Monday, May 30, 2016

21 Quickie Life Hacks For Everyday Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Happy people have many things in common. They have encountered adversity and overcome it. They recognize that nothing that is worth having comes easily. They also have consistent habits that create daily happiness no matter what is happening. 

Being happy isn't just about what you need to do, but what you need to stop doing so that you will feel happier. Happy people shift their focus. Happy people like to play.

When I was sixteen I knew that there had to be more to life than the rat race of life. I set about to change the way I felt about what I experienced. Shifting my focus has created not just happiness for me but ecstasy and bliss on a daily basis

Beginning today think differently about what you are experiencing. Instead of feeling that everyone is out to get you, focus on what you are being shown about yourself. Everything in our world is a reflection of what is going on inside of each of us. Every moment of every day is a gift, what do you do when someone gives you a gift? 

Scientific Research recognizes that happy people are more productive, accomplish more and have much more joi de vive.

21 Life Hacks For Your Everyday Happiness: 

1. Say thank you! Gratitude is the biggest thing missing from those who are unhappy. Instead of recognizing the lesson being given and the beauty of the moment we tend to wallow in self-pity when we are unhappy. 

The truth is that everyone experiences difficulties. It is how we choose to react and process our challenges that will shift our experience. 

Unhappy people tell everyone their story of woe looking for buy-in and support in their misery. After a breakup an unhappy person will continue to dwell on what the other person did to them, rather than look at what the relationship gave them as a gift and what they learned. Learning the lesson allows you to move on and choose something different the next time.

Happy people recognize that each event is just a lesson. They close the book on their past story and say,  "Thank you for my lesson" and wonder what they are supposed to learn? 

2. Look up instead of down. When we are depressed or unhappy we tend to look down when we walk. We notice only the negative, the bumps, imperfections, and dirt. When we focus upward, or on the positive we see the open sky, new opportunities, and options. Looking up adopts a positive attitude knowing that there is a purpose in all that is happening. Positive thoughts create vibrant health.

When something falls apart, it is because something better is on its way. Optimism shifts our focus from the closed door and recognizes that a new door is opening with better opportunities.

3. Be kind. When we are kind to others we are also kinder toward ourselves. Serotonin increases in the brain when we act with kindness. 

4. Smile. Science backs me up here, with evidence that our brain chemistry changes when we smile. A Duchenne Marker smile actually increases happiness. Duchenne studied smiles of all types. He found that when people smiled which caused crinkles around the corners of the eyes that they are smiling with their soul. 

The left prefrontal cortex of the brain where the pleasure centers reside are activated even more so with a spontaneous smile than one that is faked.

5. Make Friends. High-quality relationships with a few people is one of the keys to happiness and longevity. A sense of security is developed with mutual assistance and support. An older person who is lonely has a 14% greater chance of premature death. The impact of being lonely has almost as great an impact on early death as being poor - 19% increase.

6. Participate. Life is a full-contact participatory sport that requires you to engage in social activities to be happy. If you have no network of friends or social activities, join a club. Bowling leagues, baseball, climbing, meditation, Oneness, hiking and travel groups offer networking activities. Join one today. Meet with your group regularly. Don't just sit on the sidelines of life - participate!

7. Breathe deeply. Deep breathing brings you into the present, affirms life and makes you feel grounded. It is so easy to remind yourself to breathe deeply each hour. Set a chime on your phone. No one needs to know what the reminder is. 

8. Rescue a pet. There are thousands of unwanted dogs and cats that need homes. A rescued pet is grateful for a loving home and will love you in return. A pet can keep you company, greet you when you get home and helps dissolve loneliness. Watching, playing and communicating with a cat or a dog can help you feel more fulfilled. You are giving a rescued animal a home - it's a win-win for you both! A dog can encourage you to get outdoors so that you move and receive daily exercise. 

9. Get out in the sunshine! Many people have developed fears of the sun. The sun is required for vibrant health, life and rejuvenation. There are benefits to being outside. The sun is required for vibrant health, life and rejuvenation. Without the sun people become depressed, are more prone to suicidal thoughts and negative behaviors such as looking to foods, sweets, drinking or drugs to soothe

10. Create A Healthy Daily Regimen. Get up at the same time and go to bed at the same time. Eat three meals a day that are four hours apart or less. A schedule will help you regulate natural hormones because you are getting enough sleep and food to support your health and function. Happy people take care of themselves because they know they are worth it.

11. Avoid Alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant. It might make you feel happy while you are drinking, but the day after your mood will drop and you may become depressed. Developing positive healthy habits, without drugs and alcohol helps to keep you feeling positive and happy.

13. Avoid Gossip. Talking negatively about others is something happy people just don't do. They focus on themselves and encourage rather than defame others.  Remember what goes around comes around; if you talk about others negatively, others will talk about you in the same way.

14. Stop Comparing. You are unique. There is no one else on this planet that has your gifts, talents, abilities or purpose. Recognize that being different is a gift. Focus on your uniqueness rather than comparing yourself to others. There will always be someone with a better body, more intelligence or something other than what you have. Comparing will always make you feel less than others. So stop it!

15. Don't Complain. Complaining dwells on the negative and will create more of the same for you. Instead, look for the silver lining in the situation. What are you learning here? How could shift your focus so that you find the beauty in the moment?

