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CLN - Post March 31, 2015

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

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The Spiral Of Addiction? - Or As The World Turns

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sometimes, our addictive behaviors and patterns are so ingrained that we would rather stay where we are then take the step up, to get out of it. There are many ways that addictions express themselves. From food addiction, to shopping, drugs or sex, the source of all addictions is the same. We long for love. We crave love and don't love ourselves enough. 

If our addiction is food, we can take care of this over-eating problem by lap-band surgery. Seemingly a quick fix recovery for many. The problem on the other side is the root of the issue remains. Another addiction turns up which can't be controlled with surgery. If we don't get to the root of the issue, the addiction is not healed.

We might have our ex who used to beat us up, sleeping on our couch because he is the father of our daughter, so we have to help him, right? We may focus on fixer upper relationships, certainly with our help we can shape our partners into better humans. This focus on others takes us away from healing our own issues. We look at others issues because it is too painful to see our own.

As a former addict myself, my addiction to love, relationships, shopping and sex was the driving force in my life. I had to have a relationship to feel whole and complete. In marriage, I found myself reactive, emotional and self sabotaging. My own inner demons attracted partners who had them also. 

Addicts experience highs that are amazing and lows that are so dark that getting out of bed can take hours. No matter who you are, on some level addictions are at the core of our human experience. 

We look at the man we are living with, perhaps with disdain, because he is an alcoholic. Looking at him, we can't see our own addiction to pot, food, chocolate or sex. Addictions are addictions. No one is better than another because of their drug of choice. Codependence is one of the biggest humans experience.

From Day One

From the day we are born, we are codependent. We need our mothers for food, care, diaper changes and love. We need to be held, cuddled, praised and cared for with loving kindness. We need to be told we are wonderful, hugged, held and guided lovingly.
When those things don't happen, we look for others things to fulfil our needs as adults. When our mothers aren't whole, confident and healthy human beings, we don't form healthy bonds with other humans. We look to others for validation, praise, self esteem and love. Often we are so blocked and resistant to love, we don't feel it when it is truly present. 

Smoke 'Em If You've Got 'Em

If humans weren't such addicted souls, alcohol, pot, chocolate and cigarettes wouldn't be multi-billion dollar industries. 

Ultimate Compassion

As a healed healer, I have dealt with my own demons over the years. I no longer need to have a man in my life to feel complete. I love being alone with me. I love myself - even the parts that used to drive me crazy, like ADD. I have learned to lovingly embrace all the parts of myself and use those shadowy parts to write and express myself creatively. At one time, I used to spend thousands of dollars in one shopping expedition. Now I rarely shop and focus on bargains, instead of extravagance. I am happy no matter where I am and who I am with. My adult children, mother and I all share happy healthy boundaries and healed relationships. 

I have great compassion for people with addictions. Healing our addictions cannot be done alone. We need help. We need someone to reach down and pull us up, one step up the ladder at a time. We need someone to lovingly encourage us. Our mind chatter keeps us stuck, ravaged by guilt, low self esteem and self sabotage that we can't break out of on our own. I know it took me 30 years of deep, intensive excavation to do it. 

Neediness And Love

Marilyn was the epitome of neediness, the loss of her mother
created a void she attempted to fill with alcohol and drugs.
It was not always easy for me. I used to think I loved myself. Yet, when it came time for being alone, I felt restless, uncomfortable in my own skin. I didn't like being alone with me. I longed for companionship and someone to love me. I had it backwards. Until I completely loved and accepted myself, I wasn't ready to have a healed and healthy relationship. I was too needy. Now I help women (and some men) find the love that they are, FIRST, before they go out trying to attract someone in. 

Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Shopping, Work

Balancing our lives without addiction may mean we don't drink, smoke or shop like warriors any more. We may find a simple life is much more fulfilling. We need the spiritual part to complete the process. Through meditation, mantras, and spiritual practice, the void we once felt is filled. 

Using Our Addiction To Avoid Feeling

When shopping was my drug of choice, the thrill of the hunt made me feel high. I loved finding new outfits; purses, shoes, belts and skirts that all looked fantastic on me. When it came time to pay at
the cash register, I often broke into a sweat. I would justify my purchases, I deserved them I would think at the same time ask myself, "What am I doing?" Then guilt would set in. I would feel regret, shame and horrible afterward. The thrill was in the hunt. After a while, when my credit cards were tapped out, I found staying away from malls, festivals and stores was a better way to go, when I was feeling emotions I didn't want to experience.

I didn't think I had a problem. I know other women shop and never wear half of what they buy. Taking armfuls of brand new clothes to Goodwill years later with tags still on. This is a problem. 

Suppressing Emotions

Anytime we reach for chocolate, alcohol, pot, Zanax, excessive masturbation, sex or shop to shift the way we feel, we are numbing ourselves. The source is a lack of self acceptance and unconditional love. 

