Monday, September 30, 2013

Take Your Power Back

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Free Webinar

Have you ever wondered why life is so difficult?

Have you ever wondered if it has always been this way?

Have you ever wondered if life could be easier and more fun!?

Today and the next two days I am hosting three free 

webinars. These are LIVE events. I will record them. 

Each webinar builds on the one before, helping you to 

access your own innate power, ability to manifest and 

to access that what you already have within you. 

Everyone has the ability to create, manifest and draw 

love to them. We just need to be reminded how.

Here is the download from yesterday's webinar. 

There is a powerful MONEY clearing at the end!

The log in information is at the bottom

Today, we delve into your own power. This is a God-

given gift. NOT using our powers, respecting ourselves

and loving ourselves actually disempowers us.  

If you are one of those people who give and give and

then wonder why after all this giving you feel depleted,

resentful and angry these webinars will help you.

Perhaps you wonder how you can shift from being 

negative when things begin to go badly, or

how to navigate a difficult time in your life.

The tools I will give you will help you with the 

challenges you are facing daily.I hope you will join me 

while I share what I have discovered along my journey.

Each day I will help you be in the present, feel calm,

peace filled and connect to your Divine self. I will have  

a question and answer time at the end. Don't hesitate 

I am new to this and found that you can only ask questions when calling in via phone lines. The web link is only for listen only mode. Bring your questions. 

You can call in via Skype: To connect to a conference using skype, you can either add the contact "Joinconference" to your contact list, or dial it directly without adding the contact first. You will have to type in the name with your keyboard, and no country designation is required. Once the call is connected, bring up the virtual dial pad to enter your host or guest pin code. While it does depend on your skype version, the button to bring up the virtual dial pad usually looks like a picture of 9 small dots. Once the dial pad is open, you can click on the numbers with your mouse, or use your keyboard. If the system does not seem to understand the dial tone commands, you may need to sign out of skype, and then sign back in and try the call again. Use the same pin number as with the phone line.

Detailed Instructions:

There are only so many spots available by phone, if you

have a computer use the webinar login. Raise your 

hand, don't be afraid, I don't bite -  often.

Monday: Take Your Power Back

Tuesday: Making Your Dreams Come True

Wednesday: Drawing In Love


DATE & TIME: Monday, September 30th at 6:00pm PST

FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)

DIAL IN: 206-402-0100, Guest Code: 206210#


Saturday, September 28, 2013

With Love From God

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

After a trip to Bali in 2011, I began to stream consciousness from The Universe. The way this occurs for me is like a conversation. I ask a question and the answer is given. I have been intuitive since I was a child. After years of study, meditation, personal searching, healing and spiritual work I experience internal peace, serenity, joy and bliss. 

I became enlightened in 2012. As a channel and mystic, I receive information in Akashic Record readings or psychic readings for clients. Sometimes the information comes from The Ascended Masters; often I am joined by St. Germaine or Archangel Michael. Other times it is my Guides or my client's Guides. On occasion, the BIG GUY gives me cryptic messages to get my attention. Some of these messages have caused me to move or travel across the country. 

Yesterday, while I sat waiting for a meeting in the front seat of my car, the warmth of a fall afternoon began to take hold. I had been working long hours writing and developing a group coaching program about my favorite subject, Self Love. I started to doze off. My dog, Karma was doing the same in the back seat of the car. As I began to fall asleep, a stream of consciousness came through. I was compelled to pick up my pen and notebook I always carry with me. The love letter below is exactly what came through:

A note from God:

Dearest Loved One,

I adore you. Yes, I adore you. As hard as that may be to believe, I absolutely adore you.

I adore you,  no matter what. I adore you if you haven't showered, or shaved. I adore you whether you have lost your job, or spent every last cent, or didn't pay your water bill. I adore you.

