Monday, June 30, 2014

Experiencing A Close Encounter With An Elk

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park Colorado

I love nature. There is nothing like being outside and connecting with wildlife and trekking up to the top of a mountain at 12,000 feet above sea level. 

Being with my family, is another event that brings me great joy. Sunday, I spent a beautiful day with my daughter and her boyfriend. It was one of the loveliest of days - spectacular, actually. I would like to share it with you. We saw deer, elk and a flying squirrel. Walked to the top of a mountain at 12,000 feet and had a close encounter with an elk. 

If you have missed reading my posts, I have been spending much needed time with my daughter before I return to California and she heads off to begin college.

The drive to Longs Peak is treacherous, with thousands of feet below and no guard rail, it is a scary drive up to the top. Ariel drove up and I drove back down. At the top of the mountain, though the temperatures were in the high 80's in Boulder, they were more like 35- 40 degrees with the wind chill. The wind whipped your hair and made it stand on end.

11,000 feet above sea level. Cold, windy and above the tree line. The only thing that lives up here are alpine grasses, and alpine flowers, which are low growing and very rich.

Panoramic view 

This was a very close encounter with an elk cow.... Watch this video

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

What's Your Excuse For Not Living Life Passionately?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When we are teenagers, we feel totally invincible. As we get older, the fear of death figures prominently. For others the fear of looking silly, falling on our faces, or failing is what holds us back. When we make excuses for not living fully, we miss out  on life and living in joy.

We make excuses that we are pregnant, have small children, or have bad knees. We see a sign, like the one above that says that the trail is closed - this could make you stop.

Yet, the people I asked said that there was water in several spots, but not enough to stop you from doing your hike. In the past, that would have been enough to stop me. Today, I thought, a little water won't hurt me. It might also be good for the dogs to cool off and get a drink. Seeing things from a different perspective help you to simply walk through the road blocks of life.

We get stuck in patterns of behavior, Saturday afternoon movies on the couch, or Sunday game day. These patterns and routines can stop us from living fully. When we begin to live outside of the parameters of "normal limits" we begin to live life passionately, rather than just exist.

Since I began to live fully in every breath, I receive joy from the smallest and simplest of things. A mountain flower, a pristine view on a meditative walk, a crystal clear stream or just being out in the sunshine. Our energy feels better when we can get outside. We expand our lungs when we walk taking in more oxygen. Moving our body helps to burn off calories and increases oxygen in our blood stream. We are healthier when we can get ourselves outside in the
beauty of nature. Today, after posting an article on my blog, I wondered when my adult children would be up and ready for our trip to Estes Park, Colorado. I could have continued to work at home. I certainly had plenty to do. When you run your own business you could work every day of the week. Betasso Preserve was calling me. It had been for several days. My dogs wanted a walk and I had not made it to this beautiful mountain park. Betasso Preserve Mountain Trail

I considered staying home and waiting for everyone to get up. Then I recognized if I stayed home, I would not get my walk in and I might even feel like I gave something up for someone else. I used to do that all the time. Today, I recognized that my walk was my meditation. We would just leave for Rocky Mountain National Park later on. My sense was that they would sleep in anyway. I packed up the dogs and loaded them into the back seat of my car. They love their morning walk.

As we neared Betasso Preserve, I opened the windows for the dogs in the back seat. Karma who is almost 15, perked up her ears and began to lean out the window. She was in heaven! She knew where she was. She remembered our early morning walks on the trails, where the deer were profuse and the quiet was so beautiful. In the fall the park was almost empty. We loved those walks.

When I lived in Boulder, in 2012, we were close to Betasso Preserve. I could almost fall out of bed and be on the trail. We lived among mountain lions, black bears and racoons. Deer, fox and elk were often spotted on trail walks.
My older dog, Karma and I would walk there every morning. This mountain park is comprised of 782 acres of pristine Colorado beauty. It is one of my favorite places in Boulder. 
My heart opens here and I feel so thrilled to be alive.  This unspoiled space allows you to connect with the joy of life. Everything is fully alive, thriving naturally. The amazing beauty of this great expanse of open untouched beauty fills you with love. It is a thrilling feeling to connect with this beauty, in the moment and breathe in fresh air, filling your lungs. 

All along the path wildflowers grow naturally. It is amazing to me how little flowers bloom and thrive on top of rock ledges, without anyone caring for them.
This natural creation is a miracle to me. To find such beauty and be able to walk these mountain paths makes you feel so alive, happy and joyful. I may sound like a crazy person. I just don't care. Until you have experienced this place, or a place as unspoiled as Betasso Preserve, no buildings to spoil the view, no hotels or shops, and only happy hikers who are just as thrilled to be present as I was. 

