Monday, January 30, 2017

Love Takes A Leap of Faith And Bravery

By  Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Humans were meant to be partnered. We live longer when we have someone who cares about us and generally we are much happier than those who live alone. It is certainly more fun to have sex with a partner than by ourselves and shopping, eating and doing the mundane are much more enjoyable when we have someone to share our lives with.

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Yet, so many people live alone. Why?

We don't want to leap.

We block ourselves with our thinking. Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • There's no one out there who would love me
  • I'm too old
  • I'm not attractive enough
  • I'm not intelligent enough
  • I don't want to be hurt again
  • I want someone, but it's too painful to even think about
  • It's too much trouble to date
  • I don't even know what to do or where to start
  • What if I get hurt again
  • I don't want to go through another heartache or breakup
  • I'm too set in my ways
We focus on what we don't want rather than what we do want. We keep attracting exactly what we don't want. I will help you get past those blocks and get out of your own way to feel sacred, loved, appreciated and adored. Yes, it is possible. 

Our beliefs stand in our way of having love. If we don't believe love is possible, we won't find it. If we feel we are unworthy of love, or unloveable, we won't have the bravery we need to go for it. We get in our own way. 

It isn't that all the good guys have been taken, or that there are no women left worth having. 

  • Clear those debilitating beliefs that prevent you from having love
  • Understand how your thoughts have created the life you have
  • Recognize the red flags and stop explaining them away
  • Notice when actions don't match words
  • Don't settle - you don't have to
  • Find out why we stay with people we shouldn't and get the tools to prevent repeating this damaging behavior
  • You deserve love
  • You are loveable

Tainted To True Love begins in May. Go beyond where you have before and take the LEAP to have the love you have been waiting for. 

This course is highly beneficial to couples and singles. It will shift your negative thinking about love, your partner or potential partner.

Much Love to you!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

You Are More Likely To Be Killed By A Cow Or A Television Falling On Your Head Than A Terrorist

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Cows kill more people each year (22) than sharks or terrorists, perhaps the ban should be on cows? 

With Muslim bans in effect, those of us with Green cards feel our rights have been stepped on and removed. What is the truth about terrorism? Is what we are hearing true or simply Donald Tump's fear mongering?

The truth? You are more likely to be killed by a coconut falling on your head than a terrorist. You are more likely to be killed by a cow or 55 times more likely to be killed by a television falling on your head than a terrorist. 

You are 58 times more likely to be killed by the police than a terrorist. (The FBI has now released new information which reveals an average of 545 people killed by local and state law enforcement officers in the US went uncounted in their prior crime statistics provided every year for almost a decade.)

Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute breaks the numbers of American deaths by the Muslim countries under the current immigration ban as follows:

Trump's 7,205-yard golf course in Dubai with Saudi Prince and daughter
From 1975 - 2015
Libya      0
Iran         0
Iraq         0
Somalia  0
Sudan     0
Syria      0
Yemen    0

The chances of getting killed by a terrorist from the countries banned over the 41 year period are 1 in 3.6 million. You are far more likely to have a coconut fall on your head (155 annually) than be killed by a terrorist. Coconuts kill more people annually than sharks (5).

How Many Deaths By Terrorists By Countries NOT ON the ban?

Saudi Arabia 2,369 (If you believe in the 911 propaganda)
Egypt               162
UAE                314

Fact: None of the countries on the list have a Trump hotel or office. See the map where Trump's hotels are in the Middle East. Was this because of Trump's business dealings? No. This bill was signed into effect by Former President Obama did. It looks as if the countries selected were handpicked by President Trump, but that is not the case. The Department of Homeland Security announced in a February 2016 press release that restrictions would be forthcoming. 

The countries off the list are Saudi Arabia where 2,369 people have been killed by terrorists from this country.

Egypt also off the ban, yet 162 people have been killed by terrorists from Egypt. 

UAE - also off the list where 314 people have been killed by terrorists from The United Arab Emirates. 

I recommend that you watch the cognitive biases video my editor, friend and client sent me. Thank you, Chris!