16. Move Your Body! Movement is what our body needs to feel happy. If we sit all day at work, only walk a few steps to our car and then sit on our couch or chair all evening our body won't be happy. Our health suffers from a sedentary lifestyle. Your chair is not your friend! Get off that couch and dance, walk or swim. Do an exercise to music so that you feel happy while doing it.

17. Play happy Music. Music will shift your mood quickly. I have been around people prone to depression and found that their musical selections are also sad, depressing tunes. Choose music that makes you feel happy, rather than sad. Music will shift your mood very quickly. 

18. Surround Yourself With Happy People. Just like surrounding yourself with wealthy people helps you be wealthy, surrounding yourself with happy people helps your be happier. When you are around happy people, you will find your thoughts, words and emotions are more positive, uplifting and focused on happy things. 

19. Enjoy Beauty.  A very simple way to have a happier life is to focus on the beauty around you. Begin to notice flowers, trees, landscaping that is beautifully arranged. The earth abounds with beauty. Beauty will help you feel happy. Stop, sniff the roses along your path. 

20. Give Others Compliments. When you begin to be generous with heartfelt compliments you will find you feel happier. Others love to be noticed for their new haircut, fit arms or their beautiful smile. Make sure you mean what you say. Noticing the beauty in others will also help you see the beauty within.

21. Choose Happiness. Every day we have a choice. We can wake up and allow ourselves to be in a bad mood, focusing on everything wrong in our lives. OR we can choose to focus on the good, the beautiful and the wonderful gifts that surround us daily. Choosing happiness is the biggest thing you can do for yourself on a daily basis. I choose to be happy, what do you choose for you?

What Clients Are Saying About Jennifer's Work

May 26, 2016

I wanted to let you know that I am feeling absolutely wonderful spiritually and about myself! After our session yesterday I felt energized and HAPPY for the first time in years! Despite my Fibromyalgia pain, I feel light, like a huge weight has been lifted from me. It's so nice to feel like I can actually take a deep breath and breathe. Life feels happy and optimistic again (I haven't felt this way in over 10 years!). Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! 

I hope you are having a wonderful day, and I truly appreciate everything you have done for me!

Love and Light,


From Lauren's Mother...

Hi Jennifer,
I am so amazed and delighted in the difference that you have helped Lauren achieve thus far!!!  Her whole aura and energy has totally changed.  I saw Lauren smile & really laugh for the first time since Nov 2015!!!  I'm so grateful for you and your wonderful, kind and compassionate work with her. You are a God-Send.

Also, the energy in the whole house has changed, i
t feels sweet and clear, no negativity hanging around. I want to thank you with all my heart for helping her.  Your gifts are so abounding.


Jennifer will be in Atlanta, Georgia at The Inner Space on Friday, June 10th and 11th.

Group Energy Clearing and Akashic Records Reading and Private sessions available on June 11th.

When we lovingly accept ourselves as we are with all our faults and flaws, we have healthy self-esteem. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

How To Stop Toxic Parenting

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Toxic parents create abusive adults. Parenting is one of the most difficult and challenging, yet fulfilling things we can do in our lives.  We can overcome the past by being the adult and changing the past patterns consciously.

Many of us have spent a lifetime healing from the damage done by toxic parenting. When a parent is toxic it may mean years or even a lifetime of estrangement. For me, it meant moving to another country in order to heal the past. I spent years overcoming the damage done by my parents. We need to learn from the past rather than repeat what was done to us.

10 Steps To Develop Healthy Parenting Skills

1. Act like and adult. None of us are perfect. We have to be the bigger person in our relationship with our children. Break the silence after an argument. Make things right, rather than proving you were right. 

Looking to build our self-esteem by seeking approval or happiness from our children sets our children up to act as our parents. Seeking approval from our children is an unhealthy behavior.

Be the adult by taking responsibility for your personal self-esteem, rather than trying to receive love from your children. When we place such an adult role on our children, we don't discipline when we need to. Children need to know when they have not made good choices. They need to know that their discipline is for their behavior and we still love them anyway.  

2. Avoid labeling your child to hide poor parenting skills. I recently watched a video of a prominent LA coach blaming her child's behavior on her ex. Telling a child that they have your partner's DNA or pathologies sets them up for a lifetime of challenges; it is toxic. A child is a combination of both partners. Telling them they act like their father or grandfather is placing blame. 

Instead, address your weak parenting skills. Get some assistance to improve rather than blame. Address your child's behavior in positive loving ways. 

3. Don't Make Their Life About You. Children will have successes and failures. When they succeed congratulate them. When they fail or endure break-ups and drama don't make it about you. Don't adopt their emotional state. Focus on your child, not on you. Allow your child to have the kudos and celebrate their successes. Allow your child to experience the suffering. Their experience is theirs, not yours. 

Be compassionate when they experience a break-up or failure. Listen, support and give guidance when asked. You are not your child's successes or failures. Allow them to have their day in the sun without you basking in their glory or wallowing in their drama.

4. Curb Impulsivity. We all have emotions, we might feel enraged by our children's actions or disrespect. We need to remember to be the bigger mature person, by monitoring our reaction rather than acting impulsively in response to a situation. We might want to respond with equally hurtful words, harsh punishment or even strike back with physical blows. 

Modeling impulse control and taking a little time to come up with an appropriate response or repercussions teaches our children positive behavior, that will serve them well into adulthood. 

