Monday, September 30, 2013

Take Your Power Back

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Free Webinar

Have you ever wondered why life is so difficult?

Have you ever wondered if it has always been this way?

Have you ever wondered if life could be easier and more fun!?

Today and the next two days I am hosting three free 

webinars. These are LIVE events. I will record them. 

Each webinar builds on the one before, helping you to 

access your own innate power, ability to manifest and 

to access that what you already have within you. 

Everyone has the ability to create, manifest and draw 

love to them. We just need to be reminded how.

Here is the download from yesterday's webinar. 

There is a powerful MONEY clearing at the end!

The log in information is at the bottom

Today, we delve into your own power. This is a God-

given gift. NOT using our powers, respecting ourselves

and loving ourselves actually disempowers us.  

If you are one of those people who give and give and

then wonder why after all this giving you feel depleted,

resentful and angry these webinars will help you.

Perhaps you wonder how you can shift from being 

negative when things begin to go badly, or

how to navigate a difficult time in your life.

The tools I will give you will help you with the 

challenges you are facing daily.I hope you will join me 

while I share what I have discovered along my journey.

Each day I will help you be in the present, feel calm,

peace filled and connect to your Divine self. I will have  

a question and answer time at the end. Don't hesitate 

I am new to this and found that you can only ask questions when calling in via phone lines. The web link is only for listen only mode. Bring your questions. 

You can call in via Skype: To connect to a conference using skype, you can either add the contact "Joinconference" to your contact list, or dial it directly without adding the contact first. You will have to type in the name with your keyboard, and no country designation is required. Once the call is connected, bring up the virtual dial pad to enter your host or guest pin code. While it does depend on your skype version, the button to bring up the virtual dial pad usually looks like a picture of 9 small dots. Once the dial pad is open, you can click on the numbers with your mouse, or use your keyboard. If the system does not seem to understand the dial tone commands, you may need to sign out of skype, and then sign back in and try the call again. Use the same pin number as with the phone line.

Detailed Instructions:

There are only so many spots available by phone, if you

have a computer use the webinar login. Raise your 

hand, don't be afraid, I don't bite -  often.

Monday: Take Your Power Back

Tuesday: Making Your Dreams Come True

Wednesday: Drawing In Love


DATE & TIME: Monday, September 30th at 6:00pm PST

FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)

DIAL IN: 206-402-0100, Guest Code: 206210#