What Can You Do NOW?

  1. Recognize you have an issue. DENIAL is the biggest part of addiction. 
  2. Accept that you have an issue and you need help. Get counseling, a coach or someone to help you through it.
  3. Spiritual Practice. Ask for God's help. The fastest way to heal an addiction is by admitting you are helpless over it. Most addicts think they can do it themselves. That is the inner demons talking. Most people will not kick a habit without help of some kind - 12 step, church, prayer, healer or coach, therapy. 
  4. Be compassionate. The more loving you are of yourself through it, the better off you will be. You will have greater success when you don't beat yourself up for it. Humans have addictions. You are human. 
  5. Stopping the habit (addiction) is not enough. Behavior has to change. Without a change in behavior there is no change. Don't keep credit cards, wine, cigarettes, sugary foods, drugs in your home. 
  6. Perception is everything. Have a positive attitude. You can do this! 
  7. Eat a healthy diet. Good food will help sustain you through the stress of giving up your addiction. 
  8. Get enough sleep. A good night's sleep will help you feel more positive and aid depression. 
  9. Love yourself. You deserve it! You are deserving of love. You are already worthy. You are already enough!
As a healed addict myself, I understand the power of addictions. Most of us can go through the list beginning with codependence, alcohol, pot, food, sex....  giving up one addiction for another. Until the behavior and thoughts change - no change is permanent. Even drinking coffee every day is an addiction. In my work with co-dependence I give you the tools to assist you change behaviors. Through loving support, I encourage you, uplift you and help you with tools you can use every day. 

Most people don't think of codependency as an addiction, but it is. When you have a longing inside of you that nothing can fill, I can help. When you put your relationship above your personal health and happiness, it is codependency. We stay in relationships that are unhealthy because we are addicted. I hope that you will contact me for your free discovery session to find out whether my work is a good fit for you. 

With much love,

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Raise Your Vibration With Your Food

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Food is one of the ways we can increase our vibration quickly. Fresh greens, fresh organic fruits and vegetables help keep us healthy and balanced. A concept that my daughter brought to light many years ago was, that she said my cooking was always so good, because I put so much love into it. I loved to cook and spent a great deal of time shopping for the best quality vegetables, fruits and meat. Then I spent a considerable time, as you most likely do, preparing and then cooking meals for my family. My daughter's comment brought to light the vibration of the food. At the time, I was not consciously adding LOVE to my cooking. I began to do so with an awareness. 

Here is what you can start doing right now to raise your vibration and that of your food.

Everything Is Energy

If everything is energy, food is energy also. If we are angry, upset or resentful while preparing our meals, that negativity goes into the food. Then we ingest the negetive energy with our food. The emotions we are feeling whether negative or positive are then transmitted down into our minutest of cells and atoms, while that food is being digested by our body.

Why Not Make It A High Vibrational Experience?

Have positive thoughts and a good attitude while peeling, chopping preparing or cooking your food. Bless the food while cooking it. Praying over your food or saying a mantra, like, "I love me," while peeling the vegetables and preparing the food, imbues it with love.

Mealtime Conversations

Sometimes mealtime conversations can be upsetting. We might get irritated with our children or partners. Do your best to avoid confrontations and angry or upsetting discussions while consuming or preparing food. Try not to rehash the negativity of the day's events over a meal. Do that at another time, if you must.

Our bodies are approximately 65% water. Dr. Emoto the Japanese Scientist experimented on water droplets, freezing them and imbuing them with different words like, gratitude, love, kindness made beautiful shapes of crystaline. While imbuing the water droplets and freezing with a negative word or energy created ugly formless shapes.

If loving and positive words have such an impact on a droplet of water, imagine what loving and positive words and thoughts over your food will do to your vibration as well? Conversely, negative and upsetting words or emotions will be vibrating through our entire bodies while the food is being digested depending on our emotions and words as to the vibration of the food.

My personal side note:

My father used to read the newspaper from cover to cover. He regularly discussed the latest food that caused cancer. From peanut butter to bacon, he often talked about cancer during mealtimes. Guess what he died of.......  Yes he did - leukemia. It makes perfect sense doesn't it?

Watch Your Words, Thoughts and Emotions 

Every day, we need to do our best to keep our vibration high. Being
in a state of gratitude is one of the fastest ways to raise our vibration above the LOVE mark. (I used this chart of consciousness in my first book, from Power Versus Force from Dr. David R. Hawkins.)

More on Dr. Masauro Emoto

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
 is a passion and love coach. She empowers women and some men to love themselves fearlessly. Through this work all your relationships are healed. Love is the foundation for our lives. Without it, we can live our lives feeling depressed, lonely and alone. You can e-mail Jennifer privately, here to set up your discovery session to work with her. 