I accept you. I accept you as you are. It does not matter to me if you are a landscaper, a chimney sweep, student, attorney, nurse, school teacher or priest. I accept you.I accept you as you are without attempting to cajole, manipulate, ostracize or condemn. For none of those things are elements of love.

I love you. I love you no matter what. Even if you miss a deadline, bus, or strategic plan goal. I love you.

I love you when you are happy, sad, depressed, angry and crying. I love you no matter how you feel.

I love you when you are stuck and writhing in pain, not understanding how to surrender and heal. I love you when you are not.

I love you even if you have not done the dishes, laundry or shopping. I love you when you are kind to animals, pet your cat, or dog, hug a loved one or hold your baby to breastfeed.

I am pleased with you when you pick yourself up and begin a brand new day, even when you are down and discouraged. 

I am pleased with you when you help your neighbor, a teenager, an old lady or rescue a dog.

I am pleased with you if you pick up your trash, smile at another and recognize the love in the eyes of a complete stranger. 

I am joyful when you get it - when you love me with an open heart, teach others your wisdom and surrender your will.I am joyful when you are joyful and love it when you take the time to commune with nature and appreciate all of my creatures.
I am with you during the darkest night of your soul. I am with you in sickness and death. I am with you in lack and poverty. I never ever leave you.

I hear you when you shout my name, no matter what language it is. I see you when you cry. I hear you when you call my name.

I will never leave you. I have never left you.

I love you without expectation. I love you without attachment. I love you without control. I love you without reservation, no matter what you do, say or feel.

I enjoy it when you meditate, sing or play music. I enjoy it when you laugh out loud. 

I am with you for every part of your journey. I am with you when life is easy for you. I am with you during your challenges, the mountain climbing, flooding and the rock slides. 

I watch you when you feel weak.
I wait patiently for you to join me.I long for you to let go of your pain and suffering.I am with you always and forever.

In love,


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Sunday, September 22, 2013

3 Ways to Stop Self Sabotage

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters in her OLD life

We are a work in progress. We are human. Recognizing that life is about learning and each perceived MISTAKE is another lesson learned well. Jennifer E. Masters

If I counted the number of perceived mistakes I have made along the path of life I would be so busy counting that there would not be time for much else. Life is about a series of events and choices. Sometimes we choose wisely, other times our choices are  made for us, as we feel like we are on a conveyor belt and making choiceless choices instead. Self sabotage happens when all we do is focus on the negative and see our glass as half empty rather than focusing on all our Blessings and gifts. As we focus on what we didn't do or our perceived failure we rush down a spiral of ever negative ever defeating thoughts and anguish overcomes us.

There are ways to stop this. I did. I used to beat myself up endlessly. I was filled with so much self hatred that seeing the events of my life as lessons did not happen. Relationships and marriages ending left me feeling like a failure and ashamed. It was not until I began to recognize that everything happened for my soul's evolution, rather than to defeat me, I started to let go of the self recrimination and self abuse.

Each relationship and event we have shows us more about who we are. We find out our strengths, our weaknesses and above all, WE LEARN! Each life event, marriage, divorce and break-up teaches us something about us. Lessons lived are the most profound. The issue most people have is that we downplay the wonders of ourselves and magnify our shortcomings. When we focus on what we didn't do, we are allowing our ego to run the show. 90% of our thoughts are unconscious. Training our minds to be positive can be a full time job. Self sabotage is what happens when we allow our unconscious minds to run the show.

There are ways to over come our rigid negative focus and begin to lovingly accept ourselves. Know that you are perfect as you are. Constantly striving for perfection is a difficult task. Who's perfection are you striving for? If you feel you will never have enough, you will never feel satisfied with you. Chasing the world's perfection is one source of our pain.  God has already forgiven us, we just need to forgive ourselves.  Know that you are already enough. You are wonderful as you are.

