Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dare To Be Different In 2016

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Another year has come and gone. It is time to let go of the past and move into a prosperous and high energy 2016. The Year of The Monkey will be here before long. You can sense this new energy building, greater communication, risks that pan out and a greater ability for creative expression. 2016 will be anything but quiet. Monkeys are noted for their intelligence, wit, creativity and risk taking. Monkeys are high energy and chatty. 

2016 is the year to express your individuality. Like me, there is nothing ordinary about me. I am weird, quirky, strange unorthodox and certainly an individual. I don't wear fashionable clothes and have a houseful of animals. If you have wanted to step out in your own style, do your own THING, and be your own person, 2016 is the year. I would love to partner with you to help you be as unique as you want to be, with courage and compassion! 

Whatever your plans, please be safe and have a very happy New Year!

Looking for ways to make 2016 incredible? Read this blog here.

Each year on New Year's I will perform a ritual called the burning bowl ceremony. I recommend you let go of all you wish to by writing a list of those things you want to eliminate this year and burning it at
midnight over a bowl. Write a second list of what you want to bring in for 2016 and keep that list. Look at it often and focus on these new attributes. Whatever you focus on grows. Click here to get all the details on how to do your own burning bowl ceremony. 

I invite you to my New Year's Event on January 3rd at 11:00 AM Pacific time/ 2:00 PM EST. This will be a FREE podcast of what 2016 will bring to us both personally and collectively. I will be offering a free reading with one question for all who are in attendance. 

After the event I have four hours to devote to Akashic Record Consultations done privately. These are as follows:

10 minutes Quickie Focus:       $25.00
20 minutes Focus and Clarity   $45.00
40 minutes Crystal Clear          $94.00
60 minutes                               $150.00

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Prefer a clearing for your session? No problem! Let me know. 

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Monday, December 28, 2015

25 Ways To Create Better Sex For 2016

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

This Christmas, I spent time with my 93-year-old mother. My parents were married for forty-nine years. I had the opportunity to talk to my mother about marriage and her opinions about relationships. No relationship is perfect. Both parties need to focus on making a relationship better to improve communication, deepen intimacy and create expanded love and better sex. If one person continues to blame the other, refuse to talk about issues, or stuff unresolved anger there will constantly be sniping, fighting or conflict. 

I have written about many of these issues in my most recent book, Orgasm For Life. I suggest you resolve to read my book in 2016 to improve your sex and love life. 

Here are my top 30 ways to improve your relationship on all levels:

  1. Apologize. This is one of the simplest and smallest of improvements you can make in any relationship. A heartfelt apology will begin to shift the mood and open the door to communication where there is none. For those of you that are macho men or have huge egos, an apology may be something you never do. From my mother's perspective, this is one of the biggest issues within a marriage. My father never apologized in 49 years which was the biggest complaint my mother had. If this is you, open your heart and get out of your head. An apology goes a long way to soften hurt feelings, to soothe rejection, and to open the door to more loving and better sex in any relationship. Men can have sex with their partner when they are pissed off. Most, but not all women need an apology to begin to get over an argument or hurtful comment and move towards sexual closeness. Women will refuse sex when they are angry. The person who receives it, of has to be open enough to accept it. Get over yourself and open your heart. 
  2. Create Security. Feeling secure in a relationship involves safety. If a threat of violence is present, or you are concerned that your partner will leave you, you won't feel secure. If you are insecure about yourself you will be insecure about your relationship as well. When two people are committed to each other and know divorce is not an option, the relationship has a greater chance of survival. Those who have been sexually traumatized in the past need to have your past issues cleared to move beyond them. Hypnotherapy or energy healing shifts these patterns profoundly. 
  3. Build Trust. If you don't trust yourself you won't trust others either. If making decisions is an issue for you, you probably don't trust yourself. Build trust within yourself. Check into your body when you need to make a decision. How does your stomach feel when you think about what you are about to do? Do you feel a sinking feeling? Do you feel uplifted? Do you feel uncertain? Your gut is the best barometer of truth for you. Trust your gut instinct. Your body never lies. Why is trust so important for sex? If you don't trust your partner, are afraid they will cheat, lie, bring home an STD, or do something you don't want them to do, you won't be able to relax and let go during sex.
  4. Talk to Each Other. If you can't hold a conversation outside the bedroom, your sex life won't expand and grow. The word "intercourse" actually means conversations between two people or groups. To deepen intimacy, create greater closeness and a better relationship you need to have conversations. If you don't talk, your relationship will suffer inside and outside the bedroom.
  5. Praise Your Partner. The best advice a preacher ever gave me was to give my husband praise. It is easy to do the opposite, but far more difficult to boost our partner's self-esteem and show them gratitude. We tend to critique, condemn and moan about our partners, rather than praise them. Try praising your partner for a week. Notice how this shifts their perspective.
  6. Appreciate Your Partner. There are many ways to show appreciation. You can revel in your partner's nakedness, by telling them how beautiful they are. No matter how imperfect our bodies are they are works of art. There is no greater turn-on than to be told your body is beautiful. We are never so vulnerable as when we are laying naked for our partner to see. Show your appreciation. Appreciate your partner in other ways by showing up with flowers, writing love notes on their pillow or in their lunch box. Appreciation is a simple thing that shifts a relationship in amazing ways. Appreciation is one of the most important parts of a loving relationship, without it your relationship will shrivel and die. Resentment grows without it. Belated appreciation is not as powerful as when you see someone doing something for you in the moment. Show your partner some love and be more appreciative of the small things they do for you. You can show appreciation by cleaning up after a meal is cooked for you, remembering birthdays, anniversaries but bigger than those annual events is daily appreciation. It's The Small Things That Matter. 
  7. Show Your Partner Gratitude. Saying "Thank you, " for a dinner just cooked, laundry folded and put away, a window sill that has been painted, or repaired will get you more of what you want. After an incredible sensual experience that your partner has just given you say, "Thank you!"
  8. Make Eye Contact. Look into your partner's eyes when they are speaking and making love with you. Part of intimacy involves being able to allow your partner to see you transparently. How better to allow deeper intimacy than to do some deep eye gazing. Look into your partner's eyes and feel.
  9. Smile. Smiling improves mood, can lift your spirit and simply makes you feel better. Smiling at your partner can shift an experience, and prevent an argument. Notice how you look when you are relaxed. Walk by a mirror and check your facial expression. Do you look angry? Do you look miserable? Do you look like you could kill someone with your expression? Or do you look like Mother Theresa, happy, fulfilled and satisfied with your life? Try it, you might like it!
  10. Give hugs. Hugging your partner during the day shows that you are interested in them for more than just sex. A hug is a loving expression that gives us the feeling of love without a boob grab, or ass grab. 
  11. Touch Outside The Bedroom. In many relationships the only time touch comes into play is during sex. If this is you, begin touching each other's hand or arm when you talk, a shoulder caress when you walk by can show love without expectations that will keep you connected when you are apart. If the only time you touch is before sex, there is no intimacy in your relationship. Turn That No Into A Hell Yes!
  12. Take Responsibility. Blaming others makes you a victim. Take responsibility for your own actions. Blame has no place in a loving conscious relationship. Pointing fingers creates volatility and makes you a victim. Use phrases like, "I feel that...." Rather than, "You did this to me!" 
  13. Forgive. No one is perfect. We all do things that have ramifications. Holding onto past events, keeping score will impact all areas of your relationship including your sex life. Both parties need to be forgiving. Our relationships teach us about ourselves. We often project our past patterns of traumas and upsets onto others.  
  14. Give.  There are many ways to give to your partner. Make them breakfast, turn on their car before they leave for work, scrape the snow and ice off their windows so that the car will be warm and the windows clear. It is the little things that mean so much. When you give, you are investing in your relationship. If you only take or expect to be given to, your relationship will not deepen and resentment may build. If you want oral sex from your partner, give oral to them first. Give to your partner first.
  15. Be Flexible. Nothing creates tension like inflexibility. Life throws us curve balls, being able to go with the flow and shift when things don't go the way we thought allows other doors to open. Opportunities will present themselves when we are flexible. In the bedroom, flexibility might involve a workaround when dryness or an erection doesn't happen. There is no need to become angry. Instead, do something different. Give each other a massage and more time to become aroused.
  16. Let Go Of Expectations. When we have expectations in our relationship we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. As time goes on our sexual relationship changes. Hormones change, desire can diminish, health issues present themselves, and our physical body change. Be open to new possibilities. What used to be a regular event can become a rare thing. Don't forget to show appreciation when you have an amazing connection and interaction in the bedroom. 
  17. Add Romance. Over time, romance can fall by the wayside. Without romance we can feel that we are not loved or taken for granted. Create romance by setting up a date night, taking care of all the details including the babysitter, if you have small children. Women who are take-charge people often complain to me that their husbands don't make plans and that they would like nothing better than their husband to buy tickets and create a date night, on their own. Do you complain you don't have enough sex? When was the last time you took her out and made all the plans yourself?
  18. Unplug! Turn Off The Television, Computer and Cell Phone. Social media, news and cell phones disconnect us from each other. At this moment my brother is complaining to me about being on my computer when I should be visiting with him. Spend meaningful time with each other. I have been in restaurants and witnessed couples both texting other people rather than talking to each other. Keep cell phones and televisions out of the bedroom.
  19. Walk Together. Going for a walk outside will help you both unwind and connect you to nature. Hold hands. Talk about your day and share experiences with one another. The best sex comes from shared experiences. Leave your cell phones at home.
  20. Take A Bath Together. Light some candles and pour yourself a glass of wine or Perrier and relax together in a hot tub. I don't recommend sex in bubble bath, as bladder infections and vaginal irritations can result. 
  21. Take Time Apart. Togetherness is wonderful, but humans need time alone as well to be able to be fully present when we come together with each other. 
  22. Compromise. Not everyone is right. We certainly aren't perfect. Giving in, rather than trying to win every argument will shift your relationship and sex life faster than almost anything. 
  23. Respect Each Other's Privacy. There are times we need to be alone. Sometimes we want to take a bath alone and don't want anyone to join us. If we are meditating or in the bathroom we probably don't want to take a phone call. Respect of privacy no matter how long a couple has been together is paramount.
  24. Be Spontaneous! We plan vacations, children, wedding days and meals. Some things needs to be spontaneous. Spontaneity adds excitement to a long-term relationship. If you always have sex on Saturday night, change it up and surprise your partner with morning sex.
  25. Do it! The trash needs to be taken out, the bathrooms needs to be cleaned and meals need to be cooked. It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman, just do it. If one person is responsible for all of the household chores, it is likely that there is no division of labor, which creates resentment. When resentment is present, sex won't be. 
The best way to improve your relationship is to look within. When you are being triggered by something your partner has done or said, it wouldn't bother you if you didn't have an internal trigger. Always have the last word, say "Yes, dear!"

