Monday, November 30, 2015

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Give New Meaning To Black Friday

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Your tummy is still feeling full from a delicious home-cooked turkey dinner. The thoughts of sugar plums and bleary-eyed four o'clock in the morning alarms don't excite you today. Why not give new meaning to BLACK FRIDAY?

Avoid the crowds and choose a different activity today. Choosing a different experience might leave you both breathless with smiles on your faces instead of fighting the shopping crowds. Why not stay at home and shop on-line - afterward. 

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The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally a shopping day for many. Although you might get some great bargains shopping you will most likely leave frustrated or in debt. I have a suggestion for you. Stay at home, take some juicy foods to bed with you and have a picnic instead. The aftermath of slow, leisurely lovemaking will certainly leave you far more satisfied than a day of fighting crowds, lines, and spending. 

Spend Time

I ask you, when was the last time you spent a morning in bed with your partner? Or even had an afternoon tryst? Take time to slow down, massage one another and do some eye gazing. Maybe slow isn't your style, but it could give her a chance to enjoy the process, rather than rushing. 

Women need twenty to forty minutes to get warmed up enough to have an orgasm. Black Friday is the day to do it. The kids are probably spending time with their friends. There is nothing worth watching on television. 

Mind Games

Women often end up telling themselves stories like: "I'm taking too long to get there." When we think this way, we often end up faking an orgasm rather than having the real deal. Believe me, after doing so for most of my life, faking it isn't ideal. When we give up and don't let go of our negative thoughts, we can't get there. 

How To Get To Orgasm

  1. Know what feels good for you. Get to know your body. 
  2. Tell your partner what works and what feels best.
  3. Ask for what you want.
  4. Shut off the negativity in your mind.
  5. Keep bringing your mind back to the pleasure.
  6. Focus on the pleasure, rather than thoughts about your partner getting tired. 
  7. Breathe. Your body needs oxygen to function. Breathing with your mouth open will relax the vagina (as above, so below) and help you orgasm.
  8. Squeeze your internal muscles - Kegels using these muscles as a pump to move your kundalini (sexual energy).
  9. Give him a hand. If you aren't getting there with what he is doing for you alone - masturbate to bring yourself to orgasm. Some positions are easier than others to do this; you have to find what works best for you. 
  10. Pump or move your hips rhythmically. The action of moving your hips combined with the squeezing of your internal vaginal muscles (Kegels), bringing your mind back to the pleasure rather than worrying about how long it is taking you should help tremendously.
Nothing Wrong With You

Porn stars may look like they are having orgasms, but are most likely faking it. Women think that because they don't come in two to four minutes that there is something wrong with them. Women are wired differently than men. It's okay. Thinking there is something wrong with you will push pleasure away. 40% of women have difficulty having an orgasm. Most of the problems are mental not physical but mental. Get my book Orgasm For Life for

step-by-step details on how you can get there too. 

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The following interview with The Love Doctor contains information about my personal sexual healing so that I could be orgasmic.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Things I Am Grateful For

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

As I sit here this morning reflecting on the past year, I am grateful for the late night clearing for a dear client in New York. I am grateful for so much. You are the reason I sit at my computer each day and write. You make my life fulfilling. The fact that you find something in my articles to help you gives me much to be thankful for. For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving to you. I wish all of you much love and joy today and every day. Perhaps my little foray into my personal gratitude list will help you to find something for which to give thanks.

A day without GRATITUDE is like a day without sunshine. You can quote me on this one!

Each day I wake is another day to enjoy walking and dancing in the desert with U2, Foreigner or Journey, and my dogs. 

This morning while I whipped fresh cream for the top of my pumpkin pie, my biceps began to burn from the action of using the hand-held whisk. No electric beaters for this woman! I was grateful for my regular clients who pay me so that I have food on my table and a roof over my head. I am grateful for my pumpkin pie!

I am an advocate, cheerleader, and guide for those working through their relationships, business challenges and boulders on the road of life. Life is so much better with someone guiding you. I am that light for those who are brave enough to dive deep into their emotions, beliefs and programming that doesn't serve them any longer. 

I love this picture, taken circa 2004

  1. I am grateful for my adult children. Though I am alone this Thanksgiving, my progeny are the primary focus for my life. They have taught me so much about myself. I had learned where my boundaries need to be shored up, where I had enabled and need to clean up my act and also the areas where I have excelled, giving my children the guidance they needed, the support they desired and kept my mouth shut when all they wanted was to know I love them.
  2. I am very grateful that my mother is still living (93). I am so grateful that her health has been so good for so long. This June, she had a heart attack in front of me at my niece's wedding. I am so grateful that she spoke up and had me take her to the
    hospital. I am grateful that we have healed our relationship andthat I am no longer triggered by anything she says to me. That is something to be grateful for! We talk almost every day. I am grateful that I found the love in my heart for her. 
  3. I am grateful I am no longer a victim.
    I am grateful that at 61, I look younger than I did ten years ago.
    I am grateful that I found happiness, joy and peace within. Happiness is something I worked on diligently. I have to share what I did with others; it is where I find my bliss.

  4. I am grateful for my vibrant health. I am grateful that I did not give a doctor the responsibility for my health. I am grateful that I don't take prescription medicines. 

  5. I am grateful that my car is almost paid off. I am grateful for the flow of money that has allowed me to do this. I love my little Honda! 

