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Is It Possible To Ejaculate Without Pleasure?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Question: Jennifer, when I ejaculate, I do not experience the pleasure of orgasm. What is the cause and how do I overcome this problem?

First of all, I have to say thank you for bringing this very sensitive subject up. Having a sexual release without the pleasure of an orgasm can cause concern about health issues and certainly some sadness about the lack of pleasure, which everyone deserves. In this article we'll examine the cause and what you can do naturally to solve this problem without medication. In extreme cases, medication might be needed.

What Is Anhedonia?

An is the Greek term for without. Hedonia means pleasure. The term anhedonia means without pleasure

What Causes Anhedonia?

  1. A lack of dopamine in the brain is the cause of anhedonia. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure. Those with a low dopamine level may feel like they want to die. 
  2. Anhedonia is a sign of a major depressive disorder. Energy clearings will help to relieve the blocked emotions which cause this. 
  3. Prolactin a hormone released when men ejaculate can be too high. Prolactin gives some men a feeling of sadness after ejaculating.
  4. Menopause for women can cause a lack of pleasure. Our hormones get out of whack during menopause, watching for this drop in dopamine and eating foods that boost dopamine will give you relief.
  5. A loss of pleasure from things that normally give one pleasure is one of the main clinical features of Schizophrenia. Sadly not much emphasis is placed on a loss of pleasure from sex.  
  6. Alcohol can cause a loss of pleasure from sex. Initially, there may be an increase of pleasure, as dopamine increases. However, a high amount of alcohol consumption reduces dopamine levels significantly which decreases the level of pleasure experienced. 
  7. Low testosterone levels can significantly decrease pleasure during sex.
  8. Spinal chord injury can cut off the rise of the kundalini which is responsible for the feelings of orgasm.
  9. Multiple Sclerosis causes a gradual loss of dopamine in the brain.
  10. A deficiency of amino acids. Amino acids are required to stimulate dopamine products. 
Three Ways To Boost Dopamine Naturally

  • Change your diet to include foods that increase dopamine and amino acids. Eat a variety of foods rather than the same thing over and over. Variety is the spice of life and helps to keep your body in balance and properly nourished. 
  • Get to bed early. Sleep is one of the best things for your body and mood. When we don't get enough sleep our body can't function at its optimum level. Serotonin and dopamine are increased when we get sufficient deep sleep to allow our body to regenerate and heal.
  • Exercise daily. Daily exercise increases blood calcium which is needed for dopamine production. Do the 5 Tibetan Rites as they only take 10 minutes to perform. Stop making excuses as to why you can't. Exercising once a week isn't enough. 

What Foods Boost Dopamine Levels?

Protein-rich foods like eggs, turkey, chicken, and even legumes eaten with whole grains to form a complete protein will boost dopamine levels.

Vegetables can help boost amino acids that aid in the production of dopamine. Beets, for example, have betaine which is aids in the regulation of neurotransmitters like dopamine. Avocado, artichokes increase levels of dopamine. I eat avocado every day.

Anti-oxidant rich vegetables help to reduce free radicals which cause the oxidation (or burning up of dopamine). Deep green vegetables like spinach, kale, Swiss chard, asparagus, broccoli. and beets. Peppers, oranges, strawberries cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, contain vitamin C which helps to fight free radicals. Nuts like walnuts, sunflower seeds, greens, and carrots provide vitamin E which is needed for dopamine and brain function.

Eat Food Rich In Tyrosine

Ripe bananas are loaded with tyrosine to synthesize dopamine. Almonds, meat, poultry, lima beans, sesame and pumpkin seeds, yogurt and dairy products all contain tyrosine which aids in the production of dopamine.


Blueberries, strawberries, and prunes trigger dopamine release. Berries are high in anti-oxidants which fight free radicals. Apples
contain quercetin a powerful anti-oxidant which prevents degenerative diseases by triggering the release of dopamine.


Chocolate is a delicious way to uplift our spirits and provide blissful emotions. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and less sugar. It is a go-to food for increasing serotonin in the brain, but it also increases dopamine. Overconsumption of chocolate can have the reverse effect. Remember to eat everything in moderation. 

If you deprive yourself of something this good for you, set up a session with me, you are sabotaging your life and health. 


A group of herbs is powerful for aiding dopamine recovery and production they are called the Blessed Maine Herbs. They include fenugreek, ginseng, milk thistle, nettles, red clover, and peppermint. The best way to consume these is in herbal tea.

