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Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio Show

Loving Myself Fearlessly

Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio Show

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Love Yourself Happy!
Beginning on Wednesday, July 31, join me for one hour of energy, healing and laughter. This POWER HOUR of Love Yourself Fearlessly is FREE! I channel The Ascended Masters and The Divine. You may even cry a bit, you may have a huge breakthrough or even get a block removed.

If you have never met or worked with me, you would not know that just asking me to work on you begins the process. The angels and guides I work with as well as The Divine begin the work immediately. People have told me that my voice has a healing quality to it. Don't take my word for it, - feel for yourself. When you begin to work with me, my voice begins to work on your unconscious mind, and healing begins. Guidance flows to me at interesting times, like leaning back with my head in a shampoo bowl at the hairdresser, or during an intense coaching session with a client who is in the process of healing from breast cancer.

I trust my guidance implicitly as it has NEVER steered me wrong. Some of the issues I help my clients with are trust, self acceptance, confidence, manifesting money, success and most of all LOVE. Trust of themselves, so that they can go on to trust others. Trust of the guidance that they receive. Self acceptance comes from compassion for the imperfections, letting go of control and the bashing you do to yourself with that huge sledge hammer. I will help you lighten up, have more fun and open up to joy and happiness in each moment. You will get accustomed to thinking positive thoughts and living in the moment. Being in the present moment is the key to manifestation and happiness.

Being a Self Love coach and catalyst for other's healing involves helping my clients love themselves at the deepest of levels for permanent happiness and joy. When you love yourself happiness becomes the status quo. Living a life LARGE and LOVING YOURSELF FEARLESSLY in the fullness of who you are, instead of the small self that so many of you have come to accept as who you are. I guarantee that if you work with me, your life will be so different - your perspective will change and you will begin to attract positive people and situations in along with your personal success. You become a magnet for love and MONEY as you come to love you for the REAL YOU that you have hidden under layers of dust, red clay, debris and parental parameters. Yet you are NOT that person. Those beliefs aren't true. Join me weekly and get your dose of LOVE. On The Love YourSelf Fearlessly Show. 

Happiness? Yes, real lasting happiness comes from within. It does not come from the purchase of a new designer dress, or a trip to the Costa del Sol, or even Tuscany. It does not come from a new Mazerati, a home or a relationship. Those little boosts can bring you a burst of joy that is gone after the shine wears off your passport or at the first dent. What I am talking about is REAL HAPPINESS. The kind that begins in your belly and emanates out into everything you do, say and everyone you touch. Happiness is a choice, but it becomes permanent when you love and accept yourself with compassion. I am not teaching something I am faking, or yet to accomplish. I am the healed healer. I have been there (depression, sadness, illness, co-dependecy, addiction and divorce, you name it). I have mastered myself. This is what I help my clients achieve. It does not matter where you are, whether alone or in a relationship when you love yourself completely you are content no matter where, no matter what. This is the work I do in my intensives and one on one coaching session with my clients. 

The Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio Show was born today, at 8:45 AM Pacific time during a coaching session with one of my client's who's heart was recently set on fire. This could be you. This radio show is a phone in show where you get to ask your questions about yourself, your relationship and your happiness. Nothing is off limits. This is an adult only show, if sex is on the table we will ensure that our audience is over 18 before delving into that subject matter. 

The mission of The Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio Show is to help you through your challenges and get your questions answered. From spirituality, money, manifestation, relationships, self love and enlightenment. This is an opportunity for you to get to hear what Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is all about. See if you would like to work with me. Perhaps listening in on this radio show may lead to an epiphany for you, a realization of some truth that you have been overlooking. Core issues can be uncovered when there is a group consciousness that unearths questions that you may have wondered about but were too afraid to ask; which leads you to be brave about another question. It takes bravery to dig deep into your own issues. Self discovery can lead to some amazing finds - you may even find you are an amazing person with gifts that need to be taken out into the world. I can help you birth your new ideas, kick off the dirt and mud and help them grow from a tiny seedling into a strong Laurel tree with deep roots and fragrant leaves that reach out into the world.