Our ego unfailingly points out all of the errors and  mistakes. Learning to quiet this negative mind chatter is the first step. An energy clearing would help get you started. Think about it this way, you wash your car, your clothes and your body. What about your soul? Negativity sticks to us if we don't clear it. You can contact me about an energy clearing here. Each time you have an argument with someone that energy sticks to you. Each negative thought that someone has about you, is also in your field. 

The most asked question when I do Akashic Records readings or channeled sessions is, "What am I here to do?" The resounding answer is to LOVE. We are on this planet to learn about ourselves and in the process learn to love ourselves completely and compassionately. What does that mean? It means that we all have faults. We have weaknesses. We also have gifts and strengths. The point of life is to accept our weaknesses with love and learn to deal with them, rather than to beat ourselves up for how lousy and rotten we are. Here are three ways to stop the self sabotage when you are in the midst of it.

  1. Breathe. Most often when we feel badly about ourselves we are barely breathing. Take a deep breath and let it out completely. Do this twice more. With each breath let out all the no longer serves you. When you inhale envision and think about breathing in love and acceptance.
  2. Stop the spiral of negative thinking with a short positive mantra: I AM LOVE. A mantra that begins with I AM connects you to your HIGH SELF and is more powerful. I AM LOVE. Say it slowly and repeat it until you feel grounded and lighter. You can use this through out your day silently. It will help you feel more positive whenever you use it.
  3. Train your mind beginning today to be more positive. Catch yourself when you begin to beat yourself up with your thoughts. Like any fitness program this will take practice. You didn't get this way overnight, don't give up, keep at it. Know all negative habits need 30 days of consistent use to be overcome. 

Below are some suggestions for clearing your own energy to help you feel more positive when an attack of negativity happens. 

  1. Soak in a salt water bath for 45 minutes. Use regular table salt, or epsom salts - a couple of handfuls and nice comfortable water. This will raise your vibration and clear negativity.
  2. Meditate. Use my Divine Presence Process Meditation if you have trouble meditating by yourself. 
  3. Tone or sing tones to clear the chakras. It does not matter what tone, or words, follow your guidance.

The Power of Intention

Friday, September 20, 2013

Flashing Blue Lights and Papers Please!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It is no secret that I am not a fan of bureaucracy. I feel that there is enough double talk in the DMV to put them behind bars. The act of fingerprinting is unconstitutional.  Yet just try getting your license without a finger print. It won't happen in this lifetime. Going to the DMV and other government offices make me break into a sweat. 

With two vehicles to insure and tag, after a move to California, it was not high on my priority list. As a matter of fact, I was so preoccupied getting my daughter into a charter school so she could graduate on time and getting my coaching and healing business up and running; my Colorado tag was the least of my concerns. That was until I got stopped at a red light for talking on my cell phone. The officer pulled me over and said, "You did know that talking on your cell phone was illegal, didn't you?" I was afraid to say, "No officer, I was ignorant of the law." Knowing full well that ignorance of the law is no excuse. I stared blankly at the officer while he informed me that my tag had expired. I truly had not even noticed. I had other fish to fry. I was grateful to be let go with a warning. That was back in January. My tag expired the previous October and I did not notice. I was in denial. 

I had never driven with an expired tag before. I had heard that California was very rigid with smog testing. My neighbor let me know that after 6 months my car could be impounded for 30 days. Which could ring up charges of over $1,200 or more in one month's time. I had to make sure I was in stealth mode and protect my car every time I drove it. Every time I drove by a police car I prayed that they did not notice my expired tag and that the police office would be distracted by something. I was concerned my Honda might not pass the inspection. I was not sure I could afford the California insurance, tag and any additional mechanical work that might be required. I had two vehicles to tag, insure and license. Besides, I really did not want to let go of my Colorado tag. Crazy sounding as it was. I was partial to Colorado. We really left our hearts there. California was a means to an end. We knew I would grow my business in California. 

