Thursday, June 30, 2016

On The Road Home To Love

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The love of one's country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border? 
Pablo Casals

Yesterday I flew from Denver to Toronto, Canada, the place of my birth for a family reunion. My flight was delayed before we were able to board. After boarding we had mechanical difficulties which caused us to sit for an hour and a half in the blazing sun, stifling onboard our aircraft without air conditioning. 

The high temperatures affected each of us differently. In difficult situations, I like to make light of them. Seated with a group of Burlington firefighters, a mechanic, an IT guy, all from BFD (Not Big Fu**ing Deal, but Burlington Fire Department) we made light of our ordeal and discomfort enjoying each other's company. I was reminded of my roots and the camaraderie of being with fellow countrymen. 

Though I have lived in the US for 36 years, more than half of my life, and love the United States, and those that I share this beautiful country with, I recognized that the roots of our early beginnings, country, parents, and programming have a profound effect on our lives. In fact, our earliest programming can affect us for the rest of our lives. 

We can love the place we live, those around us and our family. We have the love for our partners, our pets, and friends. We can love our work, what we do and have a love of nature. Going home to the place of our birth brings us back to old memories of growing up.

Driving through the Ontario countryside, witnessing the beauty, Maple trees and fields of corn, wheat, smelling the freshly mowed hay I was reminded of the contrast between the dry tan colored desert and my beautiful homeland. My heart filled with feelings of love for this country that I left so long ago.

Though many years have passed since I left Ontario, the feelings of love I have for its beauty, expansive fields, and countryside, are part of who I am. Our past is part of who we are and will always remain so. Rather than attempting to cut out those parts of our past that contain pain, or sorrow, they are woven into the beautiful tapestry of who we become and who we are. Loving ourselves and forgiving those who have given us life, even if it wasn't the kind of love we wanted is imperative for us to be able to fully love others.

Love of those who have been a part of our experience is always with us, long after our divorce, breakups or death finally separate us.

Memories of learning how to swim, water ski and sailing a boat by myself began to stir from deep within. My father has been gone now for twenty-six years, a very long time. I still remember how he taught me how to swim in Lake of Bays, backing up away from me, while I shrieked, encouraging me to keep swimming. That never giving up attitude and to keep swimming continues to serve me today. 

Our parents instill in us programs both positive and negative that can encourage or block us in our lives. Programming from childhood is the deepest ingrained in our unconscious. Energy clearings and hypnotherapy can be used to clear the negative limiting beliefs that block us from being and having what we desire. 

Recurring Patterns

On my very first morning waking up in Canada, my mother was irritated with me that I had to locate an Internet cafe (Tim Horton's) to write my blog. Her desire to control me is still present after sixty some years. I have changed, but she hasn't. Her issues aren't mine. My independence and self-love guide me. Instead of trying to please my mother, I do what is best for me. My inner compass is stronger than my need to make her happy. I recognize that her issues aren't mine. I love my mother, but I love myself even more.

Acceptance of Others

Mom is ninety-four. Although she has mellowed in many ways, she is still who she is. I can choose to accept her the way she is, or fight with her. I choose to accept her as she is. I cannot change her and have no desire to. I choose to love her as she is and be true to myself. 

Our family of origin take us back to our roots and remind us of how far we have come. Celebrate your successes. Enjoy the ride, however, bumpy it may be. It is up to us to make good choices, react, or witness. I could complain about my mother or enjoy her company. I choose the latter. 

Jennifer is a healer that clears limiting beliefs, blocks, and self-sabotage from the past so that you can have the life, love and happiness you desire. A healed healer herself, she helps others overcome anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, insecurities that block you from having healthy relationships and happiness. 

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How To Turn Dull Sex Into Hot Passion-Filled Experiences

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Great sex is more than technical expertise, or knowing where the G-spot lives. Passion is more about allowing yourself to feel what you are experiencing and allowing yourself to stop nit-picking or focusing on what is wrong with your partner.

If you have read my book, Orgasm For Life, you know that sex begins in the mind. Before the first touch if you are looking at your partner expecting them to be perfect or are filled with resentment, anger or mistrust passion can be stifled.

Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Heart

The mind can prevent arousal from occurring. If you and your partner have an unresolved issue between you, it is best to discuss the problem and come to some resolution before attempting to have sex. Great communication is the cornerstone for good sex. If you can't speak up for yourself, hold onto resentment or anger passion will be absent. 