This Love Yourself Fearlessly radio show, can be a catalyst that creates a chain reaction to things you never dreamed possible. You may have epiphanies - huge AHAA moments. You may decide to join me in Maui for my intensive in December or come to India or Bali with me in 2014. What I can assure you of is that your investment of time will not be wasted. Loving you makes you a magnet for love. You will gain knowledge of yourself, and compassion most of all which leads to greater love and acceptance of you. A waste of time? I think not.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, inspirational speaker, hypnotherapist, Master energy healer, channel and psychic medium. She is the former host of the radio show "Into The Mystic,"on Voice America. She has been gifted as a catalyst for people's self mastery. Being in her energy will shift you, open your own gifts and lead you to expansion and greater clarity, success and happiness. If you have been struggling with love, relationships or money, listening to her show, working with her one-on-one or taking part in one of her incredible all day intensives will change your life for the better. What do you have to lose? You have everything to gain. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? TUNE IN. 
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How to Recognize Emotional Unavailability

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, Saturday, July 27
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters happy in San Francisco 2013

Emotional unavailability has gotten a bad rap. How often have you heard a friend say that the man she is dating is emotionally unavailable? Or rather her husband is. It is so easy to recognize the signs in another person. What about ourselves? No....  it couldn't be...... that was my reaction when it happened to me.

Where does it come from? Why does it happen? 

Emotional unavailability is a symptom rather than a cause. It is an unconscious emotional response to trauma or emotional shock. It could occur during childhood molestation, or in an abusive relationship. Emotional unavailability is your unconscious mind protecting you to help you through a situation or relationship(s). 

If you find yourself in a relationship with a partner who is emotionally unavailable, you are unavailable emotionally as well. This is one of the biggest denials that we have as humans. So easy to spot in others, yet very difficult to see it in ourselves. If you continue to look for "the perfect partner" and have yet to find him, it is likely you have it as well.

The person who is emotionally unavailable cannot meet your emotional or physical needs and they may put you in harms way. They can use emotion as a weapon and become an abuser themselves. Below is a list of issues that you will find with someone who is emotionally unavailable, not all apply to everyone.

What Are The Characteristics of Emotional Unavailability

  • Inconsistent. Don't say what they mean and do what they say. Do not follow through on what they say they will do.
  • Avoid being direct. When questioned about feelings will avoid being clear.
  • Deep meaningful subjects are avoided.
  • Constantly looking for the "Perfect Partner" 
  • Can be adrenaline junkies. Can have lots of friends in the same category.
  • Inauthentic. Can have the "fake it till I make it" motto
  • Difficulty with intimacy. You keep your eyes closed during sex.
  • Can be in relationships, but have an emotional block like a garage door to protect themselves from being hurt. Feels like you can only go so far and then no further.
  • Inauthentic, often hiding who they are from their partners, friends and others for fear they will be rejected if someone knew who they really were
  • Tend to push people away often with words or anger.
  • Can be serial monogamists, yet avoid deep emotional intimacy.
  • Can avoid social or sexual contact altogether.
  • Avoidance is a pattern throughout their lives.
  • Lack of trust of self and ability to make healthy choices and decisions.

My Personal Discovery of Emotional Unavailability(A Gift From My Cat)

In Loving Memory
Magical Reiki Cat Lydia 2004-2013
We never know why things happen the way they do. It is not until after the fact that we can look from a different perspective and line up the dots to see the connection of everything that happens in our lives. This story is one of those that connects the dots beautifully.

When my son David, was born in London, England, I was in the middle of recognizing that my marriage was over. It took five more years to file for divorce, we were emotionally separated already. I was so bereft at this recognition I disconnected from my heart to be able to cope. My husband gave me two beautiful sons with amazing hearts and minds. At the time of David's birth, I was emotionally unavailable. I did not know it at the time. I was barely able to cope with life. I did not have a clue how I had closed my heart and certainly no idea when it happened.