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and family. The only way to get my message out to a greater audience is for you to lovingly share what I lovingly give to you for free! Want to set up an appointment with me? Send me an e-mail and let's get to it!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tread Softly This Holiday

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

As I wrap up my time here in Boulder, Colorado in the cold and head for warmer weather in Toronto, Canada a word of caution for this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A lovely combination of the slowing of the planet Uranus (which is known for destroying and undoing) coupled with the last full moon of 2015, could increase challenges, difficulties, and communication. Emotions could be stronger than usual and triggered abruptly.

Just a few suggestions to help you navigate those dinner-time conversations when embarrassing questions are asked about your upcoming engagement, pregnancy or promotion. If you are single, like me, there are often questions about when we are going to grow up or get a real job. This is for you! This article is written tongue in cheek, we all need a better sense of humor when spending time with family members and loved ones.

  1. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer pretend you didn't hear and ask for more mashed potatoes.
  2. When asked how many cats or dogs you now have tell the inquiring person you are starting your own non-profit shelter and have a no kill policy.
  3. When your children are critiqued by grandma or grandpa, smile at the octogenarian and tell them that you encourage creativity and individuality, rather than following the crowd. You are raising an individual, a world-changer. World changers are different and bounce to a different beat. Thanks for noticing Grandma! Don't forget to tell her how much you appreciate her wisdom and input.
  4. If someone tells you that you have gained weight, tell them that you just won a hot dog eating contest and haven't taken all your winnings off as yet. 
  5. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you can just as easily answer the above question about weight gain that you are trying out a new collagen booster and it may look as if you have gained weight, but it is really just collagen.
  6. If you are slaving in the kitchen and no one is helping, tell your guests that the good news is that they get to eat today! The bad news is that they get to help put dinner together! Get some
    help. Don't do everything yourself.
  7. I have a very dysfunctional family. I smile and nod a lot while eating my food. I don't get triggered by their attempts to put me down for being a "hippie coach," or "whatever you do...." 
  8. Eat less and chew more. When we are upset our digestive system doesn't work as well. Anxiety and food don't mix. Breathe and smile. Know that you are only connected by DNA. Love, love, love is what they all need. 
  9. As the penguins in the movie, Madagascar say, "Smile and wave boys! Smile and wave!" Know you will be leaving soon and this holiday will be a fond memory before you know it! Tell family members how much you love them, no matter how annoying they might be after several days. 
  10. Make your presence the important part of Christmas, rather than the presents the focus. Time spent in conversation with loved ones mean so much to those we don't see often. Enjoy
    them while you have them, life is short and we all end up taking a dirt nap at the end of our road, so make the time while you are here happy and enjoyable. Don't get caught up in who did what to whom. You are no longer 8!
December 29, 2014
Wishing you a wonderful and happy Christmas. Tread softly and spread the love. Smile more and breathe deeply. There is plenty of time to sleep at the end of the road! I am off to Toronto to spend Christmas with my 93-year old mother. We just don't know what tomorrow may bring, make the best of today, no matter what. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Focus On This One Thing and Change Everything!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When I was disconnected from myself, insecure and feeling small there was one thing that I wasn't doing. When I discovered what it was, everything in my world shifted. Doing this one thing not just daily, but hourly I stopped being flaky, ungrounded and became fully present in the NOW.

What could be so powerful that it changes everything from physiology to being completely grounded in the present? Breath. You might think you are breathing. However, if you are holding your breath much of the time, or barely breathing you are missing the boat on something very profound and life-changing. 

Since I healed my own insecurity and low self-esteem, I breathe with purpose. I breathe with consciousness. I focus on deep breathing. When I sit in meditation daily even though I use a mantra in the background of my mind (silently) I am focused on breathing deeply. 

What Does Deep Breathing Do?

To help you understand what deep breathing does for you, I have to first explain what shallow breathing creates. 

Shallow Breathing

When you are barely breathing, holding your breath when you witness your breath, or lay on a practitioner's table or even at bed before sleep shows how little you value you. Shallow breathing is barely living. Over time this shallow breathing will cause COPD, your lungs to shrink and become ineffective. You may end up on oxygen - which is counter productive. Oxygen is available to you in the air outside as well as inside your home. 

Shallow breathing does not affirm life. Shallow breathing affirms a slow death. It means you don't value you. You feel insignificant and unworthy. This is what I help my clients with since I healed it myself. I understand your issues. I have been there.

Affirm Life

When you begin to breathe deeply you affirm life. You are telling The Divine, Source Energy, The Universe that you are important. You have value and that you love yourself. 