  6. I am grateful to my clients in Colorado that I recently visited. I love my clients. I am so grateful to all of you!
  7. I am grateful to Javier Silvestri, who worked with me for years with For Heaven Scapes. He was loyal, committed and the hardest worker I have every had. Yesterday I drove three hours each way to see Javier near Santa Ana where he was visiting his brother and family. He lives in Georgia. Javier and I have stayed connected; there is deep love there that will never die. He is like Mi Hijo, ~son.
  8. I am grateful to William, who worked for almost three months on my website this fall. He did a beautiful job creating my branding and the new message.
  9. I am grateful to Meredith Loos, who has stepped up and into the role of my right-hand woman offering tech support. Meredith has been working behind the scenes creating new landing pages, promotional pages and signup forms for my programs. Meredith is a beautiful woman, web designer, and great asset. I am very grateful for Meredith.
  10. I am grateful for the sun that shines on me almost every day, filling my body with life, love and vibrancy. 
  11. I am grateful for my dogs that love me, are patient with my work and get me out of my office to dance, play and enjoy life. 
  12. I am grateful for nature. I am grateful for the beauty of this amazing earth. 
  13. I am grateful for the beautiful full moon this Thanksgiving. The moon is so powerful shifting tides, emotions within us and giving us light at night. 
  14. I am grateful for the stars that shine so beautifully every night. 
  15. I am grateful for the trees that provide shade, screen the wind and offer their beauty for my enjoyment. 
  16. I am grateful for the powerful ocean. 
  17. I am grateful for the soft sand as I walk on the beach. 
  18. I am grateful for the earth and all it supports, the vegetables grown, nuts, fruits for me to eat. 
  19. I am grateful that there is a homeless shelter for those who have nowhere to go, can sit down today and enjoy a hot turkey dinner.
  20. I am grateful for my life. I am grateful that I have come out of the darkness to see that each experience I have had has only served as a lesson and a gift for my soul's growth. 
  21. I am grateful for this body that allows me to experience life on this planet fully. I am grateful that it has held up so well, that it can move like a thirty-year-old and provide such pleasure for me.
  22. I am grateful for the soft bed in which I lay my head to rest each night.
  23. I am grateful to be alive today. 
  24. I am grateful for the love that surrounds me. 
  25. I am grateful for the support of The Divine and The Universe. I know that I am always loved, guided and shown my next step.
  26. I am grateful that I had such an exhilarating drive home along the Angeles Forest Highway under the full moon last night. I felt like Mario Andretti driving in the Indie 500. I was alone on the mountain roads racing at the highest speed of 40 mph, which felt incredibly fast because of the switchbacks and
    hairpin turns. I felt alive, young and full of life. A series of small events that comprise the tapestry of our lives. I am so happy to be alive, well and creative. 
  27. I am in love with you, with life and me! I am grateful for you. 
Love the ones you're with. If you are alone, send me an e-mail I promise to respond individually to support you today. 

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Bitch To Bliss

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I love women. I can appreciate beauty in another. I admire a beautiful body, jacket or handbag. I tell women that they are beautiful when I meet them. I didn't always feel this way about other women. I have been on the receiving end of criticism, jealousy and rancor from women. We begin to truly appreciate others when we accept ourselves as we are. Until we do, we might feel jealous, or less than other women.  

Women are powerhouses. Women give life, feed, care for and lovingly nurture children, pets, husbands and all manner of critters our progeny bring home. We create homes out of houses. Women keep households running. They take care of the sick, heal, bathe, clean and keep the laundry up to date. 

Don't get me wrong, women can be bitches. We can be viciously jealous of others, complain, nag and strive for perfection. We say no when we mean yes then wonder why we didn't say yes afterward. Women are difficult to understand. In fact, for the opposite sex we can be confounding. When upset or angered most women can castrate their men with a piercing look or a simple word. Yes, we can be bitches. But do we have to be?

Power Through Softness

I maintain that women opt for bitchiness because it is scary. We tend to appear more powerful when we are bitching. Often our bitchiness moves mountains. Most men would rather get the job done, than endure another moment of scathing looks or words. Scaring our offspring and lovers does not endear us. In fact, bitchiness can make our men run for the hills, or softer, more nurturing pastures. 

There is another way to get our point across or the job done. A smiling face and welcoming hug are certainly more appealing than our arms crossed across our bosom as if to say, "No one shall enter here!"

I know what it feels like to be or act like a bitch. I used to be one. My emotions were out of control. The only female role model I had been imprinted by was my mother. I witnessed her wrath on many occasions. Nagging was a way of life. We all tuned her out. Silence was my mother's go-to punishment for my father. I am not sure whether he preferred the silent treatment over her bitching wrath? I do know he found a way to tune her out. He found a hobby that kept him busy for hours. His hobby was one that involved winemaking, tasting and bottling. For years, my father retired to the basement where he stirred, watched, sniffed, filtered and tasted his fine wines. Alcohol was his way of avoiding my mother. It soothed his soul, mind and calmed his nerves. It also pissed our matriarch off.

Bad Behavior

Our negative behavior or unbridled anger only pushes our partners away. Anger is a way of showing disapproval without really conversing about the subject where we object. Anger is avoidance of the truth or emotions. Anger is the only emotion that most of us can experience or express, due to our family of origin. New behaviors must be adopted and learned to move beyond avoidance, bitching and nagging.

Why then do we continue to act in this way, if it doesn't work? What are other ways of getting our brood to hear us and do our bidding? It is what we want, right? What most of us want is to have others do what we want.

Manipulation As A Maneuver

Getting another to perform a task or do what we want is manipulation. Giving sex as a reward for household chores or duties provided makes sex transactional. We become little more than married prostitutes when we use sex to get what we want.

Over the next few weeks, I will explore a variety of communication styles and the results you can hope to receive. No one wants to be called a bitch. So why would we act like one?

To be continued....

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3 Ways To Overcome Fear

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have just returned from a ten-day trip to two of my favorite places on this earth, Boulder, Colorado, and Sedona, Arizona. In Boulder, I visited two of my adult children, which brings me great joy. In Sedona, I made a stepped out of my comfort zone, made a new friend and pushed myself beyond an old fear. This is how I did it.

My new friend took me to the Airport Vortex, a very easy climb for my older dog Karma. It was a lovely site, with incredible energy and views. The following day we went to Cathedral Rock a huge vortex of energy with treacherously slick rocks, a 600-foot rise, with few places for a foothold.

