, loving yourself is the foundation for creating love in your life. Energy clearings, wisdom of The Ages will be taught, along with Universal Principles. 

Her website is:

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A Love That Lasts

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I'm not saying renounce sex, transform it. Pour your soul into it. OSHO

Seven Out of Every 10 Men Have This

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Tens of thousands of men suffer from a sexual dysfunction that causes embarrassment, suffering and frustration for both partners. Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction, not a disease that affects one out of every 10 men at some point in their lives. Premature ejaculation is often caused by anxiety. It is a neuro-biological condition. The first recorded occurrence of this issue was back in 610 BCE. Yes, it has been an issue for a very long time.

Listen to this interview to find out how to navigate issues with your partner: The Janet Love Show: Interview with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

75% of all men report that they usually experience orgasm within 10 minutes of penetration. Premature ejaculation is persistent, reoccurring ejaculation with minimal stimulation. It occurs with a very low level of stimulation. It is considered a sexual dysfunction when a man ejaculates within two minutes of penetration.

Are You Suffering With Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is what I have termed HTP(Read more about it in Orgasm For Life.) Hair Trigger Penis is an issue that men of all ages suffer from at some point in their lives. It does not go away with age. It does not cure itself with more frequent sex. It is not caused by frequent masturbation, or training yourself to come quickly. It is not caused by the wantonness of your partner. It is not anyone's fault. The key to this issue is emotion. 

Movement  E- mot-ion

Emotions are meant to move. Our human physiology was created to be in balance. Our mind dictates what the body feels and does. Parents teach little boys and girls differently. Men are taught not to cry. Little boys are taught to be a man. They are taught to be tough. Yet all this toughness and holding onto anger, sadness or heartbreak without crying and or emoting, causes blocks to occur. Think about each time you felt sadness. What if every time sadness came up and you did not express that sadness, but held it inside?

What if each time you stuffed that sadness the block got bigger, and harder, and more jam-packed. What if over time that block began to affect your physiology? What if you repressed anger and frustration, holding it inside your body? Each event that is held in and repressed adds to the intensity of the block.


We can't look at the human body without our emotions. Emotions impact our health, mind, and our nervous system. Emotions also affect our sexual function. Our body, mind and spirit work together. Think of your car. It has a body, or outer shell. Under the hood is the engine. There is a fan to keep the car cooled, a radiator with water in it to assist the cooling system. There are wires which run from the spark plugs and ignite the engine. There are fuses to help the electrical system function effectively. All of these systems work together for the effective operating of your vehicle. If one fuse blows, the car might not start. Lights may not work. The car does not run efficiently or effectively. When one system is breaking down, the engine may use more fuel, or run roughly. The car may even make weird noises and backfire.

Curing The Symptom, Rather Than The Cause

Our bodies work very similarly to our vehicles. When medical doctors give us a pill to "cure" us, this pill only focuses on the symptom, rather than the root cause. Thinking of our body separately from our emotions and energy system does not cure the root of the problem, it only works on the symptoms. For every disease, physical issue or pain there is an emotional component. This emotional component began with a thought. This thought could have been a simple thing like, "I am not good enough."


  • anxiety, depression, guilt, shame
  • abnormal thyroid function
  • repressed anger
  • repressed sadness
  • too frequent sex

Ways To Cure HTP or Premature Ejaculation

  1. Clear the emotional blocks with energy clearings.
  2. Do cathartic screaming out by a lake, ocean or forest where you feel you can just let loose and scream. (explanation follows)
  3. See an acupuncturist to balance Shao Yin Kidney points, liver chi balance and heart balance. (all systems work together - everyone is different, see additional diet restrictions and additions below). Tonics and herbs may also be prescribed.
  4. Sacred masturbation (see instructions below)
  5. Conscious sex - repressing orgasm, changing positions, pulling out, doing something different, moving the sexual energy upwards to your heart and cycling it through your body up to the frontal lobe of the brain.
  6. Have sex and orgasm LESS frequently, rather than more frequently.

Sacred Masturbation
How To Connect With Your Genitals In A Sacred Way

Slowing down the sexual energy as it begins to build takes practice. Masturbate alone or with a partner. Begin slowly and feel the energy as it begins to build. Squeeze your anal sphincter tightly, pulsing the energy to move it upward. Do this several times slowly. As the sexual energy begins to rise in the pelvis, it is important to move this energy up into the heart. When the energy is stuck in the pelvis and kept there, many men come too quickly. Envisioning this energy moving up into the heart center can be done with your partner or by yourself. 