Here are some of the people I encountered on this 4 mile hike, that were out there, without excuses and living their life passionately. 

This is Wendy and Daniel. Wendy is 3 weeks away from delivering her first child. She and her husband were doing the 4 mile loop. 

Even with two small children, this young mother of two managed to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. No excuses here.

Cacti grow in the higher dry elevations along with stone crop (yellow flowers). 

I don't know where else such fit and ruggedly good-looking met run around half naked. I have to say, this is another amazing benefit of Colorado. The view is amazing! Ladies, this is another reason to vacation in Boulder!

This cute couple knew each other in high school in Buffalo New York. After graduation, Mark moved to Colorado to attend college. He returned to Buffalo and re-connected with Erin. They have been married a year and a half, happily. 

What are your excuses for not doing what YOU LOVE? I would love to hear your comments below. How about moving beyond your limiting beliefs and serve up some joy for yourself? Do what you love and expand your mind, and life a little more. Life is short, why not make yours one big THRILL RIDE?

Even with knee trouble, Ken walks this four-mile mountain trail, with a smile on his face. Accompanied by his wife, Linda they talk as they walk.  

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blooming The Love That You Are

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

There is nothing new under the sun. All of our ideas and thoughts are being thought by others simultaneously. Which makes you wonder, kind a, doesn't it?

Today I received a message from the Go Gratitude Group, a wonderful group of people who teach others to be grateful for what they have. They suggested a 30 day program to Bloom something that you want to expand on in your life. I am taking their suggestion and putting it out there for you. I am not taking credit for their work. So I am posting their entire e-mail to me. I am doing my own 30 day program. What are you going to manifest for you? With clear intent, focus and clarity of mind you will manifest this THING for yourself. I would love to hear your feedback. 


If you could bloom ONE thing . . . in the next 42 days . . . what would it be?

  • a new love relationship?
  • more time to smell the roses?
  • a career aligned with your passion?
  • a deeper connection with your soul?
  • more energy a health?
  • greater abundance?
  • peace of mind?
  • clarity?

It could be a new experience. . . Or a state of consciousness. . . A new skill. . . . An accomplishment. . . Or even a physical manifestation of something that would make your life better.Whatever it is, I invite you to pick just ONE thing. ONE thing that would make your heart sing.ONE thing that would make a difference.ONE thing that matters to YOU.As you take a moment to relax your mind . . . and allow yourself to truly consider what that ONE thing would be for you . . . and what that ONE thing would feel like . . . and how that ONE thing would make your life better . . .Ask yourself what ONE thing you could do right now that would bring that ONE thing closer to you.Whatever it is, make sure you do it right away. In this way, you're entraining your mind, body and spirit to work in unison towards the realization of your DreamSeed.And as you do this over a 42 day period, you may find yourself be pleasantly delighted by the outcome.There's only one small complication to all this.Fortunately - it's simple to overcome as we find a way to . . .REMEMBER OUR DREAMSEEDS EVERY DAY.Human nature and modern life - being what it is - makes us all ADD prone. 1001 things vie for our attention every day. And if we're not vigilant, it can squeeze the very life out of our dreams.So, to counter this tendency, we need a plan to REMEMBER that ONE thing. So that we can do ONE thing daily towards it's realization . . . so that we may actually enjoy the fruits of ourDreamSeed in the here and now.You may do that through post-it notes, cell phone reminders or . . .You may simply join us for the July 1st Blooming HumansUnity WaveUnity Wave and allow the daily emails to serve as your reminder to remember the ONE thing you are blooming in the next 42 days.www.bloominghumans.comTo the realization of your ONE thing!Ken

Friday, June 27, 2014

Are You Waiting For Someone Else To Love You?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Are you waiting for a man to show up so that you can receive love? Are you wanting to be perfect before you begin to love yourself? What are you waiting for?

I remember feeling like I had to have a man in my life to feel loved. I felt I was not good enough. I felt unworthy. How do you feel about you? Are you trying to please someone? Are you looking for validation from a parent that never comes?

Most of us are plagued with feelings of unworthiness at some point in our lives. Getting from A to B can feel impossible. We might think we are pretty great, but that we are not lovable. We judge ourselves. We feel guilt, shame, disgrace. We doubt that God could love us. Fear can keep us stuck. We can feel filled with anxiety.

What if you were already infinitely loved by God himself. What if God loved even the darkest parts of you, just as much as the pretty parts? What if you were completely loved and accepted just as you are, without you doing another thing? Wouldn't that be amazing?