To have love, we have to give it to ourselves first. Jennifer guides you gently, kicking your ass, lovingly to drop the baseball bat and magnifying glass of perfectionism to focus with a soft lens rather than critiquing and loathing. If you have anger issues, cancer, anxiety, body pain, all these issues come from an emotion component first. All disease comes from a thought, then emotion around the thought that creates a block in our bodies. This block continues to be energized by more thoughts of not being good enough, not being worthy of love, not feeling loved. 

My Message of Miracles and Healing For You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have been experiencing a tremendous influx of joy and amazing energy today. I have several ideas I am working on for videos, which I will be sharing with you, my lovelies tomorrow. The most important message I can give you today is to love you. Love yourself the way you are, as you are, with all your bells and whistles. You are already loved by God, The Universe, ME! You are already accepted my everyone otherworldly, like your angels. So why not drop your baseball bat and magnifying glass and love you just the way you are?

Today, I am laying low. Resting. I am nurturing my soul. I was about to go to the gym and do a Zumba class. I asked my high self, Zumba, write or rest......? The answer was REST!

So that is what I am doing. I urge you to have a beautiful day. Enjoy nature. Get outside, but take it slow. Be kind and loving to you. Be sweet to the flowers that are blooming. Smell them. Stop and enjoy each moment of this day. Too often we rush through life without seeing the beauty of each moment, when we do we miss the absolute miracles of life. Unless something falls out of the sky and hits us in the head we don't even see it. Miracles happen every day. Expect yours today!

By the way, I am looking for feeback about what you want more information on. What do you want to know about. You can post below this post, or send me an e-mail here. E-MAIL ME!

Much Love,

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Reading Between The Lines And The Bull Sh*t

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

This is my rant....

I don't often go off. Sometimes I have had it up to here and I just can't contain myself any longer. This is one of those times. There are occasions that being an intuitive healer can really shine the light on life, the world and what others are trying to sell. Sometimes the bullshit is so stinky that the fumes irritate even those without a sense of smell!

Here are some things that really light a fire under my ass, not in a good way! I often talk about lighting a firecracker under your ass to get you out of your easy chair. But, this is different than that kind of fire under your ass. Some people are gullible and will buy anything that sounds good. 

As an honest and authentic person, maybe it is the fact that some people take advantage of those who are having a tough time with their development, journey and emotional state. Maybe it is that I feel those people are being taken advantage of.....

Just to catch you up, I wrote a post two days ago, about sexual desire being sacred. Couples are being taught how to digitally stimulate your female partner's clitoris with a gloved hand, ala Michael Jackson? In pursuit of a "sense of orgasm," rather than an orgasm itself. They use the buzzword "OMing" (which I feel uses the sacred OM in vain). One partner stimulates the clitoris and you are on the clock for 15 minutes, (it was formerly 13 minutes) without bringing you to orgasm. GASP!


Nothing bugs me more than when people overuse words thinking that they are cool, hip or current. Especially when someone is trying to get you to buy their product. Or swallow the hook, line and sinker. Using words like CONTAINER in the heading of a workshop really irks me. A container is something that I put leftovers in when I can't eat all the roast chicken and veggies that I have cooked. It is NOT something that someone puts you in when you are masturbating. 

The OM CONTAINER? Now you need a larger container to masturbate in? What the heck? You need a container to masturbate in now? Maybe I misunderstood and they said, "chamber,"as in torture, chamber? Since you only have 13 minutes. Oh, they did add 2 more minutes to the timer for those that are more challenged. What about those who need 40. Is this just an exercise in frustration for them? If you need someone standing over your shoulder telling you must do it THEIR WAY. They may enjoy self torture, but do you have to?

It's About Connection, But Isn't Sex ?

Like I said in my book, if it involves genitals it is sex. It is not about connection when your partner sits fully clothed above you, looking down on you with a latex glove on their hand. Bill Clinton, again you come to mind. When a boy is rubbing your daughter's clitoris will you also think that is all about connection, not sex? What message are you creating here for teens?

The Bigger Issue

Over 43% of women have a difficult time coming to orgasm at all. This type of "training," further imprints the brain and body to stop before you get to orgasm. Most women need 20 - 40 minutes of manual stimulation to reach orgasm. So you can see where the no happy ending on a continual basis could perpetuate a problem that has had little education, understanding or knowledge.

It isn't okay, that women continue to have issues with orgasm. It leads to frustrated women not wanting to have sex with their partners. Sex has been historically one-sided for hundreds of years. 