Place your hand or your partner's hand on the center of your chest. Envision the energy that is focused in your pelvis moving upwards and direct this energy into your heart. Let it cycle through your heart and envision the energy moving up into the frontal lobe of the brain (forehead or third eye). This movement of energy can take an hour, slowing down the energy so that orgasm does not occur immediately. 

Squeezing the PC muscles (kegels) can help to move this energy upward as well. 

The focus with sacred masturbation is to prolong the sexual experience keeping the sexual energy circulating, rather than getting off quickly. This is highly beneficial for men, it will help to prevent prostate cancer.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are beneficial for everyone. They keep the pelvic floor strong so that prolapse of the bladder does not occur with age. Kegels also help with strengthening internal muscles which will create more powerful orgasms.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life. She is a sex coach, sex educator and life coach for women and men wanting an empowered conscious life. If you are ready for harmony within, so that your life flows with ease and Grace, contact Jennifer and find out how her work will fit with your life goals for peace, happiness and love in your life. Jennifer is awakened and self actualized. Life does not have to be a struggle. Happiness is something that many are searching for. Jennifer is the one to help you achieve it, as she did in her own life. Whether you are in a relationship or not, does not matter. When you are happy with you, ALL OF YOU, your life will change. Jennifer's did. She knows how to get you there as well. Contact Jennifer and leave her a private message: (770) 480-5500. Or send her a confidential e-mail here.

Her website is:

Friday, September 5, 2014

Asking For What You Want In The Bedroom

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Not able to have an orgasm, or want more information about how to have better love and better sex. Last night, Devi Ward had me on her fabulous show. Devi is a former stripper, monk, turned sex educator and Tantra teacher. She is fun, wise and lovely. The two of us together certainly enjoyed this interview. I invite you to listen. 

Healing is something that is needed for those who have been raped, molested, or sexually assaulted. Part of this interview discusses my own personal healing and how I went from being non-orgasmic to multi-orgasmic.

I was inspired to write Orgasm For Life because of my own inability to have an orgasm. Although I enjoyed sex during my life and marriages, having orgasms didn't happen. 

What Is The Problem?

Most of us don't talk about sex. Even married couples don't discuss it. We need to talk to our partners so that when difficulties arise we can talk about our issues. We tend to get huffy when something doesn't work for us, or our partner doesn't magically know how to touch us.

Don't Take It Personally

Yes sex is personal. It's extremely personal, in fact. Taking it personally when our partner does not touch us the way we want will lead to arguments. We can't expect our partner to just KNOW. Communicating what we want is paramount for understanding. Men want a road map. They want to know what you like.

Our Partners Don't Read Our Minds

We expect our partners to intuitively know how to please us. Women are enigmas. We change with our menstrual cycles. We change with our moods. Men have difficulties trying to figure out what we want and like in the bedroom. 

Women Are Constantly Changing

Our bodies are constantly changing. Our emotions play a large part in what we want. Our moods change. Knowing that, we are not mind readers, we need to let our partners know what we want. The best way to let our partners know what we want is by exploring our own bodies, so that we know what we like. 

Vulnerable When We're Naked

We are never so vulnerable as when we are naked. We want to let our partners know delicately, without demanding. Letting your partner know what they are doing well first, then what you would like them to do differently is important.

Don't Want To Bruise Their Ego

We can ask for what we want without being a dictator. Barking out orders in the bedroom can be a turn off. Telling your partner what you like that they are doing well, should precede a request for something you want changed. For example, "Baby, I love it when you grab my ass when we are making love, can you suck my nipple harder next time?

Afraid Of What They Will Think of YOU!?

Do you think your partner will think you are a HO? Full disclosure is important. For our partners to know what we want, we need to let them know. Tell them. Remember not to judge your partner when they tell you what they want.


It takes courage to ask for what you want. We have to accept our partner without judgment, shame. Acknowledgement of the hidden shame about asking what we want can make it easier. Being open minded and willing to try new things, and understand where your partner is coming from. We are all looking for love, acceptance and understanding. Each of us is different with different needs. Acceptance leads to a deeper connection and certainly fewer arguments.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, sex coach, and sex instructor. She is available for private and confidential sessions regarding love, sex and issues between the sheets. Her website is: 

Awakening The G-Spot

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Orgasm For Life was written as a guide to teach, inspire and awaken your passion and bridge the chasm between men and women. Learning how to navigate our differences and draw closer together through communication, understanding, acceptance, respect and unconditional love is the way. Orgasm For Life is THE SEX BIBLE. Devi Ward, sex educator and Tantra teacher, from Better Love, Better Sex radio show, agrees.

If you have never seen this face on your partner, it is probably because she is not having orgasms. 

