Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Deceased Ex-Husband Talks To Me

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have seen and heard spirits
since I was a young child

From the time I was a young girl, I saw spirits and talked to them. Until I let them know they were not welcome in my home, they visited me often. 

For those of you who have worked with me in private coaching session, or have had an Akashic Record reading with me, you have experienced the way intuitive information comes in to me. Then I pass this information on in my coaching sessions.

I have had spirits on the "other side," actually speak to me, or stand behind me when I am talking to a client, or sometimes move things around in my home environment.

Two years ago this past May, my ex-husband asked me about a tooth abscess. I told him that it had left his gum line, but that it had traveled to his heart. I also told him that if he didn't get some stronger antibiotics it could cause his death. Within a month and a on July 4th, he enjoyed dinner out with co-workers and went to bed. He meditated as he fell asleep, smiling and crossing his arms over his chest. He never woke up. He was 52. Since his death (although he insists he is not dead) he has communicated with me on a daily basis. I have tried to send him off to the light, but he prefers to be close. He raps one time on the closet door in my office, to let me know he is here. He also shows up in Walmart when I am shopping. Rich did not take the divorce well. He always felt we would get back together and kept trying long after my No's became vehement.

I feel many of us are given the opportunity to exit this life. Some of us don't choose to go. I had one such opportunity last May after I found a breast lump. I was taken down a tunnel of light when I was sleeping. I thought maybe I was being shown something....  When I realized this was no joke, and I was GOING! I said in my dream, "What about Ariel? She just lost her father, she needs her mother!" I was backed out of the tunnel so fast and woke up feeling quite disoriented. I chose to stay. I feel that Rich regrets his choice - taking the "easy way out." He feels he has missed so much and will continue to do so. Since he has regrets about leaving, he continues to "message me" in his twisted way.

What you have to understand is that Rich had quite the sense of humor. He showed up in my dream one night doing something a dead ex-husband shouldn't be doing to an ex-wife! I woke up with a start and yelled at him, in my mind that it wasn't funny! He thought it was. I demanded that he NEVER do that again. Yes, spirits can do that - although it isn't funny for us.

Rich had gone to school to be a physical education teacher. He was an avid runner and worked out regularity. He also loved his ice cream. He had a motto, never eat carbs after 6:00 PM. He had other too, but this one is germane to the story.

Since that time, whenever I am in the bread aisle at Walmart he throws packages off the shelves at me. The first time it happened I was buying bagels for my daughter, Ariel. She liked the little blueberry bagels, that were of course, more expensive. While I was looking at the other bagels on the shelves, a large package of regular sized blueberry bagels flew off the shelf and landed out in the middle of the aisle. Rich said, distinctly, "Buy these, they are less expensive." I bought them, and Ariel wouldn't eat them. She preferred the small bagels.

The second time, I experienced flying carbohydrates at Walmart, I was locking at black tea. I was trying to decide which one would taste better. I spent a long time reading packages, and noticed two women across the aisle visiting from the UK. They commented to me that all our bread has sugar in it. I agreed, that was the American way, make even the healthy things bad for us.

While we were talking, a package of low-fat thin sandwich rounds flew off the shelf, narrowly missing one woman's head. Rich's comment this time was, "Your ass is fat! Eat this stuff. I commented, off-handedly, "My dead ex-husband liked to play games with me while I am in the bread aisle at Walmart. Their eyebrows raised. One woman added, "That is an interesting way to communicate." The British are quite used to haunting.

There have been other occurrences with Rich, since his passing. The most important message for those of you who have lost someone dear, is that personality comes through very loud and clear. Rich communicates with me as he did when he had a physical body. He has the same twisted caustic humor.
Rich Resuta with daughter, Ariel

The most recent experience I had with turbo charged flying carbohydrates was when I was talking with a woman right after Ariel graduated. We were standing just outside the bead aisle. As we talked, she said her granddaughter had graduated also. As soon as she began talking about her granddaughter, a package of tortillas flew off the shelf just three feet to my left. She noticed the package flying by itself, but didn't acknowledge it. Ariel liked to eat Quesadillas for lunch. Tortillas and cheese made a very easy meal for her - hence the tortillas. Rich was saying, "Get some of these for Ariel." The bread that flew off the shelves always had something to do with our daughter, with an additional message to boot.

When I asked for my gifts to show up completely, I was told I would see all, not just the good stuff, but the negative things as well. Some of this can be quite fun, if you allow it to be. Often when I do readings for people, their loved ones show up. I have seen women with rings on, dancing or singing. When I described these to my clients they confirmed that those characteristics matched that of their loved ones.

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This is a great time to refresh your energy, regroup and find out what is in your best interest, rather than just guessing, or throwing a dart against a wall.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, Intuitive, Life, Love and Sex Coach, hypnotherapist, Master Energy healer and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner. Her website is:

You can e-mail her at:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Living Life Fully Expressed

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Why would you want an orgasm for your life? 

What if the greatest sex ever, was not you getting off, but giving to another instead. What if the greatest satisfaction you can feel is the joy of knowing your partner had an amazing time touching you, kissing you and being held by you. What if you could feel this good every day - even when you are not having sex? Buy The Book Now!

I used to be negative, a glass is half-empty kind of girl. I complained about my friends, parents and husbands (yes, plural I was a very slower learner). I used to dwell on what I didn't do, what I did do that wasn't good enough and long for the future, when I was sure to be happy. The weird thing is that when I stopped looking over my shoulder at the past, beating myself up for my stupidity and flakiness...... I began to live in the present. I began to enjoy life more. I didn't miss everything that was going on. I began to show up. Not only did I show up, I began to be ON TIME! This was a huge thing for someone with huge control issues. 