Relationships can be challenging. We come from different backgrounds, like different things and certainly have needs and desires that can be radically different from each other. Accepting your partner's differences lovingly can shift you from feeling irritated to feeling loving care. Try these mind-shifting exercises to get into your heart.

  1. Sit in front of your partner and place your hand on their thymus, located just below the neck on the flat part just above the first rib. The thymus area is a second heart chakra called the "high heart." Touching this place can open the door to higher consciousness. Tapping this place twelve times each day can also boost your immune system. 
  2. Breathe into your hand placed on your partner's thymus chakra. Close your eyes and tap into their energy. With both partners touching each other's high heart chakra sit for a moment with eyes closed and breathe. This will connect the two of you heart-to-heart quickly.
  3. Set an intention to join each other soul-to-soul. Getting out of the ego-mind is required for a deep soul connection. 

Spend a little time eye gazing. Allowing your partner to see you as you truly are. Stepping out of the mundane into a heart-centered connected place shifts sex from a physical act into a spiritual practice of making love to your partner's Goddess, or God-self. 

Looking into your partner's eyes can be a little uncomfortable. We see each other naked all the time, but looking into the depth of their soul, is another thing entirely. Sure you could skip this part, but if you do, you are missing the point. Sex with a soul-to-soul connection raises your lovemaking to a higher level. What I am describing will take you to places you have never been with your partner. 

Static Kissing

Slowly begin to join your lips together without much movement. Hold your position, staying close together with lips touching. 

Slowly shift lips grasping your partner's upper lip softly between yours. Hold that position and breathe. Most people are unaware of the small chakra located in the upper center of the lip, called "cupid's bow." It is a sensitive area that can be stimulated by slow kissing that builds gradually igniting the fire of passion slowly. 

Slow the process down to experience kissing gently without tongues as long as you can stand it. I like to spend twenty minutes just kissing. It is such a turn-on to experience your partner's mouth, lips, and breath them in, rather than rushing to "get to the good stuff." If you don't kiss your partner you are missing a very intimate experience that can create tremendous sexual excitement to the point of trembling with desire. 

Some women can experience an orgasm just by kissing. Oxytocin is released through kissing, which is a natural hormone that creates closeness, as well as sexual excitement and trust.

Room For Improvement

Everyone can improve their love-making skills! I have talked to many men about my book that think they know it all. If you have a know-it-all attitude, you will not be open to improving or learning anything new. Remember great sex isn't about being macho, or egoic, it is about stepping out of the ego into your heart and soul.

The Power of Slow Touch

Passion-filled sex takes you out of your head and into your heart. Enjoy slow touch, taking turns giving to your partner and then receiving. 

Allow your partner to lie back and just enjoy the experience of you touching her slowly. Drag your fingertips over every part of her body, slowly touching her arms, shoulders, back, buttocks and inner thighs. Avoid touching genitals as this builds desire and excitement. 

Use a feather to vary the type of touch. Change from feather-light touch to stronger pressure gradually. The idea is to experience each other's bodies slowly, enjoying each moment, allowing the excitement to build till you can't stand it any longer.

Oral Sex

Once you are both out of your minds with excitement for each other, shift to oral pleasuring. Allow the pleasure to build and then die down, build and die down several times before moving to penetrative sex.

Change It Up!

Penetrative sex is amazing, although most women don't orgasm through penetrative sex. Men need to take note of this fact and ensure she receives her orgasm through manual stimulation of the clitoris and G-Spot, simultaneously. Her orgasm will be more intense, profound and memorable when you are able to locate her G-spot

Hot and Hotter!

Once you get into motion, orgasm can happen for most men quickly. Instead of rushing to the end-game, plunge into her and pull out, go down on her pleasuring her with oral to add to her excitement and then go back to penetrative sex for a few deep slow strokes and pull out again, shift back to oral, changing from deep, slow penetration to oral five or six times not only will your erection last longer you will be much more able to bring her to orgasm with this technique. 

Passionate sex requires a change of attitude. Passion doesn't mean that you come within two minutes of beginning a love-making session either. Passion requires patience and a giving heart. Slow down, get out of your head and feel each feeling fully. Connect eye-to-eye and take the time to kiss your partner slowly without being in a rush. Experiencing pleasure slowly, changing position, speed, pressure from light and gentle to deep and firm can add a higher consciousness to your sex life and relationship. 

Everyone can shift their sex life up a notch to enjoy passionate, hot sexual experiences that you talk about for years to come!

