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 17 Ways To Self-Care


Being kind to ourselves is often the last thing we think about with our busy schedules. Loving yourself nurtures your soul and nourishes your mind, body and spirit. Taking care of yourself is an act of loving kindness to Self. Giving yourself the much needed me-time will help you have more to offer your clients, family and friends. Giving to the point of feeling depleted is not taking care of yourself and is self-defeating. 

What does self care really mean? 

Rather than pleasing others you please yourself. Rather than making excuses and whining for being tired, you take a nap. You don't feel guilty for saying "No" when your plate is already full. 

When your have no more clean clothes to wear, you do your laundry. When you begin to feel over-whelmed or stressed, it is a sign you need to take care of you. Here are 17 ways to nurture your mind-body-spirit to regenerate and renew.

  1. Take your dog for a long walk out in nature. Being outside alone will raise your vibration. Stop along the way to smell the flowers and other scents in the air. Adamantine particles in the air outside replenish, restore and cleanse you (raising your spirits and vibration)
     2.  Turn off your cell phone. Sometimes you just have to shut it off. Knowing that the phone
           will not ring for an hour or two can help to re-boot your energy.

     3.  Take a day off from using your computer. Sitting in front of your computer day after day 
            for 8 or more hours can leave you feeling out of whack and agitated. A break from 
            microwave technology and Wifi energy can help you feel grounded and more peaceful.

     4.  Read the book you have been putting off. Learning something new can raise your spirits
           and nurtures your mind. 

      5. Meditate or sit in silence for 20 minutes. Meditating on compassion has been 
           Scientifically proven to increase happiness and joy.

      6.  Go for a swim in your community pool. Swimming can be meditative and get your heart 
           rate up at the same time. Raising your heart rate for 20 minutes or more will burn 
           calories, and reset your energy. Since our bodies are more than 90% water swimming
           is very nurturing.

       7. Watch a funny movie. Laughing can helps us relax and just enjoy the moment.

       8.  Call a friend or family member you have not spoken to in a long while. Deep
             conversations with loved ones can renew you and increase levels of happiness.

       9.  Eat a healthy and nourishing meal. Sit down and relax while you eat, rather than
             rushing or eating while you work. Healthy food can raise your spirits and vibration
             quickly. Knowing you are feeding your body healthy food also is a boost for your body 
             as it gets nutritious food and is completely guilt-free, an added bonus.

     10.  Go to the beach. The ocean air and salt water is revitalizing and cleansing. There is
             nothing like salt water and a beach to ground, renew and restore your mind, body and 

     11.   Forgive yourself. We place a lot of stress on ourselves in our work day. Forgive yourself 
             for what you have not accomplished so far. Holding onto guilt and shame lowers your
             vibration and causes long term health issues like Fibromyalgia and other immune 

     12.   Take a nap. Or go to bed early. Getting enough sleep can make a huge difference in how
              you perform during your work day. It can make the difference between being able to cope
             and having a melt-down. 

     13.   Spend time watching your children, or someone else's children play. Sometimes we 
              forget how good play makes us feel. Watching a child enjoy the moment without worries 
              teaches us how to do the same. 

     14.   Go to a park or Botanical Garden. Enjoying the scents and beauty of roses and orchids
              lightens your spirit and brings more beauty into your world. 

    15.    Do yoga. Yoga helps center you and brings you peace. Gentle stretching in yoga is so
              beneficial for the body. The added bonus is the great yoga butt you get without much 

    16.    Take a trip. Nothing restores the soul like traveling to a new destination. Sure you might
              have a favorite place you visit, but traveling to someplace new excites the mind and 
              raises your happiness quotient.

    17.   Write. Whether it is a personal journal or several pages in the book you want to publish
             one day, writing can put you in the zone of optimum experience very quickly.  

With Love and Abundance,

For more information about Self Love, self nurturing or doing transformational success coaching with Jennifer e-mail Jennifer here

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Super Moon Sunday, June 23, 2013

Guest: Astrologer Cheney Hall has written this wonderful post

This moon is a powerful time to release that which no longer serves you

This moon will have the biggest impact on career, balancing feminine and masculine and to increase awareness


A Super Moon because it is at perigee - closest to the Earth - and at syzygy - in direct alignment with the Sun ... as a result this full moon has the potential to be even more emotional than usual ... remember full moons are when the emotions and bodily fluids tend to be at their highest ... this Moon will also be emotionally charged as Jupiter is in conjunction - dissociated being in another sign - but shortly to enter the sign of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon which just happens to rule the emotions ... and Mercury is currently in Cancer slowing down ready to take its second retrograde journey beginning on June 25th ... and that will have a tendency to not only slow down the mental processing but turn it much more inward ... and with the Sun having just passed the solstice point - which it does twice a year making the Sun appear to come to a "stand still" for a few days, the effects of this full Moon will be further enhanced ... the "message" will be abundantly clear for those who truly open their hearts and minds !!!