Why We Control Others

Did you know the reason we control others is because we are afraid. We attempt to control our environment and other people, usually because we are afraid they will leave us. I have heard some men tell me that they will not tell their wife of 36 years that she is beautiful, because they are afraid she will go off and schtup some other guy. That is Yiddish for the horizontal mambo.  Can you imagine having such fear that a woman who has been married to you for 36 years, would leave you if you told her she was beautiful? This blows my mind. Men, tell your wife, lover, partner that she/he is beautiful! Women, tell your man, lover, partner that they are gorgeous. That they turn you on. That they smell good. We all want to be loved and accepted. Of course, we have to love and accept ourselves first. (Yes, I do digress, not really). 

When we feel inept, or insecure, we tend to live in fear. We fear we aren't good enough. We fear our penis is too small, or won't work. (I don't but some do). We fear that we are too fat, our stomach is saggy, or we look old. We fear that our partner's won't accept us when we are at our worst. We fear that our partner won't love us when they find out who we truly are. (Some people's worst fear.) 

When you are authentic - transparent and honest about who you are, you don't wonder what you have told to whom. You can relax. You can be yourself. Ahhhh! Inner peace and joy results. The joy of being authentically you. This is what I delight in helping my clients achieve. Did you know that the more you love yourself and accept yourself, the more easily you will have an orgasm - women?

Men, when you love yourself and accept yourself completely, you don't have to suck in your gut - although most women prefer men with a six pack..... we know we don't necessarily have the perfect models' body either. Loving and accepting ourselves means we are comfortable in our own skin. Being with your partner becomes an art form, moving together, in unison, in synch, where sex becomes a spiritual experience rather than just banging body parts together. This is what an orgasm for life is. Living life to the fullest, authentically as you are. Being true to yourself, grounded in the present, in joy for being fully alive.

An orgasm for your life, could mean that you are fully alive breathing in the gift of life and enjoying life for all that it has to offer. What a kick that is! I know. It is what I do! I love you guys. Thank you for buying my book. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for sharing my posts. This book needs to get out into the world. Share it with whoever you feel might be interested. Thank you.

You make it worth while. 

Jennifer is not your average life, love and sex coach. She is a hypnotherapist, Master energy healer, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, channel, Mystic and Spiritual mentor. She is an ordained minister. She performs weddings and funerals. She helps men and women heal sexual dysfunction, insecurities and codependency. Living life to the fullest is what Jennifer can help you do. Happiness is an inside job. It is not a relationship, a dress, or a car. It is a way of life. Her website is:  To schedule a private session you can do so through her e-mail:

When We Push Love Away

Orgasm For Life

Launch Day

Buy Your copy of Orgasm For Life Today!

You know those Scientific Journals filled with research data from sterile laboratories? This isn't one of those. Written from personal experience, Jennifer's data was collected between the sheets. Her candid, honest style draws you into her bedroom sharing over 40 years of passion, experimentation and insight. Healing sexual dysfunction is Jennifer's passion. "Sexy, passionately written, and inspiring." If Orgasm for Life doesn't turn you on, while igniting the passion in your relationship, it's time for an EKG!

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Have you ever attempted to give someone assistance or love and find your kindness spurned, or rejected? When we are wounded from a traumatic event, we often reject love, affection and any form of gift-receiving? Why? 

Often those who reject love are stuck in a paradigm of damage and scarcity. They don't feel love, although in their mind - everything is FINE! What is happening is that the grooves in the brain from past experience are so deep that the rejection of love and affection is reactive. No thought takes place. The brain is reacting from a past experience that is no longer present. 

The more profound the trauma, the deeper the patterning is ground into the brain. When a parent has done the traumatizing - the effects are more profound than when the perpetrator or victimizer was an uncle, priest or neighbor. Parental abuse is the worst for children to experience. Parents are the ones we trust with our lives, as children. Yet, not all parents are equipped with the emotional availability or the inner strength to stand up to be a role model, in the face of their own emotional chaos and suffering.

Often our parents were alcoholics, or addicts. They may have been incarcerated, or traumatized in combat. All of these stresses can cause the soul to fragment, shatter and splinter. When this occurs, the inner child is frozen in time. Whenever a trigger is activated in present time - the adult returns to the moment of initial traumatizing and reacts as if a child. If the trauma occurred when the child was age 5, for example, the adult acts like a 5 year-old. The deeper the trauma, the harder it is to let go of this reactionary programming. When two people are in relationship together and are both wounded, then conflict or arguments arise, it can feel as if they are impossible to resolve, without therapy. When both have their inner child show up, one or both may decide to take their proverbial ball and go home - or choose to leave the relationship. Each time a conflict arises, when one or both of the parties have been seriously traumatized, the only way that can feel right to a little child is to leave. When adults react this way, resolution is a challenge. Remember that the person you are in conflict with is not showing up, their inner child is. It is impossible to reason with a 5 year old, even if they are in a 40-year-old body.

How Can You Reset These Programs?

There are several different ways to heal from past trauma. Hypnotherapy, energy healing or Neurolinguistic Programming are all ways that a program that has been with a person for a lifetime can be cleared and removed. All of these modalities are used in my private coaching programs. Sometimes, a client needs to be desensitized gradually, if the program is very deep. It could take all three modalities, and a neurolinguistic programming anchor to achieve the feeling of having the issue resolved. The longer that the person continues to react in the same way, the deeper the groove becomes in the unconscious mind.