David Gates and his beautiful wife, Ashley (b.f. wedding)

Fast forward 19 years to 2004. An amazing cat was gifted to my daughter Ariel and I. We had to drive to Murphy, North Carolina to get her. My spiritual mentor, Lynette Lindsey told me that this cat, (we named Lydia) was very special. I just didn't see it at the time. I didn't have a clue. I was just divorcing my 3rd husband who was abusive, but gave me my  gifted, beautiful daughter, Ariel. Ariel was born awake (conscious seeing spirits from birth and a natural channel). A rarity in this day and time. This daughter came to me through the angelic realm. I was told in advance I was going to have a daughter. That I needed to go through a cleansing process, fasting and detoxing to be able to carry her. I had no idea what I was in for. I was guided to get pregnant with this child even though I was not married. I wasn't supposed to marry her father (or was I?). I never thought I would ever wind up telling this amazing story, because I am not Virgin Mary. I was told I could not have another child - yet she came anyway. I nearly died, as did Ariel in the process, but here we both are today giving our gifts to the world.

For Heaven Scapes crew, 2006
Adam & David Gates, Jennifer and Ariel Resuta

Lydia was later named the "Reiki Cat" because she would sit on her hind legs and perform "Reiki" on whoever needed it at the time. I was the one that received the bulk of her special gifts. What I did not know was the depth of her love and service to me. I also did not know then  that she had a human soul within her. Yes, sometimes human souls give up an incarnation to be in service to us mere humans to teach us something other humans cannot possibly achieve. It is rare. But so is this story.

I adamantly refused to take this cat. I already had two cats, had just experienced tremendous financial difficulties with my husband, Rich.  We were in the going through a long legal battle of divorce and custody. I was just scraping by in the winter with my landscaping business. What I didn't need was another mouth to feed.

Lydia the Magic Cat - 2013
Lynette was certain that this cat was magical and I had to have her. It seemed no matter how I tried, there was a status quo in my menagerie. I always seemed to balance best with four pets. Either two dogs and two cats, or three cats and a dog. I had just buried our Siamese cat Mei Ling after 15 years and was beginning to be comfortable with fewer pets. I wasn't even trying to find another animal and one showed up all on its own. Status Quo, balance is always achieved on its own.

Ariels' father had just moved out after 11 years together. He would have interceded if he was still with us. We clearly did not 'need ' another animal. We drove up to Murphy, North Carolina to get this cat I didn't want, because my spiritual mentor insisted there was something there for us. Little did I know just how accurate Lynette was.

Lydia was so tiny she fit comfortably in Ariel's 7-year-old hand. The two of them nestled together in the front seat of my truck and slept the entire way back to Atlanta. Lydia and Ariel played together, and eventually the other cats accepted her as well.

Lydia performed Reiki on anyone she felt needed it. She would sit on her hind legs and bring her two front paws together moving them in a circular motion. When she wanted outside she sat facing the door doing Reiki on it. As often as not, the door magically opened and out she would go, very matter of factly. There was no doubt that this cat was special. I just didn't know how special until her life was coming to a close.

Lydia survived 11 moves in 9 years, including two long distance moves from Georgia to Boulder, Colorado and Colorado to California. In my journey to find peace and happiness, I moved a lot. Once I found it, I began to follow my internal guidance. During the 9 years we had Lydia she became the matriarch of our household. She was the boss-lady of our animals. She could stop another cat leaping to my desk with an evil glare. Lydia had the place of honor on my desk where I worked.

Cats absorb negativity. The more negativity they absorb the faster they use up their lives. They help us heal. Lydia joined us in the middle of one divorce and saw me through my marriage and quick divorce to a gay man. He was trying desperately to be "normal." It is difficult to hide for long when married to a psychic medium and channel with a channel for a daughter. Lydia absorbed my pain and suffering when I was finally fully vested in a marriage.