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Using Feng Shui To Improve Health Wealth and Happiness For 2017

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

2017 The Year of The Fire Rooster

You will be excited to know that the heavy energy from Year of The Monkey that made life dark and miserable is moving out during the Year of The Fire Rooster. A beautiful new energy of transformation is arriving January 28th with the new moon and shifting humanity. 2017 is a year of great change and very beneficial for women. 

Feng Shui is the art of placement. When Feng Shui is good in a home or office, it feels good and energy flows. When Feng Shui is bad energy is stagnant and the inhabitants may have health, relationship and financial challenges. Before you say, I'm nuts, whacko or insane, follow the guidance this year and see how your life improves. I used Feng Shui in my landscaping business and coaching and to find love. Feng Shui works for myself and my clients.

Themes For 2017

  • Transformation
  • The Power of One (changing one thing)
  • Money Through Family - what can you do with your family?
  • Love from travel and education - (learn and meet with others or meet someone new)
  • Women are sources of helpful opportunity - great time to hire a woman to help you or combine efforts with other women
  • Income and Business Opportunity - through a man with an accent or at a distance 1,000 + miles

2017 is a year for women to succeed and pull together. It is also a time to divest of those frenemies who badmouth you or make derisive or critical comments about you. 

There are benefits to the Year of The Fire Rooster and some cautions as well. My focus in this article give you the best ways to manage the new energy arriving so that you derive the greatest benefit from the changes. Not only does the Chinese animal change, but the direction of positive and damaging energy changes also. 

Applying For A Job?

If you have been looking for a job, 2017 is the year when you will triumph over the competition. Your resume´will magically rise to the top of the pile. What you do in 2017 will have greater significance and so that you can be recognized. 2017 is the year to apply for grants, awards and see the benefits of your hard work.

New Money Area In Your Home

The center area of your home is very beneficial this year for wealth and prosperity. Keeping this area clear of clutter and adding a fountain to this area of your home with a tabletop fountain or round, or round moving objects will help to activate this powerful energy in the center of your home called The White Star. A fountain doesn't need to be exactly in the middle of your home.

  • If your bedroom is in the center of your home keep a small fan running during the day. 
  • Front door in the center, add a table top fountain or moving water for your
  • Water will help you get ahead


Fountains need to have two parts; the spout where the water is emitted and a receptacle that catches the water. Though fountains with lights and candles seem attractive, they have a conflicting energy of fire and water. Fire and water do not go together. Water puts the fire out or creates steam which could be interpreted as anger. The simpler, the better. 

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I use Feng Shui in my home and garden. I used Feng Shui when I had my landscaping business in Georgia for eleven years. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement of wind and water that helps to enhance and reduce the negative impact of the SHA or detracting energies. Good Feng Shui allows energy, which is everywhere to move rather than become stagnant. Think of constipation, it doesn't feel good. Energy needs to be allowed to move. Water in a clean moving fountain helps to activate wealth and health.

Resolve Problem Areas In North West 

Men in your household could have nagging problems like bills that need to be paid or health complaints. Chronic sinus infections are possible. Remedy these problems by placing metal objects in your bedroom if it is in the NW (but no fountains in the bedroom and no flowers). My bedroom is in the NW section of my house. I will be moving brass and metal objects to my bedroom. Metal objects will drain the negative energy in the NW.

Solve Problems In The West

If you have a lot of wood in the West area of your home, you could have legal problems, arguments, depression or issues with gossip or defamation of character. Add red colors in west corners of the house and rooms to counteract this negativity. If your front door is in the west, turn on the foyer light and leave it on during the day.

NorthEast - Education and Writing  Single Looking For Love?