I have a message from your High Self. You are already loved. You are already accepted. This unworthiness is not real. The lack and focus on your imperfection is keeping you in suffering. We live in an illusion. This illusion is a projection from our minds. When you begin to love and accept ourselves, you recognize that all of these horrible thoughts we have had about ourselves is all made up. Our mind keeps us stuck. When we can dissolve all the ego-thoughts, and begin to live in our heart, we begin to see that THE MATRIX is just like the illusion that we live in. Our mind keeps us in prison. 

All we have to do is let go of the constructs that we have conjured up. We need to begin to see ourselves as already perfect, you are already healed. You are already completely loved and accepted as you are.

Each and every person already has the energy of love inside. It truly is there. This infinite love is there, just waiting for you to tap in. You don't have to be different, You don't have to change yourself. It is all about letting go.

Your Divine Self (High Self) is already love. The real you is love. We have a hard time feeling and receiving this because we are filled with self contempt, judgement, resentment, anger and fear. When we let go of all of this made up stuff, all there is - IS LOVE!

Everything in your past was just here to teach you who you are. All the events in your past was to bring you to love. When we resist life experience and love - we suffer. When we rail against our experiences we are pushing love away. When we react we are in suffering and ego-mind. All of your past was just an experience to teach you who you are. Each event was only present in your life to bring you to the fullness of who you are. 

When you love you - you open up to receive more. When we shut down and turn love away - we are not able to receive love. When we continue to look for love, acceptance and validation from the outside world, we don't receive it, because we are in resistance of it. If you don't give love to you FIRST, no one else can give it to you. When someone shows up, you will make all kinds of excuses and reasons why you can't be with the person who shows up for us. Because we don't love ourselves. We will make all kinds of excuses why we don't want to date someone. We long for love, but we reject it when it appears.

The more you love yourself, the more you can receive love. When you love yourself, you allow others to love you. 

No matter what you try to attain in life, you will still be you. If you don't love yourself, no amount of money will make you feel happy, or fill you with love. No relationship, vehicle, house, job, or person will ever fill you with love, if you don't love you first.

We Have To Choose Love For Ourselves

When you forgive yourself, for everything you have ever done, and anyone who has ever hurt you, so many things break away and dissolve. Forgiving events and people from the past, changes everything.
  1. Move into Love and Gratitude for everything.
  2. Be grateful for yourself.
  3. Be grateful for today.
  4. Be grateful for each moment.
  5. Be grateful for the love inside of you.
  6. Be grateful for the love outside of you.
  7. Be grateful for the acceptance of you.
What Do I Have To Let Go OF?

  • unforgiveness
  • resentment
  • anger
  • hatred
  • control
  • fear 
What do you NOT NEED to be Loved?

You don't have to feel lovable
You don't have to be worthy
You don't have to be perfect
You don't have to be the perfect weight
You don't have to have the perfect job
You don't have to accomplish anything

You are already GOOD ENOUGH.
You are already worthy.
You are already perfect.
You are already LOVED! All you have to do is give it to YOU!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a catlystic coach. She helps you move out of fear, restriction and limitation. Your life begins to unfold in beautiful synchronistic ways. People show up in your life miraculously. Success in every area begins to unfold, like magic. Possibilities open when you love yourself. You are supported by The Universe. Your vibration brings you so much more than you ever imagined. Your life dreams begin to come true. You stop having to push your energy to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. They happen automatically FOR YOU! When you move into LOVE, The Universe supports you in every way.

You can reach Jennifer through her website:

How To Be Great At Relationships

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Yes we all want love. We want to be adored, revered, accepted for who we are. Some people seem to have the market cornered on ease in relationship. This is how they live their lives.