Let me know how this works for you. Comment below, or join me on FaceBook for a conversation! 

Set up your private session with me to find your joy and happiness within. I help men and women find lasting happiness. 

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Should You Believe Everything You Hear?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Discernment is the power to decide for ourselves what we hear, see or read is truth or fiction. JEM

My father taught me to never take anything at face value. His frustration with most people believing whatever they read in a book or newspaper, see on television or in the media was evident at our family dinners. His encouragement to use my personal discernment has served me well. Though I am no longer suspicious as he was, I use discernment to judge, decide, perceive, intuit, understand and discriminate between lies and truth on a daily basis. I highly recommend that everyone learn this ability quickly.

Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of
truth. Albert Einstein

With 2016, being an election year, we are being bombarded by filth, muck-raking and lies from all sides. Who is speaking the truth? Most politicians are only lying when their lips are moving. We have to be able to read between the lies and BS and come to our own conclusions without reading a newspaper to see what we "should" believe.

I stopped watching the news when Princess Diana was assassinated and it was called "an accident"in 1997, almost twenty years ago.  I used my discernment to ascertain that what I heard on the news was a lie.  There have been hundreds of incidents such as Princess Diana's death where we have been lied to. 

Without discernment, we are sheep being led to slaughter. Discernment is the ability to tap in and feel whether someone is lying to you or telling you the truth. Discernment is one of the most understated powers that we have. Unfortunately, most people don't know the meaning of the word discernment, never mind having the ability to use it for themselves.

How Can I Learn To Trust My Gut?

By recognizing that your body never lies, you have a barometer for truth within you. Listen to it. Stop ignoring it when it screams at you - "NO!"

  1. Listen to your body sounds and signs. Each gurgle means something. Did your stomach drop when you heard a lie? Did you notice when your husband ignored your question? Did you hear your daughter clear her throat before speaking? Listen to your inner voice. Listen to your stomach. 
  2. Learn to Trust yourself. Most people mistrust their guidance. Rather than leaning in, they lean away from Guidance. Trust comes from following your gut time after time and finding that your Guidance is never wrong. Trust comes from small acts, putting one foot in front of the other again and again.
  3. Stop Ignoring Yourself. Putting your feelings on the back burner and listening to someone else's SHOULDS keeps you from trusting yourself.

There is a multitude of people that we listen to and believe without question. Below are those we give credence to when we need to question the veracity of their "facts" rather than just accept what we are told as truth.

  1. Doctors. Just because a doctor says it doesn't mean it is true. Doctors don't know everything and they certainly don't know everything about you. Doctor's mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the US. Doctors know very little about nutrition. In fact, they only take ten (count 'em 10 hours of nutrition in their four - six years of study) Listen to your doctor and do your own due diligence. Research medications and their side-effects before dutifully taking what is suggested or prescribed. Statins, anti-depression meds, anxiety medications are all over prescribed. More people die every year from prescription drugs than illegal drugs! I once had a doctor offer me an anti-depressant because tears welled up in my eyes while talking about my elderly dog, Karma passing away. I wasn't depressed, I was feeling emotion. Emotion is not something that is bad. Emotions are healthy. Taking pills to quell emotions isn't healthy! Emotions are meant to move rather than be stuffed, or numbed by a drug.
  2. FaceBook, Linked In, Twitter, Tinder, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Just because it is on the Internet does not make it true. 
  3. Newspaper and News Media. Just because it is reported on the news doesn't mean it is 100% true. Our government has historically staged events to cause wars on other nations. The Oklahoma City Bombing was an inside job, farmed out by the CIA. Years later, I worked with someone who was offered the Oklahoma City Bombing as a "gig." $500,000 up front and $500,000 when completed, with as much collateral damage to the daycare center as possible to illicit a public outcry. He still lives off-grid for his personal safety. The Oklahoma City Bombing was the precursor to 911 - a test or dry run to discover how the public would respond to a greater disaster. Since this incident there have been over 20 different events used to manipulate and control the masses (you and I) through fear. These events are called False Flag events. False Flag events are horrific staged events blamed on a political enemy as a pretext to start a war or enact laws in the name of National Security to reduce civil liberties and cause fear. Not only do we loose our liberties many people are too afraid to travel, attend movies or even send their children to nursery school. They are very real. Some of these false flag events are the recent Paris shooting, Sandy Hook, Aurora Theatre Shooting, Orlando, Columbine High School Shooting in 1999, Boston Marathon are just some examples of False Flag events. You think this sounds crazy? Check out this video about 10 conspiracy theories that proved to be true. 
  4. CIA, Government, Politicians. We have to take what we hear from those in power with a grain of salt. They do whatever they can to get us to do what they want. Fear is the motivating factor. Multitudes of people can be controlled by fear. See number 3. Read about the 42 ADMITTED False Flags here.