Are your rules clear? When rules are broken do you have appropriate punishment for your child's actions? Do you tell your children what the repercussion will be if rules aren't followed in advance? If your rules constantly change, or there are not clear repercussions, how will your child learn positive behavior? Do you celebrate positive actions and behavior? Or is your focus only on negative punishment?

5. Guide Rather Than Criticize. Children need to be guided and taught right from wrong. They need to be taught how to stay on a healthy positive life path with good choices and decisions. Giving guidance rather than criticism will support your child's healthy self-esteem. Criticism will destroy their spirit and cause them to give up. Criticism doesn't "help" it hurts and often causes lasting damage.

Don't tell your child they are an idiot, stupid or lazy. Don't tell them they are just like their father or mother. Instead, challenge your child with goal setting which will motivate and give you plenty of opportunities to positively reinforce their great behavior.

6. Children Are Resilient But Very Vulnerable. Children move through emotions quickly. However, we forget that our words and actions impact them forever. Once we say something hurtful, they remember it even if they don't bring it up again. They may forgive easily and appear to move on, hurtful words can impact a child well into adulthood, causing them years of therapy, or health issues. 

My oldest brother is in his 70's and is still reeling from our mother's critical words. He blames his mother for his present state of unhappiness. His weight and diabetes tell the tale of his past childhood events on non-acceptance and criticism. 

Praise them when they do well on tests, report cards and come in second or third in a race. Encourage, rather than destroy with your words. Remember what you do and say now is leaving a blueprint for their life.

7. Encourage Independence and Responsibility. Healthy love is balanced. Acting as if our child is our lover or partner is unhealthy. We want our children to eventually grow up and be healthy adults. When we smother our children, do too much for them, or catch them every time they fail or fall, live vicariously through them they will never learn from their mistakes. 

Don't allow your insecurity or need to be loved and accepted interfere with your child's independence and self-reliance. Riding them incessantly to meet school deadlines doesn't allow them to learn personal responsibility. 

Making excuses or running to the school to get your child out of trouble, "My Johnny would never do that!" only sets our children up for issues with authority or the law. Allow your child to succeed and fail on their own so that they know they can make it without you.

8. Avoid Guilt and Shaming. Guilt and shame are the two lowest vibrating emotions humans can have. Guilt and shame lower self-esteem and causes long-term negative effects, cutting your child to the core. Telling your child that you never got to play piano and how disappointed you will be if they don't play, or make good grades, or make the football team, will create the need for outside validation the rest of their lives. Guilt causes stomach issues and leads to anxiety.

9. Take Care Of Your Physical Needs. When we don't get enough sleep, eat healthy food when we need it or have enough downtime, we can't be fully present and rational for our children. When we are tired, we react rather than resolve, we can't be present when we aren't present with ourselves. Model self-care for your children and they will learn from your healthy behavior.

10. Model Healthy Conflict Resolution With Your Partner. Probably the most important modeling we can do for our children is to show them how we resolve our conflict. If we model healthy rational behavior, our children learn it by watching, and listening. 

If you constantly critique your partner, they won't respect you. If you put your partner down or abuse them, they learn your negative behavior. If you are having relationship issues, get some help so that your children will be positive reflections of you, rather than the negative reflection of unhealthy behavior.

Children of divorced parents are much more likely to remain unwed or get divorced themselves. If your relationship is abusive, it is likely your children will be in abusive relationships themselves. Your relationship models what your children's relationships with their significant other will be. Do what's best for you and your children. 

There are many different parenting styles. We learn as we go. Children don't arrive with an instruction manual. Doing personal introspection and healing helps you be a better parent. Improve upon what was taught to you, each generation on this planet becomes more loving in this way.

Jennifer will be in Atlanta, Georgia at The Inner Space on Friday, June 10th and 11th.

Group Energy Clearing and Akashic Records Reading and Private sessions available on June 11th.

When we lovingly accept ourselves as we are with all our faults and flaws, we have healthy self-esteem. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE. 

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How To Increase Your Self-Love Quotient For Greater Happiness"

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

You've heard it from me, Deepak, Louise Hay, Oprah and countless others. Self-love is the key to a fulfilled and happy life. 

It's not better sex, it's not a faster or prettier car, and it certainly isn't a relationship that will bring you lasting happiness if you aren't happy with you. To this end, I will share with you what I did to go from batshit crazy, negative and depressed to completely blissfully happy no matter what!

1. Get To Know Yourself. Most people don't know themselves well. We spend time getting to know a new boyfriend or girlfriend, but don't focus on what makes us tick, what makes us happy and what we want in our lives. When we begin to focus on what we love about ourselves, what we love to do and what we are passionate about, our path becomes much clearer. 

2. Live Mindfully. Mindful practice brings you into the present moment. Breathing deeply and focusing on what is happening right now will help you to enjoy what is in front of you. I see mothers on their cell phones with babies ignored in grocery carts or strollers crying. If you are with your child, be present with your child. If you are with your family, be present with them. Put cell phones away and turn off the freaking television.  

3. Just Say NO! Don't be afraid to tell someone that you can't pick their kids up, or water their plants for three weeks while they are in Europe visiting The Queen. When we don't have great self-esteem, we tend to say yes far too often accepting shitty projects and jobs that we don't want just so that people will like us. Face it; not everyone is going to love you or what you say. If you don't want to do something say NO! You will have more energy for yourself and the things you love.

