Sunday, March 15, 2015

What Do Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Marilyn Monroe Have In Common?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Marilyn Monroe, Elle MacPherson and so many other greats all have coaches. They did not get to where they are in life going it alone. You know why? Because it is impossible to see what we are doing for ourselves. Only when another points out what could improve our score, swing, acting, or life can we improve. Everyone needs a coach to improve, including me. I did not get here all by myself. I had masters, teachers and gurus who taught me everything they knew.

I have recently been captivated by Marilyn Monroe's story. Born Norma Jean, her mother was taken from her and put into a mental institution. Like my mother, without the love of a mother or father, we develop deep insecurities and even mental instability. In my case, I had a mother, but she was horribly damaged from being an orphan at 5. She could not love unconditionally, praise or support her children in a healthy way. Many of us have had traumatic childhoods. These patterns can be shifted, removed and new patterns created which shift the DNA, permanently. 

Crazed and Chaotic?

How do I know, because I did it. I felt absolutely crazy into my late 30's. Early abuse left me damaged, shame filled, guilt ridden and broken. I felt shattered and ugly. I had an addictive personality, craving and looking for love through sex, that left me further broken and empty. 

What I have come to know is that parts of our soul shatter like glass when intense situations impact us, that we can't handle. These soul fragments splinter and fly off into the ethers. Sounds incredible, but it is true. As a result our chakra system becomes blocked, we develop health issues which plague us until patterns are cleared and removed. I have worked with thousands of traumatized people with PTSD, abuse and other traumas that this is like a miracle for their soul.

Norma Jean had to have help. If it wasn't anti-depressants, sleeping pills, wake-up pills, she had a team of people who cajoled, encouraged and kept her on track. Without these people, Marilyn would not ever have been the star that she was. They did not help her heal, but they kept her together so that she could do her movies. They told her how to look, talk, stand, walk. Marilyn was far more intelligent than most people remember. She felt broken.

Pain, unhappiness, depression and suffering don't have to be a part of your life experience. How do I know? I used to be depressed. For over 20 years I suffered from severe depression, insomnia, irrational fears, body pain, Fibromyalgia an auto- immune disease and chaos in my inner world. I overreacted when people made simple comments and took everything personally. I was a prickly pear, hard to love. I was so blocked and resistant to love, because I hated myself. I thought I loved myself, but that was my over-compensating EGO, that helped me (so my ego thought) to feel better. I couldn't accept love if it was delivered on a silver platter, which many times it was.

I changed my life a little at a time. I took anti-depressants and almost killed myself falling asleep at the wheel while on prozac. I drove 3 exits past my work before I woke up enough to realize I had gone too far! I stopped taking prozac, because I knew it was killing me. I got off Benadryl, when I was able to stop the worry and endless mind chatter. I began to do work I absolutely loved to do, that fulfilled me. In my school days, I was thought to be a slow learner. I always had comments on my report cards, "Can do better." What changed?

I began to tap into a higher power. I began to hear God's voice and that of my guides. My higher self also became evident and permanently connected and grounded within me. I meditated regularly. For over 8 years I have meditated twice a day. My mind chatter left when I had consistent meditation practice. But I had spiritual teachers, gurus and spiritual masters who guided me. I paid big bucks for classes and certifications so that I could heal myself. I have experienced deep states of bliss, called satori which changed me permanently. 

How have I gotten more wise, calm and peaceful? Through consistent hard work and spiritual practice. If an issue came up and I reacted to it, I asked myself tough questions. I looked within for answers. I followed guidance. As each relationship ended, I did personal analytics. I was not afraid to look at my own issues. When men lied to me and cheated on me, I asked myself, "Where do I lie to me? How do I cheat myself?' It took time, effort and consistency. I sometimes took one step forward and three steps back.

Doing Away With Fear

My fears subsided. All my life I had been incredibly fearful. Suddenly I realized I had no more fear. My deep spiritual connection and love for myself shifted EVERYTHING. I stopped trying to control my children, or anyone else. 


We try to control our environment and others when we are afraid. These fears are usually grounded in the past from a traumatic event which imprinted you with this fear. All fears can be healed. Manipulation is a part of control. Manipulation is dishonest. It comes from not being authentic, lying about who you are. You are afraid to ask outright for what you want, so you manipulate to get it instead. Believe me I know, I was the Queen of Manipulators. We can't possibly be happy when we are inauthentic, controlling or manipulating. All these behaviors lead to a disruption in your energetic field.

