Sunday, January 17, 2016

Depression and Anger an Unlikely Duo?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When I was a little girl, I was left with a babysitter who was rageful, controlling and aggressive. I was raised to do what my elders told me. I didn't question, I was like a little mouse. It was easy for me to be molested. I didn't know how to stand up for myself or fight back. For those that know me today, that doesn't seem possible. I am quite capable of speaking my truth and don't hesitate to do so. Both my parents used child-rearing techniques from their childhood. We were taught to do as they said. We were in fear of doing otherwise.

How Does Rage Develop?

Rage can develop a number of ways. We can witness a parent being beaten, raped or abused. We can witness a parent drinking themselves into oblivion and watch them lie on the floor in a coma. We can be pushed around by people older, stronger and more powerful than we are. If we feel helpless and defenseless, we feel powerless. Powerlessness leads to feelings of deep rage. All of these events make us feel helpless. Helplessness and feelings of powerlessness with no ability to fend off, defend or change events leads to anger and quite possibly rage. 

Anger Bubbles Up

We have been programmed with a valve to allow intense feelings to burst out and pop to the surface. If we continue to push down these feelings they get shoved deep into the cells, and unconscious where they show up in our partners that we attract. Or perhaps in a feeling of futility. 

The Five Biggest Relationship Killers and Their Solutions

Un-Healed Anger and Resentment

Sometimes we take our anger out on our spouses. Sometimes we unleash our anger out on our children. We are human after all. However, the damage done to a child's or partner's self esteem by unleashing our anger on another could be devastating. In fact, fear can creep into the relationship when someone becomes rageful. When this happens sex flies out the window. It isn't comfortable to be intimate with someone we are afraid of. 

Nagging Causes Anger

Nagging can be a source of anger for men. Sometimes when women want something done and it isn't being completed, nagging seems to be the only way. Unfortunately. Nagging is a relationship killer. 9 Reasons Men Cheat.  (Keeping him thrilled.)

If anger is allowed to continue to steep without being released, via healthy means, either cathartic screaming, through hypnotherapy or energy clearing our anger and resentment can show up in our body as cancer, bursitis, blackheads, belly fat, mononucleosis, boils and a slew of other health-related issues that come from our thoughts and trapped emotions. 

Natural Cures For Depression That Don't Require A Prescription

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