Having Someone Tell Me How or How Long To Masturbate

You know we are finally out of the dark ages where masturbation is actually accepted. Now to have someone tell me you must do it this way and for this time period, I guess I just don't get it. To me, this seems pretty much like torture. If you want to pay someone to teach you to torture yourself and continue to deprive yourself of the ability to orgasm, that of course is your prerogative. My sense of this whole thing is that if you have difficulty having an orgasm, putting yourself on a timer is not going to bring you closer faster. It may raise your sexual energy doing it every day, but so would making love and be so much more fun for both of you! This is when Bobby Brown sings......

Yes, the views and opinions of the author of this rant are also the views and opinions of this blogholder. As a sex and passion coach, I can't in good conscience continue to be mute. Not that I have held my opinions at bay, really. Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an outspoken healer, teller of the truth and truth seeker. You can book your discovery session here. JenniferElizabethMasters@gmail.com

Why Me God? Why Do I Have To Suffer?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Pain is a terrible thing to endure. When we are in pain everything is difficult. We find work arduous. Often pain is so profound we can't function. We can't focus, think or do the most mundane tasks. We can't love our families, friends, children. We certainly don't find joy in the midst of all this pain. We can look at others and see them living a life free of pain and suffering while we are in the trenches, gutting it out, in agony. Pain can be emotional, guilt, shame, unforgiveness, resentment, anger, grief, sadness or depression. It can be a feeling of emptiness, longing or a void.

Pain can also be physical. 

Pain is A Vehicle

We experience pain when the universe is trying to get our attention. Perhaps we have been avoiding looking at our issues a lifetime. Maybe we have been suffering since birth. No matter the length of
time we suffer, you can be sure, pain is there to teach something. 

Ways We Avoid Pain

Some of us have sex or masturbate when we are in pain. Others reach for a beer, drink, food substance, sugar, or "help others" to avoid feeling our pain. Others work to avoid their pain. No matter the drug of choice, avoidance of pain will not make the pain go away, it only sidesteps it, numbing it briefly till the drugs, sex, or substance wears off. No matter whether you read for a drink, pornography or food, the end result is the same. You are numbing yourself so you don't have to FEEL.

You may say, you don't have an addiction, or drug of choice. If you have pain you do something, maybe even shop, cook or eat to avoid feeling it. You may take prescription medicine to push it down deep into your cells. 

Or maybe, you like me, have done all of the above AND rescued every stray animal in the universe to "help them," in order to evade feeling the depth of your despair. Animals are a really great way that we hide our feelings and put our attention instead on something sweet, soft and furry that will love us back, when we can't completely love and accept ourselves. 

Serial Monogamy

Others jump from relationship to relationship trying to avoid feeling the pain they are having. 

The Purpose of Pain

Pain has a purpose? You betcha! Pain gets your attention when nothing else the universe/God/Allah/Mohamed/ has tried to show you. Pain is the last resort. When situations don't do it, you keep repeating similar experiences of trauma, chaos, suffering in different ways to expose the truth. Instead of running away, you need to stop avoiding and focus on you. Until you stop, and feel the feelings fully, you will continue to suffer. Suffering is avoidance of pain. Suffering will continue until the beatings stop. The Universal beatings is what I am talking about. Pain is to move you off center. Pain is to get you out of this rut you are in. Pain is a catalyst for your healing. It was what did it for me. I finally said, "I am done with this suffering, I will do whatever it takes to move it and feel joy." Now, I don't suffer any more. Divine Grace flows in where the pain once was. It is like a miracle.

Why Do We Experience Pain?

Pain gets our attention like nothing else. The purpose of pain is to get our attention. Other methods have been tried, and pain is the last resort. 

The key is focus. Focus on this pain. Sit with it. Revel in it. Feel it completely. 

A River In Egypt?
River of De Nile? 

You like to be an adventurer? You may be such an adventurer that you spend time boating up the river of denial, which is not actually a river.... it is that place where you say to God and whoever else is looking on, "I don't have issues, you're the one with the issues!" 

Other Methods?

What other methods have been used to get your attention, you ask? Well Grasshopper, you might have searched outside of yourself for love. Instead you found abuse, heartache, disrespect, lying, cheating or some other painful experience. So you tried another relationship and found more pain and suffering. What gives? You're a good person? Why do bad things keep happening to me? You ask. You look again for a relationship to fulfill you and found instead someone who really takes you for a ride, steals your money, your children, your heart......  get the picture? 

Each relationship is more difficult, challenging and hurtful than the one before, because you missed the signs, the red flags and the lessons. 

All these events were designed to get your attention so that you would look INWARD, instead of outside of yourself for relief. The pain won't go away until you stop running away from it. You have spent half your lifetime running away from the very person who can bring you true love and happiness - YOU!

How Can You Begin Right Now?