Give Your Lungs A Workout

Expand your lungs when you breathe. Breathe in deeply filling your lungs as much as you can. Once your lungs feel full to capacity take another deep breath, hold your breath for four seconds, then exhale SLOWLY. Expanding your lung capacity with regularity will expand your life. Each deep breath you take affirms life. You are showing The Universe that you value yourself, and so you should. 

Shallow breathing shrinks lung capacity. Like any muscle, a lack of use leads to atrophy and infective lungs. We need to give our lungs a workout and expand the capacity several times a day. You have most likely been breathing shallowly for decades. Changing this habit will take practice, every day. Focus on your breath when you sit and listen to your family members tell you about their day. 

The Magic Of Breath

Breathing deeply does so many powerful and transformative things for you. You will begin to have much more energy. You won't tire so quickly. Your skin will look alive and have better color. The biggest thing that deep breathing does is bring you into the present, but it also increases levels of serotonin. Best of all air is FREE! 

What Does Deep Breathing GiveYOU?
  1. More energy
  2. Better sleep
  3. Better erections
  4. Longer orgasms
  5. More satisfying sex
  6. Brings you into THE PRESENT
  7. Affirms life
  8. You feel less scattered
  9. It grounds you
  10. Oxygen for better organ function
  11. Better health
  12. Longer Life
  13. Best Anti-Aging Tool on The Market

Better Sex

Sex is so much better when you breathe deeply. Your body and pelvic region needs oxygen. Better than a little blue pill, breathe deeply for better sex and erections. Having richly oxygenated blood will help with erections, stimulation, and better longer lasting orgasms.

Slow The Aging Process

Breathing deeply gives your blood more oxygen. Oxygen is the fuel for your heart, cells, and healing. Without enough oxygen your skin sags, your eyes look dull and you age rapidly. Oxygen is the life-giving free fuel available to humanity and every living being on this planet. Use it fully. Affirm life. Slow the aging process down with oxygen filling your lungs to capacity with each breath.

Connect with me via e-mail to set up your private discovery session to see if you are a good fit for my work. I recommend daily meditation to help you breathe deeply and affirm life. We all need silence in our day to calm our mind activity and soothe our soul. If you feel you can't meditate, know I have taught Indian clients to quiet their mind and meditate when they absolutely said they could not in three months. Private sessions available to help you stay present, affirm life and begin to shed the self-critiquing and mind chatter that doesn't serve you. Join me in a state of living in bliss every day. 

Ready to sign up for my Group Love HACK Coaching Program beginning January 6th? You can Paypal me now right here for the $240 for the first month, or $120 for your deposit to hold your space!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

25 Ways To Create A Brighter 2016

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Looking back over the year we can see where we excelled, missed our goals, or allowed our emotions to get the best of us. There is always room for improvement in our life and  relationships but where do we start? Last year did you follow through on your New Year's Resolutions? Did you change the things you weren't happy with in your world? If not, why not?

Following are some ways to re-think and release the old energy of 2015. Each year we are getting better and better! (If not, you need to send me an e-mail let's create more joy, happiness, and bliss in 2016!