Clearing Fears

I have had a fear of heights all my life. I have worked to move past my fears, clearing those fears. Climbing Cathedral Rock was a real test to see if those fears truly were gone. 

I had nothing to prove to anyone. I did this climb for myself. I stopped on a plateau to rest and seriously considered not climbing to the top. There were other women at this level that let their men and families do the steep, slick climb without them. There is no
shame in not doing something you choose not to do. I asked myself what was holding me back? I heard an old pattern that was gone. To prove this to myself, I chose to do the climb.

My friend offered some suggestions and guided me to the safest places to ascend. I listened as he was a seasoned climber. I rested when I needed to. I focused on being safe, using a powerful mantra. "I AM SAFE."

It took about an hour and a half to reach the summit. Once I did, I felt such exhilaration for pushing myself to reach the top. I felt accomplishment. I felt satisfied. I felt fulfilled. I also felt joy!

How To Overcome Fears

  1. Take small bites. Put one foot in front of the other. Focus on what is right in front of you, rather than the whole project or climb. 
  2. Use a mantra. I am loved. I am safe. I am secure. Mantras heal the unconscious mind. 
  3. Stay Positive. Look at what you have done already. Focus on the best outcome for you. Know that you have already done so much. You are capable. You are wise. You are powerful. You are worthy. 
One of the major improvements and values that I add for my clients is a clearing of beliefs, fears, anxiety, and worry. These are often trapped emotions from long-ago events. Our mind continues to replay these events even when the danger is no longer present. We continue to send out these emotions unconsciously bringing back more situations for us to fear, or be afraid of. Having the trapped emotions cleared shifts your perspective. You stop attracting things you fear. You eventually, like me, stop being afraid of anything. 

Life is great living Fearlessly! 

I love you!

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Testimonial From A Client

Jennifer,  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do, You have taught me so much, I have started manifesting, When i decided to start fresh, and get rid of all of my old furniture from my marriage, I did not have a couch or a chair in my living room, I knew that i would find something that i could afford,  I was without any furniture in my living room for about a month, but I was happy and I did not lose hope that i would get furniture,  First i manifested a large rocker recliner , that my neighbor had sitting out on the curb, perfect shape!   A few days ago i manifested a couch! again sitting out by the curb 2 houses down, It still had the original tags and in perfect shape,( My sister and I must have looked very strange carrying a couch down the street) My rich neighbors explained that they had bought the couch and forgot it was still in storage, and now had no use for it , but did not want to go through the hassle of selling it.   Since my living room was not big enough for both the couch and the chair, I advertised the chair on a local site for a very low price and someone offered me more for it!   My next manifestation is an 2016 Nissan Altima , I am already thanking God for it,I will have it after the 9th of Dec.  I sent a picture of my couch in another E-mail, 
God Bless you Jennifer AK

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How I Manifested A Miracle!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

People like Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor and movies like The Secret talk about the Law of Attraction. I would like to share my personal experience that occurred this past week here in Boulder, Colorado with my daughter. I am sharing this so that you understand how thoughts can create both positive and negative results. This is the story about the creation of a modern day miracle with the results to prove it.

In 2012, my ex-husband, my daughter's father died in his sleep. He was 52. I had foreseen this event and even tried to prevent it from happening, by telling him what he could do differently. Rich left behind his pick-up truck. Ariel drove his truck for her first year in college. It was big, expensive to drive and very challenging in the snow of Colorado with only a rear-wheel drive.

Since her truck was a connection to her father, Ariel had a challenging time letting go. I encouraged her to sell it before winter set in November 2015. After struggling to pay for gas to and from school and work, she finally decided it was time to let the truck go. A friend posted the 2003 truck on Craigs List. After dropping the price three times, she was very discouraged as many people had told her, "You will never sell a rear-wheel drive truck in Colorado!"

We had many discussions about her truck. I even steered her to think positively about the sale. The people she lived with were extremely negative since they were in the automobile business themselves. They had experience, so they knew, she said. 

A belief can be very strong. Beliefs are what create our lives. If we believe something will never happen it won't. If we believe in something fervently we can create wonderful events in our lives.

Mass Consciousness of Negativity

When I perform energy clearings for clients, I unplug them from the mass consciousness (negativity) for a reason. Mass consciousness can taint what we believe. It can create fear in our lives. I had to overcome all the negativity of a group of people (mass consciousness) who had contaminated Ariel's thoughts with theirs. I had seen on a daily basis how miracles happen every day in my life. I create my life with positive beliefs. I know and believe that The Universe always has my back, always supporting me and various other thoughts and beliefs. This is  part of what I teach in my workshops.

When Ariel told the people she was living with that I was coming to Colorado to get her a vehicle their negativity continued. "What is she going to do without any money to buy a vehicle? Your mother knows nothing about cars. She can't buy you a car!" The vitriol was intense and dark. I could have let what others were saying get me down. I knew what I was capable of. I had seen the results over the past fifteen years. I had the faith of a mustard seed.

My Personal Success At Manifesting

I had manifested thousands of dollars in a day. I had manifested a free place to stay in one of the most expensive cities in America for the week of Christmas for my entire family last year in Boulder, Colorado! I manifested a place to stay for three weeks so I could vacation with my entire family last summer. I had manifested men, my Twin Flame, marriages, houses that I dreamed of and a business to live for! I had become a master at manifesting. People called me and asked me to manifest for them. My adult children told others who asked me to manifest for them. I got the results they wanted.

I Didn't Let What Others Say Get Me Down

I didn't buy into what others said. In fact, I gave Ariel a phrase to repeat so that she could move beyond what they were telling her. I had prayed for a miracle to occur so that my daughter could get a car easily. Still on Saturday, November 14th, Ariel woke up with anxiety. She could barely breathe she was so worried. She was sure she would not being able to sell her truck and buy a car to drive for school and work. I told Ariel to repeat a phrase and ask for the process of selling her truck and getting a new car to be easy and effortless. 