I began to take the back roads to my daughter's school. Whenever I drove I put protection around my car. I asked the angels to make my car invisible to the police. We went into stealth mode daily. We drove for 8 months more without being stopped, ticketed or questioned. We were in stealth mode for 8 months.
There is no doubt that I am protected. God is there for me. My angels have to work overtime because I drive so much and tend to fall asleep at the wheel when I am tired. I have been pulled out of the grip of death more times than I care to count. The angels are always there for me. I ask Archangel Michael to be all around us whenever we go on a long road trip. Which is quite often. I am a bit of a gypsy seeing clients in other cities, I prefer to drive when I can. No moss grows under my feet. Just in 2013 we have traveled to San Francisco, Santa Barbara (5 times), Coronado (twice), Los Angeles (7 times), Santa Clarita (7 times) and back and made two 1800 mile round trips to Boulder from our home in the Mojave desert in California.

The really crazy thing, is that when I finally went to get my tag last week, after the three hour wait and additional trip to the library to get information about Honda's lien number and mailing address the thing I sweat over was no big deal!

What do I mean? I was concerned that the tag was going to cost me $600 or more with fines. I was under the impression that I would be required to get insurance in California - which I had checked out and was double that of Colorado. I thought it would not pass the smog inspection. I was afraid that the lien holder's number not being on the form would mean I could not get my tag. We were leaving for Colorado the next day. I was running out of time. I knew I would not get away with an expired Colorado tag IN COLORADO. I had to complete the process before we left, or we could not go. All of these issues could be explained away, but my underlying dread of government agencies prevailed. I knew it had to do with a past life. Past lives and energy clearings are a way of life for me. It is part of what I do for a living. 90% of most people's issues here on earth have to do with patterns and beliefs created in past lives. These past life patterns can create havoc in this lifetime if not cleared. Energy clearings are one of the most exciting things that I do. In one hour I have seen depressed and addicted people overcome addictions. I have seen and witnessed amazing illnesses cured. Aches and pains that people have had for years are cleared in one session. Yet here was I facing the DMV with trepidation. It was unfounded in this lifetime. I have never been arrested. Although my kids think I am a terrible driver (I don't but that is there opinion!) I have never had a big accident. Even when I used to drive my pick up truck in Georgia with the trailer attached weaving all over the road with lawn mowers and equipment sliding all over the place, I did not have an accident. Speed was what I used to do. However, since I have become enlightened, speed is not as important to me. I have begun to drive sedately, like I have all the time in the world! 

The past life event was overshadowing the reality of life. It was creating fear where there was no reason to be afraid.

Carlsbad camping in May, 2013
The truth of the matter is this: the very things I worried about did not materialize. I was able to get the tag without insurance in California. I was able to get my smog certificate without any mechanical issues. I was able to get my tag without the lien holder's number - even though it clearly states and is required on the forms. Every thing that I was concerned about proved false. Even the amount of the tag was less than half of what I had thought it would be.

The definition of FEAR is "False expectations appearing real." I teach this. I live my life fearlessly. Yet, the old pattern of being shot for not having my papers in order from a past life continued to recur. Yes, I had a past life in Russia, as a man, where I went through a check point. I did not have my papers in order and was shot on the spot. This death and shock to my soul has remained with me to this day. Note to self: clear past life in Russia where you were shot for not having papers in order.......  really soon!

Jennifer is a gifted medium, intuitive Self Love coach and Master Energy healer. Her coaching is like no other. Energy clearings can help to move you through stuck emotions or past life issues very quickly. Even issues within relationships can be cleared through an energy clearing. Her guidance comes from The Divine. She is a catalyst for spontaneous healing and Grace. Working with Jennifer is life changing. She walks the walk as a self actualized and enlightened healer. She uses her own experience to help you heal yours. Her direct experience helps other shift quickly getting to the root of your issues like magic. If you are wanting to be happy with you, your life and your relationship, isn't it time you connected to Jennifer? 