Activate the North East area with a bouquet of fresh flowers to attract love. Add crystal balls, butterflies or symbols of love; peonies, rose quartz crystal hearts work well to activate love and
Peony a symbol of love

In 2017, traveling for education will help you meet someone if you are single. For those in relationships, there is a possibility of infidelity. Never use peach in a bedroom as it highlights the possibility of affairs. Feng Shui Cures For Love and Romance

Southern Direction Avoid These Problems in 2017

Avoid digging or noise in the south this year. Wear eye protection when spraying or doing woodworking or insulation. 
If you have two doors, and one is in the south, do your best to keep things quiet and avoid using your southern area and door. Avoid arguments and noise in the southern rooms of your home. If an older person or child has a bedroom in the south move them to another location if possible. If moving isn't possible add a small moving fan and leave it on during the day. High blood pressure, eye issues, stroke, broken bones or glaucoma, are possible.

Solve this negative energy issue by adding blue or black colors (which represent water) to the south. Avoid using a barbecue in the south, move it to another location. 2017 is a fiery year. Avoid fires by adding blue and black colors. 
Men with accents

North - Income Weekly Salary Business Opportunity

I love what is coming in from the north this year! Wealth comes from men at a distance. Foreign men with an accent and prominence could come into your life with business opportunities that help you grow your wealth. Money could also come from computers working on the Internet which will enhance this energy. Keep earth elements away from this area. Add white which brings in and enhances the metal energy to bring and activate this area for windfalls. 

The Downside

If your bedroom is in the north, you might work a little too hard. The North is a very lucky area. Take long luxurious soaking baths lots of swimming or hot tubs to relax. Water helps to drain away too much metal energy.

Women's Issues in 2017

Women can be affected in a variety of ways. The Fire Rooster energy is bringing a cutting off type of energy. Some relationships with female "friends" can be severed. You may choose to sever ties with frenemies who don't have your best interest at heart, in fact, you may have already experienced this energy. 

Surgery on your mouth or root canals may occur. Problems from the mouth: gossip, people talking about you and temper can erupt. Add water (fountains) to take away the biting sharp energy. Wear blue colors. Blue purse charms, cell phone cover blue. If you are single add blue accents around your house. Drink plenty of water as well for your health.


Watch for Smooth talkers, fraud - men who sound great and sucker you in are also possibilities. Water elements take away the edge of this energy. The potential for jogging injuries exists this year so don't jog at night. Keep a careful eye on bank accounts and credit card statements as fraud could occur. This is a good year to have the surgery you have been waiting to do.  
Princess Kate Middleton in blue

The Year of Blue

  • To keep relationships happy use blue. 
  • To attract a true blue guy wear blue. 
  • To attract money use a blue purse and wallet
  • Blue is good for money
  • Using a blue handbag will help to keep your relationships happy.
  • Blue will draw sincere relationships to you.

East - Wealth, and Health 

Activate the east with a fountain. The east loves water which will help activate wealth for you. The East is the best area to spend lots of time. Being in the east activates the area. If you have a door in the east use it regularly. 

Water and light are fantastic for the east to activate.
Keep this are well lit. 

Your oldest son may make some advances this year. 

Things To Avoid In The East

The East is not an area for a lot of plants. 
Do not sit with your back to the east.

Protect Small Children From Accidents

2017 is not the year to play rough with small children. Make sure small children are protected with a helmet if they are bike-riding. A potential for broken bones in 2017 exists for small children. Make sure children are well protected from rough sports. 

South East - Future Prosperity 

Add crystals to the southeast to activate the energy of future prosperity. Think about where the growth is and where the future is. 2017 is a good year to plan for future wealth and start saving.

The SE is about future growth which means pregnancy. The southeast corner of the house is the place to be romantic. A female baby could be conceived in this area. If you have savings or investments you can feel a little brave, be careful of taking money out of investments. 

This year is a good year to lose weight. Homemade vegetable soup with cabbage can help you reduce unwanted pounds. Pay close attention to your checking account as losses could occur in this area due to fraud. Watch for sudden and impulsive anger. Pay close attention to small things.