Lydia's real purpose was the healing of my emotional unavailability. Healing happens in stages. Each epiphany takes you to a higher plane.  I had awakened in 2012, while living in Boulder, Colorado. Being awakened or enlightened does not mean that there is no more room for healing, it does however change a lot. Fear falls away. You become vastly more centered without any separation from you and God. You are able to live in the moment instead of the past and future. You are not triggered by every little thing. When someone tells you that you have an issue, you look at it without balking or getting angry or upset. People can critique you without your feeling offended. You consider what was said and feel if there is truth to it. If there is you make appropriate changes. You stop taking things so personally and see situations more globally. Your ego quiets down and guidance is much stronger. Mind chatter ceases and denial has falls away. You become completely honest about yourself and your faults and lovingly accept them all. You are okay with yourself as you are. In fact, you really love yourself fully.

Personally, I believe all cats and dogs are already enlightened. After all dog is God spelled backwards. Lydia sat on my desk day in and day out purring while I talked with and cleared my clients. She lay on my books and purred all day long. She was my healing cat. She did as much work on clients as I did. She also absorbed negativity. Her body looked like that of a 22 year-old kitty, not one of only 9 years.

About three months ago, Lydia sat on my lap and pointed out (through visions she placed in my mind) that when she arrived in our household, I was recovering from my divorce from Ariel's father. I was unavailable emotionally. She helped me connect the dots. Throughout her life with us she tried to get me to connect deeply with her, like I did with our other animals. What she helped me recognize is that because she came into our household while I was emotionally unavailable that pattern existed within me even now in my interaction with her. She also helped me see that my relationship with David (my middle) child was similar. Since David was conceived during a last ditch attempt to save my marriage with his father, David arrived at a time when I was completely emotionally unavailable. David had a challenging childhood. As my interaction with him through his life continued to be one of emotional detachment. I was not able to see this until several events occurred which opened a door to my unconscious mind. Lydia was instrumental in helping me to connect the dots between both divorces and relationships with both Lydia and David. Even though Lydia showed up in animal form, our relationships with our pets mirror those of our children. Depending on when a child is conceived, our relationship reflects where we are in our lives and what healing has occurred.

Emotional unavailability is our unconscious mind's way of providing protection when we are going through challenges emotionally. It is not something that we do consciously. We don't say, I will tune out so that I can handle these life events. It happens automatically to protect us.

Divorce is one of the biggest life events that we can go through, likened to a death. We go through a grieving process, denial & isolation, anger, bargaining, depression/sadness, acceptance and often start all over again. Emotional unavailability is a component of coping with the sadness and loss that divorce brings. Recovering and opening your heart again is a conscious choice that involves recognition that you have been unavailable emotionally. Until there is an awareness that you have closed your heart  nothing can be done to change it. It does not magically open or dissipate in spite of you. Recognition is the first step. Acknowledging that you are now safe and the issues no longer exist will help. Letting go of fear of having your heart broken is something that must occur if you are to have a deep and lasting connection with someone. Learning to trust yourself is the foundation for this healing to occur.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a Self Love coach helping women open their hearts to love and live authentically. Jennifer is a healed healer, self-actualized and enlightened, living happily and authentically. The more you love yourself the more others love you also. Love Yourself Fearlessly is Jennifer's catchphrase. When you love yourself fearlessly others are magnetized to you. Money and earning power increases, because money is also magnetized to you. Money is the same energy as LOVE. Oh YA! If you are having difficulty finding a partner, being happy with life or you, contact Jennifer now. If she can do it - you can too! Check out Jennifer's book:  Odyssey Victim to Victory

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I can feel the energy through your words. They are very well done. I felt like I was melting into the chair. My energy level is way up and I have been using the mantras. Thank you! John.

The Cascade of Miracles Prayer is amazing. I have begun using it for others. Everytime I say it, wonderful things materialize for me as if as a bonus! Thank you Jennifer! Cynara M. 