  1. Stop running. Move towards the pain. Step forward into it. There is nothing to be afraid of. Breathe. Feel the pain fully. See this guy to the right here - he is experiencing and feeling fully. He may be feeling pleasure, but feeling pain is the same thing. Just stay with it. You may cry. You may scream. You may swear. Stay with the emotion until it subsides. I promise you it will. 
  2. Move your body. Walking is a form of meditation. Leave your cell phone in your car, home or somewhere safe. Don't be talking on the phone while doing this work. All of the aforementioned are avoidance tools. Walking out in nature is a great way to move through emotion. By the end of your walk and talking with your team of angels, guides and God, you will feel better.
  3. Meditate. Sitting in quiet reflection in meditation will move emotions fast! I have been angry and sat in meditation thinking nothing will move this and POOF - it is gone! 
  4. Do a mantra if you can't get your mind quiet. I use RAMA RAMA RAMA.... it works well. You can also use.... "I LOVE ME." Below are several mantras that will help you shift energy. Some are in Sanskrit because it is a powerful language of healing. I have provide both English and Sanskrit. Mantras heal. Mantras give your mind something to do and help you focus your energy. 
  5. Use a mudra. A mudra is a hand position that also heals. I have provided a couple that work well to move emotions and heal the emotional body. 
Hansi mudra for anxiety

Mudras For Healing

Mudra translated from Sanskrit means gift of joy. Mudras can bring you into a state of joy. So use them when you meditate. It will enhance your experience and bring you higher states of consciousness. Each mudra has a purpose.

The Hansi mudra is a good mudra to use for anxiety. It accesses a state of bliss. Anxiety often is a result of suffering and pain. 

Apan Vayu mudra "Savior of Life"
The Apan Vayu mudra can save you from a heart attack. It is called the "Savior of Life," for th very reason. It increases vitality, relaxes muscles and relieves pain. 

The Udana mudra focuses on the vocal chords. This is important because most people have issues speaking their truth. This comes from a lifetime of having to swallow words you want to say keeping them inside you. The more you can speak your truth with unconditional love, the more your throat chakra will open up. This mudra also heals the respiratory system and the kidneys. Many of us have anger issues and healing the kidneys is part of letting go of the past. This mudra looks more complicated than it is. Leaving the pinkie finger and ring finger extended, bring your index finger and thumb together. Touch the middle finger to the fingernail of the index finger.

If you have enjoyed this post, please share it with a friend, FaceBook, or elsewhere. I do appreciate you!

With Love,

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an authentic, compassionate and empowering healer, life coach and author. She lifts you up, encourages you and helps you to see things from a different and softer perspective. Her books are available on Amazon. Orgasm For Life is a guide for unbridled bliss and connected sex, deepening intimacy and creating happier relationships. The core of the work Jennifer does is self love. A lack of self love is the gap that causes all ailments, addictions and sadness. You can e-mail her here to set up your discovery session to see if her work is a good fit for your goals. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sexual Desire Is Sacred

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have been in the spiritual community for over 30 years. During that time I have run into men and women who felt that they were closer to God when they were not having sex. I know women who deny their men pleasure for reasons unknown to even them. Sex is sacred. Sex is our God-given right. Sexual desire is part of our human experience. Sexual expression whether with another or ourselves is not only natural, but loving. Expressing our sexuality is not only normal, natural and healthy, it is the core of who we are.

I am familiar with the OM Meditation which uses female sacred sexual energy and puts it on a timer. 15 minutes is all you get to get charged up while your partner stimulates your clitoris (or you self stimulate) with his or her fingers. You can purchase a video which will teach you how to stimulate yourself for $29.00. You only get 15 minutes, not 16, not 20 and then you are left hanging. 

It is my humble opinion, that this meditation further perpetuates the lack of orgasm that most women have historically been missing out on for hundreds if not thousands of years. Ready, set go! People are even certified and trained to teach this torturous masturbation with no happy ending. You are are  on the clock. "GO! You have 13 minutes to get turned on and maybe get close to having an orgasm!" A timed sexual experience is not sacred. 

The one thing that they do suggest is that you masturbate every day for 28 days. This is not a purpose driven masturbation. You only raise your energy to stimulate yourself to the point of being aroused, then stop. The one advantage of this is that it will raise your libido. So will masturbating through to orgasm. Do the same thing every day, for 28 days and you might want to bite someone's head off!

How Would You Do?

See what you can do when your partner puts the timer on and attempts to stimulate you in 15 minutes. Men might have no problem, for women whose mind needs to be completely focused on the task at hand will have a great deal of difficulty. 

Ask a child to eat his vegetables and put the timer on. Or maybe, "Do your homework, you have 15 minutes?" How would you do? Could you function? Could you perform? It has been scientifically proven that people taking tests that are timed will not perform at their peak, because they are under pressure. Putting someone on the clock to reach their peak, causes pressure that is unnecessary.

How Can Sex Be More Sacred?