There is help available. When the pain and suffering becomes too great, healing can begin.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, life and sex coach, hypnotherapist, master energy healer and neurolinguistic programming practitioner. She utilizes all of these modalities in her work with her clients. As an intuitive coach, Jennifer has the innate ability to cut to the root of her client's issues quickly. The key to Jennifer's work is self love. A foundation of self love is what allows us to accept ourselves and others unconditionally. 

Kittens and Humans Need Touch To Thrive

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I trust my guidance. When I am told go find the road you were on yesterday, I do it. I even said, "I am not sure where it is." My guides told me "Up the road and on the left." I did what I was told. Had I not, I never would have saved four little lives. Out there in the desert was a box, with four little two week-old kittens with their eyes stuck shut from dehydration. When they heard my voice, one-by-one they scampered out of the wine box, mewing........The following is a video I made with these four sweet little kitties on Tuesday, three days after I rescued them. They taught me the value and importance of physical touch. 

I even mention it in my book, Orgasm For Life. I talk abut a study done during WWII where infant babies were fed, changed but not touched. The majority of them, even though they were fed, ceased to thrive. Most of them died. Kittens need a mother to rough up their fur, stimulate them to potty and nuzzle their faces, while washing them with her tongue. As adults, we still have tactile needs. We need touch outside of the bedroom to thrive. When the only touch we receive is sex, we don't feel loved, instead we feel used, like a receptacle for a build up of pressure. That is not love. Love involves nuzzling, massage, stroking, eye gazing. We need to talk face to face, putting our cell phones on silent. Most of us are texting while talking to our loved ones. That is not connecting. That is disconnecting.

Purchase Orgasm For Life Here on in paperback and Kindle

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an Intuitive life, love and sex coach. She is a hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, certified life coach, ordained minister, energy healer and and author. Her coaching is extraordinary. Jennifer healed her past of childhood molestation and trauma, which followed her into adulthood. She is open, authentic, transparent and direct. Her life experience grants her the ability to feel compassion for you, yet cut through your story to hear what is really going on. 
Her ability to receive information from your guides, angels and God regarding your issues, makes healing faster. She has the ability to step out of the way and receive these messages which creates a dynamic healing environment for you. She is offers free discovery sessions of 30 minutes to discuss your unique situation. Send her an e-mail to make an appointment to create the life of happiness you so deserve. Jennifer is a healed healer. Although she is certified in more than four modalities, it is her life experience that has opened her heart to empower others to heal theirs.
Her e-mail is:  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Getting The Love You Want

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When we search for love it alludes us. The way to find love is not what you would think at all. We have to stop. Stop searching, stop seeking, stop striving to be something we are not. The way to find real lasting love is to give it to yourself first. 

Looking for love outside of ourselves brings us more of what we don't want. Cheaters, liars, emotionally unavailable partners. If you really want love, you have to give it to yourself first. Gandhi said, "Be the love you wish to have." 

Be the love. Most people think they love themselves. In fact, most of the people I work with "think" they do. However, I hear over and over, "if he tells me, he loves me"...... "if she tells me I am okay, I'll be okay." No one can fill you up but you. No one can accept you totally but you. When you begin to love and accept yourself AS YOU ARE, not when you are perfect, or lose the 40 pounds, or are making X number of dollars! You have to love yourself totally now!

Wanting to do something about it? The first step is to buy my book. It is a funny look at us as humans, how we communicate, or don't effectively, how we don't tell each other what we want - yet expect our partners to intuitively know. This book will raise your energy, yes sexual energy, it will raise your awareness of how you think, feel and communicate, so that you and your husband, partner, lover can have effective, loving communication. This book will help spice up the most passive of relationships.

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Not finding what you long for, buy my book. There is information in it for you. Do you have issues with sexual dysfunction. Buy my book. Men and women have sexual dysfunction. If you can't have an orgasm, or have difficulty with erection, or find it is over before love-making has barely begun, buy my book! After you purchase it, please leave a review on Amazon for others to see how you felt about it. I appreciate your purchase. You will be getting over 40 years of experience, experimentation and wisdom in 276 pages, of fun, guidance filled with respect and compassion for you. Thank you for buying my book.

More about Orgasm For Life

You know those Scientific Journals filled with research data from sterile laboratories? This isn't one of those. Written from personal experience, Jennifer's data was collected between the sheets. Her candid, honest style draws you into her bedroom sharing over 40 years of passion, experimentation and insight. Healing sexual dysfunction is Jennifer's passion. "Sexy, passionately written, and inspiring." If Orgasm for Life doesn't turn you on, while igniting the passion in your relationship, it's time for an EKG!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Humans and Kittens Have Very Similar Needs

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Mojave desert

Quiet desolation

Every morning I walk my dogs out in the desert. I only have to drive one exit north on Interstate 14, to be in the middle of nowhere. I enjoy the quiet and solitude. Where I walk, I rarely encounter people. Birds, butterflies, lizards and the rare snake are my companions. It is where I find my center. I am often inspired while walking with blog posts, or ideas for a new book. When my mind is quiet, I listen to what comes to me. Often it is Divine guidance. 

Yesterday, was no exception. I was prodded to find the "new" road I walked southward about a mile, the day before. It was lovely, quiet and peaceful. I was not able to remember how I located it, but was directed across the road and down to the left. Soon I found myself walking the soft, sandy pathway with my dogs, the same one I found mysteriously the day before. 

As I walked along the road, I saw a box off to the left. It was on the edge of the road, which was not surprising. I often encounter old televisions, garden trimmings or other trash that people dump. Many people are lazy and choose to dump in the desert rather than visit the dump that is another 4 miles away. After all the dump has hours of operation. Perish the thought that someone couldn't dump their stuff on THEIR schedule. I digress.