As always, full Moons are periods of enhanced illumination and enlightenment, and given all the planetary energy currently in play that will certainly be the case this time ... among the areas we can expect this awareness to appear in are included : projects which were begun around January 11th of this year which was the date of the Capricorn new moon; increasing our security; our fathers - current or karmic issues that need to be dealt with; retirement and the progressing of old age; responsibility - self-discipline, adult behavior, keeping commitments; public image - have we gone too far overboard trying to project what and how we want the world to see us as; careers and professions - are they where we truly belong and are we doing what we should to further develop them in a more positive and productive manner; success - are we happy with what we have achieved, has it alluded us so far, and do we need to work not necessarily harder but smarter; how we deal with authority figures - effective or self-defeating; releasing excessive control and allowing others to grow and prosper on their own as well; addressing health issues - especially in the areas of the bones and joints, arthritis and rheumatism, gall bladder issues, the knees, and the skin. It is important to keep in mind whichever house this full moon fall in your natal chart, that area of life will also be influenced.

Most importantly, it is about balancing the masculine (Capricorn) with the feminine (Cancer) in order to increase our individual awareness and take positive charge of our lives to promote greater personal and spiritual growth by broadening our views and higher beliefs and values, and having the courage to release what has become old and outdated thus holding us back from who and what the Universe constantly encourages us to become !!!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Healthy Anger

Healthy Anger

My 17-year-old daughter, Ariel is a wise young woman. She grew up in a holistic household with both parents recognizing the body-mind connection. I have been a hypnotherapist and energy healer since she was a small child. Taking responsibility for your own health is something I am a huge proponent of.  She has come to recognize how holding onto anger can cause health problems. As she rushed into my office where I was writing recently, she excitedly exclaimed, "My jaw finally released after 2 years!" Then she went on to ask me, "What does your jaw represent? Surrounded by an air of responsibility she knows that an emotion she was holding onto caused her jaw to be stuck in an uncomfortable state these past two years. We have never rushed to the doctor to resolve health issues unless it is a last resort. Which is why I feel that we are all so healthy. We don't take medication even for a headache.

Ariel at El Royo Beach near Santa Barbara
Every physical ailment has an emotional component

Louise Hay broke through barriers in the early 80's when she wrote, You Can Heal Your Life. She carefully explains how each illness is rooted in our self hatred and loathing as well as our emotions. This book has helped me resolve so many of my own health issues, from a simple cold all the way to Fibromyalgia and Cancer. Self love and anger are at the root of most illnesses with variations on those themes.

Knowing that we grind our teeth and clench our jaws when angry I was quickly able to let Ariel know that her jaw relaxed when she released the anger she had been holding onto. 

She had recently broken up with her boyfriend. Of course he cannot be blamed for any of this, Ariel has created the issues that caused her anger, and takes responsibility for that. She recognized that she had been angry with me since I pulled her out of the very affluent Milton High School in Alpharetta, Georgia to move to Boulder, Colorado in the fall of 2011. The school was so large, Ariel was falling between the cracks. I knew that if she was going to succeed in high school, she needed a different environment.

Muir Woods, San Francisco, CA
Anger Needs To Be Released

Ariel was angry with me for the move, although the change netted her a school more suited to her success and a large group of true friends, that supported her and cared for her. Her anger was also directed towards her father that fought and won shared custody. Ariel was very angry she did not get to live with me full time. Having to lug her belongings back and forth each week was exhausting and un-grounding for her. Although her relationship with her father was much closer than it would have been  had I been given full custody, her resentment built and she directed that emotion towards her father.

Her father was  strict disciplinarian, which meant he would not tolerate Ariel venting her anger towards or in his presence. Anger built and came to a head in her jaw. The emotion was lodged there because it could not be released. Enter Ariel's now ex-boyfriend. Ariel had a great deal of unexpressed anger towards him for lying and cheating on her. She had a very direct conversation with him the night before and finished it the day her jaw released. I helped Ariel connect the dots explaining, that she had resolution, and was able to express how she felt about being betrayed. Ariel was able to positively release her anger towards this young man in a constructive way, which allowed the physical release of her locked up jaw.