Don't Offend The Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui 

In Feng Shui, there are benefits and challenges. The Grand Duke Jupiter is the Grand Commander of the year. Each year the direction of The Grand Duke changes.  One of the most serious challenges this year is coming from the east. In Feng Shui, this energy is that of The Grand Duke or Tai Sui

We never want to offend or confront someone in a high position, which The Grand Duke certainly is. We don't want to be rude or offensive. Turning your back to someone in a high place is very rude. Remember how it feels when someone walks away and turns their back on you when you are in the middle of a conversation. 

Sitting with your back facing the east can cause three serious losses, they are Loss of your name, loss of wealth, and loss through legal issues. Avoid sitting with your back to the east as it can create legal problems misunderstandings. Don't worry about walking in and out of the house in the east direction, but sitting with your back to the east could create problems that overcome you.

Think about standing with your back to the ocean, you could get hit with a huge wave. Face east and confront your problems rather than turning your back to your problems.

Face east to avoid problems with speeding tickets or legal issues.

Use Your Brain And Watch Your Heart

Your health is the most important thing in your life. Health is wealth. If anything comes up with your heart, heartburn that won't go away, heart murmurs or palpitations get it checked out. Take heart issues seriously. Get your blood pressure checked regularly. The heart is the organ this year that could cause you some issues, so please take good care by eating a healthy diet and paying attention to signs, rather than ignoring them.

Surgery - This Is The Year To Do It

If you have a mole that needs to be removed, this is the year to do it.

Be careful of children in the east corner of the house. If you have young children be extra cautious with them. 

The pregnancy star is moving to the SouthEast. The SE is the area you want to have your sexual activity if you want to get pregnant.

Water and Colors That Represent Water (blue and black) are important. 

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Are You Looking To Deepen Intimacy Create Better Sex and A Happier Relationship?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I don't know about you, but I get bored easily. I like to change things up and do things differently and in different places. I like adventure, travel, creativity and to have deep, meaningful conversations with my partner and lover. I also enjoy connecting sexually to enjoy mutual pleasure. 

Sorry you missed my event on Sunday, January 22nd,  A FREE talk with book signing in Venice California at 1:30 PM PST at the Mystic Journey Bookstore on 1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd. 

In preparation for this book signing, I re-read my book, Orgasm For Life. I was laughing my ass off reading my own book! It is a funny eye-opening and enlightening book for both men and women. 

Orgasm For Life will help you be a better lover, create deeper intimacy and help you communicate with your partner so that they hear you. Orgasm For Life is a light-hearted and enlightened look at men and women that deepen understanding of your partner. OFL is authentic yet compassionate. 

Sexual desire is as natural as our thirst for water. Sex helps keep us young, connected to our partner and helps men become more intimate. 

If you are looking for a no-holds-barred instructional and informative book, written with riotous humor, this is it. It is full of wisdom, understanding, and wit to keep you reading, turned on and excited to try the suggestions.

What is great about this book is that not only do I understand how women work, because I am one, but I also have a deep understanding of what men want and need and I share it with you. My candid, honest style draws you into my personal bedroom where I share forty years of insights, passion, and experimentation.

Sexual dysfunction is my passion. Why? Because I have experienced it for myself and is what motivated me to write this book.