4. Do Things You Love Daily. If you love to be outside in nature, take a walk every day. Make it part of your routine, no matter what. Get up an hour earlier to take your walk before your kids wake up. Or combine your walk with your dog duties. We spend entirely too much time doing what we don't love. Instead, make doing what you love a priority. (Of course, after you do your day job and take care of responsibilities). 

5. Practice Self Care. We take care of others first when we want to be loved. When you love yourself, enough you recognize that no one else will take care of your needs. If you have children, what will happen to them if you fall apart, get sick, or worse? Your rest, solitude, and downtime is important. Make sure you get to bed before 11:00 PM, eat properly and get exercise. These are all part of self-care. For those of you out there that forget to pee all day, that is not taking care of your needs. Stop and pee! Take care of yourself, lovingly.

6. Focus On Your Needs Rather Than Wants. I remember taking myself shopping when I felt bad, spending too much money and then being in debt because I felt I DESERVED to buy something new for myself. Refer to number 3. Needs first. What you want probably isn't going to matter in five days. In fact, wait five days and see if you still have the burning desire for that thing. 

You probably won't even think about it after five days. Ice cream is something you might want, but don't need. A new dress is something you might want, but don't need. A thing won't fill a void within you. Rationalizing that you deserve something that is going to have a huge cost to it and probably a negative effect as well. Meditate instead. 
7. Guard Your Personal Space And Time. It is better to have real friends that support you rather than drain you. If you have few good friends, you are far better off than having a crowd of people who take advantage or drain your energy. We have all had people drain us financially and also energetically. Your energy is precious. People who share in your successes and support you when things are going well are true friends. Those who are delighted when you fail are those you want to avoid.

8. Have A Daily Spiritual Practice. Gratitude, Forgiveness, Prayer, and Meditation are all things that I began to practice daily. When I did, I felt supported, loved and unafraid. A Daily Spiritual Practice fills the void inside of you; it connects you with Spirit, The Universe and The Love of The Divine (a higher power). A spiritual connection is imperative for deep inner peace and fulfillment.

9. Live With Purpose and Design. What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered? When I began to do service work - even in landscaping, I felt like I was making a difference. You don't have to be a healer to make a difference in

this world. Think about what makes your heart sing, write down a list of those things.

Maybe you only have one or two activities that make you feel fulfilled, how can you make those activities part of your daily life? When you begin to live your life with purpose, you feel you are giving back in some way. Maybe your purpose right now is to raise your children to be healthy, confident and active participating adults. Raising children is a noble purpose. There is no greater gift to the world than to raise purpose-filled, confident adults.

10. Be True To Your Word. Though this item is listed tenth, it should probably be number one on the hit parade. It is one of the most profound things you can do to raise your self-esteem. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say, sounds like such a simple thing. However, when you begin to make commitments and live up to them with consistency, you will find your self-esteem soars.

I had a hard time with commitments. I would make agreements and then go back on them. I couldn't make up my mind. I found myself agreeing to things I didn't feel right for me because I couldn't stand up for myself at the moment. As you become more confident, you will learn how to stand up for your truth and beliefs.

11. Take Responsibility. When you take responsibility for your actions, health and happiness, you will find happiness begins to flow to you. No one can make you happy. No one can be responsible for you or your health but you. Taking responsibility for you is foundational for healthy self-esteem.

12. Stop Telling Your Story and Forgive Everyone. Everyone has a sad story to tell. It could be a nasty ex or abandonment in childhood. Maybe your parents died when you were young. Although your story is a sad tale
 until you stop telling it you won't move beyond the past. You will continue to regurgitate the past dragging it right along with you as you attempt to create something new and different. You can't move into something better when you keep focusing on the past.

When my life really changed was when I began to do all of these things simultaneously. Begin with one or two steps. Do these two things with consistency. Happiness comes from taking responsibility for oneself, being true to your word, having a spiritual daily practice taking care of yourself and having healthy boundaries. 

Attracting Love

When we are loving with ourselves, we attract others to us that are accepting and loving also. Relationships with others who are filled with self-love are infinitely easier than having a relationship before we fully love ourselves. 

To Make Things Easier

Begin with one step. When you have mastered one step, add another. It took me over thirty years to be in a place of happiness and fulfillment daily. I did it one step at a time. You can too.

Jennifer will be in Atlanta, Georgia at The Inner Space on Friday, June 10th and 11th.

Group Energy Clearing and Akashic Records Reading and Private sessions available on June 11th.

When we lovingly accept ourselves as we are with all our faults and flaws, we have healthy self-esteem. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE. 

Find Jennifer's books on Amazon.

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Is Intolerance Keeping You From Love and Happiness?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Opposites attract. There is a reason that we are attracted to those that are different from us; it is due to the survival of our species. Our natural tendency is to be attracted to those who are not exactly like ourselves. Once we find a partner, we then begin to force-fit them into our little view of what they need to be for us to be happy

What if your intolerance of another's differences is keeping you from having the love you desire?