  1. Be authentic. When we are totally transparent, true to ourselves, we show up in our relationship as deeply grounded and comfortable in our own skin. We don't have to worry about what we said to whom, because we don't lie, cheat or steal in any way. We are the same with the cashier at the supermarket as we are with our mothers, brothers and lovers. We don't waste energy trying to please others. We are kind, loving and caring. We know who we are and are happy with ourselves.
  2. We are not defined by our past. The past was a learning experience and led us to be who we are today. Just because we were wounded or traumatized in childhood, or in past relationships does not mean that we carry jaded feelings about those events into our current life. Each event has been woven beautifully into our tapestry of life. The past was just an event that taught us more about ourselves. 
  3. Be Confident alone. When we are self assured, we don't need to be in a relationship to feel good about ourselves. We are happy no matter where we are, no matter whom we are with. We know ourselves and are happy with who we are. This confidence is not an arrogance, but is shown in how we carry ourselves, how we react to life events. Rather than being jealous we are comfortable and confident. Rather than being defensive, we will listen, take in what is said and decide whether we resonate with your comments or not. We are not affected by other's insecurities. We don't try to please to win friends - to feel better about ourselves. We give because we want to. We come to the table already filled, rather than looking for another to fill us up.
  4. Be Vulnerable. We are able to allow another to see deeply into the depth of our soul, without fear. This vulnerability is palpable and allows a deep connection and trust. It can't be forced. 
  5. Giving Without Expecting Anything in Return. Giving without expectations is a beautiful thing. Feeling confident, giving with an open heart, rather than looking for validation changes the playing field. 
  6. Have a Sense of Humor. Being able to make your partner laugh is a great gift. When we are comfortable with ourselves, we are able to laugh about the silly things we do. We are also able to see the humor in every day life. Being able to make your partner laugh is a great gift. 
  7. Non-Compete Clause. Instead of being in competition with our partners, we support them and inspire them. We allow our partners to be great in their own right. We don't feel less than because they can do something better than we can. We know what our own strengths are and feel comfortable with you being able to do things better than we can.
  8. Don't Keep Score or Hang Onto Anger.  We can let go of the past and not hold a grudge. 
  9. Don't Try To Change Their Partner.  You are okay as you are and are accepting of your partner. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life. She is a catlystic coach, meaning when you contract to work with her, your healing begins. Without doing anything, your issues surface, you may cry, feel things you have not felt in years or just heal spontaneously. It is different with everyone. Jennifer is the real deal. Authentic, honest, direct and compassionate, Jennifer gets to the root of your issues quickly, saving you years of therapy and healing depression, anxiety and apathy. Whether your issue is sexual dysfunction, trauma from the past or low self esteem, Jennifer has been where you are, healed her issues and knows what works and what doesn't. Book your FREE 30 minute discovery session to find out if you are a good fit for Jennifer's programs. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Orgasm For Life in Boulder, Colorado

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Boulder, Colorado is one of my favorite places on earth. It is peaceful, beautiful, and a place where I feel close to nature and God. For those of you with less of a spiritual bent, Boulder, Colorado has the front range of the Rocky Mountains, mountain fed streams, miles of walking and hiking paths and a community with a proclivity for health and

physical activities. The people of this community spend most of their waking moments outside, more than any other place I have ever visited. Whether it is skiing, mountain biking, hiking or sightseeing, Boulder has plenty to keep you busy and occupied. The plethora of wildlife, from coyotes, deer, elk,
foxes, and even the odd moose, offer you much to see and enjoy. The photos you see here, were taken in one hour walk. (Except for the deer this photo was taken on top of Flagstaff Mountain)

Since my arrival here on June 11, just over a week ago, I have toned up, reduced my weight and generally feel better than when I arrived. Even though I was walking every day in the Mojave desert in California, I am walking longer, further and faster than I would

in the heat of the desert. I take my two dogs and Luna (the one I am sitting for) on daily hikes along the Boulder Creek trail, or Mount Sanitas trail where we walk for about an hour. Walking along the rushing mountain stream allows the dogs plenty of cooling off and drinking water along the way.

An Orgasm for Life, is not just about sex. It is about living fully. It is about healthy living and living life to the fullest. When we put a part of life on hold, like sex, we are not fully functioning. Our first two chakras shut down. We often have financial difficulties or difficulty manifesting our ideas and creative gifts out into the world. Movement is necessary to keep the body healthy, alive and fully functioning. Sex is better when we feel better, are physically healthy and charging all cylinders. 

Outdoor exercise offers a more natural workout, than a gym routine does. You breathe fresh air, get your daily requirement of sunshine - Vitamin D3, which helps to prevent cancer and a slew of other ailments, including depression.
Lady with hip replacement on right
Walking is a natural exercise for our human body. Our heart rate increases, respiration is deeper, moving our arms and legs offers cardiovascular exercise that improves our health and mood. Just an hour a day can shift your perspective and upgrade your day to one where you accomplish more, because you feel happier.
Milkweed feeds butterlies

In today's economy and busy world, we need an outlet to relieve stress. Exercise outdoors will do more than improve your mood and physical health. It will help you focus, as seratonin and endorphins are released in the body.These fields were ploughed and seeded once in the 1930's. Since then the natural grasses have been harvested, but never have been re-seeded. Leo Hogan below is a fourth generation farmer of this land. His family leases it from the City of Boulder. 
Orgasm For Life is a book to bridge the chasm between men and women. It is full of wisdom, for both sexes. It was written to help bridge the chasm between men and women. It is laugh out loud funny, insightful and will give you great ideas for igniting the fire of passion in your bedroom. 

40% of women are non-orgasmic. It is not due to any physical issue, but rather emotional trauma stuck in the body.  80% of women fake orgasm. Find out how this pattern can be changed so that both men and women are fulfilled. Guaranteed to fire you up, give you great ideas and boost your prowess in the bedroom.