  1. Love more. Love begins and ends with ourselves. If you hate yourself, it will be difficult to attract love to you. Love yourself no matter what. If you are in a partnership, have you been the best partner you could be? Did you lovingly accept your partner as they are? Or did you try to "help them," or try to "fix" them? Love and acceptance requires us accept others as they are, rather than trying to change them. See the things you don't like in another as a core issue you don't like within yourself. Spend less time focusing on the things you don't like and focus on what you do.
  2. Appreciate more, rather than less. Appreciation of those around us from the dog-sitter to the cashier, the wait staff in our favorite restaurant to the people who mow, weed, fix our cars, pick up our trash and give us money. Appreciation of others required you to also appreciate yourself. Saying, "Thank you. I really appreciate you changing my tires today," goes a long way to help the other person's day better. We get something as well, more love.
  3. Spend less money and more time. Money doesn't buy us happiness. Success doesn't buy us happiness. Spending time with our loved ones with our presence, listening to what they are saying and asking them questions means so much more to our loved ones than any gift we give. 
  4. Give of yourself. Giving to others could mean doing a favor for someone, like picking them up at the airport, watching their dog or just checking in on an ill friend, to show your support. Giving of ourselves requires our PRESENCE, rather than presents. Our time is a valuable resource. Use your time wisely and put aside those things like FaceBook and other social media where true connections are not found.
  5. Give back to the elderly. Our elders have been on this planet for a long time. They have many stories to share and much wisdom. They have given to us in many ways. Sometimes they are annoying and repeat themselves. Other times they are lonely because they don't feel they are contributing to society
    My Mom and Dad
    any longer. Wisdom comes with age. Don't discount what an elder has to say about life, love and work. Listen intently with an open heart. Hear what they are really saying. Ask them questions about what the world was like "back in their day." They love to tell stories. Make sure you love them as they are, rather than hoping that at this late date they will change into something other than who they are. 
  6. Connect with real people more. Social media is nice, but are most of those people really friends? How much time do you spend on social sites a day? Can you imagine what your life would be like if you actually called someone on the phone and talked for thirty minutes instead? 
  7. Delete old e-mails. There is energy in old stuff. Clear out your inbox. What are you saving it for? 
  8. Clean out your closets. If you don't wear it in a year, or use it, get rid of it. Give your gently used clothes to a homeless person or a thrift store so that someone else can wear those things that are just taking up space. Getting rid of old stuff makes space for new to come in. If your closets are crammed with stuff, there is no room for new. Make the choice to make room for the new. I just traveled across five states with furniture for my daughter's new apartment. She is delighted to have these things to fill her empty spaces. I benefit because I made room for new to come in. 
  9. Delete friends that aren't really friends. We all have people in our lives that drag us down, deplete us, or are superficial friends. Maybe they create drama or vomit their negativity on you and your world. If someone isn't raising you up, are they really a friend? 
  10. Decide to fulfill your soul's purpose. Everyone has a purpose here on this earth. If you hate your job or don't feel fulfilled, you are not living your soul's purpose and aren't aligned with your soul. How do I know, because until I began doing healing/hypnotherapy/self-love energy work, I did not feel this deep inner peace, tranquility and joy. Living on purpose will shift everything in your world. I guarantee it. 
  11. Be more compassionate. Put yourself in the other person's shoes. How would you feel to have their experience? How can you be more compassionate rather than judge, critique or berate?
  12. Accept what is. Rather than fight things you cannot change, accept. When something changes abruptly begin to look at the new opportunities and see the benefit of something better for you that The Universe offers.
  13. Commit to yourself. Commit to be the best version of your unique self you can be. Hire a coach to help you step over challenges instead of being hindered by them. 
  14. See the opportunities around you. When one door closes another opens. Look up to see the good in each event that occurs, rather than seeing change as something bad. 
  15. Connect daily with nature. The sun heals. Plants and trees heal. Hug a tree and ask it to remove your burdens. See what happens when you do. The sun cures depression, yet so many people walk from their house to their car and their car into a building where they spend their entire day. At the end of the day, they repeat the steps in reverse. Getting yourself outside in nature will raise your spirits and your vibration.
  16. Move! Our bodies were not meant to be sedentary. Exercising once a week is not enough. We need to walk daily. If you can't walk - dance! Dancing will help you feel happier, and help you get your body in shape. I lost 7 pounds in three weeks dancing fifteen minutes a day - that is three songs! It doesn't matter if you listen to AC/DC, Earth, Wind, and Fire, or Michael Jackson, pick music that gives you the impetus to move. I listen to all sorts of music I never thought I would at my age. Wake up people and crank up your tunes! 
  17. Be the best you, that you can be. Nurture yourself. Get plenty of rest. Meditate. Give gratitude for what you have. All these things will help you feel better about you, your life and create a happier world for tomorrow for you.
  18. Drop the critiquing of yourself and others. If it isn't nice, don't say it to yourself and others. If your words aren't loving they don't need to be said. Find your resistance to love here.
  19. Speak your truth with compassion. Speaking up for ourselves is an important part of life. Too often we say nothing and allow events to continue to unfold in ways that aren't beneficial for ourselves. 
  20. Be grateful daily. Thanksgiving is not the only day we need to give gratitude. Gratitude will enhance your life in ways that will astound you. Miracles will begin to unfold around you when you are grateful just for being alive another day, your roof over your head, the meal you just ate, the people who love you. The list goes on. If you can't find something to be grateful for begin to look at your body, heart, liver, intestines, eyes, legs, feet and give gratitude for them. 
  21. Choose happiness. Happiness is a choice. Choosing happiness rather than misery and suffering is the first step. Stop the pity party. There is always someone who has more challenges than you do, just look around. Take my Happiness Jumpstart Program for just $98. Three hours of audio coaching and energy clearing as well as affirmations to put you well on the road to being happy and living in THE FLOW STATE! 
  22. Take responsibility for yourself, your words, health and happiness. Many people think that a relationship will "make them happy." Rather than expecting another person to do this amazing thing for you, take responsibility for yourself. There is no one that can make you happy, if you are unhappy with yourself. Instead focus your attention inward. Where do your thoughts go when idle? Do you focus on the positive or the negative. 
  23. Get rid of anxiety, worry, and negativity! 90% of our thoughts are unconscious, meaning that most of what you are thinking you aren't even aware of. Use mantras daily to clear your mind of negativity. Even something as simple as " I love me," will shift your perspective. If that is too difficult to say to yourself, how about "God Loves Me, or The Universe Loves and supports me?" Get your energy cleared. have a private hypnotherapy session with me, or order "THE SHIFT,  three-part audio program. 
  24. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Staying young, fit and healthy expands our joy and happiness. When we become sick, or overweight depression can be a side effect. Choose healthy foods and smaller portions. Eliminate those things you know aren't good for you. Your body will thank you and you will live longer. 
  25. Heal your emotions and forgive everyone! Allowing your emotions to rule your life will also cause you health issues. Let go of anger, grudges and resentment. Anger causes heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and a slew of other health issues. Keeping anger inside rather than having it cleared, or releasing it in positive ways like on a tennis court, or punching a pillow, or doing cathartic screaming out in the woods causes depression. (I clear trapped emotions from past trauma so that you don't end up dying before your time, or attracting the same type of people that don't reflect your desires.)