The True Meaning of A Miracle

Miracles happen in the face of everything to the contrary. Miracles are truly miraculous because when you look at the facts you see that it is impossible for something to occur in reality. 

Just The Facts Ma'am!

  1. Ariel had never borrowed money. She had no credit card and absolutely no credit score. She is a college student and a bad risk for a loan.
  2. I had just been turned down for a credit card (not that I wanted one) but just for the heck of it, I allowed a sales person to put one through. I was denied. I wasn't surprised. The last three years had been a struggle supporting a household, business, daughter and menagerie as I was growing my business.
  3. Since Rich died, I had to support Ariel by myself. I was a small business owner with business expenses. I had a house full of animals. I traveled a great deal, which was expensive. 
  4. I had just put all my savings into my new website and branding for . Thousands had just been spent on my business. I support myself, business, animals and my daughter through my coaching and healing. I didn't have a lot of available cash to put down on a vehicle.
  5. Ariel's truck was a two-wheel drive vehicle and a rear wheel drive at that. It had a heater that didn't work, an expired tag on the back and several dings from when Rich backed into a tree and hit a deer on a trip to Boulder, Colorado. The truck was not pristine.
  6. Ariel didn't want to drive some "shitbox!"
  7. We had one day to sell her truck and buy a car. Snow was coming and I was only in Colorado for one weekend. Ariel had school on Monday so we had to buy the car on Saturday. We were down to the wire.
  8. The pressure was intense for Ariel. She felt there was no possible way for all this to happen with her mother who knew nothing about cars and had poor credit.

I didn't focus on what others said about me, my perceived lack of skills, expertise, or knowledge. I assured Ariel it would be easy. I reminded her to ask for ease and Grace. I remained calm and in steadfast faith. I kept telling Ariel, "Everything is going to be okay."

We went to one dealer. At first, I looked around and saw Subarus that were priced in the high teens. I knew we could not afford any of those. Ariel went inside and asked if they traded cars? The salesman named Tom, asked, "What are you looking for?" Ariel replied, "Anything under 10,000." 

Tom suggested a couple of manual transmissions. Ariel absolutely did not want a stick shift. She had learned on an automatic transmission. Ariel would only have a day to practice before she had to drive in the snow. We were told that there was a 2002 Toyota Camry that was reasonably priced with a clean driving record, one owner, and no accidents. Ariel test drove it.

Feeling Excitement

Ariel had envisioned herself driving in a silver car. She knew this was the one. Though is had 167,000 miles on it, the drive train had been replaced as had the rotors on the front, head gasket and brakes were all new. The car looked good and drove quietly. The interior was in good shape. Though there were a couple of scratches on the outside, they were minuscule.

Ariel called a friend who was a mechanic. He met us at his shop. After looking over the engine, brakes, tires he deemed the car excellent for the mileage and year. He said it had been well taken care of, and that it would last Ariel about three years. 

We returned to the dealership and said we would like to buy the car. Ariel told Tom she was a broke college kid and the truck meant a lot to her, as it was her Dad's. Tom said they would be flexible. I co-signed for Ariel and we went off to our favorite pie place to celebrate Ariel's new car purchase! We acted as if..... it had already happened.

We returned to the dealership where we signed a stack of paperwork. Within twenty minutes, we walked out with the keys in hand a loan for the difference in the trade. We had created a modern-day miracle. No matter what the naysayers said, I had faith that the car purchase would be effortless and easy and it was.

Manifesting Money and Men/Love

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What You Will Learn

  • what blocks you from getting what you desire
  • step-by-step process of manifestation (nothing left out)
  • what to focus on while you wait
  • how to celebrate and act as if 
  • how gratitude fuels your creation
  • how to focus on the positive rather than the naysayers
  • how to focus on the creation, rather than outside circumstances

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Testimonial From A Client

Jennifer,  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do, You have taught me so much, I have started manifesting, 

When i decided to start fresh, and get rid of all of my old furniture from my marriage, I did not have a couch or a chair in my living room, I knew that i would find something that i could afford,  I was without any furniture in my living room for about a month, but I was happy and I did not lose hope that i would get furniture,  First i manifested a large rocker recliner , that my neighbor had sitting out on the curb, perfect shape!   

A few days ago i manifested a couch! again sitting out by the curb 2 houses down, It still had the original tags and in perfect shape,( My sister and I must have looked very strange carrying a couch down the street) My rich neighbors explained that they had bought the couch and forgot it was still in storage, and now had no use for it , but did not want to go through the hassle of selling it.   Since my living room was not big enough for both the couch and the chair, I advertised the chair on a local site for a very low price and someone offered me more for it!   My next manifestation is an 2016 Nissan Altima , I am already thanking God for it,I will have it after the 9th of Dec.  I sent a picture of my couch in another E-mail, 
God Bless you Jennifer AK

Saturday, November 14, 2015

3 Phrases To Never Say

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

As a coach, I hear people's words. I listen carefully. I watch to see results. I have learned over my years of manifesting and coaching that there are some powerful words we need to avoid.

Frances Schovel Shinn said, "Your word is your sword." Our words fight, love, and create. Use your words carefully. Think before you speak. Recently, I witnessed through a family member, a tragedy caused by words.  The following are words to avoid.

1. I Can't Believe That ______________. When you use these words you are demonstrating a lack of faith. The Universe and God promises to support faith. A lack of faith can ruin something good or wonderful. Repeating a phrase can negate what is good. Your thoughts create both positive and negative events. Saying you don't believe may manifest that what you have goes away in some way. You create the negative version of what you have.