Don't believe everything you hear, see or think. Question the validity of your information. Check and double check. As always, I recommend that you do your own research. Before taking a pill, do your personal research. Ask questions about previous prescriptions. Mixing different medications can be deadly. When in doubt opt for natural remedies. 

Avoid watching the news, reading headlines on Yahoo, or other places which are attempting to cause fear, worry or anxiety. There is a reason so many people have anxiety today. Stop watching the news! Stop reading the newspaper and stop believing everything you hear! Use your discernment, your inner compass to guide you. 

Probably the most profound work I do for people is clear old patterns that hold you back. Trauma, emotions, beliefs and blocks once removed allow your energy to move to a higher level. Without all the pain stuck in your cells, you become lighter, happier and more positive. Why not get your energy cleared and see all the changes happen for you? Book your energy clearing or coaching session appointment now

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Jennifer is currently working on her third book, Happy Here, Happy Anywhere a Step-byStep Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness Without A Perscription!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

How To Use Travel As A Moving Meditation and Quiet Solitude

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” - Oprah Winfrey
14,000 feet in Estes Park, Co

Many people take vacations and travel during the summer months. I love to travel and do so often. Since my awakening, I find that travel soothes my soul and is good for my adventurous spirit. It's the middle of June and so far this year, I have traveled to Toronto, Boulder and Denver, Colorado three times and Atlanta, Georgia. Tomorrow I load my car up with my dogs; leave my cats behind and head back to Colorado and then fly to Toronto. 

Karma and Yoda love road trips
Though the drive to Colorado is long - 15.5 hours without a stop and 995.5 miles, I enjoy the trip immensely. In five years I have put 150,000 miles on my little Honda. I stop every two hours to stretch, empty one tank and fill up the other. Stopping gives Yoda and Karma a chance to stretch as well. Sometimes we even stop at a roadside lake to take a swim! I take two days to make this trip and have some amazing experiences with wildlife or humans along the way.

Karma cooling off in Colorado

If you are bored with life and long for adventure, why not try a road trip instead of boarding an airplane. It has been scientifically proven that just planning a trip can make you happier! Following are the Spiritual benefits I derive from my road trips.

Amazing sites:

taken by Jennifer in Colorado

I have seen eagles at rest stops that do flyovers repeating their circuit several times right over me, before flying off to catch a fish or rabbit. I see rabbits, deer, and elk. I have had elk drink out of my cupped hands at the Grand Canyon.


Every encounter I have with an animal has an air or magic to it. Animals show up to teach us something. I never see an animal without wondering what the message is for me. (My sons would make fun of me for this
Yes, I was this close!
when they did landscaping with me. "Look, there's a hawk! I wonder what it means!" as I drove off the edge of the road with my truck and trailer.)

This video was taken on top of the highest peak in Estes Park, Colorado. This elk cow stuck her head in our window, even with two dogs in the car. 
As I headed to my car so was this deer!


I drive much of the way in silence, only turning on music when I begin to get drowsy or start falling asleep at the wheel. When I am on the road, I am in a flow state, elated and quiet. I stream consciousness getting information about a new book or blog I need to write, client or new certification I need to be teaching. 

Away from the cell phones and congestion in the city or town, I hear clearly. I spend much of the time on the road clearing clients that need some TLC or do mantras in my head. 

Angelic Experiences

I have an agreement with beings on the other side of the veil. They are to wake me up if I fall asleep at the wheel. Sometimes, they are very busy keeping me awake. I am in a high state of consciousness for much of my trip. Sometimes, I fall asleep. Right outside of Memphis during Ariel's and my move to Boulder, I fell dead asleep. When I did both left wheels of my car drove up on the median concrete wall. 

I had no idea that I was asleep until the angelic being that saved us, set my car back down on the road with a very loud THUNK! I opened my eyes to see the car touching down onto the road. Ariel sat up immediately with a "What the F*** MOM!" Since that time, I have been much more diligent about eating crispy snacks and playing loud music when I get sleepy. I have work to do and I can't do it dead!

Often when driving at night I see cloud-like beings over my hood as if to protect me. 