Wheat Germ

If you aren't allergic to wheat, wheat germ provides you a rich supply of the amino acid phenylalanine which gets converted to tyrosine then stimulates the dopamine release.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin B6 helps with dopamine production. Taking a daily supplement of vitamin B complex is helpful for stress, nervousness, and anxiety as well. The amazing thing about Vitamin B6 is that it also acts as a Prolactin inhibitor. Prolactin is released when a man ejaculates. Many men feel deep feelings of sadness with prolactin production is too high. Men often blame the person they are with for the sadness when it is a chemical issue within them.

If you have a problem with a lack of pleasure, there are plenty of ways to shift this serious issue. Do not ignore a health issue as it could become life-threatening later on. Eating a variety of foods and changing what you eat rather than consuming just one type of food will help you significantly. An energy clearing will help to lift depression as well. A lack of pleasure could be a sign of a serious depression. Please get the help you need.

Jennifer is a Certified sex, love and passion coach, healed healer, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Master Energy Healer and reads the Akashic Records. She has been on a healing journey for over thirty years. Along the road of life, she has experienced much and uses her wisdom in her sessions to help her clients. If you have experienced it, she probably has also. She meditates several times a day, clears her own energy daily and does the 5 Tibetan Rites twice a day. In this way, she stays clear, youthful and is totally present with you on the phone.  Let's live to be 110! Visit Jennifer's website. Or Send her a private e-mail

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Do You Know What Brings You Happiness?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Like the six blind men and the elephant, we can all look at the same thing with a very different perspective. We only see what we look at. Without focusing on a subject, we don't recognize it
or have an awareness. When we don't recognize it, how can we feel it? What we're doing today is turning your focus to what makes you the happiest?

Until someone asked me the question above, I had no idea what made me happy, because I never thought of it. Once asked I found the answer changed for me. A year or two ago, I would have answered my family is what brings me the greatest joy. Today I would say it is my work and service to others that charges me up and has me feeling passionate. 

Think about each of the words below and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. If you feel very positive and happy about the word, rate it a ten. If the word doesn't make you feel happy at all rate it a one. Circle all the words that have tens in green for positive or GO! Circle all the ones with black or red. Anything five or under can be yellow for caution. If you have something that works better to help you recognize which is positive and which is less than great.

  • work
  • children
  • family
  • home 
  • relationship
  • friendships
  • play
  • fun
  • dance
  • health
  • exercise
  • driving
  • being creative
  • food
  • travel
  • adventure
  • music
  • commute to work
  • evening
  • morning
  • prayer
  • meditation
  • service to others
  • volunteering
  • seva
  • yoga
  • the gym
  • desert
  • being near water
  • nature 
  • forest
  • mountains
  • moving 
  • marriage
  • enlightenment
  • sex
  • taxes
  • bookkeeping
  • workshops
  • reading
  • writing
Happiness is different for everyone. You might feel a community is what brings you joy and happiness. Others might find that solitude is what brings on the bliss. Being out in nature and witnessing wildlife might be what ignites your fire and brings you happiness. Meditation might be a ten for your mate, while you find exercise creates the greatest amount of happiness and bliss for you. There are no wrong answers. 

If you don't include fun and play in your life currently, find ways to do so. Life is meant to be fun. What's stopping you? Life is short have a ball! Play reduces stress and raises serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is what keeps you from feeling depressed and anxious. Yes, play will help you reduce anxiety as well. Stress is the number one cause of illness and disease. So get playing!

I would love to hear what your answers were. Join the conversation on Facebook. When my son asked me this question years ago, I hadn't thought of how to create more happiness and joy on purpose before. Since that time, I have shifted my schedule so that my day incorporates the greatest amount of events that I enjoy and a few of the ones I enjoy less in smaller increments of time. 

Examples Of LifeStyle Changes For Greater Happiness

Once we recognize the greatest source of joy for us, we also have the data to see what are our least favorite activities. Whenever possible delegate the things you don't enjoy doing. Hire someone to assist you with the housekeeping for example if you hate to clean, but love a clean house. If life brings you down, its time to hire me as your coach so that I can help to dovetail your life to find your joy, passion, and inspiration and clear the limiting beliefs and blocks to happiness.

If you hate commuting, but live two hours away from your office, see if you can work from home and telecommute several days a week. If you hate your job, focus on finding work you love to do so that you have fun working, then it doesn't even feel like work any longer.

The purpose of this exercise is to raise awareness of what it is in your life that gives you the greatest amount of joy. Follow the joy to raise your level of happiness. Do more things that bring you the number ten. If you aren't able to eliminate those activities that don't light you on fire, add some novelty and create unusual ways to exercise or commute with music or audible books to learn while you are on the road. Happiness is more about making choices to emphasize what you love and doing things in novel ways to keep you from falling asleep on the road of life.

What patterns do you have that you have lived with your entire life? What are you avoiding? What are you still afraid of?

With Gratitude for you!
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this way I will work on your specific energy field. 