Some Of What Is Explored In Orgasm For Life
  1. The truth about Viagara and other meds.
  2. The Different Operating Systems of Men and Women.
  3. What motivates men.
  4. What motivates women.
  5. What Tantra does to change love-making for the better.
  6. How to use Tantra in your relationship.
  7. How sex works as the glue to keep a couple connected.
  8. How to ask lovingly for what you need rather than be a Drill Sergeant In The Bedroom.
  9. What happens when you reject sex and love.
  10. What it feels like to be rejected.
  11. How being right destroys intimacy.
  12. The best use of an apology.
  13. The dark side of make-up sex.
  14. How to create a deeper connection with your heart.
  15. What orgasmic bliss is.
  16. How to laugh at yourself.
  17. How to heal sexual dysfunction in a woman. 
  18. How to heal HTP (hair trigger penis)
  19. How to have more fun with sex and your relationship.
  20. How to change things up to create more passion.
  21. How to make love to a woman.
  22. How to make love to a man.
  23. How to perform oral sex with passion and give your partner the best they have ever had!
  24. How to communicate with a man.
  25. How to communicate with a woman.
  26. How to be heard. 
  27. How to ask for what you want in bed without destroying your man's ego.
  28. How to enjoy each other more.
  29. How to stay together in love and happy.
  30. How to bring the sacredness you desire into the bedroom.
  31. How to find and stimulate the g-spot.
  32. How to find and stimulate the man's g-spot. 
  33. How to overcome erectile dysfunction.
  34. Eradication of boredom in the bedroom.
  35. The stages of arousal, orgasm, and completion of the sex act.
  36. What pisses your partner off and how to avoid it.
  37. What it feels like to be a man.
  38. Women hidden buried and covered up.
  39. Are women just complex, or crazy?
  40. A deeper understanding of your partner and hundreds of ways to improve your communication, sex life, and relationship.
  41. Teenage sex. What teenagers think sex is and isn't and when they start having sex on school buses.
  42. Teenagers and porn. 
  43. Why do 80% of women fake orgasm?
  44. 9 Magic Steps To Orgasm.
  45. The Effects of porn on a relationship, teens and a man.
  46. How to hold off an impending orgasm.
  47. Semen Retention.
  48. What is the truth about foreplay and is it really necessary?
  49. How to avoid tearing the tender parts.
  50. Sex to prolong life.
  51. Sex As Medicine.
  52. Stress relief.
  53. How sex boosts the immune system?
  54. The power of trust.
  55. Monogamy.
  56. Affairs and Other Achilles' Heel.
  57. Erotica and how it can be used.
  58. Healing Tantra Style.
  59. Why Most Women Never Have A G-spot orgasm.
  60. The Importance of Eye Contact.
  61. Female Ejaculation.
  62. 11 Types of Orgasm For Women.
  63. Depression Linked To Porn.
  64. STDs.
  65. Penis size.
  66. Prostate Stimulation.
  67. Aging With Ease.
  68. Falling Out of Love
  69. Anger and Attachment
  70. Talking Dirty
  71. The Best Sex In Your 60's and 70's
  72. How To Increase Passion In a Failing Relationship.

What Orgasm Isn't

It isn't a photo display of body parts. Orgasm For Life does, however, teach, instruct and explain how things work. Orgasm For Life will walk you through the act of stimulating a woman and man in the ways they prefer. Orgasm For Life will open your eyes to what you have been missing and overlooked in your relationship because you couldn't understand it before. Orgasm For Life will give you deeper understanding and compassion for your partner and help you connect with greater intimacy and passion.

Orgasm For Life will help you get beyond frustration, anger, and resentment about the opposite sex.

Orgasm For Life will change your relationship and your sex life because I teach you how to do all the things you have been wondering about. I take the guess-work out of oral. I help you understand why you have ejaculated too soon all your life and why this will never change until you get help. I also help women who haven't had the pleasure of an orgasm find out why and walk them through the healing process. 

I look forward to seeing you at 1:30 at Mystic Journey Bookstore!

Much Love and Passion,
Jennifer Elizabeth

Enjoy this reading from my chapter Sex As Medicine

Friday, January 20, 2017

How To Navigate The Melee´ of Challenging And Hard To Take Situations

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” ~Wayne Dyer

The more we try to change a situation, the more we suffer. The more we resist, fight and protest what is present in our world, the more we suffer. Change happens because it is needed. Chaos is always present in our world.

The Law of Chaos And The Universal Law of Order

The Law of Chaos and Order are simple. When we fight the flow of The Universe, we suffer and chaos ensues. When we embrace the ebb and flow of change order results. 

Situations happen. We can't see the end-game because we are in the middle of the situation. We can only see what is occurring in the present. We might be in fear because of what we don't know. Once we trust that all is well and in Divine Order, the fears fall away. Chaos and order work together for our good.

We might feel a penalty should be called, but we aren't in control of others actions. For something new, different and of a better design to be birthed the old has to fall apart. Experiencing this feeling of change can cause us to feel uncertain or worried. 