You may be searching for:

  • Spiritual but not Religious
  • Healthy but not a Vegan
  • Fit but not a gym rat or bodybuilder
  • Attractive to you, but not a model
  • Tall not short
  • Financially stable, not bankrupt
  • Little baggage rather than a steamer trunk full
  • Healed rather than addicted or co-dependent
  • Active rather than a couch potato
  • Curvy and comfy 
  • Animal lover, but not a rescue mission
  • A hard worker, but not a workaholic
  • Single, rather than divorced
  • No children, rather than a nursery full
  • Someone with high energy like you
  • Someone quiet, rather than chatty
  • A sense of humor, but not rowdy

The truth is that there is an ocean of opportunity in the dating world for love. Often we turn away from those who could be a great partner. We are so focused on what we think they should be that we can't see their greatness. 

There are other issues you might attempt to match with your vision of what your best mate criteria could be. You might say, "Hell NO!" to someone who is a great match but lives more than fifty miles from you. You might turn down someone who was younger or older than you thought you wanted. What if you turned down someone who might be an excellent match for you, but different than the partner you pictured for yourself?

Dating is an opportunity. Each date leads you one step closer to having the love you desire. You might date someone for a few days, weeks or even months before you recognize that something isn't quite right but you had a great time exploring and allowing yourself to learn more about yourself and the dating process. Every date is another chance to grow and have a little fun along the way. Give each person a chance, rather than judging a book by it's cover. 

Be Open Minded

Trying different things can stretch you and help you grow and evolve. Dating people who are outside of your comfort zone can give you new opportunities to explore possibilities for a healthy relationship. If you keep dating the same type and your relationships don't work out, maybe it is time to expand your limited vision of what is best for you. 

Someone doesn't have to be just like you for you to find happiness. 

Think Outside The Box

Once you know what your core values are, you can look beyond the type of person you have in the past. If your core values match, you can expand beyond what you think is good for you. The very type of person you have been avoiding could be what is best for you. 

Maybe you don't accept yourself and are therefore not accepting other's differences.

Ask Yourself The Following Questions:

  1. Am I expecting my date/partner to be perfect?
  2. Am I open to new opportunities?
  3. Am I the very thing I am looking for already - in a date/partner? 
  4. Are my expectations too high?
  5. Am I being intolerant of other's differences?
  6. Am I pushing love away by saying no to a new experience?
  7. Am I a perfectionist and expecting too much from another?

Following are some suggestions of how you can remain true to your values and expand your horizons to allow more opportunity for love.

  • besides Spiritual, there is Hindu, Buddhist, Mindful and more 
  • beyond white collar, there are tradespeople, techies, and entrepreneurs
  • animal lovers,  volunteers, humanitarians
  • adventurers, homebody, a little of both
  • divorced, widowed, single
  • has some issues, but working on them

We All Are Works In Progress

Life is a journey. Not everyone you date will be right for you. Knowing what you want and staying open may take you on some twists and turns. Enjoy the journey. You might have to date ten different people to find the one you feel is a great fit for you. That's okay. 

Have some fun on the twists and turns. Bank with the curves and laugh at yourself while you change and grow during the process. That is what life is all about having fun along the way. Just remember that no one is perfect or without their own flaws and faults. 

Accepting another as they are is what real love is all about. 

Each day we take one more step on that road of life we can stop and sniff one flower here another
there meeting new flowers on that road. Putting yourself out there allowing some risk taking is how you find love. If you are only focused on one type of person or your expectations are too high, you may find love continues to elude you. We all have quirks, chinks in our armour and have had heartbreaks and even divorces. 

Look for someone who is open-minded and working on themselves, as you are and you will be surprised at the doors of opportunity for love that open to you. Say YES! instead of no and you will find love.

Jennifer will be in Atlanta, Georgia at The Inner Space on Friday, June 10th and 11th.

Group Energy Clearing and Akashic Records Reading and Private sessions available on June 11th.

When we lovingly accept ourselves as we are with all our faults and flaws, we have healthy self-esteem. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE. 

Find Jennifer's books on Amazon.

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May 23rd until June 6th or until the eleven spaces are filled! Here is the payment link: PayPal

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I WIll Always Love You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

What happens to love once a person transitions and leaves the planet? What happens to love when two people who once loved each other are divorced? What happens to love when two people who were previously romantically involved split? 

The 80's band The Cure says it best, "I will always love you." When a marriage ends, when someone dies, when a breakup happens, the love remains. 

No distance can cut the ties of love. Not even in death, the love remains. The words, "I will always love you," say it all. Death does not end love any more than divorce does. Love once present remains. Even when we feel disappointment, resentment, and anger, love is beneath these emotions, which is why so many people reconcile after divorce.

Once love is present, it is always there. It is no wonder that it is so difficult for those who are rejected in a break-up, the love is still present. Love can't be broken not by distance or divorce. 

For those who have lost loved ones, both parties feel the love. Whether you have lost a friend, a parent or a sibling, the love is always present. 

Old couples who have been married for forty or more years often die within weeks or even days of one another. June Carter and Johnny Cash are a high-profile couple who died within months of each other after a thirty-five-year marriage. 

There is a reason for this; they died of a broken heart. The loss of the other is so great. The love is calling them home. Many couples who have been together for many years, don't want to live without the other. 

One such couple was Aurlo Bonney and Virginia, his wife of sixty-five years. They could barely stand to be apart. After several strokes, Aurlo managed to take care of his ailing wife while
Altzheimer's destroyed her memory and then took her life. After the funeral arrangements had been complete and Aurlo did everything he could do for his wife, he died eight days later.