Ghostly Beings

Crossing between Boulder and Atlanta to visit I saw three wispy wafts of clouds along the road on the grassy edge of the median. There were three wisps in a row in broad daylight. At first, I thought they were smoke. However when I looked back in my mirror I realized that they were three spirits from a car accident,
stuck in that place. They hovered slightly above the ground at the same level. The plane where spirits are is slightly above this earth plane. Which is why when we see spirits they hover, rather than having feet that touch the ground.

I did a prayer and asked that they be received in the light. I opened a portal for them to be released from the earth plane.

The Perfect Person at The Perfect Time

Yoda in Arizona
On my last drive to Colorado in April, I met a photographer at the Blair Ranch rest area when I asked how could I effortlessly and easily get a great photo of Yoda and me? It wasn't ten minutes between me asking the question and me meeting Mark Dexter a cinematographer. He was already taking photos of Yoda before I asked him to. Mark's business is called Simply Love Films. He does beautiful wedding videos in a very innovative way. If you are looking for a videographer, you won't be disappointed with Mark.

We Need Quiet Solitude

On the road, I am out of cell phone range for most of my trip. My phone doesn't ring. It is quiet. Yoda and Karma sleep in the back seat and I am alone with myself. The quiet is good for my soul. There is no talking and no music for much of my trip across California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah into Colorado. In this quiet, I recharge. 

I revel in the beauty of the changing landscape. I find beauty wherever I go. Nature is thrilling to me. I am excited by mountains, rivers and waterfalls that speed past me. I take photos on the wing. My crazy nature ride is what enlivens my spirit and takes my breath away.

I am at peace with me.

Jennifer helps survivors overcome trauma. She is currently working with a client in Denver, Colorado to heal breast cancer naturally. All illness begins with an emotion coupled with a thought. Illness is a sign that you have ignored your body-mind-spirit.

If you aren't happy, depressed, anxious or are looking for love, Jennifer can help. 

Jennifer has healed her past trauma and is now a catalyst for others. Her presence alone is healing. Recently, at Happiness Fest in Atlanta, Georgia, everyone who sat down to work with Jennifer cried. People came away saying to Adam of NakedHealthy, "Your mother is amazing!" 

Jennifer is a Mystic. She is an awakened healer. She loves herself fearlessly and can help you do the same. Nothing Jennifer asks you to do she hasn't already done herself, many times. Happiness is a choice. You have to choose happiness. You can choose happiness today, by sending Jennifer an e-mail you can begin your healing journey. Jennifer works only with those committed to heal. Not everyone is a good fit for her work.

Jennifer is currently working on her third book: Happy Here, Happy Anywhere.... The Step-By-Step Guide for Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Unhappiness Without A Perscription!

If You Do Any Of These Three Things You Don't Love Yourself

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Most people think they have healthy self-esteem. 50 million Americans suffer from mental disorders ranging from depression to eating disorders. The World Health Organization (WHO) report that more deaths are caused each year by suicide than homicide or war (source). All health issues come from a lack of self-love.

How Can You Tell If You Don't Love Yourself?

There are many ways to discover if you don't love yourself. I have compiled a list to guide you. Even those with healthy self-esteem still have insecurities lurking in the shadows. We are all works in progress. Remember to take small steps; I have some remedies to help you as well. My books are all about self-love, loving yourself fearlessly and becoming enlightened.

It is important to note that over 90% of our thoughts are unconscious. Our unconscious thoughts are running the show. Most people are totally unaware of the negative and self-hating thoughts they think unconsciously.

If You Do These Three Things You Don't Love Yourself
  1. You find yourself breathing shallowly, holding your breath or barely breathing.  People with low self-esteem feel they are unworthy; they don't value themselves enough to breathe deeply which affirms life and keeps you strong and healthy. Many people with low self-esteem end up with asthma, COPD, and heart issues.
  2. You focus on what others are doing and attempt to fix, change or "help" others. When our self-esteem is low we notice the issues, problems and things others need to do which takes the focus away from ourselves. People with healthy self-esteem turn inward to see why they feel the way they do without blaming another person for their feelings.
  3. You are unhappy. Unhappiness is a sign of low self-esteem. Instead of seeing all the good in your life you focus on the problems. You may be negative, have many issues with your health, or problems within relationships. Plain and simple, people with low self-esteem look at what is wrong instead of what is right with their lives.