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With so much love,


How I Healed A Deep Issue With Scary Angry Men

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I've had an issue since I was a child. Just one? Actually, after years of working on myself, this issue remained because it was so scary for me. I have been afraid of angry men. My father didn't look quite like Hugh Jackman, but he was pretty scary when he was angry, and he was angry often. Even though my father died twenty-seven years ago, the issue continued to plague me till now.

When an issue keeps repeating in our lives, the universe is presenting it to us to heal and shift it. There is no malice when we don't get the lesson from The Divine or the universe. Even if the person we had the original issue with has left the planet, we can be assured of repeating the lesson until we finally get it. Following is my story of what showed up for me in an unexpected way. Maybe you will see your patterns in my story.

Though both my parents had anger and rage issues, the issue with my father was more profound. My father was a big, strong, angry man. When he was angry, he was loud. His energy got very large, and I was terrified of his rage and loud voice. When I did something he thought was wrong, he would whip his belt off and beat me with it. 

If a wooden spoon or hairbrush were closer, he would use those too. The fear for me was very deep and visceral. Sounds even today like hearing a man pull his belt out of his pants bring up the fight, fright and freeze mechanism that is innate in all humans.

He had an addictive personality and smoked for seventeen years. I never saw him falling down drunk, but he certainly liked to drink. He made his own wine and beer in our cellar. Later in his life, he quit because he knew it was affecting his health with gout and joint pain. 

Repeating Pattern

Throughout my life, I attracted men who were angry. Let's just say the universe gave me ample opportunities to heal this pattern of being afraid of big, angry, scary, yelling men. They may have had differences along the way, but the common thread was anger, intimidation, and disrespect for women. My father refused to allow me to go to college because I was a girl and would just get married and have babies. He felt it was a waste of his money to educate me. There were layers upon layers stuffed deep within my psyche.

Mojave Desert
I attracted men in different shapes and personalities. My father was a self-made handyman and Jack of All Trades. He built houses, cottages, boats and was often fixing things. All the men I attracted had terrible tempers and were scary (at least to me) when they were angry. Rather than standing up to them, I shut down and backed away.

Connecting The Dots

When I moved to California, I had no idea at the time what our little house in the desert would mean to me as far as a healing opportunity. I knew that the desert is for purging. It is a place to turn your life over to God. There are emptiness and monasticism in the desert. I certainly lived like a monk for many years while here. My life became very simple. 

Rejecting Luxury

Alpharetta, Georgia home Rich built, 2001
I had everything material I ever dreamed of in the past from living on a private estate in England to a 4,000 square foot home in Alpharetta, Georgia. I knew the material didn't make me happy. In fact, I rejected luxury after recovering from a spending addiction in a heartless marriage that turned me off anything posh or luxurious. In fact, I gave away my best clothing and furniture. I rejected luxurious comfort due to the guilt I had for having excess and feeling it didn't make my heart sing.

Every time, I went onto the Internet to look for a house in California for my daughter and me this particular house showed up. On the outside, the house looked like little more than a shack, the interior, however, was totally re-done complete with granite countertops, a nickel gooseneck kitchen faucet, ceramic tiled floor, shower and brand new everything. It was perfect for our dogs, and thirteen miles to the closest bank and my daughter's Charter school. Was it pretty? It depends on what you look at. I found a way to make it work. I found a way to enjoy the desert. The bottom line was I could AFFORD IT!

My landlord considered himself a Jack-of-all-trades. He was a plumber but did all the restoration on this little rental house himself.

Upon our move in on November 1st, 2012, I had challenges with our landlord, I'll call him Jose. We were without heat and hot water for two weeks until the gas company could hook us up. Though he helped me out by not imposing a pet deposit, he made grandiose promises on which he didn't deliver. He promised to show up to do repairs on a specific date and wouldn't call when he couldn't make it. Over 50% of the time that he said he would be at my house he never showed. His behavior was so evident that my neighbors remarked at how surprised when he did show up, that was how often commitments were made and broken.

His promise to change out the single paned windows took him two full years to install. His promise to build an arbor over the driveway and wall around the property never materialized. When we discovered a broken window under the closed blinds, my landlord said we broke it then called me a liar screaming at me on my front porch. His intimidation tactics were very scary, I stood firm and refused to pay for a broken window that was broken upon move in. I told him I didn't appreciate being called a liar. I don't lie.

From the first time, it rained till today when there was more than 1/4 inch of rain the bathroom ceiling leaked at the newly located ceiling fan above the commode. Each time the roof leaked, I would contact Jose and tell him. He never fixed the issue. He also didn't listen to me when I told him what I thought the problem was caused by. Even replacing the roof after my ceiling caved in didn't fix the problem.