Sacredness is breathing in the moment now. Experiencing all life has to offer in this moment. Being completely present in each breath. Walking outside, focusing on the beauty of the fresh air, the perfect clouds, the beautiful flowers and the heady scent that they send to your nostrils. It is seeing a rabbit in it's natural environment run and hide. It is a newborn babe breathing his first breath. It is in the smile of our Beloved. Sacredness is living in this perfect moment now.

Allowing yourself to feel each moment fully. Looking into your lover's eyes. Smiling and breathing in their scent. Feeling the tingle of their touch, as their fingers cup your face in caress. The feel of their soft lips on your mouth. That is sacred. Allowing yourself to experience it slowly, reverently, without rushing to orgasm. Breathing them in, slowly, awakening all your senses.

Sacredness could begin with a cleansing shower or bathing together. Talking with one another about your day. Massaging each other's feet. Holding hands while you walk to your car after dinner. Smiling as your door is reverently opened for you. Sacredness is in each breath that you breathe. 

Having a timed sexual experience takes you out of the moment and focuses on the impending DING of the timer in the near future, "How much more time do I have?" Sex should not be rushed.  

Check it out o
n Amazon.com
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an authentic, compassionate and empowering healer, life coach and author. She lifts you up, encourages you and helps you to see things from a different and softer perspective. Her books are available on Amazon. Orgasm For Life is a guide for unbridled bliss and connected sex, deepening intimacy and creating happier relationships. The core of the work Jennifer does is self love. A lack of self love is the gap that causes all ailments, addictions and sadness. You can e-mail her here to set up your discovery session to see if her work is a good fit for your goals. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Resistance Is Saying "No" to Love

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Resistance is the way that we say "no," to life, love, and the universe. When we say no, or resist, we are in fear. Fear blocks us from living life with wild abandon, or truly being happy. Most people that refuse acts of love are shut down in some way. They may have trapped emotions either in their heart or their emotional body. Sometimes we are reacting from past pain. Sometimes we are just reacting. The bottom line is if these patterns don't change we will continue to say "HELL NO!" 

We can't possibly be happy when we are in resistance to love. It is a form of judgment. Our true essence is love - giving and receiving. 

If we give too much, we are out of balance. If we resist love we are in fear.

Sometimes we push love away because we are afraid of being hurt. Sometimes we push love away because we don't feel worthy. Sometimes we push love away because we want someone to pull us closer. The problem is these are mixed signals. No one really knows what is going on inside of our little minds when we don't speak about what we are feeling.
"Don't love me!"

Some of the ways we resist love are as follows:

  1. We resist receiving love. Our partner comes home from their day and goes in for a hug or kiss and we put our hand up, "I am too busy right now!" I don't want to be bothered is the message we send out. We are resisting love.
  2. We don't touch. We have many opportunities in relationships to touch each other. Touch may be the way your partner feels loved. If you don't hug, hold hands, kiss or make love to your partner, they may feel unloved. You are pushing them away.
  3. We say NO! When we say no to our partner when they want to hug us, kiss us or make love to us, we are saying no to love. 
  4. We don't spend quality time together. When we don't give of ourselves by spending quality time with our partner, they may feel we don't care, or even worse, love them.

I have written about Gary Chapman and his book, The 5 Love Languages before. This is a great book which will help you save your marriage, relationship and family. We each communicate differently. If we don't let our partners and family members know we love them in the way they need to be loved, we are missing the mark. I highly recommend that you take Gary's Love Language quiz here. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a passion and love coach. She empowers women and some men to love themselves fearlessly. Through this work all your relationships are healed. Love is the foundation for our lives. Without it, we can live our lives feeling depressed, lonely and alone. You can e-mail Jennifer privately, here to set up your discovery session to work with her. 

To have love, we have to give it to ourselves first. Jennifer guides you gently, kicking your ass, lovingly to drop the baseball bat and magnifying glass of perfectionism to focus with a soft lens rather than critiquing and loathing. If you have anger issues, cancer, anxiety, body pain, all these issues come from an emotion component first. All disease comes from a thought, then emotion around the thought that creates a block in our bodies. This block continues to be energized by more thoughts of not being good enough, not being worthy of love, not feeling loved. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sex is Meditation

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sexual energy is the primal force of the universe. It is creative. It is sacred. Animals have sex to procreate. For humans, sex is creative at all levels, mind, body and spirit. It is a way to unify two physical beings as ONE. There is no other activity that ignites and electrifies the brain in so many centers. Like fireworks in the night sky, the point of orgasm is one that brings us closest to our Source. It is also a way to raise our vibration. It is more sacred than a prayer. 

When we feel arousal, attraction, excited, enthusiastic, sexual energy is at work. When two people come together during sex, there is a union of flesh and spirit. Sex is a sacred creative act of meditation.