Her ability to guide teach with deep inner wisdom is uncanny. Her tool box is filled with modalities that she combines to create an ease for your experience. She takes the fear out of healing and helps you walk through the door to create bliss in your life. If you don't love yourself, you can't possibly truly love another. Self Love is the greatest of all mastery. Plato

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How Can I Learn To Trust?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Trust - Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
You cannot trust in others what you do not trust in yourself. William Dargin II

Loss of trust in others can lead to us shutting down and locking our hearts up in a jar so that nothing can enter. The problem with protecting ourselves in this way also means nothing GOOD enters either. Fear blocks us from falling in love, from making friends or having joy. Instead of opening up to new experiences we say NO to The Universe. To be able to mend our broken hearts we have to learn to trust ourselves to allow love in.

We protect ourselves from loss, being hurt and having our hearts broken - again. We tend to think that being vulnerable is a dangerous place where no good can come to us. Unfortunately this closing up and shutting down is a faithless, joyless place of fear. We cannot experience the wonders of life when we are shut down. We only experience our ego and life from fear. When we don't trust others, we don't trust ourselves. When we don't trust ourselves our lives are filled with fear, chaos and drama, and we don't feel. Fear blocks us from feeling what our bodies are telling us. Fear blocks us from experiencing the wonder of life. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable allows love and wonder in.

When we are in fear we try to control our loved ones and everything in our lives. Controlling others does not allow them to be who they are. Instead allow them to BE themselves. Controlling others is a waste of your precious life force energy. Let go of the control. We think we are helping others by controlling them, but we are not.

We often shut down and are unable to take action. Just making the decision to sit quietly and witness what is going on in our body can be enough to stop the craziness and numbing of the fear. 

Courage is what gets us beyond being stuck and paralyzed and catalyzes forward movement. Courage is the mastery of fear that gives us the impetus to move through difficult situations in the face of fear. Fear will continue to show up in smaller ways once you master it, but will not continue to control your life.

We are so conditioned to DOING all the time, that we don't stop and just BE. In the doing we fill our lives with mindless and endless tasks that are wasting our precious energy when we realize we didn't listen. We weren't paying attention to all the signs and the guidance. By stopping and asking questions in stillness our body will give us the answers we need, if we listen and feel.

In stillness when the mind is quiet guidance comes through. The difficult thing for most people is the quiet part. Even those who think they can't meditate can sit still in quiet for 10 minutes. 

When we are in fear our ego shouts at us. Our bodies feel tight and stressed. Our unconscious mind runs amok. We feel scattered, nervous, or anxious and shut off the true guidance with our fear. We tend to ask others for advice rather than sit quietly in stillness. No one knows better than you what is best for you. Our gut is our best guide. Asking questions and waiting to see how our body feels when we do will give us the answers we need. 

To be able to get to the still quiet voice though we have to quiet the ego and stop asking for other's opinions. 

Sitting still and meditating helps. Most people are inundated with mind chatter that is so loud that it is difficult to hear guidance. How can we learn to trust ourselves when the voices in our head are screaming not to? Letting your imagination play is part of the process of listening to guidance. Stop listening to the voice that says, "This is stupid. This isn't guidance. You don't get guidance." 

Here are some ways to begin to trust yourself. Once you trust yourself you will begin to trust others.

  1. Sit in a quiet peaceful place. 
  2. Holding yourself erect, your chin parallel to the ground, without moving your head, look up to your hairline with your eyes. This will quiet your mind.
  3. Breathe in deeply.
  4. Exhale slowly and completely.
  5. Repeat the deep breathing until you feel calm.
  6. If you have a thought just notice the thought, "Oh there's a thought." Let it go. Don't judge it, don't make comments on it, just let it go.
  7. Be kind to yourself. Breathe in love.
  8. Feel your body. Notice your stomach. Is it tight?
  9. Do not judge or criticise yourself. 
  10. Relax, breathe. 
  11. Ask yourself the following: Am I safe? See what your body says. Am I comfortable? What does your body say? What am I feeling? What feedback is your body giving you. Is your stomach tight? Are you feeling stressed? If so relax your shoulders some more. Relax and breathe. Are you yawning? 
  12. Spend 10 - 15 minutes each day like this quietly reflecting on what is going on in your body. 
  13. Quiet reflection or meditation can heal, lower stress levels, lower blood pressure and help you feel happier. 
  14. While you are sitting quietly notice what you hear. Do you hear another voice? 
  15. This is a great time to connect to your guides. Let them know you are open to receive their guidance. 
  16. Ask only to be connected to the highest of high, The Divine, God and your guides.
  17. Notice what you are feeling. 
  18. Notice anything that you sense, words, pictures or phrases.
  19. Write it down in a journal. Keep track of what comes through each time you sit in silence.