Don't Like The Way Things Are Going?

Maybe your partner divorced you. Perhaps your kids smoke pot. Maybe your mother won't validate you. Maybe your boss is a bitch and treats you like crap. We might end up divorced and then have regrets that we didn't try harder. The shadowy parts of humanity that have not been dealt with are playing out in our global events. If you are triggered by our current events, you have inner work to do.

An emotional reaction to events in our outer world is due to unfinished business within ourselves. If we feel triggered, or upset about something it is because there are parts of ourselves that need love, forgiveness, and release so that they can be healed. 

The Universe Supports You And All Life

The Universe was designed to support life and growth. If we don't learn from the past the present and future will challenge us even more. Each event that occurs is another lesson for us to grow and evolve. Each time we resist, fight or joust at windmills we suffer. 

Change is inevitable. Suffering is optional. JEM


  1. The Universe isn't out to get you. 
  2. The Universe doesn't make mistakes.
  3. The more you resist, the more pain you experience.
  4. The more you try to control or change the outcome the more you suffer.
  5. Instead of being upset about others actions that you can't control be in childlike wonder. "I wonder what he'll do or say next?"

If you aren't happy with what is going on in your outer world, check inside and see what work needs to be done to let go of control or fear. Under all the hoopla, protests and struggle is a Divine plan that will create needed change.

Soul First Aid

Your soul is a Divine expression of love, therefore, your soul is happiest when it is giving and receiving love and in gratitude. 

  1. Breathe deeply. Slowing your breath and breathing deeply will help you to release tension and stress, raise oxygen levels, help
    you overcome depression and help you get grounded.
  2. Get out in nature! Sit down on a rock, beach or the earth to ground yourself. If you can walk on the earth or grass barefoot. We are energetic beings. When we move into fear we tend to be out of our body therefore, ungrounded and scattered. Breathing will help you come back into your body, as will sitting or walking on the earth. Barefoot is best if you can. Touch your
    forehead to a tree trunk and ask the tree to take away your pain and suffering. You will be surprised how much better you feel after doing this simple exercise. Say "thank you," to the tree!
  3. Quiet the debilitating mind chatter. Mental chatter can increase stress levels, anxiety, cause us to spin in a fearful spiral downward that can create panic attacks and depression. Quieting the mind chatter can be done by listening to one of my podcasts on my FREE APP
  4. Be in gratitude. Gratitude will help to raise your vibration and take you out of fear by writing down all your blessings. We create more positive flow into our lives when we are grateful for what we have currently. When we complain we block the flow and create more situations in our life that are negative. There are many powerful reasons to be grateful and write these blessings in a notebook. Writing is more powerful than thought. We can channel our higher self with a pen and paper and tap into our Divine connection.

Book Signing!
Meet Jennifer this Sunday at Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice, CA 1:30 PM PST. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Use This Potent and Powerful Full Moon In Cancer For Romance and Great Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Photo by Luiggi RCK 

The moon affects births, moods, emotions, tides, menstruation and everything in between. A full moon in the emotional water sign of Cancer is one of the most potent and powerful energies we can experience. Love-making, nurturing, loving and letting go together can be an amazing experience tonight! Let the loving and releasing begin!

A Grand Cardinal Cross is being activated with this full moon that will be in place through the year 2020. 

In January 2020, Saturn will couple with Pluto and conjunct initiating a new economic boom cycle.

Corporations, large organizations, new earth energy will be bringing in people and environment first and profit second in this new earth.

Our Divine Destiny is to take care of the earth.

Politics are playing out these roles right now. January is all about your foundation, taking care of you. Are you kind to you? Do you make sure you have plenty of rest, exercise, take extreme self-care? Pluto opposing this moon brings in our personal needs rather than egoic will. 

Trump is the disruptor. He is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is awakening us to our emotional needs. It may not seem like it, but he is who we asked for. 

What do you need to feel good? The whole reason you are here is to be creative. 

