Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Suicide and Self Sabotage

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sometimes life blind-sides you with challenges you are not prepared to face. A teenager is prescribed codeine for a health issue and unbeknownst to the parents and doctor, he mixes his medical prescription with alcohol and other street drugs. The end result is tragic, an overdose and a 17 year old is pronounced brain dead.

What some of you don't know about me is that long before I became a love and sex coach, I was a hypnotist and an energy healer. I have performed thousands of energy clearings for people I barely know. Today some of the issues I clear people for are drug addiction, alcohol addiction, fears, nightmares and insomnia. I clear people who are fighting with their mother-in-laws. I clear the chords from women who have been jilted by their lovers, so that they can move on. I also clear people who are schizophrenic and on medication for schizophrenia and are healed through two or three sessions. I clear people for money and love issues and lack of success.

Sometimes, I clear people for curses, voodoo and suicide. I have been doing this work for almost 15 years. I know my clearings work because my clients come back and talk to me about the fact that they no longer want to be dead, or take street drugs or pain killers. They are so much happier! Most people report that they feel lighter, focused and their depression and insomnia is gone in one session. Others have more challenging aspects and have past lives with people that are now their children. One such man could not stand the sound of his daughter's voice. We discovered that they had fallen in love with the same woman in a past-life and killed each other, dying on top of one another after a sword fight. 

For this man, I had to clear his soul parts that were left inside his daughter's body and vise versa. Once I did this, her voice no longer set his teeth on edge and she listened and did as she was told, when he asked her to go to bed, or get off the computer. Before the clearing they were constantly at war with one another. Sound crazy? It is not.

David Gates and Ray
Last week my daughter and I visited Boulder and Denver Colorado. Our primary goal was to spend my son's, (David Gates) 30th birthday together. 

Ariel spent time with friends she had not seen in a long time. She spent considerable time with her dearest friend, I will call Sienna, at her Boulder apartment. Sienna did not like to be alone and always had house-guests. Ariel was welcomed by her. She was awaiting the return of her boyfriend from New York where he was staying with his parents. Gregory (name changed for his protection) had overdosed three times and had been in rehab with his younger brother. While the girls were together he became ill with mononucleosis, a common ailment for a teen. I heard about him being sick from Ariel. On the drive home from Colorado on Sunday night, my daughter received a message from another friend who told her that Sienna's boyfriend only had 24 hours to live. I thought it strange that they knew how long he would be alive. I wondered how this could be?

Sienna tended to be overly dramatic, so we did not think too much about it during our 16 hour drive. Upon our return to California, Ariel got on Facebook and discovered that Sienna's boyfriend indeed took an overdose and was on life support. His condition was grave. His doctors pronounced him brain dead. He would be removed from the respirator the following day, Monday. This news alone was enough to throw Ariel into a tail spin. However, the situation became worse when Sienna was boarding a plane for New York and told Ariel she intended to kill herself. She could not face living without Gregory. 

They had been together on and off for 3 years . They were best-friends. Sienna had been on her own since her early teens and had little parental support or guidance. She had been gang raped in a church at age 11 and forced to inhale cocaine by her six rapists. Her parents were not aware of their child's addiction to cocaine until years later. A drug addict at age 11, her life only became more complicated and challenging as her father was incarcerated for dealing drugs. Her brother committed suicide and her father attempted suicide in 2013. Sienna's mother was absent by marriage and not available for support. My daughter told me Sienna had 11 failed suicide attempts. One of which, I was aware of, a year ago. Ariel was distraught when Sienna vanished and shut her phone off. She was found at that time by the police through the help of a friend. She was not happy about it.

I have had more than 5 clients who were suicidal and regular clearings helped to stabalize them permanently. I had recently cleared a man who had a voodoo curse put on him who was also suicidal. I had very good success clearing these issues. 