Many people say they cannot meditate. If you have had sex, you have meditated. The next time you engage in sexual activity, notice how you are completely in the moment. Focused on the energy and excitement of what you are feeling. All your senses are engaged. You are smelling, feeling, touching, hearing your partner's breath, feeling their heart beat beneath you. Your cells are ignited. Pain is suppressed and at the time of orgasm you are completely in the moment experiencing, engaged, enthralled, ecstatic energy flowing through your veins, igniting your cells down to your very atoms. Your kundalini energy rises from your root chakra (perineum) that rises through your central channel (spinal column) pumping up into your amazing brain, culminating in wave after wave of ecstasy in the frontal cortex of your brain, where you experience God.

Now you can say you do meditate!

Letting Go

  1. To have the best experience during sex, let go of all expectations.
  2. Stop thinking and wondering how well you are performing. Thinking rather than feeling is a sign you are in resistance. Resistance will block you from experiencing complete bliss and ecstasy.
  3. When we resist or hold onto expectations we are in our ego. Our ego is our small self, not our Divine Self. 
  4. Controlling another is ego driven. We cannot control another, and why would we want to, control is an element of fear. You fear loss, so you control another. You dominate because you want to control. You are in fear. Let go of fear.
  5. Sexual energy is Divine. It is sacred. There is nothing dirty, bad or wrong about sex. It was created by Source energy itself. It is not meant to be suppressed, stuffed or blocked. When you live a celibate life you are not living fully.
  6. Sex is playful, fun and joyful. It contains an energy that you cannot experience anywhere else. When you tap into the joy of experiencing sex, you reach a different kind of high, one that will sustain you, maybe even keep you awake into the wee hours of the morning. Such joy is bliss. 
Self Pleasure Is Safe Sex

There is nothing wrong with masturbation. Many women have never masturbated. They can't tell their partners what feels good to them, because they don't know. In many cultures and religions control has been placed on humans by making masturbation a sin. If we weren't meant to masturbate, our hands would not reach our genitals. 

Sending you my love now and always,


Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach. She empowers women to have and live a life of passion, joy and inner peace. She is certified in 5 different modalities which she uses in her coaching practice. She became enlightened in 2012, which means she is not coming from ego, but her Divinely connected heart and Divine guidance in all that she does, and the way that she lives. Her book Orgasm For Life is available on Amazon. Orgasm for Life is a book which will guide you to real bliss, deeper intimacy and healed relationships. It is available on Amazon.com

Her coaching is like no other. She has been where you are and
has healed her body, mind and spirit. Her experiences are vast, which she brings to the coaching experience She is compassionate, loving, authentic. You can e-mail her to set up your loving discovery session to see if her work is a good fit for you. She works with those committed to heal the past to live a life of joy, passion and unconditional love in all areas.

Osho on Sex and Domination

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

"Sex is a natural phenomenon, as a rose flower, or dewdrops on the grass leaves in the early morning. And it is the most
Osho, also known as Ranjeesh
beautiful phenomenon too, as beautiful as the calling of the cuckoo, as beautiful as the stars in the sky. But down the ages it has been condemned.

Condemning sex has been one of the most important strategies to dominate man. The moment you condemn sex you have condemned life itself. Life arises out of sex; life is an expression of sex. If you can find God anywhere, utterly present, it is the moment of sexual orgasm. But to condemn sex is a great strategy. Through it you condemn man indirectly; you poison his very source of being. And then he feels guilty, a sinner, worthless; and then it is easy to dominate him, it is easy to exploit him - and that's what the politicians and the priests have been doing.

They don't want you to have freedom, they don't want you to enjoy life, because the man who is blissful is rebellious. The man who is enjoying his life cannot be easily dominated - it is very difficult to dominate him - and cannot easily be deceived, because he has clarity.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Are Men Getting The Majority Of Pleasure in Sex?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When someone asks you when was the last time that you had great sex with an amazing orgasm, was it this past week, a month ago or has it been years? Most men will answer, "this past week," while an amazing array of strong passionate
women will have difficulty remembering. Why is that?

Is it because men, more than women are motivated by sex? We know that men are wired differently than women, but it isn’t the fact that men are more motivated by sex. Most men experience orgasm almost every time they have sex. Yet over 48% of women don’t. In a recent study by a urology clinic in New Jersey, the number one complaint of 54% of women 18 - 30, was inability to orgasm, where 48% of women 31 - 45, had the same complaint.