How can you be more creative? Tap into your inner child. The childlike innocence and purity will take you there. Play, have fun, focus on your unique talents and abilities. Nourish your talent. You came here to be you. Follow your own personal star. Channel your cosmic child and talent within you. Stop allowing others to dictate to you how you should be. 

The abuse of power that we see in the world today is moving out. There is a polarization occurring that is playing out in our political arena. We may be projecting out our inner demons onto others and then blame others for what we are doing. We may not be aware of. We might not like what others are doing - but used to be that way ourselves. 

This first full moon of the year is asking us to be very conscious and be aware of the shadow, power struggles, and emotions. We can find ourselves feeling righteous. Righteousness can condone bad behavior in an abusive way. This shadow is being illuminated. Don't get caught up in power struggles and power plays that you see in the workplace or world.

It is an innovative and inspiring combination. It is a time of fulfillment, nurture and belonging, creating this with your loved ones and family is a powerful use of this energy. 

Libra, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn will be affected greatly through this astrologically expansive energy. It's all about collaboration, partnering and asking to be nurtured. This is a perfect time to be moving forward, meeting with a study or literary group. Potlucks that nurture your body and soul with loved ones during the next two weeks is a lovely way to utilize this energy.

The planet Venus is exalted in Pisces (very sensitive energy) combined with Venus the planet that rules love.

A full moon is a time of coming to fruition. This cancer moon is nurturing, more grounding. Cancer is about the home and nurturing. Healing the inner child and looking at those places where we need to access the tender, gentle space. Being more vulnerable and authentic will allow you to step into a sexy, spiritual bonding with our partners.

Cancer shows it's inner emotions and Pisces energy is creating a poetic vibe. We will be able to access wounded places within during the next two weeks. 

How can I expand my relationships in a personal genius type of way (to impact the collective)?

What new things am I bringing out into the world?

What messages are inspiring me?

How do you view your relationships?

Are you awakening together in your relationships?

Are you gathering together with those of a like mind?

Are you opening your mind right now?

Are you loving yourself more than the need to fit in?

Don't give your power away.

Watching a romantic movie, dining over candlelight, massage and accessing something holy between you is a powerful way to use this Cancer full moon. When our spirits and souls experience each other, we expand together. What could be more lovely?

Find your voice. Speak your truth. Take care of and nurture yourself. Be patient. The more you do your homework, the more successful you will be. Careful planning as your strategy will assist you to be successful in this beautiful year! There is no one like you on the planet. Be kind to you. Be your own champion and cheerleader!

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Emotional Reasons You Need To Dump That Storage Unit

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Many people fill the holes they feel inside with stuff. Whether it is collections, clothing, cars, televisions or furniture too much stuff weighs us down and creates a heavy burden which makes us very unhappy.

Part of being happy is letting go of all the laden collections, multiple televisions, couches, armoires and family heirlooms. 

Our stuff doesn't make us happier, in fact, too much stuff makes us very unhappy. JEM

Storage units are rented by one out of every eleven US households an increase according to a recent survey of 75 percent since 1995. There are 1.875 billion square feet of storage space in America with nearly 40,000 facilities.

When I moved from Georgia to Boulder, Colorado, I sold everything and stored very little. After over two years of paying for two storage units, one in Georgia and one in California I dumped both when I realized I didn't want any of it. In fact, the storage unit in California that cost me over $1,000 housed only cardboard boxes and a few tools.

Shopping addiction to fill the void
The caveat here is that I have lost everything to mold or given everything away three times. I used to have a tremendous amount of stuff. I was a shopaholic replacing one addiction with another. My closets were stuffed to the gills with clothes I hadn't worn, some with tags still on. I had hundreds of books and collections
from my travels and living abroad. Now I live simply and am so much happier as a result. I had clutter everywhere, especially papers. Now my home is tidy, organized and simple. 

When We Hoard

Earlier in 2016, I had a woman call me from Georgia for landscaping. Though I don't have For Heaven Scapes, Ltd any longer, she ended up talking to me for a while once she heard what I am doing now. She told me she could use some help becoming happier. 