Had my daughter not been able to have such a constructive and open dialogue with her ex-boyfriend, she might have continued to hold this anger until it became cancer. Cancer, according to Louis Hay comes from deep and long-standing resentment and hurt. It also comes from deep grief or a secret eating away at the self. 
Ariel Resuta at El Royo Beach, CA  

Rage Is NOT an Option!

Being able to talk about our feelings is paramount not only for maintaining a healthy body, but also to keep our relationships on an even keel. I recommend cathartic screaming on a mountain top, or in the woods far away from anyone. If that is not possible, going to a batting cage and hitting baseballs, swimming or running hard will help to shift your anger into a manageable emotion that you can then discuss with your loved ones.

Raging on another person is never called for. If you cannot control your emotions to be able to speak kindly without screaming at someone, you have got to seek professional help as you could endanger your partner, spouse or child. 

Raging can lead to abuse
Rage was a common emotion in my household growing up. I grew up in fear of men. As an adult when someone raised their voice to express themselves, I immediately was taken back in time to when my mother and father had a huge fight and abuse was a constant threat. 

Denial About Abuse

Most people are in denial about their abuser and abuse. A man does not have to hit a woman to be an abuser. Balling up a fist and threatening to punch someone is just as bad as hitting someone. Hitting a wall beside someone's head is abusive also. When you walk around as if you are walking on egg shells, afraid to question your partner or spouse's behavior, you are being abused. If your spouse or partner puts you down, belittles you or tells you that you are good for nothing. You are being abused. Abusers very rarely change. They may try. But they cannot. These patterns come from their childhood and are deeply rooted. Even when raised with abuse in your household as a child, change in behavior has to come from experiencing deep enough pain to want to make serious and monumental changes. When I was a young mother, I modeled the behavior I had been taught by my parents. It took diligent effort, therapy, hypnotherapy and a lot of energetic work to change my behavior. 

Energy Clearing to Release Energetic Patterns

The energy work I do with my clients releases the patterns rooted deeply in the unconscious mind. An energy healing can create deep and lasting change when the patterns are removed from the root of the pattern. In 95% of the issues we have come from past lives. Loving yourself enough to want to make lasting change is key. Rage, abuse and negativity are low vibrational expressions, Raising your vibration through energy clearing, daily Spiritual practice and diligent efforts can be assisted by hiring Jennifer, the Self Love Guru to help you through situations and difficulties that are emotionally debilitating like break-ups, divorce or the loss of a loved one. 

Health Issues Caused By Unreleased Anger

Digestion problems, such as abdominal pain
Increased anxiety
High blood pressure
Skin problems, such as eczema
Heart attack

Do you love yourself enough to get the help you need? Call Jennifer today at
 (770) 480-5500.

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Flying Through Fear

Flying Through Fear

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Kicking Fear In The Butt, A Catalyst For Amazing Success

When fear overtakes us nothing else matters. We are consumed by it. Our stomachs are frozen, digestion stops, we hold our breath unconsciously. We are unable to think about anything else. Fear blocks us from creating the life we want, moving beyond where we are now. It freezes our energy and only creates negativity.

 Creating From A Place Of Fear

Our thoughts magnetize whatever we are thinking to us. Whether we focus on positive or negative we are magnets in the Universal soup of consciousness. When we focus on our lack of money; late mortgage, car payment, the more lack we create. Sure it sounds crazy, but the more we focus on ANYTHING, the more we create of what we are focused on. Whether our thoughts are on how little we have or how great our life is, we create from that place. So why do we focus on something we don't want? Fear! Fear governs 70% of 90% of the population's thoughts. 95% of our thoughts are unconscious. We are not even aware of how many times a day we have fearful thoughts that magnetizes exactly the opposite of what we desire right into our laps. Our thoughts speed out into the Universe faster than the speed of light. Then return to us so quickly that it makes our head spin, a client bales, an unexpected accident, our kid gets kicked out of school or arrested. Who wants that? I know I sure don't.

Fear comes up from our past relationships and childhood to be released. Following these steps will move you through it with ease. Ease is good!

The Flip Side Of Fear

After you move through this little blip success is right around the corner. We create an amazing program for our clients. We have the biggest sale of the quarter. It awaits you once you cross the fear threshold.