Healing All Relationships

My relationship with my mother and everyone else was healed like magic, when I stepped into my authentic self and personal power. Instead of being the person others wanted me to be, I became authentically me. I could get my point across with a soft voice, no yelling to be heard or listened to. Without healing your past, you can't have a happy future. This is what I help others with. Even those who say they have done inner child work, or healed relationships with family, if you are not living the life of love, joy and happiness, your relationships have not been healed. It is not possible to live a life of joy and bliss everyday when you are holding resentment or anger towards anyone for the past.


If you experience road rage, eruptive or explosive anger, are quick to anger or get upset, you have healing to do. Until you have let go and healed the past, these issues will continue to plague you. For men, you probably had HTP, or premature ejaculation. 

Anger has a purpose. There is a difference between being angry because someone wants to send you videos of themselves masturbating..... or crosses your boundaries in other ways. But that anger subsides quickly. The type of anger I am talking about is seething, or volcanic anger. This type will blow a gasket in your heart or cause cancer in your body. Resentment will do the same thing. Even after cancer surgery, radiation and chemo, if your brain waves and way of thinking have not changed, the cancer will return. There has to be a change of behavior for healing to have occurred. If you are still doing the same thing the same way, there has been no healing.

It's Time

How long have you known your life could be better, but have not been able to do anything about it? I am committed to working with you, I promise to help you improve your life, but you have to do your part. You have daily and weekly work to do. With that commitment, I know I can help you improve your life, shift your thought patterns and focus so that you stop critiquing yourself and others. When you do, you begin to accept yourself as well. 

Have You Done It On Your Own?

I did it on my own. But it took me over 30 years to get there. Each of us has trauma and difficulties in our life. These are put in our lives to spur us on to greatness. Healing your life on your own could take several lifetimes. Tiger Woods, Elle MacPherson and Marilyn Monroe all had coaches for a reason. We need help getting there. 

Traditional therapy keeps you stuck in a paradigm of suffering and repeating your story. It does not move you  forward. I know I have done years of it. It did not help me. Repeating your story over again only perpetuates the energy that created it. 

From Albert Einstein:

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

No matter the type of trauma, abuse, addicted, abusive or absent parents, those issues can be overcome. I will lovingly hold your feet to the fire, lift your spirits, raise your vibrations through the different modalities that I have mastered that remove patterns, stuck and trapped emotions that keep you repeating the same things over and over. Until the trapped emotions are removed, you continue broadcasting on the same frequency, attracting more situations you don't want.

If it isn't cancer, diabetes, or sciatica that is plaguing you, it could be unhappiness in your relationships. This does not mean you need to dump the person you are with, necessarily, but look at things from a different perspective. Once you begin to shift, your partner will too! It only takes one person to heal a relationship. 

I am committed to help you grow, shift and refocus so that your life is one that is loving, fulfilling, happy and peaceful. If you saw me 40 years ago, you would never know that this ME, is the same person. Your soul is ready to be polished, sandblasted so that the hurts, and emotional baggage is eliminated and no longer running your world. I am so convinced that I can help you that I am offering a no risk guarantee. If you do your homework consistently and the exercises I give you consistently, I promise that your life will improve. 

Why You Want To Work With Someone Who Has Been There

There are all sorts of coaches out there who are certified. I have met them in mastermind groups and they are out there selling their products. When I sat down to talk to many of them, I found many have more issues than I did 20 years ago. You want to work with someone that has been there, healed their own lives with a proven track record and is happy in their life. Someone that models the behavior that they teach. Not someone who pays you lip service and does not walk the walk. If you don't believe me, I'll give you my mother's phone number and she will confirm all that I say is true. But you better hurry up, she is 92! 

I am ready to be in your corner to help you co-create a beautiful nurturing, loving joy and peace-filled life you absolutely adore! If you don't have the relationship you want now, or the life you want now, e-mail me. Set up a strategy session with me and we will get your life party started! Life is a game, you just have to know the rules. I will teach you all I have learned, which has changed my life and so many others! 

I committed my life to serving the upliftment of humanity's consciousness. This is my calling. Allow me to help you find yours. 

With all my love,