According to research, to this day, the male dominated Scientific community is still arguing that the highly sensitive area, donned the "G-Spot" does not exist. Ask a woman who has found her own G-Spot (like me) and we will tell you otherwise.

The Grafenberg Spot, was found by  German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who studied this erogenous zone in his work with the urethra. Other doctors doubted the validity of it's existence because most women did not have this type of orgasmic experience with ejaculation. His research found that the excretion of fluid from this area had many health benefits. Dr. Paul Tinari has done research and validates his findings regarding alleviating cancer and other diseases.

Usually, penetrative sex between a male and female lasts between 2 and 10 minutes. This is barely enough time for a woman to become aroused, never mind get her G-Spot stimulated. If your sexual encounters are lasting 10 minutes or less, change it up, use other methods to stimulate your partner. A woman needs at least 20 minutes to awaken the G-Spot, which is why this erogenous zone is so elusive.

Since most sexual encounters are over in less than 10 minutes, you see the problem?

Penile penetration inside the vagina is not enough for most women to have an orgasm. Most women need clitoral stimulation, through fingers or a good tongue lashing to be able to achieve an orgasm. Oral sex is certainly the best way as well as the fastest way to get your woman to orgasm.

Why Would You Want To Achieve A G-Spot Orgasm?

As a woman, there is no greater pleasure than to receive a G-Spot orgasm. The intense waves of pleasure that surge through a woman's body with a longer period of manual stimulation make it one she will never forget. When this occurs, many men shame their women saying that she peed. An orgasm with ejaculate for a woman is the most intense type of orgasm she can have. Be sure to enjoy the moment rather than cause her shame. You have done a GREAT JOB here, both of you should celebrate!

So Where Can I Find It?

The G-Spot does indeed exist. It is located on the upper wall (anterior) of the vagina. It is located approximately an inch and a half to three inches inside, towards the navel from the vaginal opening. It becomes engorged, becoming raised and enlarged with stimulation as it contains erectile tissue, like that of the clitoris and penis. It feels spongy to the touch. It is said to be the root of the clitoris, hence the intensity of the pleasure. The clitoris has twice the number of nerve endings than a man's penis, which means that the root (or G-spot does also). The G-Spot is incredibly sensitive and will respond to direct stimulation. The G-Spot is said to be the female version of the prostate gland.

Ways To Create A G-Spot Orgasm

  1. Bring your female partner to orgasm through oral sex. Once she has experienced an orgasm and recovered you can begin.
  2. Digitally stimulate the G-spot. Use a come hither motion with an upturned finger.
  3. After 20 minutes of stimulation, the G-Spot will be in evidence. (This is why the Scientific community has failed to find it - they don't stimulate long enough). 
  4. What works wonders is five minutes of amazing oral sex, followed by thrusting, pulling out and then 5 or 10 minutes of more oral sex, a few more thrusts and more oral sex. The arousal she will feel with these alternatives can bring her to a G-Spot orgasm.
  5. Using a G-Spot wand, or G-Spot vibrator can save your energy for more sex play. Because you have to torque your hand upward, this can be fatiguing.
For Those Who are Smoking Their Post-Coital Cigarette 

If you have never lasted 20 minutes find a way to do so. Pleasure your woman first. It will be so worth it for both of you. Watch my video, read my book, check out the chapter on Sexual Healing. Most women who have been molested, raped or sexually assaulted have the trauma stored in the G-Spot. This requires care, sensitivity and time to heal it. I go into great detail as to why women can't experience orgasm until this area is healed. 

The Scientific Community Findings

Knowing what we know as women, that we can have an ejaculatory orgasm and have felt our G-Spot, we don't need to have a urologist to confirm or deny that it exists. God isn't seen and many believe in God's existence. For those interested in hearing what this urology student and his team of researchers found I have provided his theory for you. Dr. Michal Kilchevsky did his research in a sterile laboratory, under the scrutinty of his watchful medical team. They found no such spot in the female anatomy that resembled what we call the G-Spot. Kilchevsky's study was published in the January 12, Journal of Sexual Medicine.  