The box...... was a wine box, burgundy and white, opened on one end. I must have spoken to the dogs, about pulling me, when to my surprise a tiny white kitten not more than two weeks old came rushing out of the box mewing like there was no tomorrow. Most certainly, had I not followed my guidance, there would not have been a tomorrow for this little kitty. Three more rushed out to greet me. At 8:30 AM, it was already over 80. I knew I had to take them home with me. 

kitties determined to go home with us
As a pet lover, my heart strings are often pulled by strays. Yoda, a "Chuweenie" (Dachshund and Chihuahua mix) was my latest find, only 4 weeks old and wandering towards our car along the sandy alley near my home, last November. I am getting to the point here. I felt the background information about the desert and people who live here was germane to my story.

One tiny white kitten scrambled out of the box mewing like crazy, another one followed. As I walked down the road they ran after me. I had to pick them up. I told Karma and Yoda, we had to go home. Their walk was over. I picked up the box and each of the tiny kittens and stuffed them back into the box. Their little needles for claws were clamoring for me to hold them and feed them. They were obviously hungry. Since I was on this same road the day before, I knew they had to have been dropped late the night before or early the day I found them. I was angry that someone would have so little concern for life. Each life no matter how small is important. 

One little kitty had so much gunk in it's eyes that both were glued shut. I wondered if it would be blind. I  was concerned they had some disease. While I drove home, they clawed their way out of the box. I had to put my purse on top to keep them contained. Their mewing didn't stop. I raced to get home.

My plans were to create videos for my book, on You Tube. The videos didn't get done. Instead I spent the rest of my day feeding, caring for and trying to keep the kittens alive. In between I did energy clearings for clients. The two white kittens were clearly stronger. I had to feed the little black kitten and the one I called Tiger, below with an eyedropper.
My concern was primarily focused on feeding. What I noticed however was that the weaker kittens became even weaker over time. My neighbor mentioned several times that a mother cat washes her kittens from one end to the other. The vigorous licking does two things; it stimulates digestion, and circulation. It also lets the kitten know it is loved. While I was focused on feeding four kittens, I was forgetting to stroke, cuddle and nuzzle. When I began to nuzzle them, breathing near their faces, they began to purr. This signified to them, love. How similar I thought, humans are to kittens. Infant babies without snuggling and skin to skin contact will die. 
Tiger 5.26.14

Adult humans do not get enough touch, stroking and fondling. We don't nuzzle often enough. This contact with a loved one signifies acceptance and nurturing. Without it we don't feel loved. It has been said that humans need 12 hugs a day. How many of you receive even one hug a day? I want to hear from you. I see new mothers shoving bottles into their babies mouths, while their baby's lay in grocery carts. Babies need to be held when fed. Hospitals are not even swaddling anymore. They say it is old fashioned. When is snuggling considered old fashioned. Swaddling gives an infant the feeling of being in the womb. Tightly wrapped, secure and safe. It is a rare thing these days to see anyone snuggling and cuddling - even with their children. Most of us are operating in a deficit of tactile needs.

Our skin is our largest organ. It breathes. Skin absorbs light and whatever we put on it. Why not spend some time stroking and fondling your husband or wife today. Why not touch your lover in a non-sexual way, so that they know they are more than a sex object. Men, women often feel that they are just an available whole, or receptacle for your semen? 
Our actions speak far louder than any words can. Touch your partner in a loving way. Show them you care. This touch can make the difference between being barely alive and THRIVING.

I learned a very powerful lesson yesterday from these four little kittens. I spend way too much time working and not enough time touching. Show your partner a little love today, nuzzle them, breathe them in, rub their shoulders. Touch in a way that signifies your love. Touching only for sex, reduces your partner to an object. To quote Orgasm For Life:

"Women are the donut holes on the concession stand of life." 

Allow your wife or lover to see you in a different light, show love by non-sexual touch, so that you both can thrive instead of just exist.

Jennifer is the author of Orgasm For Life - OFL. Her book is available on Amazon, Kindle and Smashwords. It will also be available in paperback version this week. She has been on hundreds of radio shows sharing her humor, and insight.

Jennifer is a sex educator, coach and hypnotherapist. She uses Neurolinguistic Programming, energy healing and The Akashic Records in her sessions. As a channel, she is able to step out of the way of ego and get to the root of her clients issues quickly. Working with Jennifer is like working with no other coach. She has created her own programs and tools to assist you to move beyond suffering, pain, feeling broken or small. Contact Jennifer through her website or via e-mail to discuss your issues and how Jennifer can help you.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Orgasm For Life - Sting and Tantric Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Excerpt From Orgasm For Life

Tantra - Is It True What We Heard About Sting?

After I healed deep and painful issues through Tantra, my sexual experience is now very different. Tantra focuses on the pleasure of the moment and less on the end result. Tantra teaches you to circulate your sexual energy in your body, choosing when you want to release it in orgasm (for men) rather than making orgasm the focus. When men hold and circulate their sexual energy within their body, they are able to make love for much longer periods of time. The benefit for the woman with Tantra is that she has the time needed to raise her sexual energy and reach high levels ecstasy. 

Tantra is a style of meditation and ritual which began around the fifth century A.D. in India. The spiritual practice of Tantric sex focuses on enlightenment, reverence for your partner, and the sacredness of sex. It is a slow process of breathing, eye gazing, meditation prior to sex together, and love-making which removes the focus from orgasm. This Eastern tradition teaches that men lose precious life force by allowing themselves to ejaculate every time they have sex. 