After the second Christmas in the house, my landlord, informed me the reason he hadn't been responding to my phone calls was that he had been in jail for a DUI. He loved his cerveza, but tequila was his true love. He told me he typically drank a quart and a half a night. I didn't know how he was able to keep the pace of a full-time job and the maintenance of 9 rental properties. Something had to give.

Pieces of The Puzzle

The pieces were beginning to fall into place. My landlord at the farmhouse in Georgia was also an alcoholic who refused to make repairs. (I ended up losing everything in Georgia to black mold after the oak trees landed on the roof.) I was beginning to have Deja Vu. 

Each time it rained, water dripped water onto our heads when we sat down to pee. It could be said, that we were taking a leak in the literal sense. 

Fortunately, we were in a drought the first two years which meant it rarely rained. However, that changed in 2016 when California experience flooding. In 2016 alone, I reported seven incidents of roof leaks where several inches of water filled an awaiting bucket on the bathroom floor. On one occasion water spilled from the ceiling and poured down my interior wall onto the carpet. Needless to say, I reported this to my landlord in February 2017, and never received a response.

Roots grew into the pipes causing raw sewage to back up into the bathtub on three occasions. At this point, you might wonder why I stayed? My logical mind said, "Where else could I get such a deal on rent?" It felt as if the $800 a month rent was worth the inconvenience until it wasn't any longer. 

About a year ago, I received Guidance that I would leave this house as I did in Georgia - with only my clothes and a few precious items. I thought, "Well that is interesting." I didn't question any further, though I could have asked, "Why?" Those questions are rarely answered as we are on a need to know basis. The Universe doesn't feel we need to know they whys and wherefores.

Every time I turned around there was another problem. If it wasn't the pipes being clogged with tree roots and raw sewage backing up through the shower drain into the bathtub, it was a pipe falling off under the sink, gophers tearing up my front lawn or the bathroom roof leaking. 

There was an issue during the heat of the summer last year when my swamp cooler wasn't cooling. With summer temperatures in the high 100's for weeks on end, the air that did come in through the vents was stagnant and smelling of mold. A swamp cooler uses water to cool the air inside the house. The interior temperature with the swamp cooler running constantly sustained 84 degrees or higher. 

How The Swamp Cooler Works

Swamp coolers when running efficiently cost significantly less to run than an air conditioner. Water fed through a pump sprays the large pads about 16"x 16" square, keeping the pads wet. The fan blows through the dampened pads which feed cooled air through the vents into the house. The pads need to be changed yearly because of the mineral build up from the water and the high desert heat that dry rot even rubber. 

The pads on my swamp cooler hadn't been changed in over four years. Jose refused to change them. He even bought the pads and had them at the house to do so. In the end, he changed his mind and said they didn't need to be changed. Instead, he changed out the water pump, which cost triple what the pads cost and that my neighbor said worked fine. Jose didn't like me making suggestions. I was a woman. He didn't respect the opinion of women. I urged him to put the new pads on even offering to pay the $12.00 to do so. He refused.

I told him that my neighbor had taken a look at the swamp cooler for me, he had been a maintenance man for an apartment complex and knew what he was talking about. The fact that I had someone else up on "his roof" made him angry. My neighbor had assured me that the pads needed to be changed and were the reason my house wasn't cooling. The air couldn't possibly pass through the mineral encrusted pads.

Jose said the pads were good. When I got nowhere with Jose directly, I went to Jose's wife who I had become friendly with and worked as the Manager of the Estee Lauder counter at the mall. My logical mind told me it was a good idea to talk to her. It wasn't.

I attempted to enlist her support to get Jose to change out the pads but received the opposite. My logic was false, clearly, I was attempting to avoid a confrontation due to my fear of him. My effort to gain a compadre caused an explosion. Jose didn't respect women. He called me in a fit of rage to say his name was on the lease, not his wife's I wasn't to talk to her about issues with "his" house. He yelled at me for twenty minutes, threatening me. He told me "If you don't like it leave!" 

He said he didn't need to fix anything he didn't want to. My fear of Jose caused me to create a situation that was safe for me. I'll go to the person I feel safe with, his wife. (Our logical mind tells us stories that don't usually make sense but we believe them anyway.)

His rage took me back to my fear of my father and other men who raged and drank. I was frozen. I wanted to escape, but the Universe would support me and hold my feet to the fire. I needed to move through this issue, rather than avoid it.

I had a neighbor change the pads that were calcified with hard mineral deposits and loaded with black mold and paid him $50.00 to do the work. I could have avoided the situation with Jose and his wife by doing this first. 

I was so intimidated after Jose's tirade that when I had a plumbing issue, I paid my neighbor to fix the problem and the swamp cooler, rather than calling my landlord. With the new pads on the swamp cooler, my house was cool, comfortable and my electric bills were cut in half. The swamp cooler didn't have to labor so hard to do its job. 