5 Ways to Kick Fear In It's Butt! 

  1. Meditate. Going inward will shift you faster than anything you do in your outside world. If you don't know how, download my You Tube video, Divine Presence Process Meditation and connect.  When you are connected to your High Self, and go inward, your fear will dissolve. Divine Presence Process Meditation. 

  2. Stop! Running away from your fear does not make it go away. Turn around and face it. What is the worst that can happen? You cry? You get scared? You're already frozen like a salt statue, what difference is a little more fear going to make? When you face your fear and ask yourself these questions, you will recognize that you have experienced this before. The only way out of it is through. Right through the middle, like in one of Tony Robbin's fire walks. Only this one does not have coals. The other side of fear is LOVE. Surely you want to get there? 

  3. Does this feel like something I experienced in my childhood? Is this a pattern of an old childhood fear? Is this a reverberating trigger of my father or mother coming up in this situation? What was it that triggered me? Did someone yell at me? Was it something I have experienced before? If so where, when? Asking these questions will help you realize that this fear is not real. It feels real. It is simply your soul recognizing an old pattern and you are time traveling back to that place from this energetic patterning. One thing is for sure, if you continue to attempt to run from this fear, it will return with a vengeance.

  4. Get your energy cleared. An energy clearing will remove anxiety, attachments, holes in your auric field and old patterns that you are apparently stuck in. GET CLEARED NOW! You will be glad you did.

  5. Get physical. Swim, lift weights, run. Do something physical to get your blood moving and energy shifting. Nothing makes you feel better than some outdoor activity. It raises your vibration, releases endorphins (those "feel good hormones") and helps you get your mind clear.

    Affirmations are a great way to move beyond fear and work well. Using words like "I AM" in front of  our affirmation makes it more powerful. 


    EVENTS Daily

    Part II - Manifestation 
    Without the "F" word
    Energetic Clearings Each Day and Manifestation Exercise
    Two Opportunities Each Day
        Wednesday and Thursday June 12 - 13th
    3:00 PM PST and 6:00 PM EST
    7:00 PM PST and 10:00 PM EST

    By phone or web 
    PHONE # (530) 881-1212 
    PIN # 727-336-798

    Join me and we'll kick fear in the butt together.  

    Want more information about Jennifer Elizabeth Masters or her Fear-Free Lifestyle Assistance? Contact Jennifer for a 15 minute free consultation to see how The Self Love Guru can help. Praise for Jennifer's work

    Jennifer is hosting a Self Love Retreat in Maui, December 17 - 23, 2013. This retreat will teach you how to connect to your High Self, live from a higher place and assist you to kick fear in its butt! Adore Yourself, Be Adored at Lumeria 5 star resort 


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Spirit Messages

Messages From The Other Side?
Rich Resuta and Ariel, January 2012, on top of Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, Colorado

Being Psychic You See The Good and The Bad

As an intuitive healer, sensing and feeling what is going on with a client is powerful and makes healing much faster because I can get to the root of the issue in minutes rather than months. When it comes to loved ones, even ex-husbands, it can give one insight into things you may wish you did not know. When Rich Resuta asked me last May, "Was the infection cleared up with the antibiotics for his abscessed tooth?" I had to tell him it had traveled to his heart and may even cause his death. That was tough. When I asked for my gift of sight to come in completely, I was told, "You know you will see everything, not just the positive." I had to agree that I understood that was the case. I did an Akashic Record reading on March 25, 2012 where The Ascended Masters told me that Rich would not be around much longer.

Some of you already know that I predicted Rich's death in May, he died in his sleep on the night of July 4th, 2012. This has been devastating to Ariel and she has grown a lot since that day. 
Rich, Ariel's 16th birthday Scott Carpenter Park, CO 2012
Rich had been a runner since High School. His knowledge of fitness, with a degree in Physical Education and the fact that he taught PE in Georgia for two years made him a great coach for all of our children. As a step-father to Adam and David, he encouraged them to run, which they did in High School. Even Ariel ran cross country for Milton, High as well as Girl's On The Run in middle school. Adam and David both ran the Peachtree with Rich several times, Ariel once. Adam even went on to run the Half Marathon in Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day in 1999.