As you sit quietly each day, your confidence will build. You will feel more connected to yourself and The Divine (God). Trust of yourself will continue to grow as you connect to your Divine self or (High Self). Communing in this way with yourself opens you up to receive guidance. Everyone has the ability to do so. We just need to remember. 

If you are interested in commenting, please do so. I am interested in hearing if you have questions, or would like to share your experiences, post to the blog here. You can e-mail me personally if you wish at HERE

Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Do I Love Myself?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters in Santa Barbara with dog, Karma, June, 2013

Let Me Count The Ways.....

If love is what makes the world go 'round why are so many people miserable, lonely and depressed? 

Over the years I have done thousands of readings and clearings for clients. The subject that continues to come up for my clients repeatedly is love. How to find it, how to keep it and why it continues to allude them? Lack of love, fear of loss, and insecurity are all components of a lack of SELF LOVE. What most people don't realize is that financial lack is also a direct result of lack of Self Love. When you love yourself completely you magnetize all manner of wonderful things to you, including money and people who will love you also. When we don't love ourselves completely we attract others that have similar traits. Being in a relationship with someone that does not love and accept themselves completely means that they will not love and accept you either. This type of relationship more often than not results in codependency, addictive love and abuse, rather than true love. Which is why so many people are unhappy in the relationships that they are in.

Is true love possible? ABSOLUTELY! Not by magic or waving a wand. Digging deep and healing the past, forgiving those who you feel hurt you, especially family members. When we heal the past we also heal our present and future. Letting go of concerns about what others think about you releases you from judgment and self recrimination. What others think of us is none of our business. 

How then can we attract people who will be honest, monogamous, kind, compassionate and love us for who we are? The answer is more simple than one might think.

We have to be the love that we wish to have. Loving and accepting ourselves completely, right now is the key. Not when we have the perfect job, or are the perfect weight, right now no matter what. We will never be perfect, but accepting ourselves as we are rather than expecting perfection allows us to be human, warts and all. The more secure we are as an imperfect individual the better. Being comfortable in our own skin and loving ourselves unconditionally allows us room to love others unconditionally. 

What are the key components to loving and accepting ourselves unconditionally?

How do I love myself? Let me count the ways........
  1. Stay positive. Use positive affirmations to access the unconscious mind. Use these affirmations while your mind is in neutral (in the shower, driving, doing your makeup or peeling vegetables). Use something simple like: I LOVE ME.
  2. Be Aware of your thoughts and words. Notice what you think.
  3. Notice how your world is a reflection of you. As within, so without. As above, so below. If you are angry you will attract others who are angry also.
  4. Take care of yourself. Get enough rest and eat healthy food.
  5. Be kind to yourself rather than beating yourself up with your words and thoughts.
  6. Stop complaining. It only makes you feel bad about yourself and magnifies what isn't going well.
  7. Focus on yourself. Don't point fingers at others or blame.
  8. Don't focus on the issues and drama of others.
  9. Recognize that you create your own reality with your thoughts, words and deeds. Whatever you think, say or do comes back to you. 
  10. Be kind to others. (see #5)
  11. Love without attachment. 
  12. Don't have expectations of others.
  13. Let go of control, manipulation, perfectionism.
  14. Meditate daily. Regular spiritual practice helps connect you to your Higher Self or God self. 
  15. Live in the moment. 
  16. Let go of the past. Stop living in the future. Meditation helps with this.
  17. Forgive everyone. Do the Ho'oponopono Prayer to do so.
  18. Get to know yourself. Shocking, I know, but most people don't have a clue what they like, want or don't want.
  19. Do what you love.
  20. Have fun. Let yourself laugh out loud.
  21. Get outside and exercise. Walking outside will clear your energy. Do it often.
  22. Sing, dance and play. 
  23. Allow yourself to feel. Allowing your emotions to flow through you rather than wallowing in pain or avoiding pain is the healthier option.
  24. Keep stress to a minimum.
  25. Breathe deeply. Shallow breathing is a sign of low self esteem. You deserve every breath you take. BREATE DEEPLY!
  26. Get your energy cleared.  Clear patterns from past relationships and family issues.
Praise for Jennifer:

Thank you! I feel so much better. Today, something good happened to me, something that I wanted to happen last week but for some reason, it just wont happen. It seems like there was something blocking it. But today, it happened and I feel so great and positive. I hope the next days will be good too. Edward Nadir

Aaaaw THANK YOU for your help Jennifer! Your an amazing woman - very loving and inspiring! Love & Light to you & your family, especially your wonder dog karma! Beautiful family! Brittany Takai

Dear Jennifer, I waited few days to make sure the feeling stays..have to tell you: I had a pain on my left chest for the last 8 months. we couldnt find any explanation except stress and bad emotions. the morning I got your email the pain was gone and today its still the same. I use acupuncture for a long time so it may helped also but still the timing is really amazing! Thank you for the cleaning and for the good words. all the best- Hagit  

Just to give you an idea of how much you have meant to me, two months ago I quit drinking ANY alcohol(I wasn't a heavy drinker), including gargling with Listerine, cold turkey and haven't been back--I have absolutely no physical addiction now, tho I still miss the social aspects of drinking. Anonymous for privacy

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a healed healer. She is a Master Energy healer, hypnotherapist, and certified Self Love coach. She has been where you are. Beginning her life as a codependent and finding love alluded her at every corner. She is now confident, secure and healed herself of depression, anxiety and fear. Her one-on-ne sessions are powerful. She is a channel and intuitive coach. With the ability to step out of the way she quickly finds the root of your issues so that healing takes place quickly. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Surfing Home From Boulder

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Adam and David Gates, Ariel Resuta in Boulder, Colorado September 2, 2013

For the first time in two years my children and I were reunited. 

We have learned to live in the moment and follow our guidance. As an intuitive Self Love coach guidance comes to me easily after years of ignoring its existence. When I had my landscaping business in Georgia I received guidance about what tools to select from my barn. Certain tools would be highlighted with a halo or glow around them. I would argue with my guides about whether I needed these tools. I would not take them and found out the very tool that was highlighted and glowing, was the very thing I needed to complete the job. After months of finding myself wrong I began to listen. Scorpios are very stubborn. I was a slow learner. Everyone has access to their own guidance. Learning to trust ourselves is key. 

Grasping moments after they have passed is futile. As a result my family has learned to seize the moment and enjoy it instead. Living life with regret is no place to be. I choose to live without regret. I let the people I love know it and I enjoy being with them when I have the gift of their presence. Part of my enjoyment of life comes from food. I love to eat great food and Boulder, Colorado is a foodie's paradise. My best memories are anchored by wonderful food shared with the ones I love.  From burritos at the top of Flagstaff mountain to Pie Tuesday at The Walnut cafe. It was all good. 

Pie Tuesday at The Walnut Cafe with David
As a mother we witness our children in pain, the best we can do is be there. Commenting is not needed. Letting our children know we love them no matter what they are going through is all we can do.