Dr. Barry Komisaurek who also studied female orgasm says the G-Spot should be called the G-Zone, rather than just a spot. The entire area of the anterior wall (towards the belly) is full of delicious and sensitive nerve endings and tissue. He feels that there is no sense in looking for THE ULTIMATE in orgasm, but rather just enjoy it all.
Here are clear directions on what to do for a G-Spot orgasm to occur. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the Ultimate Sex Bible: Orgasm For Life.  It is available here through Amazon.comOrgasm For Life on Jennifer is open, warm, direct and cuts through the bull that can stand in your way of having a loving, connected relationship. She sees through to the root cause of the issues quickly. As an Intuitive and catalystic coach, committing to work with Jennifer will help you get unstuck, empower you and help your sexual dysfunction. If you want instruction, guidance or teaching, she is available for private functions, speaking engagements and workshops. Her website is: You can reach Jennifer for questions or to book your confidential appointment at:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

No-Holds Barred Guide For Creating Bliss

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Devi Ward Tantra teacher, sex educator is hosted me on her LIVE radio show. Devi has had me as a guest on her show three times. It seems to be the magic number for me. I am grateful to Devi, the consummate professional when it comes to making sex sacred, she is talented, knowledgeable and a delight. The show will be recorded, here is the link to listen the show. 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Pacific.

Author Sam Ornstein, of Atlanta says, "Orgasm For Life is THE SEX BIBLE, it is the best guide out there for sex, sensual relationships and instruction."

This is exactly what he said about Orgasm For Life:

"Hi Jennifer,
........I'm only half way through your book.
........I'm only half way through your book.
It's a masterpiece, truly! 

Without a doubt easily the best book I ever read on human sexual practices and sensuosity. Your insights into sexual relationships are extraordinary, insightful and very helpful.  I'm enjoying your writing style, your phraseology and your communication skills. You've a lot to say to a vast population that sorely needs your help." Sam Ornstein

Whether you are in a relationship, married, single, straight, gay, lesbian, Orgasm For Life is a must read. It helps you understand the workings of our brains, the way we think, communicate, or don't about sex. Many people do it, but don't discuss it. They have difficulty talking about something as intimate as sex, what they like and don't like. It is a very sensitive subject and one that is an enigma to many (the thought, not the group!).

Other Shows Recently:

Linzi Levinson, graciously hosted me for a two part series on sex. These show links are below.

If you haven't heard us together on Linzi's show here are the links to the shows that ignited the fire for thousands:

It's Time To Talk Sex In The Bedroom

Part I - Exploring Sexuality On Our Own

Part II - Bringing Sexuality Into Your Relationship

Is It Possible To Truly Have An Orgasm For Life?

If you have not yet purchased Orgasm For Life, it is available on Amazon in the above link or here: PURCHASE ORGASM FOR LIFE

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, sex coach as well as a sex educator. She works with men and women to overcome issues with relationships, self love as well as sexual dysfunction or addiction. She helps empower women and men to love themselves as self love is the foundation for ALL healthy relationships,
even those with family members. When we don't love ourselves, we have health issues, can suffer from depression, migraines, Fibromyalgia and even cancer. Jennifer had all of the above and now lives a life in joy, pain free. She is celebrating her 60th birthday this October and has never felt more vibrant, youthful and alive than at this time in her life. She is a guide, pathfinder and a visionary. Her coaching work is like no other. She is a catalyst for healing allowing other's issues to come up naturally. She will help you move forward into love, joy and inner peace. 

For testimonials from her delighted clients click here:
Jennifer offers a free open session for first time clients to allow you the opportunity to explore what working with Jennifer would be like. You can work on an issue, or just ask questions. You can e-mail her questions you would like answered on the STRAIGHT UP SEX TALK SHOW HERE: JenniferElizabethMasters@gmail.comYou can leave a confidential voice mail here:

(770) 480-5500

Monday, September 1, 2014

5 Secrets To Finding A Good Catch

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Maya Angelou said, "You have to be a darn good man to be better than no man at all."

We find men in all different shapes, sizes and personality types. Most women look for sexual attraction first, when selecting a mate. Is sexual attraction the most important criteria to use when looking for a man? What are the secrets to finding a man who will be faithful, committed, kind, loving and attentive?
Our initial response to a potential mate may be chemical or physical attraction. Looks fade with age and the passing of time. What matters more in a long-term relationship is their inner character and what is inside. If your guy is incredibly good-looking, know that other women will find him attractive as well.

Women often make the mistake of tarring all men with monikers we would be embarrassed to have ourselves.  Not all men are sleazebag infidels and abusers. Making all men wrong, means we have not healed ourselves from past hurts. We can only attract what we are. If we are cold-hearted, sleep-around bitches, it is doubtful we will have the ability to attract and sustain a relationship with a man who is open-hearted, loving and faithful. If we are obsessive compulsive and critical, we might attract someone we can push around, but do we really want a man who will be silly putty in our hands?