Father's Day has been looming large on the horizon as the next first that Ariel has to experience without the physical presence of her father. I was very aware of Father's Day coming up and was wondering what I could do to make it any easier for her. Saturday, June 1st, I got guidance to take Ariel to breakfast, even though I had deadlines to meet and work to do. My guides told me she needed me and my undivided attention - away from my home office. When she came into my office, to tell me about her latest dream sequence, I said, "Hold that thought, we'll go out for breakfast and you can tell me then." By the time she was showered, dressed and we were out the door, it was more like lunchtime. I commented on Ariel's choice of clothing, a 17-year-old marathon t-shirt of her late father's. She shrugged meaning, "It was what I was told to wear." We live daily by following our intuitive guidance. Our lives flow so much more beautifully when we do. We both have paid the price dearly with pain, suffering and backward motion when we do not.
Rich Resuta, David Gates, Jennifer, Ariel and Gunner in Alpharetta, Georgia

I asked where she wanted to eat and Ariel said, Chili's. Chili's had been a long-standing favorite of her's for her father-daughter Sundays. For the past three years, Rich would pick Ariel up and take her out to lunch and they spent the afternoon talking while they ate, taking their conversation into Rich's truck, usually parked in front of our house for hours while they sat and talked together. It is what Ariel misses most about her father's passing. It was an opportunity for Ariel to talk about her friends, who she had a crush on and what was going on in school. Rich was always attentive and gave her his best guidance on each situation, whether Ariel agreed or not. Rich was very self disciplined and helped Ariel with a lot of life's events. 

When they drove to the restaurant Rich played music and Ariel encouraged her father to sing along with her to their favorite songs. One in particular was called, The Center of Attention, by an artist called Guster. I had never heard this song before. Ariel uploaded it to her phone after her father's transition (apparent death) and we listened to it often on long road trips between Colorado and Georgia, or during our move to California. It always reminded Ariel of her father. It was like a direct link to her Dad. 
When we sat in our booth at Chili's Saturday, June 1st, in Lancaster, California hungrily awaiting our order to be delivered we were both taken by complete surprise by the song that suddenly began to play. Yes, it was Guster, The Center of Attention. Ariel and I immediate looked at each other and burst into tears. We could feel his presence. Ariel was sitting across the table from me wearing her father's marathon shirt a week after the Boulder Boulder where Adam, my oldest sone experienced Rich's presence. 
You could say, "Well that was a coincidence." To the nay sayers, I will tell you that almost every night while I work doing energy clearings in my office that Rich shows up energetically, knocks once on my closet door. I always ask, "Who is there?" They typical response is in Rich's dry and sarcastic tone, "Who else?" Or, "Who did you expect?" I know what Rich's energy feels like. He was present on top of Flagstaff Mountain, in Boulder when we did his ceremony. I could hear him say to me, "Bye Jennifer !"

Adam and Ariel - Milton C.C. 2011
In his typical taunting voice he always used when he said my name. Personalities come across the ethers. Their voice remains the same, as does their energy. I am a medium. Spirits talk to me. I hear the voices of St. Germain, Archangel Michael and others on a daily basis. When you sense energy blueprints, you come to recognize people just by their energy rather than their physical presence. 
Adam and David Gates

Rich has shown up for both of my sons at different times, since his apparent physical death. When Adam ran the Boulder, Boulder Memorial weekend he told me "Rich came in at mile 1." Rich was a runner and ran the Peachtree Road Race 26 years in a row. The only one he missed was this past one (July 4, 2012, the day he (died). 

When David built a changing table this spring for his best friend,
David Gates
he asked Rich to help him. He felt his presence and was able to create a beautiful piece of furniture with little knowledge and expertise.
David and Ashley Gates 2010
David said, he could not have built it without Rich.

I use brackets here, because every time I use the word death, or died in reference to him or my friends, Diana Davis or JoAnne Butler who also transitioned within weeks of each other they all say, "WE ARE NOT DEAD!" The difference is that they are not in physical form. They are still very much alive. They think, they feel and they experience. Just like we do in a physical body. Rich has such a sense of humor he even showed up in my dream one night, having explicit oral sex with me! It was not a dream, it was very real. I had to make it very clear this was not okay. It never happened again. Rich laughed about it afterward. He thought it was funny. So I know first hand that Spirits can do a lot of things, like play music when they want to get your attention. They can also come into your dreams if they choose to get a message to you. Rich remained hopeful that we would be intimate that last year when he visited us in Boulder, Co. I was not interested in going there, hence his visit to me in my dream after his transition.
Rich, David and Adam - Ariel's choral concert
Ariel looking like Rich in his shirt at Chili's