My son recently drove with his cat, girlfriend and fish, Achilles from Georgia to Texas. They kept the little fish alive during his trek across half the country. Adam was careful to keep the fish cool on the trip, as secure as possible. Soon after arriving in Texas, he cordoned the little fish off away from his girlfriend's kitten. Twice the kitten got to the fish and Adam again protected the fish. 

Melania repeated the phrase three times, "I can't believe Achilles made it all the way to Texas alive." The next morning Adam was awakened at 5:00 AM with a start. He went immediately to the kitchen where he found the heavy cutting board which had been covering his Achilles' tank and the candle that had been weighing down the cutting board were on top of the counter. Water was everywhere. Melania's kitten had devoured Achilles.

2. I won't ever......(find love, be wealthy, be rich, be happy, be enlightened, be loved ). The Universe works to make us right. In fact, the Universe proves us right every day. What we say repeatedly comes to pass. If you say you won't ever _______ you most certainly won't ever.  

Affirming, " I will never have _(money, love, success) " will make it so.

3. I can't______________. If you believe you can't you most certainly won't. The words I can't be happy, will create unhappiness. I can't find love, will prove you are right, you keep 
love away and blocked from you. "I can't make enough money to support myself," will keep you in poverty consciousness.

Your Words Have Power

Our thoughts and words create. If you want love, wealth, success, money you can create with your thoughts. However, sitting in your home chanting OM will not what brings it to you. It will be doing inner work to love and accept yourself and be more loving towards you. Getting out and meeting new people will give you opportunities to find love. 

Right action is always required for manifestation. What steps are you taking to reach your goal in the physical? Are you growing, healing or have you hired a coach to assist you? 

Are you making the phone calls, marketing and doing what is required for financial success?

When you open to the infinite possibilities of I CAN you create in a positive way. 

Faith and belief are what create. Whether you believe you can or believe you can't you will be right.

Jennifer Elizabeth  Masters is an author, visionary, intuitive and catalystic coach. She is certified as a hypnotherapist with The National Guild of Hypnotists, she is a certified energy healer, and reads the Akashic Records. But moreover, she has healed her own issues with self-love. As a healed healer, she has bee where you are, which gives her insight and compassion to assist you.

Whether you have sexual trauma, abuse or negativity to overcome, Jennifer has been where you are and understands what will get you to where you want to go. Love is the answer, you are the vehicle. To discover your 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11:11:15 An Opportunity To Be Bathed In Light

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

We are living in miraculous times. Today is certainly a day to sit in silence and feel. If you haven't meditated before, today would be a very powerful day to begin. Because of the spiritual quality of this day, coupled with the new moon, it is a fabulous day to manifest your desire. 

In September 2015, a tremendous influx of Celestial Light bathed our planet beyond anything we have ever been able to receive safely before now. Specifically encoded light by our Mother-Father God was assimilated by our I AM presence, upgrading our DNA.

Each of us has been recalibrated in preparation for an influx of light on this day, 11:11. Eleven is the master number that reflects our transformation from the physical to Divine. 

Humanity is now vibrating together at a higher rate than ever before with this 5th Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light. Systems are falling apart to be rebuilt again. As we vibrate higher that which doesn't serve us is bubbling up to be released. Tempers have flared; emotions surfaced that heretofore had been stuffed and put on the back-burner. Perhaps you have found you can no longer stuff those emotions. It isn't healthy anyway. Meditation today with a focus on this light energy will assist you in many ways.

For many years, on this date, 11:11 lightworkers across the globe have focused high vibrational loving energy on the earth and all of humanity. There is an additional influx of energy from our Divine Source as well. Revel in this beautiful energy and allow it to wash through you. It is a day one does not forget easily. The number 11:11 on your clock, a billboard or in a dream was significant for you, a synchronistic experience rather than by chance.

Our human DNA and genetic memory are triggered by digital codes at specific times and frequencies as we have our individual experience. Codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11 is a code that reflects the meaning of activation of the twin spiraling human DNA. Today is one of those days.

Scientists used to believe that our DNA was static. Our DNA is moment-by-moment being modified. Our emotions, thoughts and beliefs impact our DNA. 

You may be noticing the number 11:11 everywhere. It has been encoded into our DNA. Our Spirit Guides and Angels attempt to get our attention in different ways. A particular number on your clock 11:11, a page being turned to a specific place, or a song that is frequently played, is not by accident, but Divine Providence. Our angels engage with us without changing free will. They need to be called upon by us to assist. Prayers are answered and today is an excellent day to ask, but not to beg.

I am providing a further resource from Patricia Cota-Robles whom I have been following for many years if you are interested in focusing your energy on this upgrade and consciousness raising. You will notice the use of the words vibrant health, ageless beauty and radiance, Divine connection, joy, elation, exuberance - which is why I have chosen Aphrodite Effect for my website.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

12 Ways To Get More Miles On Your Vehicle

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When was the last time you checked under your hood? 

Your car is representative of your physical body. How well do you take care of your vehicle? Do you love it? How do you show your love? Do you take care of it?

My last vehicle was a pickup truck. I loved my truck. Every time I got into it, I told her "I love you truck." This truck was used hard for my landscaping business pulling a heavy loaded trailer five days a week or more. I got 165,000 miles on the same engine and transmission. I changed my oil regularly and only replaced spark plugs once. I feel that the positive energy I imbued my truck with, kept it going as well as it did for so long. I sold the truck (which I bought used) for $3,500. I was sad to see her go. She served me well.

I drive a lot of miles. I love adventures. This week I am driving from The Mojave Desert in California to Boulder, Colorado. This trip will add 2,179 miles to my vehicle's already high mileage of 130,000. My car is only five years old. 

Last year I did five such trips across the country in my car. I prefer to drive than fly. Why? I have two dogs, and they are my family. I take them with me whenever I can. 