Dinner at the top of Flagstaff Mountain
Pie Tuesday at The Walnut Cafe, Boulder Co

As Ariel and I were packing our suitcases in 98 degree dry heat in the Mojave desert,I received guidance that we would be getting rain in Boulder. Had I bothered to ask for more details, I would have learned that it was to be of Biblical proportions. As we embarked on our 16 hour and 990 mile drive across 5 states, I also heard we would see a rainbow. That was all I needed to know. There was light at the end of the rain. Always contrast. The rain began in Arizona, usually a very dry state. Ariel was excited, she loved the rain.

As the pitter patter of rain fell upon our windshield, we were delighted in the contrast. After months of dry heat of the California desert and day after day of sunshine and blue skies, rain and dark clouds were a welcome respite.

It is funny how perspective changes. When I lived in England sunshine was a rare occurrence. Perspective is everything. Being able to stand back and look at what is really happening can be a tremendous gift. We just have to remember that we asked for it. Ariel prayed for rain. She got it in spades.

Normally, I would do readings at the Celebrations Fair in Denver. David informed us he was finally taking a vacation from his work in Georgia and visiting Boulder. David's visit occurred the same weekend as the fair. My guidance was to see my private clients and take a pass on the fair. Since most of my work is done remotely, it is wonderful to work with clients in person when I have the opportunity to do so. Ariel had an appointment with The Denver School or Art on our first day in Colorado. We had packed quite a lot into our visit. Ariel selected The Art Institute of Colorado as her college and even knew that she wanted to study Culinary, Patisserie coursework.
Ariel had already had visions of her own coffee shop and Wedding catering business. Ariel is heart-centered and creative. A wedding catering business was perfect for her. She knew better than most of us what she was destined for. Photos and more news from CNN
Estes Park, Colorado

I found myself letting go of any pre-conceived notions of what our visit was to entail. David chose to forgo a visit to Estes Park, so Ariel and I went alone, while Adam and David re-connected with old friends in Denver. What we did was of little consequence.
Me looking very short
The fact that we were together without judgment and criticism made it wonderful. Ariel and I had fun no matter where we went. We always found something interesting to look at.
Men in kilts, Estes Park, Colorado
David and Adam were both experiencing huge upheaval in their personal lives. We were present with them without commentary or recommendations. It was their experience after all. If they asked for my assistance or guidance, I would give it, but they did not.
Boulder Library 

Ariel and I had already experienced travel just ahead of blizzard conditions when we moved out of Boulder to California in October, 2012. We always listen to strong guidance and it serves us well. We were told we had to leave Colorado by Wednesday. When Leslie suggested we stay one more night, the guidance I received was adamant. We had to be on the road by 5:00 PM, Wednesday, September 11th.
Boulder Creek flooded
30 minutes out of Boulder we found the 40 mile short cut through Black Hawk was closed due to a rockslide. This was the first indication we had that we were leaving a very dangerous situation. We received a text from Leslie later than night saying the room we had been sleeping in was flooded and they were busy ripping out carpeting. Guidance never steers us wrong.

We drove through the Eisenhower tunnel and saw sunshine for the first time in 4 days. It was short-lived as we also experienced more pelting rain and hail in Utah. Then there was the rainbow, as promised.Fox News Report on the latest flooding in Boulder
Linking of heaven and earth through the promise of a rainbow

A rainbow is like a telephone line from the heavens to earth. It links  heaven and earth  together. It is the promise of a better tomorrow. A rainbow is the bridge between heaven and earth and is a remembrance of God's promise to never again destroy all flesh through a flood.

Our thoughts and prayers for those that lost their lives and continue to be lost. There are those who continue to be without water, gas and electricity in Colorado. Many have been evacuated and some are still unaccounted for. This is a time for us to draw together and assist those in need. Offices, homes and streets are in shambles. May the angels assist those still lost and the families who are looking.

Photos of Boulder under water courtesy of Gomati Ishaya. Ascending to Oneness