Wednesday, May 25, 2016

15 Things You Want To Know Before Giving Him A Blow Job

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Men love oral sex. Whether you call it a blow job or giving him head, the result is the same; the ultimate pleasure for your man. Think of giving your man oral like you getting a fabulous massage, a mani- pedi and a $5,000 shopping spree all at the same time! 

It is highly pleasurable. When you can move beyond the mind games you play with yourself, you will actually find it intensely pleasurable. You take control of HIS PLEASURE!

Oral sex with established partners is an opportunity to explore and have some fun.

These are the things you want to know before giving him oral:

1. Heightened sensitivity. Oral sex is most men's greatest pleasure when it comes to sex. Fulfilling his need for oral shows you care about what he desires. Giving a man pleasure orally allows you the ability to amp up his desire before penetrative sex or it can be the main event. 

2. Variety. Oral sex offers a different feeling and dimension to penetrative sex. It feels different. A blow job can spice up your sex life offering a new way for you to show your love and appreciation for all he does for you. 

3. He gets to reciprocate. Great sex involves give and take. If you love oral, give him oral and vise Versa.  

4. You can rise above any aversion you have to oral through thinking about something pleasurable that you love to suck. Envision yourself licking an ice cream cone or slurping a fudgcicle,
or a lollipop? You can psych yourself into, or out of enjoying oral sex. It is mind over matter. Close your eyes and remember how good it feels for him. How can that not turn you on?

5. Make it Sacred with a shower. Sex is always better when bodies are clean and fresh from a shower. It is respectful to come clean to the bedroom (pun intended). If he doesn't smell good, suggest a shower. You can always defer this very personal and intimate activity to a time he is clean. Wanna bet he'll show up just-showered fresh next time? 

6. Wet is best, interesting and more juicy (also more pleasurable).  Sucking on a chip of ice or cold water before you go down on him will add moisture which helps you lips slide over his skin.  Aloe is another safe bet for adding moisture. Mints can also add a little cool-hot feel. Altoids are especially hot and minty. You can take the mint into your mouth draw him in and then pull your mouth away from his penis and blow on his skin. Tantalizing!

7. Oral sex isn't nasty! If you have a strong aversion to giving your man oral, read my article about overcoming your aversion and gag reflex. Or buy my book, Orgasm For Life, which explains alternatives and gives you tons of suggestions for spicing up your sex life. Everyone can improve their love-making. 

8. Give him a haircut! No one needs to be consuming copious amounts of hair while performing oral sex. Be careful. Use scissors that have rounded tips, rather than points. You don't want to cut him.

9. Don't give him oral if you don't feel like it. Your body is your body. Your mouth is part of your body. Oral sex is best when you want to perform it. If you are giving him mercy head, he will know.

10. Admire his member! All guys want you to worship their penis. Yes, they do! Our sexuality is the core of our being. Guys are very connected to their penis. A penis is part of a guys' self-esteem. If you make a comment that is hurtful, he will never forget it. Tell him his member is beautiful! 

11. All penises have different personalities. Every penis has something a little different. His penis may be curved, circumcised, uncircumcised. It may be small, huge, thick, long; no matter how it looks to you, let him know you love it! You don't want to blow his self-esteem out of the water by   imprinting him about his Johnson.

12. Make love to his penis. Act like you like it. Passion is something that grows as you begin to let go of your inhibitions. Every woman has a beautiful Goddess inside of her. Allow your Goddess to come forth in your oral love-making.

13. Get Comfortable. Find a position that suits you best. You can lay on your side, with him turning toward you. You can kneel over him, with him lying on his back. Choose a position that you like. 

14. Spit or Swallow that is the question? If you think swallowing is disgusting, it will be. If you think that you are giving your man the ultimate respect, acceptance and pleasure possible by swallowing, you will find it infinitely easier. Not swallowing will shatter his self-esteem. If you care about him, it will be easy. 

15. Don't allow yourself to be forced to do anything you don't want to do. If he pushes your head down, don't do it. If you want to get over your aversion to oral sex I invite you to have a hypnotherapy session to heal whatever is standing in your way. My clients have had great success with hypnotherapy for many issues, including oral sex.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE. 

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