Although this story sounds outrageous and like a fantasy, I assure you it is not. I had several choices. I could do nothing, or step in and ask my guides if I could clear Sienna for suicidal programming. I clear people every day, and have faith that it is done. I hear back from my clients about how their lives have changed and have testimonials to prove it on my website. I weighed the possible outcomes. I knew that if I did nothing there was an over 90% chance that Sienna would kill herself. There was a tremendous amount of dark energy around her and I could feel her boyfriend pulling on her heartstrings to encourage her to join him. I could not sit idly by and allow this child to die. My guides and angels assisted and supported me through the clearing.

I spent several hours working on Sienna and cleared 30 past lifetimes where she had committed suicide. When there are many lifetimes of suicidal programming, people have a tendency to repeat it again in a subsequent lifetime. It becomes almost a given that their life without a clearing will end in a suicide. 

I cleared the chords and webs between Sienna and her boyfriend. I sent him to the light. I also cleared all the thought forms, votices and portals, attached energy and all demonics from her soul. Sienna had several disembodied spirits attached to her, which kept her addicted and depressed. They also made her feel very afraid. I would not be surprised if she also had night terrors. Ariel had informed me that her friend had insomnia. Attachments can cause insomnia.

I asked the legions of healing angels to make the clearing immediate, as sometimes it takes up to five days to completely assimilate. This morning I did a maternal and paternal clearing which detached all her parents' karma from her as well as all chords and many other negative issues tied to her parents. 

There was complete radio and phone silence between Ariel and Sienna for almost 30 hours. I continued to pray for her safety. Ariel and I also prayed for a miracle to occur. An hour ago, I heard from Ariel that Sienna is back on Facebook and there was no mention of her killing herself or feeling that she could no longer live without her boyfriend. I am grateful for the gifts that I have and that I was able to help this child out. My daughter was very grateful today.
Ariel, Adam, David and Jennifer Flagstaff Mtn. Boulder, Colorado
She expressed a happier attitude and was less stressed and worried about her friend when she awoke. 

Energy clearings can lift your spirits, help you feel more centered, calm and more positive. Most people express that they sleep like a hibernating bear after one of my clearings and that their mind chatter is quiet. I offer past life readings (Akashic Records) and clearing for the past life issues. I am centered in the Light and use Source energy, The Ascended Masters and angels also assist me. 

You can check out my new website here at http://www.JenniferElizabethMasters.com to book your private session either for an energy clearing or Akashic Records consultation you can e-mail me: JenniferElizabethMasters@gmail.com 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When Sex Hurts

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

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For most of us, when we think of sex, it is with a smile remembering the last time we had a wonderful experience of pleasure and maybe even orgasm.

For some women pleasure is totally absent if there has been a long absence of regular sex.

Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)

Sex can be painful if your partner has not taken enough time to get your vagina relaxed and aroused if you are under 50. Sex play is an important part of love-making. If your partner is not taking his or her time with you, speak up. Tell them what you need. Rushing sex for a man, may be pleasurable, but women probably won't experience an orgasm this way and your partner is showing you a lack of consideration by not getting you ready for penetration. Slow down. Sex is so much better when it isn't over in a heated rush. (Remember the Pointer Sister's song?)

For post-menopausal women and some pre-menopausal women, sex is painful. When it hurts there is nothing a regular lubricant can do. The lower estrogen levels cause the vagina to shorten, become drier and the tissue to become fragile and extremely sensitive. Pushing forward will only increase the pain.
Eros and liquid silk can be effective at relieving this issue. For those who want a more natural method, practice, practice and more practice!

The best way to increase hormone levels is to gradually increase sex play. Be patient. As our bodies age, we need more time to raise our sexual energy. What used to happen within a few seconds,  may take 20 or 30 minutes of foreplay before intercourse can take place. Focus on oral sex, or digital stimulation to raise hormonal levels. If even oral sex is painful, digitally stimulate your clitoris daily. Daily orgasms and raising your sexual energy will also increase the production of hormones. Be patient it will happen. Having sex once a month or less is not often enough to keep your hormones at their optimum level. As we age, our urges may diminish. However, regular sex play is the way to go to keep your vagina in shape for a healthy sexual relationship. Like anything else, if you stop exercising you gain weight. If you stop eating healthy you become ill. If you stop having sex, your vagina will shorten, and become fragile. 