Beginning in January, I am offering several opportunities to work with me. One is a close-knit group coaching program to allow those who want to work with me the opportunity to do so and get their issues cleared. 

Group HACK Program

Happiness, Acceptance, Connection and KNOWING.....

This is an affordable way to shift your energy, perspective and experience more joy, love connection, to Source your high self and happiness in 2016. This program is $40 a week, with a deposit of $120 to reserve your spot. There are limited spots available. I am keeping this group small for your greatest benefit.

Send your deposit or full month's payment here:

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This is only a portion of what you will receive. The longer you stay in a coaching program, the greater the benefits as you begin to use these tools daily, rather than stuff them away in a file somewhere. I 
  • weekly live coaching calls recorded for you
  • an opportunity to have an energy clearing weekly
  • experience hypnotherapy if the group agrees
  • learn how to connect with your high self
  • learn how to meditate
  • learn how to Co-create with The Universe 
  • learn how to live in the flow
  • learn how to make lemons into lemon-aid
  • Shift your perspective quickly
  • Get a loving and gentle kick in the butt to live the life you were meant to
  • Move out of fear
  • Get unstuck
  • learn how to tap into your Guidance
  • learn how to trust yourself so you can trust others and The Universe

Enlightenment or Bust Program

Want to get out of your head and live in your heart? 
Want to be expanded in love, bliss and joy?

This program is not for the feint of heart. If you are serious about personal growth, connection, and experiencing the bliss and ecstasy of surrender, enlightenment, and self-actualization you need to connect (your first step) with me here. Let's have a conversation about what you desire and the steps you have already taken so far. I
will help you fill in the gaps working closely with you twice weekly for three months. This program is created for you personally. Whether you want to learn to channel, receive guidance in all areas of your life, or live in a state of flow this program can be as focused as you wish it to be.

It is not a cookie cutter program, but a custom Bespoke program just for your needs. Connect with me here. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

The 3 Secrets To Self Mastery

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Can you Imagine a life without struggle? Imagine for a moment that you are in harmonious interaction with life. The word struggle no longer exists for you or your life. You flow effortlessly. Things happen easily and effortlessly for you. Events occur that may have presented challenges for you in the past, but you are able to navigate these challenges easily, knowing you are supported by The Divine and The Universe. 

You have an internal knowing that moves you beyond doubt into steadfast and unshakable faith. You know you are supported. The evidence of this support is all around you, in everything you do. The bliss and serenity is evident inside of you. Stillness is what guides you. You are Guided and inspired daily, motivated by this invisible force within you. You are in alignment with your Divine purpose and the will of The Divine. You have become a Master. The most powerful degree of your life.

You no longer push or force things to happen. You allow others to have their own experience of life without trying to "help" or change them. You know that the path that you are on requires a letting go of resistance and force. Non-action is your path. The state of BEING is a state of non-resistance. Surrender is a state of allowing. 

“The true path to mastering life is though non-action”

Whether you study or follow a tradition, spiritual path or religion a common thread flows through all ancient wisdom and philosophies.
Relaxing into life and "just being" is the path to mastering life through non-action. The Western World thrives on action. Most people are in a state of "DOING" fourteen hours a day. This state pushes your energy instead of flowing. DOING is similar to the salmon swimming upstream. The salmon pushes against the flow, forcing with their own energy to move forward in a direction that is counterintuitive to being in the State of FLOW. DOING is exhausting. When we are in a state of DOING we are often also attempting to get others to do our bidding, we may even try to CONTROL others.

There is ease and Grace which flows through life when you begin to ALLOW or JUST BE. Self-Mastery has a strong foundation that everything else flows from. Non-action (Self-Mastery) requires you to do three things. Once you shift these in your life, ease begins to flow rather than dis-ease. The three non-actions are: TRUST, APPRECIATION and to  JUST BE.


Allowing: Each person is having their own experience. Allow them their experience. Perhaps their actions or inaction does not match yours, but that's okay. You allow everyone to have their own experience rather than trying to make them behave a certain way. Others make choices that may impact you. You choose for yourself rather than for others. You no longer attempt to control others or your environment.

Surrender: Surrender is an act of relaxing into faith. You have faith that things will work out for the best, because they always do. You let go of the need to push, prod or make things happen, because you know life is happening automatically. Surrendering to a higher power allows light into a situation that appears without resolution in your mind. Allowing nature to take care of itself is surrender. There is always a higher wisdom at work. When we surrender we allow the natural order to take care of itself. Miracles happen when we surrender.

Flow: Being in the state of flow is like taking your hands off the steering wheel and allowing nature or a higher power to right itself. Flow offers no resistance to life and circumstance. Our minds create stories which create beliefs and absolutes which block the natural flow where ease and Grace occurs. When you offer no resistance things take care of themselves effortlessly and magically. This is where miracles occur.

Courage: It takes courage to take the first step out of your comfort zone. When your fears grip you, but you step into the void of unknowing, you trust a higher power to step in and take over, carrying you to the next invisible step across the cavern of unknowing. Your will merges with that of Divine will helping you cross in safety.