Shortly after my neighbor mentioned that he had adjusted the float on the swamp cooler; Jose didn't have it operating the way it should. I noticed water pouring off the back of the roof. I turned off the water to the swamp cooler and reported the problem to Jose. He didn't respond.  Two weeks later the ceiling in my back bedroom came crashing down onto the floor, sopping wet drywall, insulation, and smelling of mold. I had no choice but to call my resistant landlord, Jose. 

Jose showed up the following day to survey the damage. Had he responded when I told him about the leak originally, the roof damage might have been avoided. There was certainly a pattern of avoidance; mine and Jose's. That day he declared he would give me a brand new roof he also promised to paint the entire house and let me choose the color. He promised to be at my house on Friday. He didn't show up and didn't call. Instead, they began a day later as one of the crew was too hungover to work the previous day. 

The crew of five, spent an entire day on my roof in September removing the shingles. Jose offered liquid encouragement for his boys. They drank three cases of beer perched on the roof, tossing the beer cans onto the ground. 

My Repeating Patterns

  • I had a penchant for quirky old houses that need  constant repair
  • I attracted alcoholics - a father, boyfriend, husband, and now two landlords that were Jack-of-all-trades.
  • I was accustomed to walking on eggshells with angry people.
  • The water issues, leaks and backed up drains were a symbol of emotions that needed to be resolved about the past.
  • I had a terrible fear of men like my father who yelled to intimidate women.
  • Houses with constant water issues drain away money. My money was going down the drain.
  • I felt I couldn't do any better. I was in fear of not being able to afford what was available on the market. (Sound familiar?)
  • My daughter kept reinforcing my belief, telling me I needed to stay. "How will you ever find anyone who will accept you with all your animals, Mom?"
What I Had To Do

It takes 21 days of consistency to change patterns. Not only do we need to clear the energetic pattern, but we have to respond differently as well. I had to change my behavior and had to be consistent with mantras and thoughts to have lasting change. I had to reprogram my mind. My old way of dealing with men who yelled and intimidated me was to be intimidated and avoid conflict. I was afraid of yelling men. Instead, I needed to stand up to my landlord in a way that would get his attention. I had a choice, as we always do.

I Considered My Options

  1. I could humble myself and go the legal route sending my landlord a certified letter that he could refuse or become enraged over, then take the certified receipt to the Housing Department and then they would look over my notes and decide what needed to be done.
  2. I could hit him in the pocketbook to get his attention.
  3. I could do nothing and stay in a place that was unsafe, unhealthy where my money was draining away.

I looked at all my options and chose door number 2. I knew hitting Jose in the pocketbook was the fastest way to get him to complete the unfinished work on the third bedroom. His wife called me and asked me when I would pay my rent three days after the due date in March. I told her I had paid it. She began asking further questions. I felt confident and strong. I asked her to have her husband call me, as he requested that I not talk to her about issues relating to "his" rental property.

Though Jose called me immediately, he was in Mexico tending to his ranch. When I explained I had deducted $500 for the five months I was without my third bedroom, he was dumbfounded. Since the house was 800 square feet and my rent was the same, I paid $300, devaluing my rent $100 for each month that the third bedroom was unusable. The third bedroom was 100 square feet. It made sense to me. 

To Jose however, he couldn't put a full sentence together. I had shifted the dynamic. I was no longer the complacent agreeable meek woman. I was finally growing a pair. He promised to see me the following Monday to do the repairs. He made good on his promise and did an incredible drywall plastering job. We chatted while he did the work. He tried to be angry with me, but I was friendly and affable. He never asked me for the $500. 

Amethyst Geode

The huge amethyst geode he had broken moving sheets of drywall was still in question. I couldn't prove he broke it, as I didn't see it happen. The fact that the bedroom door had been closed for five months and the geode had been in the back corner of my house for four-and-a-half years without ever falling over, didn't matter apparently. He would not pay me the $800 it cost to replace it.

I have no ill feelings toward Jose. He is doing the best he can to make a living to provide for his family and retire. He works very hard and plays equally hard. I also am very aware that Jose is a great gift to me. He is part of my life plan to transform, evolve and grow. He showed up to show me my pattern. I have tremendous compassion and gratitude for him and his family. I finally stood up to an angry yelling man with big energy without running away. YAY! YAY for me! I grew some cojones! I did it without having to yell, swear or get angry.

Manifesting A Beautiful, Safe Home

Placerita Canyon
For over a year, I had been asking the Universe, "How can I find a small home, perfect for me in a place I love, that will accept me with six animals that would be safe and affordable?" 