When love-making continues for more than an hour, and the sexual energy is circulated up into the center of the forehead (third eye) a man does not lose precious life force energy. However, when men ejaculate in less than an hour, their sexual energy has not had enough time to circulate through the body, meaning life force is lost. Most men who practice Tantra choose whether to ejaculate or not. They can continue making love for hours with their erection waning and then building again. This is a wonderful way to experience each other and give the woman ample time to reach orgasm. She can have many orgasms this way. For the male counterpart, most want to ejaculate at some point to experience the intensity of this type of orgasm. Often this is once a week or less. It is up to the individual.

The western focus on sex is the end result - orgasm. The recording artist, Sting made a comment to an interviewer 20 years ago, about making love for hours with his wife. Tantra is far more than lasting a long time. Sting has tried to recant his comment in a variety of ways. He now explains it this way, that his wife, Trudy, is his church. Tantra has far more to do with reverence for your partner than longevity in the sexual act. This by itself gives sex the energy of sacredness. Tantra is about giving and receiving, taking turns giving slow pleasure to the other. 

When you are receiving pleasure in tantra, you enjoy each moment, allowing yourself to just feel and enjoy the pleasure. Slowing down the process of sex, allows sexual energy to build, and then fall, reach a crescendo and fall again. Taking turns giving to one another in each session could mean sensual massage where one person gives fully without sex. Focusing on the other person’s body fully, giving them pleasure can change the way you look at one another outside of the bedroom. Receiving pleasure for an hour, without any thought or concern about giving back to your partner in a session can be incredibly freeing and invigorating. This can raise your sexual energy and is a great place to begin for couples who have been sexless for a long period of time. We can get so caught up in focusing on orgasm that we miss the beautiful sensual moments in between. 

Tantra focuses on reverence, in the moment. It brings back the sacredness of sex, which many of us have lost. Instead of using your partner for personal gratification, the focus is on giving to the other, and then receiving.

You know those Scientific Journals filled with research data from sterile laboratories?

This isn't one of those.

Written from personal experience, Jennifer's data was collected between the sheets. Her candid, honest style draws you into her bedroom sharing over 40 years of passion, experimentation and insight.

Healing sexual dysfunction is Jennifer's passion.

"Sexy, passionately written, and inspiring."

If Orgasm for Life doesn't turn you on, while igniting the passion in your relationship, it's time for an EKG!

Orgasm For Life, Kindle edition

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a sex educator, life and sex coach. She empowers women to love themselves through workshops and private coaching. She is passionate about helping her clients heal sexual dysfunction. Her website is:

You can e-mail Jennifer to set up a free discovery session to find out if her work is right for you here. 

Orgasm For Life - Viagara

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Orgasm For Life will be available for sale on Wednesday, May 28th. This book is a bold look at men and women with respect, candor and humor. This book was written to assist people to have better sex, better love and healthier more loving relationships. Orgasm For Life,  is laugh out loud funny as well as educational. It is filled with insight, wisdom and compassion for both sexes. The following is an excerpt from Orgasm For Life,  on the subject of Viagra. One of the statistics that needs to be added to this section is that 80% of women fake orgasms. There is a reason they fake it. They are not reaching the culmination of the sex act by the time that their male partners do. They feel it has taken them too long. (More on that subject tomorrow.)

Many women I know stop having sex in their fifties. They have stopped having sex because it was not fulfilling. They didn’t have orgasms and their husbands and lovers didn’t seem to know. Many felt that their partner’s did not care. This is just sad. Many women are disheartened, like I was, about the sex they have had. Just because we have sexual body parts does not mean we know how to make love to another. Or even with ourselves. Many of us need help. Sex can improve as you get older, with some guidance and understanding. Men need education, understanding, and patience with us women. Women, too, need to have better understanding of the male psyche and how it feels to be rejected when we are not in the mood. With new knowledge and understanding more women will be satisfied and happier. 


Millions of men have talked to their doctor about Viagra. Viagra is a pharmaceutical pill which uses five letters from the word vagina, which I find interesting. This little blue pill was created so that men with difficulties in the cranking department would be able to get hard enough to participate and enjoy penetrative sex. 
 Men have used the little blue pill to improve their sexual experiences where an erection is challenging or impossible. Of course, there are side effects, the worst of which is death. To think that a man would risk his life to experience coitus is telling. Sex is an important part of life. Completing the sex act is imperative, especially for men. Men have been having orgasms for thousands of years without major issues. Why is it so different today?

Women have suffered from frigidity for thousands of years, with the inability to complete the sex act. If sexual dysfunction was as prevalent in men as it is in women today as well as historically, a little pink pill would have already been created. This little pink pill would change the way millions of women experience sex. This pill would use the word penis to derive its name. This magical pill would be called, Piñata! As you can see, Piñata uses only two letters from the word penis, because women can have almost as much fun without a penis. Like a piñata, once you crack open a woman with an orgasm, she is full of fun, surprises, and lots of sugar. The mystery is solved! When women have orgasms through love-making, they return for more. This is an amazing concept! Instead of women existing in non-orgasmic relationships for twenty, thirty, or forty years, we could be enjoying orgasms! It is up to women to know what they like, and to have partners that will lovingly and patiently get them there before they do.

Given the popularity of Sex in the City and 50 Shades of Gray, the time is ripe for a fun, educational book about sex. Remember The Joy of Sex? Written in 1972, it sold over 10 million copies. People want more information, while morals and society have changed.I am an empowerment and sex coach for women. What I have found is, most people are ignoring the issue because they don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings. Sex is a delicate subject. I have a knack for being irreverent and unorthodox, which makes me an excellent candidate for a book about a delicate subject. I take the “ahem,” out of sex by demystifying it. I don’t sugarcoat it, and I am fearlessly open. Sex, to me, is perfectly natural with nothing to be ashamed of. I also feel that sex has a deeply spiritual component to it. After all, who created sex anyway?