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The Ultimate Match Made In Heaven

The Ultimate Match Made in Heaven

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, July 22, 2013


Love is what makes the world go 'round. It is what we all want, long for and dream of. There is no day greater than July 22nd, for making that happen. According to Jewish tradition, and (NO, I am not Jewish), today is the greatest day for commitment, finding a Twin Flame or expressing love to your Beloved, children and other loved ones.

Historically, Tu B Av is explained in the Kabbalah as a day that unites us with LOVE and New Beginning Energy where once a year the sun, full moon in Leo meet and bring love and peace globally. This energy helps us connect to soul mate energy, family and friends and connects your soul to Divine Love energy. 

TuB Av is a day like Valentine's Day but 1,000 times over. Valentine's Day shows up on our calendar because someone was massacred for performing marriages against the edict of the political system. What most people do not know is that Valentine's Day has nothing to do with the planet Venus - the Goddess of Love. If you notice Venus is not present on Valentine's Day.

T'u B av

Was the one day that Jewish tribes were allowed to intermarry. Women would dress in white and dance and drink wine in the vineyards while men would mingle to choose a marriage partner. This is not about the fleeting superficial false love that Valentine's Day promotes, but rather about true commitment and the ability to weather the storms of life. 

"There were no greater days for the Jewish people than Yom Kippur and Tu Ba’Av because it was on those days that the daughters of Jerusalem went out" [to find a spouse].(Babylonian Talmud, Ta’anit 26b)

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters website

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a life coach that is both self-actualized and enlightened, living authentically in happiness. Jennifer assists women to find joy and lasting happiness through Self Love. When you love yourself completely others are attracted to you like a magnet. Loving yourself unconditionally means you also love and accept others unconditionally. The more you love yourself, the more others love you and your life flows along beautifully. Coming into loving acceptance of self brings your life.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Living Authentically

Living Authentically

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters July 14, 2013
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, Grand Canyon, AZ 5/24/2013

Life is good. It is real good. It has not always been this way for me. I struggled with issues of guilt, self hatred and shame from early childhood. Even into adulthood I often felt ashamed of myself and I certainly wasn't happy. It did not matter how beautiful someone said I looked, I did not feel beautiful. In fact I felt ugly, dirty, unworthy, unlovable and lost. 

I now refer to those days as my old life, it feels so foreign to me now. I so wanted to be loved that I had to be in a relationship to feel whole. I felt like a three-legged table without someone in my life. I felt empty inside, depressed and negative. I needed someone to do what I couldn't do, love me. With each new man I hoped that he was THE ONE, my TRUE LOVE.  I spent unwisely when I was upset. I would use money allocated for rent, or utilities for clothes for myself. It was a compulsion. It seemed to be the only thing that made me feel better, if only for an hour or two. When I got paid the first thing I would do was to go and buy myself something expensive to make myself feel better. I had heard that it was important to feel good and we certainly were in a hedonistic society where making yourself feel better was supported by the media. Newer, bigger better was prevalent in all the commercials and billboards. I was not responsible for myself or my spending.
For Heaven Scapes, with my kids

I maxed out my credit cards and then could not make my payments. My behavior created more issues as I was not being a good steward of my money. I complained about my life because it really did suck! I had no idea that what I was doing was perpetuating more negativity and lack into my life. I had no idea that my money problems were being created by me and the thoughts that I was thinking. I was so shamed filled and negative that it made me physically ill. 

Sexual abuse in my childhood created shame, anger and guilt. I had no idea that I had inner rage that was being suppressed. The history of bladder infections from the time I was 21 was a sign of being pissed off, but at that time, I was totally unconscious (not awake and aware) and had no idea that my anger about the molestation created it. I was chronically depressed until I was in my 40s. I suffered from insomnia due to the depression. It was not until I began my healing process and began to heal my inner child and let go of the shame and self loathing that the depression lifted. It was tied to my repressed anger, I did not know was there. I did not know that repressed anger caused depression. Oh my God! When I released the anger I began to sleep better. The depression lifted. It was not a pill that made it go away, it was letting go of the past.
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters and Ariel Resuta SFO, 2013
Ariel Resuta and her mom Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Boulder, Colorado Creek Fest 2013