Alpharetta, Georgia 
On my way to a Oneness meditation with my friend Shannon, I asked the Universe after a particularly challenging day with Jose, "Who do I need to talk to about a place to rent?" I had a vision of Shannon's face. I asked her that night before we began to meditate. "I need to move, do you have any ideas or suggestions?" Shannon responded with a huge smile, "You can move into my guest house!" Shannon had been renting her apartment out on Air B&B and wanted someone in her place that was steady, rather than having to be responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of it herself. It was clearly a win-win for us both. 

I made sure that Shannon was okay with all my pets. She said she was. When I went by to sign the deposit form, I brought my dogs with me. They didn't want to leave. Karma was so happy to be around horses and wide open spaces with a green lawn and not just sand. My dogs confirmed for me that all was well with this situation. I paid a $500 pet deposit to her to hold the place. 

The Universe loves win-win situations!

To be honest, I love the approach to my friend's home. Every time I drove to her Oneness Blessing event I would revel in the natural beauty, trees, and houses. Shannon and her husband have a five-acre ranch with five horses, goats, and a miniature horse. She is a meditator, Oneness Blessing Trainer and on the same page spiritually as me. She is also a healer.

Her home is as beautiful as she is inside and out. Moving to her ranch would mean I would be 53 miles closer to Los Angeles which is of great benefit. The town of Santa Clarita is right around the corner from her; only ten minutes away. 

I wouldn't have to drive two hours to get to LA to do workshops and presentations. The homes surrounding her place were all beautiful and upscale. The only issue? The rent is double what I pay in the desert. I have to come up with $3,000 by May 1st for my first and last month's rent.

  • My logical mind says I can't afford it.
  • My heart says I'll be more prosperous living around prosperous people
  • My dogs say, "WE LOVE THIS PLACE!"
  • My guidance over a year ago was that I would leave this little house in the desert with only a few items. 
  • Shannon's place is furnished!
  • Again, I am being given the opportunity to shed unwanted belongings and begin anew in a much simpler way.

How To Overcome The Sticker Shock?

Maybe, just maybe I need to be closer to the people who can use and afford my services. Living in Santa Clarita puts me in front of a huge number of people who are interested in coaching and spiritual evolution. My dogs are in doggie heaven on her ranch. Karma is as happy there as she is at the beach. In fact, last night when I put both dogs in the car after touring her property, Karma didn't want to leave. She was stonily silent the entire ride home. She was letting me know she has already made the move to our new location!

The Ass-Kicker!

After making the decision to move to my friend's ranch in May (as soon as the Mercury Retrograde ends May 3rd), I walked to the post office and returned a short while later. I had left the house closed up. Without ventilation, I smelled urine. Sure it could be said, I have plenty of reason to smell urine, I have four cats! My intuition told me it was black mold. I immediately got on my computer and googled, "What does black mold smell like?" You guessed it, URINE! Mold that takes hold in the desert is tenacious as it has had to adapt to drier conditions.

All the rain the past six months that had pooled inside my ceiling and even poured down the interior walls of my little home had caused the drywall to become soggy and wet. Given that the attic and interior of the ceiling didn't see the light of day, the combination of the leaking roof has caused black mold to grow in the drywall and attic. I reported a leak to my landlord seven times since September of 2016.

The Universe Is Always And In Every Way Supporting Us

The Universe is making sure that I heed my intuition and move even though the rent is double. Connecting the dots, I had an alcoholic landlord who didn't want to fix things in Georgia. I ended up moving and losing everything I owned due to black mold. Again, in California, I have an alcoholic landlord, where I stood up to and changed my pattern allowing healing to occur. I am not afraid of Jose any longer. The drywall is just double insurance that I won't back down and will boldly move to a place that is double the rent with the faith that I will be supported as I always am. 

Why I didn't Report My Landlord

I checked with the Department of Health and the Code Compliance Department in my local government. I was told that the only thing they would make a landlord do once black mold is detected is to paint over the mold. Anyone who has had black mold knows that 
paint doesn't cure or kill mold. It was pointless for me to take any action that would be so useless. The Law of Karma will take care of this man. I don't have to make him pay The Universe will. It is the Universal Law.  


As long as we are in a human body we will be working on our issues. When we don't heal and clear issues we become stagnant and unhealthy. Physical ailments will surface until we eliminate the root cause which is always emotional in nature. When we declare we want total enlightenment and evolution, situations will continue to arise so that we can release the past and heal. When we let go of old hurts and limiting beliefs or patterns our energy is raised and we move to a higher level. Thinking we are "DONE" is quite funny. We will never be done until we become fully enlightened like Buddha or Jesus.

What patterns do you have that you have lived with your entire life? What are you avoiding? What are you still afraid of?

With Gratitude for you!
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Are You Avoiding Life?