As we talked about her propensity to create crafts and hang onto them, rather than sell them, I asked her if she had a difficult time letting go of emotions. At first, she didn't understand me. I explained when we get upset about something but can't let go we are an emotional hoarder. She said, "Yes, I guess that is me."

She paid for a session because she had so much stuff her husband didn't want to buy another home till she got rid of all her crafty stuff. She was attempting to fill the hole in her heart she felt with her crafts. She had lost herself and didn't know what she wanted. She had so much she had a pod in the driveway as well as the largest storage unit she could have.  

When Things Are More Important Than People

Sometimes it is easier to have relationships with things rather than people. Things don't yell, complain or criticize. If we grew up in a household where we didn't feel loved, we may be attempting to fill that void inside us that is longing to be loved with our stuff. When we don't love ourselves unconditionally, others won't either. It may be challenging to let go of our things because we feel a sense of loss when we do. 

Things Are Just Things

Loving ourselves unconditionally means loving all of us - even the shadowy parts that aren't the best parts of ourselves. We all have them. Imagine if you lost everything like I did to mold, or fire. What if you lost the ones you love? Putting too much importance on things means your life is out of balance. 

Ask Yourself These Questions To Assist With Give-Away and DeCluttering

  • Have I worn or used this in the past year?
  • Does this item make me feel good (happy) or sad?
  • Is this item something that I want because I love it or do I feel a need to keep it due to guilt or some other negative emotion?
  • Am I hanging onto this only because I know how much it cost rather than because I love it or use it daily?
  • Do I really need ____ (five) of this item?
This following list that will help you keep life and your stuff in perspective they are more important than material things and will help you fill the void you feel inside. 
  1. Self-improvement. Learning is something we need to do daily. Even if you have multiple degrees learning is something we need to do to stay thriving and positive. Learning is exciting and uplifting. Expanding ourselves is what we are here to do.
  2. Self-love and acceptance. Loving the self is key to happiness and great relationships. Without self-love we are needy, looking for someone else to fill us up. We might even rely on our things to make us happy - but things can't hug us back, or touch our soul. Being Beautiful And Happy With You.
  3. Family bonds. Love is what makes the world go around. Forgive everyone and love everyone.
  4. Friendship. Life is more fun with friends. Having someone to talk to can lift our spirits and help us stay positive. Choose friends who are positive rather than negative.
  5. Daily meditation. Meditation helps you stay grounded and recognize what is important. Having a practice of stillness and listening to the inner voice will help you stay balanced.
  6. Healthy diet. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables with protein is an important part of feeling good. If we don't eat a healthy diet we aren't thriving. Fast food causes depression.
  7. Regular exercise. Exercise has been scientifically proven to ward off depression. Whether it is Zumba, yoga or a daily walk daily exercise is best, three times a week average will make you happier. Once a week isn't going to provide you what a daily walk will do. Go to a mall and put blinders on so you don't stop and shop. Walk around the mall when the weather is bad - till springtime.
  8. Philanthropy. Giving back is a tremendous source of joy and happiness. Helping others in some way could be as simple as volunteering at a local animal shelter, giving pet food to a shelter or money, teaching English to those who can't speak it. Envision what our world would be like if everyone was able to help each other out.
  9. Time Management. Being able to balance work, social activities, exercise and sleep is a large part of having a life you enjoy. When you have enough time for everything important you can create time for hobbies, organizing and decluttering. The more orderly your home is, the more enjoyable it will be to spend time at home. Getting to bed early will help you sleep well. When you are well-rested you will feel better and be less likely to be depressed.
  10. Love. Having a healthy balanced and loving relationship will certainly help you to be happier and more fulfilled. Finding the best person for you certainly, could take some effort. Knowing yourself well and your core values will help. Knowing what you want in a relationship or partner is something that I can help you with in my From Tainted To True Love course which begins on February 1st. A relationship requires work, compromise on both sides. When we have a loving relationship we become bigger, stronger with their loving words and support. 

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