In my work with clients, I have had many occasions where a loved one came through with a message for those left behind. The messages were always loving, recognizing that no matter the circumstances of the death, love remains. The souls of those both here and on the other side of the veil say, "No matter how far away, I will always love you."

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a hypnotherapist, energy healer and certified coach. Her most profound work is for those recovering from cancer or past sexual trauma. Self-love is the cornerstone of her work whether it is a sexual dysfunction, addiction or relationship issue.

Praise For Jennifer

May 24, 2016

Hi Jennifer,
I wanted to let you know that I am feeling absolutely wonderful spiritually and about myself! After our session yesterday I felt energized and HAPPY for the first time in years! Despite my Fibromyalgia pain, I feel light, like a huge weight has been lifted from me. It's so nice to feel like I can actually take a deep breath and breathe. Life feels happy and optimistic again (I haven't felt this way in over 10 years!). Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I know we spoke about doing a session once a week, but I was wondering: in your opinion, would it be more beneficial for me to do 2 sessions a week? Is it more effective to do them closer together? I'm sure there is a limited amount of sessions I will be able to afford, but I would like to do what's best for me. Just let me know.

I hope you are having a wonderful day, and I truly appreciate everything you have done for me!

Love and Light,

Hi Jennifer,
I am so amazed and delighted in the difference that you have helped Lauren achieve thus far!!!  Her whole aura and energy has totally changed.  I saw Lauren smile & really laugh for the first time since Nov 2015!!!  I'm so grateful for you and your wonderful, kind and compassionate work with her. You are a God-Send.
Also, the energy in the whole house has changed, it feels sweet and clear, no negativity hanging around. Julie

15 Things You Want To Know Before Giving Him A Blow Job

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Men love oral sex. Whether you call it a blow job or giving him head, the result is the same; the ultimate pleasure for your man. Think of giving your man oral like you getting a fabulous massage, a mani- pedi and a $5,000 shopping spree all at the same time! 

It is highly pleasurable. When you can move beyond the mind games you play with yourself, you will actually find it intensely pleasurable. You take control of HIS PLEASURE!

Oral sex with established partners is an opportunity to explore and have some fun.

These are the things you want to know before giving him oral:

1. Heightened sensitivity. Oral sex is most men's greatest pleasure when it comes to sex. Fulfilling his need for oral shows you care about what he desires. Giving a man pleasure orally allows you the ability to amp up his desire before penetrative sex or it can be the main event. 

2. Variety. Oral sex offers a different feeling and dimension to penetrative sex. It feels different. A blow job can spice up your sex life offering a new way for you to show your love and appreciation for all he does for you. 

3. He gets to reciprocate. Great sex involves give and take. If you love oral, give him oral and vise Versa.  

4. You can rise above any aversion you have to oral through thinking about something pleasurable that you love to suck. Envision yourself licking an ice cream cone or slurping a fudgcicle,
or a lollipop? You can psych yourself into, or out of enjoying oral sex. It is mind over matter. Close your eyes and remember how good it feels for him. How can that not turn you on?

5. Make it Sacred with a shower. Sex is always better when bodies are clean and fresh from a shower. It is respectful to come clean to the bedroom (pun intended). If he doesn't smell good, suggest a shower. You can always defer this very personal and intimate activity to a time he is clean. Wanna bet he'll show up just-showered fresh next time? 

6. Wet is best, interesting and more juicy (also more pleasurable).  Sucking on a chip of ice or cold water before you go down on him will add moisture which helps you lips slide over his skin.  Aloe is another safe bet for adding moisture. Mints can also add a little cool-hot feel. Altoids are especially hot and minty. You can take the mint into your mouth draw him in and then pull your mouth away from his penis and blow on his skin. Tantalizing!

7. Oral sex isn't nasty! If you have a strong aversion to giving your man oral, read my article about overcoming your aversion and gag reflex. Or buy my book, Orgasm For Life, which explains alternatives and gives you tons of suggestions for spicing up your sex life. Everyone can improve their love-making. 

8. Give him a haircut! No one needs to be consuming copious amounts of hair while performing oral sex. Be careful. Use scissors that have rounded tips, rather than points. You don't want to cut him.

9. Don't give him oral if you don't feel like it. Your body is your body. Your mouth is part of your body. Oral sex is best when you want to perform it. If you are giving him mercy head, he will know.

10. Admire his member! All guys want you to worship their penis. Yes, they do! Our sexuality is the core of our being. Guys are very connected to their penis. A penis is part of a guys' self-esteem. If you make a comment that is hurtful, he will never forget it. Tell him his member is beautiful! 

11. All penises have different personalities. Every penis has something a little different. His penis may be curved, circumcised, uncircumcised. It may be small, huge, thick, long; no matter how it looks to you, let him know you love it! You don't want to blow his self-esteem out of the water by   imprinting him about his Johnson.

12. Make love to his penis. Act like you like it. Passion is something that grows as you begin to let go of your inhibitions. Every woman has a beautiful Goddess inside of her. Allow your Goddess to come forth in your oral love-making.

13. Get Comfortable. Find a position that suits you best. You can lay on your side, with him turning toward you. You can kneel over him, with him lying on his back. Choose a position that you like. 