Thankfully, there are strong women on this planet that are heralding a new society, where men and women can become each other’s sex slaves, and women are touted for standing with one foot poised on their partner’s chests wearing stilettos and doing fist bumps with their “sistas.” Oh, wait. That was just a dream I had recently. What was I thinking?

Seriously, to really have the kind of sex you fantasize about, you need to revere your woman and your man. Love, respect and admire who they are. Men, you need to pleasure her until she can’t speak. Men, do you want the ultimate orgasm and sexual experience? Then give it up first. Give the best orgasm to your woman first. See how this changes the complexion of your relationship. 

Women are capable of having multiple orgasms. It just takes most women longer than men expect to have ours. Thinking that we are the same as men is what created the chasm that is currently between men and women today. Most women don’t experience an orgasm through vaginal penetration. Yet the majority of the men in the world continue to make love to women in this way. In India, for example, men take care of their own needs without asking if a woman has had an orgasm. It is not discussed. There is not an alternate method to bring a woman to orgasm because sex is for the man’s pleasure, not the woman’s. To the vast majority of the world, sex is a private, personal matter that is not up for discussion between husband and wife. Whether a woman experiences pleasure or not, rarely enters a marriage discussion. Living in the United States, where we are purported to be advanced technologically, medically and scientifically, most men do not know what it takes, or how to bring a woman to orgasm. 

As a healthy, heterosexual female, I have had lots of sex. I have been married and divorced 4 times. During those marriages, sex was an important component in my relationships. It was enjoyable. Sometimes it was very good. However, over time it became flat and cursory. I noticed how truncated, boring, and dull sexual experiences became after years of marriage. We often rush through our encounters because one person is less interested than the other, or when babies arrive on the scene. I hear stories of women telling their husbands, just do it and get it over with! Many women do not participate during sex. They lie still, like dead fish, expecting their men to just pleasure themselves. Who wants sex like that? It isn’t good for anyone. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life. This book was written to help people improve their sex lives, deepen intimacy and have happier, healthier relationships. Sex is the glue. Love is the foundation. 54% of Women are unhappy with their sex lives. 46% of men are unhappy with theirs. Marriages are failing at over 50% for first marriages and over 60% for subsequent marriages. This book was written to bridge the growing chasm between men and women, so that we understand each other. With understanding, compassion, appreciation and trust sex lives improve, communication improves and we get back to why we fell in love in the first place. Instead of being at war with our partners we need to revere them. As that kind lady married 60 years said, "We need to have as much respect for our spouse as we would for a complete stranger." Very wise words. This is not the case in most marriages today. Disrespect, complaining and irritation result from the smallest of things. We treat our spouse as if they are the enemy. This is not love. This is hatred. 

Orgasm For Life is available on Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords. I would love for you to purchase your copy on Wednesday, hump day - yes, my crazy sense of humor. Then write your review on Amazon. This will help others to make their decision to purchase the book. I appreciate your review and look forward to hearing from you about what you think of the book. I am open to hearing your suggestions for my next book, Heart's On Fire.

Jennifer is an intuitive life, love and sex coach. She empowers women to love themselves fearlessly and heal sexual dysfunction. Her passion is helping women and men heal past trauma and sexual dysfunction. You can schedule a private session with her through her website, or e-mailing her here. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm Not Over You Just Yet

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. When we begin dating someone and we recognize the possibility for love exists we feel like we are walking on air. We feel beautiful, happy and expanded. When our relationships end, we can feel broken, lonely, and even depressed. Life happens, relationships end and our joy comes crashing down, along with our tears and often anger. 

Do we ever get over the loss of a love completely? Whether we lose our love through divorce, death or just by deciding that we are not growing together and our time has come to an end, we feel a sense of loss. 

Sometimes, the loss is so great that we begin to long for that person to be back in our lives, to fix the feelings that we are having. Why is it so difficult to let go in some relationships and not in others? You have probably asked yourself these questions yourself and wondered how can I heal my heart and get over this person more quickly? 

Chords and Ties

Even when a break-up is our decision, we can continue feeling lost or that there is a missing piece of us not with us. In my work with men and women, I help by guiding my clients through a cutting of heart ties and sexual ties. When ties remain in place, we leak energy to the other person. These ties may be invisible, but they are still present, nonetheless. Cutting chords and ties releases the other person from your energy field. It also returns your energy to you. 

When our karma is complete with a person, we instinctively feel it. It is like a door snaps shut and our work with that person is done. Unless we create a common goal to work together on, the relationship will not survive. I had this happen in my last marriage. When your karma is complete, there is a feeling of severance, completeness that does not exist in other break-ups. You will likely never hear from or talk to this person again. Your work together is complete. 

Why We Keep Going Back

In other relationships, we continue to feel drawn to past partners, call or text them. It is as if we can't help ourselves. They are like our krytonite. We know we aren't good with them, but we still have a need to be with them. When a relationship is addictive, abusive or our karma is incomplete, it is much more difficult to let go. We may find excuses to call them, ask them questions or attempt to reconcile repeatedly. Once we do, we slip right back into our old patterns and quickly realize why we broke up in the first place. 

How can we get over them?

Stop calling and texting. Each time you contact your past partner, you are re-uniting your energy. You create chords that become entangled. You are coming from a place of need, rather than a healthy place. Try to look at what it is that you miss from this relationship? Is it the friendship? Is it the sex? Is it the familiarity? Often even when a relationship isn't good for us, we are drawn to them, like a moth to a flame. We know they aren't good for us, but we want them just the same. Old patterns are in place that are hard to get out of. Like grooves on an old record. We need to create new ones, and clear the old patterns. Here are some ways to focus on creating a new life, rather than returning to a situation that doesn't serve you any longer.