True Story (Permission granted by client)

Yesterday, I received an urgent message from a client and friend. She was distraught about her actions and felt ashamed. Shame is a very low vibration that occurs when we have been molested, raped, abused or humiliated. In fact, shame according to David R. Hawkins in his book, Power Versus Force is the lowest vibration a human being can have. 

Within the first two minutes of the phone call all I heard was what was wrong in her life. She was wearing a heart monitor and had gained weight; her blood sugar was erratic, and she was on all sorts of medications for anxiety, depression and her general unhappiness. 

She had an affair with a man who was abusive to her, put her down and told her she was fat. I gave her some suggestions and did some energy healing to balance and clear her energy. An energy clearing will relieve anxiety, depression and clear negativity, blocks, limiting beliefs and lighten both your body, mind, and auric field. I had absolutely no judgment on what she told me. I mentioned a fear of intimacy is often why we have affairs. 

Her focus was on all that was wrong with her life. She was seriously considering suicide, which I mentioned before she did. She was surprised that I picked up on something she tried to hide. Her relief in the fact that I could go there with her without any judgment or criticism helped her laugh with me when I told her the following:

"What I am seeing and feeling is that your focus is on everything that is wrong. Do you continue to focus on areas of your life looking at them wondering if it is dog shit? You look at it unsure if it is dog shit, so you squeeze it a little to see if it feels like dog
A steaming pile of shit!
shit, then you smell it and see if it smells like dog shit, you turn it over in your hand and look at it a little more closely. But you still aren't positive. So you taste it to see if it tastes like dog shit! Here is the bottom line:

If it looks like shit and it smells like shit, it probably is SHIT!"

Why You Have To Shift Your Focus

Wherever we focus our attention, thoughts and energy grows. In other words, if you keep looking at your problems, problems are all you see. If you keep looking at how bad your husband, wife, partner or friend is, all you see is the negative. You can no longer see the positive because your back is turned the other way.

How You Can Quickly Shift Your Focus

  1. Look at all the things that are good in your life. Be grateful for those positive attributes. Write down everything you do have. Write a list beginning with having been alive again to see another sunrise. Having eyes, that see, fingers that move, legs that work. Children, a husband that loves you (hopefully) grandchildren, a roof over your head, that you can still watch a sunset. Write down everything you can think of and give thanks for it. Gratitude is the fastest way to recognize all that you do have. Things will begin to shift when you turn your thoughts and focus away from the problems.
  2. Look at yourself through eyes of love. Look at yourself as if you are a newborn baby. It might sound silly, but think about how you felt when you had your first child. Did you hate it? Did you beat it up when it cried? Did You hit it or berate it for being hungry, unhappy or having a messy diaper? No. You loved this child. If you don't have children, think of a pet you love, or another person you love. How do you treat those you love dearly? You are kind, compassionate, caring and gentle, show those kindnesses to yourself.
  3. Get to know yourself. People with low self-esteem don't know much about themselves because they are focused on everyone else. 
  4. Write a list of 10 things that you LOVE about yourself. Dig deep and be sure to come up with 10! Most people that don't love themselves have difficulty because they have so much self-loathing and disgust for themselves that they are challenged to love themselves. Getting to know yourself is the first step to self-love.
  5. Every day look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself; I LOVE YOU! People who don't love themselves are quick to fall in love with others but rarely turn that love towards themselves. When those same people get into a relationship they look for the other person to fill them up, instead of filling themselves up with love first, then loving their partner, which is the healthy balanced way to love.
  6. Our unconscious thoughts of self-hatred create illness and disease. All addictions and cancers are caused by a rejection of the self, self-loathing, deep hurts and resentment that are unhealed.
  7. Hire a coach who loves themselves. It took me over thirty years to get to this place of loving acceptance and permanent happiness. I can save you tons of struggle, time, and energy. I have done it, and I know how to get you there as well. 

When we lack self-love, we don't have the confidence to stand up for ourselves. We look for validation in others. We long for relationships to make us happy, but they don't. 

We stay in relationships where we are put-down, abused, lied to, cheated on, battered or mistreated. We stay in jobs we hate. We push love away. We have issues with money and feel unloved. We have issues with our health and physical pain. We do things we don't like, and we die too young. If you have missed the signs your body has been giving you, there are probably health issues like diabetes, weight gain, overeating, anxiety, depression, Fibromyalgia, Addictions, unhappiness, relationship issues, jealousy, issues with commitment, being late, control, fears, and insomnia. I used to have all of these issues, but not anymore. 