14. Spit or Swallow that is the question? If you think swallowing is disgusting, it will be. If you think that you are giving your man the ultimate respect, acceptance and pleasure possible by swallowing, you will find it infinitely easier. Not swallowing will shatter his self-esteem. If you care about him, it will be easy. 

15. Don't allow yourself to be forced to do anything you don't want to do. If he pushes your head down, don't do it. If you want to get over your aversion to oral sex I invite you to have a hypnotherapy session to heal whatever is standing in your way. My clients have had great success with hypnotherapy for many issues, including oral sex.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE. 

Find Jennifer's books on Amazon.

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Hot and Exciting Ways To Please Your Man Orally

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Excerpt From Orgasm For Life

Oral sex is an alternative or additional mode of pleasuring your partner. The incredible thing about the mouth is that we can increase or reduce pressure, speed and sensations quickly. We can get wildly creative at the same time. Oral sex is one of the experiences that I have to be in the mood for, both to give and receive. 

Purchase on

I don’t appreciate having my head shoved into a man’s crotch to force me to give him head. Forcing someone to do anything is not respectful. It is not cool! If a man tries to push your head down, you have many choices, and they all refer to ending the session immediately.

Men love to receive oral sex
. For most men, it is the most intense sexual experience he can have because of the slippery wetness of our mouths. We have our lips, tongue and saliva to create a pleasure-filled experience. Get creative! My style may not be yours. You can use what you like and discard the rest.

What I will tell you is that your partner will enjoy having your mouth around his penis.
I have never had a complaint but rarely have to use my hand to assist. The great thing about blow jobs is that you can suck at it. It will still be great because sucking is what it is all about. So have no fear and just relax. 

The caveat for men is that reciprocating is what “love-making” is all about. In case you don’t know what reciprocating means, it means to give back what you receive.

Have you ever noticed your man watching your mouth when you talk? He is probably envisioning all the delicious things you can do with your beautiful lips and tongue.  

Our mouths are soft, moist, and sensitive. The skin on our lips is similar to that in the vagina and anus. Following are my best secrets for giving the best Fellatio in the world to your man.

  1. Get comfortable. You can lie down on your side and have him turn toward you, or kneel over him on your bed. Standing is also an option, but not great for him if he crumbles when he comes. He might fall on top of you!
  2. Make sure you are hydrated. Hydration is always an important part of any sexual activity. If you are dehydrated, your vagina will be dry. If you are dehydrated, your mouth can be sticky and dry, also. So always drink plenty of water. You never know when you are going to have the opportunity for great sex!
  3. Have a glass of ice water with lots of ice, mints, and a towel nearby. Coconut oil is good if your mouth is dry; it’s slippery but doesn’t taste bad. I don’t personally use anything but saliva, but you might want other options.
  4. You want to make sure that you have constant moisture on his penis, or the skin could chafe or become tender. We don’t want a sore pecker. No no no!
  5. Melted chocolate is an exceptional addition as well for those who have an aversion to swallowing semen. You could even make a banana split then add some whipped cream in a spray can. You might want a towel under his buttocks if you make a dessert out of him.
  6. Begin with a clean body -- yours and his. We never know where this will go once we get going. Be prepared for anything. 
  7. Wear something lacy that barely covers the tops of your thighs. Giving him a visual turn-on will make him happy on so many levels
  8. Men love to watch so give him a show. Men get turned on from visuals. 
  9. Make eye contact with him from time to time; he will love that. Remember we have more than five senses so stimulate them all!
I love the scene in “Father of The Bride” where Steve Martin gets a blowjob from his wife while driving home from a party. They, of course, careen into another car as his wife attempts to “relieve her husband’s stress”. 

They sheepishly explain to the cops what happened. You can perform fellatio in a car; you can perform it on a star. Although I don’t recommend it; it is very exciting, though. The very fact that you are driving a car brings in the element of danger as well. At the point of orgasm, most guys close their eyes until their brain boinks out of orbit. If you have your head in his lap, you can’t see what’s going on down the road either. Better to be safer in a chair or on a bed.

As with anything in the bedroom, I prefer to dance around a little, tease, kiss, nibble his ear, bite his neck, and gently draw my fingers or even nails across his abdomen. Most men will jerk upright a little as it tickles. No matter, it is part of the game. This activity is supposed to be pleasurable for both of you. Anticipation is the key to building excitement. So, make him wonder what you are going to do next, rather than doing target practice going straight for his penis and balls.