Children From Another Mother?

We can have attachments to the children or pets from our past partner. This can create additional emotional loss. We may long for a sense of family that these additions to our lives may have filled. When we break-up with our partner, it can feel as if we have lost a household. 

Taking Stock

Recognizing what we could have done differently without beating ourselves up can help you heal from a break-up. Looking back at the relationship as an experience and a lesson, rather than a mistake is key. There is always a gift when we leave a relationship, we just need to look at it differently. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Don't beat yourself up. Take a pen and paper and write down what was common in this relationship and others you have had. Where else did you have this type of behavior? Do you have deep issues relating to your childhood that are surfacing in you relationships that need to be addressed and released through coaching?

  1. Find ways to nurture yourself every day. Take a walk, exercise, visit a friend.
  2. Journal. Writing about how you feel in the present and what caused you to break up, can help you remember and recognize the unhealthy aspects of the past relationship. You may also get some insights into the reason you attracted them in the first place. Journaling connects you to your higher self, and opens you to receiving messages from the Universal Mind. You will be surprised at what you end up writing when you don't really think about it.
  3. Have some fun. Do what you love. Find ways to express yourself fully that bring you joy. You have probably given up different aspects of yourself for the old relationship. It is time to reconnect with friends, do crafty things, or paint that piece of furniture you have been meaning to for years.
  4. Take a class. Learning can bring you a new lease on life. It expands you and turns your thoughts to something different. Use this time to do the things you have been wanting to do.
  5. Travel to new destinations. Remember the museum or art gallery you have been meaning to see? Now is the time to do those things you have put off. 
  6. Live in the moment. Be spontaneous. Do what you love. If your relationship was an unhealthy one, it is time to get back to some healthy living or activities that bring you joy, make you feel good and affirm your worth.
  7. Join a team. Playing a sport like softball, bowling or an activity club can give you something to do when you normally would be spending time with your significant other. An activity can open you up to new friendships and focus on fun rather than the loss.
  8. Allow yourself to feel the sadness. Grieve fully. There will be times you have to cry. Let yourself experience these feelings. Stuffing them will cause you health issues down the road. Grieving is a natural part of a break-up. Give yourself the time you need to heal.
  9. Be Alone. Allow yourself the time to heal, rather than jump into dating immediately. If you have not healed the issues that caused the break-up, you will attract another person with a different face, but feel like it is the same relationship.
  10. Take my Love Yourself Fearlessly Group coaching program. Spending time getting to know yourself, what you want, desire and fall in love with you. When you love and accept yourself fully, you will attract a healthy, balanced love, rather than one focused on need, lack or limitation. Coming into a relationship feeling whole raises the bar. A relationship with a foundation of self love and acceptance will not draw abuse, cheating or lying the way codependence does.
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life. This book bridges the chasm between men and women, helping you understand your partner better, communicate on a higher level and create a relationship based on trust, authenticity and passion. This book is a funny, sexy, inspiring book compiled from over 40 years of passion, experimentation and experience. If Orgasm For Life doesn't turn you on, it is time for an EKG!

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She is a hypnotherapist, energy healer, life and sex coach. Her passion is helping others heal dysfunction, as she has healed hers. She created Love Yourself Fearlessly from her own healing of codependence and insecurity. When you love and accept yourself you feel whole and complete, rather than empty and alone. Jennifer's 6 week group coaching program is a lively way to get her private coaching for a nominal fee. $397 for the 6 week course. 

E-mail Jennifer to schedule an appointment, ask questions about her work or have a discovery session to find out if her course, or private sessions are for you. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

You Can't Always Get What You Want

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Have you ever been in a situation where you had your own idea of what needed to happen, so you pushed to make it so? Even in the face of everything sacred, things just didn't go as you planned. They usually don't when we attempt to impose our will on others.

Life inspires me. When issues arise in my life, I share them with my readers. This week, I traveled with my daughter to Boulder, Colorado in her father's truck on Monday. Our drive was good, easy and uneventful.

When we arrived in Boulder, we had paperwork to process and our own agenda. We had good intentions. We thought we could take care of her driver's test, truck tags and ID card while in town. That was not to be. For every corner we turned, we were met with closed doors, wrong forms, no picture ID from California. The FedEx overnight package I spent $40 on, was returned without so much as a phone call by the North Dakota DMV, because I did not sign the paperwork the way they wanted me to. 

California uses a paper driver's permit, that other states don't recognize as a valid form of identification. Even California won't recognize a learner's permit as a valid ID. My daughter asked me if maybe she wasn't supposed to be in Colorado. Intuitively, I knew that was not the issue. Both Ariel and I were challenged for different reasons when things did not go as we planned.  "If one more thing goes wrong, I think I will cry!" my daughter said.

For over a week Ariel and I talked about having banana cream pie from the Walnut Cafe in Boulder. We were delighted to find that they had it on their extensive pie menu when we arrived there on Thursday at lunch time. We always ordered pie as our first course. I love to eat desert first, it is one of my little indulgences when I am out of town.

When we arrived at our favorite breakfast and pie place, we watched in disbelief as, banana cream, was removed from the menu board before we could place our order. All I wanted was my daughter to get her driver's license, and truck tagged so she could be independent and have transportation. If she couldn't have that, at least we had banana cream pie! As we watched the banana cream pie vanish from the menu, it was me, who burst into tears, not Ariel. The things I wanted to accomplish were not being done. Doors were being closed at every turn.