As an observer of life, I watch men and women. I watch couples interact as well as single people. Recently, I have been astounded at the absence of mindfulness in the men I have encountered. Two men, let doors slam in my face as I entered the buildings after them. I talked to those men and this is what I found.

Both men were terribly distracted. When I brought their actions, gently to their attention, they were both very apologetic and told me that they didn't realize what they had done till afterward. One was going through a divorce and clearly had other things on his mind, he later asked me out on Facebook. I declined. 

The second one was married. He made excuses. It was his cell phone, his computer, texting.... I asked him if he treated his wife with such disregard he said sheepishly, "No." I know this can't be true. I asked if they were still having sex? He looked surprised at my question. I told him if he was so absent-minded and disconnected during his day, he was most likely missing the boat with his sexual encounters as well.

As You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

If you are not present during your work day, you will not be present at home with your wife and family either. 

If you are aggressive on the road and cut women off, rather than let them go ahead of you, you will also be aggressive in your relationship with women.

If you are shut down to the idea of sex and being intimate with your partner, you are also shut down emotionally for yourself and life. You will not be experiencing life to it's fullest potential. 

Cluttered Home - Cluttered Mind - Cluttered Body

Is your home cluttered with collections, magazines, newspaper and mail? If so, you are an emotional hoarder. You have difficulty letting go of the past, you will continue to be angry about things when it is more than beyond the time you need to let it go and move on. 

If your home is cluttered, your car is probably also. As you do one thing, is how you do everything.

A woman I have worked with complaints about her husband hanging on to magazines, books, and newspapers. Yet, she also has stacks of magazines, a slew of clutter on her bathroom counter top and oodles of unworn brand new clothes in her closet. The very things we criticize our partners for are our own issues as well. Look inside rather than pointing fingers at others.

If your home is cluttered, you most likely need to do a colon cleanse. Read my previous article about digestive hoarding. Digestive issues can kill you. 

Get your digestive tract cleansed and let go of all that crap stuck inside of you. Emotional issues will also be released. A colon cleanse cleanses more than just the body, it also cleanses the mind, emotions and raises your energetic vibration. Think about it this way, all those meals you have eaten over the years with food additives and undigested foods are stuck in the colon, making absorption next to impossible. You are literally starving to death as we speak due to your body's inability to completely digest your food.

Holding Hands And Kissing

Are you affectionate with your partner? If not, why not? Most people that are not affectionate with their partners are also not kind and loving with themselves. The more kind and nurturing you are with you, the more in touch with your partner you will also be. You can't expect someone to want to have sex with you, if you don't express love to them or yourself. 

Sex for women is an emotional experience, but it begins in the mind. We can't have sex with our men when you are being an ass, or have forgotten our birthday, anniversary or are just plain disconnected. Kiss your partner. Act like you care. Be present. Tell her or him how beautiful they are - often.

How To Be Present When You Are As Disconnected As A Lamp

I understand feeling disconnected. When I was first starting my healing path, I was absent-minded, fragmented, living in the past and the future and an emotional landmine. I reacted at the drop of a hat. I felt more than a little crazy. Considering what I went through in my childhood, none of that is outrageous. Be patient with yourself. Follow my steps for becoming present, mindful and connected to who you truly are, an amazing, loving, kind and gentle person. Loving kindness is the core of who you are. Breathe that in. Love is your soul essence. Consider giving yourself some compassion along the way, in turn we all become more compassionate with others when we are compassionate with ourselves.

  1. Breathe Deeply. The fastest way to get back into your body and get grounded is to breathe deeply. Most people are barely breathing. When you breathe shallowly, you are not affirming life. Affirm life. Breathe in slowly. Exhale slowly and completely. Feel the aliveness in your body when you do. There is nothing to be afraid of. This is you. Breathe in the love. Breathe in the present. Breathe in life.
  2. Silence. Sit is complete silence twice a day beginning with 10 minutes. You don't have to sit in the Lotus position, cross-legged. Sit up straight. Breathe. Turn your eyes upward towards the ceiling to shut down the mind chatter. Then close them. With your eyelids shut, turn your eyeballs upwards towards your hairline. This will keep your mind quiet. Shut off your television. Shut off your cell phone. "Oh my God! Shut off the cell phone, what if someone wants to reach me?" They will call back or leave a message. It is okay. Many people are afraid to be alone with themselves in quiet. I promise you, your life will improve when you begin to revel in the silence every day. 
  3. Connect. Go outside, walk out in nature. Connect with the earth. Nature, plants, trees, birds will help you recognize your
    own Divinity within. Walk barefoot. Touch or hug a tree. Ask the tree to take away your burdens. Then say thank you when it 
    does. Trees have a consciousness and will communicate with you. They love it when we talk to them. Sounds crazy? I certainly don't care what others think of me, you shouldn't either. 
  4. Notice. Begin to notice what you are thinking, saying and feeling. Noticing is called raising your awareness. Do your best to stay positive, think positively. As with anything new, it takes practice to train your brain to be positive. When you do it
    consistently, you will feel happier, life will be easier. We create with our thoughts. Make your world a better place by thinking lovingly about you and everyone around you.
  5. Feel Your Feelings Fully. Most of us try to run away from our feelings. We do this with exercise, work, sex, alcohol, drugs, spending and food. Running away from our feelings keeps us stuck in denial and trapped in the past. We have to feel our feelings fully, sitting with what we have coming up and allow the feelings to pass through us. Running away is avoidance of reality, life and what is. I know I did this for years. I was an expert at avoidance. You cannot be fully present for sex, love or any part of a relationship if you cannot be present with yourself and feel fully.
When we are disconnected from ourselves, we are also disconnected from our partners. Our conversations are shallow and meaningless. Sex takes on a cursory note - lifeless as if going through the motions. We don't show up for our kids fully present, we don't work to our best ability and we don't succeed in life when we are
not fully present. 