Onward and upward
  1. Nibble his stomach to gradually make your way down to his pelvic area.
  2. With your dominant hand, grab the shaft of his penis to hold it firmly, but don’t choke his junk. With the other hand, cup his balls and stroke them from the perineum upwards. This can be very exciting. Watch for his reaction, then focus on licking. 
  3. Begin at the base of his shaft (although there isn't much sensitivity there,) lick upwards to the tip or glans. 
  4. Swirl your tongue around the underside ever so slightly. Then open your mouth wide to take him completely in your mouth. It’s like a dive down onto his whole shaft. 
  5. Grab a little sip of ice water in your mouth and then go down on his penis taking him all the way in your mouth. 
  6. For a change of pace grab a mint and suck on him with a mint in your mouth. The mint may be too much for some sensitive guys, but it does give a different experience.
  7. You can pop his penis out of your mouth and blow on him after minting him. It will feel phenomenal. Wet, then icy cold. Then deep throat him.  Open your throat by relaxing and slurping all at the same time, taking his entire penis into your mouth all the way into the back of your throat. Some guys love to hear you slurp. It may not be polite at the dinner table, but in bed, slurping is not only acceptable -- it is welcomed. Guys like to know that their penis is big enough to gag you, so don’t be embarrassed if it does. 
  8. Make eye contact, while you take his whole penis in your mouth. At first, I felt embarrassed to make eye contact, because I had seen porn stars do it. That is exactly the reason you make eye contact because he wants his woman to give him head like a porn star. It will raise his level of excitement to see you look at him with his swollen member stuffed inside your mouth. He’ll be thinking about you having him in your mouth all day tomorrow and possibly the next and the next!
  9. Think of how you would draw a Popsicle inside your mouth all the way, then pull it back out again. Do the same with his penis. As you draw back, a little do a little up down motion
    over the head of his dick. You might find this move will nearly 
    make him come on the spot. 
  10. Stop and go down on his balls. Take one ball into your mouth at a time and slurp them into your mouth. Give the same attention to his left nut now. Don’t ignore his balls; they are left out so often and need some tender love and attention. 
  11. Stroke them, then pinch the skin a little and pay them some close attention. 
  12. While you are down here, you might be wondering who his hairdresser is. YOU! You can trim his pubic hair another time. That is a great place to start a love-making session. “Hey, c’mon over here, I’m going to give you a haircut, now drop ‘em!” Trimming his pubic hair can be very exciting, as long as you don’t stab him in the process.
  13. The underside of the penis and the head are the most sensitive areas.
  14. You can do a shallow head bob up and down just on the tip of his penis to make him come quickly. Or, take your time licking, up and down the shaft of his penis holding the base of the shaft in the other hand. You can guide how much of his penis you take into your mouth with your hand.
  15. Using your lips, you can purse them together so that they increase the pressure as you take his penis into your mouth to slide down on the shaft. You are making love to his penis. If you act like you don't like it, he will know. Giving your man head is the most private, intimate moment you can have with your man. Love him. Show him you love him.
As his pleasure builds, watch to see how close to coming he is. If he looks like he is ready to blow, back off, and stroke his thighs gently, or move up to his face. Have him eat you for a change of pace. Changing positions will allow his excitement to die down a little. You want to draw your love-making session out as long as you can driving him wild. Great sex involves our sexual energy building, then receding, building again and falling. 

If you hold back too much, however, you might find an inverted orgasm happens where it’s as if he internalizes his orgasm but does not ejaculate. An internalized orgasm is like swallowing within the penis. It is still an orgasm, even without the ejaculation.

The goal is to get him to be as close to reaching an orgasm without having him come just yet, then back off. Allow his excitement to die down a little, then get back at it. Slurp his whole penis into your mouth, then draw back and lick up to the tip. Swirl your tongue to the underside, where the penis is highly sensitive.

Think of your partner’s penis like a Popsicle or lollipop. Think of how wonderful it feels to lick an ice cream cone with Jamoca Almond Fudge or maybe something without nuts, like French Vanilla. Think of all the pleasurable things that you like to lick when you are going down on your man. Envisioning something that you love to slurp and suck will help you with any mental or emotional issues you might have that could potentially cause you to gag. 

The trick to a blow job is to relax and enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it but are holding back barf in your throat, don’t you think he’ll notice? It will make him feel bad. So get over your
aversion. Use thoughts that will calm your mind down rather than focusing on your very full mouth. I do hypnotherapy sessions with women to overcome any aversion to sex.

Know that you are giving the greatest gift your mouth can give someone. It is mind over matter. Get thoughts out of your mind that you are doing something disgusting. It isn’t -- it is loving and sensual. Once you think happy thoughts what does it matter if someone in your past said it was bad? It doesn’t matter. 

If you are married, it is one of the extra things that will keep your marriage together. Getting head is one of the main reasons men step outside of their marriage. Most women stop giving head after they get married, and men know it. Change this statistic
while continuing to love your man in this way, and he will be so happy you did.

Breathe through your nose. Relax. Remember to relax your throat. To be able to take in his entire penis your throat has to relax, opening your throat wide. Think of sword swallowing. The idea is to relax your throat. You might need to work up to deep throating after you have had a little practice. 

When it comes time for him to take him all the way in so that his penis is at the back of your throat, then swallow. I hear women say on websites or in books that it doesn’t matter whether
you swallow your guy’s semen or not. Ask a guy. Seriously. 

It shows disgust if you do not swallow. Let go of any feelings of disgust. Think of it this way; you are showing him how much you care. Swallowing is a sign of acceptance. Men love it when you do. They feel slightly sad when you spit. Spitting sends a message of non-acceptance. 

There are ways to get beyond the gag reflexThe mind is the best place to start. Relax your throat and just swallow quickly. Holding it in your mouth, then wondering what to do with it makes
matters worse. Your saliva will build up then you have more to swallow. 

Do it fast. Lick the end of his penis, then look at him.
I have a theory that the more oral sex you give your guy, the more oral sex you should also have. It is a scintillating reward for treating your man like a King and lovingly accepting all of him.

If you liked this excerpt, buy Orgasm For Life, where there are plenty more hot and pleasurable ways to improve your sex life. 

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