I put a lot more miles on my vehicles than most people. How do I get my vehicles to last? I take care of them, just like I take care of my physical body, Spiritual body, and Emotional bodies. I also love them. I love my physical body. I show my body how much I love and respect it by how I treat it. I don't expect my body to last a long time without putting healthy fresh fruits and vegetables into it, meditation, exercise, and plenty of rest. 

Did you know that your vehicle is the representation of your physical body? 

It took me a lot of work to get to this place. It didn't happen overnight. I do maintenance on my vehicle regularly. My vehicle for my soul is my body. The point is that we are not just a physical body. We also have to take care of the mechanical workings of our body, soul and our emotions. We need to eliminate things that don't serve us like old patterns and belief systems. We need to show love and reverence for who we are. Our body is on loan to us. We need to take care of this vehicle that serves us.

1. Gasoline

Everyone knows that we need to put gas in our cars. Even those who don't bother looking under their hood, put fuel in their vehciles, but what kind do you use? 

Without gasoline our cars won't run. The same is true of our physical bodies. However, there are all types of fuel from cheap gas to high test. 

What octane fuel do you put in your body? 

Do you eat at fast food restaurants because you rationalize you don't have enough time? Do you buy ready-made food that is full of preservatives you can't pronounce? Or do you cook from scratch? Do you have aches and pains because you have candida and inflammation because you load your body up with sweets? 

Do you love your vehicle enough to take good care of it so that it lasts a long time? Do you drink soda? Do you kid yourself into thinking that diet soda isn't bad?

I warned a friend four years ago if he didn't quit drinking diet soda he would be diabetic. He didn't believe me. Now he is on four shots of insulin a day. 

Insulin causes erectile dysfunction and a slew of other things. 

Do you still want to drink this crap?

Diet soda is worse than regular soda. Sugar of any type will cause acidity in the body. Diseases grow in an acid environment. Cancer is one of those diseases that thrives in acidity. Why not just switch to water? Water is far better for your kidneys and won't cause obesity, diabetes or cancer. 

2. Battery

Without a battery, your car won't start. If you leave your dome light on overnight, or your trunk opened, your battery will be run down the next day. Do you recharge your battery? Or do you run till your physical body is exhausted? 

Our body needs downtime. Our brains need to shut off. Our souls need silence. How much silence do you give yourself? We need time where we don't talk to anyone without microwave technology plastered to our heads. Is your cell phone plugged in your ear all day? Are you texting until you shut your eyes? Are you on your computer till you turn out the lights? If so, you are not getting the real downtime your vehicle needs. 

3. Radiator

The radiator cools your vehicle's engine. Without water and coolant in your radiator, your car will overheat. An overheated engine could mean your car dies on the side of the road.

Your physical vehicle needs water to be healthy. Water does not mean soda, coffee, tea or Monster drinks. Without water, your kidneys shut down. Without kidneys we die. Dialysis is something millions of Americans, especially black Americans live with daily. Black Americans make up a third of those waiting for kidney transplants. 

Kidney Pain

Your kidneys can be found at the top of your hips, protected in part by the rib cage. If you put your hands on your waist, your thumbs will be resting on your kidneys. If you have back pain in this area, drink water. The pain is felt radiating outward, and is called referred pain. You will feel pain elsewhere than on top of your kidneys when you have referred.

If you wake up with a headache, your body is telling you that it is dehydrated. Many people are so dehydrated for so long that they mistake thirst for hunger.  We need six to eight-ounce glasses of WATER daily. Yes, you can drink too much water. Drinking gallons of any fluid floods the organs, causing death.

Your body will tell you loudly, "GIVE ME WATER!" Pay attention to your body's signs and messages. If you feel hot, your internal radiator is looking for water. We need water for good health and great sex. If you have been sweating profusely, you also need electrolytes not found in water alone. Oranges are an excellent source of electrolytes as are grapefruits, lemons, and limes. I don't recommend sugary drinks such as Gatorade (diabetes and acidity). You can make your electrolyte drink as well. Don't wait till it is too late.

4. Electrical

Does your radio work? Do all your lights turn on like they are supposed to? Do you have enough light in your life to bring a twinkle to your eyes? Are you happy with you? Are you inspired? Does your brain light up at the sight of a full moon, or a starlit sky? Your brain and your heart have electrical circuitry. Learning will keep your mind active. Never stop learning. It prevents Alzheimer's.


To operate on all cylinders, we need to have a spiritual connection and faith. It does not matter what you believe. Faith and connection to Your Divine will expand your electrical circuitry in ways that will bring you great joy and a happy life. Without a spiritual connection, you may feel like something is missing - because it is. You may feel like you lost your GPS. 

5. Tires

How long have you been driving on your current tires? Are they worn on one side more than others? Perhaps you need to have an alignment? Or maybe it is time for a new set of tires? Have you checked the air pressure lately? Are you breathing deeply? If you don't breathe deeply, it is a sure sign you suffer from low self-esteem. Oxygen is a requirement for your engine to operate efficiently. Without enough oxygen, the heart and lungs begin to falter and eventually fail. The oil of our vehicle - blood will be weak sticky and sluggish. 

6. Front-End Alignment

When your front end is in alignment, your tires wear evenly, last longer, and you get better gas mileage. Aligned with our higher purpose, we live our days feeling good about what we do. We need less to make us happy. Our health is better because we are in alignment. Are you aligned with your higher purpose? 

7. Interior

Is your interior of your vehicle clean? Or do you have maps from past adventures or gifts from boyfriends you no longer date or love? Do you throw things in the back seat and forget about them? Can you even see your back seat? Do you have emotions that you hold in and never release? If you hoard things, you also hoard emotions. Keeping emotions inside is unhealthy. Your blood pressure might be high, stress levels out of control and you probably suffer from depression and anxiety. Give your interior a once-over. Get your interior cleansed with an energy clearing.