Living life to the fullest means turning all the lights on, igniting our soul, living in our passion - fully alive in every breath. I want this for you. Living in a state of gratitude for what we have now allows us to appreciate life more, it is how I live my life. 

Meaningful and Thriving

Life is more meaningful when you are fully present. Your conversations mean something to the people you connect with. Sexual encounters are amazing when you are fully present, connected to yourself and your partner in the moment. Your partner notices that you are fully present - there with them, fully, attentive, feeling everything actively, rather than thinking about what we want to say to make our point instead. 

When we are not in our bodies, we are afraid of who we are. We are afraid of feeling our emotions fully. We shy away from deep connections and eye contact. We are not being true to ourselves or our partners when we are disconnected from ourselves. If you liked this article, please comment below, or share it with a friend. I appreciate you being here. I love you! Thank you to all of you have been following me and reading my blogs. To the Russian people, our ancestors are from a similar family tree. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters has been on her personal healing journey for over 30 years. Her own awakening changed her life in so many positive ways. She shares her knowledge, compassion and understanding with you, her clients. To receive your personal one-on-one discovery session of 40 minutes, e-mail Jennifer now, to see if her work is a good fit for your growth process. 

If you have struggled with relationships and life and are tired of going it alone, Jennifer will give you the support, impetus, and tools to support your journey and empower you along the way. You will find your passion when you work with Jennifer. Jennifer is a gifted catalyst, who's voice heals. She uses six different modalities to help her clients clear, shift and eliminate baggage, depression, sadness, suicide programs and addictions. Her books are available on

Thursday, March 23, 2017

5 Ways To Get Unstuck and Out of A Crappy Mood

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Your motherboard crashes, your Internet goes down, you get into a fight with your partner or best friend and you wonder is it just you? When nothing is going right pushing another bad move isn't in your best interest. There are ways to get out of a funk or bad vibe.

If doing things your regular way isn't feeling right rather than continuing to do the same thing or make another decision that nets a loss here are some ways to handle and rid yourself of that funk, stagnant and shitty mess.

When Venus is in retrograde, till April 15th, you may feel unloved, or that you aren't getting the love you need. You may feel where you are spending your money isn't netting you the results you expected: NO LOVE! That is what Venus in retrograde does. 

Here are 5 Ways to Get Unstuck

1. Play some music to get you moving and shift your mood. Here is a list of 100 happy summer songs to get you thinking. Huffington Post came up with a list of happy songs for the winter months. I have my own suggestions below.

2. Move. Get outside and exercise. Exercise will shift your energy, relieve stress, anger and frustration. 

3. Dance. Come on get out of your chair. You know you want to. Dancing will make you feel so much better. Remember I love you!

4. Cook something healthy for yourself. Even baking can make you feel loved and taken care of. You don't need to have someone to take care of you, you need to self care.

5. Take a salt water bath. Epsom salts will take away the funk, relax your muscles and clear your energy.

You Get What You Give

Remember what you put out you get back. If you are not at your best, playing music and dancing will be sure to help aleviate the blues. If the New Radicals don't do it for you, maybe Hall and Oates One on One will, or Pharrell Williams, Happy. 

Maybe listening to Hall and Oates will get you in the mood to really play some One on One! That will surely shift your funk! Or how about Friday I'm In Love by The Cure? For those of you who prefer R& B, I have some R. Kelly, Marvine Gaye, getting it on, to top off your playlist. By the time you listen to my final selection of Etta James, At Last, you should be dancing with your partner all the way upstairs! If you want more of these, here is a download of modern love songs to help you feel loved.

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