The Path Of A Seeker

As I went to a hypnotherapist or healer for an issue and found out how magically and wonderfully it worked, I would sign up for the course and become certified in it. By the time I was 48 I had taken so many classes, courses and certifications I had the equivalent of a University education. Certainly every bit as costly. It was worth every penny. No amount of therapy or anti-depressants gave me the relief that getting to know who I was and loving myself as I was, did. I began to live in my truth, and followed my heart. I became a healer and certified life coach full time. I was passionate about healing and helping others to love themselves. I saw how it transformed my entire life.

Coming Into Alignment

Flagstaff Mtn. Boulder Colorado Jennifer

It was not a matter of me changing who I was. It was coming into alignment with my true self. Instead of being agreeable all the time, I said, "NO!" I began to take better care of my own needs, getting enough rest and meditating regularly. Instead of being with people who were negative, I steered clear of them, even if they were family. Especially if they were family. Changing patterns of behavior meant for me that I could not spend much time with those that helped me create my co-dependence. I healed my relationships with all of them. I forgave everyone. I knew they would never change. They were not on the path I was on. That was their choice. They expected me to be the same, but I wasn't. I am reminded of the story of the crab who attempted to escape from the cooking pot, as he/she gets to the top of the pot, the others pull the poor sucker back down to be miserable with the rest of them. That is what happens with family who don't change. They want to make you as miserable as they are. You can't let that happen. I love my mother where she is. I know at 91, change ain't gonna happen. She is who she is. I have accepted that. I can't change another. I can only change myself.
Living in the moment Coronado, CA

Changing others is a sign of co-dependency. I have been there multiple times, worn the t-shirt and donated it to Goodwill about 15 years ago. I stopped dating men who need rehabilitating or rehab. It is a pointless waste of my time and energy. I used to make men my projects. It took me out of my own pain and suffering thinking I was helping them. I wasn't. That was my ego making up stories to get me from realizing how I was suffering inside.
My oldest son, Adam Gates and me, Boulder, CO 2013

I used to be afraid of my husband. I was afraid to say what I thought. I was afraid to go against his edicts. I capitulated when he strongly disciplined my sons, against my inner wishes. I caved. I gave in, I had no will of my own.  The fear led me to feel even more guilt-ridden and ashamed. I began to move through fear. Divorcing him gave me freedom, it also helped me realize he was my biggest teacher. Of course he wouldn't respect me, I didn't have respect for myself! 

I learned along the way that our relationships are a mirror for ourselves. It is so much easier to blame another for what is going on in our lives than to focus on ourselves. Blame however, removes our responsibility. It takes our power away. When we step out of blame, it is a form of graduation. It raises us up to personal responsibility. When we become responsible for ourselves, we stop making excuses for being late not doing what we commit to. Excuses are dis-empowering. They reduce us in stature. Excuses are another form of blame. Blame is a low vibration as are guilt, shame and fear.
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon, 2013

Moving from Boulder, CO to California 2013

Being who I am is easy now. It does not cause me suffering. I don't feel guilty for being me. I can speak my truth. I am able to stand up for my beliefs. I don't cave in when I feel something isn't right for myself or my family. I stand up tall and feel beautiful. I don't make excuses for who I am or what I say. When I make a rule for my daughter, I feel good about it, instead of apologetic or guilty. I used to feel bad when I made unpopular decisions for my family even when it was in every one's best interest. I don't feel guilty for anything anymore. I look 10 years younger than I did 10 years ago. I lost the 20 pounds that had hung on when I didn't feel good about myself, effortlessly. It is funny how everything works better when you love yourself completely. 