An energy clearing would help you move out of the stuck place you are in emotionally. If you can't afford a coaching session, maybe you should take advantage of my buy one, get one free. Six one-hour audios for half off: $98 for two complete audio courses and energy clearings. (Offer is good until November 31st.) Ask me.

8. Glove Compartment

Is your glove compartment stuffed full with receipts, papers and old napkins? Or is your glove compartment tidy and orderly. Your glove compartment should have current registration and insurance cards, and that's about it.

9. Frequent Oil Changes

My father was big on oil changes and did them himself. Even after he transitioned over 25 years ago, I still hear him telling me, "For goodness sakes, change your oil!" I have many talents, but vehicle mechanics is not one of them. I get my oil changed before a long trip and every 5,000 miles what my Honda dealer recommended. An oil change is a must for extending the life of your engine. 


Most religions have some form of fasting. Fasting can be very positive for the body. (Though some individuals with health conditions like diabetes cannot fast without a doctor's care.) 

I highly recommend at least doing a fasting cleanse once a year. Always check if you are under a doctor's care. A homemade juice fast or colon cleanse gives your internal organs a rest. People of the western world are so addicted to food that the subject of fasting gives most people hives! I fast and cleanse my body twice a year. During the colon cleanse, I stop eating for seven to nine days. I use Blessed Herb colon cleanse following the BEST RESULT instructions. A healthy gut is imperative for engine life.


The trunk of your car represents your past. Can you look in your trunk and see remnants from last year's vacation to Florida? Is your trunk full of beach umbrellas, dirty sports equipment, and towels? Or is your trunk tidy, orderly and clean? Do you let go of the past? Or do you hang on thinking you might go back with that ex that treated you like garbage?

Putting groceries in a trunk that is full of old energy doesn't do you any good. Loading a brand new suitcase into a messy, dirty trunk will put old negativity onto whatever new you load up. Let go of the past. Clean out the old. 

11. Exterior

Is your vehicle clean? Do you regularly wash your car, or do you leave dust, mud, bugs on the hood and windshield for months? Do you care about how your car looks? I know when I wash my car and clean my windows I feel better about my car. It feels like it drives better and is happier.

If I go for days without showering or putting on makeup, I feel like crap. We feel better when we shower and fix our hair, shave for men and make-up for women. I do it so that I feel good for me. I dress to please myself. I wear colors that please me and fabrics that feel good on my body. Take care of your exterior paint your toenails, put lotion on your dry skin. Revere your body's exterior. Treat yourself with the respect you deserve. Feed yourself with healthy food. Get a move on, your vehicle likes movement. 

12.  Are Your Windows Clear?

My little dog, Yoda, loves to shove his nose into my interior windows. It doesn't feel good to have snotty nose prints on the glass. The past can color our view and taint our perspective. Clean up your past. Forgive those who have hurt you and stop being a victim in your life's creation. When I did, I found I had so much more energy for joy, happiness, and love.

Get rid of the old and self-sabotage with an energy clearing. Or, take one of my audio courses or my manifesting course beginning on November 25th for $30 for each group session lasting 90 minutes. This is a series of three 90 minute group sessions. Teachings at the beginning, a clearing then Q&A coaching. There will be plenty of time at the end for each person to ask their questions.

Contact Jennifer here to confirm your space or order one of the two-for-one specials

Saturday, November 7, 2015

8 Ways To Manifest Love and Money

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

If you are here for sex, you might wonder why I am talking about manifesting. Sex and money are tied together. If you aren't getting enough sex, you probably have issues with money. That is one connection. If you are looking for love, you better read to the end of this, because boy do I have something to share with you!

Colorado Visit:  November 13th - 19th Private sessions and Group sessions available

Love And Money

Those of you who are looking for love may have some defeating thoughts whirling around in your beautiful brain. I know I have started to allow my mind to go south when I got discouraged. Keeping positive in a space of gratitude and love is the way to manifest.

If you repeat statements like these you are defeating your manifesting powers:

  1. I'll never find love.
  2. Men always leave me.
  3. Men are all assholes!
  4. Women are all bitches!
  5. Women (or men) take all my money.
  6. No one will ever want me.
  7. I never have enough money.
  8. No one loves me.
  9. Nobody will ever want me.
I have heard these statements made by hundreds of people. Be honest with yourself. How often do you have these thoughts?

Manifesting Secrets

Whether you are manifesting money, a trip, or love, the rules of The Universe are the same. If you are having difficulty finding or keeping love, you most likely have some unruly thoughts running your world. To help you with your manifestation, I am running a three session podcast LIVE for anyone interested in shifting their paradigm. This is for manifesting love and money with energy clearings and GROUP coaching for $30 a session. The payment link is below. If you need to make payments, respond via e-mail. This will shift your paradigm about love and money. In the meantime, here are some things that will help you.

Become a Magnificent Manifester!


This live program is a three-part weekly podcast of 90 minutes, with time for questions and answers at the end. People are paying me $450 for a two-hour session. So this is a deal! I am very good at what I do. We will get to the root of your issues. Be brave and speak up to ask your questions. I have been upgraded many times this year and people are shifting just talking with me! This will give you an opportunity to spend time in my energy, get to know how I work and enjoy the clearing for a magnificently low cost!

Magnificent Manifester

November 25th, December 2nd and December 9th at 5:00 PM PST

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right." 
Henry Ford

Why listen to me? Because I have manifested the house of my dreams, vacation homes for free in expensive places, relationships, new clients and lots of money with these principles:

  1. Know without a doubt that this works.
  2. Feel the energy of love/joy/Gratitude. 
  3. Get excited. Talk to God, the Sun, the Moon, the trees, plants and express love and gratitude for them. Tell them you love them. You might feel silly, but this works!
  4. Ask and you shall receive. Ask questions like: "How can I effortlessly and easily get three new clients who love me and pay me what I am worth?" "How can I effortlessly and easily find someone who loves and adores me?" "How can I effortlessly and easily ___________________?
  5. As soon as you ask, begin your ecstatic prayers of GRATITUDE. Ecstatic? yes, be excited. Thank you Thank you Thank you for my ________!
  6. Know it is taken care of. 
  7. Continue to give thanks and be grateful for what is heading to you right now!
  8. To increase the speed ask for win-win situations that will help you and others, or you and someone else. The Universe loves win-win solutions. 
  9. Remember that orchestration must happen within The Universe to bring to you your creation. Do not give up hope if it takes a little longer than you think.
  10. Everything comes to those who wait. Divine Timing is not in your time, or on your schedule. Be patient and don't give up. Continue being grateful.