If you don't use it, you lose it!

The key is regular sex play. Sex doesn't have to include intercourse every time. There are many ways to enjoy each other's body, snuggle, cuddle, stroke, massage, kiss and touch that can bring pleasure to the body. We all need touch. Most of us, do not get enough especially in long-term marriages. The key to having a vital happy relationship is to keep touching one another. To fondle, hold hands and kiss your partner when you walk by them. Let them know you love them with your eyes and your touch, not just your words. 

The key is having a partner who does not want to hurt you and will stop when you say STOP! Men, please take heed. A tender vagina can mean excruciating intercourse. Be respectful and listen to your partner. Do not ignore, "It hurts, I can't do this." Pushing forward instead of, slowing down and re-grouping could mean an end to ANY sex play in the future. 

For those of you who wonder what it feels like, I liken the feeling of dyspareunia to having a fire in your vagina, not in a good way. Pushing or thrusting forward when there is pain will not make it go away. Saying, "relax," does not make your partner relax when you are trying to stuff your penis into a fiery cavern.

When you stop having sex and even masturbation, your hormone levels drop because you are not using your vagina. The body saves it's energy by not producing what is not needed. However, when you find a partner or decide to resume sexual activity and have not been stimulating yourself to orgasm with regularity, you could be in for a painful surprise.

Following are ways to increase your sexual energy to increase hormone production naturally.

  1. Dance and move your pelvis. Thrust the pelvis, up and down, to open up the sacral chakra. Not only will this increase sexual energy, it will also open you up to be more abundant financially as it opens up the second chakra.
  2. Become more unconventional with your sex life. Have sex in other rooms than just the bedroom and at different times. Sex does not always have to be at night. Afternoon can be a wonderful time to luxuriate naked with one another and take your time. You will feel less tired in the afternoon than the end of the day and have more energy.
  3. Daily stimulation with a vibrator or finger on the clitoris will not damage the vagina and will increase hormonal production and natural vaginal lubrication.
  4. Gently insert a finger into the vagina at least twice a week to stretch and get your body to remember what it naturally used to do.
  5. Get over any shame by looking at what is coming up for you emotionally. If you have a new partner, ask is this partner someone you should really be with? Are they kind, compassionate or more concerned about their satisfaction?
  6. Read erotica to get your mind turned on before sex. Women need their mind in the game for arousal to occur.
  7. Talk to each other about your sexual fantasies. 
  8. Use dirty talk.
  9. Make sex a game. Really! Buy a sex board game and have some fun!
  10. Wear sexy lingerie.
  11. Buy something new for yourself that makes you feel sexy.
  12. Change positions and vary the type of play you perform.
  13. Introduce a feather, massage, or maybe a blindfold. 
  14. Change it up.
  15. Sex does not have to be boring - use your imagination. Have some fun!
  16. Without the fear of pregnancy and children running around this could be a wonderful time of life for you both. 


Vaginismus can cause deep and superficial pain. There are emotional factors that can cause painful intercourse. Issues could be a restrictive upbringing where sex was thought to be dirty or shameful. Pain could be from an emotional memory of rape, sexual molestation in childhood or another emotional issue surfacing from a past relationship. The key is to know that this can be cured. Compassion, understanding and patience along with a sex coach can help. 

Other products that can help by plumping up the cells to retain more moisture are:

cocoanut oil - natural and organic thicker than other lubricants

Water- and silicone-based lubricants may be the best ones to use. Those  that contain niacin and L-arginine may increase sexual pleasure quicker by increasing blood flow to the region.

Sex urges continue well into our 70's and 80's. If you are not having sex, you may want to re-think it. Sex is a part of a healthy loving relationship. It opens the door to continued intimacy and deeper love. Enjoy, be patient and don't give up on this part of love. It is important. The added bonus is that you will live longer and happier at the same time.

Jennifer is a life, love and sex coach. Her compassion and understanding coupled with empathy make her the perfect coach for your delicate issues. Jennifer has had her own. Check out her new website. Some issues are being worked on. So please bare with us. Visit Jennifer' site now