Positivity: Leaning in to the positive trusting that all will be taken care of, as it always is, brings light into an otherwise scary or challenging situation. Choosing to stay positive allows the infinite opportunities to flow through, bringing ease and flow. Negativity blocks us from forward movement. It is easy when we have little or no information to turn towards negative thoughts. These thoughts do not empower, they cause us to be small, fearful often hitting a wall. 

Gratitude: There is no faster way to shift your mindset and heart than to find something small to be thankful for. Even if you feel you have nothing, you are alive. You might even have food, a roof over your head or people who love you. No matter how difficult things are for you right now, I guarantee if you sit for a moment and give thanks for what you do have, you will be surprised at how much you have. When you express gratitude your heart opens, you raise your energetic vibration to that of LOVE. When you are in a state of Gratitude and LOVE, more good will flow to you. Gratitude always nets you more to be grateful for!

Perspective: The way you view yourself and life is everying! A small shift in your mind-set to gratitude changes your perspective on everything else. You are expanding the light within you, opening to receive more, all of this shifts your energy field and perspective. You will begin to see things differently. You will begin to look up, rather than down where all you see is dirt, negative and sorrow. A slight shift in perspective allows miracles, magic and the impossible to occur.
Forgiveness: The act of forgiving does amazing things to your heart. It lightens the way you feel about yourself and everyone else. Your burdens become fewer and you begin to feel love for others where there was none. You see things from a different perspective - didn't I say perspective is everything.

Compassion: The ability to see things from another's perspective allows you to try on their shoes. You feel compassion for others and their plight. Compassion opens your heart even more.
Inner Peace: Letting go of past hurts and suffering leads you to appreciate your life and the beauty of it all. Forgiving others, being grateful for what you have all opens your heart to receive more. Stillness comes in where there was once mind chatter and chaos. Bliss, happiness and joy bubble up from out of nowhere. When you appreciate life you begin to live in a serene state of blissful peace and fulfillment. 


Meditation: Sit in silence focusing only on your breath. There are many forms of meditation I hear all the time, "I can't meditate."  Meditation is simply sitting in silence, taking one step inside your heart and breathing. Meditation is not prayer. It is being with yourself, your Divine and the quiet. Meditation is stillness. Sitting still, breathing slowly and mindfully. Mindfulness is simply breathing and being mindful of what is happening. You can watch my meditation video on Divine Presence Process MeditationYou Tube here.

Presence: Giving presence or offering presence is being without the act of doing. The simplest act of breathing slowly and deeply will ground you in the present. You are not focused on the past, nor the future. You are in this moment now. Breathe slowly and deeply and you will come into the present moment. Now. Again. Now.

Realisation: Raising your awareness, being the witness and breathing allows you to be present. In this state the stories that used to fill your mind become less and less. Thoughts, beliefs and emotions have less power over you. The fewer illusions (stories) the more realisation that you have. Grounded in the present fully, in reality, rather than fiction or ego.

Clarity: The state of being present brings greater clarity and focus. When the mind chatter falls away, you no longer see through a haze of mental constructs and stories. You begin to see and experience truth. 

Connectivity:  Since you are a multi-dimensional being, you are connected to all that is, including the Universal or Divine Mind. All the information of The Universe and The Divine is yours when you live in the present without the mind chatter. A pool of resources become available to you when you are connected. Your intuition, manfestation and intelligence takes on a brighter hue.  The limitless pool resides within you. Hence, everything you ever need is inside is true.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

If They Don't Know The Meaning Of Monogamy He Won't BE

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

If you talk about sex with a prospective partner and they don't know the meaning of the word monogamy he probably won't be monogamous! If he thinks monogamy is a type of dark red wood, that might be your first clue.

Sex is the most intimate expression of love we can have with another. Sometimes we have sex when we aren't in love, or even in like with our partner. There is no doubt sex can be pleasurable. Setting expectations about what we are about to embark on can help us navigate a shadowy road that may otherwise need some illumination.

Women often go along with the program thinking that there is something at the end of the sex like an orgasm, pleasure or maybe a relationship. This thinking is often due to not hearing or seeing the red flag warning messages because we were so focused on the smiling eyes, the promises, or the story we have been told. Now guys, don't get angry with me I am just speaking the truth here. There are also some women who pretend to be available when they are not. The women will get their day in court as well.

What are the warning signs they may not be monogamous?

  1. There is a pile of women's underwear in his closet or hanging off the ceiling fan
  2. There are tampons in the medicine cabinet
  3. He can only see you during the week
  4. You meet in off-road type places, not publicly
  5. You can't get through on his cell phone
  6. He only calls you at certain hours
  7. He only texts you or calls during business hours
  8. He calls you late - after 10:00 PM and sounds like he's horny

The problem isn't that you are attracting wrong guys. The truth is that you are staying too long with someone who doesn't treat you with respect and honor. Your choice, as always! If you accept poor treatment, that is what you continue to receive. 

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What Men Want From Their Women

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

If you are looking for a Soul Mate relationship, you will want to read this all the way to the end. If you are looking for a committed Soul Mate relationship, getting a guy to commit to you will take this!

Historically, there have been songs written, movies created and thousands of books about the differences between men and women's needs. Sometimes, the translation is lost or we just don't get it. Men here is your chance. I told you I would support you! Women this is for you. If you are in a relationship with a man, looking for love or considering dating you need to look within. Can you give your man what he needs? A supportive relationship involves each of us giving our lover what THEY need. Men may have difficulty vocalizing what they need. I am their advocate here. 