Loving the self is the fastest path to happiness. JEM

The Good News

There is hope. I can help you like me; I have helped thousands of others. Happiness is on the other side of pain, suffering, shame and sorrow. Check out the testimonials on my web-site. 

I am currently working on my third book about Happiness. Happy Here, Happy Anywhere, The Step-By-Step Guide To Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness Without A Prescription!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Stop Attracting Bad Boys Who Cheat With These Tips

Women think that they know what they want. We look for and seek out the sexy, hard edged bad boy. When he treats us badly and sleeps with our best friend, or mother, we wonder what the hell happened? Yet, what do we expect? We picked someone who is a rebel, selfish, self centered and disloyal. 

Why are some women like the moth to the flame? We can't wait to self destruct? Afterwards, we cry to our friends about what an ass hole the guy was. When unconsciously we knew all along that this person would show us his true colors.

Sean Penn

Having been one of these women in the past, I longed for the sexy, hard-edged bad boy. The one all women would be attracted to. Women have a tendency to throw themselves at bad boys, at least I did. When we pick the really HOT GUY, usually there are many women vying for his attention and affection. The problem is that these bad boys are only reflecting back to us, the way we feel about ourselves - self-destructive, self-sabotaging and hateful.

Yes, when we look for the bad boys, we do it because we hurt ourselves with our thoughts. We are self-sabotaging. We attract someone to us that will hurt us the way we hurt ourselves. 

These bad boys are only a reflection of the inner workings of our mind. We feel unworthy for someone who will treat us like a Queen, so we attract a man who will show us our unworthiness. They will prove to us that a man can't be faithful to us. We feel undeserving, and they reflect that right back to us. These men don't apologize and are never at fault, they blame their women for their issues, whether they are alcohol related or sexual indiscretions.

Self-loathing is something we don't like to admit. When we expect perfection in ourselves, we are filled with an inner self-loathing

We don't accept ourselves as we are. If you are one of these women who always seems to lean towards the bad boys, this is showing you your own lack of self-worth. We constantly tell ourselves we are not good enough. We beat ourselves up, looking to be perfect but miss the mark entirely. 
Fast Life, fast cars, James Dean consummate bad boy

The truth is we are already perfect as we are. We are perfect in our imperfection. We have nothing to change, nothing to heal. All we have to do is begin to love and accept ourselves as we are. When we let go of our need to be perfect, we recognize we have already arrived. We are already there. We have already WON!

What Others Think of YOU is none of your business!

Worrying about what others think of us shows us our lack of self-love. When you truly love yourself, you don't need to be validated by the outside world, your parents, siblings or friends. You already know who you are and are happy with you. 

Focusing on what others think shows you that you have not stepped into your personal power. Your power is in there, under the insecurities. It needs to be dusted off so that you can see your sparkly interior. Seeing the beauty within you, loving what you see, rather than chastising yourself, or feeling loathing or hatred when you look at yourself naked is key. We have to love all of us, not just a piece or a portion. We can't cut off an arm, leg or a part of ourselves that we don't like. We all have faults, personality traits that aren't stellar and they need some tender loving care. 

Instead of being the tough Mother Superior with the metal edged ruler that beats us every time we don't choose well, soften your gaze. Look at yourself with eyes of love. Treat yourself like a newborn baby.

Instead loving acceptance and compassion for who we are leads to fulfillment and internal permanent happiness.

Eventually......We Begin To Learn

I used to go for the bad boys. They were not faithful. They treated me badly. They treated ME the way I treated myself inside. 

I didn't respect myself and they were disrespectful to me. It was all mirrored right back to me. All they were doing was reflecting back to me my internal circuitry of insecurity, lack of self-worth and self-hatred. 

I thought I loved myself. I didn't. Loving yourself is not just saying, "I love me." It is feeling it in the depth of your soul from the deepest part of your being. 

When you love yourself, you love life. You have a passion for living that makes everything come alive. Your purpose is evident. You live on purpose each day in every moment. You live in the present connected to your own Divinity within you. You feel connected to everything and love everyone. Loving acceptance of you, means you stop judging and CRITICISING  yourself and everyone else as well. 

When you love yourself you see the beauty in others as well as within.

It is So Much Easier To See Fault In Others

When our self-esteem is low, we easily see fault in everyone else. We point out other's mistakes. We try to change others. This focus on others takes the focus off ourselves. Seeing fault in others means you are in denial of your own issues. 