I began to take what others would call risks. I began to really live in the moment. If I was driving down and road and saw something that looked interesting, I made a bee-line for it. I experienced beauty wherever I was. My daughter might groan at first, then she found herself enjoying the experience of spontaneity as well. Our life had more joy and wonderment living in the moment. Instead of planning everything, life took on an organic movement to it. Vacations became spontaneous. I trusted my inner guidance, and it never ever failed me. Selling my landscape business in 2011, moving from Georgia to Colorado were huge. After 1 year in Boulder, Colorado, and the death of Ariel's father, we needed a change. Listening to inner guidance, we moved to the Mojave desert in California. These decisions were made in the blink of an eye. We were packed and in California within two weeks of deciding. Confidence comes from living authentically. Standing in your truth. Being who you are, and LOVING WHO YOU ARE BEING. Living in the moment instead of the past or the future was part of my healing. Stepping into my BIG SELF, or my High Self became a natural and organic part of this transformation into enlightenment. Living authentically eradicates fear. I used to live in the gray area, of no decision. Wavering on life. It is very painful there. There is no peace when you live in the gray area. Not only do you hurt yourself when you are undecided, but you also hurt others. Living authentically and being true to yourself means that you are compassionate with yourself and others. 
My handsome sons, Adam and David Gates
I stopped judging others and focused on myself and what I was experiencing. I began to live instead of exist. I spent time in Spiritual practice every day, without fail. Meditation began my day and gave me a solid foundation for success. Coming into stillness with myself was the calming influence that helped me begin my day from a place of peace and grounding that transcended the chaos that was my former life. I was grateful for everything I had. I learned to do without things I did not need. I only bought what gave me joy. I was much more careful with spending and liked my life clutter free. Nick-knacks and objects no longer were the focus, instead my relationships were always in the forefront of my mind. I only spent time with people I wanted to. I spent a lot of time alone. I regrouped and rebooted when I was alone. I made sure I got enough rest, healthy food and lots of laughter. I stopped watching the news 17 years ago. I had not read the newspaper since the 80's. I only watched comedies and movies that helped me grow. Documentaries and knowledge held the power for me. I was no longer static or stagnating. I was constantly growing and evolving. Learning and growing with each experience. When people criticized me, I listened and thought about what they said. I checked inside to feel if there was merit or truth in their words. I did not get upset with the messenger. I stopped taking things personally and my emotions no longer ruled my world. I stopped looking for THE ONE, at every turn years ago. I was happy with me and could be happy living the rest of my life by myself. I trusted that if it was to be, I would not have to look for it, he would find me.

Happiness and Joy

Happiness and joy was what I breathed. It replaced suffering and depression. Love filled my heart. The more I loved myself, the more love and happiness exuded from me. Instead of meeting a world of angry people, I found life to be joyous and a wonderful expression of me. I still experienced emotions deeply. Instead of repressing emotions I allowed myself to feel them fully and in moments they were gone. I became a magnet for new clients who wanted to work with me, because they could feel my energy. When I did psychic fairs clients told me repeatedly that they picked me because I felt so grounded. The higher I vibrated, the more money flowed in. I became fearless, which aligned me for prosperity. There is recognition that we are spiritual beings experiencing our humanity, rather than the other way around.

Contact Jennifer through e-mail, or through her website.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Beverly Hills Hotel, 7/7/2013
Jennifer is Self Actualized and enlightened. She is a certified hypnotherapist, relationship life coach, Master Energy healer, ordained minister speaker and author. Her ability to channel creates a coaching experience like none other. Hearing the voice of The Divine, creates a high level experience for the client which bypasses the unconscious, clearing the way for true healing and growth to occur quickly. For those deeply committed to personal and spiritual growth, Jennifer offers a free 15 minute consultation to see if there is a good fit. She works with those deeply committed to personal growth to Love Yourself Fearlessly. She has created a process to help her clients love themselves compassionately, clear patterns of self sabotage and live authentically. Those truly committed to deep spiritual growth can choose private intensives to deeply connect to their High Self in each moment. Jennifer leads intensive retreats to Maui, Bali, and India several times a year. Read more about Self Actualization here.