Since our sexuality is the core of our very being, being non-orgasmic can take a serious toll on self esteem and sense of wholeness. Many women wonder if there is something wrong with them when they don’t orgasm with regularity. Most women need 20 to 40 minutes of stimulation to orgasm, where most men need 2- 3, or less. You see the disparity. Just because a woman is wet, does not mean she is ready for sex. Women are like diesel engines, needing to be warmed up before their engine is cranked. Most men on the
other hand are like a Ferrari on nitrous oxide, revving and ready to blast off. Women who have had sexual abuse, rape or other sexual trauma can have a lifetime of difficulty with sexual dysfunction (being non-orgasmic). There is hope for those who are non-orgasmic. 

Sexual trauma causes the body to go into fight, flight or freeze mode. Unfortunately many women are not aware of the armoring that the body creates to counteract and deal with the sexual trauma. Body armoring causes the energy of fear and shame to be stored in the cells of the vaginal wall, upper thighs and G-Spot. This armoring causes the inside of the vagina to be numbed. This numbing diminishes the
Shamed woman
amount of pleasure a woman can experience through digital stimulation and penile penetration, even to the point of vaginal sensitivity and intense pain. There is hope for those who are non-orgasmic. There are sensitive healers, like myself, that can teach you the steps to take, or you could visit a Tantrika to have the healing done in a session, hands on. Even when years of work, energy clearing and other modalities have occurred, a physical healing is still needed for women who remain non-orgasmic from sexual trauma. I was one of those women. 

For those wondering about the G-spot, whether it is real, or only something porn stars have, I assure you it is real and every woman with a vagina, has the ability to have an ejaculatory orgasm. Unfortunately, most women do not get the stimulation required to arouse this amazing and sensual center. It can take 20 minutes of direct stimulation before it becomes engorged enough to be in evidence. The G-spot is located inside the vagina on the upper wall approximately an
inch and a half to two inches inside the vaginal opening, north towards the navel. To be able to stimulate this spot, a
come hither finger motion needs to be used inside, curling the hand upward. The G-spot is thought to be the root of the clitoris, which is located just above the opening of the vagina. It is a highly sensitive area, that needs stimulation directly to be found.  (You would be surprised at how many men and women can't find the woman’s G-spot.) Is it any wonder that over half of the women on this planet can’t orgasm?

Knowing your body, what feels good is key to being able to demonstrate to your partner what they need to do for you. Talking about what works for you, when you are outside of the bedroom, will help your experience inside the bedroom be more pleasurable. The problem is many women are afraid
to speak up about what they want. It often takes women till they are in their 50’s before they feel confident enough to talk about what turns them on. Hopefully, this article will motivate everyone to open up a discussion about who does what to whom and for how long? 

The interesting fact about men and women though, is that both can bring themselves to orgasm in about the same amount of time, four minutes. The great thing about masturbation is that it is safe sex. In fact, it is the safest sex you can have, unless of course you attempt to use an object not meant for sex, like a vacuum cleaner.

While we are discussing the reasons women are not having as much fun as their male counterparts, it is important to note that 75% of women do not have an orgasm through penetrative sex alone. Yet most men still make love to their partners this way. The reason is that most men prefer to have penetrative sex to orgasm. It is what makes a man feel like a man. Clearly there is a disconnect. Talking about sex is an important part of receiving pleasure. We can’t expect our partners to just know. Even if we are intuitive, it is best to discuss what feels good to you, so that there is no misunderstanding. We need to walk them through our playground, joyfully, maybe with a roadmap, arrows and the most important parts highlighted.

I have interviewed hundreds of men about the subject of women’s pleasure. Most men say that their woman always has an orgasm. I beg to differ. 80% of women fake orgasm because their men are not stimulating them long enough to
get them there. The problem is that most women aren’t talking. With this 80% statistic in hand, most men still say, they know for a certainty that their woman comes every time. How can you be so sure? 

Most heterosexual men like the feeling of being inside a woman. However a woman’s most sensitive spot, her clitoris is not stimulated through penetrative sex, especially when the man is on top. What is so important about that? A woman’s clitoris (C-spot) has twice the number of sensitive nerve endings than a man’s penis has. If your C-spot is not getting focused attention, for long enough, you may not be able to orgasm at all. 

Open communication is clearly lacking in most relationships when it comes to sex. Do some sexploration to find out what feels good to you. Praise your partner for what they do well, then ask gently for what you want. Appreciate their effort, gently guide them with a smile. Remember guys, ladies come first, last and always!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life a guide to bliss. Orgasm For Life was written to assist women with this issue. Through understanding the opposite sex's psyche and physical needs a greater awareness is created which helps deepen the bond of intimacy and happiness as well. 

Jennifer is a love and passion coach helping couples stay together when nothing seems to be working. She also helps women find the love of their dreams by shifting your focus. When patterns or emotions are stuck, we keep replaying the trauma from the past, attracting partners that don't serve our highest and best. If you are ready for life to work for you, relationships to be happy, fulfilling and uplifting, drop Jennifer an e-mail and set up your strategy session now.