To attract a man with an open heart, emotionally available with strong character, we have to be open-hearted, emotionally available and have strong character as well. If we are still harping incessantly about our ex who cheated and stole from us, we have not gotten over the past. Forgiveness of ourselves for attracting this person is the first step. If you can't do this on your own, it is time to hire a coach that can help you put the past where it belongs - in the past. 

Healing From The Past Means Personal Growth

Chalking up past relationships to lessons and gifts takes intestinal fortitude and inner work. Each relationship teaches us more about ourselves, what we think, feel and are. If we continue to attract men who are unfaithful cheaters, we need to begin to look at how we deny the truth to ourselves about who we are. Life is all about forward movement, onward and upward personal development and betterment. We find ourselves somewhere along the twists and turns of life, when we finally realize that the common denominator in all our failed relationships was da da da dah...... drum roll, please - us~ we have really begun to be honest with ourselves and heal.

It Take Two To Tango

We have been part of the past relationships as well. Looking at ourselves is key to resolving the conflict of the past. If we have attracted abusers, we have little or no self respect and low self esteem. Changing our own patterns will help us to attract better partners of strong character. 

What Are The Signs of A Good Catch?

  1. He has good self esteem.
  2. He is a person of integrity. (Honest, transparent)
  3. Emotionally mature and open. (A man versus a boy)
  4. Positive attitude.
  5. Committed to personal growth.
  6. Would be open to counseling and getting help.
  7. Financially responsible, has a steady job and bank account.

Deal Breakers

No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws and faults. Knowing which flaws are deal breakers is important. If he leaves the toilet seat up every day, but treats you like a Queen, respects you, adores you and puts you first in his decisions, these aspects are more important than a habit that can be broken. Thinking that you can change a man's character is flawed thinking. It is also an aspect of codependence. 

If you enter into a marriage thinking from the beginning that you will divorce him, if things don't work out, don't bother getting married. Divorce should never be an option going into a marriage. 

If your man cheated on his ex, he will just as likely cheat on you. Your love will not change him, no matter how much you think it will. The signals to watch for are listed on the left and the red flags are listed in all caps on the right. If you think you can change your man - you are in bigger trouble than he is. I would throw in the towel right now, if I were you. The red flags you don't want to ignore are signs of much bigger issues ahead.

  1. Puts you down in front of your friends (ABUSE AHEAD).
  2. Is insanely jealous. (LOW SELF ESTEEM AND ABUSE AHEAD).
  3. Anger when questioned, irrational frustration and anger. Even a hint of anger.(EMOTIONAL ABUSE, ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR AND DISRESPECT)
  4. Jumps from job to job, or has no job at all. (NOT RESPONSIBLE)
  6. Not there when you need him. (WILL NOT BE AROUND FOR SURGERY, CANCER, OR ILLNESS)
  9. Doesn't like your family.
  10. Doesn't like your friends.
  11. Doesn't share your beliefs.
  12. Doesn't want to talk about deep and profound issues. (SUPERFICIAL, LACK OF INTIMACY AND DEPTH)
  13. Competitive with you. (EMOTIONAL IMMATURITY)
If your man has any of the issues above, give him a pass. These are issues that will be deal breakers in 5 or 10 years. Starting a marriage or long-term relationship with any of these will kill your relationship and become bigger issues as time goes by.

 So What Is The Secret?

  1. Know You are Worthy.
  2. Don't accept poor treatment just to have SOMEONE.
  3. The more you love and accept yourself the more you radiate love out into the world and the better person you will attract.
  4. You are the key to finding love. 
  5. Love begins and ends with you. Be loving to yourself. Be accepting of you. Love, honor and respect you and you will have this love returned to you by the bucket load. 
Opening The Door

Loving acceptance of YOU, means you open the door to infinite options. Men will be lining up at your door in droves, no matter your age. The more filled with love you are the more you magnetize love to you. Most women have the belief that there is only ONE man for her. Yet, there are millions of options available in The Universe. Jennifer will help you see the LIGHT!
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, her books are available on She is an inspirational speaker who has been on hundreds of radio interviews. Her coaching is unique. As a Master energy healer, hypnotherapist, and healed healer, she has experienced her own challenges in the past, and overcome depression, abuse, yet, today is living in the present, in joy, inner peace and shares her wisdom as a catlystic life, love and sex coach. Her website is

You may book a session with Jennifer to see how her unique coaching style of channeled Divine Guidance can shift your perspective and redefine love for you. Happiness is possible, through loving acceptance of the self. Jennifer has done it herself and shares her gifts with the world. Be one of the hundreds who has changed their view of life and love with Jennifer's loving and direct coaching. She is offering a course in November with Shaneetha Akinlana: Finding your SOUL CONNECTION: Twin Flames, Soul Mates