It was her fear of driving without me. Although she had been driving every chance she could get, she was not ready to drive on her own as yet. Her mother being 900 miles away, did not make her feel warm and fuzzy driving. The Universe always and in every way works for our highest and best good. The Universe was protecting her from herself. She will be unable to get her permanent driver's license till I return to Colorado in 20 days. We both were shown that our agenda was not in my daughter's highest and best good. She had tremendous fear about driving alone. Fear behind the wheel could easily attract an accident. Neither of us wanted that to happen.

To some, when we have our agenda or will that pushes for our desires, we might feel that The Universe, or God is working against us. That is not the case, and could not be further from the truth. Just because YOU feel it is a good idea, doesn't mean that it is. It does not mean no, it just means, not right now. There are so many possibilities in The Universe, we can only see what is immediately before us.

We all have our desires and will. When we attempt to impose our will on another, in a relationship we will find our partner can and often will apply equal pressure in the opposite direction. When our agenda doesn't match our partner's we can try to make things happen, the way we want them to. For women, this could mean trying to get someone to be exclusive, move in with us, marry us, or adopt our children. It could mean to have a man take a more active role in your children's lives, when he isn't interested. For men, pushing your agenda could mean trying to get the person you are dating to have sex with you, ahead of her schedule. 

When we push for something that goes against the grain, we become like salmon swimming upstream. We are pushing our energy, trying to make things happen. Things begin to fall apart. We could lose the relationship we have because our agenda does not match our partner's, and The Universe will not support us in our manipulation.

Sometimes, women want men to move in with them, to make them feel more secure. Or women want to be exclusive with the person they are dating. When the relationship has not evolved to that point, your partner might feel pressured and wonder if you are the right person for them. You have to have a conversation about your individual desires. 

What does this mean? When things evolve naturally, they feel right. You don't have to push. They just fall into place on their own. Pushing your ideals, will, or agenda could create the exact opposite of what your desire is. If the person you are dating is recently divorced and single, it is likely they are not interested in a serious commitment just yet. They haven't gotten over their break-up. They have not healed and let go. So what do we do?

  1. Be in a state of allowing. Allow things to take their natural course. Don't push your own energy to make things happen.
  2. Be present in the NOW. Breathe deeply. Focus on what is going on right now, rather than striving to bring what you desire into the present. Enjoy each moment rather than pushing for something different.
  3. Pay attention to your fears. What is your motivation? Are you in fear of losing your man, or woman? Are you trying to push them away? Are you afraid of intimacy? Or are you afraid you will never get married, and want to MAKE IT HAPPEN?
  4. If your partner says, "I'm not ready for a relationship." Don't try to push it. Listen to what they are saying. Trying to change another is manipulative and rarely works to your benefit. Let them go. 
  5. Talk to your partner about what they want. Do not read into what they are saying, "I am not ready to get serious, yet...." does not mean that they will want to move in with you and your children next month.
Pushing your own will on another could lead to disastrous results. Instead of being in a state of allowing in our relationship with a man or woman , we may cause it to explode and end because we are not being patient and allowing nature to take it's course. 

When we are supported in our endeavors by The Universe, things happen and move forward with ease, effortlessly and easily. Check in with yourself. Are things difficult? Are you pushing your will on another? Stop, take a step back and breathe. Allow nature to take it's own course, it will be infinitely more beneficial in the long run, with much more positive results. You may not always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you will get what you need. Take it away Mick!

Jennifer is the author of Orgasm For Life. This book is due out May 28th, available on She is an awakened healer, hypnotherapist and certified life coach. Sex, love and relationships are her focus. When you love being alone with you - others will want to be with you also! Jennifer's website is:

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crazy Sex Laws You Won't Believe!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

There are a multitude of laws on the books that don't make sense. Here are some that will rival any you have heard. Today, I am celebrating my daughter's birthday - she is now officially an adult at 18!

PA frowns upon truck drivers having sex in tollbooths, and the state of Utah is cool with bestiality (as long as no one’s trying to make a buck, that is). 

The bizarre and specific nature of these laws have us wondering just how — and how often — they are actually enforced. And if there are any Wyoming residents planning on have standing sex in a walk-in meat freezer tonight — make other plans. 

1. Anniston, Alabama: If a woman loses a game of pool, it is illegal for her to settle her tab with sex. 

2. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: It is illegal to have sex with a truck driver in a tollbooth. 

3. Cottonwood, Arizona: Couples having sex in a vehicle with flat wheels will be fined. The fine will be doubled if the sex occurs in the backseat. 

4. Newcastle, Wyoming: Couples are banned from having sex while standing inside a store's walk-in meat freezer. 

5. Tremonton, Utah: No woman is allowed to have sex with a man while riding in an ambulance. In addition to normal charges, the woman's name will be published in the local newspaper. Um... discrimination, anyone? 

6. Oblong, Illinois: It's punishable by law to have sex while hunting or fishing on your wedding day. 

7. Bozeman, Montana: All sexual activity between members of the opposite sex in the front yard of a home after sundown is illegal — if they're nude. 

8. Connorsville, Wisconsin: It's against the law for a man to shoot off a gun when his female partner has an orgasm. 

9. Utah: Sex with an animal — unless performed for profit — is not considered sodomy and therefore is legal. 

10. Oxford, Ohio: It's illegal for a woman to strip off her clothing while standing in front of a man's picture. 

11. Minnesota: It is illegal for any man to have sexual intercourse with a live fish — ladies, apparently, you’re in the clear. 

Jennifer's new book Orgasm For Life will be out and officially available for sale on May 28th. Through Amazon, or her website Bliss Store:

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