The Opposite

If you have thoughts that nothing good ever comes to you or happens for you, you perpetuate nothing good coming to you. 

If you are not grateful for what you have now, nothing more will be given to you.

If you complain about your situation, your situation will remain the same.

If you can't pull your emotions out of the gutter of despair, you will have a very difficult time manifesting. 

Co-Creating With The Universe

There are rules within The Universe. If you follow them, you will do well. If you ignore the rules of the game of life, you will struggle and continue to be unhappy and miserable. The key is to be happy with what you have. Then more will be given to you. 

  1. Dance, have fun and be happy. Do things that bring up your joy for you. 
  2. Move your body, open your arms when you are manifesting so that you can receive what is given. If your arms are crossed in front of your chest or your hands are not open, you cannot receive. You are closed.
  3. Raise your vibration with food. Eating a diet rich in fresh greens, fresh fruits and vegetables will help raise your vibration to manifest.
  4. Find something to be in Gratitude about. Begin by saying, "Thank you for giving me another day of life!" "Thank you for my vibrant health. 
  5. When you receive your manifestation, don't run away from it! Often when we get the guy or girl, we get scared. Maybe they are not exactly in the package you expected. The Universe knows way better than you do what you really need. 

Rejecting The Universes Gifts

Been there, done that and worn the t-shirt! In fact, just recently I met someone on FaceBook, who does something very much in alignment with what I do. He is single, has a full head of hair like I wanted, it is even long which I put on my manifesting list. He has a beautiful heart, he is even enlightened which I thought I would never find. What did I do? I tried to run away! I am heading to Colorado this coming week for seven days. I am being guided to stop off in Sedona where this guy lives. I am resisting. WHY? 

We never know where something might lead. Whether this is the guy or on the road to the guy, I don't know. The point is, if I don't go, I will never put myself out there enough to get it. I don't chase men. Changing my driving route and stopping in Sedona puts me beyond my comfort zone. If we stay where we are comfortable, we never get the incredible gifts presented to us. We have to be awake to notice what we are given. We have to be prepared to risk everything to get it. Opening our hearts to love and being vulnerable takes great risk. Without great risk you will never have the deep love and connection you desire. Nor will I, so yes, I will go to Sedona!

The truth is, when an opportunity presents itself, we don't know what it could be. We don't know what all the possibilities are. It could be someone to work with. It could be a joint venture. It could be that you teach each other something. Or it could be the potential for something even greater!

If The Universe gives you a gift, accept it. Explore the gift and see what it feels like for yourself.

When we see resistance it can be several things. We may be afraid of being hurt again. We also may be afraid that this is just what the doctor ordered and it might work! We might be afraid of stepping into the void to receive what we asked for.

Yes, we are afraid of our greatness. What if this is the guy I am supposed to be with and work with? He is an amazing healer himself and does self-love work. I am sending you to his page because he has created an amazing product that gives you an accurate reading of your soul.

Finding Your Soul Purpose

Sophia's Mirror is an incredible combination of both western and Chinese astrology, soul cards, tarot, and so much more to give you insight into what your soul needs to be in alignment. You will discover what your gift is to give to the world, where your heart is in alignment and what your destiny is.

The best $25.00 I ever spent! Cheney Hall says that this reading is worth every penny of $200.00! So don't wait and do it now! 

I did this for myself and have given each of my children this reading as a gift for Christmas, that is how accurate it is. I have had many readings over the 30 years I have been in Metaphysics and this one is the most accurate I have ever had. 

My Soul Reading:

It confirmed that I am doing what I need to be, which chakra is most powerful, my CROWN (connection to Source - go figure!) and when I am in joy - which is doing coaching and healing for clients. My Genius and gift I give to the world is living from a high vibration. The two actions that honor my heart are: Being Spontaneous and Free, and Seeking My Own Truth. The Fields of Destiny where I shine, are being an ambitious achiever and being where the action is. My formula for true enlightenment is living from a high vibration. My archetype is: Priestess to the heart. Deep Spirituality is The Yellow Sun - and here I am dancing in the sun under a blue sky in the desert! I am just giving you the details in a nutshell. 

I highly recommend this to all of you. Sophia's Mirror

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1. The Aphrodite Effect 3-hour audio series to clear your love story, release the past, ignite your passion and increase your focus. You will receive information that will allow you to understand your past relationships. Clearing of heartache, hopelessness, jealousy, feeling lost, anything blocking love. Panic, all blocks and vows to love. This is a powerful program. You also co-create your LOVE in the last audio. $98.00 (included in this program for free)

2. The Shift Program. Three part-audio of one hour each. This series clears anxiety, fears, worry, and limiting beliefs, clear blocks to love and Financial issues so that you feel more fully, vibration raised and have more clarity for decision-making. I have had incredible feedback after this program from clients. This audio series ends with the Cascade of Miracles Prayer that so may people have experienced incredible miracles with.

3. JumpStart Happiness: QUANTUM HAPPINESS - Living in The Flow. This three-part audio series opens you to receive happiness in your life now. Releasing you from the burden of misery, suffering, and emotional pain. This step-by-step process gives you everything you need to be happy starting now. Choosing happiness is the first step. This program ends with The Cascade of Miracles Prayer.

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With So Much Love!