When We Are In Denial We Attract Liars and Cheaters 

Denial is one of the underlying signs of addiction. Codependency is an addiction. Being addicted to relationships - needing to be in a relationship because of neediness is the worst reason to be in one. Instead, love yourself first. When you love you completely accepting all of yourself you will begin to radiate that light of love out into the world. When you do, you will attract healthy balanced men into your life, rather than one who is addicted, abusive or will cheat on you. 

Until we heal and turn the page on our past, we keep bringing it into our future. JEM

When we attempt to find someone else to fill ourselves up and complete us, we end up attracting another person who has low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem are usually wounded. 

Wounded people hurt others. JEM

I did not have to control everything and everyone. I didn't have to try and change my partner, my children or my mother or make anyone better. I was in denial of my own sense of worth. It was far easier to look at others and see all their imperfections thinking that I was helping them

The Big AHA - We Mirror Each Other

When I began to realize that every relationship I had was just a reflection of how I felt about myself, my world began to change. JEM

I realized I was not a victim. Everyone was not out to get me, as I previously thought. The Universe was not hateful. It was just boomeranging the thoughts that I had about me. 

When I began to focus on positive thoughts and asked questions instead of making closed-ended statements, it was like magic. 

Good things began to materialize for me in all areas of my life. Instead of saying to myself life is hard, I began to see how life worked FOR ME! I began to manifest in the moment when I asked: 

"How can I effortlessly and easily attract someone who loves me unconditionally?"

What Are Closed-Ended Statements?

  1. Life isn't fair.
  2. The world isn't a safe place.
  3. Men/women always cheat on me.
  4. Everyone is out to get me.
  5. No one will ever love me.
  6. I am too old.
  7. I am too fat.
  8. I am not attractive.
  9. There is no one out there for me.
  10. I am always alone.
  11. I will always be alone.
  12. I will never find love.

Let go of what everyone else is doing and focus instead on yourself. Look within to see why you are triggered by something someone else does or says? You recognize that the reaction you had is YOURS! Hence when you are angered by something - you are not a victim, you are just experiencing an internal issue of your own surfacing. 

When someone cuts you off on the road, if you get angry it is not that they are doing something TO YOU, your internal issues of being powerless are coming up for you to see. You are not powerless. Obviously, that person was in a much bigger hurry and needed to get where they were going faster than you. That is all. Take care of you. Give to you, rather than everyone else first. Often people-pleasing women are the ones who keep attracting men who cheat, lie and leave. Give yourself acceptance and forgiveness.

The next time you look at a hot guy that you know in your heart will screw around on you, have compassion for you and love yourself some more. Look at where you have abandonment issues. Remember how Jennifer Anniston felt when Brad had an affair with Angelina Jolie. Awful! Sure he was cute. Yes, he was hot, but he broke her heart. Is this what you want for yourself?

Love is not supposed to hurt. Love does not ridicule, disrespect, abuse, abandon, or cause harm. 

Begin Loving You Right NOW!

  1. Let go of trying to be perfect.
  2. Ask yourself, "How do I lie and cheat myself?"
  3. Stop worrying about what others think about you.
  4. Stop trying to please others. You will end up resentful and angry.
  5. Look at yourself with eyes of love.
  6. Stop beating yourself up with thoughts and words.
  7. Soften your focus. Think of yourself as a newborn baby. You would not beat up, or think negatively about a newborn baby, neither should you of yourself.
  8. Know you are already ENOUGH!
  9. You are WORTHY!
  10. You are lovable!

If you continue to attract men that treat you badly, it is time for you to hire a coach that can help you clear your unconscious patterns and change your perspective. You don't have to change. Instead, begin to look at yourself with a softer gaze. 

Let go of the baseball bat and the magnifying glass that you view yourself through. Jennifer has healed her own self-loathing and low self-esteem. She has been where you are and has compassion and understanding for you. At the same time, Jennifer will be direct, clear and help you see things differently. If you are ready to have permanent and lasting happiness, positivity in all areas of your life and live your soul purpose, you have come to the right place.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of two books and is working on her third, Happy Here, Happy Anywhere The Step-by-Step Guide To Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness Without A Perscription!

Her latest is Orgasm For Life available on Jennifer is a healed healer, having healed past childhood trauma and sexual abuse, sexual dysfunction, and depression. When she began to love herself, her pain, illness, diseases - Fibromyalgia, and Epstein-Barr syndrome magically disappeared. Your thoughts create illness and pain in your body. Healing self-loathing can heal the pain in your body as well as change your life. 

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