I had two miraculous music encounters with Rich's spirit twice in 2012, where he played music which sent me a very clear message. The link above regarding Rich's death explains the first experience I had. In September, 2012, I had to drive to Williston, North Dakota to pick up Rich's truck, which was now Ariel's and the rest of his belongings. Ariel is the sole heir. The only way to get his belongings was to take a plane and a bus to get there and drive his truck back to Colorado. On the way back, I hesitated to get in his truck and drive in Rich's energy for 12 hours. His energy was all over the truck, in the glove box, the console, everywhere I looked. When I finally got on the road, I plugged in my phone and listened to downloaded music till it began to crackle. Strange that it did so, as the music was on my phone and not coming over radio waves. I was forced to push the button on the radio to stop the noisy static being emitted. 

I heard Rich's voice as I began to push buttons say, "Remember the year Ariel was born?" Of course I did, "It was 1996, May 21st to be exact." As I pushed the button the static stopped and music began to play. It was Lighning Crashes, by Live. This music was playing all over the airwaves the year Ariel was born. It is the story of life and death. Women having babies, abortions, and old mother dying. It was very poignant and emotional for me.  The next song that played was Stupid Girl by Garbage. I knew that RIch always thought I was stupid for divorcing him, feeling that marriage should be till death.
Ariel, Mojave Desert, CA 2012 in her Dad's truck
There were 7 other songs that played and  sent me a very clear message of what he was thinking about and wanted me to know. Each song that played told me a story and gave me a message. There is no doubt in my mind that Rich caused these songs to play and caused my phone to crackle so that I had to turn on the radio. When the announcer came on the air, I was blown away even further, "We're playing music from 1996, all weekend!" What are the chances that the pushing of buttons I was unfamiliar with to preset stations would land me on the very one that was playing songs from the year of our daughter's birth? 10,000 to one? No more like 1,000,000 to one. Proving miracles happen every day and spirits can communicate with us if we are awake enough to notice.We became friends in the last years of his life, and spent time together in Boulder when he visited Ariel while working in North Dakota. We often went to my favorite pie place, The Walnut Cafe and had breakfast together while Ariel slept in. 

Rich was instrumental in giving me the courage to start my landscaping business in Atlanta, Georgia in 2001. He was a home builder and hired me to landscape a high end residential home for a famous infertility specialist in Buckhead. My company, For Heaven Scapes, Ltd
Adam and David Gates, Jennifer and Ariel
was opened in 2001 and was closed in September 2011 when Ariel and I moved to Boulder, Colorado. Giving credit where credit is due, had it not been for his encouragement, I know I would never have taken the leap from Master Gardener to landscape professional. I also give Rich credit for helping to end my pity party of victimization. Our marriage was tumultuous; a soul mate relationship. Not the idyllic kind you hear about in books. It was difficult, challenging and life altering. He gave me the gift of Ariel at 41. Soul mate relationships are all about making monumental changes in one's life. That he did. All of my kids worked for For Heaven Scapes at different times. This company provided me the impetus to continue to be entrepreneurial, rather than return to corporate America. Working in the dirt, creating beautiful landscapes for my clients was my passion for over 10 years. It gave me great joy and grounded me, teaching me many lessons about the earth and how everything is alive. I experienced the consciousness of trees and plants during this time for the first time. I came to the understanding that God consciousness is in every rock, tree, blade of grass and every flower. When you look back to see who it was that gave you the impetus to move you beyond your small self, it is time to take note and be Grateful. I am grateful to Rich Resuta and all the lessons he gave me, big and small. They shattered what I thought was reality and moved me to a higher plane of existence. He continues to make comments to me about our daughter, Ariel. In Albuquerque, New Mexico he strongly commented about me letter Ariel and Tessa
Ariel Resuta and Tessa
out without any known curfew. On his insistence I called Ariel and had them return to our hotel room. Ariel was relieved as Tessa was on the verge of getting them into some trouble that could have been dangerous. 

Life is a journey of experiences. Learning how to live from the High Self to get the most out of life and live joyously is what I help women do. Experience life from the extraordinary. Contact me for a 20 minute coaching call to see if working with me is in your highest and best interest. If you are reading this, there is no accident. Visit Jennifer's website

I am open to hearing your questions and comments on this subject, because I know a lot of people have questions about what happens after death. I have had quite a lot of first hand experience with loved ones leaving this plane, and one who died in my presence (John Armbruster read my book, Odyssey Victim to Victory for the details of this amazing experience). Visit Jennifer Elizabeth Master's website