I give credit to Jonathon Aslay here for his work with mid-life women. You can visit his website through this link

Men want companionship. They want someone they can let down with, enjoy a bottle of wine, dinner, sunset, sunrise and share the experiences they wish to discuss with you. Men want a lover they can be themselves with. 

What Is Companionship?

In a woman's words, it means friendship. Of course, your man doesn't want you to burp and fart like the men they might have a beer with, but if you've got 'em smoke 'em! Donald Sutherland has countless stories about his wife of forty years farting when they first met. He married her and has stayed with her throughout her expulsions and loved her anyway. That is part of, but not all of companionship. It is accepting their natural state, without derision, criticism, and complaint.

Companionship means someone you love to share your life with, sunsets, travel, and all of life. A companion is someone you want to be with because they understand you and love you anyway.

Men Want Acceptance

Women think they are helping a man by critiquing their words, spelling, actions and even thoughts. We are not helping we are criticizing. Unconditional love is required for a loving. supportive relationship. If you complain about your man's work, actions, ineptness you are tearing down his self-esteem, not raising him up and supporting him. Put the shoe on the other foot, would you feel he was helping you if he told you your sweater made you look like your grandmother? Would you feel loved and accepted if he told you your dinner sucked and he would rather have eaten at McDonald's? No, you wouldn't. So don't do it to him. 

Men Want to Be Appreciated

I remember being young and stupid, yes, I look back and see how I missed the mark. I was married to a handsome, intelligent man who worked very hard to support our family. He travelled a lot in his work, was away quite a lot, leaving me with our children. But he was doing what he thought a man should do - making money. He made a lot of money over the years. I even married him because I knew he was going places. I didn't appreciate his long hours, dedication to our family through his work. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it, I did!

The fact that he missed us while he was away and wanted nothing more than to be home with us. He loved gold and I resented this time away from us. Yet, after giving so much to his work-life, he needed to cut loose in a sport he loved. I didn't get it. I divorced this man who gave me everything material I ever dreamed of. We were wealthy by today's standards. Was our marriage perfect? No, it wasn't because I didn't love myself. I didn't appreciate what I had. I blamed him for my unhappiness. I didn't appreciate him for what he did or was doing to support us. 

When was the last time you told your man that you thought he was an amazing lover? Do you appreciate the fact that he never misses your birthday? Or do you focus on the fact that he doesn't buy you what you wanted? 

Appreciation means to be grateful to our men for their handiwork and their efforts to bring home the bacon, or fix something. Men take care of fixing issues. It is what they do. It is what they are wired for. Thanking them for painting the doors, windows, fixing the leak in the bathroom vent on the roof, or cleaning the gutters. Appreciation means saying thank you without criticism. Just because the task wasn't completed to our satisfaction is no reason not to give gratitude with love. Women need to give up having things done our way all the time. Seeking perfection in everything will lead to an unhappy relationship beginning with you. Sometimes we need to just say "Thank you for doing that, I really appreciate you."


Men want to be respected. If you don't respect your man, your relationship is dead in the water. You won't have deep intimacy or the expanded love that you could have. Without respect, men will feel less than they are. A lack of respect will kill a loving relationship faster than anything. 

If you don't respect yourself, you won't respect anyone else either. Women who have low self-esteem often don't respect themselves and need to work on this for their personal happiness and growth. It was one of my issues also. I didn't even recognize that I didn't respect myself. Often disrespect for the self comes from childhood trauma or molestation. (Call me or e-mail for this one!)

What does disrespect look like? 

When we disrespect our men, we basically emasculate them. Yes, we cut off their balls with our words or criticism. Then we wonder why they are so gutless?!

We need to revere our men. Yes, and they need to do the same for us. Women are responsible for how the relationship travels. We set the ground rules. Include healthy respect or you will be very sorry.

The tone you request something or deliver a question speaks volumes. It is not necessarily your words but the tone that needs to be even, and loving. Cut the bitchiness or sounding like you are a Demon-seed. Remember you will win many more rounds with honey rather than vinegar. Play your cards with some wisdom.

SEX With A Capital "S!"

Men are wired to express themselves sexually. Without regular sex, their balls feel like they will explode (so I am told). Pressure builds every few days without ejaculation and they need to express this urge through sex. Women don't understand this because we don't have testicles. 

Sex is a natural expression of our humanness and sexuality. Sex is a part of a loving relationship. Without sex, there is no intimacy. Sex opens men's hearts to express their deepest emotions, desires and brings them closer to us. When women refuse sex or don't want it, their men feel rejected, unloved and unappreciated. Part of being a man is the ability to lovingly pleasure their partner. Men show their love for us in many ways, the biggest though expression for most men is sexual. It is where men feel like men. Taking sex away from men creates derision, separation and shuts men down.

Sex is the greatest expression of our appreciation for them, their commitment and what they do for us.

Put all these together and you will get your man to commit to you. Leave off any one of these critical components and you will miss out on his greatness and deepest love.

I would love to hear what men think. Please write me an e-mail or message me on FaceBook. How accurate is this for your situation?

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